Friday, September 23, 2011

Time to Re-Engage

I guess it's fair to say that between trying to help fix the economy, bring peace to the Middle East and help Michelle lose those "First Year Fifteen" she's been packing around for the past 18 months, I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping up this blog.

Well, after yesterday, that's about to change. First, you probably saw that Big Guy wasn't sticking to the script up in Ohio, where his "I, I, I ..." freelancing made him sound like he just a self-centered politician. And we all know ... well, you get the idea.

Then there was Big Guy's good friend Kim Delaney, who as a favor to the President, said she's attend this big awards ceremony in Philadelphia, and is now blaming my cousin for her, well, how should we put this? Let's just say that perhaps "popped her cork," or "the genie flowed out of the bottle a bit too fast." But blaming it on the teleprompter?

We're getting to that silly season, where I'm going to be out on the road with Big Guy just about every day, and there are bound to be some fun adventures. I'm back and clearer than ever. Why don't you come along for the fun and games?


  1. I , I , I , I thought your hard drive was stuck like a broken record in that speech , and needed a reboot .

    So it was only the narcissistic POUTUS(TM) ?

    I had a Birthday this week TP .
    Your return is the best present I got .
    We missed you .

  2. Ooooh, like a bad boyfriend I welcome your attention and celebrate at your return!

    TOTUS Dear, I knew he was not using you when he got the order of saying "the secretary" and Warren Buffet backwards. I think most missed it. Mark Levin did not. Funny fuuny radio last nite.

  3. Totus Dear! You're back, at last! Now STAY back, will you???!! I've missed you more than I can stand...

  4. I have a joke for you to read to the President Mr Teleprompter . Ready ?

    A black guy, a white guy, a Muslim, and a Communist goes into a bar.

    The bartender asks,

    "What can I get you, Mr. President ? "

    HAHA .

    ( I added this last part )

    He says Fruit Juice , from Cuba .
    Waddya think I am , an infidel ?

  5. I loved the photo on Drudge of you in front of Mr. and Mrs. O.
    I am very happy you are back on this blog. You were sorely missed!

  6. Yes, TOTUS Dear, that photo we saw on Drudge had a ghost of YOU!!!! Like a premonition! It's almost like you never snubbed us, I mean left us. Sigh.

  7. TOTUS Dear, you sure took off YOUR bedroom slippers last night at the CBC!

    He was droppin' his g's all over the place! (Is that how your text is written, by the way? I mean with the g's dropped so he does not forget to sound like Hillary addressing an Af Am group?)

  8. TOTUS, remember to stay out of the alcohol before delivering the next big speech. I,I,I,I,I,----gotta go!

  9. Actually NCA , it's the 220 that Tempts TP , and not some mere 110 proof aqua vitae to be sucked from some uh , socket . It is a real charge for her . Sometimes it is just too much tho , and she blows a fuse . Too much power does that to people . Teleprompters too .

  10. Who's responsible for Big Guy calling his wife Michael, today, during the press conference?

  11. TOTUS Dear, Are you waiting for godot or just for the economy to improve?

  12.'ve done it to us again, haven't you? Gotten us all excited about your return, only to fade away even as we reach out to you...

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  14. And now you have been stolen!!! Or are you actually on strike and the stolen bit is a cover-up?

  15. OMG! I just read that you were KIDNAPPED!!!!!!

    Are you OK?

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