Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Feel Dirty

Of course, there has been a lot of talk over the past couple of days about now-former Rep. Eric Massa's revelations regarding Rahm's bathing habits. Toes has been denying it with a knowing grin, but frankly, anyone who knows him knows that when he gets a raging ... well, you know what I mean. Based on what I've experienced, this video re-enactment is pretty accurate

Back when this administration started - boy it seems like four years ago - Toes and I had to bunk down together for a few weeks. And in that time, I had to deal with "Full Frontal Rahm" on quite a few occasions.

There was the time I forgot to put the seat down on the toilet. And the time I didn't make the coffee before I hopped into the shower. Or the time he walked in and the shower curtain was entirely inside the tub. And it wasn't always in the bathroom, either. There was the time the TV remote fell between the sofa cushions and he couldn't figure out how to play his DVR'd episode of "The Ellen Show." I wondered why he was naked for that, but then was just glad that in most cases, when he confronted me in our bathroom, my screens were still fogged from the steam.

In the end, I figured it out and everyone needs to put all of this naked Rahm raging into context: Toes just feels more natural without his clothes on. And while he claims there is an intimidation factor to all of this, trust me, if folks weren't so stunned and were paying attention, they'd see there wasn't much to be intimidated about.


  1. Full-front Rahm? Gross. When Rahm leaves the White House, he can start his new career as a porn star.

  2. Full frontal Rahm. Rated "N" for naked.

  3. Legacy time, from scratch presidential facial itch with a middle finger to all new gravitas,
    a Progressive Lewinsky - lol gettin' Rahmed!!!

  4. LOL, TOTUS, You're always worth waiting for (though I almost gave up)...."if folks weren't so stunned and were paying attention, they'd see there wasn't much to be intimidated about." Poor Toes, classic behavior of "Little Man Syndrome"...still quite a revolting image...Toes in the nude. Almost as bad as Big MO or The Dear Reader.

    Madame DeFarge

  5. Full Frontal Toes!

    Bless his little heart!

  6. It could have been worse.

    Might have been a nude Pelosi . . .

  7. No wonder you haven't been posting frequently. You are having PSTD. Post-traumatic Toes Distress.

  8. THANK YOU for posting this! I really like your blog!!

    Common Cents

  9. LOL LOL dying from laughter here. Very good.

  10. I am so glad we can finally hear from the true source itself! How are you since taking that awful fall? I was so upset because they just left you lying there, your glass all broken! And then that speech addressing the corPs - I know, you spell it right & dumb-butt can't pronounce the word - probably never used it before. Guess you'll have to spell phonetically for him. They don't pay you enough, I know that. Do you get the same health care plan Big O gets?

  11. There isn't enough Windex to clear your screens from that sight...

  12. Hugh Ambrose the author of the book, The
    Pacific “Hell Was An Ocean Away” was on Imus This Morning. Seems the
    Author of the book, that the series that Tom Hanks has been humping
    doesn’t agree with Mr Hanks, comment, the reason we wanted to annihilate
    the Japanese is because they were different. You Know Racism is what caused us to fight in the Pacific during WWII according to Hanks. You can watch Hugh Ambrose on Fox Business Network
    Video HERE..

  13. [Keyboard-- nice post] "... the reason we wanted to annihilate the Japanese is because they were different."

    Well, they WERE different (from 99% of the other nations on the earth) -- they BOMBED us.......with NO declaration of War........... with SUICIDE BOMBERS.................and despite our gutting Tokyo with conventional bombs in the spring ..... refused to surrender until after we dropped a SECOND nuclear bomb on Japan the following summer.

    Yeah, Tom the Ignorant, they were different all right.

    Oh, and, I suppose, Dr. Hanks, that your thesis adequately accounts for the fact that while the Japanese looked, sounded, and acted "different" from most Americans for the entire 165 years prior to their attacking the U.S.A., we did not attack them.

    Oh, I know, it was television -- a few folks in 1941 had seen a TV and ......... there was a Japanese man on it who looked and sounded DIFFERENT, so......... WE ATTACKED THEM.

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaa.

    Give me a break.

  14. Yeah, that Tom Hanks comment is really out there. One wonder what the heck he was thinking to say something like that.

    It looks like the big push is on to pass the big Obama health care take over once again. So if anyone has a Democrat Congressman or woman make sure you call and e-mail them to tell them to vote no.

    John's Space

  15. Ree

    This Graphic Michelle Malkin has up on her blog should go viral.

  16. I think it "can be deemed" that the teleprompter formerly known as TOTUS has left the building.

  17. Hi, Susan. Sigh. I think you're right.

    Remember when "TOTUS" first started this site about a year ago? He profusely thanked Rush Limbaugh for promoting it on his show. Then, for awhile, "TOTUS" regularly posted comments mentioning Rush (apparently a "thank you" reciprocal promotion kind of thing). "TOTUS" even talked to us Friends of TOTUS for a month or so.

    Wonder what happened?

    The guy's twits are super-clever. Since he could EASILY make regular posts out of several of them each week, I think you're right, Susan. TOTUS quit.

    He must have the personality type of that guy in the '70's hit "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover:"

    TOTUS is, apparently, "Just [a]

    kind of guy.

    Not even a "Dear Jane/John" letter. Ha! TOTUS is probably (if he even reads our responses) scratching his face with his middle finger right about now. Just like "Big Guy" [BARF! I've always HATED (bwah, ha, ha, haaaaaa, h-a-t-e-d) that semi-affectionate nickname].

    Usually, when TOTUS neglects posting, I post a few things both because it's fun and in the hopes that we can keep this thing together. Now, (especially in view of all the potty mouth stuff in his latest post) I don't want to post at all, for I don't want to boost the response number and make it appear that all is well here.

    And yet, I've really enjoyed "talking" with or, at least, at, the cool people here.

    I'll keep checking back. If I think of something, I might write it.

    I won't leave for good without saying, "Good bye." That is what people do when they don't care. And I do.

  18. It's sad what has become of this site. I think Totus is just waiting for the last one of us to turn out the light when we leave. Maybe it's too much of a demand on his/her time.

    I've always hated "Big Guy" as well, too flattering to the bumbling, stuttering fool who is determined to ruin our country.

    I feel a bit disloyal, but let's formulate Plan B. What's a good site to meet at once again when Totus rides off into the sunset?

  19. Well I could ,MTVA,suggest the FOTRESS,the Barnyard or however else one might characterize my dot com address that I promised not to flog here.
    DO NOT GO THERE,until you have bought a T shirt here.Or TWWo.The other one is for me since a certain a ply ance,(AP-Liance machine)
    has yet to uh,deliver.

    Speaking of that fine fellow I wonder whether tonight he is with the Won on FOX,FOTS ?

    They have requested suggestions from the FOTS on what best to Nationally Enquire of the President.

    Might I suggest something in basic math ?

    Let me preface this w a bit of '22TWWAin' in which our Hero pondered entering the business of 'Not Growing Corn'.

    A similar strategy appeals to me.
    Here is how it works.

    Yesterday Obama claimed an employer can pocket a THREE THOUSAND PERCENT savings when moving an employee's coverages around to his way of thinking,and no doubt reimbursing.

    Rush extrapolated that $4000 yearly premium into a net profit of $116,000 per employee so penalized.
    My plan is this.
    Tomorrow ,I hire 10 men to replace me.I know that is a bunch ,but carrying the entire load as I am accustomed,requires the strength of Ten Men.Thankfully,I am so blessed.
    But I tire at great age,and need to retire.

    Now unfortunately all their coverages must immediately be converted into convertibles.

    Mercedes preferably.

    If my math is better than the President's uh unprecedented ,and let's face it ,WAY beyond voodoo economics type of math ,I should pocket over a MILLION DOLLARS in profit.

    Shortly thereafter an unfortunate fire is expected at Preptile Industries,and all employees ,save one will be laid off.
    Applications will be accepted for a 'sexy valet' girl,provided she doesn't say 'Fer Shure' too often.

    So uh ,Tell us Tomorrow,Dear Teleprompter,
    how the One ,one over'd the Country w promises of wild profits,however improbable.

    If you say it is all true I may be able to enter the business of not Corn ,but Unicorn Farming.Maybe we should call it UnUnicorn Farming,and I can feed them Unobtanium pellets,(at least in the Dream's of my Father).Unfortunately as dreamy as this plan is one does tend to eventually wake up and smell the coffee.That made w unobtanium crystals is a weak brew,does not smell and will not sell.
    Even w the President Pedaling it.

    Tune in tonite Teens,for the proof.

  20. Hi, MTVA. Glad to know someone else couldn't stand that schmarmy "Big Guy" nickname, either.

    Nice to "hear" your voice. :)

    RE: "PLAN B," Preptile's site, obscurely referred to above, is (at least, that gets you there -- I think you can also type in alone, too). Mr. P. posts prodigiously and on worthwhile and interesting topics. Unfortunately, only Susan, Shovel, Betty Ann, (and Janice, I think) and two or three others have, apparently, gone there.

    Kind of lookin' like if TOTUS doesn't kick it into gear (here), our merry band of FOTS will break up. Waaaaa! Well, it hasn't yet, so, we'll see.

    At the very least, at least we all know we're all out there, somewhere, rooting for the same team: GO USA!" '\"o"/'


    [Preptile] "Obama claimed an employer can pocket a THREE THOUSAND PERCENT savings"

    What a DUFUS. His claim that the amount your employer contributes toward your health insurance premium would be reduced by 3,000% is MORONIC. [And Rush's extrapolations based on that gave FAR too much credence to F-in-Math-Barry's absurdity]

    Once 100% of anything is gone......... there ain't nuthin' left.

    Another cleverly written post, Mr. Prep. (With LOTS of great lines that I'm just not taking the time to specify)


  21. [The following list may be exhausting, but with all the exhaust coming from that donkey in the White House, it is not exhaustive -- any others you could add, FOTS?]

    In "Magic Negro" [L.A. Times, 2007] Mathland....

    1. PROJECTED Oil Revenue $50m
    + Past 3 Years' Oil Revenue $29m
    = "OIL REVENUE SURPLUS [now]" $79m

    [candidate Dopebama, 2008 re: Iraq]

    2. When about 12 people die in a tornado in Kansas (2008), in "Magic Negro" Math, that's around 10,000 dead. [candidate Dope, 2008]

    3. The number of states in the U.S.A. is "57..." plus "a couple more to go" [not counting Hawaii and Alaska]. [candidate Dope, 2008]

    4.(1.6 - .2)(1.6 x Last Year's Allocation)
    = "cutting their budgets by 20%" Uh, huh.

    5. x - (100% of x) = another 2,900%* of x remaining.

    *And, since the clear implication of that empty-headed remark was that the employer would still be paying some portion of x, the number remaining is > 2,900% of x.

    6. In counting # of jobs created, if a federal worker gets a pay raise, that's a "job created." Mmm, hm.

    7. If someone without health insurance in the 1980's dies over twenty years later, we KNOW that person's death was "because they didn't have any health insurance." [Dope, 2010]

    8. If you were born in 1960, then your parents didn't meet until after 1962 [in Selma]. [Dope, 2008]

    9. Cinco de Mayo is "Cuatro de Cinco" [Dope, May, 2009]

    10. Proportions are altered: Iran, in MagicNegroLand, is "a tiny little insignificant country."

    Aaaaaaaand, if you are merely a member of the U. S. Senate, you are on "the Senate Banking Committee, that's my committee." [Dope in Israel, 2008]

    Aaaaaaaand, if you have asthma you need a...... "breathalyzer"......

    Aaaaaaaaaand, if you live in Austria, you speak..........."Austrian"

    Aaaaaaaaaand, if you are being dragged away for speaking out against Dope, you need a..... "medic."

  22. And the media (to wit Juan Williams ALL THE TIME) has the audacity to call that Empty Suit "bright."

    The opportunistic cunning of a snake is one of the lowest forms of intelligence there is.

    That's affirmative.

  23. Truth Will Win is again kind beyond reason above.As I explained to her in a comment at the sub site,TWW,that is why I pay you...compliments.
    I was teasing her of course.
    Someday I will dig way back in the archives here and find a post she made of only a sentence or twwo that had me ruminating over some subject for a week.
    It was a tour de force.

    Did I mention she also puts up funny posts at my place ? She does.

    Yesterday she again scared us all by losing interest in this joint,as moribund.How did that happen ? I am asking specifically,you 2000 followers,who say so little here.

    Cat got your tongue guys ?

    Located above is the best Postage John's space ever put up here and it plain as day requests that you at least speak to your legislators this week before the big vote.

    I have to second that.

    You shy violets had best let them know how you feel,before they assume to know best how to 'protect you'.
    This is especially true if some blew dawg represents your district,who got sucked into supporting this against your best interests.
    To paraphrase Navin R Johnson,who asked his intended after an impassioned romantic struggle 'was it good for you too ?',one could answer,' Uh no Navin ,just like some spaniel humping our legs ,he got laid,and we got screwed.The financial future of the USA is at stake today Team Teleprompter types.If we were ever to take a stand (a strong one,say like TP's blue steel standard),and speak,now would be a great time.
    'Woof' is not going to be an acceptable response.Unless you are one of those dogs.

    OT,BTW Susan backatchya finally on the Hello Dahli thread.I just now noted your response.

  24. Anyone know how the Louisiana Purchase will help the earthquake in Hawaii? According to Drudge and Breitbart, Obama says that's the case. His intellect is truly on a different plane than that of most people.

    TWW? Preptile? Anyone?

  25. [Hi, Aero -- $(:))]

    I'd put that in the same category as:

    "57 states"

    "3,000% less" and

    my parents met two years after I was born.

    I'd have to say that, while his intellect is below the average of most people, he really doesn't have much "intellect." He is just a bundle of prejudices, slogans, and Rev. Wright dogma. If fed some junk (science or other type), he can regurgitate it, but, unless reading it directly from TOTUS or lecturing, he gets, to put it mildly, MIXED UP and talks "stupidly."

    While he shares the challenged IQ of some of the Special Olympics people, he is far inferior to all of them, for he lacks one of their greatest strengths: a wise, loving, heart.

    Apparently lacks their bowling ability, too.

    Buuuuut, that "Magic Negro," [L.A. Times, 2007], that mascot of the "progressives," he is SPECIAL. Mmmm, hm.

    He's the One aaaaaaand only, the world famous "Pobre Ignoramus."

    Little Zero.

    Just what we all want to see sitting in the White House.........WITH HIS FEET ON AN ANTIQUE DESK......., right hand clenched, having just [SNAP!] caught another fly.

    If he ever had an intellect, it was on the plane

    that crashed with no survivors in The Bermuda Triangle sometime in 1975.

    Moreover, from the complete secrecy in which ALL his school records are being held, looks like his intellect didn't make it onto the plane he and Stanley took out of Indonesia around 1970.

    What tiny bit of intellect he might have carried with him until the 1980's MOST DEFINITELY got on board the Cocaine Plane and was never heard from again.

  26. OK, you're trapped on a deserted island for the rest of your life, and you can only have one companion. Your choices are Emanuel or Massa; whom do you choose?

  27. Oh, Bob, what a choice. How big is the island?

    This will take some thought. I will get back to you on this -- If you don't bring the question up again on the new TOTUS posting, I will.

  28. Well, since I'm female, I think I'd pick Massa.... you guys have a harder dilemma, I think.

    Meh, I changed my mind. I'd pick Rahm Em, make him really mad, then, quickly be out of my misery when he murders me.

    Well? Where would you rather be?! On a desert island with Rahm (or Massa) or in Heaven?!

    [Aero, I didn't copy Bob's Q to new post's thread with my response so as to not preempt you. I'll copy my response there if you do as you stated above :).]

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  31. glad you're back! i always enjoy your blog....especially today " he says he doesn't feel comfortable going out there, what with his not having a birth certificate and all" lol

    i was just reading a brilliant article about all that here:

    when will he ever learn? he steps in it every time he goes it alone withOUT you:
    "At a certain point you've made enough money" oh my!

  32. btw....can you delete those annoying advertisements from your comments?

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