Monday, November 22, 2010


Big Guy came into the staff meeting this morning with big news. He said he'd been talking to Toes's brother, Ari, who is a big-wig entertainment lawyer out in Los Angeles, and it got him to thinking. Why can't our White House be more like Hollywood, especially since he's a bigger movie star than most movie stars, Big Guy wondered.

So the logic goes, since the first couple years of our administration hasn't played as well as we would've like, why don't we reboot the whole thing? And who better to re-boot a failed franchise than the guy who everyone in Hollywood uses as an example of how to reboot stuff?

That's right. Big Guy is going to announce that he's appointing Christopher Nolan as his new chief of staff, pending his availability due to his shooting schedule for the next "Dark Knight" film. This, will, of course, mean a darker, grittier White House than the one most folks are familiar with. No more sunny garden shots. And Big Guy is going to have to drop his voice about four octaves, but he's willing to stretch as an actor to get this role just right.

The only person unhappy with Nolan's appointment is Lady M., but that's just because we'll be shooting in hi-def and IMAX, which adds an extra five pounds on to the ten the camera already piles on. And in her case, she fears it'll all be in arms.


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  3. I uh , beg your pardon , but he pardoned those islamo-turks already ? That is so wrong . Wasn't their forgiveness scheduled with the big 1 /1 / 13 ' OJ Pardons ' ?

    We're talking , faithful readers , about this from the Twitterbar ..." the turkeys he pardoned were named Osama and Tufiq ".

    Getting President Erkel to do a ' Dark Knight ' thing TP , will not work . I can see maybe ' Imelda Marcos Style ' reboots galore in the works tho , as the MSM throws repeated narratives at the wall to see what will stick.

    BTW , to you remaining FOTISSERIE , one wishes a fine Thanksgiving . One where we can thankfully welcome our long lost prodigal appliance Home for the Holidays , fit and ready to scroll all over our political enemies .

    In light of the Holiday and speaking of those very same devils ...I recommend no Mercy for Turkeys .

    No EU or NATO membership for them either .

  4. Oh, ha ha to you both! But not the necklace guy.

    TOTUS,Dear, who were the guests to share the Thanksgiving repast with Mother Robinson, Prezbo, the Missus and the jeaune filles? I heard there were "special" staff and friends in attendance.

    And did they serve mac n' cheese? I have it on good aurthority (I axe'd a bunch of acquaintances) that mac n' cheese is a favorite of Afro-Americans, like corn-on-the-cob is a fav of the Canucks (no offense intended - in hockey it is a term of endearment)at their Thanksgiving banquet. So did they all go bowling after the meal to work it off?

  5. That Thanksgiving guest list , Susan , was limited to only their closest friends like that nice Mr Soros , and Professors Ayers and Churchill whose wives had dates .

    I forgot they had a Bowling Alley in the WH Basement. Haven't ever seen President Erkel bowl . Like w Presidential golf tho , I heard breaking 100 was quite a challenge for him .

    I wonder if he uses a two-hander basketball toss to bowl with , like he did on that unfortunate ' First Pitch ' , that was Nationally Televised .

    As to the Thanksgiving chow , Susan , I had heard of Collard Greens cooked w Bacon being popular as a comfort food . In fact there is a Soul Food place near here that cooks up a nice mess of them . Mac and Cheese just sounds too ' white bread ' for the brethren tho , and I can't swallow it.

    We both know too that Michelle would kill anybody suggesting Collard Greens be served at the White House anyway . She is an all arugala gal .

  6. As if I don't have enought to deal with, now I've got to reflect away 5 more lbs.

    Thanks for nothing!

    I thought you were retiring and moving back to Chicago with Axe-Man?

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  9. TOTUS, Dear, who is going to tell Madame Secretary that it is past time to get a hair cut? Bless her heart. Could you work it into one of your many many utterances?

  10. Just a quite note to let you know that I have a new post about the recent lame duck session of Congress on my political blog.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    John's Space

  11. Big tnak you. But i know whot is this.This is a protez

  12. Greetings Mohicans , Preptile here on the GF's computer while mine keeps trying on New Boots.

    I wouldn't mind those ' Timeouts ' so much if it didn't take 15 minutes on every restart . Maybe I should disable the automatic update feature since I have doubts those Daily Adobe Acrobat updates are worth the candle .

    One imagines our Teleprompter is fed up to the screens w all the ' Family Talk ' being scrolled lately in Hawaii . Felix probably never even changed the softwear ....' the Speech Spinners ' , from that last Mainland Duty at the Elementary School Book Fair .

    TP had the duty there helping the President sell his most recent Major Literary Children's Opus to his captive audience , the student body .

    Since you were there TP , I have to ask .Is it true he wanted $14.95 to autograph a copy ?

    Happy New Year Teleprompter , and you affiliated members of the FOTISSERIE too !

    Now that our Teleprompter is back in business it should be an interesting year . If he gets busy tho it gets a little boring here , we are still posting at the sub site too .

    Come see for yourself at Preptile .com
    We are always open and every FOT here , is already a friend of the family there too .

    BTW has anyone seen rumored 1st GF Elin W ?
    She was scheduled to ' Take One for the Team ' but disappeared before the big Date .

    Oh , Sharia insists since I am using her computer I exit w her Candidates for 2012 , so here goes .....

    Rauf and Ellison in 2012 ....

    Because they support Sharia .

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  14. She was said to be sighted at the DADT Signing Ceremony since the First First Lady had already winged off for the 57th State.

    She would be a beautiful Second First Lady and can swing a club. And she approves M&M's in the daily diet.

    Just don't call her the 'First Girlfriend, Girlfriend.' Don't be dissing her again.

  15. Say TP , what's being loaded up for tonight's Horse Opera out in Arizona ?

    One presumes Rush Limbaugh , Sarah Palin , and Fox News will be mentioned as the
    " obvious " culprits here , and laughably Loughner as troubled and yes , deranged victim of their evil invective . This fits the D ' we are all victims ' meme ,( especially the innocents and the children ) , while still attacking ' the enemy ' . Victims of hurtful speech that is ....

    Would you mind as a favor to the FOTS , scrolling all over that ?

    I was thinking you could insert a few lengthy pauses for dramatic effect between his passages. Then no one could blame you , but only some HTML hiccup .

    That way the President can have the time to emote , possibly even tear up a bit , and like Clinton ' feel the Pain ' of our great Political Division .

    If deftly done this performance could do more for the Democratic Party than the Wellstone Memorial .

  16. I just watched "Wag the Dog" (movie) again. Your blog post reminds me of this.

    Clearly Obama already has (at least one) 'media handler' type. The spin is at max when Obama wins the Peace Prize while conducting a war (& various assassination attempts) against Afghani & Paki civilians w/a few baddies around somewhere.

    Yes, the President winning the Nobel Peace Prize while starting a war (in Albania was in Wag the Dog) was actually in the movie!

    I actually like Obama -- but he's just barely progressive at all. But is he better than McCain and Palin? HA HA HA
    (It's a scenario similar to discussing whether a complete idiot quadraplegic would be better to pilot a plane, or someone with skill in piloting who's in flight school and has flown similar planes. Sorta.)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, btw.

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  18. Any tips on tonight's State of the Union? I understand you're dusting off some of Ronald Reagan's old speeches--converting those old floppy disks into something that will fit your USB port had to be tricky.

  19. I just thought you should know TP , that I lost money when you did not post on that Platypussian SOTU speech .I mean full of Platitudes , and well , you know .

    It was an odd Duck tho and a worthy target too .
    Never in Presidential history has a program like ' Win The Future ' had a more appropriate acronym . WTF indeed .
    The contrast between this SOTU w John Kennedy's quest for the moon is illustrated when the President's shining example of America's greatness is a single shingle Company , selling subsidized solar . Yes " Our " Sputnik moment (?) , sputtered when NASA prioritized muslim outreach efforts and GW education while eschewing actual spaceflight .

    And you scrolled that speech out without blowing a fuse ? I dunno how you do it , unless it's that Blue Steel architecture of yours .

    BTW , I am seeing less spam here . Thanks !

  20. Hello FOTS , from Egypt where I am on a Holy Mission for the um , ummah . Actually for ' The Party ' ,( of Allah ) , or Hezzbollah as it translates .

    Today is FOTS Blogday ( 1st B-day ) for the subsite at Preptile dot-com , and the BF is too shy to tell you . Cannot recommend his Post today , since it airs dirty laundry but do not miss the last line in the First Comment .

    I am still laughing .

  21. I heard they were going to defund you...guess you won't be needing THIS blog anymore, eh?

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