Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Donald, You're Tired ... Time to Move On

Silly pictures with taco salads and narrow-minded comments?  Hey, it's not that uncommon on social media, maybe we'll give him a pass ...

Stupid close minded comments about an African American while on the stump without the help of, well, me?  Joe Biden is "Exhibit A" on that one, so kind of hard to ding Trump too hard, but we're getting close ...

Making statements off the cuff about a perfectly respectable judge that brand you a racist?  Not a good thing. Hey, here's an idea. Maybe he should use a small percentage of his vast fortune to buy a Teleprompter to constipate that mental diarrhea.

But this I cannot abide. Perhaps these mean comments are because I spurned his request for an endorsement. But thanks for making that decision an easy one, Donald. 


  1. SO very glad to see you back!

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  3. thats cool