Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Heading Home

What a day in New Hampshire. Big Guy decides to ad lib one of his patented comparative examples to simply things for the simple country folk we were talking to today, and he goes off script to do it. Wow.

Of course, comparing Big O's health care plan to the post office makes sense ... if you're talking about the dead letter office. That'll teach him to go off script.


  1. From the sugar-high sound of the applause, that NH gymnasium was filled with folks who have been drinking a lot of Obama-Aid.

    Per a "registered Democrat" man participating in the anti-government take over of U.S. healthcare, interviewed by Neil Cavuto this afternoon, the "event inside [the gym] was largely a Democrat event."

    Can you still call it a "town hall meeting" when most of the people allowed to attend are the mayor's friends?

  2. Totus,

    My thoughts exactly. This administration wants to shout down private industry.

    Then the Big Guy tries to illustrate the delivery of socialized one payor health insurance reform (because that is really what this bill is)and cites UPS and Fed Ex both private companies as successes and the USPS, a government entity, as a failure.

    It reminds me of th AFLAC duck and Yogi Berra! Huh?

    Don't provide him with a script. The more he goes off script, the better off we are.

    Hmmm, perhaps someone has just acted stupidly!

  3. Yeah, there is no "death panel." (eye roll)

    There is just
    the "Institute," a 15-member Federal Council for Comparative Effectiveness.*

    *(created in "stimulus" bill) [of medical services, devices, drugs, and procedures]. It would dicate what medical treatment doctors are allowed to give and who gets any treatment at all.

    NOTE: In the Healthcare "Choices" Act on PAGES 427-9, is a mandated program for orders for END OF LIFE. The "final solution" for the elderly who need medical care.

    What about special needs people? They often won't even get into the system. They will be left to fend for themselves. [p.379, Sec. 1177 restricts the enrollment of special needs people.]

  4. Good one, Shovel Ready.

    I'd like to hear D'oh! talk about how effective Homeland Security was at helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Sure, they were hindered by that incompetent Blanco acting "stupidly," but


    You seem to have disappeared.

  6. TruthWillWin: re Post-Katrina -- yep, Home Depot saved the day, along with Central America.

  7. I always wonder what you do when you make that lonely descent under the stage when Big Guy decides to try and wing it without you. I mean in a way it has to make you proud when he tries to give a speech without you, kinda like a dad watching his son ride down the street without training wheels for the first time...

  8. From what I hear anyone who was viewed as a "naysayer" was locked outside while union members were bussed in to fill the seats. Why are union members showing up in support of a medical care insurance system in which they will not be a part? Unions, along with Congress, are exempt from being part of this mess because healthcare is negotiated as part of their collective bargaining. So the only reason they were there was to warm seats and intimidate seniors who are scared to death of this bill. I can't believe he used the UsPS vs. FedEx and UPS. Does he really not understand that the reason the postal service is in the red is due to government red tape that limits their flexibility to adjust to market needs? What an idiot.

  9. Adlibbing might not have been the best idea for the big guy

  10. Matt,

    Is this the first time you've noticed this gaff machine?!? TOTUS is THE MAN! behind The One - always has been, always will be. I, however, really like it when this nincumpoop goes off script. It's always a riot!

  11. Glad to see you are still hangin in there TOTUS.

    Big Guy just doesn't get it. The Democrats in Congress don't get it. And a lot of the Repubs in Congress don't either. They don't get it that WE KNOW. We know what is in those bills and what they are trying to do and we don't like it and we won't have it. We don't believe their lies, no matter how they phrase them. And we won't roll over and take it anymore.

    But here comes Barry to the rescue! He has more townhalls in the coming days. And if those aren't enough, I guess it will be time for another "prime time" episode of The Barack Hour. He has to use his "gift", his power to persuade. He probably has lined up to speak at halftime at a couple of preseason football games. Nothing like a captive audience.

    But ol' Barry is pretty smart. He turned the writing of the Health Care reform over to Congress (with the instructions to let SEIU, ACORN, etc, influence what was written, just as they did with Cap & Trade - but we aren't supposed to know that) and effectively gave himself an "out" if and WHEN it fails. He can always throw them ALL under the bus afterward by claiming ignorance of what was actually in those bills and reminding everyone that HE didn't write the legislation, he left it up to them. "Unfortunately, they overstepped their bounds, blah, blah, blah...." He is already doing this to some extent.

  12. The Post Office...in the end... reports to the federal government, correct? If the post office does not work then why turn over health care to the feds?

  13. Here is another little tidbit about the House bill that a lot of folks may not know about:

    === In sections 440 and 1904 of the House bill (Page 838), under the heading "home visitation programs for families with young children and families expecting children." The programs (provided via grants to states) would educate parents on child behavior and parenting skills.

    The bill says that the government agents, "well-trained and competent staff," would "provide parents with knowledge of age-appropriate child development in cognitive, language, social, emotional, and motor domains ... modeling, consulting, and coaching on parenting practices," and "skills to interact with their child to enhance age-appropriate development." ===

    === the bill points to specific targeted groups and problems, on Page 840: The state "shall identify and prioritize serving communities that are in high need of such services, especially communities with a high proportion of low-income families." ===

    Hmmm... are they actually planning to provide nannies now? Gives new meaning to "nanny state"...

    source: http://tiny.cc/1s4EA
    (In case you want to report it)

  14. i almost cried happy tears it was so funny watching him screw up.

  15. The Big Guy sure faced a really tough audience at that New Hampshire town hall! Arlen Specter needs to man up and take on the fierce audiences like the Big Guy. Keeping the protesters outside was just brilliant!

    John's Space

  16. and yeah - where is your FB page?

  17. When BG used the POST OFFICE and UPS and FedEx and his example that's when I knew Dear TOTUS was on his union mandated break. Just needed a small clean up of my sweet tea which hit the fan.

    Love ya'all
    A Wise Gringa

  18. Seriously? I mean whats next? He going to defect to a thrid world country???

  19. You know how the Democrats depict protesters at townhall meetings as "astroturf", but say those who support Health Care reform are "spontaneous grassroots" supporters? Read Health Care for America Now's memo:

    'HCAN Playbook For Thwarting Town Hall Protesters'

    link - http://tiny.cc/Zcb1D

    Note how they refer to the protesters at townhall meetings as "militant right-wing activists".

    And then there was the July 3rd memo from Fancy Nancy to her troops:

    === The memo also reveals some of their partners in propaganda for the effort:

    The Leadership is working in close coordination with the White House and outside groups (including but not limited to HCAN, Families USA, AFSCME, SEIU, AARP, etc.) to ensure complementary efforts during August. The President, Secretary Sebelius and other principals in the reform debate will be working throughout the month to hold events, promote the message in the press and move the reform effort forward. ===

    link - http://tiny.cc/gdBn3

    (hat tip to IBD Editorial - "The Real Astroturf" link - http://tiny.cc/RvRYu)

  20. I had quite a daymare today. This is all speculation, so just skip reading it if you need more solid information today:

    First, Obama is giving his health care plan ----oops! I mean, health INSURANCE plan a big push with the public for the next few weeks, but then....

    Sorry, I think he'll ditch the "bipartisan effort" act and FORCE it through Congress, even without one Republican vote.

    What a total jerk, if he does that! But he doesn't care about us, or how less that 50% of AMericans even want his dumb plan. All he wants is to scrap the Constitution and "transform" America----into a socialist state.

    And BO doesn't care if he isn't elected to a second term, either. He's been programmed, I swear, to think first of the goal of socializing America, putting that before his career, his family, his feelings----

    Oh, and here we are, at the second part of my daymare:

    I think the jerks BO fronts for (whoever they are; I wish we knew!) might even plan something special for BO. See, if things tank too horribly after BO puts through this health ins. plan, OR with the economy, the guys BO fronts for might have the poor Pres meet HIS own personal End of Life panal! Seriously!

    And I think that would be horrible!----not just because NO one should have to face an early death, especially with kids in his family, but because it just once again illustrates the fundamental LACK of VALUE FOR LIFE.

    I think BO seems pretty sad sometimes. He really seems determined, but morose. So I wonder if he knows he's doomed.

    Okay------back to our regularly scheduled program:

  21. I forgot to mention WHY those BO fronts for might plan a special "conversation" with him: just think! If anything ghastly happens to BO, only really racist or mean representatives would withhold their support of his proposed programs, right? THINK of the SYMPATHY! The genuine PATHOS! The HISTORY in the MAKING!

    Lord, with his family grieving away, and the nation convulsed with horror and guilt, even < I > would feel a twinge of doubt for having thoroughly detested his views.

    'Course I'd just force myself to move on....

    Okay, so seriously:
    LORD, please protect our President from being harmed by, or from listening to evil people! Turn his heart toward his nation, so that he will do what he swore to do: preserve and defend our Constitution.

  22. MM, you are kindhearted, but a bit naive.

    You'll also need to add:

    "And, dear Lord, please don't let him listen to himself" [for he is evil; one who lies non-stop and argues (as IL state senator) against a Born Alive Infant Protection Act is EVIL]; and
    "give him a heart or a conscience." [for he has none.]

    There are creatures who are "the wicked." Psalms and Proverbs have a lot of verses about them.


    Here's my prayer: Oh, Lord, please expose that evil imposter and remove him from the White House before he and those who do his thinking utterly ruin our country. Amen.

  23. RE: Deathcare Rationing under H.R. 3200

    Health Benefits Advisory Committee – “… to recommend covered benefits and essential, enhanced, and premium plans.”
    [Sec. 123 (a) (1)] [p. 30]

    (3) MEMBERSHIP. —The Health Benefits Advisory Committee shall be composed of the following members, in addition to the Surgeon General:
    (A) 9 members … appointed by the President.
    (B) 9 members … appointed by the Comptroller General… .
    (C) Such even number of members (not to exceed 8) … as the President may appoint.” [Sec. 123 (a) (3)]. [p. 30-31]

    (4) TERMS.—“Each member of the Health Benefits Advisory Committee shall serve a 3-year term … “ [Ibid.] [p. 31]

    [TWW's Comment: Thus, rationing is under control of President. Given that the President appoints the Surgeon Gen., if the committee’s membership were held to 19 (i.e., none discretionary (C) members appointed), 10 out of 19 members would be appointed by the President. Even assuming that the Comptroller General picked 9 members hostile to the President’s agenda, by using just 2 of the 8 additional members under option (C), the President would have at a minimum a
    3-vote advantage and guaranteed as much as an 18-vote advantage (which would be a 2/3
    Further, with 3-year terms and giving his up to 1/3 of the appointments the staggering such that their terms were up before the President left office, the President could appoint, thus, at least control, the rationing board well beyond his or her presidency.

    - The membership of the board would allow just about any of Obama’s cronies, including Ms. Obama or Jeremiah Wright, to be appointed. Not all categories require an “expert,” but need only to “reflect” that area of healthcare. Qualifications are broad and quite vague and include “experts in racial and ethnic disparities.” [Sec. 123 (a) (5)]. [pp. 31-32] End TWW's Comment]

  24. apparently Bob Fosse was summoned from the grave to choreograph that fiasco!

  25. Totus, The friends at Fox News read from your blog again this morning! Keep up the good work.

  26. TOTUS:
    Just watched a video of what happens when The Puppet, I mean POTUS, is not reading. You must have been on cigarette break.


    Interesting that Michelle Malkin calls this gaffe, "Teleprompter Blues". You must have been highly embarrassed, as this drivel is no where near your normal standard of inspiring and gifted campaign rhetoric for The Won.

    You say he meant to simplify the language for the peasents, I mean voters, and he sure did! Looking bored and sounding stoopid and stuttering is what happens to all us adoring fans of Obamacare because we were not raised right, eat junk, and Obama is here to save us from ourselves.

    As for comparing his program to the post office, why, I thought the comparison perfect. The cost of stamps keeps going up and up wihtout our say, just like taxes, and the new ones are now printed with the entertaining faces we all know and love.

  27. Hey TOTUS, Fox News read your whole blog this morning. They, too, noticed that the Big Guy can't come up with a coherent thought without you. As he oohhed, ahhed, and stumbled through his message, I couldn't help but wonder if you were off in a corner LOL.

    We missed you dearly. Don't stay away so long.

    Oh, by the way, did you see the silly lady that had to stop before she read her question because - The One - winked at her. Yeeew

  28. Oh, ralphing here, nonaofnaples. Ick, bleah, phewie! A wink from BO should make us WORRY, not get all flummoxed: what is Big Guy planning NOW!?

  29. REPORT:
    Okay all, I finally got to wear my new Obama Joker tee shirt. It's "dump day" in my little town see, so what you do is make the rounds. You go to the water co-op and the electric co-op to pay the bills, the post office, the dump, stop by the cafe for coffee and go to the store for beer and milk afterwards, in any order you wish. This way you see the neighbors and get all the gossip, etc. Don't ask me, its just a Wednesday tradition.

    Well! I wore my new tee-shirt, and OH MY!! Two women at the post office stopped talking mid-sentence to stare. A neighbor at the dump gave me a salute and a big smile. At the electric co-op the woman who lives next door was out weeding her organic vegetable patch, and did not wave back but frowned and stared. Then, I stopped at the store. I parked and got out of my truck, and a man also entering the store stopped in his tracks. Yes, he stopped in his tracks. I said, "Hey," and stopped too. He looked downright angry! And I walked by looking very smug! Har har har har. I didn't make it to the cafe yet.

    This is something the left is not going to be able to handle. They abused the office of president for eight years, and it's almost like GW enabled this mentality of theirs by never fighting back. He never said a word. And they wholly expect that we, like George, are not going to say anything about Obama. They really believe that. And so seeing their beloved Magic Negro made up as the Joker and "SOCIALISM" at the bottom of his picture is just - well, I am here to tell you that they are SHOCKED.

    Somehow, making jibes at their Messiah goes beyond the pale.

  30. There is a natural law of cause and effect coming into play. when an they meet up with an unmovable object.

    Dear Democrats you're pushin too hard.


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  32. keyboard jockey:
    That's a very nice iceberg you have on the site there. I like that metaphore. An iceberg floating in the sea of lies and the Magic Negro Who is like unto God looks over the bow to proclaim with his gifted voice, "We have a small obstacle ahead, a few ice cubes merely. Plow through it verily, for I am The Won and no mortal concerns shall stand in My way. All speed ahead." And the great lumbersome vessel "The Progressive Democrat", overloaded with taxpayers money and bloated by greed and vanity indeed plows ahead, on toward the measly few ice cubes, until the prow of the great ship strikes the ice cubes to rend them asunder.....

    Can't wait to watch the coming episodes.

  33. The little girl's question was staged; her Mom was an Obama campaign operative. Not just a 'follower,' an 'OPERATIVE!' So that's strike one. Strike two was having a 100% pro-Obama crowd inside while the mix was roughly 50-50 outside. And it was 50-50 only because the union thugs bused in from Massachusetts finally got off their Cape Cod beach chairs and showed up. Gee...ya think anyone will notice this little contradiction between the crowd inside of the school and what's happening outside? Strike three: ADMITTING the appearance of a 'stacked deck' when that's blatantly what it is!

    This is what happens when Obama decides to 'push back twice as hard.' He ends up looking twice as stupid. That's quite a trick for someone who was looking that way all along.

  34. Here is something that you might not know in regard to Federal Employee's health insurance: not only do they have a huge choice of options and plans, one-third (1/3) of their health insurance premiums are paid (subsidized) by their employer (the government). Some people are aware of that.

    But what a lot of folks don't know is this - for U.S. Postal Service workers, one HALF (1/2) of their health insurance premiums are paid by their employer (the government). U.S.P.S. workers are treated even better than your average federal worker.

    Everyone wants to lump the P.O. in with other Federal Agencies. But they aren't like a Federal Agency, they are different, they are independent. (Just as the Federal Reserve is different.) The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a Government Corporation of the United States.

    === The Postal Reorganization Act signed by President Richard Nixon on August 12, 1970, replaced the cabinet-level Post Office Department with the independent United States Postal Service. The Act took effect on July 1, 1971. ===

  35. Betty Ann! (applause, applause) Enjoyed reading ALL your great stuff.

    LOL. "... because we were not raised right, eat junk..." [Betty Ann]

    I would rather eat a Twinkie than be one. Mmm, hm.

    WAY TO GO wearing the T-shirt with that joker on it. What a great way to boost the morale of other pro-liberty people and to stick it in the eye of those trying to turn our great nation into a socialist cesspool.

    Re: the frowning, squinting, lib -- probably confused -- couldn't figure out why the lead singer of K.I.S.S. (her favorite group, no doubt) cut his hair off.

    Yes, indeed, we'll be looking forward to future installments (of that story!).

    P.S. Did your wonderful Marine niece get that sharpshooter award? Hope all is well with her.

  36. Thanks for more great information, Jamie.

    Just what we want... MORE people going "postal."

  37. [Chris] "... when Obama decides to 'push back twice as hard.' He ends up looking twice as stupid."

    Heh, heh. Your quip and Keyboard Jockey's ref. to H.M.S. Titanic conjure up the hilarious picture of Peach the Pirate Obama at the wheel of his 16-foot motor boat, doped up and GRINNING maniacally, a reefer dangling from his lip, revving his tiny engine, aiming his craft, stacked deck and all [Chris], straight at the U.S.S. Constitution --- WHAM! -- *,* -- smashed on the steely resolve of pro-liberty U.S. public opinion. Peach is tossed into the drink like ...... like a little, wooden, puppet [Betty Ann]. His nose, by now 100 feet long from all the lies he's told, quickly takes him to the bottom.

    Moral: When confronted with vastly superior strength -- retreat.

    Dope's Rules for Living: a. When Grandma says, "No," ram her Cadillac with your tricycle; b. All enemies are Grandma.


    Things Barry Soetoro Never Did:

    1. Learn that there are 50 U.S. states.
    2. Join a church that isn't racist.
    3. Realize that the U.S. Post Office is not a private entity.
    4. Graduate from high school on time.
    5. Learn why and when people use tire gauges and get auto tune-ups.
    6. Learn not to touch flies with your hands.
    7. Learn a second language.
    8. Realize that Austrians speak German.
    9. Publish a scholarly article.
    10. Become a law professor.
    11. Be born in the United States of America.

    Things Barry Soetoro Did:

    1. Became a Muslim ["My Muslim faith" -- said to George Stephanopolous during TV interview, summer, 2008).
    2. Joined a "U.S. of KKK" - "God bleep America" -- anti-semitic church.
    3. Smoked dope.
    4. Used a lot of cocaine.
    5. Learned how to lie and con people.
    6. Read Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky (how many Americans do that?!)
    7. Learned how to catch flies with his bare hands.
    8. Got into college and law school via affirmative action.
    9. Took a trip to Pakistan and learned to pronounce it: "Pah-kee-stahn."
    10. Learned how to bow to a Muslim authority figure.
    11. Learned how to turn a crowd into an angry mob to bully people into giving him his way.
    12. Attracted the attention and support of Weatherman Bill Ayers.
    13. Learned how to read from a teleprompter.

    Some noteworthy quotes:

    "Pig in lipstick."
    "I'm a reader."
    "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh...... ."

  39. I like the Totus quo.
    His coffee breaks brought a taste of reality
    to today's dog and pony show.
    The wonder one had to wing it.Heh.

    Throughout the early candidate "debates" locations,audiences,signs,questions and questioners were all pre-approved.
    The same happens today.
    These were 'productions' of our less than esteemed political parties,MSM enabled & assisted.
    This charade persisted into the finals and w Mccain as the R candidate they resembled polite little after church civic meetings overflowing w middlin protestant values.
    Let's all cooperate,Kumbya,was all I heard.
    Terrorists killed a dozen today ?
    Sorry we can't discuss that as today's topic is healthcare,but ask me about military gays or how I manage my magnificence and I will answer ad infinitum.
    No differences were aired.No debate was held.Ever.
    How could there be w both Mc & O batting for the MSM and the D meme ?
    The all wrong Rev Wright was never mentioned ,out of respect for the 'debate'.Such as it was.
    He had none of that 'R_E_S_P_E-C_T' for us.
    Nor did his average parishioner.
    Somehow those chickens never roosted upon O.

    Leaving that out of the Presidential debates was roughly equivalent to leaving the Bronco chase out of the OJ trial.

    It seems likely that financial shenanigans were played on O's scholarship and rumors of his BC problems persist.Maybe he did register as foreign to get that scholarship.
    He could not have travelled to Pakistan in 1981 on a US passport.
    Somehow our loyal media missed these stories just as they overlooked
    that Edwards affair for a year.
    It was not in their best interest to notice.
    Such behavior is endemic in the press.
    I attended a 'T' party two blocks from the Houston Chronicle w 6,000 others.
    They failed to notice it.
    The entire paper was overwhelmed w rumors of northern sprinkles and could not attend.
    I suspect most drove right past on their commute,but seeing no 'Bush lied" signs their interest was limited. As always.

    We should be thrilled that losing this debate 60 /40 has encouraged the MSM & O to take a swan dive into said volcano to defend a 'party' presidency.
    They have destroyed it instead w an in-credible showing,and now again refuse to debate as they much prefer to pose.
    How apropo for posers all.
    No one believes them now since that MASSIVE stimulus brought only "saved" jobs among the 12 million lost,and a probable depression along w a devalued currency.
    Obama's,just like Mccain's Amnesty plan, will be even less popular than socialized medicine is proving to be.There is no more money to spend fellas,you blew the wad last month.

    Still those wishing Obama ill are extremely misguided.
    I can only wish him the best of health,
    along w the richly deserved political ridicule that comes w the territory.
    Some may recall Bush getting his share,& more.

    Should Obama achieve martyrdom at the hands of some disturbed individual all of us will pay by being forever immersed in oracular Obamanations deemed historic by his admirers.Make room on Rushmore fellas,the party would insist upon it.
    I much prefer he live a very long life before claiming his reward,whatever it may be.

    Just wondering though,
    Do married martyrs get the 72 virgins ?

  40. USPS vs. UPS/FedEx? Must be having too many beers with Joey B...

    BTW...where is Joey? Still playing on the White House swingset?

    1. I thinks also, he refutes point by point all the "myths" about Obama's health care reform that nasty repubicans are spreading lies concerning, and he repeats them just like the president and everything the president said he says and well...it sounds sort of scripted, but I am not supposed to notice as I am a mental retard, about ten http://kizi2.co.uk/most-played-kizi/.

  41. Here's the BIG QUESTION though. With a majority in both houses and the legendary "super majority" in the Senate, how come Barry can't get this passed without Republican votes? Or is it that something within the bill is SO unsavory that he doesn't want this to be seen as the "democrats" bill? Inquiring minds want to know.

  42. One of the bigger stories in the Boston area (and elsewhere) pretty much rips to shreds Little Miss Muffet and her 'tough' question the other day in Portsmouth. For real fun, watch the video again. But this time, focus on the two women on either side of Little Miss Muffet; they look like they've just robbed a bank and they're hoping no one saw them. Hilarious.

  43. Totus, bumbling gibbs tried to answer a question from Major Garrett about e-mails sent to people that had no idea they were on the "WH LIST." Will you check and make sure i am not on the "LIST."
    The plan going around is to send it back to
    and mark it as fishy..........

  44. Preptile - you said "Still those wishing Obama ill are extremely misguided.
    I can only wish him the best of health,
    along w the richly deserved political ridicule that comes w the territory."

    I agree. We, the people, can render him harmless by voting out the people in Congress. The only reason he can do what he is doing is the fact that our system of checks and balances is out of balance. Right now he has "the power" because the current Congress has been willing to ram thru anything and everything he has asked for. The current uprising of dissent against his latest attempt to usurp control over our Health Care System is the first step in stopping him. I don't know if you guys noticed, but the Senate has announced that they are:

    === excluding a provision on end-of-life care from health overhaul legislation after language in a House bill caused a furor.

    Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, said in a statement Thursday that the provision had been dropped from consideration because it could be misinterpreted or implemented incorrectly. ===

    Count that in the "win" column for the MOB!

    Oh, and btw, did you know, contrary to what the msm is reporting, that the group sporting the posters of Obama as Hitler are protesters from the Lyndon LaRouche PAC? LaRouche is NOT a conservative. He has run for the nomination for the Democratic ticket for President a number of times. As a matter of fact, his group WANTS a single-payer health care system. Check out their website:


    Sunflower - As for "the list", not too long ago I mentioned that I had received an email from BO as well as an email from MO. My daughter also received those same emails. Neither of us know how we got on their email mailing list. This was months before flags.com came about, so "the list" has been around for a while. I'm thinking that some internet provider(s) sold them a list of email addresses. Think about it - how do spammers get our email addresses? Probably the same way the Obama admin did.

    bettyann, you are ONE BRAVE PATRIOT!

    The bravest thing I've done lately is put a "Don't Tread On Me" bumper sticker on my car! Right in the middle of the tailgate on my 2003 "clunker" chevy blazer. So, anybody who drives behind me has to look at it. I also have a "Enjoy Your Freedom? Thank a Soldier!" bumper sticker.

  45. WTP is right. Just where is Joey? Are they keeping him under wraps because of his gaffes? Did they send him on an important diplomatic trip to Siberia or Outer Mongolia?

  46. I get mail from Axelrod ever since I turned myself in. I keep turning myself in when I get one, and he keeps emailing me back. He talks to me in his emails like I am about ten years old. Also, he refutes point by point all the "myths" about Obama's health care reform that nasty repubicans are spreading lies concerning, and he repeats them just like the president and everything the president said he says and well...it sounds sort of scripted, but I am not supposed to notice as I am a mental retard, about ten. He does not quote the bill in anyway so that I can read what it says for itself that refutes myths like - you can't keep your own insurance. He just tells me and I am supposed to believe him. Because I am only about ten.

    Dip shit.

  47. I found a bumper sitcker in Obama's colors with the big O in it, you know, that hopey changey O.

    It says, "BendOver"

    I laughed so hard I spit my coffee all over the computer screen.

  48. Who woulda thought that I would agree with a prtest coming from the ACLU?:

    === The American Civil Liberties Union submitted comments today to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) opposing its recent proposal to reverse current federal policy and allow the use of web tracking technologies, like cookies, on federal government websites. Cookies can be used to track an Internet user’s every click and are often linked across multiple websites; they frequently identify particular people. ===


  49. My verification word on last post?


    The act or an instance of making a conscious choice or decision.

    Fancy that!

    Here is something that I've been wanting to point out to see if anyone thinks it makes sense:

    Congress plans to exempt themselves, as well as unions and Federal workers, from the government run plan. But that is stupid when you consider this - the private insurance companies that hold their policies are the SAME companies that hold the non-exempted people's policies. SO, my thought is - if they pass their crappy plan and it goes into effect and, as some say, it drives many of the private companis out of business - won't these "exempted" people eventually wind up on the government plan as well? Or, if anything else, won't their premiums go higher and higher as the pool of people gets smaller and smaller?

  50. BendOver - now THAT is funny! But sadly, too true.

    Axelrod is a dipshit and a toad. What a creep. Of course he treats you like you are a ten year old, he assumes that about everyone. But he is in for a very rude awakening.

    This is what someone said to me - when a liberal person repeats some of the crap that Obama is saying about his "plan", you say to them "Oh really, and how do you know that's true?" Of course, they will reply with a smirk "how do you know it isn't", which will give you the opening to provide them with
    F-A-C-T-S, something they are not prepared for (like the exact wording from the bills in Congress).

    I realize that the "beer summit" is old news, but someone sent me a link to a video about some OTHER beer summits that weren't reported by the msm:


  51. No worries.... We all know it's not your fault. As a matter of fact, when he messes up, my husband and I simply say " oh no, he went off script"

  52. Ouch!!! 67% of Americans, including 43% of Republicans don't want to see a Palin Presidency....ever.


  53. That's strange, Joe. Because just a month ago Sarah Palin, dispite the lies and dirt the left flings at her, had a 67% approval rating among republicans, who are the ones who count.

    I dont' think you people will be picking our candidate for us in 2012. We didn't like McCain, that's why Obama got elected. McCain was chosen for us by the media, and by RINOs. I do believe you are going to see a back lash in 2012.

    Sarah Palin is a powerful ally to conservatives. WE love her - don't you get that? By the time 2012 gets here the media is going to be out of ammo, and we are already immune to their bullshit about her. Look at what their bullshit gave us in 08 - a magic negro who had got nothing but "wordstuff from his ass to his mouth", to quote Savannah Nix.

    Today with republicans running behind liberals wringing their hands and looking for ways to please them, not even pretending to respect the conservative core in this country, there stands Sarah daring to call the president on the carpet as a liar.

    Where are the men in the republican party? The only man in the republican party wears a skirt and lipstick and she's got big ovaries.

    God Bless Sarah Palin. Sarah in 2012!!!!!!!!!

  54. Nice post at 5:54 BA,and good morning.
    I would welcome the opportunity to vote conservative again.Palin excites the base as someone serving real red meat(moose maybe),and not that rhinoceros quiche.

    It was an inside aside made above,(if you can forgive additional illiterate alliteration),
    which I address today.
    No,not by Joe.That was just more spam designed to discourage.No imagine if you will,TWW,that Lennon had nothing to do w a previous comment that has since been commented upon.I am being too obtuse.This time I do so for cause.It was just an aside concerning something I had emailed a blogger regarding our TP.Maybe he knew the inside poop on this journal.
    I did not,but wanted to.Confusion ensued.
    Susan had suspicions recently about any behind the scenes involvement I might have here.
    Zero zip,nada,none.
    I can't even get that lousy readership "T" shirt(med.),much less that 'Rush' pack of Kobe that I too wish to taste.

    That said,I predict 2 short pieces by our host today,followed by his traditional weekend bender at the wall socket,absolutely drunk w power.With any luck he'll be back on Monday.

    For an supposedly inanimate object,he is an awfully busy man.

  55. Montana Gun Laws is one of the most viewed post on Logistic Monsters Blog. Maybe that is why Bozeman, Montana is on the town hall meeting junket for the President’s Health Care Insurance Reform Bills?

    So why Bozeman, Montana town hall meeting for the President to CAMPAIGN “for which” Health Care Reform Bill? Why Grand Jct. Colorado? They are indicative of what demographic of Americans?

    My home state is called an empty state so what is the draw for the Obama administration? Is it because Max Baucus is under pressure?

    Montana is an ultra strong 2nd Amendment state they are not keen on Sotomayor for the U.S. Supreme Court. Max Baucus has reasons to be weary. Montana is carry in the open state mostly because of hunting. This Health Care Insurance Reform “Bills” is looking like it could go sideways, and it doesn’t look like the Obama administration can course correct.


  56. http://logisticsmonster.com/2009/05/03/the-montana-gun-law-you-will-never-hear-about/

  57. Preptile:
    He has to have it a lot easier these days. All he has to do is scroll the same speech over and over for the Obaminator. 'Course there IT has blown westward, and we shouldn't be surprised about a stop at Rapid City SD so's he can check out, I mean pay homage to Mt. Rushmore, where we can be certain he imagines his likeness next plastered.

    They'll play hell getting those ears properly postioned in granite, not to mention his peculiar tilt of chin, but they'll have to find a much bigger mountain if they want to fit his ego in there - the size of which is his only real claim to fame.

  58. Teaching tennis T/Th till 10 as I do, leaves me too tired and tied up to type at those times.
    Was watching a bit of it while working Wednesday.
    Wadda watch it was too.Wow.
    (The above should inspire a response from a certain someone tuned in to Ts and Ws.
    Any further rainmaking attempts I will leave to those w appropriate genetics).
    So while watching tennis,TV keeps running those LaCoste commercials which inspire my daydreams of the coming Gator age.This will be the day when Preptillian postages will be properly compensated w all the Kobe one desires.And T shirts too.
    Everytime they show the crowd I see Izods wearing Ipods and think,why not propeller hats to power them? One could download daily excess energy onto the grid as a renewable resource.
    Walah(sp),one wins the energy wars.
    Was wondering how this might work out if everyone powered their blackberrys and cell phones this way too.Citizen propellers compulsory.
    For the good of the grid.

    You were in the right neck of the woods on those Rushmore comments BA,and I think
    you are correct about the architectural and aesthetic challenges in a proper presentation of the President,and his ears.
    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could windmill them oppositionally so they would twirl in different directions and power the snack bar and state capital.

    Hard to justify an imminent inclusion for his eminence if TP won't refresh his feed tho.
    Did Rerun replace Felix or something ?

  59. I heard today that while in Me-he-co on Monday, BO referred to those of us opposed to an amnesty for illegals as "demagogues". He just can't help himself when he is out of the country, he has to insult us.

    Demagogue must be the new word for the liberals to use to malign conservatives, because on Weds, Robert Reich posted a column on HuffPo about "How to fight demagogues and fearmongers".

    === Because Republican Astroturfers have joined the same old right-wing broadcast demagogues that have been spewing hate and fear for years, to create a tempest.

    But why are they getting away with it? Why aren't progressives - indeed, why aren't ordinary citizens - taking the meetings back?==

    You can tell that he just doesn't "get it" when he asks why "ordinary citizens" don't take the meetings back.

    Hey Reichmaister, listen up: Those angry citizens at the townhall meetings ARE ordinary citizens! (The ones who aren't ordinary are the ones in the purple SEIU and yellow Acorn t-shirts that are bullying the old people). You don't recognize us because we don't usually speak up. We are the silent majority that everyone always talks about, only we aren't so silent anymore. And I hope that we don't go back to being silent ever again. We can't afford to.

  60. I keep remembering this (from Free Republic):

    << Former Vice President Walter "Fritz" Mondale famously (and disastrously) promised tax hikes in his 1984 presidential campaign. "We're going to tax their a** off," Mondale allegedly whispered to fellow Democrat and former Illinois Rep. Dan Rostenkowski during the Democratic convention that year (as recounted in the 1987 book Showdown At Gucci Gulch). >>

    Same plans to raise taxes; different method: via "health care"; same scorn about the public.

    Best reason to institute term limits.

    Lord, BO's "Uh... uh..."-ing is catching: now, Gibbsy is saying it (to Major Garrett, when stunned by MG's questions).

  61. P.S. As I was hot-gluing moss onto a frame at our cabin in the mountains (ie. in heaven), I realized: it's merely a distraction that BO is now deleting the Death Boards from his "health care plan" (Bill 3200).

    The Dems knew those boards would never make it----and deleting them is supposed to make opponents "feel good" about the REST of the bill.

    No-ooo...... No, no. The rest of the bill, and any other similar "health care plan," should be dumped, too.

  62. Your request could not be processed. Please try again.
    Edit profile

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    OpenID URL:
    TruthWillWinn and Bettyann, I admire the way you are able to express yourselves. This blog is my relief sometimes at the end of a tense day worrying about what is going to happen to us. Thanks to all for the info. Wouldn't they have to ship in a different colored rock for him to end up on Mt. Rushmore? or maybe he just would have his very own mountain, yeah, that's it. Do we now send congrats to Iran, N. Korea, Venezuala, Saudi Arabia and others of similar ilk? And really, where is your facebbook page TOTUS???? Did they get to you like they did getting Sean not to go thru with last Sunday's planned special about Obama? I can't find anything on the net about it. Anyone have any idea what happened? Even the radio Gawds Walton and Johnson were wondering.

  63. Jamie, you are such a wonderful, persevering, ambassador for the truth. Keep it up, kid, but, bear in mind......

    Anyone who responds, "How do you know it isn't?" to "How do you know it's true?" is not open to facts.

    "I know you are, so what am I?" :P
    "I know you are, so what am I?" :P
    "I know you are, so what am I?" :P
    "I know you are, so what am I?" :P
    "I know you are, so what am I?" :P


    "God Bless Sarah Palin. Sarah in 2012!!!!!!!!!"
    [Betty Ann]


    Leadership is not an inherently "male" quality.

    Leadership is a gift given equally to both sexes.

    Sarah Palin has it.

    Bring-it-on, Libs. Go ahean, put another one of your morally bankrupt, brain dead, readers up against that virtuous, bright, proven leader, Ms. Palin -- make our day.

  65. I just checked an old email account and guess what? I got one of those Axelrod emails. Major Garrett can add my name to his list of people who got an unsolicited email from the WH. I did NOT send anything to flag.com, so they got my address from somewhere else. It was a Yahoo address, so maybe Yahoo sold them email addresses. If so, then BOO YAHOO.

    ===== I didn't watch Sean last Sunday, so I did not know he didn't run the Obama special.

    Oh, and I have to correct something that I said in an earlier post I said the "yellow Acorn t-shirts". According to some folks who attended a tea party in PA, most of the Acorn folks there didn't wear any special color shirt - they just sported their ACORN buttons and carried their mass-produced signs and chanted some silly slogan over and over again. They also each had a list of prepared questions to choose from if called upon. How about that for spontaniety?

    Oh, and it has been revealed that at Sheila Jackson Lee's townhall, a doctor who stood up in support of the Obama plan wasn't really a doctor at all. She was an Obama delegate and a lead organizer for Obama's Organizing for America group. What a coincidence! When asked, she said she posed as a doctor to help her credibility.

  66. :D) LOL, Betty Ann, D'oh! on Mt. Rushmore (head shake).

    I think the best they could do is to carve a little wooden puppet, about 1 foot high, (with its long nose in the air, of course), and sit it on the top step of the Lincoln Memorial, facing Lincoln. [inspired by a political cartoon by the guy who does the cartoons for either National Review or Investors Business Daily].

  67. Oliviac, thank you. We have many super posters on this site (including -- you!).

    RE: the "Nothing to see here, people, just keep on walking, no, that isn't a glaring omission on the part of B. Hussein in NOT MEETING HIS BURDEN OF PROOF on the issue of whether or not he is a natural born U.S. citizen," phenomenon ---->$

    ---->$ follow --->$ the money trail.

    Aside from GE's and Disney Corp.'s CEO's (both dues paying members of the Cult of Obama) being talked to by Rahmini, hence, CNN (Lou Dobbs was asking some hard questions…) and ABC respectively put the kibosh on the missing birth certificate issue, the Achilles heal of the conservative media people is $$$ADVERTISING$$$.

    While you can never tell about kid-in-a-food-fight, throw-it-at-everyone, O' Reilly (who recently joined the "there's no issue here" bunch), when Hannity and Beck dropped the issue or suddenly were silent on the topic I knew FoxNewsCorp was shutting up to keep advertising $$. There are a lot of Cult of Obama CEO’s who would pull their advertising or, if not Cult members, are vulnerable to pressure from ACORN types.

    Conservative talk show hosts such as Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Laura Ingraham, are not intimidated by Rahm, but the local radio stations (who need advertising $$ to survive) that carry their shows are vulnerable (via local city ACORN thugs). Limbaugh has talked about going to satellite radio to have truly free speech, but has not wanted to abandon the radio stations to whom he feels quite loyal.

    Anne Coulter (who poo pooed the natural born citizen issue on Hannity's show about a week ago), appears to be an anomaly, although, she may have financial considerations, too. She has some odd quirks in her otherwise brilliant mind, e.g., that men think better than women, that Harriet Myers was a horrible (not just unfavorable) choice for the Supreme Court (nominated by Bush), in addition to her precipitously dropping the B. Hussein citizenship issue. Shrug.

    National Review's editors [a silly recent editorial in which they essentially say: “We trust Joe Miller (with the blurry photo of the birth certificate) of Factcheck.org (Ayers’ Annenberg Foundation affiliate). You should trust us.”] may have been drinking some of the Kool-Aid or they may have advertising $$$ on the line, too. I have noticed, though, that Nat. Rev. regularly takes odd swerves to the left. Could be their political views are not coherent and, thus, without a fixed star by which to set their course, they follow their "gut" and end up in more of a zig-zagging course than a straight and true conservative one.

  68. MSNBC as a source.....

    Really, Joe?

  69. "Whirling propeller hats, Batman!"


    Another delightful PosTage, PreP. T. The Tennis Pro.

    "YOU are the winner!!! Of a case of Kobe beef!!!" (to claim your prize, just give us your name, phone number, address, and lots of other stuff that isn't any of our business so we can target you with marketing attacks for the rest of your life) %% Tony Rezko's Timeshare Condominiums%%.



    Take down the
    Witches who use it.

    Tennis pros as
    Witty as


    Words into

    Give me a "T"!
    Give me a "W"!
    Give me a "W"!

    TRUTH WILL (sometimes, sooner than you think!) WIN!

    Betty Ann, you are a superstar writer.

    Eagerly awaiting your next narrative (of the Joker T-shirt, or about your superneat niece, or martinis ;), or....).

    Jamie, you are amazing with all that info.. Hope your elbows and knees are healing. Ouch.

    Mountain Mama, Hi!
    BossyNurseMom -- I think it was this weekend you were going -- how was the "Freedom Concert?"

    (Why do they always feature Country music? That's the one genre that I just can't get into, just a song or two. Oh, well.)

  70. I'm starting to worry that BO is about to get run over by his own bus.

    The media reports an increase in "threats" to the president (who is falling apart like his prompters, gaffing like his VP, and reading bills as thoroughly as Cogress; pretty much losing his mojo)

    ...and now Squeaky Fromme, a gun-toting white lady (convenient media target) and would-be presidential assassin is set free...

    Things that make you go "hmmmm."

  71. I don't want Peach Obama to become a martyr, therefore, I do not want him to be assassinated.

    I would not mind him getting "run over by his own bus," however. For instance, by one of his fellow thugs turning on him and revealing the truth that he is not a natural born citizen, or some other facts being revealed that make him so obviously impeachable that he RESIGNS covered in the filth of his own lies and schemes.


    Thank you, everyone, for the morale boosting writing. And, thanks so much for the inspiration your wonderful humor gives to my own creativity (such as it is). Being creative is JOY.

    I felt depressed today -- now, I'm smiling inside.

  72. The wheels on the bus going round, round, round...... BUMP!

    Oh, too bad.

    Musta run over something.

  73. Hey, TWW:

    The country music (think southern rock with a hint of Christian rock) is but a small part of the Freedom Concerts. It's loud, lively and serious-ly fun. You laugh, you cry (there wasn't a dry eye in the house at one point), you give thanks and you get inspired. It's exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

    I guess each concert is tailored (although I don't know how they pull it together or if they practice; all the performers pay their own expenses and donate their time) to the specific venue: our state and congressional reps were there as were the families of local fallen troops who have benefited through previous scholarships.

    Most special were the troops themselves... I don't want to give away too much, but... Wow. Powerful. And I hate crowds and concerts as a rule.

    I even forgave Billy Ray Cyrus for the abominable "Achey Brakey Heart" ... turns out he's really talented. Who knew?

  74. TWW said, "I don't want Peach Obama to become a martyr." Second that.

    I'm just worried that if his own bus (metaphorically USPS?) runs him over, the driver will do it disguised as FedEx or UPS.

  75. Nah---BO won't lower himself to being carved in stone with those other presidents at Mt. Rushmore. Why should BO share the limelight with those losers?

    No, he'll go for a bigger, more OLYMPIAN celebration of His Excellence. (Remember the Greek columns?)

    Maybe he'd want the Sun renamed after himself. The science books will read, "The planets rotate around Barack Hue-SUN." It's only fair, since everything already revolves around him; might as well make it official.

    Okay, seriously, his favorite idea of his LEGACY seems to be changing this nation into a socialist state (or worse).

    So, to help that little goal along, today BO tactfully pretended to be wrong sometimes! He always answered his opponents' questions at the Townhall Meeting with, "Yes, you're right."

    He obviously had been coached to manipulate opponents by diffusing their anger and trying to align himself with them:
    "You are correct, which means we share the same views and are very similar----so you can trust me."

    It's a trap and it's pure CRAP!

    Thankfully, in our pro-Palin blogging group, we're receiving word that many Dems are now turning on BO. They HATE the health "care" plan (Bill 3200), too, and they worry that their disabled or elderly relatives will not receive proper medical care under it.

    Well, when BO's own supporters start turning on him, that is excellent news! It shows that we have succeeded at going around the MSM (who are in the tank for Obama and will NOT report the truth about his "plan") and informed people well of the facts about Obamacare.

    Sarah Palin's wonderful written remarks have of course totally blown Obama and his jerk helpers off course. She wins by NEVER resorting to unethical practices, without which Obama would always lose! (Why else are they trying to rig the Census, sign up deceased or nonexistent voters, and keep military votes from counting?)

    Unfortunately, Obama won't care; he'll force the Dems in Congress to ignore their terrified constituents and PASS his blasted health care bill----and nevermind the consequences to their own careers or constituents.

    On a related note:

    Hundreds of rich folk are moving out of high-taxes NY City. Where are they going? If it's not in the USA, what do they know that we don't?

    (Keep watching for preggers MO, FOTS!)

  76. If Mo (age 45) comes up preggers it would be a prefect opportunity for the "Progressive" in her to be an example to America if there is a problem. I am sure she would never make the choice Sarah made.

    As for Obama and some whacko out there making a martyr of him - let's hope and pray this never happens. His enormous ego deserves to be defeated in the next election by the very voters who put him in there, and then he should fall in to obscurity and become the moot point he actually is, like Carter.

  77. Yikes! Even the majority of Alaskans now have a negative opinion of Sarah Palin.


    Please...by all means keep up your mindless fawning over this empty pantsuit. It only shows how out of touch you people are with anything resembling mainstream America.

  78. Bettyann, your self-delusion is so endearing. You seem to take so much pride in the fact that ONLY 67% of REPUBLICANS approve of Sarah Palin. If Palin is supposed to be the new, refreshing and powerful voice of the Right, then if I were you, I would expect her approval ratings to be in the 80s or 90s.

    Keep up the good work. I find your wishful spin to be quite cute.

  79. Oh...and Bettyann, before you put forth the effort to mindlessly refute my statement about Palin's whopping 67% approval rating among Republicans, please take note that despite the dip in our President's overall approval ratings, among Democrats he remains at 86%.


    Your girl has a lot of work to do if she even wants to make it to the Iowa Caucus.

  80. Ah yes...when you have nothing to say, you can always fall back on the tried and true Sean Hannity material.

    Keep trying Bettyann...I admire your stick-to-it-iveness.

  81. George W Bush was one of the best American Presidents for African Continent.


    Liberia It Could Be Paradise

  82. Joe/craniac/HUGEASS:

    I think you have a crush on Sarah Palin (the poor dear), or you wouldn't bring her up constantly.

    Don't criticize others, when you never respond to what people ask YOU. Here's what I posted for you, Joe, on an earlier thread, but you never responded. Try answering politely. Read this:
    I know you are upset about your mother, but you have inadvertently missed the point.

    Conservatives value life and truth, which is why we detest abortion, euthanasia, genocide, racism, mean "provocative" sarcasm (ahem! This means YOU, Joe!), and LYING.

    It's unproductive to argue from our FEELings, because they are unreliable. Please THINK:

    What you experienced before that panel concerning your mother was heartless and cruel. But that experience will PALE beside what a government Death Panel will be FORCED to do regarding literally MILLIONS of disabled, elderly, or chronically ill Americans, because there will NOT BE ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY FOR MUCH "CARE" AT ALL.

    WHEN some version of Obama's "health care" plan is passed (not "if"), people like your mother will not have ONE month in ICU, but likely will be forced out of ICU within a DAY or so.

    They will not always be granted surgery, even when procedures might prevent permanent damage and death----because the latter WILL BE DESIRED if the patient is beyond his/her "productive years," or is disabled.

    Here's the cold cruel fact of life you're missing, Joe: the rich have ALWAYS been able to afford a healthier lifestyle and the best medical care. For the rich, that won't change WITH or WITHOUT Obama's health care plan: if they don't like their medical care here, they can afford to fly elsewhere and buy great care. They will also MOVE AWAY from America, if they keep getting taxed to death; it's already happening re. NY City.

    Joe, just face reality. Embracing conservatism would help you SEE that when taxes are low, poor people aren't further impoverished, and rich people buy more services, which lifts the economy. Poor people can also then find easier ways to lift themselves out of poverty, and pay for their own health insurance.

    I am sorry about your mother, Joe. I know how you feel; I need optimum care myself, and can't afford it. Whaddya MEAN, "you're young?" Many of the posters here are around my age: in our 50's. We are IN this situation your mother experienced, right now!

    I don't want to see all of America suffer. Our health care situation will be much, much worse under Obama's plan, and you will be SO SORRY for having supported it.

    August 12, 2009 9:18 AM

  83. P.S. Many Republicans back paying for insurance for the poor, or having them pay an extremely small amount, which is very compassionate.

  84. Sorry, Joe, that my questions for you were merely implied:
    - What do you think of these issues I'm addressing?
    - How would you have felt if your mother had only been granted a few DAYS in ICU, if that?

  85. MM,

    Right now I'm pressed for time, as I'm leaving to have dinner with my lovely nieces in Manhattan. For now, let me say that I did not respond to your last post partially because you totally misunderstood the fact that it was a quote from another blogger. Althougn I did appreciate your sentiments given the fact that you thought I was speaking about my mother, who in fact, did pass away 2 months ago from complications of emphysema.

    I will get back to you tomorrow sometime with my take on her death, as well on the points that you made.

  86. I am tired of the Dems squawking about "Republican scare tactics", when the Dems always using scare tactics (remember what they did to oppose Bush's attempt to reform Social Security? I remember, because they scared my parents into thinking that Bush was going to "take away" their Social Security!):

    Democrat Health Care Reform scare tactics:

    "The country has to reform its health care system now or we’re going see a continuing escalation of our budget problems that can’t get under control,”".

    "if we don’t pass this legislation now, our health insurance premiums will double over the next ten years."

    "14,000 people a day are losing their health insurance'"

    "Doctors perform unnecessary surgery because they will make more money."

    "This is about a health care system that is breaking America's families, breaking America's businesses, and breaking America's economy."

  87. Scare Tactics Translation:

    1. Gotta cut that Medicare funding -- now.

    [Comment: H.R. 3200 won't provide even one additional band aid until 2013. “… Y1 [year 1] … [means] 2013 … .” [Sec. 100 (c) (25)] [p. 14]
    *** Grace period for employment based health plans - “… after the end of [2017] … must meet the same requirements… .” [Sec. 102 (b) (1) (A)] [p. 1]

    The only reason to hurry is to sneak another one past the voters before they say, "Whoa, control freaks; that's going way too far."]

    2. We have no idea how much premiums will increase; "double" sounds scary, so, we used it.

    [Comment: And if we don't severely cripple our economy to reduce the amount of CO2 produced by human activity from 3% to 2.99%, we have 20 years left to live. Borrowed a play from the Environazi Handbook.]

    3. Just sounded good; hey, if you believe in human caused global warming, you'll swallow anything.

    [Comment: So.... in 100 days or so, all the insurance companies will close up shop because there will be no more "insureds" to pay them premiums. More hot air belched out of the propaganda machine.]

    4. "Letmebeclearnow, doctors are evil; government is good; trust me." Barry Soetoro.

    [Comment: Doctor wanna-be, Barry Soetoro, is so filled with envy at the average doctors' intelligence and academic achievements he overflows with slanderous venom.]

    5. Oh, what the heck, let's just tell a WHOPPER.

    [Comment: For every medical horror story, there are millions of successful results. Thousands of airplane flights take off and land safely every day. We hear about the bad outcomes, less <1% of total flights.

    CultofObamaMember: "Well, uuuh, ya know.... my brother died when he took that doctor's medicine."

    TWW: "I'm sorry to hear that. I suppose you'll look for another doctor next time you need care, huh?"

    C.O.M.: "Uuuh, no. I'll, uh, go see that guy dressed like a clown, standing on the corner over there. I'll drink what he's selling."

    TWW: "But he isn't a doctor."

    C.O.M.: "So? Politicians know lots of stuff. They know better than doctors."

    TWW: >.< "Arrrrrrrrrrgh! Why do all you libs sound like every 13-year-old I've ever met?!!!"

  88. Hi, Jamie.

    I'm tired of the Demonocrats squawking, too.

    They're like the ravens that caw and CAW AND CAAAAAWWWWW, CAAAAAAWWWWW, CAAAAAWWWWW!!! In the trees near my house. I just shut the window.

    Practical Tips for Coping with Libsquawk:

    1. Don't read posts of trolls.

    2. Press "MUTE" when they appear on TV.

    3. Pray God opens their minds to the truth and, in the meantime, shuts their obnoxious mouths.

    4. Pray as I do that God will destroy the careers of those who are chronically twisted in mind and deed and that God will destroy the persons of those who ARE wicked -- I leave it to God to decide who is who. Then......

    5. Laugh, pet the dog, whistle a happy tune, and say, "punditalyicious" [Prep. T.'s friend] as you go your way, thankful that you are not they.


  89. BNM -- thanks for telling me more about those Freedom concerts. They sound wonderful.


    MM -- the Sun! That's priceless. I was trying yesterday to come up with something big and grand that Dope would want named after him and gave up.

  90. Great post TWW and great advice. I already practice most of them. The hardest one to do is not read the posts of trolls (or respond to them).

    BTW, what will these global warming liberals do after they "save" the planet?

    Wait ... I don't think it will matter.

    Because if they put into practice some of what they really, really want to do to save it, the methods they used will have destroyed it:

    - Shooting sulfur into the air to reflect incoming solar radiation back to space (volcanoes do this naturally when they erupt).

    - Constructing a "sun shade" by creating an artificial ring of small particles or spacecraft that would block some of the sun's rays from hitting the Earth, thereby reducing heating.

    - Creating artificial "trees" — giant towers that suck carbon dioxide out of the air and store it.

    - Dumping iron into the ocean, to stimulate the growth of algae, in the hopes the blooms will act as a major carbon sink.

    - Injecting carbon dioxide into wet, porous rocks deep underground to store it there for thousands of years, a process known as carbon sequestration

    - Using free-floating or tethered pipes to increase the mixing of the ocean by moving nutrient-rich deep waters up to replace the more barren waters of the surface.

    Its called "geoengineering":

    Obama's Science Czar, John Holdren, is a big believer in using geoengineering:


    Holdren also believes in population control via sterilants added to our water supply, forced abortions, etc. Another peachy guy.

  91. Have you noticed that BO is using a new operative phrase?

    He has replaced




    I wonder just how many times he has said that in the last two townhalls?

    His aides have been busying with polling and focus groups again, so they could use the data to CHANGE the language and thus "shape the debate" on Health Care/Insurance reform. Maybe this is the CHANGE Obama always talks about.

  92. Yeah, Jamie----that's what I tried to post at 2:15 a.m. on Aug. 15: BO is trying to align himself with opponents, thus disarming their rage at him (he hopes). It's a trap full of crap.

    You all can keep ignoring trolls if you like, but if it's okay with you, I don't mind taking on Joe/Craniac/Hugeass. I figure, no one is beyond the reach of the Truth/ie. God, so I rarely give up on anyone (keep reading; it's not as arch as it sounds). I'm just grateful for the help God has given ME, a lost soul. Just slide on past our posts, okay?

    (I prayed for Jane Fonda for decades, knowing that passionate jerks make passionate believers, and she's coming around; keep praying for her re. abortion. Lots of people come around LAST on that issue, particularly if they've had abortions themselves.... Not that I'm saying SHE had one! I keep praying for Madonna and others, too.
    This is key:
    My prayers don't do the work; GOD does, I know. But God lets us participate in the work, which is moving to me.)

    Jo-oe! Try answering my questions, for once! (In a polite way, too: that would be the most provocative thing you could pull----hint, hint!)

    BTW, FOTS: I hit "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of the last email I received from the White House. So do I get to sue them if they keep sending them to me!? Or is there some dratted rule that we can't sue the WH?

    TOTUS, what gives with those emails!? Do you have any inside "dope" on them!?
    (No, not THAT dope; Not BO and not "SNOW!")

  93. Love that tweet about the Grand Canyon. Do you suppose BO will have someone in Congress submit a resolution to rename it to the "Grand Partisan Divide"? Or name it after the Messiah? (He had better hurry, Robert Byrd is running out of things to name after himself in his own state.)

  94. MM:
    "You all can keep ignoring trolls if you like..."

    It's a little hard to ignore the troll when TOTUS is on one of his weekend binges at the outlet, as Preptile put it. Besides, Joe is sort of like our own pet troll. He's had a lot of names, but now we know he lives in NY and goes out with relatives in Manhatten, I'm guessing his real name is Winfred, or perhaps Oliver.

    But we already knew him as an elitist, i.e., the little pats on the head when we amuse him - "Keep up the good work. I find your wishful spin to be quite cute." He meant "amusing", so I'm guessing Joe is self educated, but only just beyond high school, and he doesn't get much classic reading in between the job of trolling. Which can put an enormous strain on a person's mind and I have heard even causes insomnia in some devoted brands of the ilk, due to the fact that contentiousness causes mental disquiet, whereas a peaceful man of the Lord lays down, and his sleep is sweet.

    So if you wanted to pray, MM, for someone who needs it, you might pray for Joe's spouse. Because the kind of nastiness that leeches through his posts cannot possibly be condusive to a p[leasent relatoinship with the tender sex. In fact, I'll be he makes her buy her own goddamn flowers.

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. Hah! Good one. Although it is doubtful that our Joe has a spouse.

    Remember, Liberalism is a mental disease. Do you suppose its covered by the Obama Plan. Perhaps that is why he wants it so badly.

    I know, I know, all the Dems on the Sunday talk shows all made it a point to mention that "the President did not have his own plan, he left it up to us to come up with one". They don't want their golden goose to lose its sheen and popularity with the ignorant masses. But I'm afraid that the egg he laid is not the golden egg that they were expecting.

    Because it is cracked right now,
    and the yolk has been removed.

    All The One's asses,
    and all The One's Dems,
    couldn't put The One's egg
    back together again.

  97. I'd bet no spouse.

    He took the time to explain why he couldn't take the time to answer, yet he took time to correct MM...

    I think someone said earlier he sounds lonely;
    I can see why, but it's still sort of sad.

  98. Something I learned today about the House bill, in regard to our personal information:


    ‘‘(A) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary, upon written request from the Health Choices Commissioner or the head of a State-based health insurance exchange approved for operation under section 208 of the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, shall disclose to officers and employees of the Health Choices Administration or such State-based health insurance exchange, as the case may be, return information of any taxpayer whose income is relevant in determining any affordability credit described in subtitle C of title II of the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009. Such return information shall be limited to —

    (i) taxpayer identity information with respect to such taxpayer,

    (ii) the filing status of such taxpayer,

    (iii) the modified adjusted gross income of such taxpayer (as defined in section 59B(e)(5)),

    (iv) the number of dependents of the taxpayer,

    (v) such other information as is prescribed by the Secretary by regulation as might indicate whether the taxpayer is eligible for such affordability credits (and the amount thereof), and

    (vi) the taxable year with respect to which the preceding information relates or, if applicable, the fact that such information is not available.

  99. To me, Joe does not come across as lonely at all, but is a smug liberal who enjoys talking down to us little people out here in fly-over country. He assumes that he is more educated, and thus, more intelligent than any of us.

    Unfortunately for him, he is a legend only in his own mind.

    I would be willing to bet he was onle of those mean little boys who enjoyed catching flies (like his idol, The One), pulling off their wings, then watching them die.

  100. The ACLU explains government-run healthcare:


  101. COOL video. .......... Scary, too.

    Thanks for the link. I'll make sure lots of folks see it.

    And then I will dutifully report you to flag.com, AGAIN. I've sent quite a few reports on you already, young lady. (I'll earn one "carbon credit" when the number of reports exceeds 100! Thank you for helping me reach my goal.)

  102. S'okay, Jamie,

    Davie and I are practically pen pals by now. You're getting carbon credits? All they promised me was a free counseling session.

  103. Uh-oh. Was it 'end of life' counseling?


    I just wrote to Major Garrett on his blog (Row2Seat4). He is still trying to get straight answers from the WH (good luck with THAT) about those Axelrod emails and where they got the addresses. I wanted to ask him if anyone had looked into whether or not some kind of tracking cookie or malware was set to be downloaded when the emails were opened. It happens all the time - that's how major viruses and trojans are spread!

    I would not know how to do it, or I would try to figure it out myself.

  104. Hey, TOTUS, watch your back! From what we've learned today about Axelrod's spam, it looks like ESOTUS (E-mail Server of the United States) may be making a move on your territory. Also be careful that BBOTUS (Blackberry of the United States) may wind up bypassing you on TWOTUS (Twitter of the United States)!

  105. Yolks on us eh Jamie?
    Well there were good yolks here all week courtesy of Fotae polishing those paragraphs prior to pushing their postage buttons.
    Every regular here earned a T shirt last week for shouldering this literary load ,
    and doing a fine job of it too.Huesun indeed.
    Teleprompter meanwhile dabbles w that 220 line leaving him too drunk w power to type. That voltage is not mainline compatible and he knows it. He could burn circuits and his servers might just end their service.
    Having Marines nearby waiting to serve,as ever,is nice.
    Really tho, their service should not be as servers.
    Especially in that diner at the Whitehouse cafe.

    I am serious about those T shirts and can name a quick half dozen here helping kick this can down the road rhetorically,while Teleprompter is 'indisposed'.
    We should do this every month and name a monthly 'Commenteer in Chief'.
    Teleprompter wins the first month.
    He will just have to 'stand' up to collect it.

  106. Hmm.... You, Joe/craniac/Hugeass, don't seem married; perhaps you are divorced? You are too arrogant to be Happy-Marriage material----you know, too busy kissing the back of your own hand, to notice that someone else is in the room (or bed)? I'm just sayin.'

    You're a lot like your beloved, BO, too: you both imagine you're very intelligent. Yet you both split infinitives, and never use a possessive noun/pronoun prior to gerunds: hahdly Hahvahd.
    There's also the matter of your sanity----so to speak.
    Mostly, though, J/c/H, you just seem like a paid troll, in which case nothing about "you" is real here.
    At any rate, it's SUNDAY! Where's your response to my comments and questions, J/c/H? I hope you haven't ditched the challenge, as usual, showing up only when you want to snark away again.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

    Okay, Preptile, you're on! However, given the various ways we FOTS post, it's only fair that we create categories in our monthly "Commenteer Challenge."

    Possible categories:

    1. Most Esoteric (Tough to top Preptile.)

    2. Most Informative (Jamie: lock.)

    3. Snarkiest Troll (Joe "wins.")

    4. Cool Conservative Contacts (Sgt. Joe!)

    5. Sweetest FOT (Susan AND Truthwillwin.)

    6. FOT on Wry (BA + BNM!)

    Oh, btw, let's face it: TOTUS plays hooky as long as possible, because ~ why post, when the FOTS are so there for him?

    P.S. Jamie: the WH has actually asked for Congressional approval to allow the WH to place cookies in computers that access its website. Oddly enough, it's against the law for the WH to DELETE email addresses that contact the WH. (But that shouldn't lead the WH to think it's constitutional to SOLICIT information about BO's opponents!----because it isn't!)

  107. MM - Its not just the WH, they want ALL FEDERAL AGENCIES to be allowed to place tracking cookies on the computers of anyone who visits their websites. The placing of tracking cookies by FA's was prohibited during the Bush admin.

    The Obama admin has an expert on deleting emails. One of his czars did it while under an FOIA request. (I can't remember her name, though.) So I doubt that they will worry about whether or not it is legal, they will just do it and say "Oops!" and blame it on an uninformed/inexperienced staffer.

    And as for whether or not it is constitutional, since when has the current WH worried about whether or not something is allowed under the Constitution?

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  110. I thinks also, he refutes point by point all the "myths" about Obama's health care reform that nasty repubicans are spreading lies concerning, and he repeats them just like the president and everything the president said he says and well...it sounds sort of scripted, but I am not supposed to notice as I am a mental retard, about ten http://kizi2.co.uk/.


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