Monday, August 3, 2009

Let's Be Clear ... We're Broke

So I went down to the White House Mess for some lunch yesterday (I drew the short straw for Sunday "worship" this past weekend), and I was told that my meal account had been closed as of Friday.  How could this be, I asked the Naval staffer who was working the tables. After all, I pay my tab and cover my guests just like the rules state. But the waiter said for now we all have to brownbag it.

You see, the White House blew it's budget. We're broke, in the red, bone dry, without a penny to our name, nothing in the tank or the bank, Fitty Cent is a friend and our budget balance ... you get the drift. But never fear, we're doing what we can to make do.

You may have heard that we're now charging guests at the White House who eat with Big Guy. Toes takes the credit card numbers, and then rounds up the $29.99 we charge for the "Blue State Special" and hopes the guests don't notice the extra $1 million we're putting on their cards (the charge appears on the bill as "Hope Intl."). Lady M has been told under no circumstances will there be any more "date nights" outside of the contiguous lower 48. Bo has cut back on his Kobe beef intake to about a half-pound a day. And Big Guy is committed to only playing golf on government-owned golf courses until our budget is resolved in the next stimulus package. Because, as Big Guy has been saying, we all to make some sacrifices in these tough times.


  1. You've got to be kidding. It's the SHARING of meals that suggests conflict rather than the ceo's paying for the privilege. I'm much more concerned with the conflict of all the foreign money that poured in to finance his campaign.

  2. How much is a beer at the Whitehouse these days?
    I am sure Officer Crowley payed dearly for his.
    The others ,as federal employees and 'consultants' probably drank free.
    I am deeply disapointed that a " man on man " BBall game did not settle the tab,and all the particulars,at that meeting last week.
    An opportunity to return future elbows to the teeth without secret service interference
    might have been welcomed by officer Crowley,even outnumbered 3 to 1 as he was.
    In fairness they should allow Palin to play too,to even things up.
    While making that wee wager against the Uigers,one would bet on her to win.

    Is it true that red state specials are $100 more than blue state's?
    That hardly seems fair considering only the blue states get "stimulus" checks,and "change" back too.
    Red meat costs more than tofu sure,but red staters already support all the reds who keep requesting the waiter send the bill to our table.
    Naturally he would do so too,always happens.
    All those metroish / piratey, earringed types seem to stick together

  3. Maybe the President should moonlight in the cafeteria.

  4. I think they could save money by serving the veggies grown in MO's White House Vegetable garden. Of course, the safety of eating those vegetables is in question, seeing as how they were watered and fertilized with sewage sludge containing lead.

    But it would fit right in to implementation of Agenda 21 and depopulation....

    Agenda 21 is some scary stuff - If anything, watch the first video (Agenda 21 for
    Dummies). Ever heard of the "Earth Summit" - I've seen articles talking about
    President Bush 41 and Clinton attending these summits before.

    > Agenda 21 For Dummies
    > Obama & the Agenda 21 Implementation
    > December 21, 2009 Depopulation by Food Will Begin

  5. I think everyone in the White House should just eat the dishes. Didn't Nancy Pelosi long ago make them all out of biodegradable, organic material that dissolves on contact with saliva? Think Green!

  6. Oh, it's OK...don't panic. Mo and the kids got their extra time hanging around Europe, so the European vacation was accomplished. Big Guy and MoBo were the toasts of Broadway already. It's August...they can get away for the holidays now after ''working'' so hard for a couple of months...

    Wonder how long it is until the populace REALLY figures out the taxes to come and make the whole administration toast...

  7. After what I just read about Agenda 21 combined with what I've learned about some of Obama's czars (in particular, Science Czar JOhn Holdren) and the way that the proposed Health Care Reform plans to treat the elderly, perhaps we should instead think of SOYLENT Green.

    Soylent Green

    Obama's Biggest Radical

  8. === Wonder how long it is until the populace REALLY figures out the taxes to come and make the whole administration toast... ===

    Oh, I think they are about to figure it out. Obama had two of his economic team (Geithner and Summers) out on the Sunday News circuit softening the blow ....

    Geithner appeared on ABC's "This Week." Summers appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press" and CBS's "Face the Nation."

    === Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council Director Larry Summers both sidestepped questions on Obama's intentions about taxes. Geithner said the White House was not ready to rule out a tax hike to lower the federal deficit; Summers said Obama's proposed health care overhaul needs funding from somewhere. ===

    source -

    Obama going to use the Bill Clinton strategy of saying "I am so sorry, but I am going to be forced to raise taxes" ploy sooner than I expected him to.

  9. Of course, when B.O. does raise taxes, he's going to say, "But if I wasn't doing such a great job, I would have had to raise them even more, so you should be thanking me." And, of course, millions of zombies will STILL drink the koolaid.

  10. Here in Michigan, Governor Granholm has found a meal ticket to balance our budget.
    ”hint: it involves abandoned prisons and Halal meals

    I don't think it would work so well for the Big Guy though.

  11. TOTUS:
    Oh! How terrible! The poor government dears! I think I'll send a box of cake mix to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That should help tide everyone over until they can print more bread.

  12. TOTUS: I am very proud to see Big Guy making sacrifices and that you and others are taking the bullet by "brown bagging" it.

    Big Guy can now work on his golf swing at Federal golf courses....or does this include municipal and state owned coursed also?

    I know here in Utah we have a sweet course at Jeremy Ranch, but I think it is private. However, I am within 15 miles of a Provo, Utah owned East Bay Golf Course.

    Maybe Big Guy can come and golf with some of our Republican legislators and call it a "Golf Summit" and "bipartisan divets". I mean Utah's current Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. will soon be Big Guy's ambassador to China, and GJHJ before he leaves could issue a Utah Executive Order giving Big Guy a "fair" handicap.

    If Senators Hatch and Bennett are off work for the rest of the summer, why not include them as well. Blue Dog Jim aka Rep. Jim Matheson could also golf with Big Guy and "show him the old 'Mormon Hole in One'" as it is a trademark secret here in Utah.

    TOTUS I think you should also golf, should Big Guy, need some words for a quick apology in case he f-bombs here.

    We are a PG-13 state at the max TOTUS so you got to keep most of his swearing to "hells" and "damns."

    Lady M could shop in Park City, and head down to Sundance down the road to meet Robert Redford. He is a big supporter of BO. You can also bring Joey B and Toes so they can get liquored up at the many bars in Park City. Not many bars in Provo.

    So come to the Beehive State. You can learn how our legislators keep getting great gifts and get around the gift law.

    I mean though we didn't vote for you in droves, put that aside, and enjoy the greens of our golf courses.

    Even a Teleprompter deserves a golf holiday with Big Guy and a bipartisan Utah delegation. You could learn how to score with Big Jon's Teleprompter. Another Utah secret.

  13. I think Obama needs to auction off the czars so he is able to pay for his own food. Or maybe Obama just needs to give a government bailout to both him and TOTUS?

  14. TOTUS, I feel so bad for you. Big Guy, the heartless dodo hue is, could care less that you must fend for yourself. Big Guy should kiss the wire that plugs you in. How else could he sound so friendly, and manuipulative. I'd go on a hunger strike.

  15. Hey TOTUS, is the White House Mess where you guys eat? Or where you guys make policy for the rest of the country...I'm confused....

  16. Bo has to cut Kobe intake? This is a crisis not to be missed. Call PETA. They will have a veggie solution. Bo will hate it.
    Hey, we all have to sacrifice...

  17. Poor TOTUS, and you're already as thin as a promise, and an Obama promise at that.

  18. I hear crow is delicious and cheap these days.

  19. Betty Ann wins the kewpie doll for cleverest comment of the morning.
    As if her life were not sweet enough already,camping w a shiny new lab puppy and all.
    OT,BTW,BA,make him stare at your eyes.If he stares at the tennis ball,all is lost.

    Someday on a dead thread I will tell a tale on my ex 120 lb lap lab.
    He understood more than I could understand.

    He would not understand a bill for kibble after a play date w Fidotus.

    Nor would diplomats be as understanding if at State dinners they had to
    pony up for Crowned Rack of Lamb,and all those Iced Tea refills.
    They have already payed for that rack they are escorting.
    We have an entire Corps of Marines waiting to serve,altho not as waiters
    They do look great in those dress blues,almost like Maitre'ds.(Semper Fi guys)
    Couldn't your servers cook up a more appropriate form of service for them?
    This whole "diner" idea seems half baked to me.

  20. Kudos on YOUR wit, preptile, cleverest as usual.

    The puppy is shih-poo, big dog is a golden lab.

    We always look each other in the eyes. He is (sorry hubby) a fine soul mate. We argue regularly; he wins usually, due to a streak of unapologetic bossiness.

  21. Is there anything on this planet more annoying than a President who keeps saying, 'Let's be clear' when he never is?

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  23. totus - hate to be o.t., but how's the little fellow feeling about this - i see they even went so far as to doll you up in one!

  24. chris - i heard "clear" is this potus' favorite color?

  25. TOTUS, add more zeros to each guests' bill:
    national debt, gone in no time.

    Make that cake mix Devil's Food.

    Great links, Sgt. Joe! Bob Parks is wise; appropriate use of Bach's ornamentation of "Wachet Auf," with the snooty Obama dinner-plate set on "The Left Kind of President:"

    "Wake, awake, the night is flying,
    The watchmen on the heights are crying,
    'Awake, Jerusalem, at last!'"

  26. nanc:
    What a link. I read some articles. Obama's choice of Mary Robinson should be no surprise because his thinking is so incredibly warped.

    It would not be surprising either if he thought to give Kim Jong Il some sort of prize to prove how good intentioned the US is, to prove those other bad Americans just didn't understand. Like the flakey, twisted child psychologist who believes the rotten brat who screams, kicks, steals and berates just needs understanding instead of a good ass whipping and chores, The Obamination cannot help constantly apologizing to global brats for how down right mean and aggressive the US really has been. Until he, the Messiah, arrived on the scene.

    I want an Obama joker tee shirt!!

  27. AHAHAHA!!!

    The Obmaniacs are calling the Joker Image of their beloved Savior "mean spirited"! Among other whinny things.

    What a pathetic bunch of infants.

    Now I NEED that tee shirt.

  28. Happy 48th birthday to the Fraud From Abroad.

    I wonder if he ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

    My guess he may not have danced with the devil but he sure as hell has made some deals with him.

    Guests for the White House Birthday Bash better make sure their credit cards can handle whatever Kenya's native son has on the menu. It could get pricey!

    Betty Ann,

    I think we are going to need a T-Shirt Launcher. The Joker T-Shirt is going to be the desired attire for the 9/12 Tea Party.

    Stand up and be counted!

  29. Humph. They always make them just for men. I'm looking and looking - no tank tops, no ladies shaped tees. God did not make me look like a box, thank you very much.

  30. Found it. CafePress, right under my nose. I know just the coffee shop to wear it in :)

  31. Yeah, ever since Bruno and Big Sonny started hanging around, between those two and Big Mo, they've decimated the the Donkey Barn's food expenses.

    Sonny eats a whole pig every time he waddles into the dining room (and makes it a mess - :D).

    Bruno is big on turkey pot pies. Could eat 20 or 30 of 'em at a sitting. And that's just for "starters."

    Big Mo? Looooves deep fried ice cream and bacon and hot dogs and spaghetti and macaroni and cheese and cake and pie and pudding and ...

    Big Mo: Give me some of that, too. What is that?

    Server: Uh, ma'am, that is the play dough your daughter requested. Servant John just set it down there on h --

    Big Mo: Hand it over. I'll have that, too. That girl doesn't need more play dough. She can play with mud.

  32. [Prep. T.] "... my ex 120 lb lap lab ... would not understand a bill for kibble after a play date w Fidotus."

    So, the ex got the dog, too, huh? Bummer. Sounds like he was a first class friend. I suppose you said something like, "You can take anything, just don't take the dog ---."

    If it doesn't bum you out too much, my German Shepherds (also lap dogs) are eager to hear about your furry friend. Did he like to hunt? LOVED plunging into the water to retrieve sticks (the bigger the better - more "important"), I'll bet.


    Charging guests for their meals.

    Hmmm, for review... here are just a few others (with so much HYPE and propaganda attempting to whitewash Dope & Co., it's good to toss a bucket of good old acidic truth on once in awhile to expose their true colors):

    #2 Big Mo's inappropraite, look-at-me, inaugural attire

    #10 Giving Prime Minister of G.B. a sackful of videos.

    #15 Hugging the Queen of England.

    #16 Giving the Queen an ipod.

    #29 Bowing to King Saud.

    #44 Not attending ANY regular worship (of God) services.

    #47 Using Air Force One for a joyride to terrorize lower Manhattan.

    #56 Big Mo's yellow dress w/green daisy deodorizing stick-up

    #190 Stupidly saying that the Cambridge police acted "stupidly"

    #192 Wearing rolled up shirt sleeves to use (a.k.a. "host") two guests, one of whom Dope owed an apology.

    #193 Inviting Jobiden to that little dog and pony show.

  34. RE: #190 -- D'oh! did that one without trying.

  35. [Shovel Ready!] "the Fraud from Abroad" {:))



    No matter how you say it, no matter how much the Cult of 0 shouts otherwise, Barack Hussein Obama is an imposter. THE BURDEN OF PROOF is on him to prove he is a natural born U.S. citizen. He has never done this.

    National Review's pitifully whining (paraphrased): "We trust Joe Miller of and his birth certificate photograph; you should trust us," is pathetic.

    Sounds like Dan Rather saying, "I trust Bill Burkett; you should trust me."
    [re: falsified records re: George W. Bush]

  36. The ipod that BO gave the Queen wasn't just any old ipod - it was pre-programmed with his speeches. That is BEYOND tacky and tasteless, it is unadulterated narciscistic arrogance.

    If you guys are wondering why Congress doesn't seem to know what is in those 1000+ page bills they've been voting on, its because they had little to no part in writing the legislation themselves. They farmed it out to the "Apollo Alliance". (The Apollo Alliance is linked to the Tides Foundation and the Tides Center.)

    The Apollo Alliance had their hands in the writing of the "stimulus" bill and, it is thought, the Cap & Trade bill. And I don't doubt that they have had major input into the writing of the Health Care "reform" legislation as well.

    The lazy sob's in Congress rely on being provided with a summary list (i.e. "cheat sheet", talking points) of items supposedly contained in the bills, so that they can talk about them. They don't have a CLUE as to what is actually written in them.

    BTW, over the last two years, I have come to the conclusion that to very biased towards the liberals/Democrats, etc. Every once in a while they will "report" that something coming from the Repubs/Conservatives is factual, but its only when they can't spin/twist it any other way.

  37. Cash for Clunkers - Obamacare Edition

  38. TruthWillWin said...

    "THE BURDEN OF PROOF is on him to prove he is a natural born U.S. citizen. He has never done this."

    President Obama has satisfied the burden of proof that he is a United States least in the eyes of everyone who isn't a complete and utter whack-job.

    The fact that you're decrying an editorial position written in the National Review as too sympathetic to President Obama makes it pretty clear what side of sanity you stand on.

  39. Good info., Jamie. "Cheat sheet" and "Congress" go together like.... love and .....a horse and pork and beans! :D

    Yes, indeed, the icing on the cake of the ipod was its "unadulterated narciscistic arrogan[t]" contents.

    BTW, how's little Yorkie? As darling as ever, I'm sure.

  40. [Jamie] "Cash for Clunkers - Obamacare Edition"

    LOL. We have a clunker of a "president." Sure wish we could trade him in.

  41. American Thinker has a post about the latest request posted over on

    === Now on the White House website posted by Macon Phillips comes an eerily similar request for citizens to inform on their neighbors. It states,

    "There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to the end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can't keep track of all of them here at the White House, we're asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to"

    Read this again carefully. The government of the United States is openly asking citizens to report rumors, the contents of casual conversation, and the contents of emails. They decry the fact that they are unable to "keep track" of the communication between citizens effectively and are asking for help from informers. Of course forwarded emails would contain the electronic addresses of the sender. ===

    Macon Phillips is the White House Director of New Media with oversight responsibility for

  42. As to the Obama Joker poster - the libs didn't seem to think it outragious when Vanity Fair online protrayed Pres Bush as the Joker last July.

    === According to a television station where the posters have been spotted, "Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson is calling the depiction, politically mean spirited and dangerous."

    Yet, when Vanity Fair's Politics & Power blog published a somewhat similar visual representation of George W. Bush last July, nobody seemed to complain. In fact, throughout the Bush years, demeaning drawings of the President and Vice President Dick Cheney were quite commonplace.===

  43. Here troll, some reading material for you:

  44. TOTUS: I hate to disagree, but we must not be totally broke. We can still give old ladies cupcakes on their birthdays. I wonder if they’ll get pain killers in their cupcakes under Obamacare ?

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. jamie, you give me even better reason to be proud to wear my new Obama Joker tee shirt if the libs first depicted such of GW.

  47. And even if you're right (as in correct, not ... you know), who says you can’t be bankrupt & live large?

  48. I want an Obama Joker tee shirt. Now that the wh is asking people to turn in Americans who disagree with Obama, will our t-shirts be reason to send us to (Oh-no..Biden's Bunker)- we'd never survive.

  49. The depiction of Obama as the Joker is nothing compared to how "The Nation" magazine depicted George W Bush on its back cover in 2004.

    There was very little mention of this in the msm at the time.

  50. Jamie said...

    "Here troll, some reading material for you:"

    Yawn. Unsubstantiated drivel. That news source makes Fox News seem reputable by comparison.

  51. Hey TOTUS - you need to talk to BG. It appears that Congress has plenty 'o money. BG needs to get Fancy Nancy up to the WH and tell her to pony up some money.

    === Last year, lawmakers excoriated the CEOs of the Big Three automakers for traveling to Washington, D.C., by private jet to attend a hearing about a possible bailout of their companies.

    But apparently Congress is not philosophically averse to private air travel: At the end of July, the House approved nearly $200 million for the Air Force to buy three elite Gulfstream jets for ferrying top government officials and Members of Congress.

    The Air Force had asked for one Gulfstream 550 jet (price tag: about $65 million) as part of an ongoing upgrade of its passenger air service.

    But the House Appropriations Committee, at its own initiative, added to the 2010 Defense appropriations bill another $132 million for two more airplanes and specified that they be assigned to the D.C.-area units that carry Members of Congress, military brass and top government officials. ===


  52. TOTUS, Dear, how was Indiana? Missing you, mucho, but I know HE keeps you busy, what with public appearances several times a day requiring your presence.

    Wish HE'D take a few hours off for FOTUS' sake. I need to be uplifted after hearing how angry I am by Linda Douglass.

  53. Susan:
    So that's who I wrote to and called a fucking moron? Huh.

    In The Oh Mighty Holy Chosen One's speeh on the WH site, when he was talking to AARP? Is it true what they say about blinking and lying through your teeth? Because in that video our Messiah who is like unto God just blinks and blinks and blinks...or has he got something in his eye? Like maybe some egg?


    I forgot to put in the link.

  55. Obama Plans SSummer Camps to Help Americans Concentrate on the Benefits of Gov't Health Care Reform

    What started out as a simple snitch email ( has REALLY taken America by SStorm! Click in now for your chance to join the Obama Youth Corps and show dissidents the TRUTH about his über-awesome Health Care Plan!

    Come on ride the train, Hey ride it - Woo Woo!!!

  56. Oh, you people are just part of the 47% of people who just don't know what's good for them! Just ask Andrea Mitchell:

    You astro-turf, screaming, rabble-rousing MOB! How dare you question what Obama is wanting to do to our Health Care System! Babs Boxer says that you are just out to hurt our president.

    Shame on you!

    And you need to listen to this gentleman as he tells it like it is (be sure to listen all the way through for a surprise ending):

  57. Dewey said, "I wonder if they’ll get pain killers in their cupcakes under Obamacare?"

    Hmmm... those sprinkles smelled vaguely of almonds...

  58. Helen Thomas looks tough enough to survive any attempt to do her in by putting strange substances in the cupcakes. What you would call a "tough old bird".

  59. This deck calls Helen Thomas, "MEDIA."


    I sent this deck to one of my best friends last June. Our favorites are RADIO and GLASS CEILING (you betcha!) ---- and our least favorite (but the names are terrific) are EDUCATION (gulp) and GROPE (yecchh).

    No, I haven't yet found time to learn how to "tiny" URLs. I promise I will, Joe and Jamie.)

  60. TOTUS:
    I see our "fashion icon", the lovely and gracious and progressive and devoted and feminine and beautiful and gorgeous and always tastfully attired Frist Wookie has finally, THANK YOU JESUS, cut her gnarly hair into something quite similar to a good hair cut. It even shines. She's taking vitamins now, isn't she? Any chance of every magazine on the globe sporting a silhouette of her new do so that we can all copy it, she being the most beautiful and tastefully dressed and coiffed woman in the world.

  61. it's the sixth - totus hasn't posted in three days...sure hope no one turned him in to the fishy czar...

  62. Obama debunks birther conspiracy not a vampire either.

  63. You know -- I had little problem with the ever-so-slight possibility that someone from the Bush administration might listen in on my phone calls or even peek in on email for the sake of anti-terrorism. But I have a BIG issue with:
    the possibility of being stopped by law enforcement in the event a prolife bumpersticker on my car might make me a suspect of terrorism;
    the possibility that a "friend" who might see some of my opinions sent through email denouncing health "care" takeover, or any other disagreement with Obama, might "flag" that email to the white house (for my "re-education" no doubt);
    the possibility that the electric meters in my home would need to be replaced so the government (on any level) can decide how much energy I may use;
    that I will be forced to use light bulbs in my home that contain mercury (and when they burn out, they literally BURN, as well as let off a terrible odor)(this happened to me with a compact fluorescent bulb in the BR while I was taking a shower);
    that the administration gets by with lying -- repeatedly -- repeatedly;
    that the department of "justice" gets by with "leaning on" prosecutors to let the new black panther party off the hook when the members intimidate prospective voters (but the [Dem.] secretary(ie)s of state -- at least in Missouri -- will NOT allow a perfectly reasonable photo voter ID card).

    Oh, gosh. I could go on. I went on more than intended. It would not surprise me at all if TOTUS sometime does disappear -- simply because of the reality brought out through his remarks on this blog.

    God Bless conservatives and God Bless these United States.

  64. TOTUS?? Ou est vous? TOTUS, TOTUS?

    (aero - ditto to all you said and I am especially p'ssd off about the justice dept and the voter intimidation thingy.)

  65. OMG- TOTUS how did you post word was 'prowine'?

  66. I was never worried anyone would check in on my mails, etc, under Bush. Because I would be a waste of time, that's why. Besides, when I use my google mail it spies on me anyway - subjects key worded to my mail suggest vendors.

    The Black Panther intimidation issue and subsequent pardon of the guilty is perhaps the most troublesome. Imagine a bunch of whities doing the same thing. Imagine a supposed "private group" , like neo-nazi's doing that in a black neighborhood and brandishing sticks and calling names.

    But I think Ann Coulter is right - show me a racist incident of white on black that is not a hoax. At the same time there are innumerable instances of black on white racism, many times violent, always vocal - and that's A-Okay in today's America. The president may even have you over to the WH for a beer.

    Lots of whites supported civil rights in the sixties and marched against racism. I wonder how many blacks would march with whites against Presidentially sanctioned racism.

  67. My dreams of a real White House dinner have been crushed.
    I cannot afford the going rates for conservatives.
    Would that I were able to.
    An overnite at the Lincoln room notel bed and breakfast,Clinton style,would be sublime.
    Lincoln log style wood would have been noted by that escort that I would not be able to afford to entertain.

    Remember Toddle House restaurants?
    Next there will be little White House restaurants coast to coast instead.
    Only serving gruel tho.NO seconds.
    Look for the lines outside the door.
    Need work ?
    Talk to them about careers in gruel management.

    One hoped your servers would lead us in a better direction than this TP.
    We would serve slop to serve the country ?
    Ask not what you can do indeed.
    Spoons instead of guns tho,that should bring peace and 'prosperity' back.
    Someone make sure all those (ex) jihadis fighting in greater overseas contingency operations w those'unaligned forces' get the memo.A real bloodbath could develop if they kept fighting after we quit.

    OT,TWW,truth be told no stick was too large,and no pond too frozen to dissuade my dog's exuberance.
    A 55 pound creosote fence post was once fetched,as was a 12 foot uprooted sapling.
    When informed it was the "wrong stick",he would find the right one.
    The one that smelled like me.
    He died in 1983.I miss him still.
    My very best dreams include him.
    They always will.

  68. Oh Preptile! That brought big tears to me eyes! I'm going to go hug my dog!

  69. I'm dog-sitting my grand-dog (my son's dog) this week. He and my little Yorkie have been romping and ripping all week. Right now they are happily chewing on their after-dinner rawhide treats.

    I've lost two dogs to old age in the last two years. Don't tell Obama, but I think I spent more on them for their end-of-life care than he wants to allow us to spend on our elderly relatives under ObummerCare!

  70. You state "...under no circumstances will there be any more 'date nights' outside of the contiguous lower 48."

    Didn't you mean the "lower 57"?

  71. TOTUS,
    Are you working the eulogy Saturday or is Big Guy going with notes? If you're on duty try to work in a Mary-Jo reference.

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