Friday, August 21, 2009


Apparently Toes left for vacation to Florida a day early. Big Guy, Lady M and I are headed to Martha's Vineyard after an overnight at Camp David. I'm really looking forward to this; it's been a while since I got a chance to serve as Big Guy's sunscreen, and we need some guy time.

This has been a tough summer, what with all the plots, counter-plots, backbiting, conspiracy theories, surreptitious email monitoring, and FBI surveillances, and that's just to figure out what the hell Hillary Clinton's been doing for the past three months.

Big Guy kind of wee-weed on the idea earlier today, but he'll definitely be seeing Sen. Ted Kennedy while we're on Martha's Vineyard. We've had this Medal of Freedom laying around gathering dust and we have to get rid of it. Which is what Gibbsy says one of Big O's death panels would probably say about Teddy right about now.

Check back in on Monday, I got outfitted with nifty wi-fi, so I'll be blogging from the beach!


  1. man, clem an the boys ain't a gonna believe this, hell i don't even have no skeurity clearance for this here such, sorry i didn't vote for you but i think bess might have.

  2. [TOTUS] "... what Gibbsy says one of Big O's death panels would probably say about Teddy right about now." ---

    ..... is........ that as soon as they have a lock on a socialist replacement for Ted, the "value" and "comparative effectiveness" of further treating him as a human being and, thus, giving him medical treatment, would be OVER.

    T.K.: I say, H.B.A.C. (Health Benefits Advisory Committee est. by H.R. 3200 at Sec. 123 (a) (1)] [p. 30]), would you please issue me a few more of those pink pills for pain?

    HBAC: Sorry. Request denied. DON'T try again. Pink pain pills cost too much. Try home remedies. Your health coverage has been terminated due to cost efficiency analysis parameters.

    TK: Oh. Hmmm. Oh, well. Maggie? Bring me my 'medicine,' Dr. Johnny Walker will ease the pain. Love this socialized medicine.

  3. Hey! Plain Ole Bob! Where you been, boy? Tell Bess, "Howdy," an' give your brother a friendly shuv fer me.

    Tarheeuhls Weeuhl Weeuhn

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  5. OOPs bad typo

    I hope that Bill doesn't wee wee too much on know for Barry's sake...

  6. Deuhr Trooth Weeuhl Weeuhn and Therealbobthought,
    Yew arrh a SCREEuhmm!

    Hey, TWW! I loved your plays on the previous thread----but you know I wouldn't just drive by BO and JoeyB, yelling about praying! HA! I'd have pulled over and forced them to read those documents Jamie had just handed them, re. their low IQ, then I would have stopped traffic and started a demonstration against the stupid DeathCare program on the spot! (Been doing that for 40+ years!)

    Lord, I was only gone two days, yet so much has happened! ACK! WHAT is with the liberals' declaring that Jesus would have us vote for Obama's "healthcare" plan!? NO WAY! Jesus would have expected people to help each other out, without being FORCED to do so by a government program that will tank our economy completely and jerk us into a socialistic system. In other words, God gives us free will, and expects our government to allow the same----not take it away from us by force,

    And who can believe that BO used such an INFANTILE expression, "Wee weeing!?" Doing so diminished himself and by extension the entire presidency! HOW EMBARRASSING! Do you realize what the MSM and libs would have made of that comment, if it had been delivered by GW Bush!? They'd have insisted upon impeachment!

    Sigh.... Two short days, but it was worth it. The mountains were SO beautiful. I watched "the dawn's early light" breaking across the valley, and wished every American could be there to relax, catch the scent of the pure mountain air and fragrant pines, and watch the tiny black squirrels scurry everywhere, looking for food, any food, somewhere, quick! Winter is coming soon.

    All the way down the canyon, we listened to such shocking news! Our nation has suddenly experienced economic recovery!
    Cars are selling!----at least until Sunday's "Cash for Clunkers" ends.
    Housing sales are up!----although most of them involve short sales and foreclosures, but who's quibbling?
    (Um.... ignore the sellers, who face years of debt----and ignore the public, who will be hosed for the shortfall....)

    Ah well, heigh ho, heigh ho, back to work we go.

    And yes, FOTS, it's perfectly understandable to hear a creepy voice (just like that of former S. Dakota Sen. Daschle!) hissing, "Did God really say....?" (Jewish Publication Society's translation) Evil are his plots, but determined are his opponents!

  7. Well, I'm sure that BO will wee-wee all over the place. As for BO the dog, I hope he is house trained by now. At $35,000 a week for the place, he had better be. Wonder what the pet deposit cost them. $5,000? chump change

    Gee, the firt family has been on vacation all summer long. Paris, London, the Grand Canyon. Now a 10-day visit to the sea shore.

    Must be nice.

    They spend three months on vacation while thousands of people wonder if their home will be foreclosed on next week. Vacation? What is that?

    All the media wants to do is blather about Me-chelle's wearing of shorts while in Arizona. Are they too short? Are they appropriate? WHO CARES!

    The deficit is now forecast to be NINE trillion, two trillion more than first forecast.

  8. The firt family?

    I meant to say FIRST family, of course..... or
    was it maybe FART family?
    DIRT family?
    FAT family? (no, just one is fat)

    darn, now I don't know what I meant.

  9. Yeah, AV, good one.

    If anyone disses Martha too much for her obstruction of justice conviction in the insider trading trial....... someone might look a little more closely at the Soros-Petrobas-Obama insider trading scandal [as Betty Ann mentioned on previous post].

  10. BO wants to put a farmer's market in front of the White House and sell the lead-laced vegetables grown in the WH garden. He said it could give the city of Washington, D.C., "more access to good, fresh food, but it also is this enormous potential revenue-maker for local farmers in the area."

    "Let them eat arugula!"

  11. That certainly is a load of manure, Jamie. (head shake) Diss the local grocery stores whose produce (if there is enough COMPETITION) is no doubt just fine in order to promote orggggaaaanic.

    There is NO bio-chemical difference, hence, no nutritional difference between orgggaaanic and non-organically fertilized crops. None. If the organic tastes better, it is because, coming straight from the grower to you, it may be fresher.

    It costs more than the average D.C. resident's budget can afford.

    It's like opening another expensive private school. Only the bureaucrats who commute to D.C. to work can afford to pay the tuition.

    Just another "sit down at the table and have a beer" publicity stunt.

    Fertilized with donkey dung.

  12. I also heard that Obama decided to include tort reform in the Caskets for Clunkers program. Ooops! Not THAT kind of tort!

  13. Caskets for Clunkers -- LOL, good ol' Rush again; along with the insanely hysterical "American Lie" Rush has played all week.


    yeah, I listen to Rush; whaddaya gonna do about it, donkey a$$wipes????

  14. Wise doctor on Fox News: "The notion that we can expand services and cut costs is absurd."

    Garsh, din't he larn 'rithmatick!? Tha-ree trillyun plus se'bn trillyun eekwulls WON!

  15. Ah, I just had a chance to read last night's posts (when I saw today's new post I came straight here). TWW you are the MAN! Your latest skit was so funny. Hey, I liked it that our GANG (FOTUS) each had a part. I laughed myself silly just now. I laughed till I cried.

    OH, and btw, the WH has explained the wee-wee'd comment. And the explanation is as moronic and juvenile as BO's statement.

    note to Susan: I loved that doggie video. I got it in an email the day before and watched it several times. that is one smart doggie!

    TWW - Heck, I'm still laughing. You need to start your own blog. "The FOTUS Chronicles"

  16. This sign says it all:

    We this on billboards all over the country!

  17. Bwa-ha-ha! I keep picturing Preptile shooting peas at Obama!

  18. I just watched this video about demographics:

    I'm not laughing anymore. It sobered me up really fast.

    By the time I'm 85 (my mom's age) Europe will be predominantly Muslim.

  19. There will be WW IV, the U.S.A. against Everyone Else.

    God vs. Allah

    God wins; not The Won.

  20. The way that video indicates, if not for the hispanics, the U.S. would be toast.

    My son-in-law is in the military, so my daughter and her family live on a military base (at least they did before he was stationed in Italy). Anyway, one thing I noticed when visiting them on the base - military families have lots of children! It was encouraging to see so many children in the neighborhoods on base.

    I guess Obama is setting up for the coming of the Muslim horde. He wants our country to be a third-world country so they will feel right at home.

    Obama bowed down to them and dissed America in speeches to them and then he expected Libya to actually listen to him about that damn terrorist that Scotland released? What a fool he is.

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  22. TOTUS - don't forget to add "muck monster" to the cast of characters.

    I just realized what Toes is doing in Florida. He is using some of the remaining stimulus money to buy up those condos that are going for half price.

    He is preparing for the 2012 election. All of the Acorn folks posing as Florida residents will need some place to claim as an address so they can vote.

    Maybe that's why they wanted the housing market to collapse - so they can buy up real estate in every state to have valid addresses for all the fake voters in 2012.

  23. TOTUS,

    Get some good windsurfing in. Make sure that you have someone tie you down to the surf board so that you don't go overboard. When you catch some air use your onboard camera to take some photos of you airborne.

    TOTUS to the skies would be much more pleasurable to watch than Big Guy's jumbo jet doing low flys over New York given the 2001 event.

    Be sure that you enclose your vital electronics from the corosive elements of salt water.

    With that hurricane heading toward Canada you should be able to catch some good waves and air.

    One last favor. If the Coast Guard is going out on hurricane patrol maybe you could get dropped into the storm and snap some photos in the name of science.

    The science czar would be jealous that you got the storm chasing photos and he was left out in the climate change cold.

    Happy holiday TOTUS!

  24. TOTUS takes time off and the Big Guy is lost. Without you he comes off as, to be blunt, an unfunny version of Biden.

  25. Ken! LOL. So true.

    And, Biden, that dull tool, is always quite blunt, to wit in speaking about B.O. the day TP blew over in the wind, ....

    "[Without his teleprompter] what WILL he do?"

  26. [David]"Big Guy's jumbo jet doing low flys over New York" [was despicable and epitomizes that Marxist Muslim's entire imposter presidency for it said one thing and one thing only: "I hate America."]

    [David] "climate change cold" -- nice one. Those Chicken Little members of the Cult of Environmentalism are screaming, "Help! Help! Another ice age! Hand over all control to the government!" one minute and..........

    "Help! Help! The earth is burning up! Hand over all control to the government!" the next.

    We simply MUST not let THOSE "chickens [come] home...... TO ROOST."

  27. Hi, Jamie. I am so pleased that you were entertained by my attempt at a "day in the life of." I couldn't do any of that kind of stuff without the inspiration of all of the FOTs' witty and or informative remarks. A team effort, for sure.

    Yes, indeed, where would we be without Prep. T. and his "P's?" :D

    THAT SIGN RE: "CHANGE" WAS SPLENDID! Thanks for sharing.

    How is your son-in-law (and daughter) in the military? I'm still praying for him and for several other servicemen and women mentioned on this blog.

    SHOUT OUT to:

    ImageRemix -- How's your son?
    Janice -- How's your son?
    Betty Ann -- How are your niece, nephew, and stepdaughter (last two planning to enter soon, I think)?
    Melena [Sob] -- In case you might read this... hope your son's heart condition is A-OK and all is well with him.

  28. David and TWW: you are SO right that the liberals/Dems/progressives can't make up their minds which way to freak out about the weather. 'Way back in the 70's, they were CERTAIN that we were heading into an Ice Age. Somewhere in the '80's, suddenly it all reversed. You're right: they're just like Chicken Little, TWW!

    Well, I noticed something new tonight: in his monologue, David Letterman (NOT my fave-rave "comedian!") actually dissed BOTH Sarah Palin (only by allusion, there) and BO! I think this might have been a rerun, but still, you know people are starting to see the light about BO and his problems, when even liberal Letterman starts ragging on him!

    I'm just sick about how Scotland released that Lockerbie MURDERER to Libya, where he received a hero's welcome. It's horrible! John Bolton said it looks as though Britain's Prime Minister was involved in freeing the jerk. WHAT GIVES with THAT!? "Compassionate Grounds," my eye: it's all a business deal.

    And 189 Americans were among those who were killed. It's outrageous that all the White House did was issue a weinie statement!

    Okay, FOTS, here's my concern:

    If the USA is hit again by terrorists, do you think the same unity will coalesce in America again, as it did at 9-11? Will Obama try to use it politically, per Rahm's disgusting "never waste a crisis" idea?

    Or, depending upon what sort of terrorist event occurs, will people become even more furious with BO, for not having protected us (as GW did SO WELL)?

    I hope to GOD it's not the second scenario.....

  29. For Prep. T., Golfer Extraordinaire

    Title: In Which PT Tries to Teach TWW to Golf

    [Scene: On green of second hole on a golf course somewhere north of I-10]

    PT: Well, here we are at the second hole [glances at watch]... only took you half an hour and 32 strokes, but, we're here and that's all that matters. Okay, first ...... -- -- Hey! Stop monkeying around. Doing brodies in the golf cart is NOT proper golf etiquette. Get over here. Okay, now, watch me while I draw this ball........ WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
    [TWW, always eager to help, is at PT's elbow, notepad and pencil in hand]

    TWW: Well, were you just going to use a stick and draw in the dirt?!

    PT [grabs notebook and pencil and throws them down, frowning]: TWW, if you don't stop clowning around, you can just go back to the clubhouse and watch TV. Maybe that commercial with the weird dame in the clown make-up will be on. Stand -- THERE -- and PAY ATTENTION.

    TWW: :P (behind PT's back)

    PT: I place my feet, so... and.... [light "crack!"]...... see how the ball curved on its way into the hole?......... TWW??!

    TWW: Huh? Oh, sorry. Just wondering what to order for lunch.

    PT: [HEAVY sigh] Okay, just get out your putter and practice a couple of times. There's no one behind us.

    TWW: [takes FOREVER to get stance, get grip, eye line of trajectory, stance, grip, eye, grip, grip, eye, stance ----

    PT: Well?!!!!

    TWW: Well, what?

    PT: Well PUTT!

    TWW: Thanks PT, coming from someone as eloquent as you that's high praise.

    PT: YOU ARE SO NORTH OF I-10!!! I-CAN'T-STAND-IT! Go back to the Clubhouse.

    TWW [brightening]: Really?

    PT: And stay there!

    TWW: Okay, okay...... I'm GOING. Ouch! Those dry "p's" hurt when you shoot them with that pistol. [jumps into golf cart and takes off at full speed ahead, bumpity bump, dust flying]

    PT: [appalled, calls vainly after TWW] And don't .... take....... the cart. [Sigh -- muttering]...... Never again. NEVER again. Next time, I'll take Betty Ann. [WHACK! Hits a long drive for a hole-in-one on the next hole]. Aaah. [smiles]. Punditalyicious!

  30. Oh, great, Mountain Mama. Here you were, posting something of substance and on a serious issue, and I pop up with a Monty Python like scenario. (eye roll) Talk about showing up in my p-jamas.

    Yeah, Dope managed to mumble something about that scum's release being "highly objectionable."

    "HOLY OBAMANATION!" [Betty Ann]

    You know you've made it as a nation when your president has the IQ of a 3-year-old and the moral fiber of a pea.

    How far, so terribly far, you have fallen, Great Britain, from that "finest hour,"
    not so long ago, when you went it alone,
    for so long, and
    saved the world from a National Socialist tyranny.
    You were right, Sir Winston, you were right. That was to be, their "finest hour."
    Great Britain is nearly gone, a few dying coals burn -- here... and there, but Britannia has nearly sunk beneath the heavy burden of GOVERNMENT.
    I still, though, hold out hope.
    God may, even now, still breath life back into England, Scotland, and Wales.
    Pray hard, all you who love liberty.
    Prayer alone can revive that once great nation.

  31. TWW, you can be breath-takingly poignant when you write in a serious mode, as above. We'll all pray hard, because we do love liberty.
    I pray Britain rejects appeasement with radical Islam.

    I just found the LOTUS blogspot: "Laptop of the United States"----and it's about Sarah Palin! I know it's wordy and not as funny as this TOTUS blogspot, but it's coming along fairly well:
    It's an ad for Sarah Palin----which is fine by me, since I am a diehard Palinista.

    Ain't it grand, FOTS, that BO is tanking in his poll numbers? As usual, the libs ALWAYS overreach whenever they finally get in power----enacting wild programs that cost outrageous amounts of money. Then Americans see the Dems for the socialists they are (or worse....).

    So, I'm doing a Happy Dance that BO is "leaking," as the shrinks say----revealing his true socialist self to us! Maybe THAT'S what he meant by "wee weeing!?"

    Sometimes my Happy Dance is the Boogaloo, but usually I just do a Snoopy Hop around the room. I rejoice that people are waking up to the real BO! Phewee!

  32. MM, for your clever son who is so quick with "a line." A few one-liners from movies or TV shows (mostly old ones) re: the troubles our nation is currently undergoing [movie and actors listed at **** below].

    1. [Correspondence course doctor in Dope's Health-o-rama] "Ah don't know nuthin' 'bout buhthin' no baybays... !"]

    2. [Attention on Martha Stewart's lying to a federal agent in insider trading litigation would swing spotlight around to shine on Soros-Dope oil insider information scandal] "Martha! Oops!" "Slooooowly I toin... ."

    3. [Where Dope and Charles-Manson-look-a-like Geitner wants the national debt to go] "To infinity and beyond!"

    4. [Theme song for Hopey the Clown and Jobiden -- as a duet] "If I only hadda brain!"

    5. [ENCOURAGEMENT FOR ALL FOTS to GO FOR IT! That goal you've thought about for years, that schooling, that project, that adventure, that endeavor..... Do it now.] "... for Farmer Hoggett knew that little ideas that tickled and nagged and refused to go away should never be ignored for in them lie the seeds of destiny."

    1. Prissy in "Gone With the Wind"
    2.Lucy and a famous vaudeville comedian in "I Love Lucy" doing the "Slowly I Turn" gag.
    3. Buzz Lightyear in "Toy Story"
    4. Scarecrow in "The Wizard of Oz" [Note: Scarecrow was highly intelligent all along -- unlike the Embarrassment in Chief and his insurance policy.]
    5.1996 movie "Babe" about the brave little pig who dared to try.

  33. Thank you, MM. When it comes from the heart, it just seems to practically write itself, huh?

    I'm a diehard Palin fan, too. I would like to see her in office for 16 years running: 2 terms as a true conservative's Veep, then, 2 terms as POTUS. GO SARAH!

    Plus, while her exceptional beauty is the least of Ms. Palin's great strengths, it sure would be neat to have her lovely visage be the one carved into the remaining, blank-faced, figure on that statue of important women in U.S. history in the Rotunda. That silent figure has waited so long, too long, for its face.

  34. Jamie, I think TOTUS pretty much ignores us now, but I SURE WISH HE WOULD ADD YOUR GREAT IDEA FOR RAHM'S NAME: "Muck Monster."

    Perfect! (:D)

  35. Good reading:

    Stupid Nation by Rich Lowry:

    === The Obama team is saddled with a foundering health-care strategy. But it has a fallback plan — relying on the sheer dimwitted gullibility of the American public. How stupid do they think we are? ===

    link -

  36. I don't think Dear TOTUS is ignoring us. I think he has been assigned to be "it" in 'Marco Polo' with the First Girls and BO-BO the dawg.

  37. MORE good reading:

    A Deck Stacked With Race Cards by Jonah Goldberg

    link -

  38. Boy, reading Rich Lowry's STUPID ENOUGH is enough to get me all wee wee'd up.

    I'm ready to fight today. Thanks for the links, Jamie.

    {And I adore Jonah. He m.c.'d the Bennett-Prager-Heweitt Tour in the ATL and he was the icing on a Conservative Hat Trick.}

  39. Yes Wee-Wee Can....defeat ObamaCare!

  40. Amy, that's a good one - Yes Wee-Wee Can!

    Hey TOTUS, any chance of you hooking up with LOTUS? BTW, TWW thinks you pretty much ignore us these days. Say it isn't SO!

    Susan, some of my fave writers are:
    Jonah Goldberg
    Victor Davis Hanson
    Mark Steyn
    Thomas Sowell
    Ann Coulter
    Michelle Malkin
    .... among others too numerous to list

    As for blogs, American Thinker has great posts by everyday people.

  41. Hilarious, Amy! The new FOTS chant: "Yes, WEE WEE CAN!" ;-]

    Terrific Movie Lines, TWW! (I haven't seen the final movie, so I'll Netflix it.)

    Jamie, that Jonah Goldberg IS great, and the article you cited is key: Obama always throws a baby WEE WEE fit and bawls, "Racism!" when people reject his socialistic programs.

    My fave-rave Goldberg line:
    "Sure, racists don’t like Obama. (In less shocking news, bears continue to use our national forests as toilets.) But that doesn’t mean everyone who dislikes Obama is therefore a racist."

    GOSH, just THINK of all the pollution those bears cause! Shouldn't their eating habits be regulated, just as the libs now want to moderate OURS!? ;->

    This quote from him is just for bettyann:
    "That supposedly racist poster depicting Obama as the Joker? (An LA Weekly writer fumed, “The only thing missing is a noose.”) That was created by a Palestinian-American supporter of left-wing garden gnome Dennis Kucinich. Whoops!"

    Sigh.... Meanwhile, I knew it: Obama has Wee Wee "leaked" the news that he's going to ignore Republican AND DEMOCRAT opposition and put through his socialistic, deadly (for the elderly and disabled), outrageously costly Deathcare program, ANYWAY. Even hanging with very-ill Teddy K in Martha's Vineyard won't change BO's heart, if he has one.
    (PS. TWW, I think Martha's Vineyard was the "Martha" allusion a thread ago. Was that it?)

  42. TOTUS:
    Photo 8 of the muck monster bore a stricking resemblance to Hillary. Are she and Toes related in any way? Have a grand time vacationing on the ocean, you lucky teleprompter you. And here you are with the Messiah, of all people - no need to worry about a lost flipper or snorkel, as He can just part the sea for you and VOILA! Makes me want to watch Jaws again, and daydream, but but I doubt any great white would dare take on the Wookie. Can';t wait for a shot of her in the fashionable string bikini.

  43. Lloyd Marcus is a black conservative Republican. In 2008 he was associated with the "Stop Obama Tour" (Our Country Deserves Better PAC). Lloyd is the guy who sings the song about Sarah Palin.

    His latest post on American Thinker -

    Is it just me, or does it seem like there are more and more blacks speaking out about problems in the "black community" like what is described in Mr. Marcus' article? (I don't like the term "black community", but I don't know any other way to say it)

  44. Good point, Jamie: maybe BO is bringing out the best in the black community! He gives them by his BAD EXAMPLE a reason FINALLY to speak up and join Bill Cosby in admitting they've been bamboozled by crafty politicians who only supposedly wanted to "help" them, but ended up destroying the black family unit and fomenting a perpetual whiney "victim mentality."

    Hey, CNN is discussing "pregnancy as a pre-existing condition!" There ya go, MO! Now, when you get preggers for politically expedient reasons (ie. to save BO's Wee Wee rear), you can become a "group of one" and get it all paid for anyway!

  45. PS. Yeah, BO has pretty much ruined the word, "community," for conservatives. It's tough to re-word, "the black community," or "the disabled community," though.

    Great news today! Snoopy Hoppin!'

  46. bettyann, I must say this. PLEASE don't ever again mention the Wookie and string bikini in the same sentence. You know we all have active imaginations here, and that is one image I don't want to have seared into my brain. ~eeeyeww~

    I'm still trying to get over the image of Barney Fwank running around the restaurant!
    ~double eeyeww~

    But, I do get a kick imagining Preptile with his pea shooter and a huge supply of green peas. I can even imagine the sound effects:

    POP! Ker-POW! OW!

    POP! Ker-POW! OW!

    Those mental images are su-weet!

    Hey TOTUS, why do you have to be the sunscreen for BO? All he has to do is stay in MO's huge shadow.

    Isn't it sweet justice that a hurricane by the name of "Bill" is likely to make their stay on the seashore rather unpleasant?

  47. jamie:
    Why, I'm surprised at you! Our lovely, lovely, irresistably sweet, cultured, accomplished, openhearted First Lady, who is by and far the MOST fashion conscious female IN THE WORLD TODAY, by consensus mind you, is on the beach and you are not interested in her attire?? Or lack thereof?

    You know you wish you had her junk in the trunk. She's made thunder thighs are all the RAGE. I hear they are opening a new chain of beauty parlors where you can have cellulite implants! They do nails on the side.

  48. I know, bettyann, I'm just not "with it" as far as the fasion world is concerned.

    Well, if thunder thighs are in vogue, then "Her Thighness", Hillary, should start wearing shorts and such. ~ more eeeyeeewwww ~

    No, I saw a picture of MO in her shorts, with her hair in what was described as a ponytail. UGH! She came down the steps of Air Force One looking as if she had just finished her household chores! How declasse.

    Any normal, average, everyday American woman would have been embarassed to be caught away from home looking like she did that day. But what does the msm have to say? nothing but praise.

    BTW - we have another black "leader" playing the race card - New York's governor:

    === "We don't have the kind of forces in the community that we had before, in other words, our black media outlets," the Democratic governor continued.

    "Even our own reporters from our own community buy the public line, which is, 'We're going to get rid of David Paterson.' " ===

    SEE - there is it again, the "black community". Do we have a "white community". What is this crap?

    OH, by the way, he thinks that Pres. Obama is next!

    (Couldn't possibly be true - Obama is a citizen of the WORLD, not the black community!)


    === He suggested that Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, the country's only other African-American governor, also is under fire because of his race. ===

    Duval - ins't he the guy who agreed with Obama on the Prof Gates incident?

    source -

  49. Susan, ["it in Marco Polo"] LOL. I'll bet you're right.


    Thanks for all that great reading material, Jamie. Mark Steyn is brilliant.


    Betty Ann, how about this delightful scene to show the world what a first-class place America is:

    On the beach, a shirtless Bawney Fwank in his Bermudas chasing the Wookie who is wearing bicycle shorts and her "I hate whites!" T-shirt ..........with Peach strolling along way................................. behind, smoking and catching flies.

    A happy sight, TOTUS waves merrily as he skips over the sunlit waves on his big, gas-powered, jet ski.

  50. Thanks for the correction re: my misinterpretation of aero's post awhile back, MM.

    Yeah, I couldn't figure out who "Bill" was -- figured he must be some federal prosecutor or investigator and went with it.

  51. No "correction" intended, TWW! I was just wondering what you thought of that other possibility re. "Martha." Can't remember the "Bill" part.

    Hey, remember that the cheesecake photos of BO, as he suavely (ralph) plunged through the surf in his swimsuit, never showed his legs? Betcha they were LEAN legs!
    (Remember Jack Sprat... and the wife!)

  52. I'm picturin' skinny legs with those sprigs of hairs sticking out here and there.

    Oh, and boney knees. Did he wear shorts for any of his pick up b-ball games? Doubt it. Probaby designer sweats, even tho he doesn't.

    Gotta go. Gotta take the old African-Canadian lab and the puppy African-Canadian lab out to wee wee up.

  53. I have a small African parrot named "Tigger". Over the years, Tigger has learned a few things. Like his name, my granddaughter's name, my dog's name, etc. He asks for chicken (loves it) and will give me a kiss (make a kissy sound) upon request. He even says a couple of phrases, one of which is "Toto gotta tee-tee" (something I say to my little Yorkie a LOT). My sister has taught him to say "War Eagle", for the Auburn Univ football team, which causes contention when my son-in-law visits, since he is an Univ of Alabama fan (their arch rival).

    Anyway, with all the yelling I've been doing lately at the tv, I fear that he is going to learn things like:

    "You lyin' SOB"!
    "What the H*ll?"
    "We are so screwed." (I've been saying that since 2006)

    I fear that he will just pop out with one of these pearls of wisdom when my mom is visiting.
    Fortunately, she finds him a little hard to understand, so I'll just make something up if she asks me "what did he say"?

  54. Picked up another good blog from Twitter.

    GO there and watch the video "Dr. David Manning Talks to Black Women"

  55. I just read a piece over on AT about MO as a fashion icon per the msm. The article is good, but what I enjoyed the most was reading the comments. Here are a few examples:

    === > Be careful. If we don't immediately declare Michelle as the most beautiful woman who has ever existed, we will be called racists.

    she is hot...for a bigfoot. ===


    === You can put short shorts on a pig but it's still a pig, and a buttugly one at that. I wouldn't take her to a dog fight if she was the odds on favorite. ===


    === maybe, just like that athlete, we should demand a DNA test to make sure she is really a she or just ugly. ===

    Have some of you FOTS been posting over there under an alias?

    I can't stop laughing. You guys should go over there and read them. Hey, and add a comment, too.

  56. Oops - forgot to give you a link -

  57. I wouldn't mind what MO looked like, if she had a magnificent character. Instead, our "First Lady" is first in line to diss the poor, even the middle class: "I don't want to live near THOSE people anymore...."

    As Mrs. Potato Head said in "Toy Story", MO always has on her "Angry Eyes."

    I wonder what sort of crap Chuckie Schoo-muckie will sling on "Meet the Depressed" tomorrow. I bet he isn't rubbing his hands together with glee anymore, believing that every BO program is going through as he hoped.

  58. Heh, heh, Jamie. It's a good thing I don't own a talking bird.

    "Toto" -- I knew it! He's in as Toto in our re-make of "The Wizard of Oz.

    LOL. I stared at the link to the Dr. Manning video for several seconds wondering what the verb "snews" meant. Shrug. "Nearly nobody snews." Hmmmm. "Snows" as pronounced by Inspector Clouseau? "Snooze" as in, "Hey, nearly everyone, do not fall asleep watching this video." ??

    >CLICK!< Light on! :D


    I tell ya, Toy Story has to be one of the best movies ever made. It is full of great lines and wonderful characters and.... well, you've seen it. (:D) An awesome production. Love the scene where the toys, going to the rescue, are running across a busy street and you hear a squeaky sound like someone wiping a window super-clean..... "Hmmm. What's that sound...... It's the straw in the cup!!!" I love that show.

    Well, until next post..... "You've got a friend in me......... [music fading]... you've got a friend in me...... [fade to black].

    Bye for now.


  59. Hiya, Jamie. I watched the Dr. Manning video: yeaow! He is one angry dude about how (he thinks) black women are putting themselves down by thinking BO constitutes "the first black president."

    I admit I didn't quite understand his point, that if a black woman has a child by a white man, THAT child is black----but vice versa (which is BO's situation: a white woman with a black man) means that the child is NOT black.

    I guess I'm too tired to grasp such thinking. Tomorrow I drive my husband into another state, so he can have more tests. I have no idea what we'll be experiencing in the next few days, so please pray for us. At least, so far, it doesn't look like Alzheimer's (thankfully, since MANY in his family have had that).

    God bless you, FOTS.

  60. MM, I will be praying for you, your husband and family. He is lucky to have you there for him, because you are a strong, level-headed woman, secure in her faith. You will be his rock and you will make it through this together.

  61. My verification word on that last post was ....

    MERSI (mercy)

    God is watching over you.

  62. Couldn't sleep; it's either from dinner last night (wink) or... you know, that unfaithful tendence to worry, which I have fought all my life. Except for some trying years in my youth, which I suppose I'll understand only in heaven (but which God uses to help me understand and love others better; that's the best I can figure about it), God has always protected me and my family----so I'll keep hanging on that we'll get through this okay, together.

    Thank you so much, Jamie, for the wonderful encouragement----and thank God for God's MERSI!
    (It's odd how the verification words connect with our situation. God does work in mysterious ways....)

    Well, time to get packing (literally). God willing, we'll be back in a few days.

    One last thing: this morning, Chuckie Schumer (the snake) pretty much verified my hunch that the Dems have about had it with trying to worm the Republicans around to sealing our nation's fate as a democracy by voting in that STUPID Obama-Deathcare plan. He said that when members of Congress (our "representatives," when they aren't looking out for their own careers) return from their vacation, the Dems will put through Obama's plan somehow, without the Republican "support" if necessary. That was Schmuckie's shot at Orrin Hatch, whose eye literally twitched as Chuckie made the threat.

    So we have our work cut out for us. If Americans FAIL to let their Senators and Congresspeople know we DO NOT WANT a government-run national health care program, we WILL be stuck with it!

    We can all write, show up at Townhall Meetings, and peacefully let Congress KNOW we MEAN it: NO! No, no, a thousand times, NO!

    And after contacting Congress and doing all you can, remember to hug your family members and friends, and get out there and have some fun, too. This is America----a WONDERFUL and beautiful nation! God bless the USA, the best nation ever.

  63. MtnMama
    God Bless ..a spc prayer for you at Mass today.

  64. There must a whole bunch of angst and hand-wringing going on with Team Obama as they try to figure out how everything got so divisive so fast. His was going to be a highway with no one on it, right? Complete harmony. So in sorting all this through, what better place to go than THE most Liberal part of an already-Liberal state.

    Somewhere, 'Glasses' Gibson is wondering how his network's day-long 'health care infomercial' could have carried so little weight as the debate swirled without any sway from them. They ended up being like the little kid that asks Mom if they can help make cookies, before dumping in nine cups of salt instead of one cup of sugar.

  65. God bless you back, Susan.
    I'm putting my computer through a Defrag as I pack. Our nation could use a big Defrag, to pull together better so we'll work more efficiently. (I once preached that the Church Universal could also use a Defrag.----if the Church would only, truly allow the Holy Spirit to work.)

    Chris, the Obamamaniacs don't worry one bit about their tanking polls. They truly believe Americans are basically STUPID HICKS, and all we need is a little reeducation (gulp).

  66. Ooooh, Glasses Gibson! One of my least favs of all the MSM! Had forgotten about him! Is he on the island also for the big vacation? Is there sufficient oxygen for all the the suck ups?

    Funny, how it used to Bill and Hill's island.

  67. TOTUS: Toes is on “vacation” in Florida? Right .. is that the new double secret term for
    interdicting “fishy” email?

  68. This is for you BroDidllyumptors brave enough to look behind that front page.OT a bit,but someone should ask 'how big IS 7 trillion'.
    I hope to enlighten here.

    As you know ,Teleprompter is on vacation in a far away place that I suspect is mouse infested.
    If TWW does a bit of research between those between the lines denigrations he knows whereof I Really speak.A Mighty famous FLOTUS once hated Meeses to pieces,but these are different Mice and she is not where this inside aside is aimed.
    If you think you know say so privately only please,to me at gmail.
    This pooch stays a virgin on my watch.

    Think how complex a machine a 747 is,or an aircraft carrier.Probably a million parts in each one.Now a light year is almost unimaginably huge.About a million miles every 5 seconds,for a year.Adds up to about 7 trillion.Punch the space shuttle,and cover that ground in a mere 17,000 years,exclusive of stops for food and fuel.
    That is a lotta miles.
    That is how many cells there are in a human.
    All of us have that many moving parts in common w everyone else.
    We are not only all highly related biological brothers but also machines, orders of magnitude more complex than any we could ever build.Our biggest machines contain about 1 light seconds worth,in total number of parts.
    And yet w all this in common w you guys ,I still resent your traffic manners.
    Especially you dimbulbs north of I-10.You keep mucking things up for the rest of us.
    Try to do better.

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