Thursday, July 30, 2009

Airing of Grievances

So Big Guy, Skip, Joey B and I got together with Jim Crowley this evening for Festivus's airing of grievances (since Big Guy celebrates Kwanza, he adheres to the Festivus in August tradition). The difference this time was that we aired national grievances about race, name-calling, and Big Guy's refusal to man up and chug a full-bodied beer.

You'll see me in the picture over Crowley's right shoulder. I was there in case talk turned to the Boston Red Sox, and Big Guy needed to pull something out of thin air. The discussion went pretty much as planned, until the conversation turned to the Michael Vick situation. Crowley thinks Vick shouldn't be let back in the NFL, and Biden thinks Vick should be forgiven. Crowley was insistent and Biden told Crowley, "Hey, don't make a federal case out of it."

And Crowley said, "Well maybe I should."

Then Skip, who'd fallen asleep about a half hour earlier, woke up and said, "Wait, I'm the one making a federal case."
Joe had lost interest and went to play on the swing set, Crowley left in a huff, and Big O and Skip went to Hell Burger for dinner to show they could eat blue collar food at white collar prices. Toes was pretty annoyed by all of this, since nothing was done today on health care, Russia, Iran, Syria or stimulus. So all in all, a good day for America.


  1. Hey TOTUS! Good to see that you are in good humor today. You actually had me giggling there for a moment or two with the cracks about Skippy dozing off and Joey going off to the swing set. Hopefully, Obama's daughters weren't wanting to swing. Its dangerous when a grown man swings on a child's swing set, it just might tump over. Hmmm, we wouldn't want Joey to have a little accident, now would we? Was Toes skulking around in the background during all of this? You might suggest to Joey that, in the future, when he gets bored that he go and play in the sandbox instead.

    I just watched the presser with Sgt. Crowley. The reporters are asking him harder questions than they ever ask Obama.

    Crowley and Gates are going to have another meeting, but Crowley says next time it will be KoolAid or Iced Tea, not beer. Possibly he wants to make sure that Gates stays awake during the next meeting (so he can't claim he was abused while passed out). Someone needs to tell Crowley to watch out for that KoolAid!

  2. Thought for sure that Joe would do something memorable like choke on a pistachio. Glad he made it out of there in one piece.

  3. During his presser, Crowley said that Joey B was "good with the kids" and "told a few stories, not stories about the issue the meeting was about, but about other things"....

    Guess Old Joey B was relating stories about sitting around the local diner (that has been closed for 10 years) shooting the breeze with the locals; riding Amtrac, back and forth to Congress every day; watching Roosevelt talking on tv about the Depression ....

  4. BoBlackberry has a great take on the beer swill - he was actually there listining to every word. Check it out at:

  5. If Biden had been a black man, he would not have been at that table.


    LOL. Looks like Biden's the dealer and he kept a card or two in his pocket.


    That photo says a lot. Earnest, sincere, Sgt. Crowley wears a suit and a tie....... Peach and Joe wear no tie and rolled up shirt sleeves.

    Just like the C.E.O. and an Exec. Vice-Pres. would do to a junior associate they wanted to impress and intimidate. It REEKS of arrogance.

    [No comment re: Gates, a.k.a. "Skip," wearing the suit he picked out to wear to his appointment with his attorney this afternoon.]


    Jamie, did Sgt. Crowley bring his children into this public relations spectacle?

    Is he THAT susceptible to flattery? Was he pressured that hard by his union?!


    [As I said on the previous thread] "... the courageous and noble thing to do would have been to have quietly replied to Dope,

    "If you want to apologize to me, have the courtesy to come here. If you are not going to apologize, we have no further business to discuss. Good bye." [click]

  6. Well, the news is on Drudge - Govt to suspend 'cash for clunkers' -

    That didn't last long.

  7. LOL. Ol' Joe is a great storyteller (gag).

    How could he NOT have been "great with the kids" when he slipped them each a Ben Franklin.

    "Here, child, a picture of a great American for a memento of your visit to the White House."

    If H.R.H. Elizabeth II finds out, she will be jealous. Her ipod package was only worth about $82.50.

  8. I don't know if his children were there or not. I just heard him make that reference to children. The other day they said something about him taking his MOTHER to the WH, so maybe he took his wife and kids, too.

    Joey didn't "have a dog in the fight", so he couldn't add to the conversation and had no reason to be there. He was just there to balance out the black vs white ratio.

  9. Jamie, re: suspension of government "green" car program, not sure whether to rejoice that us taxpayers will no longer be funding such nonsense or dismayed that THAT many Americans were so desperate for a car (or that ignorant of the facts) that they would buy an Environazimobile*.

    *The promotion of P.C. "green cars" is based on the fantasy-science dogma that:

    1) CO2 emissions cause global climate change;

    2) that global climate change is something to "fight;"

    3) that changing the cars that some people in the world drive will have ANY impact on the global CO2 emmissions level, 97% of which is NOT emitted by humans. LESS THAN 3% OF CO2 IS EMITTED BY HUMAN ACTIVITY. and

    4) and all this in the face of the fact that the United States, if the Environazis weren't blocking us, could drill for and refine BILLIONS of barrels (over a century's worth of supply -- or more!) of oil, could refine coal shale, and could access mammoth supplies of natural gas that would make us INDEPENDENT of "foreign oil" within 10 years.

  10. [Jamie] "... he couldn't add to the conversation... ." You can say that again.

    I'll bet he didn't keep his mouth shut, though.... O:{

    Biden: Well, well, Sgt. Scowley, how are you, old man? Nice to see you again. [at Crowley's questionning look....] Oh, uh, yeah. I saw you in Home Depot.....just....last month. Yeah.

    Crowley: You mean, True Value Hardware...?

    Biden: [GRIN] Yeah, yeah.... I get those two places mixed up, dang it.

    Crowley: Well, that was a lot of excitement for our little town that day. Whew!

    Biden: [GRIN-GRIN-GRIN-GRIN......] Uh, yeah, that was quite a paint sale they were having... I coughed up enough for 40 gallons.

    Crowley: [looks amazed] Paint "sale?" That was the day we arrested 9 black juveniles for dumping around 50 gallons of white paint inside that store after painting on the parking lot outside, "Drink this, you white n ... s... umm, racial slur."

    Biden: (nods understandingly) Some disadvantaged youths expressing their frustration with white oppression, eh?

    Sgt. Crowley: (eyes narrowing slightly) No. They were angry because the BLACK owners refused to put a pro-Obama message on their reader board... and, apparently, because they hired two more non-black than black kids to work there last year.

    Biden: (glances at his watch) Oh, dear. Would you look at the time. There's my chauffeur. I've got to make the last northbound Amtrak or I'll have to buy my own ticket home. You take care, now, Private Cooley.

    Crowley: Guess I'd better.... .

  11. TOTUS, Dear, what type of beer were you offered?

    my post word was "hyper" !!!!

  12. If it wasn't for this blog, the political world we be so much more dismal.

  13. I went back and listened to what he said. Apparently, Crowly and Gates both brought their family members and were given separate tours of the WH.... BUT, just happened to run into each other during their separate tours. SO, then they finished the tour TOGETHER. How sweet.

    As for the cash for clunkers. I'm glad its been stopped. Congress had allotted one Billion to it and they were afraid they were going to run out of money (our money). They had already changed the mileage on some of the older cars so they could remove them from the list of cars that could be traded in for the "cash". Another rousing success story!!! I suppose the next we will hear is that they SAVED OR CREATED a million jobs with this initiative!

    Wonder how many people will have to be bailed out of their car notes when they are laid off and can't pay for that new enviro-friendly car they just bought?

  14. AAAAAAAK. I believe I see Congressperson Phrank running around.

  15. AAK! It took HOURS to get that mental image out of my head when that was first mentioned the other day ... peas don't bring it back.
    Oh, gross! YUK!

    Crowley said "NO" when asked if there were any apologies (short and sweet answer, to the point) and also that he and Gates had "agreed to disagree".... Crowley is a classy guy.

  16. Where's MelenaX? She out burning crosses tonight with her Hubby Daddy to balance out her childhood sexual abuse?

    If not, I realize TOTUS won't censor jack s--t - but while everything else here stays well in the realm of laughable, that b-tch is SCARY. I really do wish she'd take her show on the road - like to Compton - so she wouldn't spoil the fun with all of the not-so-lovely racial slurs.

  17. It was nice that Sarge Crowley got to bring his family to our White House. I wonder if they were offered a beverage, or anything. Just a tour???? I hope they got more.

  18. They stole the bath robes - bad news for them, though - Clinton's stains are still on 'em. Use a blue light next time, Cracker Crowley!

    Okay, 'nuff fun with TOTUS for the night. If the racist shows up, maybe the regulars will speak up? G'nite all.

  19. Just checked back in on yesterday's vitriol. It appears MelenaX removed her comments, leaving a few regulars to defend her satirical use of the racial slurs.

    As a white boy having grown up in the Deep South, just seeing those slurs was enough to turn my stomach. If you've ever heard the term exclaimed in hatred in the real world, you wouldn't find it a target for satire or make any excuses for it. It means death.

    Twain's Nigger Jim implies something else entirely - but from what I saw, that was not the intent. And implying that a hurtful stereotype can selectively be applied to a group of people based on your interpretation of their actions or social standing says a little too about your own ignorance, lack of class, and sad bigotry.

    Eventually, the baby boomers will all die and hopefully we'll move on. Until then, I suppose we can continue to endure your generations' "teachable moments".

    Jumping back off my soapbox :) - I'm glad MelenaX was decent enough to remove her comments so that I can still enjoy the humor and the silly comments here on TOTUS all in good fun.

    Gonna go listen to F Tha Police again now in honor of Cracker Crowley and the Bigots in Blue.

    [Btw, I can't edit or remove my comments - stupid OpenID - so there they are for perpetuity I guess.]

  20. [Susan] "my post word was 'hyper' !!!!"

    Weird. That was MY word about two months ago. So..... the code that generates the random words repeats itself, apparently.

    Yes (heavy sigh), Susan. Bawney Fwank is pestering us AGAIN. Exhibitionists are a pain. I'm just averting my eyes. Again. And.... there he goes.... again. :P

    My apologies, Jamie. ;)


    Yes, indeed. Sgt. Crowley is a classy professional. What a contrast! Peach Obama, the "poor ignoramus," and Skip Fly-Off-the-Handle Gates aren't even in his league.

  21. TOTUS, I knew you were waiting all week to write an article about the Beer Summit. I'm glad you returned to record that event for ALL HISTORY.

    But did Prof. Gates ever notice that BO threw him under the bus last Friday? Or is he clueless about OTHER people, too?

  22. Hiya, Crashtroll. Long time, no sickening comments.

    You might want to join your lib friend, Joe, a.k.a. craniac/HUGEASS, and read these articles, okay? They show why BO's birth certificate isn't the issue, but why his constant lying about his past IS.

    Let me hear from you after you've read these items, guys. My bet? EVEN YOU won't feel so fond of BO afterward.

    View these articles at:

    1) At _The American Thinker_:
    "Obama's Birth Certificate and the Real Issues"


    2) At _NRO Online_:
    "Suborned in the USA"

    (I have typed an item above as the letter L, but it might be the number 1 instead. It is located near the end, just before the YTVmZmU" part----see? If the URL doesn't work, switch that letter L to the number 1, okay?)

    Good night, TWW and Jamie. You and bettyann are dears to stick up for MelenaX, too. I DO understand what she was trying to accomplish by remaking the meaning of the N word, but sadly, some words are just too horrific, reminding people as they do (see crashx's remarks above, re. DEATH) of certain indelible images.

    Given their all-too-hard-wired meanings, those few words are simply Too Much for the NORMAL, red-blooded Americans we desperately---and I truly mean DES-PER-ATELY need to vote BO out of office!!!!!!!!!!!

    C'mon, MelenaX----rant without those verboten words, and everything will be A-O-K. Preptile wishes you'd return, too......!
    (And you just back off about her, crashx. You don't understand how BO can drive anyone up the wall.)

  23. MM - it was ONE word, if I recall correctly. I found Melena's rants much less offensive than crashxtroll's nastiness, who, according to his latest post, thinks that only the "baby boomers" are responsible for racial hatred. He needs to look around at his generation and he will find it there, too.

    My verification word - CLINGS

    as in "clings to guns and religion"?

    BTW - you can use "Tiny URL" website to convert your urls to tiny ones (tiny, like IRAN)

    that way you don't have to worry about truncating a url by accident. For example, your NRO article url would be changed to -

  24. Doesn't Biden, uh, have a drug-addicted daughter to take care of rather than weaseling himself into something he wasn't even supposed to be at?

  25. hey totus who was the designated driver out of the bunch?

  26. Toes was pretty annoyed by all of this, since nothing was done today on health care, Russia, Iran, Syria or stimulus. So all in all, a good day for America.

    Right on, TOTUS. Reminds me of the old saying: The party that governs best, governs least. Such a shame so few elected officials and their parties believe in this anymore. The new crowd in Washington probably considers it sacrilege.

  27. Don't you think Joey B is like that annoying employee that upon hearing that several people in the office are going to have a beer, they weasel themselves into going?

    Joey B. - What ya doin' after work BO?...having a beer eh?, I could sure use one...where ya going, huh?...ya know, wife's outta town this week...(sigh)guess I'll just go home and heat up leftovers...unless, you guys don't mind me hanging out with you? huh? huh?

  28. Gee, it is 9am eastern and I have not heard where BG is going to flap his jaws today saying "letmebeclearnow, I am SO TIRED of this criticsm of health INSURANCE reform".

    Where is today's big speech?

  29. TOTUS...

    What's the deal with the bartender? The boy couldn't manage the delivery of more than ONE beer at a time? YIKES!

    Also do you think there was a hidden message in the beers a BLUE MOON...

    As in it will be a BLUE MOON when I apologize...

    How ever I still can't believe that they didn't serve Arrogant Bastard Beers to the 2 who profess racism at every corner they meet.

  30. TOTUS: shame on you. Talking out of school about “beer summit-Festivus” when you know MO’s hot little dance routine “did not happen”

  31. Hey, one sloshed any Bud Light on you during the summit, right? That watery crap would rust your delicate pods...Do Big Guy a favor and make up a list of real beer for him. Then again, it's probably the last time he'll toss back a beer for a long time...he seems like more a pinot grigio type. But he knows how to connect with the Common Man, doesn't he? Yep, just say the word ''beer,'' and he's one of us...

    Joey B was there, huh? That had to make for some scintillating conversation...did Big Guy have to wing some peanuts at him?

  32. TOTUS: Speaking of “airing grievances”, you had better scroll a message to Toes that some in congress hold him responsible for the “Blue Dog” problem

  33. TOTUS:
    Pathetic. You poor dear, and looking so bored. But at least BG still won't go anywhere or do anything without you. Did you scroll him any knock knock jokes? I hear Joey B is very fond of them.

    Knock Knock!
    Who's there?
    Robin who?
    Robin da bank!

  34. ha ha my post word was "phararri"!


  35. I wore my "There is no POTUS without TOTUS" shirt to a bar last night and it was the talk of the night. First, people wanted to guess what the "T" in Totus stood for (trust, taxes) and then when I told them and explained the blog it started all kinds of fun discussions. It was great, and the shirt is hot too. :-)

  36. I wonder if TOTUS caught any comments about Joey B. talking about Indians working in 7-11? I mean this could be something that TOTUS could help Big Guy respond to and hone his ability to read TOTUS in time instead of a 10 second delay. Bah um bah.....

  37. Here's the happy little drinking song Peach was singing as the Secret Service discreetly escorted him away from the festival and into the Donkey Barn by a side door (ImBibin' thought it would liven things up if he slipped a little vodka into Dope's pretend beer):

    (to the tune of "Jingle Bells")

    (inspired by David and Susan)

    Bah um bah.....Bah um bah
    I ain' go'ntapologishe
    Notinamillion yeeeeeer.

  38. Ah, the Spirit of Festivus... I thought we were airing grievances.

    Anyway - If anyone's interested (Jamie, MM), here's a quick primer on how to post URLs in the comments section here at TOTUS:

    Posting Embedded, Clickable Links on TOTUS for Complete Geniuses

    Don't say I never tried to help.

    And if I'm smart enough to embed URLs, then certainly I'm smart enough NOT to support Obama.


    Hi, Jamie! You do great work here, posting important information with humor, to create awareness.

    << MM - it was ONE word, if I recall correctly.>>

    It seems that this blogspot wasn't designed to shock, but to use humor and sarcasm to inform, and hopefully create some new conservative voters.

    The reality is that "landmine" words are too horrid to redo their meanings; their original, awful meanings always echo in our minds.

    Anyway, if it's just "one word," then it's easy to work around, right?----as bettyann did by using $$ for s's.

    Thanks, Jamie, for providing MelanaX another arena for her shocker rants. I hope she returns to comment here with information and humor.


    Crashx, if you aren't a lib supporter of BO's, then why are you so mean sometimes? Anyway, thanks for the "teachable moment."

    Angie, I'd never checked out the TOTUS-wear until after I read your comment above. They look neat! We could all buy "FOTS" shirts!

    Hi, bettyann! When do you pick up your new phararri!? Be sure to give TOTUS a ride?
    I wonder if Joey B hates BO's power grabs that will ruin our republic----and that's why he makes cracks against BO. (Remember the one about TOTUS?)

    Yes, TWW, I'm sure JB was included at the Beer Summit to even up the color palette----and to keep JB in view, so he couldn't "chat" with the reporters and ruin something else for BO. Can you BELIEVE they plan to hold SEVERAL BS's!? (And what an appropriate abbreviation!)

    Okay, Jamie, I understand Iran and the rest, but what's going on in Syria, to worry Toes? That dratted MSM, always avoiding the truth to help BO.

  40. Mean? What's mean is trapping generations of underprivileged citizens in government-run voting/cell blocs, creating a culture of dependence only in order to further the advancement of failed academic theories. Or transferring trillions of dollars to the select elite in order to retain the status quo. :)

    But what's REALLY cruel is to laugh at the idiots who actually buy into the tired old, right wing/left wing, Democrat/Republican, burned out ideologies. Because hey, those people just don't know any better - right?

    Btw, if you're looking to up the ante, check into:

    Zero Hedge

    Those guys and gals might even be as smart as me - on a really good day, if we add a little extra weight to their background in finance.

    But it's interesting watching people attempt to keep something from happening that's already happened. Very cute.

    No, we're not already a pathetic, socialist country being run further into the ground by an ignorant group of elitist, pseudo-intellectual snobs. It hasn't been that way for quite some time now. Nope.

    And Walter Cronkite was never "the most trusted man in America." Never happened.

    JimBob swears you'll never get his gun 'til you pry it from his cold, dead hands. Nevermind the irony that he gave up the ghost on his freedom and dignity a LONG time ago. Proud to be an American, cuz at least he thinks he's free...

    I like airing my grievances. What a great Festivus! Thanks, TOTUS.

  41. Did Joey B. get lost looking for the executive dining room yesterday and miss lunch? The way he was woofing down that bowl full of bar snacks, it looked like he hadn't had a bit to eat in hours...I'm surprised he didn't choke on a pretzel stick he was tossing that stuff back.

  42. TOTUS I want to see you, Nancy Pelosi, Big Guy, Joey B, Toes, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Lady M have a bipartisan chug fest with the worlds finest Guiness. My money is on TOTUS for the binge drink in!

  43. Heh, heh, Jerry. :D

    Every time "that's just Joe" felt a sarcastic remark headed for his mouth, he would stuff in some pretzels. Must have been a pretty big pile of dough riding on it for him.

    Bloomberg: You keep your mouth shut, Joe, and there's 200K in it for you. Are we agreed?

    Joe: Agreed!

  44. Ha! Word was "lobstwe."

    What Bawney Fwank is having at his little get-together.

  45. [David] "chug fest"

    That it was. What a disgraceful scene. The (imposter) president of the United States swilling alcohol is just what we all want our small children and grandchildren to see.

    Really neat.

    Just one more (along with the yellow dress with the big green daisy) denigration of the office of president. One more way of silently shouting, "America is nothing special, its dignity nothing to preserve, its honor nothing to defend, its values nothing to respect."

  46. So since this was obviously designed by Rahm and Gibbsy as a photo op, what does this little vignette tell us?
    1. Obama is a "real guy" who "rolls up his sleeves" and drinks Bud Light....
    2. Joe Biden like peanuts ALOT
    3. Prof. Gates has small man syndrome.
    4. Serg. Crowley has the patience of Job and I would ask him to run for office, but I think he has too many personal ethics to do so.
    5. The media was probably sulking at being locked out.

    All in all, this is a big Meh Situation and was simply a quick fix to a burgeoning problem

    I wonder how many cops will change their votes next time around?

  47. Joey B. had to sit at the table with Big Guy because of the "teachable moment" he was having with the Gates and Crossley children.

    Joey B. with crayons in hand drawing a map on the butcher paper table cover. "And this is where Uncle V.P.'s secret bunker is. Right under the Naval Observatory. And the launch sequence code to fire the big missiles is....".

    At that point Toes grabs him by the back of his collar.(Laughing) "Okay Joe, I think you better come sit over here."

    "Listen A-hole, you sit down by Big Guy see...and you don't say a word see....and if you do have the urge to utter even a peep you cram a hand full of pretzels in that fat yapper see..."

  48. Ah, Syria. Well, you know how BG dissed Bush on his agressive stance against countries like Iran, Syria, etc, and promised during his campain that he would bring in a new era of diplomacy, blah, blah, blah ad nauseum. Well, Obama has been working diligently on his diplomatic overtures to these countries, what with his great apology tour and all. Unfortunately, Syria has not responded appropriately and "continue to contribute to political and economic instability in Lebanon and the region". So.... long story short, BG was FORCED to "extend for one year sanctions decreed August 1, 2007 by former president George W. Bush who froze the assets of individuals accused of undermining Lebanon's sovereignty on Syria's behalf."

    In other words, he is doing the exact same thing GW did, yet its somehow different.

  49. MM, did you happen to catch the piece on AT today about trolls? Let's see if any of these describes any trolls we might have run across:

    The "Internet personality disorder Troll":

    "characterized by attention-seeking and disruptive behavior in anonymous places. This Troll is easily identified by a variety of traits including a high rating on the charisma score that demands attention from all other forum participants, and establishes dominance in a thread."

    The "individual seeking the illusion of power":

    "sad people, living their lonely lives vicariously through those they see as strong and successful. Disrupting a stable newsgroup gives the illusion of power... and allows them to think they are strong, too."

    The finely tuned and highly skilled political opposition infiltrator:

    "this is the high-stakes, professional Great White Troll shark, sometimes a volunteer opposition advocate and other times on the opposition payroll. The goal: search and destroy. How? With sweet words of "concern," with knee-cap crushing attacks, or with a strategy of "I'm one of you, but... "

    The "Concerned Troll":

    hopes to "sow fear, uncertainty and doubt within the group. Others speak in reasoned and dulcet tones in the hope of shifting the discussion from inflammatory issues about the Obama administration and Congress. Some come like snow-white sheep, introducing themselves as a conservative friend, or a newborn convert."

  50. Shovel, LOL. ](C:) "Joey B. with crayons in hand ... "

    Yeah, all of us Americans had better have our shovels at the ready, huh? An AWFUL lot of donkey dung being unloaded on us ... .

  51. Jamie, that bit about those despicable Trolls, both the white washed and those covered in dung was EXCELLENT.

    The best strategy with a histrionic or narcissistic personality disordered person is to IGNORE them.

    Those who peddle half-truths and lies need to be refuted -- but not by addressing the troll directly. Rather, simply by reporting the facts.


    "By their fruit, you will know them." It's pretty obvious what a troll is trying to do. Even the syrupy ones come off as inane and irrelevant after awhile.

    That this site is under attack (FILLED with pollution lately!) is encouraging! It means we are getting a lot of truth out there.

    "We gonna shut you down, boy." Stink E. Troll

    Keep it up all you (genuine) FOTS! :D

    FOTS rule -- Trolls drool!

  52. The article about trolls passed on some good advice:

    === The consensus among experienced victims of the Troll flu in defending the integrity of a web site from an epidemic invasion is to ignore the Troll. For a Troll to be ignored is equal to not watering your avocado plant in your kitchen window. Eventually, it will dry up and wither away. advises us, "Trolls often use fallacious arguments or attack the members of the discussion thread when they attempt to defend themselves" from the Troll's ad hominem attacks. This is another reason not to feed the beast with a response. ===


    Yes, TWW, an awful amount of donkey dung. Distraction, obfuscation, misdirection, outright LIES - ANYTHING to get the attention away from the information coming out about the so-called "reform". Like Fancy Nancy today, talking about the evil Insurance Companies making all those awful profits! Why, we should HATE the insurance companies for wanting to make a profit! And the pols are so brazen about it, too, today Waxman even admitted on the record that they will be exempt from their grandiose plans for us little people.

  53. Why, thank you, Jamie. I will certainly follow your wise advice. ;)


  54. RE: insurance co.'s making a profit --

    Spoken like an economically illiterate Democrat. (head shake). AS IF there is no competition in the insurance market. AS IF consumers will not act rationally and patronize the companies offering the best product for the lowest price.


  55. Old Nancy really irked me today talking about the insurance companies like that. She really thinks that the people trust her to speak the truth? Not hardly.

    BTW - MM - Don't thank me. I didn't point Melena to the little blog that I share with some friends so she could have "another arena for her shocker rants". I never thought her rants were "shocker". Yes, she recently expressed her frustrations in a decidedly "un-PC" way, but it was after being chastised on several occasions for other, much less controversial comments.

    I just happen to like Melena and her wry sense of humor. If she chooses to drop in on that old blog, I'll be only to happy to join her in commenting there. I've lost touch with most of the other folks I used to blog with and am trying to get it back going again.

  56. The purpose of the blog is discussion, the same as if we were all sitting in a livingroom or at a kitchen table, mulling ideas together. There we are enjoying a priviledge no one has seen since the beinging of time - to talk to strangers across the globe and share ideas instantly - and a big fat troll bursts into the room and starts throwing chairs, dishes, the teevee, pointing fingers at the most vocal members in an attempt to shut them up, using insults and any other means to distract them from the issue or idea, but especially ugly personal insults. We all stop talking and look at the troll, who is very difficult to ignore, particularly as he reeks of unmentionables, primarily shit.

    Okay, it's going to be difficult, but I agree to ignore the troll.

    About Melena, "Yes, she recently expressed her frustrations in a decidedly "un-PC" way, but it was after being chastised on several occasions for other, much less controversial comments."

    That's true. I've noticed on blogs that there is some consensus in tight "communities" that certain behavior is allowed and any straying is chastised. Colorful contributors are often the target of the self-righteous sort - at the risk of using too harsh a word to discribe the self appointed parent at the blog table - and "corrected" when they stray.

    It is best however when all memebers, even when disagreeable to some, be valued as unique; Melena, in this case, being our brevity monitor. I just loved her brevity and wit. I laughed out loud more at Melena than anyone else, but that's because I appreciate raw observations as more real than the winded. "Brevity is the soul of wit".

    shovel ready:
    Excellent choice of words, "...the Gates and Crowely children." I was just reading a commentary on Fox about Oba-Mama and how is image is not yet solidified. The writer referred to him as professorly, due to his belief that a lecture or a speech "fixes" all problems. And I axed myself what he is solidifing as in my mind, and overbearing parent came to mind. He talks in his speeches as if to children - you nailed it.

    What do you do with an overbearing parent? Steal his cigarettes, wreck the car, and ruin his reputation.

    Looking forward to the Obamination's vacation so as not to have to look at his or the Wookie's ugly mugs.

  57. Yes, I agree - let's ignore the trolls!

    Ignorance/Bliss 2012!!!!!

  58. I checked out American Thinker this am and found two great pieces about the Crowley-Gates debacle:

    Obama's revealing body language
    Thomas Lifson

    This picture truly is worth at least a thousand words:


    ‘Dear Skip...'
    Thomas Lifson

    A distinguished Harvard colleague writes an open letter to Henry Louis Gates, Jr:

    American Thinker is a great blog because what is written there is by regular people. Anyone can submit an article. And it gives folks like us a chance to connect to a lot of other like-minded folk.

    Hey bettyanne - what makes you think we won't be seeing mega vacation pics of BO and MO? I doubt he will be able to resist giving a press conf in the midst of his vacation.

  59. TOTUS: I have a Pre-grievance to air and a request: my city’s schools are about
    to go bankrupt and that IS a good thing.
    But I am afraid that Big Guy will do a GM/Chrysler/UAW scam with the teacher’s (they all voted for his Hopey-Changey thing too). Please scroll some instructions to the School-Bankruptcy Czar to do a clean restart for Motown’s schools and boot the unions and administrators. It’s our only HOPE.

  60. Gads jamie, you are right. I forgot what a fashion icon Mo has become, what with being married to the Messiah and all, who is like unto God. Perhaps we shall see her in the latest bikini, sans a chest waxing, or a pair of bright orange clogs, with ribbons. Mayhap our lovely first lady will show off her own sewing, as she did in London with that rick-rack outfit from her girl's arts and crafts class. Then we must accessorize of course - a macaroni necklace? How about a nice green bhindi, one that covers the scowl between her beady black eyes. And let's not forget the ever fashionable and needful tote bag, something with a built in cooler to stash cream sicles and haagen-daz double whammie chocolate bars.

  61. Far be it for Obama to have class or maturity.. regarding the Gates episode

  62. Thank you, Betty Ann -- for the laughs!

    "... and a big fat troll bursts into the room and starts throwing chairs, dishes, the teevee,... " :D

    "... in the latest bikini, sans a chest waxing, or a pair of bright orange clogs, with ribbons. ... her own sewing, as she did in London with that rick-rack outfit from her girl's arts and crafts class. ... a macaroni necklace? ... tote bag ... with a built in cooler to stash cream sicles ...."

    [I couldn't decide what to highlight, so I copied the whole wonderful thing, Betty Ann]

    Bwah, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaa!

    *=**=*=**=*=**=**=**=*=**=*=**=**=**=*=**=*=**=**=**=*=**=*=**=**=**=*=**=*=**=* [Now Playing: "Stars and Stripes Forever"]

    BTW: Been praying for your niece in U.S. Marine Corps. boot camp. Is she still doing okay? Please tell her, "Way to go, Marine! This FOT is proud of you and cheering you on."

  63. Hoo-Haa! That was hilarious! (Or, hairryass, as my granddaughter used to say when she was two.)

    I'm wondering how Big MO will manage to wear her ever-present belt with a bikini. You know how high-wasted she is! (or pretends to be)

    I'm sure that the media will respect their privacy. If any photos do get out, they will be staged. (Remember that staged photo of Bill C., standing on the beach at Normandy, looking thru binoculars that still had the lens caps on? LOL)

    By the way, I read something on AT today that was rather alarming. It was a blog post about the protesters that showed up at Obama's staged "townhall" at the grocery store deli. Apparently, since the majority of folks were not allowed to attend, they lined up on the streets alongside the route, with signs, etc. As the motorcade passed them by, they said that the Secret Service openly displayed their weapons and had them pointed in the direction of the crowds! Most of the posters on the blog agreed that it is NOT the normal protocol for the SS to do that. Normally, they keep their weapons under cover unless absolutely necessary. I'm going to try to find where I read that so I can provide a link.

    Semper Fi!

  64. Here it is:

    === During the motorcade when the president was arriving, there were several vehicles following the limo that contained the secret service. All of the vehicles had all the windows rolled down, and back hatch open on the SUVs with the men holding their, I assume assault rifles, machine guns, drawn on everyone lining the streets. Needless to say it took my breath away at the sight of them, and made my friends and I dizzy with fear. I have seen the secret service before, but never like this. While they were intimidating, I never felt in danger. The guns were not drawn when the motorcade was leaving the event. But I turned on a local talk radio program as we were leaving and all the calls were about witnessing the guns being pointed at them and nothing else until the end of the program. ===

    link -

  65. FYI: Saw this fly out the window of the "Smart" [NOT] car I was just about to pass on the highway today. I pulled over and picked up what appeared to be a transcript of a lecture by Peach Obama. The poor cult members in the car must have just come from one of their "meetings." This is one of those "off the cuff, ad-libs-like-a-pro" speeches the Cult of Zero loves to wave around as if it proves anything (except that fact that Dope is a dope).


    [congregation's responses in []]

    Someone help those two ladies in the back. Okay................
    Uuh,... hmm.... nowletmebeclear.....I have a gift. I...uuuuuuh.... am a reader.

    GOD [....] AMERICA!

    [loud applause and cheers]

    Did you all use your tire gauges?
    [Yes, master, yes! Mmmm, hmmmm!]

    Now, tell me now, did you ALL use your tire gauges??
    [Preach it, brother! Yes!]

    I said, did you all USE your TIRE gauges???
    [Yes, amen, hallelujah! We USE our tire gauges!]

    Pig in lipstick, hallelujah.

    Nowletmebeclear -- am I making myself clear?!
    [Clear, master, clear!]

    I'm so full of the joy of the social justice revolution I'm uuuuuuuuuh, punch drunk! That's what I am! Puuuuunch drunk ---- get me a BREATHalyzer!
    [Amen! Give the man a breathalyzer!]

    Now, brothers and sisters, we may live in the U.S. of K - K - K, but black power is on the MOVE.
    [Move On, dot org! Move it along!]

    Allahu Akbar!
    [Halluhhoo… a bar!]

    Say, folkssssssss, those is drinkin' words! Leeeet's celebrate like it's Cuatro de Cinco all over again!
    [Amen, preach it, master!]

    Now, you bow your heads [turns and bows to poster of King Saud on the wall], while I pray:

    "Oh, almighty. Jeeehosaphat, we're tired. We are so TIRED of folksss opposin' our plans. You know we try, oh great rooster, we try. We hooooope, and we hooooooooooooope........ but there's no change. Amen.

    Pass the collection plate, Mitchell."

    [Closing hymn sung: Praise the Lord, I Gotta Shovel]

    (Ed. note: End of off the cuff remarks. Next 62 minutes spent reading. After the service, congregation got punch drunk.]

  66. Sure hope someone took a photo of that, Jamie.


    Exactly what an IMPOSTER, usurping, Chicago thug, president would have to do. When your authority is illegitimate, you have to dispense "justice" from the barrel of a gun.

  67. There is a photo, but it is blurry. They even tried to zoom in on one of the guys but you really can't see anything clearly.

    I know that the SS carry guns and that they have to protect POTUS, but I have NEVER heard of them openly displaying their weapons during a motorcade.

    It was originally posted on Gateway Pundit.

    Daily Kos is commenting on it, too. I've never been to their site before. weird.

  68. You were brave to risk the assault to your intelligence and sensibilities that is the regular fare over at D.K..

    Kinda makes you want to bathe, huh? And run your anti-virus software, huh?

    I'm sure the usual anti-gun, give the police a billy club instead, idiots will come up with an excuse for their adored reader. "Oh, but, it's because of George Bush and all his religious followers who cling to their guns and hate illegal aliens. That's why the Secret Service now has 50 caliber guns mounted on top of the tanks that follow the One wherever he goes."

  69. Yep. That's what it was like. I'm running Ad-Aware and deletely Temp files as we speak. I have to do that anyway, at least a couple of times a night because of all the spyware that's downloaded from various sites I visit! Slows this old PC down too much.

  70. Message received: "Girl marine a-okay."


    In Kenya, all things being equal.... he WOULD have been assassinated by now.

    The country he hates with all his ... hmmm, can't say soul.... being (shrug), the United States of America, is where a lying imposter is safest in the world!

    And soldiers, marines, sailors, and airpersons are putting their lives on the line -- right now -- for the freedom of the likes of him.



  71. === Two auto biographies written before anyone was even interested in him? PUh-LEEEEEZE.===

    Did you know that the 8th grade English Lit textbooks used in Racine, Wisconsin in the 2008 school year had an entire chapter devoted to Obama? Yes, before he was ever elected Pres, they had an Obama chapter. It was titled "Dreams From My Father". The chapter was added in 2005 and used as early as the 2007 school year. Talk about indoctrinating our children!

    === The mother says she did some research on McDougal Littell and found chairman and CEO Alfred L. McDougal of Chicago has made contributions to Obama's campaign. ===

    Apparently the chapter was removed from later editions after Obama announce his bid for the nomination. (or, after it was revealed).

    source -

    All I can say is this - you need to pay attention to the books that your children are provided in the govt schools. You also need to pay attention to the video games that your kids may be playing because some of them have imbedded Obama Ads in them.


  72. I just received an email from a friend of mine warming people NOT to log on to CARS.COM. Here is what his email says:

    === Jul 31, 2009 2:16 PM

    If you log on to and accept the privacy terms, the government now has the right to take all the information on your computer. That will include all your personal information, bank records, transactions, web site log ins, EVERYTHING ON YOUR COMPUTER.

    I am not saying the government will take your personal information. I am telling you that accepting the terms will allow them to.

    Is this what our government is coming to? ===

    This was an original email, not a forwarded, mass email. Now, this email was sent to me by an older gentleman who doesn't usually send out things that are questionable. I have emailed him back to ask me where he got this information.

    My friend has a lovely website dedicated to Georgia's war heroes -

  73. "If a man speaks in the forest where no woman hears him, is he still wrong?"

    My husband asked me that tonight. I guess he doesn't want to go camping for awhile. Dang.

    Save The Clunkers - a new campaign. Matter a fact, lets all drive clunkers. I drive an 02 F150 four on the floor with 5 overdrive, and 4 high and low on the floor, also. I took it for a tune up two weeks ago and the guy goes, Damn! Look at all these sticks! You never see this anymore!

    Ya got-am right, bro. A real American truck. And I wouldn't trade it for a pharrari, no way! I'm keeping it forever, testamony to a bygone era, and how many little death traps I can run off the road. Well. Think about it, anyway.

    Back to school books and an aside - I wondered how many home schoolers, now retired, are here? We would be the Moms who participated in the home school movement in the eighties, children now having children.

    It worked in my family, six years of home schooling, 1984-1991. It was the best years of our life, and we are all still very close like that, and they turned out above average. I mean, with strong values they never compromise, narry a thief or liar among them, hard working, save their money, and always in pursuit of self education and deeper meaing. Also, happy to report, all 5 vote republican. Now there's a reason to home school!

    TOTUS is probably partying tonight with that Italian prompterbabe he bragged about.

  74. TOTUS, do you have any comments about the Posters floating around L.A. depicting Big Guy as the Joker?

  75. Jamie-
    My husband said Glenn Beck did a segment Friday on the issue on logging onto and signing into that website. Glenn's warning was just as you said.

    FoxyFriends this early Sunday am did a montage segment on O'Bama's 'letmeclear' (with 'now' either before or after occasionally inserted).

  76. Does anyone know if congresspersons are required to have town halls while they are "on vacation?" In my state -where we have 2 semi-firm R's, and my own Rep Tom Price is very firmly conservative- if they had town halls we would all be in agreement. So no biggie.

    In red states and red districts however, can those congress-peeps just bail and, say, go to Baghdad for a photo op a la John F'n Kerry? Or Syria, a la Fancy Nancy and just avoid the voters entirely?

  77. They can bail if they choose. But they are just avoiding the inevitable. Angry people will just get angrier if their Rep or Senator attempt to avoid meeting with them. SO, what's the problem? if they are so sure that they are voting in their constitutents best interests, they should be able to hold a townhall meeting and defend their votes.

  78. bettyann, I got a chance to watch Glenn Beck's Friday show (I DVR it everyday since it comes on while I'm at work). What he showed about's "terms and conditions" is pretty creepy.

    These days I delete the temp internet files several times during an internet session, simply because of all the spyware that gets loaded into my system's memory while I'm cruisin' the net slows down my system to a crawl.

    I have a firewall and security anti-virus software. Its about all I know to do. But who knows if it is enough to protect me from ALL invasive downloads, especially if the govt is doing things to monitor and track everyday American citizens! I occasionally check to see if there have been attempts to "hijack" my system. I may need to start checking more often.

  79. Did you notice the only two people at that table stuffing their faces with peanuts were Big Guy and Joey. They couldn't stuff their mouths fast enough. The only ones laughing and giggaling were BO and Joey. How much did this beer fest cost us? Too much for zero game.

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