Thursday, July 2, 2009


The White House in its effort to be transparent posted all of the salaries earned by folks working here.

Toes and Gibbsy are making the max at $172K? Someone needs to call security, because we've got some major theft going on here.

Perhaps the worst is Jon Favreau, you may know him as the guy who always plays the fat schlub to Vince Vaughn's sleek, smart character in the movies, and now plays the fat, schlubby director of speechwriting to my sleek, smart technology. He's earning $172K, too!

Me? I'm talking to payroll. I want to get my salary routed through the Defense Department, because I deserve combat pay for putting up with these people.


  1. Yes definitely you need Hazardous Duty Pay!

    BTW - will you be one of the "powerful few" described in this article about the Washington Post?

    ---- For $25,000 to $250,000, The Washington Post is offering lobbyists and association executives off-the-record, nonconfrontational access to "those powerful few" — Obama administration officials, members of Congress, and the paper’s own reporters and editors. ---

    go here to read about it -

  2. Are these numbers before or after taxes? Oh wait, with taxocrats it is always before you get caught not paying taxes. My bad.

  3. Favreau is really writing his speeches? I need to boycott Favreau.

  4. Just saw an administration flunky defending the indefensable so I think what they are going to do is dump TOTUS. They'll blame you for the problems, claim you were a holdover from the Bush administration and bring in a new prompter.

  5. Different Jon Favreau. The speechwriter is only 26.

  6. TOTUS - and remember, Imminent Danger/Hostile Fire Pay is not taxed. Do you get a Basic Allowance for Housing, or are you stuck with being Toe's roomie?

  7. I remember now - he's the one that back in December '08, had "pictures of him and a friend mocking a cardboard cut-out of Hillary Clinton at a party with Favreau's hand on her breast. The pictures were posted on Facebook to his huge embarrassment."

  8. No doubt Toes, Gibbsy, and Favreau share your resentment, TOTUS, at making BO the Big Guy everyone thinks he is, when he's actually an empty, though narcissistic fraud.

  9. According to HuffPo, Jon Favreau is "best known as runner-up in the Huffington Post's White House Hottest contest".

    He also worked on the John Kerry '04 campaign.

  10. You definitely do! I wish I could get as lucky as them in salary!

  11. I don't think I know anyone so young making that much money so soon out of school (except maybe Chelsea Clinton.)


    The New Left we call them Progressives Today the movement was born in the 60s and 70s it included the failure of the school system to teach children an intentional movement. I highly recommend everyone read "The Return of The Primitive" previously titled the New Left, the Anti Industrialist. The Green Movement wants to drag us all kicking and screaming back into the Dark Ages.

    Robert Reich stated that Unemployment is actually at 14% because some people have stopped looking for work so they are off the unemployment rolls. 9.5% the highest unemployment in 26 years seems to me the REAL NEWS, our Industrial Base is under attack. Real people need real jobs. So far the Stimulus has protected Government jobs as in bureaucrats jobs. That isn't how the Stimulus was SOLD to us.

    Meanwhile the Congress has been spending how much tax payer dollars on travel and to where?

  13. TOTUS:
    Indeed you do, particularly hazardous duty pay. But this is all good news, this transparancy. Perhaps our Magic Negro will become transparaent about a lot of other things, too. Such as when exactly do we get to know what 666 means?

  14. Gibbs provides plenty of comedic relief at the press briefings. His giggle fit with Helen Thomas yesterday? Priceless. IMO, he's not paid enough.

  15. TOTUS - You better use your electrical connection to contact SEIU and Acorn to talk to Big Guy at their weekly meeting. You need a biiigg raise. I wouldn't take having to spew Big Guy's stupid remarks for nothing.

  16. After you have read "The Return of the Primitive", look into the "Cloward-Piven Strategy" .....

  17. TOTUS, has Obama given you the "evil eye" yet?

    Looks like MO has taught BO something!

  18. Hey, fat schlubby Jon Favreau is no longer fat, and he directed Iron Man!

    Oh, wait, you mean the other Jon Favreau. Well, he's not fat, but he is schlubby.

    Oh, and don't worry about the max $ amount for the staffers. I'm sure they would all get a cut from the WaPo if their lobbyist-administration confab ecer happens.

  19. TOTUS,
    If you don't get that pay increase I am thinking you should go all Ron Burgandy up in that Whitehouse and change the words to make the Big Guy look even more irrelevant, ridiculous and pompous. Of course, even you would fall prey to the Evil Eye.
    POTUS should unleash the Evil Eye, aka Stink Eye in Hawaiian vernacular, on those people outside of the USA that pose a threat to our national security. Of course, that may be viewed as an unpopular move on the world stage and a true progressive wouldn't want that.

  20. "That isn't how the Stimulus was SOLD to us. "

    That's really funny because, for the life of me, I don't remember buying anything, at all, not even a little bit. What I do remember is waking up to some guy stealing my wallet. Did you actually have a choice, yet you fell for the sales pitch?

  21. Stimulus? There was a stimulus? When did that happen?

  22. Aw, GEE, somebody let the cat outta the bag about the WaPo party(ies) and now its been cancelled!!!

    Here were the details as printed on a flyer distributed by WaPo:

    --- The flier promised the dinner would be held in an intimate setting with no unseemly conflict between participants. “Spirited? Yes. Confrontational? No,” it said. “The relaxed setting in the home of Katharine Weymouth assures it. What is guaranteed is a collegial evening, with Obama administration officials, Congress members, business leaders, advocacy leaders and other select minds typically on the guest list of 20 or less. ----

    Now, here is what WaPo folks are saying THIS AFTERNOON:
    --- With the Post newsroom in an uproar after POLITICO reported the solicitation, Weymouth and Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli both said today that they were not aware of the flier or the specifics of what it offered. ---

    Hmmm.... I don't think I believe them. I mean, a flyer goes out offering a dinner party at a person's HOME and that person was unaware of that?

    I'll bet all those Obama Admin folks are mad, now they won't get to make all that extra money!

    link -

  23. Isn't that Favreau guy the one who um, rubbed Hillary's um, funbags?

  24. Yep, that's the same guy.

    Funny, isn't it, that all this time I just thought BHO used TOTUS so he could deliver his speeches smoothly. I ass-u-me'd that he had written them himself. HAH! Now it has just dawned on me (I'm a little slow on the uptake - getting old, I guess) that he uses TOTUS because he is reading speeches written by someone else and he is just delivering them, like an actor in a play.

    Someday, do you suppose that this wonder-boy speechwriter will feel used once he realizes that Obama doesn't believe half the stuff he is saying in those speeches?

  25. "Wonder-boy" is likely just a shill for Bill Ayers and Axelrod, et. al. and could not care LESS what he types into TOTUS -- just so he gets that $14,333.33 every month. Reader of the Free World, that Empty Suit, just does as he's told (except to "wipe that look off your face").

    Dope is WAY too mentally lazy to have ever written anything worth reading. The complete lack of ANYthing written while the mascot of law review or as a law student or as a college student reeks of covering up the fact that Dope is a DOPE.

    Last time he wrote something serious was when he scribbled an I.O.U. on the back of one of Big Mo's business cards and put it in the collection plate at the God Bleep America Church.


    LOL, Plumber Code. They sure TRIED, anyway, to hard sell that Marx doll dressed up as as a Milton Friedman doll. Glad you weren't "sold" on that bill of goods.

    I was w-i-d-e awake when those lousy looters raided my piggy bank. I yelled and yelled (seriously!) at them, "DOOOOON'T DO IT!" They did it anyway. Left me a penny. Then, sneering, "Here's your 'Change,' the thugs piled into their VW microvan and tore up the road, laughing like maniacs.

    I felt a lot like the "Who's" in "Horton Hears a... ." "WE ARE HERE! WE ARE HERE!" Apparently, Horton was out to lunch at the time. Sigh.

    [Jamie said] "Obama doesn't believe half the stuff he is saying ... ."

    Did you ever see the movie "Mars Attacks?" Excellent political satire. B. Hussein O. is EXACTLY (even the gum chewing!) like that "babe" (actually a Martian in disguise) that Martin Short went all ga ga for. Attempting to be seductive, taking orders from others, relying on others for words, and full of vicious malevolence toward the U.S.A..

  26. [Betty Ann said] "...when exactly do we get to know what 666 means?"

    LOL. :D)

  27. oh please, the only thing the Fraud can write for himself is his (fake) name on the back of a check

  28. No, FOTS-o-las, Big Guy does write well.

    However, he feels motivated ONLY to write concerning HIMSELF: HIS life, HIS views about politics. It's so nauseatingly narcissistic.

    What's worse is that Americans bought his schtick and voted for him, without checking him out thoroughly first. He's cute, articulate (okay, Americans were also fooled by his pseudo-intellectual, professorial pauses, ie. stutters), and visibly (albeit not culturally) BLACK, so what's not to like, they thought? UNWISE!

    Americans will arrive at the sad truth come next April 15, when they realize what a fake Obama is (as Helen Thomas is finally realizing, and SHE has NO excuse), and how extremely much their taxes have increased and will only keep increasing as the Bush tax cuts end, etc.

    Meanwhile----does anyone think N. Korea is seriously going to try to hit Hawaii? Because people keep judging Kim Jong SICK as though he's WELL, which he ain't!

    He is geniunely ill, physically, possibly terminally, so I wonder if he wants to go out with a bang, if you read me....

  29. I read you MM. The crazy old coot might just do that. He might be tempted to pull a "death by cop" where, in this case, the "cop" is the U.S. of A! He is already starving "his people" to death, so what does he care if millions of them get taken out with him.

    But, alas, even if he did shoot a missile at Hawaii, BHO would be calling the shots. He probably has constrained the military to the nth degree with orders to "wait until authorized to shoot it down"; "under no circumstances fire in retaliation until WH oks it"; etc. If a missile were to make it all the way to the islands and there were casualties, I'm sure BHO already has a speech written to cover it.

    Kind of like he did with the pirates. Think about it - orders were given to "take action only if they could clearly see that the American captain was in imminent danger". They could not see the captain clearly, but they already KNEW he was in imminent danger.

    So at the first opportunity, the seals had "radio transmission problems" and could not hear the orders from BHO and went ahead and took action to take out the poor little pirates without prior authorization. (Heard this from a seal who claimed he knew.) Obama took credit for what happened, but if it had been left up to him, none of the pirates would have died. The American captain probably would be dead ("oh so sorry, collateral damage"), and Obama would have given a nice little speech about it afterward.

    The same way that Osama bin Laden got away that time in the desert, when Clinton would not give the go ahead to shoot and it gave someone time to warn Osama so he could get out. I still wonder who it was that leaked the info.

  30. The person who leaked the info is probably the same person telling the Fraud what to do and say

  31. No doubt, someone from the old Clinton admin. The Obama admin is full of 'em.

  32. Hi, MM, I have seen nothing that we KNOW B.O. wrote. What writing of his (verified as being written by Dope) have you read that is good writing?

    Given the complete lack of ANY scholarly writing in his portfolio, I'm making the logical assumption that his self-promoting books were largely ghost written.

  33. Are those books well-written? I haven't read them.

    If they're sophomoric, trite, and use the adjectives like "nice" and "cool" and "awesome" a lot, then, yeah. They could have been written by the Embarrassment in Chief.

  34. I think it's been stated that Bill Ayers wrote one of his so-called bios (the audacity of hope -- or maybe that other one)

    he can't talk or even order a burger and fries, so I doubt if he can write coherently

    I honestly wonder if he can read English...

  35. He probably can't and that's why he doesn't want to make English the official language.

  36. I hadn't heard that BO's books might have been ghost-written. If it's true, then he's a pathological liar, as well as a narcissistic little bugger. Well then, Bill Ayers writes well. He's a sick terrorist nut-job, but he writes well.

    I also hadn't heard that our military couldn't reach BO, so our guys took out those pirates, thus saving the boat captain without permission from BO. Wow, he is SUCH an incredible egomaniac, to keep them from doing this without his signal!

    Good thing Kim-Jong-SICK didn't throw any missiles at Hawaii this past weekend, to test BO----although what do you bet that Hawaii is the ONE state BO might actually protect, since HE lived there?

    (He's so into self-referencing....)

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