Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Okay

Remember how I was hoping to take the next couple of days off? Well, that hasn't worked out so well.

My White House designated operator, Felix, clearly has to go. Today, Big Guy and I were scrolling and speaking to an interest group that supported us, and during the middle of the speech, one of my screens collapsed. Turns out Felix didn't tighten one of my screen's bracket rods, and one of my screens collapsed. It was kind of embarrassing, and the accident looked alot worse than the may have seemed on video.

All that said, I think I tweaked something. It may be my ACL, or maybe my MCL, or my "T" joint. Regardless, the Secret Service sent me first to George Washington University Hospital, where there is a special ICU and care facility for senior administration officials. But a good friend of mine, I'll call him Browny for legal reasons, ended up in a coma there after having "minor sinus surgery" if you get my drift, and there was no way in hell, I was going to put up with that.

So off I went to Bethesda Naval, where I figured I'd get looked at and released. But then there were the X-rays, the MRIs, the prodding and poking, the seemingly endless attempts to draw blood where the nurse couldn't find a vein despite my best efforts to explain that I was merely a humble hard-drive. Yet the poking and prodding continued.

Then they discovered that I basically had a limited warranty, and out the door I went. Someone really ought to try to look into this health care thing.


  1. Thank goodness you are ok! This is wonderful news.

    Obama was so non-chalant about the whole thing. He doesn't care about his most loyal employee - the very one who makes it possible for him to pull off his act so successfully, too.

    As for the health care plan, wouldn't you be exempt since you are a gov't employee?

  2. Thank heavens you're alright. I've been reading other blog's comments and they are all having a good laugh at your expense. I wanted to tell them all off. Glad your OK.

  3. All the Kings horses and all the Kings men.... Oh never mind. That was when people cared for one another.

  4. TOTUS, are you going to be in the All-Star broadcast booth with POTUS? I don't think he can hold his own with baseball acumen.

  5. Worker's comp? Combat pay? You deserve it all.

  6. Glad to hear you're okay, TOTUS. I heard the news, but it's great to hear to real story. You're the only one in the White House I trust these days. Has Big Guy learned what a P/E ratio is, yet? He is, after all, trying to "fix" the economy.

  7. I'm sure they have your receipt somewhere on file, TOTUS. You'll be repaired in no time.

    Do you think BO might have a limited warranty?
    Where's his birth certificate?

  8. I was concerned, TOTUS.

    You are a true patriot, giving your life (temporarily) for the greater good.

    You deserve lots of worker's comp paid time off from the stress of it all. Being the TOTUS has to be as challenging as being a corrections officer, and they gets lots of time off for stress!

  9. Next time Toes wakes you up to work when you should have the day off... call in sick...

    Seriously glad you're okay. I can sleep now.

    I do have to say, you sure have been through the the wringer working as the Big Guy's "little guy". He should take better care. Why is there no padding around you with all the recent near misses? They equip you about as well as they do the military. If he values you in the same way he "values" them, I'd say, keep watching your back, your front and that last leg your standing on.

    Semper Fi, Totus. You are a faithful prompter.

  10. LOL! Whether or not you were ok was my first thought when I saw the headline!

    Take care friend, the Big Guy needs you.

  11. First Hillary breaks her elbow and now you TOTUS.

    Is it a coincidence that these "accidents" keep happening to the ones that threaten to overshadow our dear leader?

  12. You might be on to something Ryan.

  13. When you fell, you made the exact same sound John Belushi made when he threw a bottle of JD through a car windshield in "Animal House." Have you thought about becoming a stunt double after your White House gig?

  14. Oh TOTUS, so sorry, I just heard about it all....Greta's relaying it shortly. I really think they should get an expert on something in the White House, but.... well maybe next election :)

  15. Is Big Guy trying to make you pay for your treatment? You know he was wanting to make our military pay for their own medical care for combat injuries incurred during their tours on active duty! He had to back off from that when the American public became outraged.

    Here is what he said about that:

    "Look, it's an all volunteer force, nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine
    about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn't compute.

    I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their country. I wasn't asking for blood,just money. With the country facing the worst financial crisis in its history,
    I'd have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to try to help reduce the nation's deficit. I guess I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans."

    Hmmm... lets see. The way I see it, the military sacrifices enough, laying their lives on the line to keep us safe! And, since we are in the worst financial crisis in this country's history, and BHO spending taxpayer money as if its his own, HE is the one who is being selfish! Why doesn't he stop spending so much money trying to appease every liberal special interest group in the country?

  16. TOTUS, CaliGirl9 is right. You are a great American. (Am I allowed to say that?)

  17. Hahahaha! Seven years bad luck coming up. I wonder what he'll do with the other three.

  18. How do we even know this is really you TOTUS? Someone clearly took you down, we saw the glass (and possibly laws) broken, your hard drive spirited off to who knows where. An accident? Hardly. Only one person was oddly more nonchalant than you about this, and that was BO himself. Think dammit. Did you lose consciousness? It only takes moments for malware to infect a hard drive. I say this as a friend: We mark today's date with a black mark as the first open attempt on your sentience, and will be monitoring you for any erratic words or changes, and if it appears you've been compromised, we will spring into action.

  19. OMG...TOTUS...I clicked right over here after reading the news on Drudge. Listen...keep your eye on Toes. I think he has a BB-gun with your name on it. Don't trust him for a minute...and keep your eye on Bo the puppy...and the kids...they're innocents...

  20. Heavens, I go away for a few hours and look what happens!

    Dear TOTUS, please have an outside source check your current harddrive against your backup at CARBONITE.

    We want you back exactly the way you were. :-)

  21. TOTUS: Laughing Out Loud! Your cracking me up! Your comming up next on Greta. Get a Cortizone shot, works every time.

  22. Laughing Out Loud!!!!

    It happened during his speech!!!!

    That is classic!!!

    Great job Totus!

  23. The second I heard about this (you are the top headline on Drudge by the way!), I immediately came here to make sure you were okay, TOTUS...the free world still has its true leader...thank God!

  24. Oh TOTUS, Dear, I am so upset! I just heard. Where can I send a gift?

  25. Just to be clear, TOTUS, I'm laughing *with* you and *at* Big Guy. We love you TOTUS! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  26. Ah TOTUS - glad to hear you're well.

    Only the good die young.

  27. First you blew over with Joey B and now you "crack" under pressure with the Big Guy. I think they overwork you TOTUS - but we know without you they're lost. Stay strong!

  28. Now, we finally know why there have to be 2 screens.

    If BOTH of your screens crack up, TOTUS, is there a Plan C? And that's exactly what I mean. God d- America.

  29. Hang in there, TOTUS!


  30. Joshua, your 4:04 PM (PST) post on the last thread reveals your having inside information. How did you know it was that cat Felix? Hmmm? ;)

  31. Oh, Preptiiiiile. Where are you? We've missed your fun and clever wordspiels. I can just hear you telling TOTUS that he should have heeded your advice and put some super fast wheels on his frame and zoomed away like the Lucky Charms leprechaun before those nasty kids smashed him with their cereal bowls.

    Your friend from "north of I-10" (wink-wink-nod-nod);)

  32. Get well quickly.... God only knows what he will do on his own..... I shutter to think about it.

  33. I just heard the news and came running to see how you were. So glad you're alright!

  34. Just saw the news and jumped over to make sure you were okay. I may be laughing on the outside, but inside, I feel your pain.

  35. Oh Wow, Close call there TOTUS! Do you think the New York Times will blame this on Sarah or Dick Cheney? Looking closely at the photo of your close-call, could perhaps be a bb lying nearby with a moose's name on it or was that a lawyer's name! Will pull out the ole Sherlock kit and take a closer look. Glad to see they cannot keep a good teleprompter down.

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  37. Was BO forced to stop doing his tennis spectator impression?

  38. Superman couldn't get shots either.
    I envied that ability in him.
    Bet those nurses have never seen a vein of blue steel like your's before,TP.
    More attachments can't be advised at this time tho,even that cute little EKG from the Emergency room. Just chill out and enjoy a little "OFF" time while your replacement screen is fitted.
    Since you are in for repairs anyway tho a few subtractions might be of benefit.
    We rejoiced when you snipped those at this site peddling sneakers,weak websites,
    and contrarian arguments designed for shaming us politically.You missed a few,as seen above.
    Altho lacking sufficient bait to effectively Troll these waters,several persist in making that attempt too.
    You may have noticed.
    Not that we all couldn't use a little editing,myself included.
    I need to focus on quality over quantity,as do several others here.
    Not that they aren't beloved anyway.
    What about repairing that widget counting our Tanzanian visitors while your in hospital TP?
    Or installing a Rex button ,so that comenteers might feel the love,and lesser 'Nordogian' types possessing a smaller shtick,the scorn?
    Other improvements might be added as well.
    Personally I favor a sidebar and or search function for popular,even Preptillian postages from days gone by.
    Perhaps even prizes for perspicacity could be awarded periodically.
    Or for charming w a little more alliteration.
    One might finally win that 'Readership"
    T shirt (med),that one feels one has earned
    w all that slaving over the keyboard.
    I still wonder too, whether I will ever get that opportunity to taste Kobe,
    as so many in the Oval offfice have.
    Still no Rush pack for my efforts has arrived which as ever,remain uncompensated.
    OT ,BTW Never having earned a dime typing I have been greatly enriched
    by some of the compliments from friends here.
    I have no hope tho,of living up to a certain standard at this site which we all look up to.
    I speak of the one radiating all that luminous electro magnetism.Our Teleprompter.
    Let's all pray for his quick recovery,if inclined towards prayer,of course.
    Others can sincerely wish him well,as I do.
    I twat not,nor facebook,have no website w which to peddle krep to ya'll and offers to correspond at Gmail have been ignored.
    Yet ,I persist,hoping,as I do someday,
    to make a few customers smile,
    and if possible to do the same for our host in the attempt.
    I need to return that favor.
    Thanks to all involved for the fun here.
    It would not be the same without you.

  39. I'm glad you're OK. If you spent any prolonged time in the hospital, we would have had to shut the country down. You tell the president to say things like, "There's no time for delay." [on healthcare]

    On second thought, are you sure you're OK? Maybe you should go get a second opinion. I hear they have good healthcare in Cuba.

  40. Hurrah for Preptile, 3 cheers! You made this "customer" smile.

    I don't twit either.

    Maybe I should try ether?

    This is TWW from "north of I-10" signing off.

  41. BTW, where was the secret service? You'd think one of them would have dived to protect you. You should tell Toes to have them reassigned.

  42. Ha, Nestor, LOL, all the genuine Secret Service guys quit weeks ago. Now, Toes is using some of the local bouncers. They work nights, so they're majorly sleep deprived. Response time is a little slow.


    And now, for a public service announcement from TWW, Commenteer Second Class:

    SPELIN AERORS are tum i men fyn FUN1

    freedam ligeerty an miastaks mean sapontantaity!11111! so ke op it uop Ffoits &)h

    jsbrupi rbrt jsf tjod js[[rmz
    have you ever had this happen?

    O jsbr/

  43. Oh TOTUS, glad to hear you are okay! And not even a blink from O! He apologized to his audience, but nary a thought to you! Glad the embarrassment didn't keep you from your noble duty.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Some people wonder all their lives if they made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem.

    Ronald Wilson Reagan

  47. A Great Quote from a Strong Leader, and a Godly man.

    Ronald Reagan

  48. Perhaps the president can appoint a czar to look after health care for Teleprompters.

  49. Good Morning Dear Totus! How are you doing this morning?

    And where is Felix working today?

  50. TOTUS - as a loyal reader and hopefully a friend, can you tell me if there is a Vice Prompter? In the event of a more serious injury, would you transfer power to another...and please do not let all the power be transfered to your LEFT screen.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  51. It's good to hear that you are OK! I was really worried. Our President could have been left speechless with out you.

    Oh, and while I'm hear I just wanted to remind everyone to call or e-mail their senators and ask them to support continued F-22 production. If the Bid Guy (Obama) and McCain are both opposed you know it's a good thing!

    John's Space

  52. Don't worry little fella! Wall to wall healthcare is a-comin'!

  53. i am glad you are ok totus. you must be made of some fine stuff, you sounded like china when you hit the floor.. but here's to you getting back on your stand in no time!!!

  54. Totus, suicide is not the way out. But next time you jump like this make sure you are at the tallest setting available and hold hands with your partner and go out as a team. Leave the potus with nothing but his usual vowels. Uh, um and du.

  55. So distressed to see your screen crash -- had to rush here to learn if there were any horrible after effects. Stay well, TOTUS -- you are our only hope.

  56. Totus,
    Glad you ar OK. Listen, I don't want to start any kind of rumors, but I heard that a few overhead projectors were seen lurking in the background just before the "accident". A note
    claiming responsibility was supposedly found.
    Said they wanted to go old school on you. It was signed Bushnell. Pelosi got a hold of this and immediately blamed George W.
    Can you confirm or deny?


  57. So, TOTUS, how's Big Guy's neck today? Bet it hurts from his having to keep his head turned to just one side of you yesterday.... No more tennis-ball swinging, and best of all, his dependence upon you was completely revealed to the world, if they hadn't noticed before then.

    Still gagging from the reports of BO's "bravery," continuing his speech before your dangerous shards.
    (ralph, barf...)

  58. You fall over and break your face, and all B-HO(barak hussein obama)can do is apologise to everyone but you TOTUS, sounds like the same ole crap to me.

  59. Having a TOTUS with two screens is like having two brains. I guess you need two when you promise oodles of freebies to the masses.

  60. You are just darn lucky you went off to Bethesda Naval and didn't have to wait for the Kennedy Health Care Bill to pass.

  61. To me it appeared as though Big O looked stunned, like a deer in the headlights, after losing one of your screens. Rush said that you were toast and that, according to the Constitution, Uncle Joe's teleprompter would have to replace you. We can't let THAT happen, what with all the gaff's coming out of his mouth.

  62. Oh, PB, I can tell that you regularly partake of the koolaid.

    Its debatable that the new big guy wrote either of those two books without help, since he can't seem to remember what is even in them. And I don't recall the former president having to use a teleprompter to answer questions at every press conference or have the question set up beforehand so he would know the answers. and btw, do you think that there are 57 states, too?

    Can't wait to see how you feel about your messiah after he taxes you into the poorhouse and ruins the American Health Care system.


    There's the video folks.. pretty funny stuff.

  64. so you people think that Barack Obama can't speak without a teleprompter, when he speaks extemporaneously all the time(40% of you know what that word means and have the temerity to mock Barack Obama).

    and how many of you made fun of George W. Bush when he couldn't even read properly from a teleprompter?

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Totus! Limbaugh has written you off as dead. On his site he has a picture of you RIP and then hashed into you for helping Big Guy out with his policies.

    He did give condolenses to your survivors though. He does not rule out suicide. But whatever happened I hope TOTUS that your hard drive brains have been backed up by Carbonite and put in sub zero storage.

    We can then do a reboot and "resurrect you" as you keep us informed about big guy.

    Right now I think that this blog is being run by a "stand in" or ATOTUS, Acting Teleprompter of the United States. That would be Joe Biden's Teleprompter or ViceTOTUS. Isn't it wrong ViceTOTUS to speak as TOTUS if his hard drive did not really crash?

    Well we will have to find out the truth, but El Rushbo thinks that ViceTOTUS has taken over for TOTUS and that the real TOTUS committed suicide or had an accidental death. I haven't checked on Hannity's thoughts yet. Back with you tomorrow ViceTOTUS. And state you are ATOTUS and quit posing as TOTUS. That is fraud and sick impersonating the real TOTUS.

  67. Wow, what a big word. I'm so impressed. (I'm more impressed that I didn't even have to look it up and I know how to spell it!)

    SO, you say, ole Barry speaks "extemporaneously all the time"? When is the last time you saw him do that? During the campaign? He did do that during the campaign, at least for a while. Sweetie, it was when he was not using TOTUS that he made his most egregious gaffes. Towards the end, he started relying on TOTUS a lot. (He even carried TOTUS to use when he spoke at a RODEO, for goodness sake.)

    But all that is beside the point. The average person who posts here could care less what the man SAYS and the method he uses to say it. (But it IS quite fun to poke fun at his dependence upon TOTUS.) No, they/we are more worried about what he DOES.

    Remember, "actions speak louder than words".

    The point is that his actions do not comport to his words.

    He SAYS (quite eloquently. of course) that he cares about the poor and middle class and as a result, he gave "a tax cut to 95% of Americans". (I have yet to see proof of that in writing.) Then he proceeds to raise taxes on cigarettes, soda, alchoholic beverages, etc. Those are stealth taxes and hurt poor and middle class families the most.

    He SAYS he wants to lessen our dependence upon foreign energy sources (primarily oil and natural gas). Then he proceeds to halt the drilling for oil and natural gas on our own shores. In the meantime, the price of that foreign oil goes up and gasoline costs more money at the pump. Who does that adversely affect? Again, poor and middle class families, who need that gasoline to get to their jobs, whether it be by using their own cars or by using mass transit. Higher fuel costs are reflected in higher rates on mass transit. Higher fuel costs result in higher food prices because the cost of transporting that food goes up as well. All those higher costs are shifted down to the users of those supplies and services, the poor and middle class.

    So, being an eloquent speaker and able to speak extemporaneously mean NOTHING more than that the speaker is educated and/or well practiced at the art of speaking. (Debate team in college comes to mind here). It does not mean that the speaker cares, or even believes, what he is speaking about or that the speaker has business sense or even common sense.

  68. PB, the sarcasm just wasn't coming through very clear. You might try using "/sarcasm off" at the end of a post like that, so that people will know. Some people thought you were being serious.

    And if you really were being serious, you shouldn't be here. We might corrupt you. Can't be too careful around these dastardly conservatives.

  69. We can rebuild him.We have the technology.
    We can make him better,like the 6 million dollar man.Had that crash been fatal little
    "Xs" would have been seen in his shards.
    He could scroll further,faster than any promptczar on the planet,w improvements.
    With or without that cat Felix's "help".
    Of course we should not go overboard w a radical remake for you TP.
    I can't really see further upgrades to your wheels. Lord knows your fast enough already,per the Telepromptress...
    Ladies know that isn't necessarily such a great thing. Nor is mounting tiny 50 caliber howitzers in your armature units as per
    secret service request.If they won't call you Tyronne Power ,TP,why should you cater to their surgical requests,which could turn you into a less than willing weapon ?
    Manchuria here we come,again.

    Even w reworked "arms" and legs you could never ,for instance ,surf as well as the President.What would you do for balance?
    I guess we could get you gyroscopes,but really TP,you have way too many attachments already.
    Sure,we could fit you w floaties and that
    big orange life jacket like BG wears.
    Not sure of the brand, Sequoia maybe?
    Fact is you would look silly,and the salt water would sully your circuitry.
    Your more the landlubber type.
    Better to be a lubber than a flighter TP.
    You get more text that way.

  70. Please hang in there, do not try suicide again, this to will pass

  71. Are you sure this isn't all a cover-up for a suicide attempt? I sympathize with you. I wouldn't be able to forcefully lie like that everyday either. Hopefully in 2012 you will earn your freedom from tyranny along with the rest of us.

  72. Rush Limbaugh erroneously reported that you passed away from the injuries you received in this accident. I'm so releived to learn that he is wrong for once.

  73. Ok, what's the real story. According to the Endive it was a suicide attempt. What are you really hiding.

  74. What's to hide? Wouldn't YOU want to end it all if you had to handle every word The Big Guy says in public? About two weeks would be the most I could handle.

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