Monday, July 13, 2009

Mad for the Motor City ... Not

Toes came into my bedroom in the residence today; I was catching up on my sleep, what with the jetlag and the long hours coming back from Africa. I guess I should've guessed that Ghana was a party country, what with Big Guy's dad never coming home after going there for what was supposed to be a two week visit. But I digress.

So, Rahm tells me that my vacation has been cancelled. With Big Guy scheduled to to do a townhall tomorrow outside of Detroit, I had requested a couple of days off so I could relax a little bit before Big O and I hit the road to campaign for whatever it is Congress is going to tell him to sign for healthcare and climate change. But I guess there was a change of plans.

Now, I'm going to Detroit, instead of Camp David, and will have to put up with scrolling a half-baked speech we're pulling together as I write. The good thing is that Rep. John Conyers will be there. He's from Detroit, and the briefing materials say he is a beloved figure there, so he should be able to ease the controversy a bit. Or maybe it said he was bedeviled.


  1. Rep Conyer's wife is even more beloved/bedeviled...

  2. Some town meeting with no questions allowed from even a friendly audience except from a few ringers.

  3. The President will be in good company, especially with Conyers and his wife. Birds of a feather...Don't forget to bring the hand-wipes, TOTUS. That kind of corruption is contagious.

  4. Ah, his wife is just a normal Democrat. So, she took a bribe, what's the big deal? (ARGH!) Actually, I think she might have gotten away with it, 'cept those up high were getting a little annoyed at her hubby for suggesting there be a probe of ACORN, complete Congressional hearings:

    MARCH, 2009
    == In an startling partisan shift, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr. on Thursday proposed holding hearings on claims the liberal activist group ACORN engaged in a pattern of crimes ranging from voter fraud to a mob-style “protection” racket. ==

    link -

    Conyers backed off the idea after his wife was convicted.

    JUNE 25,2009
    == House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr. has backed off his plan to investigate purported wrongdoing by the liberal activist group ACORN, saying "powers that be" put the kibosh on the idea. ==

    == Capitol Hill had bristled at the prospect of hearings because it threatened to rekindle criticism of the financial ties and close cooperation between President Obama's campaign and ACORN and its sister organizations Citizens Services Inc. and Project Vote. ==

    link -

    Was there a little too much heat on the man? Conyers has an ethics scandal of his own, although nothing was ever done about it.

  5. Shugah nuts, why so pessimistic? We all know that everyone adores Obama and supports all of his initiatives. Just ask the msm. They tell us about it all the time.

  6. This President will have precious few 'public appearances.' These will be in ultra-Liberal, highly unionized cities populated by Obama tongue-bathers. This is NOT the 'People's president.' This is 'certain people's' President. With everything scripted & choreographed, this man will only continue to anger and disappoint the populace. And when Michigan eclipses 20% unemployment, he'll anger and enrage them, too.

  7. I have the tv on while I surf and the channel I have it on is broadcasting the Senate confirmation hearings for Sotomayor. Senator Orin Hatch just gave the best statement. In it he used Obama's own words from the confirmation hearings for Janice Brown. He specifically quoted three statements made by Obama, wherein Obama basically said that a nominee's personal opinion and empathy should NOT factor in their rulings and that a nominee's "unique background" (i.e. personal triumph over being poor, or a minority, etc) should not be considered in the confirmation process. Obama helped the Dems to successfully filibuster Janice Brown. If you get a chance to read Hatch's statement in the transcript, it would be worth your while. I'm glad that I was home and heard it.

    (Some heckler was shouting during Feinstein's statement and the police had to remove the man. Apparentlly he was a Sotomayor supporter.)

    As for Obama's popularity in Michigan, he is doing all that he can for the unions and union members to alleviate that. (for instance, giving the unions precedence in the GM buyout and screwing the investors - which is against the law, btw). SO, as you say, union members won't change their opinion of Obama because they are going to be taken care of.

  8. We Detroiters do love Conyers, but we like him best when he's out of town in DC ... We also like Mrs. Conyers a lot, and we are about to send her to a federal facility too. But here is someone Detroiters really do love ... and miss

  9. One other thing. During Hatch's statement, he made a reference to the contentiousness of confirmation hearings and mentioned that liberal groups were "trying to discredit one of the plaintiffs from a Sotomayor case". He was talking about what the liberal left bloggers are doing to one of the firefighters. The broadcast has a split screen, with Hatch on one side and Sotomayor on the other. When Sotomayor heard Hatch say that about the firefighter, she made a little frown and cocked her head a little bit. I don't think she knew about that. Wonder if it will bother her that such is going on in her behalf?

  10. Oh, and remember the glamour shot of Air Force 1 over NY (as if anyone could forget)? Well, here’s a
    Detroit style fly-over

    And just for the record: it’s no longer called the Motor City. Thanks to BHO we now refer to it as NoMo City.

  11. I loved Tony Snow, and I miss him.

    I, too, remember the hatred spewed by the liberal bloggers when it was announced that Tony had cancer. They did the same when Laura Ingraham was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    And people who post here call some of our posts "mean" because we poke fun at Obama and his missus. They don't know what mean is.

    Those folks need to go to any of the liberal blogs sometime and read what they have to say. Check out what they are doing to the firefighter, trying to destroy the man's life.

  12. I loved Tony Snow. His show was great and when you compare his in depth knowledge and grace with the bumbling arrogance of Gibbsy---well, it just has to give one pause. And I remember the acidic liberal comments regarding his health as well. Funny how compassion seems measured out in cupfuls for some demographics and in teaspoons for others.

  13. totus did big guy check in on his brother while he was on the dark continent?

  14. "...before Big O and I hit the road to campaign for whatever it is Congress is going to tell him to sign for healthcare and climate change."

    OH you are leaking TOTUS!! And what's with this Ghana speech and our Magic Negro objecting to thugs skimming 20%? Biased judicial circuits? Government interference in private business? But he was in campaign mode again....riiight. I get it.

    Everything makes sense if you just remember he's campaigning. Campaigning campaigning campaigning. Persuading voters. Do they get to vote for him in Ghana? Surely he was talking to them - not US. Oh, unless he really does plan to run for president of the world. I'm sure that if the Messiah so deems, the media will gladly roll up their sleeves for him. He being kind of like God and all.

  15. Here is the part of his statement where Senator Hatch uses OBAMA'S OWN WORDS -

    === I've also found guidance from what may seem to be is an unusual source. On June 8, 2005, then-Senator Barack Obama explained his opposition to the Appeals Court nomination of Janet Rogers Brown, an African-American woman with a truly compelling life story, who then served as a justice on the California Supreme Court.

    Senator Obama made three arguments that I find relevant today.

    First, he argued that the test of a qualified judicial nominee is whether she can set aside her personal views and, as he put it, quote, "decide each case on the facts and the merits alone. That is what our founders intended. Judicial decisions ultimately have to be based on evidence and on facts. They have to be based on precedent and on law," unquote.

    Second, Senator Obama extensively reviewed Justice Brown's speeches off the court for clues about what he called her, quote, "overreaching judicial philosophy," unquote. There's even more reason to do so today. This is, after all, a nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

    Judge Sotomayor, if confirmed, will help change the very precedence that today bind her as a Circuit Court of Appeals judge. In other words, the judicial position to which she has been nominated is quite different than the judicial position she now occupies. This makes evidence outside of her Appeals Court decisions regarding her approach to judging more, not less, important.

    Judge Sotomayor has obviously thought, spoken and written much on these issues. And I think we show respect to her by taking her entire record seriously.

    Third, Senator Obama said that, while a nominee's race, gender and life story are important, they cannot distract from the fundamental focus on the kind of judge she will be. He said then, as I have said today, that we should all be grateful for the opportunity that our liberty affords for Americans of different backgrounds.

    We should applaud Judge Sotomayor's achievements and service to her community, her profession and her country. Yet, Senator Obama called it, quote, "offensive and cynical," unquote, to suggest that a nominee's race or gender can give her a pass for her substantive views. He proved it by voting twice to filibuster Judge Janet Rogers Brown's nomination, and then by voting against her confirmation.

    I share his hope that we have arrived at a point in our country's history where individuals can be examined and even criticized for their views, no matter what their race or gender. If those standards were appropriate when Senator Obama opposed Republican nominees, they should be appropriate now that President Obama is choosing his own nominees. ===


    Hey bettyanne, he IS campaigning - to be KING OF THE WORLD. He is prepping the youth of Africa (and the rest of the world) to vote for him when he runs in a few short years. He has to destroy this country first, that will take a little while to do, with the help of the dolts in Congress.

  16. Okay, great quote from Hatch, Jamie----but here's the problem:

    IT'S ALL AN ACT! The Republican Senators are planning NOT to do their job; they have NO intention of blocking Sotomayor's confirmation.

    Carl Cameron gives S's speech today an "A" for her demonstrating (via her end-run comments today) that she at least "listened" to the Republicans' issues with her.

    SO WHAT!? So she "listened!" She doesn't plan to CHANGE her views. Instead, she merely plans to be careful NOT to make a forced error while questioned, and then sail on into a LIFELONG JOB ---- as a fully functioning, typically-LYING (because the truth won't get her confirmed; see Souter) liberal.

    Lord, TOTUS----you're in the Third Most Corrupt City in American, right after D.C. and Chicago. Hang onto all your parts and try to get through the speeches without freezing up, okay?


    What happened!?


  19. I don't think the Republicans could stop her confirmation regardless of what they did.

    I'm just glad that Hatch said what he did because it shows what a fraud (i.e. Democrat) Obama is. Emphasizes that the Dems have double standards.

    Also, since Hatch said it during the hearings, it is now a part of the official record. And since it was recorded when Obama originally said it, his words are also in the official record of those hearings. SO, Obama can't deny saying it. Some (not many) of the msm are reporting about it.

    Debtstar - your link did not bring up anything at Yahoo.

  20. R.I.P. TOTUS

    Rest In Peices.

    - The Cat

  21. Learn how to spell, Josh.

    Or just use spellcheck. Its what the grownups do.

  22. Headline on Hotair reads, Tragedy at the White House

    Destroyed!? Not likely. Totus may be down, but he's not out. Big Guy would dissolve like the wicked witch without TOTUS.

    AFter TOTUS's one screen "bit the dust" (TOTUS, we told you they'd come for you...) Big Guy had to finish reading off of only the remaining screen. Can you imagine? Man, I wish I'd been there. I laughed so hard just reading about it.

    Good trick Totus! That's classic. No no tennis head for BO after that. He must have gotten a good neckache reading to only one side. Fabulous.

    You are good TOTUS. I can't wait to hear all about it.

    Oh, and I love how they add that shards of glass remained at Big Guy's feet for the remainder of the speech. Awww! That must have been awful for him. Such danger. He really puts himself out there for the sheeple. I have to go watch the video now....

  23. Relax Totus is in critical condition, but they haven't said he expired. Remember him in your prayers and maybe he'll pull through this. Besides he is on the presidential health care plan so he's getting the best care money can buy!

  24. TOTUS knew too much. The Big Guy is taking a page out of the Clinton Whitehouse archives. TOTUS, along with his white grandmother, goes under the bus. I am sure a "new" TOTUS will appear soon. Now if he can just get someone to stuff classified information from his college years into his boxers so that the Press won't ever ever ever ever find them, he's home free.

  25. I ran here as soon as I heard the news. I would say more, but they haven't loaded my remarks into my TelePrompter. I'll check back soon.

  26. TOTUS, don't let them shatter your hope for change....stay strong my friend.

  27. Oh my gosh! Are you OK? What happened? Tell me it was a set-up where other teleprompters were intentially fell on the grenade for the team so Mr. B could pretend he could 'speak from the heart' and 'off the cuff'.

    I hear there were shards of glass and I don't see an update.

    Are you there Totus?

  28. I thought Obama's comments were cold and showed that he was responsible for our poor TOTUS to be laid up right now. ABC reporting the President said "oh goodness, sorry about that guys..."


  29. It's on Drudge. This is terrible. Will we get a far-left replacement for our beloved TOTUS to take the country further down the drain.

  30. Have no fear. More than likely, that was a tele-double. TOTUS somehow got the day off. (It was about time!)

    It could be that in his place they used a teleprompter made from recycled materials which cost ten times as much as TOTUS, but used 1/2 as much energy because it utilizes florescent bulbs. They used some of the billions left in the stimulus funds.

    The poor thing caved over in exhaustion from the stress of having to scroll all the B-S. Now they have to clean up the mess from the mercury in those bulbs! I wonder if they've called in the EPA and declared the place a hazarous waste site? So much for saving the planet.

  31. Maybe this story can explain it:

    === Obama is now testing the limits of his staffers' endurance. So far, there is a palpable sense of pride in the West Wing that treaties are negotiated, complex legislation is crafted and banks are bailed out -- all on very little sleep.

    "We stay late every night, work weekends -- basically on 24/7," Mike Hammer, a spokesman for the National Security Council, wrote in an e-mail while on a recent trip abroad. ===

    But that can result in some problems:

    === One study conducted for the British Parliament found that "mental fatigue affects cognitive performance, leading to errors of judgement, microsleeps (lasting for seconds or minutes), mood swings and poor motivation." The effect, it found, is equal to a blood alcohol level of .10 percent -- above the legal limit to drive in the United States. ===

    So, I guess the study explains why the WH is spending so much money (the deficit reached one trillion in June) - the WH staff members are all basically drunk. But have no fear - they can handle it -

    === Obama administration officials, and their predecessors, shrug off such warnings, citing the adrenaline rush. They insist that their bodies have grown strangely accustomed to the rhythms of the job. But they acknowledge that the routine in the White House is more grueling than most had anticipated. ===

    story link -

  32. Good call, Jamie. Totus sent his tele-double so he could finish that nap that Toes interrupted earlier. I wonder if that has been happening more than we realize... Totus, you rascal!

    And the florescent bulbs... No wonder they were so concerned about the shards at Big Guy's feet.

    However, Anthony C., if Totus is actually being used as an Obamacare demo-patient pawn, he'd better have a strong powercord handy to maintain life support throughout the wait. Have you seen Steven Crowder's video about Canadian public heath care?

  33. Hey , TOTUS just posted! He's shaken up a little, but he's ok!

    Haven't seen the video - do you have a link?

  34. This can't be... Just yesterday I was... The King of Glass is dead...
    TOTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...I'm having a hard time...,,., breathing....... here......(spinning) THUMP!!!!!!!
    I think I'm going to go spray some windex on the neighbors car...
    Memorial Service for TOTUS to be held @Obamas Paper hut in the parking lot of "World Market" tomarrow @ noon!
    TOTUS your blog cracks me up!!!

  35. The King of Glass! InGodWeTrust not man - YOU crack me up! I laughed out loud on that post.

    BTW, what would spraying the neighbors car with Windex have accomplished?

    WHo knows, your neighbor might be an environmen whacko and called the po-lice to report you for spraying hazardous materials!

  36. I should have have known better than to post that. Kids don't deface Private Property. I have a HUGE Inside joke with Mr. Radical and his Auto Czar fleet, that lives behind me here. I'll take a photo soon and share his Radicalism with America!

  37. Yes please share it with us. We need more laughs these days. It will help us when we get depressed from reading the latest news about what BHO is up to!

  38. Hey, all you wonderful FOT's! Way-to-go, those of you who gave ol' maniac a thumping in the last thread. Yeah, he's too drunk on Kool-Aid for his brain to be informed by facts and your excellent reasoning. And, yes, the best strategy with a creep [honest debaters do not talk to people like he talked to our friend Melena] like that is usually to ignore them.

    But, on the other hand.... your refuting his bogus arguments may do MUCH GOOD to rescue someone who is seeking the truth. You may have saved some poor, silent, soul from going over to the dark side, someone just one or two sentences away from picking up that cup and drinking down a poisonous draught. A silent reader who was spared the horrible fate of becoming an Obamazombie.



    Jamie, thanks again for all the great info.. So, now the thugs in the White House are using sleep deprivation, are they? Another classic cult technique to keep its flunkies obedient. I wonder what odious indecencies those in the inner circle have been required to commit in order to extingish their God-given consciences.

    Flattery -- blackmail -- secrets -- disgusting or cruel acts committed as "initiation" -- isolation from family/friends -- sleep deprivation......... drugs?.....

    ......wonder what else Hopey the Evil Clown and Co. have going? O.O

    Seriously, I have sometimes wondered about poor ol' Giggly. He is SO INCOMPETENT that I'm wondering (doing a lot of that huh?) if just before every press conference, they walk him past the little room in the basement where his loved ones are so he can get a little "motivation" by looking at them through the open door, sitting there on the floor, gagged and bound, with a gun pointed at their heads. The poor man is nearly unglued every time he gets behind that mike.

  39. Conyers is only beloved in the city of Detroit only.....the rest of us Michiganders are on to him. If you get a chance, ask him how his wife Monica is doing.. She is getting ready for a stay at the big house for conspiracy, all she did was steal a few thousand dollars. Of course hubby is in no way involved.. I am sure he did not notice an extra 20K lying around the house. stay clear of him.

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