Monday, July 20, 2009

It's All Adding Up

Big Guy and I joined a group of middle school kids this morning in the Oval. We initially hadn't had the meeting on O's official schedule in the hopes that it wouldn't get a lot of attention.

But nothing Big Guy does goes without notice, so the meeting was a little awkward in as much as Big Guy had to may the kids pinkie promise not to talk too much about our request. You see, these kids won a national math competition, and we were meeting with the individual winner, the two teams that won.

And while I can't go into too much detail about the meeting, I feel fairly confident in saying that we'll have the new budget deficit figures ready for public consumption by Thursday, since the new, er, analysts need to be in Philly in time for the Jonas Brothers concert.


  1. another thing that is adding up as to why Obama is hiding the the truth about his birth certificate

    scary stuff that people could vote for a MORON who ran on a VAGUE platform of " change" and is also an ironic Democrat, but hey..Democrat DON'T lie?

  2. speaking of "change" though, how's it working for you folks out there?

  3. Glad to see you are back! All of us FOTUS missed you dearly.

    Speaking of that elusive birth cert - Here is a video that all should watch. It shows that "inquiring minds want to know" all about it. I actually sat here in front of my home pc and clapped:

    Wait a minute, you said 'middle school kids'? SO, he is already starting in on our middle school age kids. I guess next he will say "its never too soon to start preparing our future leaders" (PC speak for "brain washing") Doesn't he know they won't be old enough to vote in 2012? Oh, maybe he is getting them ready for when MO runs in 2016.

  4. Hey TOTUS, I just watched a video of your box speaking unscripted to that CNN guy (whats-his-name) in Ghana. Proves you that he should NEVER speak without your help!

    In it he makes the statement:

    "African Americans are more fundamentally rooted in the American experience because they don’t have a recent immigrant experience to draw on. It’s that unique African American culture that has existed in North America for hundreds of years long before we actually founded the nation."

    Hmmmm.... so just when was our nation founded?

    link -

  5. Nearly $20 million of the 'stimulus' money has gone to ham and other pork products. That is 'pork' in a literal sense, not a figurative one. Folks, you can't make this up. We have a Liberal government that wanted 'transparency' and Boy, have they got it. Talk about 'redistribution of wealth.' Tax dollars being turned into ham and bacon. And Big Ears can't do a thing about it.

  6. Bella has a link to the yahoo poll.

  7. We were promised there would be no math in this White House. Promises made, promises broken.

    Hope they're not going to turn you into a calculator TOTUS.

  8. How is this possible - TWO Obama gaffes come on on the same news day! (No, he didn't make them on the same day.)

    my, my ....

  9. TOTUS,
    Did you change efficiencies to in-efficiencies?

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  11. As for those stimulus funds being spent unwisely, what happened was that there was a misunderstanding when BO told Fancy Nancy and Prince Harry to "go ahead and load up the bill with pork" so they could get it passed.

    But, as usual, BO will deflect this as something completely out of his control....

    Wait a doggone minute - doesn't BO have one of those Czar or Czarina people assigned to watch over the spending of the stimulus money? And isn't this Czar answerable directly to POTUS?

    FOUND IT -
    Earl Devaney - Stimulus Accountability Czar

    He has $84 million to run his office through September 2011, out of some $350 million for oversight. Looks like he will be able to buy a lot of ham and cheese sandwiches with that!

  12. I hate to break it to you, dude, but this is the lamest, un-funniest blog I've ever read. Ok, maybe Perez Hilton's worse.

  13. TOTUS:
    Go Totus Go! You sure know how to "sic" it to him!

    A few more gaffes like that and they'll start parodying him on SNL, where most people get their real news.

  14. There you go! Clefnote gets his news at SNL, too! I rest my case.

  15. Aw, gee. It's not funny to you Clefnote?

    Well, I guess we will just have to disagree. Because I think its HILARIOUS! And terribly serious at the same time. Maybe that's the problem. It deals with real world subjects, like the destruction of our economy.

    And why would anyone in their right go to Perez Hilton's blog? I guess suppose a blog like that is for left-minders only, huh?

  16. Greater inefficiencies, TOTUS?? I bet he'll throw you under the bus too. Hey, maybe you can show your stuff to the drive axle....

  17. Will the President be using a calculator this time?

  18. Whew!!! There you are!!! I was worried!!

  19. "Fancy Nancy" and "Prince Harry?" Did they find more of Michael Jackson's kids...?

  20. Clefnote just confirmed what I had already learned from the failure of Franken's comedy career-Lefties aren't funny...

  21. Hey, Sgt. Joe -- "change" is doing NOTHING for me.

    Given what Dope is attempting to dish out, that is a good thing.

    The economy is slowly recovering from the downturn in the business cycle...........uuuuh, ooooh...... the Con Man in Chief is printing more money...... dang. Just when things were about to get better...... we get kicked in the head by a donkey.

    We (the U.S.) get dissed daily by that Embarrassment, too. "Americans need to learn to speak more than one language." Speak for yourself, you Marxist Muslim from Kenya.

    I don't let D'oh!'s sneers and slams get me down though,

    "When kicked by a jackass, consider the source."


    Jamie, great quote -- hadn't seen that one. LOL. What an oaf. Dumb as an ox! Er, make that a box, heh, heh.

    Guess little Barry's homeschool joined with some others for a little confab.

    Needs the U.S. History Champs to come for a visit, too. What a DOPE.

    Barry's Answers to Middle School Quiz

    How many U.S. states?


    What is the official language of Austria?


    What percentage of 3.4 trillion is 1.7 billion?

    50% (in any event, "big")

    When was the U.S. founded? Name founder.

    1492. Columbus Caesar.


    Sonny SuchanEyesore: Another lie from my imminent lips is "eminent."

    D'oh!: My health uuuuuh care plan will create "inefficiencies."

    Sonny: That sounds pretty good, Barry. Is that it?

    D'oh!: Eminently.

    Sonny: Your "stories" of information are incredible.




    You, too, Betty Ann. Loved the account of your fun, good old American-style, camping trip.


    Sure hope Melena isn't gone for good. She was so cool.


    IGWTnm, you are a Drama Queen. Just kidding.

  22. Ellen K, you are so right :D. The chief lefty (voting record rated most liberal in the U.S. senate) can't tell a joke right to save his soul.

    Guess that's what he tried that time (years ago) his soul was on the line.

  23. I've been posting over on American Thinker. SO many interesting posts to comment on. Gives me an outlet when things get slow here. Plus, I don't feel the need to post so MUCH info on here. I terrorize the folks on AT instead. I know folks get a little tired of the info overload sometimes.

    I'm so glad to see TOTUS is back posting.

    BTW TWW, you are pretty cool, too! SO funny!

  24. Ellen K - Great comments!

    TWW and BettyAnn - YeeHaw!!! Just LUV you guys (and Gals)

    Clefnote - It's STILL a free country (at least for now) so if you don't like this blog, don't read it!

  25. Thank you so much for the encouraging words, Jamie and Lisammi.

    Thanks for the tip about American Thinker blogging, Jamie. Sounds like you've found a good outlet for your highly informed opinions.

    Say, I was thinking back to something Free USA said on the last, l-o-o-o---o-o-ng, thread about all the pigs and other animals in D.C. being basically the cast of "Looney Tunes" (LOL). This morning, when I heard a caller to the Dennis Miller Show (he's fairly conservative and very funny) pronouncing the Imposter's name as so many folkssssss do, "barakobama" with no break or pause between the "k" and the "o," I thought, "Ha. Barakorama."

    LOONEY TUNES. FUNORAMA. Hopey the Clown and the ring leaders behind the scenes. The spookiest show in town.

  26. Speaking of Drama Queens: Today, 7/20, six destructive months of "The Hack" being in office! Blahhh!

    You Girls Should host A TOTUS Tuperware party, I have lots of plastic lids I need to replace... (kidding)

  27. Hasn't learned a thing...NEVER have anyone smarter than you, in your office...and pinky swear? Seriously? Maybe we could use that to resolve the wars???

  28. "... the meeting was a little awkward in as much as [Dope didn't manage to make it past the fourth grade]."

    Middle School Math Whiz: So, Mr. President --

    Dope (interrupting): Call me Barry. That would be more uuuuuuuh.....

    Whiz: Appropriate?

    Dope: Yeah.

    Whiz: So, Mi- Barry, how many years did you have to go to school to be president?

    Dope: Uuuuh, oh, about three or four.

    Whiz: Dude! I could be president right now!

    Dope: Uh, no, kid, sorry. I'm... uh... special. I have a gift.

    Whiz: Well, I'm "gifted."

    Dope: And you also have to be at least 41 years old.

    Whiz: Forty-one, huh? Well, (chuckles) I'll just do like you did with the born-in-the-United States requirement and say I was born in 1971. Got any good ideas for where I can hide my birth certificate and school records?

    Dope: Hmmm. Pinky swear not to tell?

    Whiz (after hesitating a second upon remembering Dope's fly catching habits, links pinkies): Swear.

    Dope (whispering): I used my grandmother's casket. (giggle) How's your grandmother been feeling lately?

    Whiz: She just won her class in a half-marathon.

    Dope (shakes head): Doesn't sound good, Whiz. Here's what you do. Just slip of this (reaches into pocket and pulls out a white, powdery, substance) into her coffee twice a week for a month and........ oh, dear..... no more grandma.

    And, uuuuh, if the opposition candidate hassles you about being skinny and looking kind of young and having no experience, use this: "Ghengis Khan was experienced; Jesus was a little kid."

    Whiz (slyly): So..... Barry. What will you give me to not tell anyone about what you just said?

    Dope (big [GRIN]): Well, now, Whiz, I guess I'd just have to give the police in your town an anonymous tip that you have 10 pounds of cocaine in your bedroom.

    Whiz: What?! I don't have any cocaine in my room!

    Dope: They'll find it wrapped in your detailed plans for bombing the police station and sitting on top of your stash of counterfeit $100.00 bills.

    Whiz: I w-w-w-on't t-t-t-ell anybody, Mr. Pr --, er, B-b-b-barry. (runs out of office)

    Dope: GRIN. SNAP! Catches another fly. Sticks it into Rahm's jar. Walks out of room, thinking of Mitchell, er, Michelle, and humming "You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman)."

  29. Ha, Superstar. Great idea! Putin would be an excellent place to start. Then, Kim Mentally Ill and I'maDinnerJacket and Castro and Mugabe and..... .

    There are so many wonderful possibilities. Why, Dope could swear two at the same time, like a minuet, dance with Khadafy on one pinky and Chavez on the other. Sigh. What a lovely sight. Hey, wait-a-minute. Wouldn't have to pinky it with Chavez; Dope already did the get-down-brother embrace with him. They're buds!

    And, at the end of the dance of course, Barry will bow.

    Better yet, have all of them gather in a circle, join pinkies, and sing "Give Peace a Chance." Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

    Peach Obama. Embarrassment in Chief.

  30. Wow TWW! That was a great skit... That screen play has more merrit, and more entertainment than anything on LateNight TV at the moment. (wish I had a Kindle)! Encore,Encore. (appulse is so Loud, I'm having trouble texting)

  31. IGWTnm, thanks.

    When do you want to have that Tupperware party?

  32. TWW: As soon as I start recycling plastic, or throwing it away!!

  33. TOTUS, ole buddy, ole pal, how've ya been? Had a screw loose? Or lovin' that view of the underside of the bus?

    Gosh, I wish I were as well-read as Clefnote!

    Howdy, bettyann. Glad you enjoyed the Ugly Americans' busily ruining the Liberals' Holy Out-of-Doors! What naughty Americans, for viewing, thus trashing otherwise-pristine Gaia!

    Hey, ba, the liberal comedians ARE slowly becoming upset with BO----because he isn't as liberal as they prefer! That BO: he's a closet conservative, all right....

    Jamie, ya better buy some choice eyedrops, with all the READING ya do, girl! BRAVA! I'm just sick about our tanking economy, thanks to BO's lousy math: bankrupt by Christmas, ya think?

    TWW, why would MelenaX take offense at any IGWT silliness? Surely she'll return to join our ignoring it....

    Remember not to trust ANY of BO's vows, even his pinky-swearing!

  34. TOTUS, Dear, so glad you are back! My little lab puppy was sick so I could not check in. Lots of barfing. I just told her to think about the sec-state and that would bring is all up!

    How come "two teams" won the math contest? Is this the public school thing where no one loses and everybody gets an award for "showing up"?

    Oh, and TOTUS, did you lose any weight while recuperating from the attempted murd......?

  35. One can only hope they didn't have MathLand in elementary school...if so, we're even more screwed...

  36. I find it rather funny (funny = peculiar, rather than funny = ha ha), that on Drudge this a.m. the first items listed under the centerfold are the following:

    Obama Admits: 'Not familiar with House Bill....

    White House misses deadline on spending cuts report...

    delays Guantanamo report...

    Update: Administration Delays Key Budget Report...

    Poll: Public Losing Trust in Obama...

    Danger Signs...

    RNC: Obama's health care is Socialism...

    NBC balks at showing President's speech...

    Obama: "This isn't about me"...

    Is the WH already on summer recess? Where are those little kids - we need their help...NOW.

    Where are those little kids...we need their help -NOW

  37. TWW..."Better yet, have all of them gather in a circle, join pinkies, and sing Give Peace a Chance. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it"....(yeah, sure).

    LOL...and the 'pinkies' (pinkos) seems so appropriate. Perhaps your verification word from the last thread - I think it was 'hanqu' was just a mis-spelling of hankies. So there you go, a hanky for your tears, and I'll use one to wipe my eyes from laughing at the comments on this blog.

    TOTUS - glad you are back safe and sound.

  38. Totus I knew it was your screen that broke, not your spirit. Keep misspelling words and setting up stupid comments in his speeches. Glad to see your hard drive is alive and well. The new glass transplant looks good too.

  39. To all of you, TWW, Melena X, Bettyann, MM, you make TOTUS proud. This site is funny, informative, and a great SOURCE of sanity in a post OBAMAINSANITY world, so Clefnote I feel sorry you just don't get.

  40. Hey TOTUS! Looks like somebody let it out of the bag that Obamby wants to fuck up the healthcare system with "inefficiencies"

    uh oh...

  41. TOTUS: Could you ask Barry to refer those math wizards to Gov. Granholm here in Michigan when you are finished with the budget?

  42. Sorry, Dewey; Schwartzie probably has first dibs on those li'l geniuses, out California way.

    Nonaofnaples, you're welcome; we'd lose our minds if we didn't provide "mutual support!"

    TOTUS, just how many press conferences does your run-o'-the-mouth boss plan to hold, anyway? What!?----is he trying to beat Clinton's record or something!?

    (BO certainly isn't interested in any of Clinton's budget balancing.... reeks to be us!)

  43. I'm surprised that Obama hasn't paid for complete coverage on a channel all his own.

    Think about it:


    He did it during the campaign. They could run endless loops of all his speeches and "townhalls".

    Probably a bad idea. Obama would probably want to have one of TOTUS's screens hooked up to cable so he could watch himself, narcissist that he is.

    Maybe they will pick up TWW's screenplay and make a sitcom out of it. What would be a good name for it?

    Have you noticed that after months of MO's world travel and all, suddenly she isn't anywhere around. What, too many people complain about the cost of flying her and her entourage around the world?

  44. Susan -- HOW IS YOUR PUPPY?! Poor little girl. I know how she feels. I hope it isn't serious. Please write when you can, the German Shepherds and I are eagerly awaiting your reply.

    BTW, if it wouldn't blow your cover, what do "SMIA" AND "ATL" stand for?

    HA, HA! :D Wouldn't that just be the lib thing? Have BOTH teams that entered the math contest "win." (head shake). Sure did like the pro-reward success message of that cartoon movie a few years ago, "The Incredibles."

    Yeah, Free USA, LOL, it was "hanqu." "Hanky," ha, ha,h aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Well, America certainly did blow it when it let ACORN get away with "winning" the election.

    Hmmmm,"pinko" and "pinky"..... I think you're on to something there.

    Nice summary, of the recent stall tactics of Dope and Co.. Your set up makes it super clear that B. Hussein is: 1) lazy and 2) dull and 3) a megalomaniac (When I heard that line from D'oh!'s speech I thought, "Well, if it's not about you why are you mentioning you?"

    Hi, Nona of Naples. There are so MANY clever, informative FOTs that post. Some more frequently than others. It IS a fun and informative site.

    ML (Math Land?!), if "MathLand" was a curriculum that involved having the poor students reinvent the wheel of math, i.e., instead of, for instance, simply teaching them how to do long division, having them experiment and experiment and experiment until they finally, by sheer, mind numbingly tedious, effort, come up with the answer.

    It's like the math teachers are all frustrated higher math Ph.D. drop-outs who want to enjoy purely theoretical math vicariously via the little kids in their classrooms. Irrational and self-centered. Hmmmm, that's the definition of some word I can't quite recall........ "progressive," perhaps?

  45. [Jamie said] "... after months of MO's world travel and all, suddenly she isn't anywhere around."]

    B.O.'s masculinity index falls 40 points every time she's seen with him?

    That revealing photo of her GLARING at Ms. Sarkhozy?

    The yellow dress? The big green plastic daisy?

    Maybe they're working up a new wardrobe for her.... . (C:


    Name for show: "Jungle Boy?" "Barry's World?" "I Can't Believe This Is Happening!?"

  46. How about "Barry Saves the World"?

    Yeah, a new wardrobe. As a way to show how much the Obamas love their Muslim brethren, MO is going to start wearing abayas. Since she is such a fashion icon, while she was in France she ordered some of the new designer abayas that the French designers have come out with. (Once BO gets her used to that, he's going to go for the burka!)

  47. I think a better title for this blog entry would be, 'It's All Crumbling Down.'

  48. I think MO is in AZ at a fat farm sweating to the oldies! Like I said before, she disappeared betw the Nov 4th and Jan 20th. Had to get those arms toned!

    {TWW- SMIA is for the Sat Morning in America- Atlanta chapter - which is a political fan club of Bill Bennett's 6 to 9am eastern time radio show. We are political fans-not groupies!

    Puppy is better more barfing...but she has NOT been exposed to the sec-state on TV today so one cannot be sure she is cured.}

  49. OMG-
    Sec-state in on Greta...gotta get the puppy doped.

  50. Hey Susan, we're neighbors, sort of. I'm over here right outside of Birmingham.

    I really am sorry that your little one is sick. Puppies are so precious. Hope she gets better soon. You will need to leave the tv off, though. BO is going to be flooding the screen with his visage and yakking a lot more, trying to sell his crappy health care plan.

    If your pup is like my little Yorkie, she needs to chow down on some grass. Not just any grass, though. When my little Toto has an upset tummy, he wants to go outside and eat some grass. He noses through the grass until he finds just the right blades to eat. (They all look the same to me.) It works every time. Go figure. Dog medicine. Maybe we should send some puppies up there to BO to give him some advice on health care.

  51. Glad to hear your puppy is doing better, Susan of the Sat. Morning In America "fan" club. I thought about your puppy this evening when I watched (as much as I could stomach of that wicked witch, H. Rotten) Greta's interview. Barf!


    Jamie, glad to hear you like dogs, too. Yorkies are SO CUTE. And, if bred well, have wonderful, sweet, not overly yappy, personalities. My friend's Yorkie will let you cuddle him all day long. He loves it!

    As I've said before, I LOVE dogs. I think cats are lovely, but don't want one for a pet; much too self-absorbed and fickle for me. Ya know, I can understand people liking both dogs and cats and (of course!) people liking only dogs, but people who detest dogs and like cats? I have not met one person in the dislike dog category who isn't overly fussy about neatness or UPTIGHT or with some other "neurosis." Have you?


    [Chris said] "'It's All Crumbling Down.'" LOL. Good one. From the lack of hard financial data coming out of Treasury (heard this evening on Hannity that the TARP Inspector General can't get Timmy to cough up necessary data) and the failure to "do the math" and to make required financial reports on time, there certainly isn't any number crunching going on. Just crumbling. Bwah, ha, haaaaaa!

    I hope Senator DeMint is right: Peach Obama is about to meet his Waterloo. His Gov't Takeover of U.S. Healthcare cannons are getting bogged down in the mud. YES! (he can't)

  52. Sen. DeMint hit the Bulls Eye on The O-Lama Ride.

    Sen. DeMint has a sharp Conservative blade... He also has a Great new Book out, BTW.

    "We Can Stop America's Slide into Socialism".

    (Lindsey Grahamnesty, Cough, Cough)

    The O-lama Ride breaks down like a Government Built Automobile if you ride it hard enough!

    From Socialism to Recycling...

    TWW: I finally did it!!

    I went and threw all my plastic Tupperware Lids at the wacko Environmentalists who where protesting Captialism at the Recycling Hole today.

    I couldn't understand why they where yelling and screaming at me?

    Now I know why?

    I was supposed to throw the Lonesome Tupperware Lids inside the Big Giant Green Plastic iPod that read the slogan, "Go Green or Hold Your Breath Going Blue".

    Who Knew Recycling was such a dangerous sport?

  53. Way to go, IGWTnm. HOPEfully, you knocked some sense into them. It's good that you didn't put them onto the correct sacred altar. Now, they won't think they've converted you.

    Re: "... why were they yelling and screaming... ." That's the only way they know how to communicate.

    Well, anyway, congrats on ridding yourself of all those lids. If you're like me, not ONE of them matched ANY of the containers. It think the mismatched sock gremlin and the plastic lid gremlin are in cahoots.

    Guess we'll have to have that Tupperware party, huh.

    Tupperware, Obamacare, nothin' inside but a bunch of hot air.

    [IGWTnm said] "The O-lama Ride breaks down like a Government Built Automobile ... "

    :D) .... say.... 'bout time that pope dissing tyrant Napoleabama stops by Barry's Used Cars for a Chevrolet CORSICA.
    (inspired by TOTUS' twitter re: the only island for B. Hussein)

    Think I'll send that Dope some Wellingtons (as in boots) and a sign that says, "Remember Trafalgar!" and a bumper sticker that says, "Visualize Waterloo".

  54. The word was "molugu."

    Swahili for "it's all about me?"

  55. TWW: The Corsica? LOL! The Cavailer , The Corona, Thr Chevette-T1000! All American Icons! Barrys Used Car Lot has that Govermental portable HQ that offers the smells of overflowing ashtrays. I need to get my Goverment Air Freshner Replaced. Maybe I'll ride by and say hello tomarrow on my way to the Recycling Center that doesn't exsist anymore. "It was just my imagination... Running
    away with me"!

    PS TWW: I like to Throw everything away, unless it
    belongs to someone else.
    I perfer target practice with with those
    lonesome plastic lids...

  56. TOTUS:
    What happens to you once Big Guy loses Mesiah status? I would sure hate to see the once slathering, masterbating psychphants -the media- throwing tomatoes at you. Could cause a short.

    BTW what's up with Hillary's face? I saw her on Fox's front page this morning and she looked like a powdered prune.

    And where are you most days now? All those hot teleprompters you met in Europe are probably keeping you busy.

  57. TOTUS, Dear, are your resting up for tonite, or is the big screen on duty?

    Oh, and another thing, TOTUS, Dear, I have a neighbor from Moldova, one of the former Soviet satellite countries and she said on her Russian news programs that she watches the reporters joke about you and the BG! IN RUSSIAN!

    Did I tell you this story before? I forget...but maybe clefnote or halfnote is reading.....

  58. Say what you want about the still-born health-care bill coming from Mizz Pelosi being Obama's 'Waterloo.' I think his Waterloo was the Stimulus bill that didn't stimulate. You'll recall that it, too, had to be done 'Now.' And you'll recall that it, too, was being foisted upon us by people who hadn't fully read it. So, as the saying goes, 'Fool me once...'

  59. What Happens when Obama the Marxist Disappears for 6 Months at a time because he refuses to face America. So help us God! Let's hope the Military moves in before that would ever happen.

    TWW: Tupperware parties are a Blast. Even tho... I consolidated all my lids a few years ago, I could honestly use a new set of PlasticWare ;)...

  60. All this talk about Tupperware. I didn't know they still made it.

    I'm sure that if we wait a little while, all plastic ware (Tupperware included) will be banned by the greenies. We will have to revert back to using bowls and pots out of clay. That's if they don't find something environmentally wrong with those.

  61. Of COURSE the greenies will ban plasticware: it's made from (*gasp*) PETROLEUM, that Evil Oil.

    Lord, once again we are all being treated (as in medical HELP) to a press conference by Obambi. I wonder if he'll mention that his "health care" plan would NOT prevent our tax dollars' being spent to provide abortions.

  62. It's pretty cheeky that Chuck Todd has himself stationed right in front of you, TOTUS, and didn't sit down until POTUS walked down the hallway. Way to let everyone on earth know you'll be called on, Chuckie.

  63. WANH! "I took office when our financial system was in collapse." Already BO is whining about the economy, before he begins to gripe about our health insurance situation. What a baby....

    TOTUS! He's looking directly at the Big Screen under the Big Camera! He's avoiding the swing-left-swing-right move he uses with YOU! Too bad, because it won't work to look fiercely right at Americans: we don't like being lectured by know-it-nots!

    "If we do not control these costs, we do not control this deficit." Yeah, and the latter has increased horrendously because of YOUR ECONOMIC POLICIES!

    "What's in this for me? How does my family stand to benefit?" Oh boy, now he'll REALLY lie!

    SURE ENOUGH: "This will provide you with MORE security!" Yeah, that's the word, all right. He'll send security over, to make SURE you use the right food and the right government insurance, or ELSE!

  64. Again with the "I inherited a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit" line:
    Yeah, buddy----and you multiplied that by the power of TWENTY!

    "Health insurance will NOT be paid for on the backs of middle-class families." Lord, don't even MENTION body parts, okay? Plus, that's a lie: EVERYONE'S taxes will increase, to pay for his deficits and this h. ins. plan!

  65. I told myself I would try to watch this farce, but its already making me SICK. He came out lying, lying, lying .....

    Our stimulus has already saved and created jobs, blah, blah, blah....BLEAH!

    Oh, he mentioned TWICE within 5 minutes about how he inheirited the bad economy. And he is claiming that he inherited a TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT... What a bald faced LIE! It wasn't a trillion dollars until HE, with Congress's help, MADE IT THAT!

    OH, and the previous administration helped the economy but only for the bad old rich people.


    Oh, now its the big, bad Republicans. Oh, THIS ISN'T ABOUT ME...

  66. "It's better politics to go for the kill.... This isn't about me." Um... these lines leave me speechless.

    Well, almost: YEAH, it IS about you, buddy boy! YOU are the jerk who told a Senator that "if this doesn't pass, it will ruin my presidency."

    OH, GOODIE! May it be so!

    You know, this guy looks angry. He ain't used to having to EXPLAIN why he wants something: people are just supposed to GIVE it to him, YESTERDAY!

  67. LOL. Talking about Tupperware is like talking about a Truman-style Democrat: doesn't exist anymore and no one under 20 has heard of it.

    Well, we'll have to make that USED Tupperware party BYOG (Bring Your Own Gun) so it will be a......... BLAST!


    Jamie, you are so right. Just the other day a read a supposedly intelligent member of the Cult of Environmentalism reciting some of his sect's fantasy science dogma, declaring that some "non-renewable" resource (water or somthing) was doomed to run out soon. (head shake) As if the molecules' are past their expiration date and just >POOF!< disappear.

    Yeah, if the Environazis take over the world, we will be issued 1 (one) gold bowl (since there will be nothing to buy, gold will be worth little) and with it we will be expected to: do our laundry, make our rice soup, take a shower, and make whole grain bread out of dandelions.

    Mountain Mama, I suppose you are going to grit your teeth and watch The Reader on TV. Good for you. I can't stomach him. I'll just watch the video clips and look for your insightful analysis.

    WARNING: Keep all puppies away from the TV area during B. Hussein's propaganda film (unless they swallowed a bug).


    Susan, that is SO FUNNY about your Moldova neighbor seeing Peach Obama mocked on Russian TV. Heh, heh. Would love to read an English translation.

  68. "There's been a lot of misinformation out there." Yeah, and mostly promoted by YOU, BO!

    Now let's see just how long BO can hold the floor, the better to obfuscate and distract everyone from the problems with this plan----and the fewer questions he'll have to answer! (I credit Rush with the latter TRUE observation.)

  69. Oops! Beg your pardon for the interruption (again) MM.

  70. I'm going to have to rely on you, MM, to tell me what he says. I just want to yell at him - liar, liar, liar, liar...

    My poor little dog just ran up under the bed. I scared him.

  71. Yeah.. yeah... yeah..... okay..... so he's blathering ON....and ON..... predictably!

    "There may be a number of different ways to raise money." WHOA, BUDDY! You've been raising FAR too much of our money as it is! We cannot AFFORD this program!

    "I'm not foreclosing some of these other ideas." Yeah, good plan, to bring up FORECLOSING! Talk about a dense answer!

  72. He's still TAlK-ING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Lord, after all that rumination, BO allowed a follow-up question!

    I think the man just can't get enough of listening to his Voice----you know, his "gift!"
    (bleah, retch, gag)

    "For those folks who need some protection" from THIS, and from THAT. He is SUCH a protective guy----with OUR money.

    "That would mean money in people's pockets."
    NO WAY! The money would be in the GOVERNMENT'S pockets, and not in Americans,' not in the medical field's wallets, and not in the insurance field's wallets. The ONLY entity that will be taking in money will be the government. They will screw up the entire American health care system!

  74. "Two points." This is an ominous beginning of any BO answer to a question, promising reams and hours of blather.

    "Why the rush?" Bo answers that deadlines keep things from being enacted in DC. Yes, he means, "We MUST pass this bill THIS MONTH, or it will NEVER be passed."
    LET US PRAY he's right!

    "I'm not going to sign a bill that I'm not sure will work."

    Um.... didn't they teach him in HAHVAHD not to use double negatives!!!!!!!!!!???????

  75. Since he gets "letters every day from people about their problems" we need to go to GOPUSA every single day from now on until we can't do it anymore and send this creep an email and complain about how we are satisfied with our health care and we don't want him to destroy it. I'm going to do that.

  76. THERE he is: Upchuck TODD! "Is this bill going to cover all ... people who aren't insured?"

    "I want to cover everybody." Yeah, BO: you want EVERYBODY to wind up on the gov't's plan, with the gov't in charge of rationing treatments and meds., and knowing EVERYTHING about their health problems. ACK!

    "The...the....the basic idea, if you want health care, you should have affordable health care." Man, the guy is just BRILLIANT! WHAT A SENTENCE! WHAT SYNTAX! WHAT INSIGHT!

  77. Ooooh, I liked that question about the "healthy majority in the Senate and wouldn't his indicate a fight within the Dem Party".

    Then he lies and says "you haven't seen me complain about any Republicans.

    ANd he mentions Snowe and SHE DID NOT SIGN ON TO HIS PLAN! (not yet anyway, he probably hasn't sweetened the pot enough for her RINO tastes)

  78. And Chuckie gets a follow-up! "Isn't this a fight in the Dem. party... and you can't really blame the Republicans for this?"

    "You haven't seen me blaming the Republicans."
    No, Mr. President: it's a GERUND prior to an infinitive! Try again:
    "You haven't seen MY blaming the Republicans."
    Harvard genius, my rear....

    Lord, he's blathering on and on with the follow-up, explaining to Chuck Todd the ways of Washington. As if CT has NO idea......

  79. ACK! This guy is lying through his TEETH! NO ONE gets away with going to specialist after specialist to take the same test!

    He obviously knows ZILCH about this topic. WHO GAVE HIM THIS IDEA, that people can get their insurance company to pay for test after test (the same tests), increasing costs?

    He's an idiot. It's that simple. Hyde Park knew it, and disguised the fact FAR too long. Ack! WHAT A DUNCE!

  80. "We've colored how we look at health care reform." I swear, this guy just can't get COLOR off his mind. It's been so very helpful for his career, dontcha know?

  81. MM, I swear, I don't understand how people think he is so smart.

    Back to the inherited deficit and his stimulus. LOOK AT ME CHANGE THE SUBJECT.

    OH, so he now has saved us from having two point one trillion MORE in the deficit. oops. Did he just change it to two point TWO?

    Why don't they ask him why is he going to cut Medicare and Medicaid next year and hurt the poor and the elderly.

  82. Oh, they are asking about the cuts and he is dodging the question.

  83. I just wanted to address that point very quickly." Only he didn't; he took forever.

    Once again he mentions that he inherited a deficit! Lord, what a whiner!

    And did you ever hear of ANY liberals who allowed that GW inherited a recession from Clinton!? NO!? Why, how astonishing, given that it was already several months long!

    There it is: BO's math! He says that the 9.3 trillion deficit, he's reduced to only 7.1 trillion! LI-AR! His stupid stimuli have increased our projected deficit to OVER 23 TRILLION-----from which abyss, who KNOWS if anyone can save us!?

    "Health care is designed to lower the deficit." HA! We should all needlepoint THAT big lie, for future generations' comedy shows.
    If they can muster up any humor at all by then, after decades of a ruined economy.

    "Let's give that [reviewer of the health care system] body some power." Ye-es, and you were SO happy to give power to any group that would empower GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

  84. Oh, this is rich = my verification word was

    PHONI..... that's right, he is a PHONY!

  85. OOH, BO is practically snarling at the woman reporter who dared to ask about whether he's fulfilling his (liberal, of course) promises!

    He's no happy camper tonight, folks. He doesn't like having to WORK for his success; he's used to having it HANDED to him, because, after all, he has a GIFT!

  86. Oh, yeah, transparency. right. LIAR!

  87. Goldman of Bloomberg News: "Should you be taking a harder line with Wall Street?" Ah, this gives BO a chance to grouse about how ghastly-capitalistic the stockowners, the RICH are for the rest of us.

    "US!?" He's RICH, TOO!

    No, but he insists they made the financial system unstable. THEY did! HUNH!? What about Barney Frank and his FORCING banks to lend to people who didn't deserve loans!?

    "It's a good thing" that some banks are paying back TARP. HA! THIS too is a lie! His minions have been HARD on banks who tried to refuse or immediately pay back the TARP funds they'd received. This guy is amazingly mendacious.

  88. "If shame does not work, then one proposal I've preferred that at least shareholders should know what their CEO's are being compensated."

    sigh.... This guy really is a socialist, at best; communist, possibly. It is NOT HIS BUSINESS to regulate CEO's salaries! FORGET whatever "mechanisms" he devises: that's NOT a free market!

  89. Good, back to the loush health plan.

    eee, eiyah, uhhhh, .....

    Its STUTTER time.

    Can he guarantee?

    Of course not. He is slammin the doctors again. "That's not how it works right now". Oh, all doctors are CHEATS.

  90. Plus, shareholders typically DO know what they've paid their CEO's! If it's truly high, then it's to be able to obtain a top-knotch CEO!

    "Insurance ompanies are making record profits, and premiums are going up. What's the constraint on that? How can you be sure that those costs aren't being passed on to.... the American people? ... " Yeah, profits are evil----unless the gov't profits! That's why they need to coopt the health care system: to GET THOSE PROFITS!

    I agree with BO: constraints are definitely in order---- but constraints ON THE GOVERNMENT!

    He's just blathering now. He can't devise any actual and real example to use here. He's actually suggesting that doctors will give kids tonsillectomies, rather than medicate a child who doesn't actually require that surgery! WHY is the AMA bending over and taking this from him!?

    (At least Mayo Clinic has the B---- to reject his plan! And who are they, but practically the TOPS in all areas!)

  91. AH, now a reporter has actually asked BO why Mayo Clinic hasn't approved of BO's plan!?

    Wow, I am so surprised to find that the final question isn't even about health care----it's about RACE!

    No WAY could BO hold a press conference without bringing that subject to the fore.

    Message: if you attack his plan, you are racist, and you are a profiteering capitalist pig.

    He's made a joke that here in DC, he'd get shot (and by implication, he'd be safer back in Chicago). NO-ooo, not in Hyde Park; he and most other people would get shot there, too, if he tried to enter a home (the situation in the reporter's final question).

    And he just added to his answer, "And Latinos."
    Yeah, gotta be sure to get THEIR victimization in there, too.
    Always campaigning. Always lying.
    What a consistent POTUS we have, TOTUS.

    Well, at least YOU didn't have to lie tonight, TOTUS.

  92. MM, that was un-be-lieve-able.

    What a crock of crap he shoveled out tonight.

    Let's see, he knocked the doctors several times, the police, the CEOs, the Bush Admin, the Republicans....

    but no, he doesn't complain, not at all.

    That thing about race. YOu notice that he made SURE that the woman got her question in.

    SHe was a plant, the question was a plant.

  93. Crap, Jamie, EVERY question was a plant, I swear.

    This guy is a meglomaniac. He slams and blames everyone else, and paints himself as an innocent. HA!

    Bill O'Reilly is practically foaming at the mouth on Fox News, and Youngman ("The Hill") won't admit NO ONE KNOWS all about this health care plan----and the few bits we DO know about are horrific and ghastly for the millions of Americans who are HAPPY with their current h. care situation!----not to mention devastating for our economy.

    Honestly, if this mess passes, we will be bankrupt by DECEMBER, THIS YEAR! I don't even want to THINK about the hysteria and societal collapse that will follow....

  94. Oh, joy! Have you read TOTUS' hilarious Tweets about the speech!? They are SUCH a scream!

    TOTUS, you da man!

  95. Depressing isn't it?

    Bill O is right, Obama was just blathering and talking in circles. He did not make sense. But the media were little puppy dogs (no offense, puppies) and let him blather on and on. They should have hammered him when he did that.

  96. And TOTUS is so on spot, too!

  97. Seriously, what sort of bad news did O'Reilly receive tonight? Is his stock portfolio beyond tanking? Has Glenn Beck's show finally overtaken his in the ratings? I mean, the guy (O'R) is literally perspiring with rage and shaking nervously.

    What gives, Bill!? Are you really THIS angry with just Obama's health care plan?

    Heck, I hate it, too, but I'm not drawing a bead of "glowing" over it (referencing the Rita Hayworth story: she glows, people perspire, horses sweat.)

    Anyway, just to keep loose, I'm hitting the treadmill. To walk, I mean. Not angrily, cum O'Reilly!

  98. You girls are great. Passionate and devoute to the Truth of man. Loved every minute of it.

    This truly is the Funnest day in the history of American Presidents.

    (I think I was guy he mentioned getting hit by a bus.)

    I was so filled with laughter, I was having trouble being serious, for 54 minutes.

    (Is stupidly a word?)

    Yes, it's official kids, The O-Lama Ride at Disney World is officaly OUT OF ORDER!!!!

    TWW: You crack me up... Tupperware is no longer avaiable? A Used Tupperware party. LOL!!! (BYOG) Yeah, I think we are all going back to clay pot target practice, if Dr. Bongo is to have it his way.

    TOTUS: Great Job on the Tweets tonight. Great Job on everyones part tonight. You all are very entertaining and so very passionate about America.

  99. That's right, Bill O just said that our health records are going to be seen by the idiots (my word) in Washington.

    Glenn Beck mentioned something rather scary today. The Feds "own" GM. With that, they own ONSTAR (that GPXS system, whatever its called) and can monitor you in your car. I sure am glad that MY little GM product is an '03 and has not got ONSTAR! too old. Tax by miles driven is coming,too, mark my word!

    Dick Morris KNOWS these Dems, doesn't he?

    I don't watch Bill O much anymore, he is a fake. He goes whichever way the winds blows. He has already slobbered over how smart he thinks BO is, trying to get him back on his show for an interview. Bill is all after ratings and mo money. I'm sure that Glenn Beck is running over his ratings and it would be worse if they would put Glenn on in a prime-time slot.

  100. IGWT, I actually laughed at one point, when BO started stuttering and stumbling over his lies and the lies got bigger and bigger, but then the media let him off the hook, yet again.

    I don't need to walk on the treadmill. My heart rate got up there pretty good.

    At least I quit yelling, so now my dog loves me again.

    Oh, Dr. Lamont Hill is on, spinning away on how Obama reassured people. What a bunch of bull. Lamont Hill is usually GOOD at what he does, but he won't be able to get away with what he is saying right now.

    For instance, "I agree, I think he needed to give more specifics about where the money was coming from, but ....."

    Bill O just called him naive. He is right.

    This is good, Bill has Lamont Hill on the ropes, for a change.

  101. To quote BO (ralph), "Two points:"

    1. I don't trust Dick Morris. He's too overtly vicious re. Hillary and Bill, but I wonder (seriously!) if he's acting as a mole for them, giving lousy advice to keep them still in the picture.

    2. Bill O'R is okay. He does pander to the ratings, though, and thus constantly runs segments with photos of nearly-nude women. Sadly, that's as much a horrible reflection of the diminishing morals of our culture as it is a fact re. his show.

    As BO walked back down the White House hallway after the presser, you could just see the heavy burden of his office, weighing like a thick mantle about his shoulders. It almost made me feel sorry for the poor guy: he just had NO IDEA how hard he'd have to work, to keep high approval ratings and earn the Machine Boss role he's always craved....


    Usually POTUS wears very white eyeshadow, to make him appear younger and not so fierce; black eyesockets aren't very appealing.
    Just ask Romney (shudder!).

    But not tonight: BO's sockets were dark and full of disapproval. He's ANGRY, folks, and we'd all better SHAPE UP and TAKE WHAT'S COMIN' TO US, and GET THIS PLAN PASSED.


  102. Bill O should be replaced with Beck. Beck is haliarious, and carries a since of urgency for America. I second that primtime move. I used to get upset when The O-Lama spoke, I don't anymore. I am actually flat blown away on how good his acting skills are becoming. It takes alot nerve to lie to the face of PrimeTime America.
    Unreal.Very Sad, Very Unfortunate.

    Also, again tonight, Obama showed that he favors being the victim of Justice being blind. He has a problem with Justice being blind. He is admiting that he does not respect the Law or the Consititution?

  103. After O'Bama said the "Cambridge police acted stupidly" I really lost it. Up to that point, it was a laugh a minute.

    I don't know what is worse - his comments re: RACE, or his his new hairdo. He must have been to MO's stylist- but you could tell his panties are still too tight and high.

    The puppy was in the room during the presser and she barfed, barked, cried, nipped the senior citizen dog losing her health care and then fell asleep. I don't know whether to spit or eat a banana.

  104. Yeah, Glenn B is a hoot! And the stuff he talks about on his show is so important. He shows the links between Obama and Acorn, Obama and socialism, etc. I wish they would move him to prime time. But O'Reilly and Hannity are still the big draws. He could replace Greta, she doesn't do anything but talk about the latest gossip.

    Osama doesn't respect either - the Law OR the Constitution. Tonight he hit all the high points - race/racism, class envy, etc. Notice how he ended by reminding everyone that people rose above racism and elected him, the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT.

    Oh, wow, they just announced that one of Osama's thirty or so sons was killed by a missile strike. One down, thirty-one to go (counting Osama).

    That thing with the Professor - you need to read the actual police report.
    - The police get a call about TWO MEN possibly breaking into a home.
    - The witness to this is on the premises when the police arrive and tells them that the two men are inside the house.
    - At this point, the policeman does NOT know what the ownder of the house looks like.
    - When he goes to the door one of the men becomes argumentative and accuses him of being a racist.
    - The policman asks for id. He has to ask several times before the guy will produce an id.

    Now, if that was MY house, I would be glad that the policeman wanted to make sure that the person in my house is supposed to be there.

    My ex once went into a branch of our bank and tried to cash a check. He did NOT have his id with him and the teller refused to cash his check. He got angry. I told him that I was glad that she wouldn't cash the check. She was doing her job - she didn't know who he was, he could have been anyone.

    Well, neither did the policeman. He wasn't being a racist, he was being a smart cop.

    I guess the cop is supposed to be psychic.

  105. Hannity is going to talk about a "patient dumping scandal at the hospital that MO used to work at"......

    after the commercial, of course.

  106. Oops, I just noticed that I wrote "Osama" instead of "Obama" on my previous post when I said... "Osama doesn't respect either..."

    Freudian slip.

    The other reference to the killing of one of Osama's sons WAS about Osama bin Laden.

  107. TOTUS you looked good tonight! You might want to get someone to check that hold hard drive. I keep hearing the Big Guy say "...Let me be clear..." Is it time for that 20MB reboot?

  108. (applause) Way-to-go Mountain Mama! (and Jamie) Whew. Nerves of steel.

    LOL. Mr. "....know-it-not..." [MM]

    One of the lines I did hear was: "eliminate the profit motive... will incentivize the private sector." Huh?

    [Jamie]"... claiming that he inherited a TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT... What a bald faced LIE!" True! It was around $500 billion.

    [MM] "this guy looks angry" -- Of course. He's a lib.

    [MM] "He says that the 9.3 trillion deficit, he's reduced to only 7.1 trillion!"

    Only 7.1 trillion (assuming his bogus figures). Wow, that's terrific.

    [MM]"WHY is the AMA bending over and taking this from him!?" Good point. I wonder......

    [Jamie] "Why is it always a woman who has to ask the stupid questions?"

    Hmmm. Was it a woman who asked, "What have you found most enchanting about being president?"

    Did woman get "a tingle up my leg?"

    And, not sure, but Peach Obama of the "breathalyzer" and "Austrian" language fame, is he a woman?


    [Jamie] "... the media were little puppy dogs (no offense, puppies) and let him blather on and on."

    My adult German Shepherds agreed with you. They kept yelling, "Bite him! Bite him!"

    [MM] "... almost felt sorry for him..."

    That's what he wanted. That "poor, haggard, bowed down, Barry walk was something he learned by the time he was six years old.


    Susan, LOL, thanks for the puppy report. Hilarious. "... spit or eat a banana..." :D
    Of course a banana, what with all Dope's monkey business.

    THANK YOU, Jamie and Mountain Mama. You'd be a great commentator duo. Such fast posts!

    Yeah, Jamie, O'Reilly is all about O'Reilly. Elsewhere, I've compared him to a kid in a food fight; he throws food at everybody, no fixed principles ("Watch out! Here comes the principal!")

  109. "First black president." He is half WHITE. One of these centuries, we'll FINALLY get to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream of judging by the content of one's character instead of the color of one's skin.


    Yeah, Jamie, LOL, Ted Kennedy did the same thing. A logical slip, in my opinion. There's a hilarious Paul Shanklin (often featured on Rush Limbaugh's show) song about that: "Osama Obama! something something.... What's his name? Oh, what's his name... ." :D


    Glad you got rid of that thick headed ex, Jamie. Must have been a LOT of fun living with someone like that. Congratulations on not STILL having someone like that in your life. I know several people whose pride or fear or whatever stops them from getting away from an emotionally abusive spouse and they are terribly miserable. Good for you, kid.

  110. I watched ANYTHING I could except for the big Dope this evening. Watched the last half of "The Simpsons." Tuned into Brian (gag) Williams on NBC by mistake, but the birth certificate issue he was just then mentioning stopped my finger ... .

    With a large "Born in the USA" graphic to B.W.'s left, he spent about 5 minutes trying to brainwash the 23 people in America who watch his show into believing Barack Hussein Obama was born in the United States.

    B.W.: Even though this issue has been clearly answered... .

    [Comment: B.O.'s birth CERTIFICATE (and many other relevant, citizenship revealing documents such as his passport and school records) has NEVER been revealed to the public. B.O. has NEVER proven that he IS a "natural born" U.S. citizen.'

    B.W.: The state of the law is not settled on this issue.

    [Comment: "Natural born citizen" is long settled U.S. Constitutional law.]

    B.W.: See, here is John McCain denying that B.O. was born in Kenya.

    [Comment: The woman McLame was responding to had just said, "... he's an ARAB." To which McLame shook his head, saying, "No."]

    B.W.: Some are asserting some sort of conspiracy theory.

    Watch this video of a woman who sounds like she is off her lithium; listen to how manic and mad she sounds as she asserts in a townhall in (Vermont?) that B.O. was born in Kenya.

    We'll post this video on our website.

    [Comment: This ardent, impassioned, patriot, was not a smooth talker like you, B.W.. She was righteously indignant that a Kenyan is occupying the Oval Office.
    The "conspiracy" crowd is not behind this one, B.W.. It's ALL of us patriotic, conservative, Americans who are demanding, "Where's the birth certificate?"

    B.W.: Lawsuits attempting to force B.O. to prove his citizenship are being thrown out all over the place.

    [Comment: 1) Major Cook's lawsuit was not "thrown out." The Georgia judge simply told his attorney the proper jurisdiction would be Florida, where Cook resides. He is re-filing there. 2) the lawsuit that made it to the U.S. Sup. Ct. was not "thrown out" (as in "Dismissed"), the justices simply did not put in on the docket (as they do with hundreds of other lawsuits every year). They may think it is a good case, but not appropriate (for ripeness or for whatever reason) for them to be considering. 3) other lawsuits that HAVE been "thrown out" are being appealed (there are some pro-Zero, "justice is not blind," activist judges out there.... whaddya know).

    B.W.: Look at this cute photo of little B.O. wearing western clothing. See this birth announcement in the 1961 Hawaii paper.

    [Comment: Evidence of..... nothing! (the photo was the one where Barry is riding his tricycle, about to run down Grandma, BTW.)

    B.W. (yeah, he really did go on an on): The birth certificate is in Hawaii (see this -- shows the Certification of Live Birth) and the law prevents it from being released.

    [Comment: "The law" does NOT prevent Dope from requesting the release of his own birth certificate. Barry could publish it anytime he wanted to. The "Certification" is not a birth certificate; showing it is intentionally misleading.]

    The only upside to B.W.'s pursed lip, stony faced, pious, peevish, little propaganda bit was..... Dope and his minions must be more than a trifle CONCERNED about what the folkssss are saying about this issue.

    When there is no paper trail where there should be one, there's something wrong.

  111. Yes, I divorced the jerk 10 years ago. In my case it was FEAR. He wasn't physically abusive, but emotional abuse is just as scary. (I still flinch anytime I hear a man raise his voice in anger - its automatic.) I did not realize just how miserable I was until a year or so after when I was looking at some pictures. I realized that I was never smiling in those pictures. Pretty sad, huh?

    But you know what, it wasn't drugs that ruined our marriage like it is for a lot of people - it was ALCHOHOL. He became a raging alchoholic - and all he ever drank was good old BEER. People don't think drinking is so bad, but for some it is just another "drug" that destroys lives. Fortunately, our marriage didn't turn sour until about the last two years (after about 15 relatively good years).

    I almost waited too long and it took a couple of years to get my kids self-esteem back after he started browbeating them when they became teens. Also, its a good thing that I divorced him when I did because 4 years later he was murdered by one of his "friends". That was one of the other major problems we had right at the end of our marriage - he had started hanging with some really bad characters. I had to get the kids away from that!

    My kids turned out ok, though, they are pretty sharp cookies. My daughter married a really good guy who has a future in the military and they have two beautiful, smart children. And my son is a grad student at Auburn University in a Fellowship Research program. He actually gets paid and his grad tuition is waived!!! YES!

    Well enough talk about THAT.....

    Its funny, but right in the middle of all those posts about Obama, I completely forgot how to spell! I got stuck on bureaucracy .... I finally had to change the whole sentence.

    And, then, when I was at GOP USA trying to send emails to Obama and my Congressman and two Senators to express my indignation about the so-called health care reform, my PC started downloading a software update!!!!!!!!! My pc is so old and slow already. I got a little frustrated. But I finally got the emails sent.

    Well, its WAYYYY past my bedtime. Hope I can go to sleep and not have nightmares!

    nite all.

  112. OOPS! I watched some (couldn't stomach ALL) of the presser again, and I was wrong: BO still did wear his bright white eyeshadow.

    It didn't work, though, because his eyebrows are shaggier now, I swear! So, he looked darker, angrier, and meaner.

    GREAT! It's good when he reveals his true self.

    Wow, Jamie dear, you sure went through a lot. Glad you and your children are all doing well.

    TWW, don't you think Barack has destroyed his actual, full-scale birth certificate by now, keeping from us whatever it said that he doesn't want publicized (who is his actual father? Where was he born, really? How much did he NOT weigh..... you know.......)? I think it's 'way gone, and we'll never know if he should be prosecuted and jailed for scamming the Constitution.

  113. Dear Jamie,

    What a wonderful person you are to write so openly about your arduous experience that has ended happily. The jerk was even murdered! [Like the fitting end to that adulterous ballplayer, killed by his mistress for cheating on HER.]

    Yeah, alcohol is an easily abused "drug." What is sad is, those who cannot drink in moderation only have to reach an awfully low "bottom" before they seek help. Sometimes, they wait too long. Glad the jerk didn't, though. Good riddance. He was NEVER going to change. It had become, permanently, "all about him."

    Those were such hard times for you. And you live with the scars. You must be a strong person. And wiser than average, too. So many people in your position never get out. Your kids are blessed to have such a brave, loving, wise, intelligent, mother.

    And we are blessed to encounter you here.

    Again, thank you for sharing. You never know.... someone out there may have been inspired by your story (esp. the part about rescuing your children from harm AND the murder!!) to get out -- in time.

    Have a good Thursday!

    Take care,


    P.S. I have that same "aphasia" thing sometimes, too. Then, I start to use the word "thing" a lot. I'll write a word, stare at it and, for the life of me not be able to tell whether I've spelled it correctly or not. "Bureaucracy" is nothing! How would you like to forget how to spell " --- well, I sat here for nearly ten minutes trying to think of some clever word to put there and.... nothin'. Brain's going into "sleep mode."

    Sometimes, even though I'm certain I know how to spell a word correctly, if I read it over several times, it can start to look like an unknown word from a foreign language. Take the word, "STOP," for instance. I'll be approaching a STOP sign.... I read it.... I read it again.........

    "Hmmm. That means I'm supposed to do something..... . Hmmm.... Wonder what it was?" I mutter as I blow by that sign and out onto the highway. Of course I look before merging! What do you take me for? A reckless driver? Heh, heh. Speed limits and STOP signs are helpful suggestions, but..... :)

  114. Mountain Mama, that is what I have thought all along. Someone is lying about the genuine birth certificate being in some secret place in Hawaii.

    "Plausible deniability" strikes again!

    Dope: I... uuuuh... would ... uh... love to show you my gift, er, I mean birth certificate [GRIN]. But,... uh... my parents must have lost it. Yeah.... that's right..... lost it when they lost everything in the fire. All my school records and my passport and everything. POOF! [GRIN] Just.... gone. [GRIN AND SHEEPISH SHRUG]


    Hope you have a good day tomorrow, MM.

    Bye for now.

    Gotta go count my Tupperware.

  115. I must add, though, that DOPE STILL HAS THE BURDEN OF PROOF to establish his eligibility.

    We do not have to prove he is NOT eligible.

    If he cannot prove it by July 24, 2009 ["can't get anything done without a deadline"] -- outta there!

  116. Oh, and Jamie, take my access word, "dehyda," for instance. For the life of me.... I can't remember what that means.

  117. ..... and then, there's "demyt" [into the "de" words, now]. Sort of rings a bell, but....... nothin'. (shrug)

  118. Dearest TOTUS, seems I can't find your page on Facebook and don't come up at all in the searches. Have you been "quietly removed"?

  119. Thank you all for your kind words. I don't usually talk about such private things, but I was having a weak moment last night after suffering thru BO's presser. Highly emotional. After all that, I couldn't sleep and tossed and turned all night.

    Denise - TOTUS has *had* a Facebook page, too? I didn't know that.

    I have been wondering how long TOTUS would be allowed to exist.

    Also, I'm wondering if MO has been staying out of sight/out of mind because of the University of Chicago Hospital (where MO worked) "patient dumping" scandal that is just now coming out. It involves MO, Axelrod and Valerie whats-her-name....

    Hannity aired it last night, after BO's presser.

  120. Valerie Jarrett - I just remembered.

  121. There is an excellent interview by Michael Graham linked in this post well worth the listen.

  122. Yoo hoo, TOTUS, Dear! Yoo hoo! Hello? It is after 12noon (9am pacific). Yoo hoo?

    I believe maybe we have become too involved.

  123. Last night I stayed up so very late and then I could not sleep, so I took a vacation day today to sleep in and also to cruise the blogs and read the news on my own time (I miss so much when I'm a work!)... anyway, while cruisin the blogs, I came across another example of BHO rewriting history. It was in the comments section of an AT article -

    === Yesterday, during his comments in the Oval Office after meeting the
    three Apollo 11 astronauts, in commemoration of the 40th. Anniversary, he wistfully recalled:

    "The country continues to draw inspiration from what you've done. I should note, just personally, I grew up in Hawaii, as many of you know, and I still recall sitting on my grandfather's shoulders when those capsules would land in the middle of the Pacific and they'd get brought back and we'd go out and we'd pretend like they could see us as we were waving at folks coming home. And I remember waving American flags and my grandfather telling me that the Apollo mission was an example of how Americans can do anything they put their minds to."

    The only problem with Obama's poignant memory is, that IT NEVER HAPPENED. He was in Indonesia with his Mother and Stepfather, by his own admission, between 1967-1971 -- therefore he cut from whole cloth a fabricated past, just like his ENTIRE past. This was not merely a slip of the lip -- this was an outright false memory. AND NO ONE IN THE FAWNING, ADORING MEDIA CALLS HIM ON IT. ===

    BHO just makes stuff up as he goes. TOTUS - were you there when he said this? Did you scroll this b-s? I doubt it.

    and, yes, Susan, we are all too involved. We can't help but love TOTUS!

  124. Lord, Jamie, we think alike. Scary, ain't it!?

    That is, just as BO was saying the words, I KNEW KNEW KNEW he was LYING about supposedly trying to watch for the space capsules when he was little.

    Big Guy BO is JUST like Biden and Hillary: a pathological LIAR about his life and experiences!

    I don't know, maybe there's something in a politician that just has to exaggerate about him/herself, rather than just tell the boring truth about their lives.

    ALL people experience boring segments of their lives, so why is it so difficult for lyin' politicians just to admit it's the same boring scene at times for their lives, too!?

    I mean, why couldn't Obama simply commend the space program and the astronauts, rather than REFER to himself and LIE about his life?!

    He's such a total narcissist! ALWAYS, he brings himself into situations that have ZERO to do with himself. He's so STRANGE! The guy is truly warped!

    I was shocked to recall yesterday, when a fellow blogger reminded me about how Bill Ayers' terrorist associates PURPOSELY locked the doors and burned people inside alive with their explosives----and these are the folk BO looks UP to, guys! SCARY, INDEED!

    Well, Jamie dear, igore all that, and enjoy your day off from work. If you aren't careful, though, I bet you'll find TONS of interesting (maybe awful) things to read (and ralph about) today....

  125. I WAS enjoying my day. I had just given my Yorkie a bath (he was a little stinky. Smelled like a dog, imagine that!)

    Oh no, BHO is on tv AGAIN, spouting his lies. And look, there behind him, strategically seated are a bunch of WHITE people, most of them older. "LOOK, OLD WHITE PEOPLE SUPPORT HIS PLAN". There are maybe 3 black people sitting behind him out of possibly 30 people.

    oh, the crowd is lapping it up. Talk about ralphing! I am definitely nauseous now.

    This townhall in Cleveland, Ohio, home to Dennis Kucinich. These people have re-elected him numerous times. Kuchinich is a certified nutcase who runs for President every 4 years and spends most of his time (paid for by US) on the road campaigning! (Remember, he wanted to create a new cabinet post - the 'Department of Peace'.) Tells you a lot, doesn't it?

    "The truth is I am now President"...

    yes, unfortunately, that is true. But you aren't GOD.

    Now he is saying they are going to "reallocate money already being spent UNWISELY" to pay for 2/3 of Health Care Reform. OH, I thought you were going to tax those wicked rich people. Oh, example of wasted money - he wants to take away the subsidies to private Health Insurance Companies (more evil, dastardly rich WHITE guys, I imagine) because that "doesn't improve health care".

    He is such a liar! Damn.

    "THE FACT IS..." there he goes again.

    "Insurance premiums have gone up 9 times faster than salaries...."

    Yeah, in states where the companies are being taxed to death which, btw, are states run by DEMOCRAT governors, DEMOCRAT controlled state houses, DEMOCRAT controlled city councils, etc.

    Fox just said he has made eleven appearances in eleven days to push his health care plans, yet the polls are still going down.

    I hope people don't get complacent because of the polls and stop letting their Congressmen/women know they don't want "the plan"!

    TOTUS!!! please at least tweet so we'll know you are thinking about us.

  126. my word verification this last time????


    how sweet.

  127. Holy crap, if I have to hear "letmebeclear" one more time I'm going to vomit so hard my head will fall off.

    Wouldn't be surprised if it's a new word in next year's Webster's Dictionary.

  128. Yes, and the word is accented on the last syllable.

    And now the WH is saying he did NOT say the Cambridge police acted stupidly.

    I mean, I know I had some wine last nite to get thru his lecture, I mean presser, but I thought I heard him say the police acted stupidly!
    Letmebeclearnow, I HEARD it with my own normal sized ears!

  129. Susan, you forgot to say "And I mean it". That's something else he says a lot.

    Well, it wasn't the wine and it wasn't your hearing - he said it and its in black and white on the Chicago SunTime's website - in the transcript of the press conference:

    === Now, I've -- I don't know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that. But I think it's fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry; number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. ===


    He even says "Skip Gates is a friend of mine"..


  130. Was the word 'stupidly' on the teleprompter last night? My guess is gonna be...NO. Abraham Lincoln said it best, and Obama ought to bone up on what he said: "It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt."

  131. There is a reason our host is missing in action.
    First,I have it on good authority he has just completed 'fleshing out'
    his part for an upcoming pilot.
    Can't say much about it but Felix was the foil
    to his straightman and we know how that worked out between them.
    He just could not live up to that standard.
    Now tP is too down in the dumps to type.

    I think tP must be suffering w low T.
    It happened when a pair of mom jeans got draped over his screen during a private
    moment w First Momma.Since then that blue steel standard has just not risen as high.
    Attempts were made at E verification for him as his E was presumed at high ebb .
    Those attempts tho failed ,and long form failure is suspected.
    Still even prior to his crack up,hysteria removal during his pre scheduled hard drive D&C and PAP scanning was considered.
    It was a hysteriaectomy meant to limit the occurence of run on answers to questions yet unasked.
    Obviously the surgery was not a complete sucess.
    Further attempts to corral his hyterical nature should be opposed.
    Some of us Fotae like him hysterical,as he usually is.
    It is those folks he works for that would prefer otherwise.
    Having only disrespect for the differently abled they would prefer
    Teleprompters be seen,but not heard.
    Someone should point out that horse has already left the barn,and he had wheels on.
    He had a new screen,and an ability to lead,where others merely read.
    Those who can do so hysterically like our TP,deserve to be followed.

  132. [MM said] "He's such a total narcissist! ALWAYS, he brings himself into..."] EVERYTHING. And, when he can't find a peg to hang his Hopey hat on, he pulls out his trusty S.O.P. "it's not about me."

    "caringly." Dope's latest spin, "The Cambridge police acted caringly." :('

    Ode to TOTUS by Mr. Preptile (my favorite line):

    "He had a new screen,and an ability to lead, where others merely read."

    Susan, I'll bet a lot of America has to have a glass of wine or the like before watching B. Hussein. Cheaper than a new TV.

    That just may be the reason ol' Giggly is so silly. He looks like a former minister. I'll just bet the only way he can cope with being around Satan's little helper (as in LIAR) is to be half in the bag all the time.


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