Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vineyard Vining

I'm planning my vacation up to Martha's Vineyard in a few weeks with Big Guy. All of us pooled our money and put down $35K for a nice little place on the beach for a week or so. The place is called Blue Heron Farm, and it has at least three different residences on the property, a white Victorian house, where Big Guy and Lady M will stay, a hay barn for the press corps we've invited along since they worked so hard for us the past few months, and a shed for Toes and Gibbsy. Given that I put up 30% for the place, I'm assuming I'm living in the Big House.

Big Guy is most excited about the place having a golf practice tee and a small basketball court. Lady M is excited because she's within easy walking distance of an ice cream stand that is open 19 hours a day. I'm just relieved that I didn't pull the short straw that deputy White House press secretary Bill Burton pulled, and that I won't be on Bo duty, since cleaning up after him in the sand is going to be a hassle.


  1. So, TOTUS, you guys will be hangin' out with the creme-de-la-creme of society. Don't let those la-di-da people put you down. I guess this means we will be seeing lots of photos of BO's abs, MO's huge biceps (and maximus glutimus) ... ~sigh~... not lookin' forward to that.

    BTW, be careful and don't let those jealous of you lure you too close to the water. We don't want an "accident" to occur.

    Speaking of Bo (the dog), he should have a great time, since he is a "water dog" and all that.

    BTW, someone recently commented on the fact that it took your boss 6 months to decide on what kind of dog to get, yet he thinks that Congress should just need a couple of weeks to come up with a Health Care plan. Shows you where his priorities are!

  2. Will there be a crane involved in carrying MO's ice cream around? Or just a team of heavy lifters?

  3. didn't you know? Hopey the Clown has his own ice-cream truck/semi

  4. You're glad you don't have to clean up after the dog, but you have to clean up after the Big Guy! Cleaning up the mess the dog makes is a lot easier than cleaning up the mess BO is making.

  5. And Bo the dog's mess stinks a lot less.

  6. Oh, this high-priced vacation is SO out-of-line, during this near-Depression BO has caused, with high unemployment and foreclosure rates, etc.

    But the press corps won't address this hypocrisy one bit, you watch.

    I'm still serious that we should try to initiate impeachment hearings. Why can't we? Aren't corporate take-overs by the government ILLEGAL in a republic? Why is everyone letting this crap continue?

  7. *gasp*

    If YOU were a wild-eyed, crazy terrorist, wouldn't YOU hit America right when Ding-Bat-in-Chief is taking a beyond-the-pale-expensive vacation?

    Or does BO have this all worked out with those guys:
    "You let ME work my tanking-economy magic for awhile (though I'll often spend oodles of money on myself and my family), and I'll hand YOU a nation under Shari'a Law someday soon"---do you think?



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  9. I told y'all that MO was at a fat farm since all the overseas eat-outs.

    She has to be ready for all the photogs hanging out doing their papparazzi routine and getting a liberal M.Vineyard wardrobe ready of: capri-pants (or peddle pushers), little short caridgans (sweaters),some new madras shorts (NOT the ones she wore walking BO on the WH lawn),some palazzo pants (clown pants) and some low sandals (go-aheads or flip flops NOT THONGS for allah's sake!)

  10. TOTUS: Nice to know that at least one of us will be getting a little down time on the Vineyard. That ice cream shop just about guarantees I’ll be re-imaging MO for the next 6 months !!! Don’t get sand in that big Hard Drive of yours honey.

  11. How nice that they get to spend yet another vacation at our expense. IN the meantime, we are trying to balance our own personal budget and have not been anywhere this summer. In fact, it is questionable if we will be able to afford to go anywhere in the foreseeable future. So nice staying in touch with middle class angst Prez! I guess this is why so many people are still blindly supportive of your Cap and Trade, Healthcare Bill and Second Stimulus ideas...because of how connected you are to the American mainstream....Send me a postcard.

  12. Mountain Mama said...

    "Aren't corporate take-overs by the government ILLEGAL in a republic? Why is everyone letting this crap continue?"

    First of all,'s not illegal. Ask G.W. Bush who nationalized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Second of all, how can you be so up in arms about corporate takeovers, while at the same time be an advocate of a MILITARY takeover?

    I swear woman, you get crazier every day.

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  14. Melena, I understand that you're a cranky old woman who is well into the twighlight of your existence. I also understand that it's common among people of Senior status like yourself, to become paranoid and delusional.

    That said, I find it impossible to believe that you HONESTLY feel either one of those two things are possible in the unlikely event that our great President does not get re-elected. Like myself, you like to make provocative statements, which is fine. But let's not try to go off the deep end.

    And let us all thank the Lord that what you wish for (a military coup) is NOT least not under the Constitution. Unless you're saying that you don't care about our great Constitution, that is.

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  17. I'm not sure how not having anything on my profile makes me a coward, but I decided to add a few things, including a pic of myself...just for you. Perhaps you'd like to do the same thing so you can show us all how attractive you are, and how good your fashion sense is...since you seem to be such an authority on those matters.

    Lastly, I'd like to point out that, as usual, you failed to provide any meaningful responses to the points that I had made.



  18. Hey, Melena. Right on. ;)

    What's with all the gibberish/spam polluting this thread? Somebody trying to sell us something, I suppose.


    Can anyone tell me what a MOTUS is?

  19. [MM] "...we should try to initiate impeachment hearings... ."

    I'd vote for that.

    And, if it would guarantee that B. Hussein, the Con Man in Chief, would be impeached by Christmas, I'd be willing to go to jail (not sure how that might happen, but I would...). He is an enemy of the United States, committed to destroying the Land of the Free. He is an IMPOSTER.

  20. Ha, Greg, :D. Good one.

    Dope: Uuuuuuuuuh, Mitchell..... why are you always packing around a ton of ice cream? Do you want to get fatter,, I mean fat?

    Mo: Michelle!, Dope. Mitchell's back in D.C.. This is my new work-out routine. I carry a triple scoop cone in each hand while walking around the block five times. That's how I stay so trim. Eat and walk at the same time. [Aside: Which is more than some of us can do.]

    B.O.: Sounds good......dear. Hmmmm. My abs could use a little help.... . Any ideas?

    Mo: Well..... [scrutinizes his mid-section]... you could try bench-pressing TOTUS... no... he's too skinny. Hmmm. I know! You could bench press a copy of our plan to take over U.S. healthcare; it must weigh 50 lbs..

    B.O.: Ssshhhh! How many times do I have to tell you.... never say "I hate America" and never say "takeover."

    Mo: Don't you shush me, Joke. Like you don't say all that and more at least a hundred times a day?

    B.O.: Well, anyway, it won't work. I didn't bring a copy of it with me. That's what that cracker Reid's for.

    Mo: You mean Puhlosi?

    B.O.: Nope. After her 38th face lift last month, her eyes popped out of her head and she can't read anymore. She can barely see well enough to find her pet pig.

    Mo: Gotta go. Ice cream's melting. [calls back over her shoulder as she struts away down the sidewalk ...] Try rewarding yourself with a cigarette every time you do 10 sit-ups. [Mutters to herself: that will keep him occupied long enough for me to get down to the Sundae Palace for a banana split snack.]

    B.O.: [Gets into sit-up position on floor..... pulls out his pack of Virgina Slims.... looks at it... shrugs.... pulls one out and lights up, gazing reflectively at his face in the full-length mirror across the room, humming softly, "You Are So Beautiful (to me)... "].... [Gets a little louder and a little louder with every line until..... he BURSTS into song, bellowing, "You're everything I HOPED for....... (cough, cough) you're EVERYTHING I..... -- breaks off for a drag... quits singing... [GRIN]... I... won!"

    (meanwhile -- Big Mo deepens her scowl and struts a little faster as she passes the ice cream vendor who waves in a friendly manner -- muttering, "Rotten little Mexican. Just smiles at me because I'm black. Wants me to think he's not prejudiced. If I didn't need this ice cream so bad, I'd pull his green card and send his little fanny back to Spanishland.")

  21. You haven't MADE any points, Joe (aka HJ?)

    I've been reading - if not commenting - on this blog for a long time, and I've observed that MM, MelenaX and the other regular commenters are thoughtful, knowledgeable and articulate, not to mention pretty funny.

    You, on the other hand, can only offer personal attacks and anemic talking points that have been discredited ad nauseum already. Perhaps if you spent more time on real research (e.g., the Community Reinvestment Act as it relates to Fannie and Freddie) and less time hating women...

    Are you an unattractive woman yourself (that might explain Hugh Jass) or are you experiencing a sexual identity crisis, Joe?

  22. Bossy Nurse Mom.... you go, girl!

    Dope can catch flies, but..... you hit it out of the park.

    "Anemic talking points" -- you know what you speak of, R.N.. :D

    "identity crisis" is right: "craniac" a.k.a. "Hugh A." a.k.a. "Joe." Figures. With such inane posts, I'd be embarrassed, too.

  23. Thanks for the support, bossynursemom----and I love your moniker, btw!

    Nah, if the photo was taken of him (posted at the profile of "Joe," a.k.a. HugeAss), he is a nice-looking middle-aged (ooh, I'd say 35-40 y/o) man.

    HugeAss just likes ACTING like a snotty teenager, such as when he makes (as he puts it) "provocative statements"----which puts a kinder, gentler spin on what are actually his hostile, unkind snipes.

    Hugeass/Joe, don't YOU be delusional, now: you completely invented my supposed support for a military coup. Say WHA-AT!?

    *SNAP* *SNAP*
    Listen UP, HAJoe! Pay attention now:

    Initiating impeachment proceedings is a perfectly legal, slow-moving process whereby Congress dumps from office an anti-Constitutional and/or lousy president.

    If you'll recall, with Grope Clinton, we didn't need the military to impeach him (or to disbar him, either). Congress noticed the Other-BIG-Guy lied to a Grand Jury (a huge no-no in this republic), so they impeached him themselves just fine.

    Okay, now please apologize to MelenaX, HAJoe, and debate fairly; that would do your heart good. Sarcasm about issues can be fun, but lobbing ad hominem remarks should be beneath you.

  24. TWW:


    I love you guys. I come here to laugh, learn and be inspired. Where else can I read about politics and see scripture quoted, not condemned?

    If I wanted to hear the same old cliches I'd watch TV or read the papers. It just pushes my buttons when I'm minding my own business, happily reading away, enjoying like-minded repartee, and some inane post pops up like the common cold - bothersome, unwanted (and spread rapidly and unwittingly), but essentially harmless.

  25. Holy crap MM, are you kidding me? I'd say at least HALF of the posts here from you people are hostile and unkind...having nothing to do with political issues.

    And lets get this straight right now. You applauded the coward Major who refused his command to go to Afghanistan under the rationale that President Obama is not a legitimate President. You also hoped that other military personnel would disobey any orders that Obama gave as well. Explain to me how that isn't a coup?

    Perhaps most outragously, you even tried to draw a parallel between President Obama and HITLER to make your point. Shame on you for such a horrible remark, and shame on you for trying to backpeddle on your traitorous statments.

    BossyNurseMom: How cute of you to chime in. When you're part of a radical fringe, obviously you're going to believe that the mainstream makes no sense, and you will embrace those that share your outlier views. So really...I don't take your remarks to be insulting at all. Have a wonderful evening.

  26. OOPS! I just had a funny feeling I was slightly remembering this incorrectly, so I looked up "impeachment" quickly at Wikipedia:

    "The impeachment process [in the USA] is a two-step procedure. The House of Representatives must first pass by a simple majority articles of impeachment, which constitute the formal allegation or allegations. Upon their passage, the defendant has been "impeached".
    Next, the Senate tries the accused. In the case of the impeachment of a president, the Chief Justice of the United States presides over the proceedings....
    In order to convict the accused, a two-thirds majority of the senators present is required. Conviction automatically removes the defendant from office.....Conviction by the Senate does not bar criminal prosecution. Even after an accused has left office, it is possible to impeach to disqualify the person from future office or from certain emoluments of their prior office (such as a pension).
    If there is no charge for which a two-thirds majority of the senators present vote "guilty", the defendant is acquitted and no punishment is imposed."

    Right: Clinton was impeached (ie. he was found to have lied, thus deserving the censure of examining allegations = articles of impeachment), but he was NOT removed from office.

    Still, NO military action is/was taken.
    Why do you think it means that, Craniac/HugeAss/Joe?

  27. And Mountain Mama, to show you that I'm capable of saying nice things, allow me to say thank you for saying that I am "nice looking". And at age 38, I must say you have a very good intuition.

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  30. And stop assailing every poster here for the habits of a few, craniac. Not everyone derides someone for having a HUGEASS, for example----or makes fun of others' ears or skinniness or lousy baseball tosses or bowling or .

    Personally, I figure I'm worried quite enough about the Obamas' verifiably-lowbrow PLANS (have you read, for ex., MO's writing!? Run-on sentences! Sentence fragments! ACK!) to waste time making comments about their physical characteristics----as you did about MelenaX.

  31. Why am I not at all surprised, craniac, that your SOLE positive statement concerns praising your own looks. Lord, no wonder you adore BO: you're both complete narcissists.

  32. MM...again, I have to say you're very much factually challenged.

    Firstly, being a "lousy President" is not grounds for impeachment. If it were, the Democrats in Congress would have initiated impeachment hearings against G.W. Bush the moment they took the Majority. Impeachment is reserved only for a President that is being accused of committing a CRIME, be it legal, or consitutional.

    Secondly, Clinton was NOT "found to have lied". He was impeached, which only means that he was ACCUSED...but he was never CONVICTED.

    Now since I'm a reasonable man, (despite the fact that no-one here would agree with that) let me say this: Of course Clinton lied about getting a Blowjob in the Oval Office. we've seen from many politicians before, (both Democrats and Republicans) lying about a sexual indiscretion isn't in and of itself a reason to remove someone from office.

  33. Okay! Ignoring negative people now!

    SO, FOTS, how 'bout we list all the reasons why Obama should indeed be (nonmilitarily, for heaven's sake) impeached, okay?

    I'll start: unconstitutionally taking over the automobile companies.

    OH! One more: creating unconstitutional Czars. (I know, I know: previous presidents did, too----but nowhere near THIS many.)

  34. MelenaX said...

    "and why are you so anal about my appearance?

    that's so shallow."

    Pot calling the Kettle black? Most of your wretched posts are derogatory remarks about the First Lady's appearance. Get a clue, old woman. positive remark wasn't about my looks. It was about your compliment. I'm sorry that you're so callous as to not be able to see or realize that.

  35. (Somebody was 10 minutes too late with his criticism. HA! READ ALL THE POSTS, craniac....)

  36. Mountain Mama said...

    (Somebody was 10 minutes too late with his criticism. HA! READ ALL THE POSTS, craniac....)

    Sorry dear, I'm only a nice-looking mortal man and cannot respond to everyone as quickly as I would like. I will do my best to keep up in the future.

  37. another lonely Saturday night at home, eh, Joe?

    I snark on MO and BO because they are elitist snobs who think they're better than everyone else and think they have the right to tell everyone else what they can and can not do.

    sorta like you, it seems.

    I've not said one derogatory thing about any poster here until you started in on me. I'll not put my photo or real name on the internet; that's just plain stupid.

    from now on, no matter what you say, I'll not respond to you

    that should make you happy. now, I'm off the make some homemade munchies; hubby will be home from work soon :-)

  38. Mo: You mean Puhlosi?

    B.O.: Nope. After her 38th face lift last month, her eyes popped out of her head and she can't read anymore. She can barely see well enough to find her pet pig.

    TWW, you crack me up!

  39. Says Joe: "lying about a sexual indiscretion isn't in and of itself a reason to remove someone from office."

    Um, it is when it's done under oath. (We call that "perjury.")

  40. *SNAP* *SNAP* [MM] I LOVE it! I could just see that "wiry little Swedish lady" snapping her fingers in the smirking, smarmy, face of that fly-in-the-soup.

    Everytime cranHAj unloads, it's like having Barney Frank run nude by your restaurant table. I just avert my eyes and look elsewhere. Don't want to ruin my appetite.

    BNM said it so well, [the above gnat] "pops up like the common cold - bothersome, unwanted (and spread rapidly and unwittingly)." LOL.

    You should comment more often, BNM. Nice to hear from you. :D)

    Thanks, Jamie!

  41. MelenaX said:

    I snark on MO and BO because they are elitist snobs who think they're better than everyone else and think they have the right to tell everyone else what they can and can not do...
    (and they make it SOOO easy!)

    I'll not put my photo or real name on the internet; that's just plain stupid...
    (too true - there are obviously some really angry, uptight people outside the WH as well)

    from now on, no matter what you say, I'll not respond to you...
    (advice I'm going to follow myself)

  42. TOTUS, you know anything about this?:

    'Scofflaw' Obama has history with 'stupid' Cambridge police
    Condemns action of officer at department that ticketed prez 17 times while a student

    You just can't make this stuff up!

  43. Thanks again for the warm welcome, TWW, I think I will.

    (My last verification phrase was "curse." Kinda sums up the current administration, huh?)

  44. You girls have such a sincere sense of urgency for Right Vs. Wrong here. (We the People have a loud voice)

    I commend you girls for standing your ground and knocking those Trolls out of your American way!

    Impeachment charges w/ Obama will be centered around Obama being in bed with a cheap vodka/White Russian and a, All you can eat, Chinese Buffet?

    There has been a number of items that he has lied about, and I am sure, somewhere, in the last six months, that they have this guy, Mr. Chicago Style corruption, caught on tape by a Federal Agency?

    The most transparent administration ever,

    Impeached for Federal corruption charges in the first six months.

    Can you imagine how rampant the corruption has been behind the closed doors of the White House since Obama has been elected.

    Literally, Selling Americas Soul, for pennies on the dollar.

    Mr. Deal Maker, Mr. Special interest, etc...

    It’s only a matter of time before a plant, mole, Whistle Blower takes Mr. Race Card down for the best interest of the American People.

    For every American Solider who has layed his life down for our liberties and freedoms as a free people and county.

    Yes, "We the People" of the free Republic of the United States of America. Stand firm and have a loud voice...

    I bet they got Gibbs on the paper shredder nonstop, while Mr.Race Card ingnores their dire warnings of IMPEACHMENT!

  45. [Greg J.] "... [lying] done under oath. (We call that 'perjury.')"

    Slam-dunk, Mr. J..

    It was kind of you to bother to dignify the Gnat's half-truths with a response. From what MM, BNM, and Melena have said, Gnat would never even get a hearing (in court). All lawsuits he filed would be thrown out for "Failure to state a claim [of action]."

    Dismissed! [on a Summary Judgment motion]

    He's not even in the right venue, here. He should be in Hollywood auditioning for the role of the ventriloquist's dummy in "The Life of Edgar Bergen."


    BTW, any PC readers out there, Big Mo is not denigrated because she is fat or because she is not pretty.

    What is being slammed is:

    -- wearing too-casual or too-revealing or too-tight -- or just plain tacky attire when in public as the supposed "First Lady." She's an embarrassment to the United States.

    -- SCOWLING and glaring and pouting and speaking of VULGAR topics (e.g., "stinky") in public

    -- her ANTI-AMERICAN (sat in Rev. Wright's church for 20 years; "first time I've been proud of my country"), ELITIST ("don't want to live near those people anymore" [thanks MM]), attitude

    -- her HYPOCRISY in using nearly $500,000 and more in taxpayer's money to flaunt herself in N.Y.C. and using her own money to buy embarrassingly costly tennis shoes while she preaches loud and long that Americans need to tighten their belts, to make do with less, and to be more giving and caring toward others. $500,000 would have sent over 100 wounded vets, languishing in Walter Reed, away on a fun weekend (there is a group that raises money for these trips).


    And, no matter what any of the valiant posters such as (I know I'm forgetting people!) Mountain Mama and Melena and Jamie and Greg and Bossy Nurse Mom look like physically,

    they are all beautiful in the way that matters most: in their love for their country, in their wise and caring hearts, in their sterling characters, in their passion for truth that shines out so brilliantly in what they write.

    A person who is mean-spirited, deceitful, and mocks what is good could never be beautiful, no matter what he looked like.

  46. Thanks, Greg J., for the great link. A law unto himself, "that one," is.

    I love the quote from Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson in that article: "Barack Obama is Jeremiah Wright, Jr.." Amen!

    BNM.... let's hope your word was a "word" from the Lord.... that B. Hussein O. is under the curse of God.

    In any event, Peach Obama's scheming is enough to make any decent American curse!

  47. [IGWTnm]"I bet they got Gibbs on the paper shredder nonstop." Bwah, ha, haaaa.

    I'll bet they do.


    1. Conspiracy to buy IL Senate seat.

    Yeah, IGWTnm, I've been hoping.... remember, before they cut his tongue out, ole Axlerod was quoted on national radio (TV?) saying(paraph.) "Well, yes, Barack Obama did discuss the filling of that senate seat on the phone... ."

    2. ACORN, B.O.'s minions, with B.O.'s knowledge, committed voter fraud on his behalf in the Nov., 2008 election.

    3. Illegally used his influence as "president" of the U.S. to remove an inspector general from his office under mere pretext.

    4. B.O.'s campaign, with his knowledge and on his behalf, intentionally misreported or lied about his donors and how much they donated.

    5. Caused, intentionally, the infliction of emotional distress on those in lower Manhattan the day he had his 747 fly over at 1,500 feet. Sure, Calderon was fired. So what?


    There have to be more.

    Even though, Mountain Mama, impeachment is called for and allowed, I'm inclined to let the passage of time spin out a few more feet of the "rope" by which he will "hang" himself. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. That giant ego ("I won." "I'm the president.") is ballooning into a massively HUGE head. How much longer can the Empty Suit support it?

    God is working -- even now.

    "Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14.

  48. Good job, TWW! What a great list! You sure have a terrific memory, and boy, does BO deserve impeachment AND removal (I must remember there are TWO stages!)

    And I will take the scripture YOU quoted to heart, TWW, and try to wait upon the Lord regarding impeachment. I pray the economy doesn't crash in the meantime----but then, if it's in God's timing, it will be okay in the end, somehow.

    Meanwhile, here's a warning on another topic:
    I know a doc who works in DC at the highest level where pandemics are charted----and I told him my guess was that H1N1 arrived in this hemisphere due to bioterrorism.

    ACK! He said they ARE wondering if that IS so, because the man who first became infected and died was Pakistani. That doesn't mean the man was a terrorist himself, but he might have been useful to terrorists as their carrier.

    Scary! I don't look forward to this wintertime: he says the southern hemisphere, where it's wintertime now, is getting hit VERY hard with H1N1. Naturally, the press here isn't reporting on that.

    Sadly, those hit the hardest by H1N1 are YOUNG ADULTS! ACK! I hope our sons weather it okay, and everyone else in the USA, too.

    MelenaX, I bet your hubbie loved whatever special food you prepared for him. Neat!

  49. Hi, Mountain Mama. Thanks!

    [MM] " guess was that H1N1 arrived in this hemisphere due to bioterrorism."

    I wouldn't be surprised. "Never waste a crisis." B.O., Rahm, and Co. need a good health crisis to give Bruno an excuse to seize more control over our liberty. Well... we'll see.

    Might turn out to be a blessing -- maybe Barry will catch it.

    Have a peaceful Sunday.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Great list, TWW! I'm wondering if signing executive orders that he didn't have a clue about would qualify for the list? I remember the press conference when he had to keep asking, "What's this one again?" Perhaps not, but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to remind everyone what a joke the Reader-in-Chief is.

  52. -- Violation of his fiduciary duty to reasonably review all binding documents that he signs.

    -- Negligence and abuse of the public trust; reckless activity to the point of endangering our national welfare.

    -- Incapacity.

    -- Mis (or mal)feasance.

    That IS a good one, Greg. In the private, "corporate," world, that would be an ethical violation subject to firing (if the Board hadn't met in emergency session to fire him for utter incompetence and self-dealing already!).

    Too bad we have such a low standard for who can be president of the U.S.A..

    Too bad we have so many ignoramuses who would vote, not only for a yella dog, but for a MARXIST MUSLIM FROM KENYA.

    Ha. That's right. Dope can't tell joke. He IS one.

  53. B.O. smirked that he didn't need to be enrolled in the "public option" for health care because... "Hey... I have doctors... uuuuh... following me around all the time, heh, heh."


    Why are they following him?

    What type of doctors are they?

    Are they racially profiling him?

  54. Re: the hay barn

    Jesus, the Son of God, was born in a stable and laid in a manger.

    Herod, the infanticide King, lived in a fine house.


    Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem to shouts of, "Hosanna" [which means "save"]. [Matthew 21]

    Barry Soetoro is a donkey and all he can bray is "spend."


    Jesus healed the sick.

    Peach Obama tells them to just take some pain pills and die.


    Jesus washed his disciples' feet.

    Hopey the Clown expects everybody to lick his boots.


    Jesus said, "'Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not ... .'" [Matt. 19:14]

    B. Herod O. told the kindergarteners to beat it [they were 10 minutes late for their appointment with the potentate].

    Happy Sunday to you all.

  55. I'm going out of town and will "see" you guys in a couple of days. I won't be blogging, hopefully will be having mindless fun.

    BTW -
    "pops up like the common cold - bothersome, unwanted (and spread rapidly and unwittingly)."

    I don't think we need to worry about it spreading here.

  56. I am just trying to forget about Congressperson Frank running past my table at the Grits n' Gravy Cafe - sans habille.

  57. Hawaii's experiment with universal health care, failed experiment.

  58. Sarah's on right now SARAH SARAH SARAH

    Sister Blog has a new poll.

    The President, Vice President, Speaker of the House and All Senators and Representatives should receive the same Health Plan they force on other Americans
    Poll Here:

  59. TOTUS, Let us all hope that Dear Leader is able to use this time to recover and rebound from the intense scrutiny of the hostile media of this last week. Dear Leader is not used to anything other than Praise from Pravda.
    May you recharge your batteries from the ordeal.

  60. TOTUS if you are going to live it up on the taxpayer, this is the way to do it. No scandal since you won't be in Las Vegas contributing to conventions or Orlando playing at Disney World. TOTUS get a water proof teleprompter suit and do some wind surfing and scuba diving. You can scuba because you don't feel cold like we biological organisms do. Remember to wear a helment and protect your screen. It costs too much money on the health plan you have to have your screen bust again.

    Don't forget to put the whoopi cushion under Lady M at dinner for laughs and help big guy with his golfing by putting up the words "Touchdown" when he bogies.

  61. WOO, DAVID! FUN-NY! (There's an image for the brain: TOTUS on a golf bag. But then, POTUS might just need him there!)

  62. Do any of you idiots realize that A) President Obama is paying for this vacation himself? Or that, B) The Secret Service rejected several other vacation sites due to potential security concerns?

    I love how the complaints on this board regarding our President are so meaningless and infantile....if not factually incorrect. To me, that means our President must be doing a pretty good job.

  63. Joe, guess who pays BO's salary. I think you do. Or maybe he's using the millions made off his books. If that's the case, does he take this trip off his income tax?

    Are you in his security detail? How do you know other sites were rejected. Do you secretly have an in with the Pres. If this site is too infantile to you why bother coming.
    Lighten up - have a laugh - your paying for it.

  64. Joe, you're missing the point.

    Look at it this way (if you can turn your head to the RIGHT):

    If GW Bush had taken this type of expensive vacation, the liberal MSM would have CRUCIFIED him for doing so while others (you know, the Great Unwashed whom the liberals, like MO, "don't want to live near anymore") are SUFFERING financially with foreclosures on their homes and with the rising unemployment rate!


    So if GW can't get away with it (or with breathing; he's responsible for everything bad: hurricanes, everyone's flu, etc.), why can BO and MO? Why does THEIR doing it, make it okay?

  65. Three cheers for Nona of Naples and Mountain Mama. Wrapped him up, threw him into the dumpster, and sent him to the land fill (it'll have to be a BIG one). ](C:)

  66. Mountain Mama, what was I thinking? YOU ARE RIGHT. We cannot let Peach Obama and his gang of Chicago thugs occupy the White House much longer or they will devastate our economy, the best healthcare system in the world, and our legal system of ordered liberty.


    Deadline to file: August 27, 2009.

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. Hey, TWW! How's it kickin?'

    Is 08-27-09 when Congress returns to vote re. BO's health care plan?------OOPS! Health INSURANCE plan!

    I cannot BELIEVE what wienies are in Congress! Why are THEY not already initiating BO's impeachment!? I mean, isn't it a high crime to RUIN our economy!?

  69. Moving the extended FFOTUS,offshore seems appropo for this administration.
    Maybe citizen Auntie,and even Kobe will come.
    Under proper circumstances footing that fantastic weekly tab could save us Trillions.
    Here is the plan.
    We keep them there of course,but prohibiting pens is the key to it all.
    Legislation cannot be signed in pencil.
    Pencils only would prevent things like Pork being 'chisled into stone' so to speak.
    Promise them Pork aplenty,then erase it,much like w other problematic(i.e.,Pakistani)
    passport problems.AAggh peas!
    World ones!Visualize!
    Instead I will focus on the problem.
    It is the parties and the politicians.
    There should be a bounty on both after we flush the entire system of what could only be described as systemic corruption from R&D alike.We should insist upon new guys and gals and new parties too.
    It is our house.
    Not even JL could "Imagine" that.
    Perhaps I'll pop a Gatorage and ponder it all.

  70. No, THIS is BO's plan; imagine THIS:

    When his polls keep tanking and he needs to pull them up FAST, suddenly....


    you won't believe it......




    MO will become PREGNANT!


    They'll ADOPT, and set a new trend:
    adopting LOCAL, in the USA,
    instead of overseas, as Hollywood stars do.

    OH! On Hannity, the pollster, Frank Lutz, says he is SURE Sarah Palin IS going to run again in the future. YEP! I knew it!

    (See my old posts, especially on the historic Aug. 29, at when WE found out FIRST that McCain had selected her!)


    Oh well, Palin has already had a new baby; with her, it isn't part of a POLITICAL PLAN!
    (ack!) I think BO and MO would do that, though, believing that Americans won't assail them, with a new baby on the way (even if the baby is adopted).

    MAN, has this couple got me cynical.


    says that

  71. Sorry; not sure what I started with "says that." Hmm.....

  72. MM, I certainly do hope Palin runs. She'll be the easiest candidate for President Obama to far. If Romney gets the nomination, which I expect he will...then I think we very well could be in for a hell of a race.

    My expectation is that Palin doesn't make it 2 weeks past Super Tuesday.

  73. Some pretty discouraging news if you're a Palin fan. Her star power is fading fast...even among Republicans.

  74. You keep whistling in the dark, there, Joe, hoping Palin won't run. She's the only potential Republican candidate with enough savvy and star power to beat Obama, and YOU KNOW IT!

    Just don't be surprised when MO gets preggers, to help BO out of the tank, hear?

  75. Hi, MM, Melena, and Prep T..

    August 27, 2009 isn't significant that I know of, it's just that it's one month from today. Figured 30 days' notice would satisfy any due process req.s.

    Hey, Prep T. your "AAggh peas!" gave me a good chuckle. I could just see Dr. Strangelove and his spasmodic "Heil Hitler" hand shooting up at odd moments. Heh, heh, heh. (C:


  76. Hey, there, Izod/Preppie-Reptile!

    Yep, I saw that T-shirt:
    "Visualize Whirled Peas."

    Oh! Preptile Lo-oves Pea-ea-ea-eas:

    (A)propos. Proper. Plans. Prohibiting. Pens. Pencil(s). Prevent. Pork. (S)peak. Promise. (A)plenty. Problematic. Pakistani. Passport. Problem. Peas. Parties. Politicians. Perhaps. Pop. Ponder.

    I gave you a NEW one, Prepster:


  77. MM, you are positively priceless. ]#(C:}

    Peter picked a peck of pickled peppers to you, too! {:-)


    "Eviction papers" -- PERFECT, Melena!

  78. Pray tell, who will be the poppa if she becomes preggers?

  79. Dear Mountain Mama,

    Once again, your wishful thinking blinds you to reality.

    Star power? Absolutely. She has plenty of star power among the radical right. The fact that more and more moderate Republicans are dimissing her makes her absolutely un-electable.

    Savvy? That's rich. Next thing you'll tell me is that she could have been a Rhodes Scholar if she wasn't too busy attending beauty pageants.

    Like I said before...Sarah Palin is your George McGovern, your Walter Mondale. Beloved by the Right, but not nearly endearing enough among independents to come close to winning. How did Barry Goldwater do in the general election? I would think that Palin should perform just about as well.

  80. Good one Susan and I hope you saw my apology at 2:41 on the Gates thread.I felt poorly about my performance in the preceding post.
    MM,I have emailed your pregnancy prediction around and suspect it to be about dead solid perfect.Prose deserves praise periodically.
    Hardly any approaches our host's "standard" of perfection.(What a standard for a straightman to aspire to,straight blue steel).
    Luckily we won't have to pick a nanny for this
    new savior yet unborn,as Granny should suffice.The name should be harder as so many suggest themselves,but I am betting Hussein makes it in there somewhere.
    Do not bet the ranch against Mohammed,either.
    I noted this to a friend named Flanders and you know what he said ?
    It made my day.

  81. Hawaii Health Department Director says, "You tinfoil hat wearing people who STILL don't think President Obama was born in Hawaii are morons!!!"

  82. In one of those atrocious pics of MO in the high waisted black dress, she already looked pregnant.

    Let 'em try the 'baby on board' ploy; it won't work, the Fraud is still a Fraud.

    hope it's another girl...

    the Fraud can't afford to lose a Y chromosome; he'd start wearing MO's dresses -- and would fill them out much better than she does.

  83. PT-,Yes, I did see it at 2:41, but was positively perturbed that I caused such a plea. Therefore I dodged and put off the plaint.

    AS for the posts preceding and post your posting, I simply think about Congressperson Frank running around a restaurant and I smile. (TWW)

  84. LOL...there goes the haggard old woman again complaining about the First Lady's fashion sense. Jealous?

  85. Love you 2 death TOTUS: but why does it take a troll to get things going in a direction I can “believe in”

  86. MOTUS! Funny blog -- but then, the First ***** makes it sooo easy.

    MO could look halfway decent if she'd just get rid of her fawning entourage (LOL: your TOE is a blast! TOE - Team Obama Entourage) and hire a real designer. One who understands her many flaws (and the physical ones, too), and knows how to disguise them.

    But that will never happen, as, like the Fraud, she can't take negative critism of any kind; so everyone around her has to tell her she looks "Fabbbuuloouusss, dahlink!")

    She could at least buy a Wonderbra. And NEVER WEAR YELLOW! She looks like a giant Caution light -- but, then...

  87. I saw that yellow Lady M was wearing. She was coming off Air Force One with Big Guy...he's dressed up in the suit, standard stuff, and she's in this...weird...I don't know what they are called. She couldn't have been more underdressed. Her photos with dignitaries are just as bad. :-/

  88. Bill O'Reilly calls birth certificate issue "Bogus".

  89. [Melena] "the 'baby on board' ploy" -- LOL. Yes! Ever been behind someone going 50 in the fast lane (speed limit 55 or 60) with one of those in the rear window. Aaaaaaaaaaggck! PEAS! [Prima donna Enviro-nazi Arrogance Syndrome]

    Susan, I'm glad that lovely (gag) metaphor makes you smile. Ol' what's-his-name is quite the attention seeker.


    Shaun! So THAT'S where you've been. Did you have a fun time in Italia? Glad to see you're back. Pay no attention to the naked little troll running around. We are.


    [Prep T. quoting Flanders] "Pundittalyumptious." What a happy word. Like ice cream... like "Scrumpdillyicious" [Dairy Queen].

    Happy Song
    (to the tune of the theme from "Bonanza")

    (to Flanders)

    Pundittaly, Pundittaly, Pundittaly, Pundittaly--umptious!

    Pundittaly, Pundittaly, Pundittaly, Pundittaly--Pundittaly have some pie!

    Pundittaly, Pundittaly, Pundittaly, Pundittaly--umptious!

    Pundittaly, Pundittaly, Pundittaly, Pundittaly--Pundittaly stop on by!

    Have some pie!
    Have some cake!
    Have some i-i-cecreeeeeeem!

    Pundittaly, Pundittaly, Pundittaly, Pundittaly--umptious!

    [Peas! AAAAACK! Don't look now he's running by our table again!]

    [mikes of A Really Great Band OFF - D'oh!'s mike the only one still on ....]

    [D'oh! soloing, now] Pundittaly, Pundittaly, Pundittaly, Pundittaly, Puh-huh-duh-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh...... [breathalyzer?...... Austrian?......... 57?].......
    [off stage prompter yells, "Um-diddle-um-diddle-aye!"]

    ............If ya don't know just tell a Lie! [GRIN]

    [band leader -- "Who let HIM in here?"

    band member -- "All the poor ignoramuses he fooled into voting for him... .]

  90. Hi, Betty Ann! I was hoping that a family emergency or the like hadn't happened.

    Isn't that cool that we both used the word "cake" in our post. Veeeery interesting.

    Yeah, just when you thought you were away from all the pesky gnats up in the mountains, one keeps buzzing around here.

  91. The mountains are awesome. It's coming back down to reality, turning on the radio when I finally get reception, and having to listen to that Turd lie through his teeth about his "health plan". Thank God I do not have a teevee. I would puke on it.

    I missed you guys. But my new puppy shih-poo learned to fetch, sit, and lay down. Plus not get eaten by an owl :)

  92. A Teaching Moment - The Embrace of Kelly King and Jim Crowley

    For folks truly seeking a teaching moment, the embrace of fellow officers Kelly King and Jim Crowley set the proper stage for the future of race relations in America.

  93. Now if only Crowley could teach BO how to say, "I am sorry; I spoke STUPIDLY." But BO is much better at apologizing for our nation to other (inferior) nations, than he is at apologizing for his own bad behaviors; he can't learn a THANG during those "teaching moments.
    Hmm..... Perhaps he'll need YEARS to learn.

    And the only brat engaging in "profiling" was PROVEN to be the Harvard prof----NOT the poor, dutiful police officer!

    Of course, cum BO, said prof. can't bring HIMSELF to see how STUPIDLY HE behaved, either.

    All in all, a waste of beer.

  94. The truth revealed about the crazy lady who ranted about President Obama's birth certificate at Mike Castle's town hall meeting.

  95. Susan, you're a scream: Barney Frank streaking! DAYMARE! AACCKK!

    Yes, MelenaX, MO needs to wear CAUTION yellow: blinka blinka blinka.

    Plus, Shaun, since many (women-hating) designers ARE pushing that icky color this year, MO isn't exactly daring to wear it: lemming lemon! (Most people just look sickly when wearing yellow.)

    TWW, you take care of everyone here. What a sweetie! You da REV.!

    Preptile, your posts are positively perfect puns, so phret not re. your previous post. (Pointedly almost all P's, pour VOUS!)

    Glad you appreciate the possible STRATEGY Obama-making; none of us will be surprised----or delighted. I'm sure the Obamas will name the New Messiah an appropriate name:

    Boy: BHO, JUNIOR
    Girl: MOO, JUNIOR

    Bettyann, good thing you were up in the mountains, because BO has been particularly horrific of late; he'd have given you apoplexy!

    Oh, and Joe is craniac/Hugh Jass(HUGE ASS). Though his research is sometimes good, his conclusions are sad. Troll--for-Hire.

  96. [Betty Ann] "... the Great Latina Bigot gets the wink. 'A-okay,' says Lehey... ."

    Leahy appears to be suffering from moderately severe senility. I heard him say, re: Sonny Boy the Bigot, that nothing in her 17 years of "decision" (many were poorly reasoned and/or completely unsupported, conclusory, rulings) making showed any tendency to let her oft repeated bigoted philosophy affect her decisions.

    Ahem! She was JUST OVERRULLED by the U.S. Supreme Court for holding that a race-neutral test that resulted in more Caucasian firefighters getting promotions was illegally discriminatory. That is, she ruled "stupidly" that "justice" demanded a different way (the test was to AVOID cronyism) of awarding promotions.

    That is, she was trying to legislate from the bench and, moreover, engaging in blatant judicial activism to promote affirmative action (which is, BTW, the ONLY way that slothful, dull, snake has made it as far as she has).

    CONGRATULATIONS on the new puppy, Betty Ann!

  97. TWW:
    As I said, my feeling is shame. It's like high school, and the fawning psychophants and the impressers hold the day, while the Emperor marches by buck ass naked in his new clothes and the crowds fall over themselves to praise the fabric and the stitching....

    Wake me up when Sarah's in there kicking ass. God, I love that woman.

  98. Yes, indeed, the "progressives" and the lick-boot press are shameful. And how do we appear in the eyes of the world, now, Peach?

    Since it is only (Ha! There are at least 52 million of them!!!) the "useful idiots" who are making such donkeys of themselves, my prevailing feeling is disgust.

    The U.S.A. is still as GREAT and wonderful a nation as ever, full of millions of liberty-loving, keen minded, brave, patriots like you and your family, Betty Ann.

    America still is.

    We have been invaded from within (which is how a disease operates), but "We the People" and "the Land of the Free" are.

    And as long as there are two or three of us to gather together and raise Old Glory and sing "The Star Spangled Banner" and pledge allegiance..... "one nation under God" lives to fight another day.

    We're losing some battles.

    We haven't lost the war.


  99. Ooooh, TWW, quelle chanson!

    -[Peas! AAAAACK! Don't look now he's running by our table again!]

  100. Re: names for Dope Jr. or Big Mo, Jr..

    Black Power O. for a boy and

    Allahu Akbar O. for a girl.

    That way, instead of shouting into their pillows every night, B. Hussein and Big Mo can "preach it" loud and clear all over the place.

    (normal voice) "Where is - [SHOUT] BLACK POWER!" or

    "ALLAHU AKBAR! (normal voice) dinner's ready."

  101. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    My face and stomach hurt!!

  102. Actually BettyAnn, I am craniac24/HughJass. Much like many of you, I have the ability to be both thoughtful and introspective, as well as provocative and prickly.

    How was your vacation in the woods? Sounds very....adventurous.

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. Much like that pup in my photo
    I did not mean to pea all over this post.

    Not wishing to be thought a one trick oney
    I will attemt to ontificate without them.

    When I stated to TWW that We would win
    this war with wisdom it was a wascawy wabbits waggish attemt to show that even an illiterate could alliterate.
    One notices this on certain urban radio stations.
    Even 2liveCrew was described glowingly in Shakesbearean terms by a certain knowledgeable ,not to mention charitable,cultural critic.
    Course we would have to kick it around a little over a beer w that constable,and his mother, before I would grant he was right on that.
    He was just as wrong as the Reverend Wright.

  106. AAAAAACK!

    (Psst!!!!! Preptile, your post is gone!
    "Removed by the author:" does that mean you were too hard on yourself again and deleted it? Or did the author of TOTUS articles delete it? If that happened, please---
    Preptile, rewrite it "cleaned up," okay?! And good luck figuring out what to redo.... ack!)

    Joe/Cr/HA: when you're nice, you really ARE nice; please keep at it!



    MY EYES! MY EYES!!!!

  107. OO! There you are, Preptile!
    You read my mind.....

  108. Considering the Context, Crectile, you COULDA called it, "COLD beer."


    MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. [Prep T.] "... 2liveCrew was described glowingly in Shakesbearean terms... ."

    ..... by yet ANOTHER affirmative prof..

    [Not that ALL black prof.'s are affirmative, take Dr. Walter Williams (brilliant economist with excellent website) for instance.]

    And a TRULY knowledgable (not to mention charitable) cultural critic, Mark Steyn, found something witty by Shakespeare ( "from his early days at Hallmark:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Victims are black
    Like 2 Live Crew."

    Bwah, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    ["He said/VIP said" in National Review online; see also]

  110. The forest is a gracious hostess. Wild oregano collected, raspberries found, and several other medicinal plants stored up for winter. I painted three pictures and started the first chapter of a new novel.

    Joe is not the best name for you, neither was hugh jass, nor craniac24 - rather like an image of one of those ugly children's toys. Every blog needs a detractor to keep everyone on their toes. Otherwise, with fill agreement it's just a boor. Pun intented.

  111. We may have to put out an APB on TP.
    Of course he is on vacation and all.
    But from us?

    Did you happen to catch Cubby years after the fact,as he and the Mouseketeers sang us goodbye?
    M,I,C,See ya real soon,K,E,Y ,
    Why? Because we like you ,M,O,U,S,E.
    You have to sing along.It is in the rules.
    Same deal applied with the Cheers song ,and the Flintstones.
    I had the same emotional attachment to that Bonanza theme,but it never had words.
    It does now.
    Thanks TWW.

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. The woman who made the call about the "break-in" did NOT mention anyone's color, and the police officer didn't mistreat anyone; he teaches AGAINST racial profiling!

    No, it was Prof. GATES who used racial profiling, by assuming that the cop was a racist white who would mistreat the poor innocent black (Gates). Then Gates HIMSELF mistreated the cop, by referring obscenely to the cop's MOTHER! Thank God that tapes of this event exist, to prove the white cop's innocence, and the black prof's GUILT!

    The longer I live, the more I find that scripture is true----such as in this situation, when the people who behaved in evil ways turned everything upside down, to charge the innocent with doing evil (see Acts 17: 6).

    Similarly, BO's Health "Care" Program will sure "take care of" the seniors out there---by OFFING them, or at least requiring seniors to take courses that teach seniors how to kill themselves!

    Lord, help liberals lift the veil they keep before their eyes, so they can SEE how EVIL their plans are! Help them to value LIFE, and hard work, independence, and responsibility.


    You know, TOTUS, if you'd write more often, we'd keep more cheerful. Keep reminding us to WORK HARD against these socialists, okay?

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. Melena, your rant is quite appropriate these days. We were taught in school the things Dr, King preached - his agenda got in the books. And yet it has been completely polluted and obscenely distorted. These days, it's lets get whitey time, and many are becoming exactly what they preach against. Our president went to a CHURCH that preached hatred, and not one scriptural lesson.

    These are indeed dark times, and what is good is called evil, and what is evil is good - you are right about that.

    I do not like that N word. But lately, it has been very appropriate to apply in certain instances. Rush was right, again; this black president will heat up racial issues, not resolve them. There is a stomach turning out there, and it's America's.

  116. This site is unmoderated,mostly.
    It is our job to see that we do not
    reflect poorly upon the screen that brought us here.Such language as above does just that.
    The key to controversial speech is to dance around the edges of it.I will give an example.
    Yesterday I considered pulling a post offline,because the phrase "pick a nanny" punned that colloquialism that for unknown reasons,some find offensive.
    I considered tinkering w the word order to further disguise the gag.
    I did not.Here is why.
    Remember the lipstick on a pig controversy?
    If O can credibly deny such a blatantly obvious gag like that and get away w it,
    why shouldn't I do the same sort of thing?
    He lowered this bar and we all must limbo lower now to compete.
    Or not.
    When one slips from gag to slur,I must object.
    Let me be perfectly clear about this,
    just because Gates is a racist we do not have
    Carte Blanche to follow suit.
    It demeans this site to do so.
    Melena please consider editing your comments.
    At present they are as wrong as Reverend Wright.

  117. Hopefully, TOTUS Dear will be enlightening us soon with a sportive blog and we can move on dot org.
    Thanks PT for responding clearly and calmly. I was at sixes and sevens and only able to "follow the leader".

  118. speaking of Grape vines, has the TOTUS heard through the Grape vine about the new film from WND?

  119. Yeah, Susan, we are wandering farther and farther away..... It's been a pleasant journey, though (except when that troll jumps out from behind a tree and throws donkey dung into the path -- MM and Betty Ann, you are much too gracious and charitable toward that shallow, mean spirited, sarcastic, half-truth mongering, invader.).

    Well, here's "something completely different!" I've noticed that the random word generator code that creates our secret words uses some character chunks over and over, "esse," for instance. And that got me to thinking.....

    Imagine if "the word" you saw was a complete Shakespeare play. Or a complete play by ANYone. The probability of that happening is about the same as the probability of Earth and the vastly differentiated and complex systems and life forms happening from a "big bang" type event. That is how ridiculously fantastic the claims of Darwinists/Evolutionists are.

    For a great movie on this topic, check out Ben Stein's "No Intelligence Allowed." at

    Okay, my rambling is over -- for now ;).

  120. I just spied a dead fly on the window sill. As I carefully picked it up USING A KLEENEX, I thought again about Barry Soetoro squishing that fly in his bare hand. Disgusting. }:P)

    How perfect (God's plan, in my opinion) that one in the service (due to being a non-stop liar) of the Lord of the Flies (this was originally pointed out by someone else) comes to the mind of millions of Americans whenever they have to deal with flies.

  121. Being a Southron displaced out west, yet still a southron at heart, I must immediately sieze "cracker" from your selection of words to conotate an white ni$$er. A cracker is a white person, period. A cracker where I come from originally (Florida, long the yankees arrived and turned it into a northern state) is actually a white person who lives a southron lifestyle without apology, and even comically, because of making fun of everything under the sun.

    A white ni$$er is - a ni$$er. An ugly being who uses all and sundry, with no regard to anything but the moment and themselves as center of it, willing to lie cheat and steal to keep themselves center. Wether dressed in Versache or hand-me-down rags, the ni$$er is dangerous in that he is, basically, a sociopath.

    You are right, and gracious, to point out the lowered bar. And yet it must be acknowledged that though there exists a national acceptable "speak", that speak is a constraint on certain persons, namely, whitey.

    Look at Britain. Go to the biased bbc blog to get a taste where we are headed, if we are white in color and culture, when the "speak" is forced on us, or else.

    Your heart is in the right and good place. But reality says that rev. Wright has no intention of withdrawing his speak, nor does Gates, and in fact if we do not come back as equally forceful, demanding our opponent own up to the racism they themselves act out, holding us all to the same standard, then everything Dr. King fought for, and everything we have been taught becomes moot, and we surrender to the antagonist all hope. In short, we cower and admit all he says of us as white is true.

    But then, I be of the warrior class, and I think also Melena would be as well.

  122. My black friends of color use "nigger" amongst themselves, when criticizing one another for having behaved (to use BO's fave-rave word) STUPIDLY. But Preptile is correct that white folk can't use that word, without seeming racist.

    I also try to avoid using swear words as much as possible, so as to elevate the tone of a discussion. My mother always taught us that using swear words diminishes our vocabulary. It's better to slog through the thesaurus to find cool descriptive terms, she advised.

    However, commenters to this blogspot feel pushed over the edge by the KEY-RRAP that BO is pushing upon America! So I have come to understand why many unseemly words and expressions ARE used----although I cringe whenever I read them.

    A national blogging group to which I belong is actually discussing this very dilemma today: how can one overcome ruthless, evil adversaries WITHOUT becoming ruthless and evil as well?

    (I maintain that, for example, bombing Hiroshima was NOT an evil act, because it was a necessary, defensive move against evil aggressors.)

  123. P.S. People to emulate:

    George Washington was "of the warrior class," as was Dwight Eisenhower, and they were both quite victorious GENTLEMEN.

    Similarly, Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir were, and Sarah Palin WILL be victorious, yet remain regal WOMEN with superb manners.

  124. I think it should be clear to everyone by now that we have elected a classic, angry black man to the highest office on earth in hope he would stop being angry with whites, he and every other black, and to prove that white America is not predjudice.

    What we have in office, it should be obvious by now, is a classless, clueless trailer park Henry with a chip on his shoulder and stupidity leaking from his lips at every trun. Hell, he can't even give the Queen of England a decent present.

    I've never used the word ni$$er so much in my life before.

    If the big, greasy, stinky shoe fits, Big Guy is wearing it.

    Superb manners be damned.

  125. This comment has been removed by the author.

  126. I rarely had the inclination to use the word either, until the first time I saw the video of Rev Wright, screaming at the top of his lungs about "rich white people". It made me so very angry, and then, Obama comes out and says something to the effect that what we heard from Rev Wright was something we were likely to hear in ANY Black church!

    At work the next day, I talked with some of my black co-workers about it and asked them if that were true. Because if it was, then it meant that the blacks I worked with, side by side on a daily basis, really hated me because I'm white. Of course, they said it wasn't true, at least not in THEIR churces.

    I just read a fairly sedate article by Ann Coulter in which she said that Obama planted the question during the press conference because he was hoping he could satisfy the Chicago Sun-Times, which has been accusing him of not being "black enough". I wonder if that is true.

    Not being "black enough" is a phrase I've heard before. I've heard it here in Alabama, about various local politicians and about Condi Rice.

    I don't think I've ever said someone "wasn't white enough". Maybe "not Conservative enough"....

  127. Remain calm, everyone. I merely meant that using superb manners doesn't prevent our taking swift, effective action against our ruthless enemies. And using gutter language isn't necessary to do so, either.

    I caught a bit of Jimmy Fallon's show last night, during which certain rappers PROUDLY used decent language (for a change) to praise Obama's brilliant, caring programs. Sure, they've been duped about his plans and smarts----he's actually dim, as his off-TOTUS remarks consistently reveal----but at least they showed that they are capable of not using horrid language, when they try.

    Anyway, today seemed strange: BO neither held a press conference, nor noticeably pandered to a focus group. Odd.

    I wonder what they're plotting now....

    HMMM.... Nope, I don't think it's quite time for Makin' the Baby: things aren't ghastly enough yet!

  128. Hi, Jamie! Yeah, I forget which talk show host said they KNEW that the final question at the presser, re. Gates, WAS planned, to take attention OFF the whole health insurance plan.

  129. This comment has been removed by the author.

  130. Apparently what Ann C said about the Chicago Sun Times is based on truth. One of their columnists (Mary Mitchell) wrote a piece on July 18 saying that the Obama Admin was "too colorblind". Here is what she had to say.

    === Hold on a minute. There is not a black president in the White House. There is a president in the White House who happens to be black.

    As such, like all other presidents, he will have to be pushed into paying attention to the black agenda. ===

    "black agenda"?

    So, I suppose that Obama thought himself rather clever to plant that question in the audience so that he could kill two birds with one stone - 1) address a "black issue" and 2) put media attention on something other than the failure of his disastrous health care plan.

  131. Whoa! Sure sounds like the liberals, especially those "of color," DO. NOT. LIKE. ANYONE! to be "fair-minded," to be president of ALL the people!

    Well, tough!

    I'm not worried for them at ALL: BO has given them TONS of socialism for which they can give thanks----but which the REST of us will all DEPLORE!

  132. BTW - Obama held two town hall meetings today, one in Raleigh, NC and another in Bristol, Virginia (in a grocery store, of all places).

    He is still on the campaign trail - its all he knows how to do - community organize.

    I'm reading the prepared remarks for the N.C. appearance and he tells some real whoppers! Here's one:

    "Less than one month after taking office, we enacted the most sweeping economic recovery package in history – and we did so without any of the earmarks that waste tax dollars on pet projects."

    No earmarks??????? excuse me??????

    I'm not sure I want to keep reading after that one. I can't imagine that it gets any better.

  133. This comment has been removed by the author.

  134. Yeah, the media is actively promoting his health care bullshit.

    Back when he signed it, here is how he explained away the presence of pork in the stimulus bill:

    "One person's frivolous spending is another person's absolutely critical economic-development tool"

    As for the idiots that believe him, listen to what one guy said this morning about paying higher taxes for health care reform:

    "I know we need to pay more taxes and I'm willing to do that, I just want to be sure that we get a good health care plan".

    idiot!@$#@! Why do we need to pay more taxes? I think we pay plenty of taxes. Why can't he realize that the taxes we pay are being used to pay for stupid shit?

  135. The Business and Media Institute has released a study that showed that between Jan 20 and June 24 on ABC, CBS, and NBC, 70 percent of the soundbites supported Obama’s liberal health-care ideas.

    Apparently, 70 percent isn't enough, because Obama has been whining that journalists are "peddling myths”. Yeah, myths like his “reform” agenda being "expensive".

    I also read that in a conference call with liberal bloggers on July 20, he claimed “I know the blogs are best at debunking myths that can slip through a lot of the traditional media outlets.”

  136. Yeah, especially this blog.

  137. Welcome back from your mini-vacation, Jamie. Hope it was relaxing and fun.

    Heh, heh.... and when you read what you had missed I'll bet you chuckled. Yup! Us FOT's are in the thick of things as usual.

    Come one, come all! Visit the TOTUS blog where you get debunking extraordinaire!

  138. Okay, FOTS, brace thyselves for a real Barf-Fest tomorrow: it'll be "Share the Love Time" at the Beer Barn----which, btw, is being marketed as "The President Mediates a Reconciliation: What Courage He Shows! What Balance He Brings!"
    ("What a CROCK!" - ralph, retch, gag)

    Really, how could this cop go to the White House!? He actually excused BO's lousy behavior by saying, "Well, if someone accused MY friend of something, I'd probably stick up for him, too."

    Yeah, well, let's just pretend your friend ain't the President of the United States, shall we?

    Because if he WERE the POTUS, he'd have behaved very STUPIDLY by sticking up for a friend WITHOUT knowing FIRST if said friend is a FLAKE who racially profiled a white cop, then fibbed about it!

    The whole enterprise is asinine. By letting this BO jerk's behavior slide, the cop diminishes the honor all police officers deserve. I can't believe he needs attention that much....

  139. Yes, its asinine, but its all a political game and he has to play their game. If the cop declined the invitation to have a beer with BO and Gates (which, btw, it is being said that "having a beer together" was the cop's suggestion), he would be portrayed as the bad guy. and the media will say that it "proves" that he is just another "whitey" who doesn't want to associate with blacks.

    Whatever comes of this, BO and Gates have been exposed as the racists and opportunists that they are. Several audios have come out of Gates saying racist things, further revealing him to be a racist. It has also enabled some to remind us about Rev Wright. So, no matter what happens at the beerfest, they can't change what has already transpired.

    Attention needs to get back on the Health Care and more needs to be revealed about what is actually in that bill. People need to be reminded that it is a farce so that when the members of Congress go home for recess, they have to answer to their constituents.

    (TWW - had a great time on my mini-vac. I can see that you guys were on a roll handling the troll. LOL)

  140. TOTUS, you have lost control on this site. It use to be a good place to come for a good chuckle. Please tell big guy to invite the lady that called in the 911 call to the beer bash. I think she needs a a pat on the back.Totus, we have discovered obama can not think and speak without you. You would never have let him say what he did. Everytime he tries to wing it with out you he screws up.

  141. I think you are right that the police officer is between a rock and a hard place, also, what a wierd situation for your personal fifteen minutes of fame! But something about this just reeks of condescension toward "the common man", and of showmanship. "Cheap" is the word that comes to mind most often, though the media will no doubt make further case for the Magic Negro's deification.

    He slipped up and called the police stupid.

    Then magnanimously offers to be the conciliatory force between a racist and a man doing his job, as if he had not taken any side at all.

    He really, really believes his own bullshit.

    I've met people like this in real life, and they are to be avoided, due to being LIARS.

  142. One more thought and then I'll go away.

    Why is racial profiling WRONG?

    If I am flying I hope to hell someone is racially profiling everyone. I seem to recall more than one hundred lives saved because a British officer racially profiled a family with a baby bottle full of explosives.

    Racial profiling is a fact of life.

    The man or woman who made the decision to drop charges for disorderly conduct agaisnt Gates is the wrong doer here. Justice is supposed to be blind. But he was given a courtesy pass for being who he is - is that not racial profiling?

    He should have faced charges of disorderly conduct, because he is GUILTY as charged. But the media behaves as if the drop of charges is a statement of INNOCENCE, which is a LIE.

    Obama is behaving as if this were all a misunderstanding, which is another LIE, giving credence to the media's warped impression.

    Professor Gates committed a criminal. Whoever gave him a pass is guilty of aiding and abetting a crime.

  143. Committed a criminal? Sort of like, I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy.


  144. This comment has been removed by the author.

  145. I mostly agree with the ideas presented above. I don't like censorship; I support free speech.

    But we have a CRUCIALLY-significant goal of persuading Americans to:
    - listen to our ideas,
    - adopt our conservative views, and
    - support our diligent work to get RID of this Fraud----lawfully, of course.

    Yet most Americans will work with us ONLY if they trust us and know that we make good sense.

    True, swearing and ranting FEEL cathartic, and show we're outraged, passionate, energized, and committed to forcing real change.

    But ranting with filthy language NEVER works in human relationships:
    - it's repulsive, not cool;
    - shortsighted, not compelling;
    - shallow, not influential.

    Ranting and swearing will NEVER gather the huge amount of hard-working supporters we will NEED desperately, in order to gain votes to DUMP this Big Guy and his crew from office.

    Look at it from another angle:

    What conservatives truly prize about Sarah Palin is that she bravely conveys her deep rejection of BO and his plans WITHOUT her using his cunning tactics or any gutter language.

    Sarah Palin needs every one of her supporters to follow her sensible, caring, and ultimately SUCCESSFUL method of debating with respect and power----ranting privately maybe (with the loved ones who'll let us!), but persuing publicly the difficult long-term goal of BEATING THIS "BIG GUY" AT THE POLLS.

    I'm just sayin.'

    Anyhoo, back to the Beer Summit, now moved to the more politic Rose Garden. It must finally have occurred to BO, "OOPS! Gettin' high on the hops in the PLAYGROUND just looks silly!"

    Finally, Sunflower, I agree with your hoping that TOTUS will return soon with a new article.


  146. Sorry I offended your sensiblities with my plain and honest talk.

    I'll not post again.

    Gone for good this time.


  147. MelenaX, read what I wrote: you did NOT "offend" ME!

    But you probably DID offend LOTS of other people----and don't you agree we need their support!?

    Is it central to your thinking that you MUST call BO a "n---r?" Because that's lame; OTHER words are more apt and more PERSUASIVE that describe him.

    Put yourself last, not first. Getting him OUT is the goal.... Rant away in private.

  148. Oh! MelenaX must have decided to delete her post. sigh...

    Well, anyway, I forgot to mention: yes, "racial profiling" seems to be used by liberals to slam perfectly intelligent ways of describing people.

    It doesn't seem racist or mean for a caller to note, "A short, fat, bald, white guy is raping my neighbor!" Immediately, the police wouldn't have to waste time checking out the tall, thin black guys or women in the area----or so it seems.

    However, the police (or US Marshals, such as my brother) prefer to keep open minded about their suspects, because people can often succeed at masking their identities.

    Still, it seems too PC to ignore simple descriptions, out of fear of seeming racist.

  149. Everything you and MelenaX wrote doesn't offend me; I wrote that I mostly agree with it!

    I'm appropriately concerned about the N word, that's all.

    "Rants" are okay, really, if they don't go over the line, don't you think? I mean, isn't there a LINE at ALL, anymore?

    I realize it seems unfair that blacks can call each other the N word, and no one else can------but isn't that the same way with FAMILY!? I mean, "< I > can say my sister is a brat, but don't YOU say it!'----see?

    C'mon, MelenaX. Quit getting ticked off and taking your ball home, so to speak. You're family here, too. (But outsiders who read this just won't understand, right?)

  150. Read this email, sent to me by a friend:
    << Here is a short summary of the first 500 pages of Obama's "Health" plan, by writer and historian, Larry Schweikart:
    Page 22: A mandate for the Government to audit the books of all employers that self insure.
    Pg 42: The Health Choices Commissioner will choose your Health Care (HC) benefits for you. You will have no choice!
    Pg 50: HC will be provided to ALL non-U.S. citizens, illegal or otherwise.
    Pg 58: Government will have real-time access to an individual's finances and a National ID Healthcard will be issued!
    Pg 65: Sec 164 is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in unions and community organizations like ACORN.
    PG 85: The Government will ration your healthcare!
    Pg 124: No company can sue the Government on price fixing, and no "judicial review" against Government monopoly.
    Pg 145: An employer MUST auto-enroll employees into a public option plan. NO CHOICE.
    Pg 126: Employers MUST pay for healthcare for part-time employees AND their families.
    Pg 149: ANY Employer with payroll $400k & above who does not provide a public option pays 8 percent tax on all payroll.
    Pg 150: Businesses with payroll between $251k & $400k that don't provide a public option pay 2-6 percent tax on all payroll.
    Pg 167 ANY individual who doesn't have acceptable HC according to the Government will be taxed 2.5 percent of income.
    Pg 170: Any NONRESIDENT alien is exempt from individual taxes. (Americans will pay).
    Pg 203: "The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax." Yes, it says that.
    Pg 239: Government will reduce physician services for Medicaid. Seniors, low income, and the poor will be affected.
    Pg 241: Doctors — doesn't matter what specialty — will all be paid the same.
    PG 272: TREATMENT OF CERTAIN CANCER HOSPITALS — welcome to rationing!
    Pg 317-318: Government will mandate that hospitals cannot expand.
    Pg 354: Government will RESTRICT enrollment of special needs people!
    PG 425: Government will mandate Advance Care Planning Consultations for seniors... guiding you in how to die.
    PG 429: "Advanced care consultation" may include an ORDER for end of life plans. AN ORDER from the Government to end a life!
    PG 430: The Government will decide what level of treatment you will have at end of life. >>

    Restrictions, orders, mandates, reductions----all with COMPLETE ACCESS to our health records and our BANK ACCOUNTS!
    This "plan" has NOTHING to do with "health!" It's a Total Power Grab!

  151. Meleenaaa---- Remember I stuck UP for you with that TRO-OLLL......!

  152. Let the old woman go. This is the second time she's left the board in a huff. Clearly she likes the attention of everyone fawning over her.

    MM, I appreciate your sentiments, but crude language aside, do you honestly thing anyone close to "mainstream" will have any sympathies toward your thoughts and objectives? Impeach the President? Birth Certificate issue? You folks are so outside the normal range of ideology that you have no shot of making any converts.

    Have fun trying though. I enjoy your attempts.

  153. I agree, MM. It would have been the courageous and noble thing to have quietly replied to Dope, "If you want to apologize to me, have the courtesy to come here. If you are not going to apologize, we have no further business to discuss. Good bye." [click]

    I'm sure, though, as Jamie pointed out, Sgt. Crowley was under tremendous peer/other pressure to obey the summons to the castle.

    It's disappointing to say the least.

    [BTW, MM – Thank you for that excellent list of horrors from the Deathcare bill; I’ll file that with Jamie’s.]


    [Betty Ann] "...Just browsing over on CNN ... insane ... ."

    Yup. That's affirmative.

    [Betty Ann] "Why is racial profiling WRONG?"

    Given your definition of "racial profiling," that is, taking relevant characteristics (for instance that most jihadists look Arabian) into consideration, it is NOT wrong where race is a bona fide, relevant, characteristic.

    Gates is not only belligerant, he is affirmatively stupid. He obviously does not care to create the impression that he is an intellectual.

    Genuine "racial profiling," that is the IRrelevant consideration of a given racial characteristic,

    e.g., picking the black kid for the basketball team over the Hispanic kid based on the assumption that he can play better.......

    or .......pulling over a young black male driving along peacefully based on the assumption that he is up to no good......

    or............, picking the black applicant over a non-black for the job of choir director based on the assumption (Rev. Jeremiah Wright has snidely "preached" this from his platform)that black people can sing better than Asians or Caucasians can,

    is wrong.


    Dear Melena (I hope you read this),

    I am sad that you are leaving. I wish you would stay. I understand, however. A person can only take so much of being castigated, however mildly, however well-intentioned, for one's heartfelt, impassioned, expression of one's views.

    I do not think there is a word ugly enough to describe a committed racist.

    Ya know, while I enjoy blogging about what matters to me and having some fun, too, it is not without its risks. Words are powerful. That you were hurt enough to leave has taken a lot of the joy out of commenting here. My heart is heavy. I (selfishly) hope you will reconsider. Do think about it, okay?

    You probably will not return. You can't be yourself here. Others want to sanitize this site, not legitimately, from horrid views, such as racism, but from enthusiastic, unapologetically, passionate speech, here, against racism.

    We are the ones who will be missing out.

    I wish you and your family all the best, Melena. It's good to know there are truly patriotic, liberty loving, people like you out there.

    Take care. Wish your 17-year-old son well, and enjoy that new grandson. You deserve to live in joy. This blog isn't going to do that for you. And, if this place starts to cause me more distress than joy, I’ll be outta here, too.

    Your friend,


  154. Glad you spoke MM,as I had already had my say.
    I applaud Melena's decision to remove those posts and encourage her to rewrite them without the Neon words for reposting.

    I suspect TP is standing in a Whitehouse window as we speak watching that tet a tet between our threesome of kumbyaists at the beer summit.If that Constapolitan mom came it might be four.
    Whoops ,nope,Biden takes her spot to 'balance' the ticket,so to speak,Crossfire style.
    3 or 4 against one.
    Do not expect our hero to be easily bowled over by these guys,especially if they bowl.
    They will probably try to settle differences w a little'hoop style'man on man instead.
    Biden can pretend to assist the policeman,or they can just play 3 against 1,as intended.For all the marbles.
    They should spot us that nice little Alaskan lady to make it 3 against two.Man on man.
    If they do while making my wee wager against the Uighers I would put a paycheck on the little lady leaving w six marbles in her pocket.Those reporters hooting 'who da man?'
    would be stunned to realize it was a woman.
    Most here would not be.

  155. Hey, way to get us back on track, Prep. T..

    No wonder they're playing for marbles..... ever since they lost all of theirs, Jeremiah Wright, Jr. & Gates go all over the country looking for patsies.

    Sgt. Crowley is not a patsy (as far as I know), but he certainly is a dupe.


    "Bail me out.
    I was duped by Dope."

  156. Hey Melena ~~~~~~~~ ditto what TWW said. You will be missed. You, I think, are the most passionate of all of the FOTUS! We need you to get us stirred up to DO something and speak out about it. OK, 'nuf said.

    BTW - TOTUS has a new post.

  157. Melena -

    Say what you want.

  158. Joe/craniac/HUGEASS:

    Have I got some great stuff for YOU to read, bud. I dare ya!

    View these articles at:

    1) At _The American Thinker_:
    "Obama's Birth Certificate and the Real Issues"


    2) At _NRO Online_:
    "Suborned in the USA"

    (I have typed an item above as the letter L, but it might be the number 1 instead. It is located near the end, just before the YTVmZmU" part----see? If the URL doesn't work, switch that letter L to the number 1, okay?)

  159. Hey MM - been doing some reading have we??? ;)

    try using the website Tiny URL to convert long urls to tiny ones (tiny like Iran).

    ANYWAY, at Tiny URL you just copy your url and plug it in and tiny url changes it for you to one that is much smaller. for example

    your NRO url would now be this:

  160. The issue about the birth certificate, I understand it, is that to be president he is conveniently born in the US. But to have gone to those schools he faked being foriegn born, convenitently born elsewhere, therefore fraquded the US government out of tens of thousands for an education.

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  163. First of all,'s not illegal. Ask G.W. Bush who nationalized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Second of all, how can you be so up in arms about corporate takeovers, while at the same time be an advocate of a MILITARY takeover