Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Roamin' Through Roma

We landed here in a Rome a few hours ago, and beyond having a driver that nearly killed us, what with his lane changing, swerving, those ridiculous traffic circles and the like, the city seems like a nice place. I hear Silvio Berlusconi has quite the Telepromptress, so I'm looking forward to this G-8 meeting.

Our arrival was marred by the greeting at the airport, when the Italian official kept ducking away from Lady M. Seems that flower she had on her dress looked like one of those gags that squirt water, and the Italian didn't want to get wet.
Apparently someone briefed them up pretty well, since Biden falls for that gag every time.


  1. I mentioned on another Blog that ManMonsterMO should never, under any circumstances, wear the colors yellow, orange, or pink.

    I rest my case.

  2. What is it with the First Wookie? Why does she afflict the world with casual wear in her office? Does she not realize that she represents the US?

    Oh, that's right. She only represents those that don't give a damn what happens to us. Maybe she ought to just wear those awful capris, a 'Malcolm X' t-shirt, and those ugly, EXPENSIVE, green tennis shoes.

    Maybe she can have a 'garden klatch' while she is in Italy to teach the other First Ladies how to garden and act arrogant...

  3. i'd like to teach the First Lady a new word:


    Good lord...i'm so sick of looking at her sleeveless dresses when she's on official business. Does she have NO ONE to teach her protocol?

  4. Jay Mohr was right- M.O. IS a big dude.

  5. That's too funny! Her flower does look like something Bozo the Clown would wear.

  6. TOTUS, check out the picture of the Obamas with the Italian president and his wife...

    MoBo looks like the Jolly Yellow Giant...either that, or she's growing like Ursula did in The Little out, Europe!!

  7. TOTUS:
    Are her fingernails actually fat, fake, and painted YELLOW?


    That's enough. When did Queen Latifa become her wardrobe consultant?

  8. Maybe we ought to just be glad she didn't show up wearing a sweatsuit with 'funkalicious' across her butt.

    And if she had, you can be sure the harpies on 'The View' would be talking about how gorgeous she looked and how she is influencing fashion everywhere.

    You know, propogating the 'welfare queen' look...

  9. Good God! I think the yellow nails just pushed her to the gettho catagory. The green shoes would have set off the whole outfit with the matching green thing on her chest.

  10. ML - that photo is hilarious! MO is absolutely ginormous...Gulliver in the land of the lilliputions. Someone, please tie her down.

  11. At least she skipped the horizontal stripes this time.

  12. Dorothy...Funny you should type that. I was thinking that she'd be a good addition for the Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC, if they can find enough clowns to hold her as she floats through Manhattan...

  13. Okay, now you guys are bein' all that nice. . . bwa . . . bwa . . . BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  14. Okay, I'm in the minority here. I like the pin and the dress color, not the style, etc., but the color...and does she really have yellow nails? I can't tell.

  15. Was Michelle going to the prom?

  16. ML - no shortage of clowns in Congress. Although I'm afraid it would frighten the children, and clowns scare kids too....

  17. I took a look at that pic from the link: EGAD!

    also, did you notice the distance between BO and MO? what happened to the lovey-dovey handholding we saw as they left fthe plane?

    MO is blind; has to be not to be able to see how absolutely HORRIBLE she looks. That plastic green flower or whatever it is looks rancid and like it died five years ago.

    and what the heck kind of shoes are she wearing? Ghetto kickers? pointed toes make her look like a buffoon. and the color! Urppy.

    Between her clothes and big, hafe-fulled mouth, and his lying, constantly apologizing mouth, the USA has never, ever been so wretchedl represented.


    trust me on this, Europe and Asia, and all points between

  18. I don't know who her stylist is, but if it's the same idiots that are running the State Dept. they are very young, and lack a certain class and polish that one expects from a head of state or their spouse. Yellow nail polish-really? What next, will we wear bling and maybe tie up our tee shirts for some tummy baring antics. Please, Mrs. Obama, hire some grown-ups.

  19. Big Mo snagged that daisy off one of Brian Williams' hats when he came to check out the Donkey Barn.

    LOL, TOTUS. So Giggly drives just like he runs a press conference.


    Hi, Susie Q, How's the job hunt going? Hope all is well with you. Take care.

    I agree. Big Mo can do canary yellow and other bright colors, but ..... man alive, there's time and a place (head shake). No class.


    Guess that daisy is Big Mo's "flag pin." Shows her loyalty to all the hate-America sixties radicals who are now running Congress and academia.


    Wait -- a -- minute! That's the daisy Hopey the Clown wears when he does his fly-catching routine (on Wednesday nights). The gag is, first Hopey tries and tries to shoot the little pests with his water-squirting daisy....... no luck. Hopey looks sad. Then, with a great big [GRIN] -- SNAP! Bam! He kills those flies with his BARE HANDS. Puts them in a jar and gives them to Rahm in case he needs a midnight snack.


    Or..... they just came from Emperor Vladimir's.... maybe it's a laser, to blind anyone asking questions Dope can't answer (most of them).

    That poor Italian kept ducking because he kept trying to ask Dope what he would like for lunch.

  20. I just watched some film footage of our Dear Leader and the First Wookie arriving in Italy. Yup, she has yellow fingernails...

    I did notice, though, that our Dear Leader has gotten over his bowing to foreign dignataries. Oh wait, that's right, these guys are just stupid white guys. Not a Sheik in sight, so he didn't have to bow to those he acknowledges as his betters...

  21. Ya, know, Melena, you're right. Big Mo looked atrocious (AGAIN). Maybe she's going for the Marge Simpson look. Next time, she'll add the big hair.

    It's all part of the latest strategy of "look intelligent and powerful by comparison." Empty Suit is just this big-eared, skinny, grinning, dope, soooooooo..................

    let's have his press secretary look even dopier and sillier.....

    and his treasury secretary look even fluffier and dumber......

    his economic advisor (Summers) look even MORE "punch drunk" and ignorant of sound economic principles........his homeland security chief even more thickheaded and incompetent........

    his (whatever Ron Sims is - H.H.S. Sec'ty?) even more corrupt ........

    And now......Big Mama dressing the part of the lightweight ditz. Makes sense.

    And, of course, there's always "The Insurance Policy" (Biden) to run diversionary tactics.

  22. if you look real close at the clasped hands, you'll see the yellow nails

    unless those are BO's nails...

  23. D'oh! and Big Mo Descending the Stairs

    Do: Whoa, Mitchell! Not so fast. Maaaan, they gave us the really loooooong stairway this time.

    Mo: It's the same -- dear. Keep grinning, keep grinning.

    Do: (through clenched teeth grimace he uses for a grin) Think they can tell I'm stoned?

    Mo: (smiling even bigger) Just keep waving, smile, smile.... hold onto my hand.... just 4... 3.......... (hisses) come ON.... 2..... and ..... that's the last one. The LAST one..... Stop that! You look like a high stepping pony. Smile!

    Do: Hey, Danny Devito! Great to see you.......

  24. Melena! I'll bet you're right. Mo was going going to wear black finger nails, but she forgot them in Moscow, so......... she had to borrow Dope's! Bwa, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  25. When is Allen Funt going to come out and say........... "You're on Candid Camera?" Allen?........... Allen? .........

    Oh, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! This is really happening.

    A Marxist Muslim from Kenya has succeeded in invading the White House.

    Here's a happy thought boys and girls....... Nowhere to go but up!.... :D

  26. Just wait until Dope goes sight seeing..... heh, heh..... "Uuuh, boy, Burrluhskonee, you have some of the finest examples of Roman architecture in the world in your city......... say, Silvia, gotta light?"

  27. Berl: And this is where Galileo Galilei was tried for asserting that the Earth orbits the Sun.

    D'oh!: He was... uh.... also a famous winemaker, no?

    Berl: No.

  28. Wait--a--minute.... "lane changing"... "swerving".... that's what Preptile was writing about a few threads ago... . That driver was..... John McLame!

  29. This version of 'First Lady' looks like a complete carnival act. "Step right up and see the man that looks like a woman! Or, a woman that looks like a man. See one! See both!"

  30. Yellow dress, yellow nails, yellow shoes - isn't she just "Little Miss Sunshine"? She comes off looking more like Big Bird. I really did not realize how HUGE MO is, and how much bigger than BO she is. She made the Italian President and his wife look like midgets!

    I learned something else about the Cap and Trade (Waxley-Markey) bill today.

    Did you know that it has a stealth provision, (reported by the Washington Examiner) creating a three-year package of unemployment benefits, a $1,500 job relocation allowance and a health insurance premium subsidy for workers unemployed as a result of this "jobs creation" bill? SO, are they expecting a lot of people to lose their jobs?

    What about all those "green jobs" that it is supposed to create?

    Of course, the so-called stimulus bill increased unemployment benefits for those not benefited by that job creations bill. (Oh, that's right, they "created or SAVED" jobs with that bill.) I guess what they didn't tell us was that the jobs it created were jobs where you sit at home and get unemployement and food stamps. And the jobs they SAVED were the jobs of the folks who work for the Unemployment Office and Social Services, where they issue those benefits, right? Heck, they probably had to hire MORE people to handle the load of new unemployment claims.

  31. Today, one of Obama's lackey's made the statement that "Obama might have to bypass the Senate in regard to agreements and treaties, for a while".

    I'm not sure that is the exact wording, but yo uget the gist of what the guy was saying. In other words, Obama shouldn't have to worry about a silly little thing like the checks and balances of our government, when he is doing something IMPORTANT. So, he is just going to go ahead and make agreements on whatever with whomever he wants, whenever he wants to.

    I'm going to see if I can find where I read that today and see if it was in reference to some specific potential agreement.

  32. It was in reference to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). I read about it on Fox and ABC:

    == Obama May 'Bypass' Senate Ratification for Russian Treaty

    With the clock running out on a new US-Russian arms treaty before the previous Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START, expires on December 5, a senior White House official said Sunday said that the difficulty of the task might mean temporarily bypassing the Senate’s constitutional role in ratifying treaties by enforcing certain aspects of a new deal on an executive levels and a “provisional basis” until the Senate ratifies the treaty. ==

    So, just what "aspects" is Obama going to ASSUME that the Senate will agree to?

    Oh gee, and once he gets waway with taking this "extraordinary measure", what is to stop him from doing it again and again?

    link -

  33. Heh, heh, Jamie :), "those green jobs" are what the White House staff call Big Mo's sneakers.


    All that soothing stuff about compensating people "unemployed as a result of" the cap and tax bill was merely window dressing designed to appease the Neville Chamberlains amongst the opposition.

    No poor, unemployed, worker will EVER be allowed to prevail on the causation issue.

    Plaintiff: "But, your honor, I really did lose my job because of that bill. My boss shut down our boat making plant when he sold all his CO2 emission allowances to Big Corp.."

    JusticeDept.Atty.: "Your honor, we now draw your attention to Exhibit No. 4,578, the letter from Plaintiff's boss to that boss's real estate agent in Hawaii. On line 11 it reads, "Go ahead and make the offer on the condo. I'll be selling my business lock, stock and barrel before the end of the year." That letter was dated January 3, 2009. Boss was going to sell regardless of the bill.

    Plaintiff: But, Boss said, I have it on video, right here, that the Hawaii deal fell through and if it not for the cap and trade money, he would not have sold that business.

    Justice: Nice try, Plaintiff, have you heard of a little thing called "constructively unemployed?"

    Plaintiff: I'm not in construction.

    Judge: No, Plaintiff, but you're in trouble. Why don't you have an attorney?

    Plaintiff: I have a public assistance attorney (looks around room anxiously), but she said she had to go help push the cart that's bringing our town's new windmill up from the airport. Guess she's not back yet....... But I have more proof of causation, right here.

    Justice: And for every item you produce, I'll have another one that will make the Judge see that reasonable minds can differ on that issue.

    Judge: (shakes head) I think your case is hopeless, Plaintiff.

    Justice: [GRIN] Yup.

    Judge: Just suck it up and go live in your mom's garage. And remember, you are saving the planet!


    Quote of the Day:


    Peter Huber (wrote Hard Green: Saving the Environment from the Environmentalists)

  34. That is REALLY creepy stuff about ignoring the U.S. Constitution's req. that the Senate ratify all treaties. In another world, I would have said, "Oh, don't worry. The U.S. Senate will swiftly act to put an end to that nonsense." But, all that the Senate is now is a big huge rubber stamp. So, it's a moot point UNTIL WE CAN VOTE IN SOME TRULY REASONABLE AND PATRIOTIC PEOPLE. Arrrrrrgh!

    That diabolical megalomaniac.

    Sure is neat having an Enemy of the United States occupying the office of president.

  35. If he can bypass the Senate, then why bother having a Senate???

    don't the Senators want to keep their 'jobs'?

    will he bypass the House next? and then have no use for the HOuse?

    Will Pelosi, Reid, Frank, et al, be out of jobs due to the by pass?

  36. TWW, you are SO cool. What an imagination. Bet you were a mischevious little kid, too. (Or are you still one?)

    Yep, nifty to have a Marxist as POTUS. And he is educated and suave and debonair and clean (in VP Biden's words). I just LUV hearing him speak. And when he smiles that smile, it just gives me goosebumps.

    OH ... wait, those goosebumps are the result of the chills running up my spine from abject FEAR. Those fools in Congress are allowing BHO to make them irrelevant. Pretty soon they won't have a say in anything. But, I guess they don't care as long as they can vote themselves a raise every year.

    Here's another scary thought - Sen. (SIN) Schumer (the sleaze) says that they will grant amnesty to the illegals BY SEPTEMBER! (That reminds me, I have to go to and send a few faxes on that!)

    Slight change of subject. OK, MAJOR change of subject. I read a great Victor Davis Hanson piece today on Sarah Palin. (I DO love VDH!).

    == Let us count the ways in which Palin enrages:

    False Consciousness

    1) The sophisticated elite “sees” the real world behind the middle-American façade — how the mob is led, fooled, mesmerized — exploited and manipulated through addiction to idiotic things like Wal-Mart, wall-to-wall carpeting, tract houses, Yukons, etc. Can’t smart people see that Palin’s naugahyde family is a reification of all this middle-class, mindless consumerism, without style, erudition, nuance and skepticism? How infuriating to sit here in New York and think that a winking tart could ever be elected, when seasoned sophisticates like Joe Biden and cosmopolitan metrosexuals like Barack Obama, who see it all, might not have been.


  37. Thanks, Jamie. Your kind words are MUCH appreciated.

    I was "strong willed" and imaginative, but not mischievous as a kid. The older I get, the more mischievous I become. Heh, heh, heeeeeeh.


    Just read the Victor Davis Hanson piece about Sarah Palin. Thanks for the link. I like that man's straightforward, thoughtful, writing. He was right on the money about those snobs who smirk and simper and can't seem to stop making their snotty remarks about an exceptionally fine person. He didn't mention envy (or if he did, my tired eyes missed it), but I think that plays in there, too.

    All that Hanson said was correct and insightful and explains why elitists find Ms. Palin distasteful. When those elitists go round the bend into "deranged," leaving mere distaste in the dust, however, there is a deeper cause.

    Ultimate Source of "PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome)" [coined by Michelle Malkin?]:

    Sarah Palin loves Jesus and isn't afraid to talk about him.

    Supporting cites:

    "'If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own ... If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also ... They will treat you this way because of my name... .'" [John 15:18-21]

    "For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. To the one we are the smell of death; to the other the fragrance of life ... ." [II. Corinthians 2:15, 16]

    Those who have rejected God and God's moral Law recoil from a Sarah Palin like a night creature shrinks from the beam of a flashlight.

    "'This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.'" [John 3:19]


    ***SARAH PALIN ;) FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012!!!***


  38. Ha, Melena, nice analogy. Ol' Barry "Bypass" Hussein. That bypass must be one of those "shovel ready" projects. EVERYONE will have to pitch in -- A LOT -- to build it. It is, truly, all about him. (and "Me-me-me-michelle" as you coined several weeks ago:D).

    Yeah, those twisted Congresspeople (RINOS and Demonocrats) prove Michael Savage's (I've forgotten the other person another FOTUS said originally coined this phrase) truism: "LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER," proven by their persistent propensity to do self-destructive acts.


    BTW, how's the new grandson? Enjoy!

  39. The slimming yellow dress looks okay next to Michelle's lovely brown skin, but the flower DOES look like a water-pistol flower. Ack! I guarantee she's wearing Italian shoes, which are WAY expensive. I know a model at Nieman Marcus, and she constantly buys similar shoes for $400 on up (but she gets the discount!). Can you imagine spending that on shoes?

    At least in the photo, everyone is lined up in order, from left to right, tallest to shortest!

    Jamie, BO just gets scarier every day. I heard a snippet of a guy today (one I don't listen to often enough to know if he's okay or nuts: that Savage Nation guy). He says BO is trying to bring about a world nation, and end our autonomy. Hate to write this, but it sure looks like Savage might be correct!

  40. still wondering if any of the World Leaders know that Obama is a Usurper?

    also, TOTUS, it's cool if you're Republican - WE are the party of Civil Rights

  41. MM - if you want to be given the creeps, go search on the net for information about "New World Order" and the Order of the Illuminati. Some of the links with info are "out there", but if you read enough of it, there are references to things that actually sound like some of the things currently going on.

    Michael Savage can be right on the mark, but can sometimes go a little over the top. I used to listen to him on my drive home, but they replaced him with a local guy. There are a LOT of people who listen to him.

    Now I listen to Mark Levin. (Mark replaced the local guy). Mark occasionally rants, but most of the time the stuff he is telling you is SO on-the-mark. He is all about start realism, no candy-coating of the facts. He will scare you, he will inspire you, and occasionally, he will annoy you, but he will get your attention. If you get a chance and can get him on a local station, you should listen to him. Mark has written several insightful books - "Men in Black", "Liberty or Tyranny".

  42. totus the sleeveless "wear" lady m keeps sporting, while showing of her "guns" at the same time, must be embarrasing big guy and his skinny, puny look!

  43. TOTUS, Dear, if you WERE to "get together" with Silvio's Telepromptress and Ivanka at the same time (altho I don't want to think about that) would that be a, um, 6-way?

  44. Tell us the truth TOTUS. Is MO an Amazon? She always appears to be towering and then leaning into the picture.

    MO and BO always look so uncomfortable in photos where they are meeting heads of state.

  45. TWW: Yep, good ol' By-Pass Barry... the Fraud.

    I called her Me!Me!Me!cHelle after having the truly grusome exeperience of seeing her during the campaign in ... ah, Indiana

  46. Obama lied, transparency and alligators died...

  47. OMG, the Italians must be laughing their a** off. You went to a country, whose style and culture is known throughout the world, looking like a yellow stick pin. What is with the sleeveless outfits? Speaking of A**, yours looked ginormous in that yellow tasteless dress. Our first lady has no class.

  48. Ha, ha, heeee, Nona of Naples, "yellow stick pin," LOL.

    RE: the big green daisy..... probably dribbled chew on her collar just as the plane landed. Secret Service "requisitioned" it from plane bathroom (one of those "stick ups" deodorizers). Two birds with one stone!

  49. Mountain Mama wrote: "The slimming yellow dress looks okay next to Michelle's lovely brown skin". Must not have seen the side shot. She really should ask her old man, "does this dress make my butt look big?"

  50. In that pickture today where BHO is admiring the skinny, long-haired girl's derriere, he must have been thinking "Now why can't my wife's butt look like that?".....

    Sorry, BHO, but you married an Amazon, what did you expect?

  51. Wait a minute: don't Amazons lop off one of their breasts, the better to carry their quiver of arrows unhampered? MO still looks normal in this regard----Ivy-League-small, yet normal. Must just be a large woman----and no, I didn't see the photo of/from the rear.

    Oh, I just don't CARE about their looks! What I DO care about is how they are such socialists, and are ruining our republic.

    Jamie, I have listened to and enjoyed Mark Levin. I like Rush and Sean also. I just don't have time to listen to them all too much, though.

  52. The only time I tune in to radio is on my drive home from work, at 4:30.

    - I never listen to Rush since he is on midday, when I'm at work.
    - Sean goes off the air at 5 pm here, so if I listen to him, its just for 30 minutes.
    - Glenn Beck also goes off at 5, so I sometimes listen to him instead of Sean.
    - Mark's show starts at 5 pm, so I get to listen for an hour, hour and 1/2 before I get home.

    I like talk radio because it gives me a chance to hear others (the callers) talk about the issues. Its kinds of like blogging where you get a chance to "talk" to people from all over the country and sometimes from other countries.

    I'm like you, MM, I really don't care what they look like or what they wear. I just get a kick out of picking at what they wear, etc. (I've said it before.) This is the only way I can vent about the msm's and liberals drooling over the first couple.

    As for their policies and what they are doing to our country, I fight that the only way I can (and still work for a living), by protesting via my computer - sending emails, faxes, signing online petitions, donations (when I can spare the money), etc.

  53. There's a difference between taste, tact, and totally in the tank

    that's why I rip 'em every chance i get -- and still be truthful about it.

  54. Melena, you are SO right about that. Taste cannot be attributed to someone simply because others tell you that they have taste. You don't become tasteful simply because you wear expensive designer clothes. And expensive designer clothes don't look any better when worn by the rich and famous. There is a reason why designer clothes are modeled by skinny minnies - its because if they used amazonians with big hips and butts, the clothes would look as ridiculous as they truly are.

    And you do an excellent job of ripping if I may say so.

    We don't get to laugh as much on this blog as we used to. Too many are being "guilted" by the PC police into saying nice things so they can prove that they aren't "mean".

  55. I don't know how to post a link, but if you'll copy and paste the following to your browser bar:

    and scroll about half way down, you'll see a pic of BO and MO in Ghana (I think).

    This is from WND website, so I hope it works.

    ManMonster is wearing yet another atrocious attack against feminity -- white w/black polka dots this time, and a trite plastic black heart shaped pin (blach heart, someone knoes her real well...); and those bulging biceps help offset the bulging preggie tummy. wonder if she's wearing polka dot nails?

    and the fashion train wreck continues...

  56. lol, this seems to be an old pic (get with it, WND), or else she's wearing the same dress twice. It's the same dress shown in the 'when I first met Mitchell' post :-D

  57. Melena, the URL you posted isn't all that long, but there is a website called TinyURL where you can take an astronomically long URL and it will convert it to a tiny one for you.

    here is the link:

    I used to know what to type in to actually make a link within a blog, but its been years since I did it and I've gotten old and can't remember how. I suffer from CRS (Can't Remember Syndrome, or as some say Can't Remember Shit, lol)

    The black heart is to remind her hubby that she is still p-o'd about him leering at the teenager!

  58. yeah, but us old fogies can remember the important stuff :-D

  59. @ MelenaX,

    When I saw the pic of MO in the white dress with black polka dots, I thought about you, but didn't have time post just then. Someone posted on another blog, when that huge bright green thingy that she wore with the bright yellow dress was first shown, that maybe it was for BO to use as an emergency ashtray when he was having a nicotine fit. Maybe so, since it was so huge, for a pin. LOL

    A few days ago, about July 3rd or 4th I think, Lame Cherry blog had a post about MO getting so large, saying that the family made many calls down to the WH baker for special orders, especially cherry pie, and the calls were often late at night.

    Since Oprah is reportedly No 1 on her hate list, what will she do if she gets up to O's weight? It is so easy to eat and gain, and so darn hard to lose it later. Boy, it will really be difficult for her to be civil to Carla S. if she does does gain a lot more.

    Just a couple of days ago there was an article saying that many of the WH staff were unhappy about the way they were treated, whereas they had originally started out looking forward to working there.

    I can imagine that there have been some eye-
    opening experiences, since as you said, those people have no tact or taste, and no thought for anyone other than themselves.

  60. "many of the WH staff were unhappy about the way they were treated, whereas they had originally started out looking forward to working there."

    Reality sets in - they are loyal subjects, there to SERVE, whereas they thought that they would be treated as equals. Don't they know that the O's think of themselves as royalty?

    Remember back after the campaign when some of the folks who worked for BO's campaign were not being paid? Yet some campaign staffers were gifted with expensive laptop computers. Oh well, live and learn, eh?

    Some have to find out the hard way that once you are no longer needed, you are kicked to the curb. And in 4 years, when they are needed again, guess who will come calling?

  61. freUSA - lol, I'm not sure I want to be linking with the MO's lack of fashion sense :-D I'm an artist, so I notice things like 'absolutely no taste whatsoever' no matter what the fawning media and 'yes-men' say.

    The mirror doesn't lie, and the camera is unforgiving. Both tell the truth when people won't.

  62. MelenaX,

    I've been in the design and artwork field, and know exactly what you mean - the only taste some people have is in their mouth.

    Some of the fashion fiascos that Dewey From Detroit showed were appalling. Hard to believe that any "fashion designer" would have the nerve to even show them, let alone attach his/her name to them, and charge for them. Some would not even look good on a skinny person.

  63. they don't even look good on paper :-p

  64. Will someone cover up those arms! Who is dressing that woman??

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