Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All the President's Men

Carl Bernstein dropped by the Oval today and met with Big Guy, Rahm and me. It was a big thrill for all of us who remember his antics with Bob Woodward in that buddy movie from back in the '70s. But Bernstein has aged quite a bit and looks nothing like Dustin Hoffman did in the movie.

Bernstein regaled us with stories about going to high school in Silver Spring with Ben Stein and Goldie Hawn, and about how he and Woodward were just guessing on about half the stuff they printed in the Washington Post, and got lucky that they were right.

All of which is to say that we have no idea why Bernstein stopped by. Big Guy said he didn't invite him. Rahm and Gibbsy say they didn't either; they assumed Big Guy had. Which just goes to show that in this Administration, the left hand doesn't even know what the lefter hand is doing.


  1. Well...with Franken now on the scene and a fillibuster proof Senate, it's now going to become 'the lefter hand isn't going to know what the leftest hand is doing'.

  2. I imagine that they have two left feet as well. Maybe they will start going in circles, left, left, left, Get dizzy and all fall down!

    Hopefully this happens BEFORE they completely destroy the economy and we go bankrupt. (Like California.)

    Franken-stein is a boob. The people who voted for him deserve exactly what they get.

  3. Two left feet is right. I saw the dance video of Der Leader on "Ellen".

  4. I think that when Barry made his little speech about the lightbulbs, we missed the OTHER part of what he was saying. Now, not only is the government going to tell us what light bulbs we can use, they are going to tell us what stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc, etc, we can buy.

    Carol Brauner (the energy CZAR) was musing not too long ago about having someone come up with a device that they can install in our houses so they can control exactly how much electricity we use. For example, in the dead heat of summer (like today, when it's 96 degrees outside), it would not allow us to bump up the air conditioner if we were exceeding our allotment for the day.

    The Cap&Trade bill contains language in it that requires California building codes to be adopted across the nation. Gee, and California is in such good shape financially, aren't they?

    Some idiot in Congress the other day was pontificating about how California had made such wonderful changes there to reduce consumption of energy that they did not have to build 35 new power plants, or some such nonsense as that. Has the fool not noticed that California has to BUY power from neighboring states? That California has rolling brownouts and sometimes blackouts because they DON'T HAVE ENOUGH power plants?

    I think this lightbulb thing is just the beginning.

    Let's all sing together:
    "California HERE we come...."

  5. All you folks whose Democrat Congressman voted "NO" on Cap and Trade, I hope you aren't feeling all warm and fuzzy. Your Dem Rep just might have been allowed to vote "No" by Princess Pelosi.

    Here is an article about the machinations that Pelosi and the WH went thru to get the votes they needed. YOUR rep might have been one of the ones that was "allowed" to vote "no".


  6. Important things to know about what is going on in Honduras:

    --- At first blush, the news from Honduras sounds like a sad return to Latin America’s past: A democratically elected president has been exiled by the military. But make no mistake: The Honduran soldiers who escorted Pres. Manuel Zelaya from his home on Sunday were acting to protect their country’s democracy, not to trample it. Moreover, they had the full support of the Honduran Supreme Court, which had rejected Zelaya’s bid to hold a referendum on “constitutional reform.”---

    link to the complete article:

    And here is something that I didn't know until today: Hugo Chavez is heavily involved in what has been transpiring in Honduras (and he is also working on Bolivia and Nicaragua)

    ---"There was an attempted coup in Honduras, but it was Zelaya who initiated it, not his opponents. As the invaluable Mary Anastasia O’Grady reported in the Wall Street Journal, Zelaya, a Hugo Chávez acolyte, was attempting to ape his mentor by rewriting Honduras’s constitution."---

    link to complete article:

    The Obama administration has not made mention of ANY of this. Instead they called the events an “attempted coup,” and demanded that Mr. Zelaya be returned to power in order to facilitate the “restoration of democratic order.”

    And here I thought that Obama didn't want to tell other countries what to do (well, except for Israel, that is).

    Obviously, Obama is supportive of Zelaya, an acolyte of Chavez. So what does that tell you?

  7. Minnesota: Meet your new senator: http://psycmeistr.blogspot.com

  8. I want to thank you, Jamie, for all your informative discourse -- thanks for doing the research we all SHOULD do and don't always take the time to.

    And thank you TOTUS, for your insights as well. You always bring a smile AND THE TRUTH!

  9. No idea why Bernstein dropped by, eh? Hmmmm..... Maybe Mark Levin's dubbing B.O. "Barack Milhouse Obama" was unintentionally prophetic (Levin's brilliant, but he hasn't been promoted to a prophet of Jehovah yet). :)

    Maybe........ Bernstein is a Hilary R. supporter and is going to write some more stuff. Just doing a little field research to get the feel for the place again.

  10. Ha! :D, Madj, speaking of "Der Leader," when I went to Der Spiegel online last Saturday, 6/27 (?), they featured a photo of Dope with his right hand in a "Heil" position, the golden victory pedestal to Dope's left.

    No accident.

    The upshot of the article was that Germans are disgusted with Dope's foolhardy economic policies (such as issuing securities/bonds and buying them with the play money Timmy Geitner's printing over in Treasury).

  11. Betty Ann? ... ImageRemix? .... Yoo hoo! Everything okay? I'd holler out to others of you, but two were commenting all the time and now ------ silence.

    SusieQ, how's the job situation? Still praying.

    Take care, all you wonderful FOTUSes.

    [InGodWeTrustnotman -- I wanted to include you -- now I've done it, huh? -- But I was afraid you'd get mad. Hope all is well.]

  12. Quote of the day:


    Mmmmm, hmm. ;)

  13. Yesterday Glenn Beck said that a Congressman told him this:

    "We had to pass Cap and Trade because if we didn't, the EPA would have passed it".

    HUH? Since when can the EPA (which has Congressional oversight, btw) pass tax hikes? The Cap and Trade, by the way, contains the LARGEST increase in taxes in the history of the world?

    Glenn's point in talking about this is the fact that Congress is passing legislation that is going to make THEM irrelevent. They are making all these federal agencies more and more powerful.

    TWW - you said "Levin's brilliant, but he hasn't been promoted to a prophet of Jehovah yet. :)"

    So true. I listen to Mark on my drive home from work every day. I wish more people would listen to him. A lot of the information that I get is from him. It stimulates me to come home and research what he tells me. And Mark doesn't sugar-coat any of it, either. So, sometimes it makes me depressed, too, to get this stark dose of reality. But we can do something about it - - YES WE CAN.

    Funny that the Germans don't like what BO is doing. I thought that they LOVED Barry-O? He will probably scheduled his next world tour - - as soon as he can get his minions in Congress to hurry up and pass more legislation (i.e. - crap) to solidify his power.

    BTW, I miss all of the FOTUS's, too. :(
    I just hope they are on vacation or something like that.

  14. Hey Fellow FOTs! I'm still here. Thanks for asking Truthwillwin! I commented on the last post, but I am here all the time. Often I 'm at work when I read and I can't comment from that computer. :( By the time I get home, there is so much to do.

    I have been putting together a blog for some Marine Corps parents and friends, so there is only so much time to write for that and here.

    FOTs are fun!... you all make my day and keep me cheering that there is still some common sense in the world. And TOTUS...well, I think he needs a nighttime talk show. His tweets alone could fuel hour after hour of hilarity and insight into what's really going on behind the scenes.

    But Hollywood doesn't see the "funny" in Big Guy. Oh boy, are they missing out. If only they realized how much viewership they would have if they did this stuff. We'd all be glued to the TV.

  15. I thought the conga parties were on Wednesday nights? Is Bernstein suffering from early dementia?

  16. Knowing Bernstein, he was probably lonely.

  17. Does TOTUS have spell check?

  18. Wadda shock it would be to discover that this Bernstein is no longer batting exclusively left,or for that matter a faithful team memember of 'All this President's Men'.
    His new book will tell,even if you won't ,TP.

    At least O now has his 60 brave and true in the Senate.Franken was never needed for that veto proof majority tho,as Mccain,Snowe,& Collins would have gladly reached across the aisle.As they always have.

    How appropo that the newest Senator was an advocate of the "Me" generation.
    So far they have fallen a little short of the Greatest Generation from WWII,but hey it takes all types to fill up the freeway.
    I was pondering this in traffic imagining
    dimbicles only to my left and everyone on my side owning that third IQ digit.
    As hard as it is to admit fully 50%
    fail to reach that arbitrary dividing line.This explains so much about that last election.I regret to inform those of you living N of I-10 of this finding,but I suspect I may have stumbled upon one of my own universal truths.
    It is that everyone to the left of me
    is under average,intellectually.
    It is those guys weaving down the Dumbo side of the Oconomic freeway ,that are aligned against the driving forces of the right.
    If they keep passing over that dividing line
    getting to work will be a lot harder.

  19. I don't think Bernstein could conga, what with his cane and all, Writer X.

    He didn't just "drop by" the White House, either: his support and positive reports are still coveted by the current cheats in office.

    Bjrnck and Preptile----I nearly froze with dread when I learned that Coleman won't appeal that UNJUST verdict by the MN courts against him! (or would the SCOTUS not take the case?)

    YIPES! The Dems now have 60 Senate votes, making them filibuster proof! As if things weren't horrible enough already....

    BTW, I loved your quote about liberals, TWW. They just can't stop leaning on their FEE-EELINGS! (gag)

    I sure miss feeling safer under GW. We are not as protected now, so when and how will the next hit come? You watch: somehow the fact-free libs will still try to blame Bush.

  20. Imageremix! Betty Ann! Glad you're okay. Way to go putting together encouragement and info. for the Marines, Image. Hope your niece is not only surviving, but thriving in Marine bootcamp, Betty Ann.

    LOL, Writer X. "Conga parties." :D Sounds like you have some inside dope. All I've ever heard them called is "Get Acquainted Wednesdays." Hooo-eee, X, you'd better change your name and spend a few weeks out at the cabin. Once B. H. OBAMA of Kenya, that land near the CONGO, finds out you've leaked that little "wordspiel," he'll sick his brownshirts on you for sure.

    How'd you find out anyway?


    Preptile!! I don't know where I-10 is, but I'm almost certain I live north of it. Waaaaa! LOL, I'm dumber than I thought. @.O

    Hmmm. That explains a lot. For instance, why there are SO MANY Subarus, Volvos, and VW's (and other vehicles) with people's IQ on them in a big GREEN 0 in my neck of the woods... . Some of them have a little higher IQ and they proudly hold up two fingers to prove it. Heh, heh.

    And, yeah, while I get sick and tired of those dimwits going SLOW in the fast lane and cutting in, nearly swiping off my front quarter-panel, the worst is, indeed, when they crash across the median and cause a MAJOR wreck. All in the name of "economic justice."

    Yeah, and not to mention McLame, Snow, Collins, and the other RINOS whose drunken swerving back and forth over the median is not only making their passengers sick, causing wrecks, too.

  21. Say, Image, here's a little thought from "north of I-10," wink, wink, nod, nod; uh, huh, we all know what THAT means ;)# RE: your excellent idea of a TOTUS TV show:

    Casting (based on the Muppets and Vegie Tales and other cartoons -- hope I remember the characters' names correctly):

    Sam the Eagle as "Preptile" - always making witty, dry, speeches; strictly professional, no social interactions

    The 2 Old Guys in the balconey as "Betty Ann" and "MelenaX": adding their wise-cracking, insightful, bawdy, comments to spice things up; lots of social interaction

    Bob the Tomato as "Mountain Mama" -- an earnest, hard working, intelligent, responsible, person with gracious social interactions

    Janice as "Janice" -- the laid back, hippie guitarist, but with brighter lines to say

    Animal as..... well, just choose anyone who's throwing a fit around here at the time.

    Beaker as "John's Space" - a serious, scientific, fellow who is at times quite alarmed by his fellow scientists' extremism

    Kermit as "Jamie" -- a likeable, intelligent, kindly, socially adept person

    Bunsen Honeydew as "ImageRemix" -- bright, hardworking, cheerfully gung-ho, conducting clever experiments with Kool-Aid, breathalyzers, and tire guages

    Larry Cucumber as "TWW" -- sometimes funny, often silly, sometimes needing people like Bob the Tomato/Mtn. Mama to slip him some of his medication to bring him back to reality

    Miss Piggy as "Susan~SMIA~??? or as "madj" -- Short, dry, witty remarks often accompanied by a "parrruhmph!"

    Fozzie Bear (with a MUCH higher IQ) as "Free USA" -- good natured, interesing (see, I'm slurring my words even) insights, and quips.

    Piglet as "Shaun" -- a bright, sweet, serious- but-with-a-sense-of-humor, making sure everything's going okay

    Balou (from Jungle Book, but with much higher IQ) as "Dewey from Detroit" -- a highly creative, laid back but concerned when it matters, friendly, film producer

    Gonzo as anyone making an inane comment (almost all of us at some point or other, heh, heh)

    King Louie (from Jungle Book) as "the Troll" -- giant grin, pretends to be friendly, but sneaky and conniving and pretty stupid underneath.

    ........oh bother (Winnie the Pooh does a cameo)...... this is getting WAY too looooooooooooong and I'm running out of steam. Let's just end with the Penguins of Madagascar making clever wisecracks and adding their brilliant insights with no social interaction playing:

    Thomas, TennisMom, WriterX, BossyNurseMom, SuzieQ, ConservativeGardener, rustard, InGodWe, Sunflower, couchpotato##, and LOTS MORE GREAT FOTUSES(sorry, my brain is down to 4 cells -- that's 2 less than normal :)).

    Well, well. Can you tell that ol' TWW doesn't want to go out and wash windows?

    Sigh. Okay, here I go.






    But.... I'll be baaa-ack. ;)


    P.S. This post was originally included with the above post, but, can you believe it (heh, heh), I exceeded 4,090 characters. NOW we know our char limit.

    And, BTW, my final word to post the above comment was "hyper." Really.

  22. WOW, you really HATE washing windows, don'tcha, TWW!? How do you remember all the different personalities of us FOTS? Are you a shrink, maybe?

    I know "Mountain Mama" sounds round, but I'm a thin, wry Scandinavian. So cast me as the Swedish Baker---always putting something with sugar, eggs, and butter into the oven, while humming along happily.
    You're a sweetie, TWW.
    EE-ya-ah, YEW-bet-cha!

  23. "Janice as "Janice" -- the laid back, hippie guitarist, but with brighter lines to say"

    Oh, my. Here I am: Never wear makeup, always wear cotton, hair is long and straight, and I am a musician (though it is piano and string bass, rather than guitar). Also, I was in high school in the late sixties . . . in California.

    I REALLY need to be more careful on forums. I had no idea that I was so transparent.


  24. I got a question for the TOTUS!

    does the TOTUS know the supposed POTUS is an illegal alien and ironic Democrat??

  25. That was way-y-y-y-y cool, TWW. Not only did you remember all of the numerous FOTUS monikers, but you remembered all those characters, too! As for me being Kermit, I resemble that remark (except for the socially adept part, lol, as I am the classic wallflower).

    Could it be that you watch a LOT of kiddie tv? Perhaps you have a little one (or two) at home. I think most of us know what its like to sit with the kids or grand-kids (in my case) and watch the same video over and over again. Its funny how my grandkids love the same videos that my two children loved when they were the same age!

    I don't know, but after a day of working, then coming home and reading about the latest shenannigans and wicked deeds of Obama and Co., I feel a need to break out the My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc videos and watch them by myself, just to get back to REALITY. Heck, I might even dig out the one Teletubby video that I have. I think the Teletubbies are closer to normal than BO, MO, Pelosi, Frank, OR Reid, to name a few.

  26. Change of subject - Conservative books are selling like hot-cakes

    Books-a-Million Best Selling Non-Fiction:
    #1 - Common Sense (Glenn Beck)
    #2 - Catastrophe (Dick Morris)
    #5 - Liberty and Tyranny (Mark Levin)

    New York Times Bestseller Lists:
    Hardcover non-fiction -
    #1 - Liberty and Tyranny (Mark Levin) - this book has been #1 for WEEKS.
    Paperback non-fiction -
    #1 - Common Sense (Glenn Beck)
    #4 - An Inconvenient Book (Glenn Beck)

    Looks like a lot of people are educating themselves about the current state of affairs!

    All I can say is that I wish EVERYONE would read Ayn Rand's book 'Atlas Shrugged'. I read this book when I was in high school and it had a profound effect on the way I look at the world.

  27. From a synopsis of Atlas Shrugged:

    "...the book explores a dystopian United States where leading innovators, ranging from industrialists to artists, refuse to be exploited by society. The protagonist, Dagny Taggart, sees society collapse around her as the government increasingly asserts control over all industry...."

    I don't necessarily believe in Ayn Rand's "objectivism", but the book is eerily similar to what Obama and Congress is doing to this country right now.

  28. Ok FOTUS, here is what is probably on the horizon, after Cap&Trade and Health Care "reform" - "Fuel tax could be replaced with by-the-mile road tax"

    --- The year is 2020 and the gasoline tax is history. In its place you get a monthly tax bill based on each mile you drove — tracked by a Global Positioning System device in your car and uploaded to a billing center. ---

    complete article here - http://tiny.cc/qTV0z

  29. Seriously----who will stand up to Obama?

    It's not in the Constitution that the President can invent all these "Czars!" and pay them with something off-budget as he does.

    It's not in the Constitution that the President can take over companies and hire and fire their CEO's.


    Lord, TOTUS, I am SO tired of Obama's swinging his head back and forth, while he tries to keep looking fierce and brilliant, while he's making promises he has no intention of keeping. You must be SO BORED, TOTUS!

  30. Hey, its me again. MM, I mentioned the czar thing in an earlier post and was accused of making stuff up (by craniac, so I guess that is expected). Even old time Democrat, Robert Byrd, says that the czars are unconstitutional!

    BUT WAIT - there is a glimmer of hope that the media is turning on Obama!!!! I just watched this video -White House Reporters Grill Gibbs Over ‘Prepackaged’ Questions for Obama (in regard to today's Townhall meeting).

    It is great! Even Helen Thomas (the old crone) gets some words in about how the WH is trying to "control the press"! - here is what she says "The point is the control from here. We have never had that in the White House. And we have had some control but not this control. I mean I'm amazed, I'm amazed at you people who call for openness and transparency and you have controlled..."

    go here to watch - http://tiny.cc/8lWPk

    Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the "Obama honeymoon"? Probably not - but this is a good sign. If not, then we can at least get a good laugh out of it!

  31. lol, I loved those two old coots in the balcony :-D

  32. Heh, heh, Mountain Mama. I had forgotten about the Swedish Chef. I can't believe I did, either. I used to LOVE that guy. He was just about my favorite muppet. "Ishkew...depheerdeboor..." Ooops! Where did that meat cleaver go?

    How lucky you are to be slender while putting lots of wonderful baked goods into your oven. Oh, man, I can smell cinnamon rolls. Yum!

    I'm doing the sort-of-low-carb/high protein thing because I LOVE TO EAT and I can't do portion control nor can I make myself exercise like I used to when I could eat ANYTHING. Sigh. In Heaven, I'll eat as much as I want of whatever I want and never get fat. Yes!

    No, (smile) I'm not a shrink.

    Well, instead of Bob the Tomato or Swedish Chef (he was a little portly, I think), we might have Timon from The Lion King play you. He is quick, sharp minded, witty, and diplomatic (and cute -- nice bonus, huh?).

    I, of course, look exactly like Larry the Cucumber. ;)

    And, yes, I really hate washing windows. :P

  33. Say, fatman, how about if Bob the Tomato plays you? Or, if you're not actually a fat man, how about the Swedish Chef since you like to eat(I remember you talking about eating pork or bacon back on the thread about that horrid Iranian TP re: "pig eaters")?

  34. Hey, Janice, thanks for that fun sharing. Just a lucky guess, I guess. Hope you get lots of time to enjoy playing the piano, to stand outside in the sunshine with the wind in your long hair, and to hang your cotton clothing on a clothesline so it smells fresh like the big outdoors.

    Rejoice in your transparency. It's con artists like B.O. who are clear as mud.

    I'll have to be more careful about my cracks about "hippies" from now on. Nine times out of ten when I use the term "hippy," I actually mean Environazi. Those two concepts are definitely distinct. Some hippies are very committed to liberty, to facts and honest science, against big government, and don't want to tell anyone else how to live their lives. And some are Environazis.

  35. Thanks, Jamie. Glad you got a kick out of that. Your saying that you consider yourself to be a "wallflower" reminded me (in view of your eloquence and social skills in writing) of something Paul wrote:

    "... some say, 'His letters are weighty and forceful, but in person he is unimpressive and his speaking amounts to nothing.' Such people should realize that what we are in our letters when we are absent, we will be when we are present." II. Corinthians 10:10, 11.


    [Jamie said] "after ... reading about the latest shenanigans and wicked deeds of Obama and Co., I feel a need to break out the My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc videos ... just to get back to REALITY."

    Heh, heh. Isn't that the truth. The joy and love and honesty and friendship and loyalty found in kid's shows is a refreshing break. That reminded me of a quote from Cervantes: "'... and maddest of all is to see things [only] as they are and not as they should be.'" Don Quixote in The Man of La Mancha.


    No kids here (just the fuzzy kids with tails, a.k.a., German Shepherds). I'm (as if you can't tell) just a big kid. I HAVE watched a lot of children's movies. I love them. Some of my favorite shows were mainly intended for children. "Toy Story" is one of the best: "To infinity.... and beyond!" "You've got a friend in me." Great stuff.

    I'm not into Sponge Bob Squarepants or stuff like that, though. Or Barney or or My Little Pony or Smurfs.... I was just too old when some of those characters came into being, I guess.

    And Mr. Rogers has always made me want to throw my tennis show at the TV. What a weirdo. I didn't like him when I was a little kid and I don't like him now. Too "fakey." And you could tell he did the voice of King Friday and the owl and the old hag and he sounded dumb and I'm sorry if I've offended you but that's just the way it is.

    If this tells you anything about old TWW, my favorite characters on Sesame Street were Oscar the Grouch and Bert (of Ernie &) because they weren't syrupy like Big Bird or mindless lunatics like Cookie Monster.

  36. Melena X, I like those two old coots, two. That's why I picked them for you and Betty Ann, of course. Not the "old coot" part, the other reasons (listed above). :D

  37. Why did I write that second "two?"!! Time for bed. All that window washing wore me out (ha).

  38. didn't bernstein get accused of plagarism at one time totus? maybe he was there to "copy" off of you if you get my drift.....

  39. Well, TruthWW, I actually WAS washing windows yesterday...then I read my DEAR TOTUS all about Carl the Big Jerk, the conga and The Congo then I find out I am one of the MISS PIGGYS! Oh, bless your heart.

    Going go have a sweet tea and recall my drive the entire route of I-10. (Yes, I know where it is and where it goes. Ike taught me the ups, the downs, the lefts, rights, and the sideways.)


    I have a partial solution to the problem of the 50 million Americans who don’t have health insurance – ask for people to volunteer to pay for those people’s insurance! All they would have to do is check a box on their Federal Income Tax return saying that they will personally pay the health insurance premiums one (1) uninsured American. They could even opt to pay for more than one). The insurance would be with a private insurer – no need for a government-run plan. I know that there are health insurance options out there, since I had to find insurance for my own son when he reached the age of 21. (For $101.00 per month with BC/BS.) It might cost more (or less) in other states, so the amount to send to IRS would have to be determined.

    I’m sure that there are 50 million liberals out there who would be willing to do this.

  41. Bernstein may have aged, but he probably looks and smells better than he did in 1973.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Liberals/Progressives/Tree-Huggers paying for something????!!! for someone else??? WITH THEIR OWN MONEY?????????????????


    great joke, Jamie:-)

  44. What - did I make you spit out your coffee? I thought my idea would get a chuckle out of you guys.

    Didn't one of the northern states add a box to their State Income Tax return where people could check if they wanted to pay at agher tax rate? I think its Massachusetts. I also read somewhere that very few people ever check that box. I wonder if John and Ter-ray-sa Kerry checked the box on THEIR return?

  45. It is Massachusetts - found some info on it:



  46. Oops = 2 posts earlier, I managed to spell "higher" like this - "agher".

    Well, you knew what I meant, right?

  47. Thank you FOTUS for enriching my morning. TWW et al the Muppet/Veggie Tales thread is too much. In terms of I-10 states I live in one. Currently we are being over run by California runaways who contributed to the over inflated property prices and the debacle that helped cripple America. Not the runaways' fault but the state of affairs in their former Golden State.
    Ironically, I-10 does not run east and west as it departs PHX towards Tucson. It runs south. Now the lines are even more blurry in defining left and right. McLame is up for re-election here. I can only hope that someone with huevos e.g. Jeff Flake will step up and challenge. Even if McLame isn't defeated at least it may expose his precarious hold on reality and his seat.
    In using a Muppet/Veggie Tales icon to describe my mood paint me Animal today
    (I've been using that icon far too often. It all started around 11/08/08)

  48. Whodat, Animal does The Best rendition of the song, "Wild Thing" -- of course! Check it out on YouTube.

    Jamie, I used to remember details like you do atill; kudos! (I'm gettin' up there.)

    (TWW, the Swedish Baker plays me; his key trait is his baking and humming cheerfully, like me----not his big tummy. I have celiac, so being thin isn't my fault----not that there's anything WRONG with that! Hee hee...)

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