Monday, June 8, 2009

Round and Round

Sometimes we don't coordinate well at the White House. Like when Michelle wears gray sweats and those green tennis shoes. Ugh.
Another example took place today, when Gibbsy went out and told the press that "You can't build a windmill out of nothing." 
Well, that's simply untrue. We're building them right now, with about 130,000 workers put on the project through Big Guy's stimulus and economic recovery program ... many of these are the "saved jobs" Big Guy has been talking about.  Maybe if Gibbsy actually listened to what Big O reads off my screens, he'd be able to defend our economic program a bit better.

Most of the windmills are being built on the South Lawn of the White House, if you walk by, you can see the work being done. When the turbines are completed, we estimate that Joe Biden's verbal output will power those windmills to generate enough power to keep Lady M's motorized shoe rack moving 24-7. 


  1. LOL..... you have made my day, TOTUS!

  2. TOTUS, that is very green of you.

  3. Biden's verbal output will be on the rise, huh? Any plans for new septic fields or a sewage plant?

  4. Obama has the same delusions as Don Quixote...

    He is slaying windmills to find utopia...

  5. Oh, TOTUS, you have had me in stitches today. Your interview was superb, I think they should have given you more face time though.

    Love how the new windmills will be powered. Here in Michigan, we power ours by being "blown away" by our illustrious Governor.

  6. How about a couple trillion out of 300 million people? It's almost like building windmill out of nothing.

  7. Your flip flop from windmills to white roof paint back to windmills is giving me a headache. Of course, all of those jobs being created are youth summer jobs and we can't have them climbing all over the White House roof. So, I forgive you.

  8. TOTUS, I hope you know that interview thingy you did on NBC is just going to bring the likes of Doug flying back here claiming that the Big Guy's bad case of the uuuuhs is all just animadversive audio trickery -- like "faux-tography," except done with sound!

    Fortunately, you are right that Joey B, aka VP-OTUS, will be hard at work now, perhaps earning him a brand new moniker.

    How about "TWO" . . . "The Windy One."

  9. TOTUS:

    The only thing, " A "Statist" of the art Barack Obama Windmill" is good for...

    Is blowing propaganda, corruption and DECEPTION into the daily lives of the American people!

  10. Arkansas' wind turbine facility laid off 80 workers, maybe they didn't know about the South Lawn opportunity.
    Their jobs went south anyway.

  11. Totus,
    I think your boy Barry is completely messed up and confused. i.e., I keep getting these notifications on facebook from MAFIA WARS that "friends" of mine "helped" me with such and such job. But the truth is TOTUS, they didn't really help me do any jobs, it’s all make-believe you know, just a game. I think Barry is confusing "saving" real jobs from the pretend jobs like those on MAFIA WARS. There probably is pill or something he can take. Maybe you can get Toesy to take him to the VA so he can take advantage of the goverment run health care.

  12. Gibbsy does have a way with words, doesn't he. (NOT!) I think you guys should get him a teleprompter. It would work, since the questions are all scripted and approved in advance. Barry could lend him one of his speechwriters and pretty soon the WH press corps would be swooning over Gibb's brilliance! (They might even stop laughing at him so much). Besides, it will ensure that Gibbs doesn't say anything off message.

    Hey, I think you deserve a raise. There's room for a "Teleprompter Czar". You would be perfect for the job, with all your experience. Surely you have some interns studying under you that could step right up and take over for you.

  13. I heard they cloned a bunch of fat little Michael-Moore-Mini-Mes to work on the windmills just like the oompa-loompas at the chocolate factory.

  14. The PMS-NBC "interview" of you, TOTUS, was SO condescending. Evidently the reporter didn't DARE interact directly with you too often, you crafty THANG, you.

    At the end, though, we can see on the interviewer's screen an answer you gave her, beginning with:

    "My grudge with Helen goes back to the Harong administration. It's a family thing. I won't talk about it. Chip doing his stand-ups before press conferences right in front of me is a ...."

    And then (*gasp*), the rest is off-screen.

    So, what was the question you were answering (which MSNBC didn't dare put in the interview)?

    And which reporter in the White House Press Corps is Chip, who does stand-ups?

    No comedy is as excellent as YOURS, TOTUS.

  15. Totus, the NBC gang were just hitchin' a ride on your success today. They needed ratings and knew that a sure-fire way to get a surge of viewers was to lure your FOTs over to the dark side with the promise of a Totus sighting.

    Well, of course we couldn't resist, but they sure didn't do you justice. And what'd they do to your voice?! Everyone knows you're a smooth talker. What was with the robotic enunciation?

    Could you set the record straight? Was that one of those voice altering programs to protect your identity in case you ever have to go into the teleprompter relocation program? I mean you do have a lot on your hardrive, and heaven knows what you've seen behind the scenes that wasn't fit to print.

    Congrats on your big day. We couldn't be prouder!

  16. OMG, never thought I would say this, but am proud to be a "TOTUS Groupie"

  17. I was so delighted to see our wonderful troops turn out in such great numbers to see "Conservative" satirist Stephen Colbert in Iraq. Colbert's performance was stellar as usual, and judging by the roaring laughter of our fine servicemen, it seemed that they were very well entertained.

  18. Also, I was touched by the enthusiasm that our troops displayed when their Commander-in-Chief made his appearance on the show. It's clear that they not only respect him for the position that he holds, but it also seemed that their response was indicitive of true admiration and pride in the man who leads them.

  19. all right, the ruse worked!

    The Fraud bought it.

  20. Craniac, you poor ignoramus (head shake). Those were not "our troops" as in U. S. Armed Forces. Those folksssss came straight from central casting. Look it up. All of them are card carrying members of the Screen Actors Guild.

    Get real.

    There are pseudo warriors in every military, only there for the housing and educational benefits, they serve only themselves.

    If they were allowed the freedom of speech of ordinary citizens, 90% of our wonderful military would tell you that they think having a Con Man, an Embarrassment, in Chief is an obamination.

    Thankfully, our men and women in uniform are professionals. They'll keep this great country free IN SPITE OF that imposter-POTUS who lied and deceived his way into his current role.

    Just like Navy Commander Castellano who managed to rescue Maersk Captain Richard Phillips IN SPITE OF B. Hussein's despicable R.O.E. (Rule of Engagement) that kept the Navy from killing those Somali thugs when Phillips initially leaped into the water less than 50 yards from a Navy destroyer.

    BTW, "cranium maniac #24-out-of-52-million- sold" it sure is weird that you libs who pride yourselves on your supposed intelligence make so many stupid choices: to wit, Slick Willy the Fornicating Liar..... John Kerry the low-IQ lying snob........ Jonathan Edwards the lying trial lawyer adulterer.... B. Hussein the missing birth certificate and school records bold-faced chronic liar..... Hmmmmm. There seems so be a common thread here ..... could it be.............LYING?

    Have a good life, Cr'ac24, in your infantile fantasyland. Just don't expect anyone with their eyes open and their reason free from passion to join you.

  21. don't worry about gibbsy's mistake totus, we're used to this administration "blowing" smoke up eveyone's a** by now! the "windmills" not withstanding!

  22. Joe Biden's verbal output? Hysterical and awesome!

  23. off topic here totus but i heard howard stern ripped leno for using a teleprompter on his goodbye show and i was just wondering if this 'prompter was a relative of yours. maybe a long lost brother or sister?

  24. TruthWinner,
    That cr'ac24 is such a butt monkey. Daddy probably wouldn't play with him when he was little so now he has daddy issues. We need to get this idiot together with that other nut job who goes on and on about diagramming Barry’s sentences I think his name is Doug are some such. Maybe these two butt boys could figure out way to get the farm animals to cease and decease with their flatulence.

  25. Craniac, you grasp at straws. Obviously you don't know many people in the military, if you think most of them agree with Colbert or Obama's liberalism.

    For one thing, people can laugh at the jokes of, or like the personalities of comedians or politicians, while disagreeing with their principles.

    Also, people in the service are unfailingly polite; they have a positive and appreciative attitude toward people who come to entertain them.

    Bottom Line:
    If the Democrats (especially BO) really believe that military service members agree with their liberalism, they'd ensure that the military's votes counted in elections----rather than consistently prevent the votes' being counted.

  26. Wow....I am saddened and quite frankly, shocked at the various responses I am reading from people who are disparaging the wonderful men and women who are in Iraq serving our country. Just 12 short hours ago I was filled with such pride as our servicemen greeted our Commander in Chief with raucous cheers and overwhelming applause.

    To accuse these heros as being "pseudo warriors" or to suggest that the greeting they gave our President was the result of simply being "polite" is un-american and borderline traitorous. If you hate this country so much as it seems you do, perhaps you should just go somewhere else.

  27. Gibbsy is wrong. If you can make a presidential candidate out of nothing, you can surely make a windmill out of the same stuff.
    Some of Big Guys first windmills

  28. Dear craniac, you certainly distort what you read. No one here was "disparaging" our military, since we have relatives and friends IN the military, bud. Amazing, how quickly you move to hyperbole: "accuse," "traitorous," and finally the liberals' ultimate slam: "hate."

    Rush is right: it's a mental illness.

  29. Always watch what the other hand is up to:
    NOTICE how craniac avoided addressing how the Dems reject the VOTES of the military!?

  30. True, American-loving military personnel are among the most gracious, caring, and helpful people in the world; they appreciate everyone's efforts, no matter how small or misguided.

    also, they swear to uphold the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, not the Prez -- there's a difference.

    Just as there's a difference between those who join the military to get free housing and education and those who join to serve and defend America, Americans, and freedom. The Fraud knows the difference, too, and he seeks out the former.

    The Fraud and libs are afraid of the military; that's why such great effort is put forth to omit their votes -- and military personnell know this.

  31. craniac24:
    What in God's name are you on about? Our service men and women cheered the president? Did you expect them to do different? Just exactly what do you imply here?

    First of all they do not have access to information like you and I do. Second of all, the may not, at any time, disparage the president, no matter how they feel. By contrast, he is perfectly free to disparage their mission in Iraq any place any time. And does so freely.

    And what answer do you have of that, sir? Comment on Obama's treason toward the troops. Troops I gaurauntee you have NOT heard his Cairo speech. That speech would be withheld from them due to morale issues.

    Your comments and views in this respect are completely irresponible and show a complete lack of knowledge regarding the military community.

  32. Right on, MelenaX and bettyann. And my brother, a US Marshall, protects terrorists on their trips to different jails, SCJOTUS in the USA, and works with the White House at times, without necessarily agreeing with the viewpoints of each person involved, for heaven's sake.

    How sad, indeed, craniac, that you don't understand how he is obeying his duty. He laughs at various comediens, too, without agreeing with them politically.

    The left is SO intolerant. You must agree with them, or face being slammed as full of hate. SAD indeed.

    Craniac, I am praying for you to open your mind and heart. Remember your earlier whiney charge on Adam's blogspot? Well, the truth is: NO one slams you as you slam others.

  33. If I may point out, all I did was post about how thrilled I was at Colbert's appearance and how touched I was at the overwhelming response our wonderful troops gave our Commander in Chief. It was TruthWillWin that had the audacity to proclaim that the heroes in the audience were at best "pseudo warriors" and that they were most likely not "real troops" but plants from "central casting". When I read this putrid drivel and obvious hatred for our great armed forces, I obviously felt compelled to respond.

    I'm confused as to why you would waste your time slamming me for paying homage to our troops, when TruthWillWin seems to be a traitor of the highest degree. Your hypocricy is astounding.

  34. Okay, craniac----I see part of your point. I missed TWW's comments, when he was being his usual, laudably-passionate, conservative self here. But you, craniac, went overboard later, too, right?---with the hate, etc. words.

    No doubt some troops agree politically with BO and Colbert (who really IS 'way more conservative than BO; but then, who isn't?). But honestly, most do not, and that IS why the Dems are loathe to count their votes. Which is illegal, immoral, and you know it.

  35. If TWW's comments were coming from a "laudably-passionate conservative" as you say, then I would be ashamed to be a conservative if I were you. If I went overboard, it was only because I couldn't stand TWW's assertion that those troops in the audience couldn't possibly be "real". It was insulting to say the least.

    On another note, I have no idea why you wanted to pick a fight with me or bring up some notion about how Democrats don't want the military's votes counted. I didn't bring up any such subject and do not wish to engange in some ultimately pointless discussion about it.

    God Bless America. Love it or leave it.

  36. Craniac, I sincerely never try to pick fights with anyone. Instead, I was upset that you went so vitriolic! And a discussion is only "ultimately pointless," if noone learns or changes as a result. If you become informed about certain horrendous moves to block counting votes, won't that (we hope and pray!) impact, persuade, and change your views?

  37. More TEA PARTYS planned for 4th of July, two pages just for Texas alone so far. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my freedoms on the 4th of July.

  38. Craniac, I must respond to your final comment. This is simply because I grew up in California, and was in high school during the 60's, and heard this particular repartee nearly every day. The truly ironic part of this, is that your comment was generally from the conservative side, and the response was from the liberal side.

    To your:

    Love it or leave it

    I must respond:

    Change it or lose it

    I have to admit, that when President Clinton came to my little town during his presidency, everyone turned out, and everyone cheered. Many of us did not like the man, especially when he put a two-year salary freeze on our main industry, but he was a sitting president. The Office of the President should get respect and honor. I think that when President Obama was cheered by the troops, it was fitting and appropriate, regardless of how they may feel personally about the man holding the office.

    I believe that the anger directed at you was simply because your original remark implied that the military was universally happy with President Obama as Commander-in-Chief. Having known military people for most of my life, I would say that they haven't been very happy with most of the presidents in the last 50 years. That doesn't stop them from doing their duty, or from acting in a respectful way when necessary, which is what I believe you were trying to say.

    America: Love it, hold to original principles, and preserve freedom. Then we can keep it strong and healthy.

  39. Janice:
    Well put, and is what I meant to address, you said to craniac24, "...your original remark implied that the military was universally happy with President Obama as Commander-in-Chief."

    I am still waiting for his response to the Cairo speech when a sitting president apologized while abroad to an audience sympathetic to Al Quaeda for the Iraq war, where our troops - more than 100,000 - are still fighting and being killed.

    I called it treason when he said it, and call it so now.

  40. craniac24:
    You said, "Just 12 short hours ago I was filled with such pride as our servicemen greeted our Commander in Chief with raucous cheers and overwhelming applause."

    What motivates this pride?

    A. That they are our servicemen and women.

    B. They cheered Obama, as you believe he deserves cheered.

  41. Rustard, after reading all the above [and GREAT comebacks, MM, Melena, and Betty Ann!]

    I think you hit the nail on the head.

    Cran'ac #24-out-of-52-million-sold is trying hard, but with part of his brain missing (the part that discerns fact from fiction, sarcasm from truth, and real from obligatory applause), he's doing well just to be able to log on and say a few words.

    Yeah, there's Doug and Cran'ac and there was David and another blogger who uses the "traitor" word a lot.

    Probably all the same mixed up character. LOL.

    Of course, there is ALSO the possibility that the troops were laughing AT Hopey the Clown... .

  42. Janice,

    Thank you for being the only person so far that has discovered, and responded to my intentional irony. I'm with you...Change it or Lose it. This is why I, and tens of millions of others just like me are hopeful of and confident in our President.

    Let me sum up the vast majority of the complaints that I read on this board:

    Michelle Obama is ugly, has no fashion sense, has a big ass, has small breasts, has big arms, etc. President Obama prefers to use a teleprompter instead of notecards, and God forbid he actually adopts a balanced and tactful approach abroad.

    Quite frankly, if this is all you people have on him, then I think it's safe to say he's doing a pretty good job under the circumstances. Last time I checked, about two thirds of the American public agree.

  43. Too true, Bettyann and TWW: craniac is thrilled more about people than ideas or principles. It's that liberal lean toward charisma, rather than solid values.

    Anyway, over at Conservatives4Palin is a report re. Sen. Murkowski's trying (but failing) to legislate support for drilling our Alaskan oil reserves, using directional-drilling from outside the Wildlife Refuge, to preserve it. Funny thing is: the Russians are using directional-drilling to pull our reserves out from under us!

    TOTUS, could you please scroll a few paragraphs about accessing our own oil? I mean, since we already paid the Russians for that land in Alaska!

  44. Yes, craniac---people have made comments about people, but mostly post about principles. Rise above those few people postings and address the principles, okay?

  45. MM, let's try not to be insulting. I voted for, and am confident in our President BECAUSE of his ideas and principles. The fact that he is charismatic is certainly a welcome bonus....not to mention a welcome reversal compared to his predecessor.

    Perhaps us liberals should talk about the fact that Conservatives would prefer not to elect an intellectual, but rather someone that they would enjoy having a beer with.

  46. I'm positive Sarah doesn't drink a beer, but you're right about a tidge of this point, dearest craniac: Republicans prefer someone who is honest.

    I never fail to be amazed at how often the liberal pundits thrill to this or that politician's ability to FAKE what they believe, to mesmerize people with talk, and cover up their actual beliefs. No gay is fooled, for example, by BO's supposed rejection of gay marriage; they know he just said that to get elected----just as he never really threw Rev. Wright under the bus; BO just pretended to do so, to get elected---as Rev. Wright himself stated!

    Republicans like the truth, even with wine. Not with whine, as liberal Dems do.

  47. MM,

    How laughable. Name ONE Republican President in the last 50 years, where no legitimate argument can be made about their honesty.

    Wait...don't bother. I'll just say this:

    Richard Nixon: "I am not a crook"
    Ronald Reagan: "I have no recollection"
    George HW Bush: "Read my new taxes"
    George W Bush: Too many whoppers to list

    I'm not going to assert that Democrats have the potential to be more honest. I'm just saying let's not be hypocritical.

  48. craniac24:
    Your guy is going to get the same respect you gave George Bush.

    The military vote overwhelmingly supports the Republican candidate. The reason is because democrats always cut back on the defense budget. When I went in the AF in 1978, we were using WW2 equipment. A mid ranking NCO with kids qualified for food stamps. Today, thanks to Reagan and the Bushes, the wages are very good and our equipment equals none.

    The men and women cheered because he is the president. If you feel pride in that, feel pride that our finest lay aside differences to cheer and respect the POTUS. It had nothing to do with his policies, which they will vote against in great numbers in the next election.

    For instance, the US military LOVES Sarah. Hands down, if she runs, she wins the military vote.

  49. Craniac -

    I have to admit your logic about the honesty of politicians, and have to say that I wouldn't trust any of them further than I could throw them (which is an interesting thought in itself).

    I think though, that there is just something about President Obama that frightens me just a bit, in a way that even Clinton and Carter did not. It is difficult to explain, except that in all of my years of growing up and living in this country, I have never really felt the need before to put away a modest amount of food, and determine where to hide away the firearms and ammunition. Both my husband and I have felt a concern about where the country is headed. We could just be overreacting, and there is no harm done to have a few extra bags of rice and beans laying around.

    It is similar to when my youngest son was about twelve, and I started realizing the sorts of things he was talking about. I had always had just two rules: Don't catch the house on fire, and don't do a permanent injury to a sibling. I added a third rule, which was that there were no explosives allowed on the property. I had no concrete evidence that he was making anything explosive, but just had an inkling that a third rule was appropriate. He has since told me that I was a wise woman to create that third rule.

    So, I now have a special rule, which is to have enough food and supplies to last two older people for a few months. It will probably turn out to be unnecessary. I have no plans to build a cabin out in the wild and set up mines around it. Just simply buying some extra dry goods when I go to the store.

    I hope that President Obama simply turns out to be the vastly inexperienced politician which he is showing himself to be, and grows into the role as time goes by. I hope he reverses some of the decisions he and congress have made recently. I hope he becomes more adept at foreign policy. I hope that he shows more respect toward the position that he has been voted into.

    But he is simply in for four years. We can put up with anyone for four years. This blog is simply a way to vent anger about things that will not change for a while.

    But, Craniac, you are lurking here as well. You must find this somewhat amusing on some level, or you would not be here at all. Do you have some secret misgivings about the man, some private thoughts of things not being as right as they should be? Or do you see us as some sort of zoo, or collection of the mentally deranged, and come to point a finger at us and laugh at our discomfiture? We may sometimes say trite things, but isn't there an undercurrent of truth here? A possibility of hitting a nerve? It may be buried within the remarks of Michelle's wardrobe or physique, or whether Barack can actually be considered a naturally born citizen, but there is a feeling that something is not right about this man.

    We hide our fear behind our humor. May God have mercy on us all.

  50. Janice:
    What a lovely woman you are.

    I do that too, put aside dry goods. You exactly described it. I also added ten more hens and a rooster to my coop of only three hens that gave my husband and I the perfect amount of eggs. In addition, I tripled my garden's size this year, and added potatoes and winter squash. I want to get the hang of freezing and canning and storing.

    Maybe it's from the stories my grandmother told of the depression, I don't know. But this land of plenty can go through a drought, too, as it did then.

    There is something not right about this man, he was forced on us. He did not win by a landslide, and yet the media force him on us, never questioning him or taking him to task. Imagine a media talking head saying that "George Bush is like God."

    Crimminies. He'd have been hanged.

  51. In what way is the Fraud like God????

    Did he create the Heavens and the Earth?

    Did he create Man and Woman?

    Did he creat Eden and everything within it?

    Did he plase his presence in every human on Earth, and give them each a soul?

    Does he calm the waters and still the earth?

    Does he bring the rain and cause the sun to shine?

    Does he heal the sick with a touch and raise the dead?

    And why, the greatest mystery of all, would an atheistic media name anyone as a god???

    Lucifer thought he was god as well; he thought he was above God -- now, he's not above anything.

    The Fraud is more Lucifer than God.

    The Fraud is not like God; he's more like Allah.

  52. Janice,

    UGH!!!! I took about 45 minutes to write a response to you and for some reason it didn't post.

    So please forgive me and accept my cliff's notes version of what I wrote.

    - I respect your well thought out post.

    - I can appreciate great conservative minds like George Will, William Buckley, Monica Crowley, and yes...even Rush Limbaugh.

    - I do indeed find amusement by some of the more over the top, dramatic and ridculous musings on here. *cough...Melena...TWW...cough*

    - I wish people on here wouldn't suggest that President Obama's magnetic personality is akin to him having a God Complex. It's not his fault that millions of Americans are inspired and hopeful about his vision. After all, I believe it's been quite some time since the people of this great nation have been inspired by much of anything.

    Sorry you had to settle for the Reader's Digest version of my response. I was trying my best to be as thoughtful and introspective as you were.

  53. Wow, I missed a lot today. Had to work. To craniac24, All I can say is THIS - this blog is lighthearted fun most of the time. It counters some of the b-s that we hear day in and day out about the greatness of Obama. But there are nuggets of truth in our sarcasm. For example, why do we pick at Obama's expeditures? Because the man is out there asking American citizens to "sacrifice" while he spends thousands of tax payer dollars to fly himself and his entourage all over the world to talk to the citizens of OTHER countries, he spends thousands of dollars to entertain himself and his wife, spends thousands of dollars to host weekly parties at the WH, spends BILLIONS of dollars to bail out campanies that should be allowed to fail. Obama is spending money as if there is an endless supply of it, which there isn't. And at the same time, while millions of American citizens are losing their jobs, he proposes to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants who are already taking jobs from citizens. How will THAT help the situation? I seriously doubt that Obama giving yet another inspiring speech will put food on anyone's table. It won't pay their mortgage and it won't get them their jobs back. And if you were honest you would admit that it is really cruel for Obama to get out there and lie about how many jobs he is "saving" and how many jobs he will create in the "green" industry. Because it just isn't going to happen. And, btw, who will pay for all of these wonderful things that Obama is promising? The rich? NO. It will be those of us who already pay the most taxes. No, Obama does not inspire me. Not in the least. Oh, and btw, craniac24, you need to get a sense of humor.

  54. Why, craniac, you've actually behaved this afternoon practically like a gen-u-ine gentleman. Good job! Seriously!

    Bettyann, TWW, Melenax and Jamie: you're the best, all of you. Bless your hearts for your caring and/or pointed insights!

  55. Thanks for the encouragement, MM. That was refreshing to read after some (I didn't read a lot of it -- why waste my time) of that stuff above.

    Whew! I come to this site for conservative camaraderie and fun and for the freedom of expression (with friendly disagreement at times) among LIKE minded people.... kind of spoils the atmosphere when someone like c24 spews forth like that. Sigh.

    Mountain Mama, Betty Ann, MelenaX, and Jamie, you go, "girls!"

    BTW ...

    Melena, did that Special Forces interview happen for your son? If it did, I hope it went well.

    Betty Ann, any word on how your niece's first week of boot camp is going? I suppose it's too early to have heard from her and no news is good news, huh?

  56. Seems that us girls have a lot in common. My son-in-law is in the Air Force.

  57. I much prefer craniac24 to the trailer trash posting in the Oconomy thread.

    No word yet. Boot camp is pretty intense. She probably thinks right about now that she has inadvertantly committed suicide. After she learns to sleep standing up, she'll write to us.

  58. Craniac -

    You sound like a true moderate, and you probably go to the liberal websites and laugh at them, too. I am sorry I missed your "long form" reply. I think you are doing a public service, much in the way Rush Limbaugh does, by pointing out our flaws. Please continue to lurk here.

    Bettyann -

    Your niece will learn to sleep while marching. And eating. And talking. She will be tested to her utmost limit, and she will come back as a real woman of strength and character.

    She may also develop some new language patterns, which I hope everyone in your family can deal with. I was expecting it when my son came back from basic, but some people aren't aware of the language peculiarities of basic training.

  59. hooah! yeah, it's jacked up sometimes (and others I shouldn't post here ...)

    no word on the Special Forces yet; the Army takes its sweet time, ya know. They keep putting him in charge of battalions (is that right? I can never remember the names of all those units of soldiers); he wants to lead and fight.

    His PT is down from his usual 100% due to some surgery (his heart is 'slower' than normal; the drs checked out the ventricles - by sending some kind of sensors or somthing up through both legs up to his heart), and he had to train up again within 10 days -- the surgery was 15 days ago. They found nothing wrong, and decided it was normal for him; he's tall and skinny, but very, very strong. He passed his last PT with ease, so the interview is next.

  60. Janice,

    Thank you for giving me an "out" if you will. However, I would say that I'm decidedly left-of-center. That said, I do value competence and vision almost as much as I do ideology.

  61. TOTUS.... that is very green of you. 130,000 workers put on the project through Big Guy's stimulus & economic recovery program... many of these are the "saved jobs" Big Guy has been talking about.......

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