Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Builder in Chief

Big Guy and I just got back from an impressive tour of the pyramids. They were an awe-inspiring site, and only would have been better if Big O hadn't made us all climb the damn things.

Big Guy was most impressed with the size and architectural intricacies of the pyramids, and asked one of our guides, a wonderful old gentleman whose children have been living in the U.S. on expired tourist and student visas for the past five years, but who will shortly be given citizenship in lieu of a tip for the tour, if he could put the construction of the pyramids into modern day context. He couldn't.

But Timmy Geithner, who had joined us on the tour, did: "Imagine that the national debt were a bunch of stones like the you see in the pyramids," Timmy told Big O. "Now imagine the American taxpayers are the Israelites and other slaves and you are their pharoah. Your slaves could build 15 more pyramids than the Egyptians did, and but it would take them 40 years less due to the population of the U.S."

Big Guy clearly is proud that his efforts are building something bigger than the pyramids. But man, Geithner's a real downer on a road trip.


  1. Hey Totus Allahpundit shout out to the most beneficent and magnificent TOTUS TOTUS TUTUS may peace be upon you....

  2. I'm trying to figure out what is 'intricate' about a solid, four-sided triangle...

    how about explaining the intricacies of his deceitfulness and duplicious personality?

  3. Imagine the pyramids upsidedown, with the
    American taxpayers' incomes at the tip and the national debt, deficit and BHO's budget at the now-inverted base. How long would it take for the things to topple?

  4. A four sided Triangle is perfect math, which is unexplanable, because it's perfect.

  5. Not to be confused with "Timmys" fuzzy math!

  6. this is an awe inspiring site

    the pyramids are an awe inspiring sight

  7. TOTUS:
    Huh, BG actually acknowledged that there was something larger than himself? Amazing. I'll bet he understood the pharoh gig right away, they being gods and all.

  8. TOTUS: The “eye” on top of the pyramid, on the back of the Dollar Bill, it was looking over all of us today, BHO included. (out of many ,one) Did BHO leave him out of his speech at Cairo today?

  9. BHO is probably, right now, calling Queen Nancy and Prince Harry to get them to set aside money from Tarp, Stimulus, whatEVER, to build him one of those things! Then he can brag about all the people he put back to work! And if he is smart about it, he can work in the need for foreign workers, too, and get his amnesty deal thru faster.

    Only thing he hasn't figured out yet was where to put it?

  10. Jamie:
    How about where the sun does not shine.

  11. jamie:
    I've reconsidered. He should build it on Mars. All the congress and cabinet can go for a tour, and while they are gone we shut down the space program.


  12. TOTUS, you needed to provide some background here on the Pyramids and an explanation of all inexplicably large useless engineering projects found in human history.

    They all are, of course, defense projects of the day. Sort of like Davis Monthan Airforce Base in Arizona that stores all those obsolete planes. An archeologist could dig up that section of the desert (ideal for preserving artifacts) and compare it with Chinese Emperor Qin's terra cotta army, (and the Maginot Line, all those holes in the ground in S. Dakota, etc.) and be as "perplexed" as anyone why the heck more than half the GNP of a civilization was devoted to their construction.

    The best ones do make good tourist attractions nowadays, though.

  13. When I go to a flight museum and look at all those obsolete planes, I think of all those obsolete crematoria and Nazi death camps.

    And I am so proud to be an American.

    Peace through strength.

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