Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The New Oconomy

Perhaps you've heard that here at the White House, we're all about change. Well, after yesterday's briefing on the economy, Big Guy and Toes had had enough. Change in the economy isn't coming fast enough. So we're going to do what we should've done five months ago: change the name of the economy and start from scratch.

We've put a trademark and patent request in for the "Oconomy." This way, Big Guy won't be bound by any of the old, tired, overused terms and indexes to measure America's oconomy. And best of all, it's named after him, like a cool brand name.
  • Unemployment? Too negative for the Oconomy. We'll have an "Employment" statistic where we report how many people actually have jobs. And if the number goes down? We just won't report it.

  • Inflation? That's a good thing in Oconomics, because it means something is getting bigger.

  • Deflation? Unheard of in an Oconomy. Things are always up, up, up.

  • Stagflation? Only if we're talking about a roomful of bachelors spending money at a strip joint.

  • Budget deficit? Never happen.
Big Guy plans on announcing the launch of the Oconomy next week. We'll have a website, a Twitter account, a Facebook page for people to go to get smart and involved about the Oconomy. And we'll have a store with caps, t-shirts, wallets and fancy tennis shoes that people can buy to boost the Oconomy.

Why is this such a big deal? Because it's about the Oconomy, stupid.


  1. Will these tennis shoes be green? And will they be $500?

  2. LOL, TOTUS, another good one.

    Don't freeze your cursor waiting for that "launch," though. There isn't one fool in that politburo of "czars" who can count backward from 10. They'll get to 5 or so and......"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.........hmm... 10!..."

    And no one in that linear minded bunch with global enough thinking to to say, "Let's launch on 5... ."


    [Sarcasm button ON]-- Oh, yes, what fun. Let's call Demand, "quota," and let's call Supply, "target goal," and Price can be "value." [Sarcasm button OFF]

    Sorry to rain on your parade, TOTUS, but Dope will never get a patent for this. It's been done before.

    Many times.

    China, for one, will sue for patent violation.

  3. The Oconomy leads people to say "Oh $hit".

    When your neighbor loses his job it is a recession. When you lose your job it is a depression. When Obama loses his job it is a recovery.

    Anxiously awaiting 1/20/2013.

  4. Oh, let's not wait, mp. How about an impeachment!? The sooner, the better: fast track it!

  5. OMG would make a suitable oconomy acronym.
    People will mutter it whenever the new pay czar takes an interest in them.
    Earlier did he misread all about the 'chains',which translates as change in ebospeak ?Maybe it was a mispelling,and spare change was the desired objective.
    If so I certainly hope that 'Rappin w Cornell' boxed set makes the gift shop in time for Kwanza or MLK day giving.
    That should boost the oconomy for both of them,and maybe Oprah too.Production might be arranged by,Otis,(My Man),Day.
    No Arlen Spectre, he can still provide a
    'wall of sound' to complement their duet to such an extent that a Grammy in the inspirational spoken word category would be a distinct possibility.
    Especially if O sends over a few 'lobbyists' from the union.
    It would be good for the Oconomy,and what is good for the Oconomy is good for the country.

  6. Hey TOTUS, also make sure to get out in front of them re-enacting the "misery index" from the Carter years. Not sure what you can do to rename it, but that's why you make the big bucks.

  7. Oh why try? Liberals like feeling miserable, so there's a "high index" of metaphysical certitude that they'll ALWAYS feel miserable.
    Let 'em. The rest of us realize we Americans are doing extremely well, contrasted with the rest of the world.

  8. Woohoo...everything should start with an O and end with a whY?

  9. MSNBC is being kind enough to allow TOTUS his 15 minutes of fame. Please don't spoil it with your conservative vitriol, you rightwing bigots.
    So shape up and play nice for a few days - else they may never speak of TOTUS again.
    Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot and Al Franken's now a senator for being clever enough to point out that obvious fact. Teehee...
    TOTUS, however, is already skating on thin ice and most media types do not find this type of inflammatory "humor" besmirching the good name of their god funny - not at all! So please back off.
    And don't attack me - I'm not the one who wrote the Stylebook. I just know how it's applied.

  10. Absolutely hilarious. Before you know it, the Oconomy will be required coursework at all Ivy League schools.

  11. I'll only play along if the tennis shoes come in several shades of green. I need things to match my other outfits.

  12. crashx, where is a link to any story that states Franken is the MN Senator? Last I read, the cases are still being reviewed by the MN Supreme Court.

    You wouldn't call Rush a name like that, if you bothered to listen to him.

    Oh well, you didn't capitalize, "god." Too sad that it even occurred to you to use that term.

  13. crashx said

    Don't flatter yourself. TOTUS has been around a long while with loyal followers. And, your veiled threats on how we treat your *god* make me no mind. I am already on Napolitano's list. pfffft.

    But, TOTUS, YOU need a czar!

  14. Mountain Mama Dearest - I seriously doubt the guy who created this site bothers to listen to Rush either. At any rate, sorry if I accidentally dripped any sarcasm on your ideology.
    As for Franken, the results have been loaded up on TOTUS' hard drive for quite some time now. Sorry you're late to the fascist party - but I trust you'll catch on soon enough.
    Take me home, country road.

  15. Count the military vote, and Fracken loses by a landslide.

    What a moronic imbecile; but then, one omoe in the Dim Senate won't matter. Just another loser from SNL -- no talent, no brains, no ethics. just another whining little boy who throws tantrums for attention. Bonnie Fwank will just love this little wimp.

  16. my authorization word for the above post was:



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  18. TOTUS,
    You are so right to create an alternate vocabulary for the new Omerica. Instead of unemployment it could be 'omployment'. All those folks now unemployed must so grateful Big Guy has given them so much free time to sit and meditate on his greatness.

  19. We're going to raise your Oaxes

    Those who raise and sell oxen will be so glad to hear this.

  20. WriterX,

    Why limit Obamanomics to the Ivy League? Why not all the government schools, especially with his DOEd?

  21. The URL, crashx. Give me the URL that says that the MN Supreme Court made their final decision. I can't find it, and I pray you're wrong.

    No, I don't care which way you think about Rush, but usually the people who hate him really aren't listening to him. I used to be critical of him, but then I listened, and learned. He's very smart and worthy of respect.

  22. Btw, Al Franken is about as "hilarious" as having your head stuck between Jay Leno's ass cheeks, sucking the last ounce of funny out of that flaming hemorrhoid jughead squeezes every morning for creative inspiration.
    The point being - Franken not only resurrected a career that he never should have had in the first place, but now stands a fairly good shot of actually being named a senator...
    All because he wrote some asinine book attacking Rush Limbaugh. Teehee...
    Meanwhile, the guy behind this blog is lucky to get a quick blurb on a Morning show.
    Franken --> Senator
    TOTUS --> Anonymous Writer (who shall remain anonymous 'lest he derail any shot at a career.)
    Okay, gonna go grill out some burgers now.

  23. Okay, Mountain Mama, here's your URL:
    All is Lost - Franken Named Senator
    Please excuse the nude photos of Sarah Palin - I don't know what they have to do with the story, and I am SHOCKED to see them associated with the story. But hey, gotta build traffic one way or another, right?

  24. TOTUS?
    I'm begining to think that your blog was pointed out by the media in order for the trolls to find.

    This new Oconomy thing sounds grand. With all of Big Guy's devoted following, he ought also to start a church. The Universal Church of Obamanomic Orthodoxy. In addition to 70% taxes, he could demand a 10% tithe on the gross. Think of the fun dates he and MO could go on - why, I hear it's only about 200k to go on the shuttle. Never mind the ten year waiting list, he's God! He goes to the head of the line.

  25. crashx - enjoy your burgers while you can still buy beef. I'm sure O's climate control czar is working hard at banning cows, since they emit carbon dioxide gas from both ends (just like the members of Congress, but I doubt they do anything about THEM). And even if it takes them a while to get that accomplished, O will get the VAT in place and it won't be long until you won't even be able to afford to buy beef. Unless, of course, you are in the White House. They will be allowed to eat beef because they only eat Kobe beef. Those cows have all had the gas massaged out of them before they are slaughtered. Plus, its "spare no expense" to feed the first family.

    As for the Onnouncement about the Oconomy, I'm sure that Obama has already rallied his army of supporters via email and conference call and they are out in their neighborhoody, knocking on doors, touting Obamanomics and the Oconomy. Acorn will be out there soon, signing up imaginary folks for imaginary jobs so the Employment stats will go up, up, up.

  26. Most likely, the last Ivy League Econ. class teaching the Friedrich Hayek - Milton Friedman type, i.e. genuine, economics was back in 1986.

    Free market economics is now called "greed." Welfare state coerced wealth redistribution is now called "justice."

    Strange, isn't it? The libs, craving true religion, create a false one (Environmentalism or Socialism or ACORNism or what have you) by hijacking the long settled terminology of established ethical and religious codes.

    BTW, speaking of economics, madj, you with your inverted pyramid quip and Fernando Camilo re: getting $2 trillion out of 300 million would be excellent econ. advisors. Too bad the libs won’t listen. All they hear, apparently, is what their “style book” allows them to hear. Truths like “free markets do the most good for the most people,” translate to: “conservative hogwash.”

    You can lead a donkey to water… .


    Yeah, Betty Ann, it appears that the trolls have landed. That they are devoting so much of their tiny supply of brain power to attacking this site says they perceive it as the bastion truth that it is. Bwah, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Bring it on, trolls! &_&

    [Melena said] "signing up imaginary folks for imaginary jobs" . You said it. LOL. :D Paid for with imaginary dollars.

  27. Ooooops! Sorry about that, Jamie!

    JAMIE said (above).

  28. Why do I have a vision of Mr. Bill with his mouth like a doughnut screaming, ''OH-NOOOOO-CONOMY!!!''

  29. TruthWillWin: that was Jamie, not me referring to the imaginary comments

    i don't mind hijacking it, tho' :-)

  30. Wonder when they will change the name of the country from the United States of America to the United States of Obamaland? (Or just Obamaland). Will it be before or after we make Mexico our 58th state? Then we can get rid of our imaginary border!

  31. Totus, Is B. Hussein a student of J. Hussein Goebbels? Possibly learned the following in the good Rev Wright's church?

    "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

  32. You just quoted the basic tenet of the Democrat Party.

    But like most liars, once they get caught in a lie, they just tell another one, and so on, until they have told so many lies that they begin to believe them themselves.

    I think that it was much easier for them to get away with it back when there were only a few sources for news and information and the news media pretty much controlled what people heard (like with Cronkite and the Vietnam War). But now with the internet, people can find out the truth a lot faster and it is much harder for them to get away with it. So, this source for truth will eventually be a target for Obama and he will attempt to control it.

    So we need to enjoy this freedom while we still can.

  33. [Brian quoted]"'...truth is the greatest enemy of the State.'"

    How true.

    An excellent and timely comment in view of that blog crasher today urging us to cool it with the pro-liberty, anti-fascism, rhetoric. In other words (much blander words!), don't be as forthright and do a bit of dissembling and sort of act like something you're not so the libs will continue to feature TOTUS on their TV shows.

    That is, use "white" deceit. LOL. Typical lib strategy. Lie.

    Like the circus put on by Goebbels' buddies for the Red Cross. "Listen to these healthy (see how healthy!) children playing this beautiful music. And there, there is a fellow painting a lovely picture. And he is Jewish. You can see that we do not kill Jews... ."


    [JAMIE said] "... our imaginary border! [with Mexico]"

    Yep. Those libs are pitiful. In their own little sorry, imaginary world, creating their imaginary jobs* making things with imaginary materials* paid for with imaginary money while firmly believing that our border with gangster-controlled Mexico is also imaginary.

    (*also said by Jamie earlier)

    "Imagine there's no border..... it's easy if you try...." Barf!

    Easy if your mind has been permanently numbed by dope.... or brainwashing.

  34. [Preptile said] "...'chains',which translates as change... ."

    Ha! :$) That's it! Say.... I hear music.....

    50's Style Musical -- "The Chan' Gang"

    Scene: hallway outside Oval Office; 2 Donkey Barn interns are leaning on their shovels, taking a little break... .

    Int. 1: (Yawn) Dude, is this job boring.

    Int. 2: (trying to balance her upright shovel on her open palm) Yeah.... I thought we were going to help draft legislation and stuff a-- hey... what's that sound coming from the oval office?

    Int.1: Sounds like.... like some guys standing around in a tavern throwing darts and drinking beer... .

    TOTUS (wheels by on his way to walk Bo who is happily scampering at his side): That's what it is, kids. [starts talking a little faster...] Oh, don't you know? Haven't you heard? [then a little faster...] Just listen, my friends, and I'll [prestissimo] give you the word... [breaks into song] "That's the sound of the men [Hunh!] workin' on the "chan," ga-haa-ang. That's th---" Scuse me. I must be going now. [TOTUS zooms away -- he can really book when he needs to -- Bo galloping to keep up].

    [Door to Oval Office opens. Rahm looks out, left,... right... TOTUS is around the corner juuuuhst in time for Rahm to miss him.]
    Rahm ("Toes"): Hunh! [Goes back inside; closes door.]

    The End.


    And now.... for something completely different (heh, heh).

    [inspired by the ML's (Mark Levin? Is that you?) hilarious comment above]

    Announcer: It's time for The Mih-sterrrrr Bill Show!" (aside: please note that MSNBC has VERY KINDLY allowed us to use their amazing facilities)

    Mr. Bill: ''OH-NOOOOO-CONOMY!!!''

    Ann.: What seems to be the problem, my little modelling clay friend?

    MB: Ooooo, Mr. Announcer Man, Hopey the Clown isn't a nice clown.

    Ann.: O?

    MB: Yeah, O. He's really (whispers)... Al Capone in lipstick. He's going to.....oooooooh, noooooo!

    Toes (bursting through the window, glass shattering): He's going to............... take you to ..... the cleaners (laughs evilly, keeping his normal expression on his face - perfect)... if there's anything left of you after I get through with you... The new economy starts with YOU [lunges for Mr. Bill who runs blindly - SMACK! - into a wall]


    Toes (glancing furtively left and right, grabs Mr. Bill's almost full loose change jar and runs off stage): "Never let a crisis go to waste," I say.

    Ann.: Tune in next week, boys and girls, when we go to work with Mr. Bill at his imaginary job as the pastor in B. Hussein's church.

    [Cut to preview of next week's show: Mr. Bill in clerical garb knocking on the front door of the White House -- cut to Mr. Bill being drop kicked (by Big Mo in her steel toed green shoes) through a window of the West Wing, B.O. bellowing, "I AM a god. I don't need you coming in here and telling me to worship another one [BOOT!] ''OH-NOOOOO-CONOMY!!!'']

    Ann.: And now, a word from our sponsors.... ...Kool-Aid! Why think about it? Just pour another glass!....... and....... Barry's Tune-ups! Save 3 gallons of gas over the life of your car! (voiceover by Dope: Free tire gauge for the first 1,000 ... okay I lied... 10 customers... aint I generous.)


    That's all folksssss.

    Finally, huh? Heh, heh.

    Late night TV just aint what it used to be... .

  35. TWW - Thank you! I needed a good laugh to start my day before heading off to work. Unfortunately, my job is not imaginary. SO, its off to work I go to earn more money so that I can pay my fair share of taxes to help pay for our future "FREE" health care!

    You really made my day.

  36. totus it sounds like the Oconomy means OH boy this country is in trouble!

  37. Today in Biden's Bunker:
    - Flanking Manuever
    - Lipstick on a Pig
    - Obamasms
    - Shovel Ready Job Statistics

  38. Remember "sublibinable"? I'm not even sure if he ever said it, I heard W pronounce it correctly several times, but all the late night A-holes sure pounded it. Oconomy is much funnier because of our current oconomic mess.

  39. This post was hilarious! I hope they feature you on the White House Brief blackberry app one day (you can get it online here, http://www.iheartradio.com). Go TOTUS!

  40. If anyone is interested, The American Spectator had a post today about O's Health Care plan with a link to his White House report, "The Economic Case for Health Care Reform" (.pdf), produced by his Council of Economic Advisors.

    Interesting reading (both the post AND the report).

  41. Greeting Comrade Totus from Serfdom,
    With this new o'comy stuff and a payday czar talking about golden parachutes and what not, I'm begining to think we're all getting a golden shower instead. I wish good ol' Barry would just use a little bit of lube before he screwed up.

  42. That is what the "tax cut for 95% of Americans" was for - a lube job.

    Just so the folks know, they need to save those pennies they are getting from their tax cut because they are going to need them next year to help pay all the new taxes that are going to be imposed on us.

  43. Jamie,
    the tax cut was really just a tax holiday, not a tax cut. Most Americans will end up owing money next year. For example, if a couple is both receiving the "tax cut", or if you work more than one job, you're getting it twice or more. Your employer is going to keep taking out this money even after you reach the max amount the IRS allows.So Next tax season you will have to pay back the extra amount received. See how cool Barry is? I think that beady eye rat boy Petey O came up with this scam.

  44. Try telling people that. I've tried and they won't listen.

  45. I've just about given up. No one seems to be listening or they don't care. Or they really believe he is the messiah. I just don't know. All of this would hysterically funny if it wasn't so sad.

  46. I need to change my name to "Henny Penny". I keep telling everyone that the "sky is falling, the sky is falling" and they just won't listen! I am SO tired of hearing "Oh, it won't get that bad" and smiling at me. Are they pumping KoolAid into the water supply?

    I'm beginning to believe that Obama is throwing so much stuff out there all at once to distract people from all the things he is doing. People tend to look at one thing or another (whatever is their key issue) and not the whole. I guess there is a method to his madness after all.

  47. nope, it's just evil, pure and simple.

    and people are either too stupid or too scared to question the Fraud.

    I've already gotten out the new tax tables (those booklets the Govenment sends out), and actually SHOWED people how much more tax they are ALREADY PAYING, but they just get glassy-eyed or shrug it off.

    When the Bush tax cuts expire, everyone will be paying thousands of more dollars in taexes along with whatever the Fraud forces on us.

    when we're taxed down to zero income, with no way to pay our bills, where will the future tax income come from?


  48. We won't need to pay our bills because we will all be living in subsidized housing, getting food stamps - or, maybe Obama will do like the Saudi's, and ration out bags of rice and barrels of cooking oil each month. I kinda doubt they will give us gasoline like the Saudis, though, since Obama refuses to allow drilling on our own soil!

    Not to change the subject, but I just read that we aren't the only ones poking fun at Me-shell. From an article I just read on TimesOnline: "French comedians and commentators have been having fun with Michelle Obama, focusing on her considerable size. Nicolas Canteloup, the very popular satirist on Europe 1 radio, imagined her the other day as a rugby player knocking over Sarko."

    I just read another b-s piece (in DailyMail) about Me-shell's "taste for restrained elegance" (oh gag) and refer to her as the "First Lady of Flamboyance". They make mention of her "narrow waist" and how she wears belts all the time. I hate to tell those folks, but if her waist is where she is wearing those awful belts, then her waist appears to be right up under her boobs. That isn't normal. Seems to me she is pulling that old fat guy trick of wearing your belt way up above your big belly .... (as opposed to UNDER it).

  49. Thank you for your kind words, Jamie. You made MY day.

    Yeah, all you folksssss, you workers in "serfdom" [fatman - good one], as the saying goes, "WORK HARDER. THOUSANDS ON WELFARE ARE DEPENDING ON YOU."


    Don't give up, fatman and Jamie and all you wonderful FOTUS's. Hang in there.

    A word of encouragement:

    [WARNING (to Biblically allergic) BIBLE ref. below]

    In I. Kings 19, Elijah is running for his life from Ahab and Jezebel after they murdered the other prophets...

    v. 4 "[Elijah] came to a broom tree, sat down under it and prayed that he might die. 'I have had enough, Lord,' he said. ..."

    vv. 13-18 "Then a voice said to him, 'What are you doing here, Elijah?'

    He replied, 'I have been very zealous for the Lord God Almighty. The Israelites have rejected your covenant ... and put your prophets to death ... I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me too.'

    The Lord said to him, '... I reserve seven thousand in Israel -- all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and all whose mouths have not kissed him.'"

    WE HAVE MORE THAN 7,000 on the side of truth.

    And remember, "God and one are a majority."


    I used to try to convince every "progressive" I encountered of the facts about economics, about history, about the hoax of human caused global climate change.

    Now, I save my breath for only those sincerely seeking the truth (at first, some of these close-minded donkeys appear to be genuine, but their true state of mind soon becomes evident...).

    So, let's keep on encouraging each other. There are many out there who are silently watching and listening to you, fatman and Jamie. Some of them will find the way, thanks to your light.

    You just never know.

  50. So---maybe all those liberals that so wanted power are getting an idea that it's not as easy as they thought. Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. I think that ending is pretty apparent now.

  51. Yeah, Melena and Jamie, isn't it WEIRD (more Sci-Fi channel!!!) that someone with a 3rd grade education and average intelligence just can't get it that having less withheld from your paycheck doesn't mean you owe less in taxes the following April 15th. It just means you'd better not spend that big "tax cut" or you'll be hurting when you have to cough up the taxes DUE.

    Say, maybe the "glassey-eyed" response is a big clue. Maybe..... all the libs have A.D.H.D. (and are not on medication to help them focus).

    As Michael Savage likes to say, "liberalism is a mental disorder." A brain chemical imbalance is a "mental disorder." Hmmmmm.


    Bah, ha, haaaaa! :o) That's so funny about the British/European satire about Big Mo. She asks for it. Oh, yes, she is quite the lady.

    Pretty soon, all that laughing up the sleeve in Germany ("I don't speak German as well as Chancellor Merkel," Dope 2009) and in Austria ("... don't speak Austrian...," Dope 2009), and all over the world is going to become undisguised scorn and loud guffawing.

    "Obama beach." I'll bet it took everything British P.M. Brown had to not break out laughing. If you review the video, you'll notice he has a sudden attack of sneezing.... must have been the briny air [okay, I haven't seen the video -- but, it's likely, eh? HA.]

  52. Thank you for that. On my drive home the other day, I was listening to Glenn Beck and he had a caller, a young guy, who admitted to not really paying attention to what Obama had been doing since he was elected. (I also took it that he had voted for Obama.) He said that he started listening to what Glenn was saying about Obama and what he was really saying in his speeches and it opened up his eyes. He said that he had DVR'd Obama's inaguration speech and that he and his wife sat down and watched it over again and saw and heard it in a new light. He realized that he had never REALLY listened to it. SO there is hope, but not Obama's kind of hope (false hope), but REAL hope. Maybe people will wake up and realize that Obama is just another faker and leading them down the path to destruction. HOPEfully before its too late.

  53. So if I want to purchase a cap to lend my support to the Oconomy and the cap doesn't fit do you think they will create a "Cap and Trade" website for exchanges? Or will they just issue carbon credits?

    Also, I am wondering if The Big Guy has 16-20 Czars to oversee his pet projects who is going to oversee them the Czar Czar?

    I am sure we will find it on that other website where we can see where every dollar from the fraudulus er stimulus package is spent.

    Will the "Pay Czar" be enforcing his controls on the stimulus money sent to the studios in Hollywood? I think the actors that supported BHO will be happy to take a cut in pay. BTW, in which country can Alec Baldwin be located? I know Sean Penn is in Venezuela with Danny Glover.

  54. Teller O' Truth, thanks. Whodat, cap & trade, too funny. I'm just wondering about the carbon emissions tax based on our cattle/pigs and other farm friends, maybe we need another czar who will caculate the flatulence tax from the farming animals. Barry seems set on taxing the gaseous ones. How would one measure this anyway? Maybe Me-shell should have to do it. She has the attire for it anyway. She wouldn’t have to buy any new clothes.

  55. Hey, that's a thought. Maybe Alec Baldwin will finally move out of the country. Its about time.

    I think that the liberal Hollywood elites should foot the bill to save California. They have millions to blow. They can just use the paychecks from the last movies they were in. So, instead of blowing their money on mansions, yachts, electric cars, toy-boys/girls or their favorite drug(s) of choice, they can contribute to support the bloated California state budget. Instead of adopting more children from Africa, Madonna and Angelina can adopt some poor kids from South LA. Lets see how they feel about "taxing the rich" when its THEM.

    (Czar Czar - cute).

  56. Fatman, you are TOO much! You made me laugh out loud.

    BTW, the idea of taxing farmers for the cows breaking wind originated down here in Alabama. Oh the shame of it all .... There may be some hope, though, for the cows. There is on-going research to see if changing the cow's diet can reduce the amount of CO2 that they produce, but it will probably affect the taste of the meat.

    Also, just as a side note - stimulus (flatulous) money went to a study on "what makes pigs smell". Money well spent. don't you agree.

  57. their noses make them smell, just like everyone else

    where's my money?

  58. Jamie,
    I'm in south Florida and we seem to be having a problem with someone(s) skinning our cats. Maybe we could get some of that stimulus money to discover what the underlying causation of this phenomenon is. Maybe the White House can piggyback the research on the stinky swine study.

  59. i guess cat-fur coats are 'flamboyant' now

    if man-monster shows up wering one, we'll know for sure

  60. Hmmm, money from the porkulus package utilized to determine what makes pigs smell. Talk about irony.

  61. I normally don't copy and paste but in light of the thread I can't resist.

    It is the month of August, on the shores of the Black Sea . It is raining, and the little town looks totally deserted. It is tough times, everybody is in debt, and everybody lives on credit.

    Suddenly, a rich tourist comes to town.

    He enters the only hotel, lays a 100 Euro note on the reception counter, and goes to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one.

    The hotel proprietor takes the 100 Euro note and runs to pay his debt to the butcher.

    The Butcher takes the 100 Euro note, and runs to pay his debt to the pig grower.

    The pig grower takes the 100 Euro note, and runs to pay his debt to the supplier of his feed and fuel.

    The supplier of feed and fuel takes the 100 Euro note and runs to pay his debt to the town's prostitute that in these hard times, gave her "services" on credit.

    The hooker runs to the hotel, and pays off her debt with the 100 Euro note to the hotel proprietor to pay for the rooms that she rented when she brought her clients there.

    The hotel proprietor then lays the 100 Euro note back on the counter so that the rich tourist will not suspect anything.

    At that moment, the rich tourist comes down after inspecting the rooms, and takes his 100 Euro note, after saying that he did not like any of the rooms, and leaves town.

    No one earned anything. However, the whole town is now without debt, and looks to the future with a lot of optimism.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the United States Government under President BHO and the State of California under Governor Arnold are doing business today and actually in California for a long time already.

    At least the hooker and the hogs made out okay.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. It was late the great conservative mind of William F. Buckley Jr. that spoke and wrote:

    "Liberalism is the greatest mental illness of our time."

    Is TWW=Michael Savage?

    Look out FOTUS, if you have orginal thoughs and ideas...

    Michael Savage is Hungry!

  64. It was the late great conservative mind of William F. Buckley Jr. that spoke and wrote:

    "Liberalism is the greatest mental illness of our time."

    Is TWW=Michael Savage?

    Look out FOTUS, if you have orginal thoughs and ideas...

    Michael Savage is Hungry!

  65. TWW, you do a great job on here.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  66. Melena,

    Joey B told me to tell you that the flatulance money has been going out kinda slow (you know how it is, mistakes WILL happen), but Barry wants it to go out faster to stimulate more people, so your money for solving the pig smell crisis will be there soon. The check is in the mail.

    I feel stimulated already.

    Whodat- that was pretty good. You should put it on Broadway.

  67. Too bad about the cats, fatman. Its probably because of Global Warming (they got too hot). If not, then its Bush's fault.

    But, if you find out that it some cultural or religious thing being done by some immigrants, you need to respect their traditions and let them do whatever they want. After all, we are all citizens of the world. Kumbayah, my friend.

    And it IS someone collecting skins to make a fashionable coat for man-monster, there will be many more killed to make a size 5X to cover that butt! Oh dear, she will need a belt to go with it to wear around her teeny-tiny, waspish waistline. No problem, we can get one from the WWF. THey should have one that will fit.

    (I really do feel bad about the cats. I'm a cat-lover. Hope MO doesn't come to Alabama anytime soon.)

  68. Xy Melena,
    I can visualize the man monster now giving the evil eye to those poor kitties right before she hurts them. I hope for change they weren't used in the making of that housecoat she's donning in London that looks like a cake threw up on a snake. Come to think of it, there's another study for our tax dollars, why does the Man Monster (thanks for to MelenaX for the title) wear ugly clothes?

  69. No, they used the fur from the Montauk Monster for that. (It took a lot of them. All of the carcasses have yet to wash up on the beach. Two so far have shown up. I'm sure the aide tasked with dumping the bodies has been punished severely for polluting the waters.)

    She wears ugly clothes to distract people from looking at her face.

  70. If you want to see the next designer's clothes that Man Monster will be wearing and her newest foray into flamboyancy, go here -


  71. Jamie,
    shame on you. that link scared the hello out of me. I don't think I can go to sleep now.

  72. I can't believe the weird things these people come up with. But I think Man Monster could carry it off. She has the right body type and face for it.

  73. Night all. 4:15 comes mighty early. I hate to miss all the fun. I haven't laughed this much in a long, long time. (With O in office, there isn't much to laugh about.)

  74. Great allegory, Who Dat? [Cool name, too!]

    It was a true story? I believe it.

    Gotta laugh so we don't cry.


    Have a good day at work, Jamie. :)

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