Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Big Coverup

This morning we briefed Judge Sunny Sotomayor before she headed up to the Hill for her meetings, and it's a good thing, because she's clearly getting bad advice from Joe Biden, who has been personally prepping her for meetings with his former colleagues despite our best efforts to keep him busy on other matters, like joining the AirFrance search and rescue team on the equator.

During the meeting, when Judge Sunny laid out her strategy for the day, Big Guy said that the "I Love NY" button she was going to wear would be cute for Chuck Schumer. We also suggested that the "Latinas Are the Spice of Life" t-shirt she was wearing might not be appropriate for her meetings with Sen. Jeff Sessions. And that her alternative - wearing no shirt at all - wouldn't be helpful ... for anyone.


  1. Spin City:
    "I meant, 'White guys ARE the smartest,' and 'The Appeals Court is NO place to make policy.' Plus, I have hypoglycemia; I can't think without sugar every 30 minutes. And did I mention that the dog ate my brief?"

    If they leak the tapes of these interviews, we'll get a great lesson in spin control.

    NOT ONE Republican better vote this woman out of committee....

  2. HEY, TOTUS! We just caught a glimpse of you on Fox News, as you're getting ready for the Pres. to speak.
    You poor thing, having to deal with that man all the time.
    So what do you take for the migraines?

  3. The Senator from my state is a Republican (so is the Rep in the House).

    He knows our state is 90% against her.

    And we WILL vote out anyone who doesn't represent the people in our state.

    Our state is Democrat, but it went RED in the last two Prez elections.

    We vote for the man/woman, not the party.

  4. TOTUS:
    How about a nice big hat with hanging fruit? And a Ronrico tee?

  5. Whatever she wears to her meetings, underneath & close to her heart will be a Che t-shirt.

  6. When McHugh nauseatingly fawned over BO, did you have to scroll THAT "speech," TOTUS? No WONDER he was picked! Gag....

    I use Exedrine Migraine, if that helps....

  7. TOTUS, Did i miss the big guy saying anything about the converted MUSLIM that shot the two UNITED STATES MARINES? he was right out there when the baby killer doc was shot.

  8. The first domestic terrorist act since 9-11, and BO can't summon a statement off the cuff, from the heart. One wonders if he even HAS one....

  9. MM:
    It's the spine he's missing.

  10. A spine, a heart, a fully functioning brain - all these are missing. Sounds like a visit to the OZ is needed.

  11. TOTUS:
    Sounds like Sonny's button and hat trick are working - Oh cha cha cha!

    Strike yet another victory for our wimpy, ass licking congress. Nice to know they get their tongues out of BG's butt once in awhile.

  12. Totus,
    For you and the big guy's sake, I hope Sunny doesn't start yelling chinga tu madre at these hearings. That would probably create one of those uncomfortable moments for the white guys. Maybe you should tell Toes to keep lady M away from her until the hearings are over just in case.

  13. Whether teeth bared, cold-eyed, deep voiced, Sonny is:

    A. The illegitimate offspring of Ethel Merman and Josef Stalin;

    B. A Russian opera diva famous for her Brunhilde; OR

    C. Hugo Chavez in drag............


    *[60% "Overruled" is not even "qualified," much less "well qualified." And as to the quantity of her "decisions" from one bench or another.... try looking at the quality -- SHALLOW, POORLY REASONED, and IDEOLOGICALLY DRIVEN.]

  14. totus have you ever ran into any racism when you climbed the ladder of teleprompter success?

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