Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today Show Interview Part 2

You seem to be something of a camera hog … we have many photos where you are blocking the President.

Do you have a party affiliation?

I have noticed in some of your Tweets, you seem to be more conservative than President Obama ... are you a Republican?

I assume you didn’t have to sign a confidentiality agreement, but doesn’t the President deserve some privacy? Why did you decide to go public!?

For our viewing audience ... Do all Presidents use the same teleprompter?


  1. Yeah, 'fraid so: the hard drive = the socialistic agenda of Obama's administration.

    Which is linked, no doubt, via remote satellite, with China....

    So, TOTUS, do you scroll Mandarin?

  2. YOU - A camera hog? And what do they think OB is? I, myself, wish you would get in the way more often.

  3. Greetings from Bermuda! Wish you were here! We appreciate the great satan footing the bill for our much deserved vacation. Check out our blog at: http://detaineefour.blogspot.com/ Obama Akbar!

  4. this... is hilarious. well done.

  5. i love this behind the scenes look at you totus... so many don't get to know the real you!!!

  6. TOTUS, did Big Guy use you for his CNBC interview today? During the interview he complained about "one network" that was "entirely devoted to attacking my administration." He went on to say that the unnamed network "seldom runs any positive stories" about his White House and has a "pretty big megaphone" to attack his views. Everyone knows that BG was talking about Fox. I watch Fox a lot and the times that I have been watching and they talk about the things BO is doing, there are pundits from BOTH sides debating it. MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, have anchors who bow to BO, have thrills running up their legs, swoon over him, etc. (I will admit, though, that other than folks like Shep Smith and Geraldo, there aren't too many who swoon for BO at Fox.) All of those stations are quick to carry each and every speech of BOs, when they rarely carried Bush's speeches. ABC is broadcasting from the WH next week and giving him a whole hour for an infomercial to promote his "health care" plans. Gee, I guess BO thinks that ALL media should promote him since he is such a rock star. I just want to know is - was his whine genuine, or did you have to prompt him on the screen at specific points to inject the whining?

  7. There is a developing storyline on Drudge:

    ALARM: National Security Agency has ability to collect, read domestic e-mails of Americans on widespread basis... Developing...

    That doesn't sound good. But I'm not surprised. The left didn't like Bush allowing the NSA listening in on overseas calls to known terrorists, but they are "ok" with govt reading our emails?

  8. TOTUS,
    How can your hard drive be the same for every POTUS if you met big guy at a party at Columbia U? You also said that you and BG walked the streets of Chicago in his early days, and that couldn't have been possible if you were working the White House for a previous POTUS

  9. Nice to read the transcript, TOTUS----but someday, scroll some of BO's speeches for us, BEFORE he says them----you know, so we can ready the ralph bags....

    And Jamie, Fox News also has these indies or libs who support BO, depending upon the issue----because Fox really IS "fair and balanced," which the other networks just ain't:

    - Greta van Sustern (sometimes supports BO)

    - Bill O'Reilly (he does, too---sometimes)

    - Mort Kondrake (supports BO often)

    - Juan Williams (usually supports BO)

    - Bob Beckel (ALWAYS supports BO)

    - Mara Liasson (mostly supports BO)

    - Geraldine Ferraro (always supports BO)

    - Alan Holmes (always supports BO; Alan left "Hannity and Colmes" on TV, but has a Fox Radio show, plus soon starts up his own Fox News TV show)

  10. MM, you really do crack me up. Let's talk about some of your assertions.

    Greta and Bill O'Reilly will reluctantly admit to some cursory fact such as "President Obama is very well-spoken" about once every 3 weeks. To suggest that means they "sometimes support BO" is quite a stetch.

    Beckel is about the only well spoken, quick witted liberal that Fox would ever dare put on their shows on a regular basis. In contrast, Alan Colmes is a complete Doofus. When he was with Hannity, they might as well named the show, "Hannity and the World's Biggest Liberal Punching (Douche)Bag".

    Even my conservative friends laugh at Fox's bold assertion that they're "fair and balanced". They're at least courageous enough to admit that they watch Fox because they feel like they can enjoy like-minded viewpoints. Perhaps that might be a reason why Fox viewers thought Sarah Palin won her debate vs. Joe Biden by a 86%-12% margin.

  11. Oh...and just incase you were curious, the truly "fair and balanced", i.e. scientific polls had the following results on the VP debate:

    Survey USA Biden 51% Palin 32%
    Undecided 17%

    MediaCurves.com tracked independent voters, showing them breaking to Biden 67% to Palin 33%.

    CNN/Opinion Research Biden 51 Palin 36

    CBS Biden 46 Palin 21

    And can you imagine this? When FOX actually conducted a poll of the American Public, as opposed to just its own viewers, the results were....(drumroll please)

    Biden 61 Palin 39.

  12. So just to clarify, craniac. . . Fox took a poll of its audience, and then polled the public at large? And they published both results? And this somehow supports your claim they are not "fair and balanced"?

  13. Q: "...you are blocking the President."

    [Comment: 1)B.O. hides behind me and that's my fault?
    2) What president? You mean the Con Man in Chief? Oh, pardon me, the Embarassment in Chief?]

    Q. "... are you Republican?"

    [Comment: Yea, TOTUS. Born in the U.S.A. -- unlike B. Hussein Obama whose place of manufacture and delivery was Kenya.]

    Re: Whether all POTUS's use the same TP......,
    In view of Mark Levin's dubbing Dope "Milhouse," I think the imposter-POTUS should be recognized for his TP neck dexterity and be called: Dick Swiveller.

    One of these days, that ol' neck will just start a spinnin' all the way around. Wheeee! Look at the spin ol' Barry put on that return. So what that he hit the ball WAY out of bounds, that was impressive spin. Yeah, he's smokin', man!

    Barack Obama. What a "racquet." He'd like to serve, but he just can't get his head in the game -- left it somewhere back in the '70's. Every once in awhile, he takes a trip to try to find it. But all that happens is he gets "punch drunk" and stumbles on home, empty handed again. He'd be in jail right now, but the media keeps bailing him out.

  14. Big deal: some conservatives loved how Palin debated. What a surprise.....

    Funny how most liberals hang ONLY with "their own kind," but are surprised when some conservatives also have a worldview in complete alignment with their conservatism.

    Anyhoo, you failed, as always, to address my points thoroughly, craniac. One might surmise that you, too, have a bias.

    To wit: you failed to mention MOST of the manifestly-liberal pundits I listed re. Fox News. Liasson, Ferraro, and Williams all are in the tank for BO. (Holmes is, too, but he just didn't speak up forcefully enough when he co-hosted the TV show with Hannity.)

    Finally, you really are wrong about O'Reilly and Greta; they DO regularly stick up for BO about important matters, not just silly surface things, as you cite. You'd know this, if you actually watched Fox News----but clearly, you do not.

    Actually, several more very-liberal pundits appear constantly as commentators on Fox News; I just can't remember them all.

  15. Moe, Larry, Curly, and Abdullah -- Bwah, ha, haaa. Good one. :o)


    [Jamie said] "..."ok" with govt reading our emails?"

    Good point. What a bunch of hypocrites (actually, they are sincere - sincerely muddleheaded!) those libs are.

    I say.... bring it on, Bruno & Co.. Read 'em and weep, sycophantic socialist swine.

    Too bad you can't comprehend logic and facts -- you could learn a lot. As it is, you hear "only the echos of [your] mind... ." Stumble on in your denial-induced haze. You're headed for a cliff, but, on the way, you'll "enjoy the journey." And, one day, you'll wake up to the shocking realization that you were wrong. What a concept.

    Whether right wins the battle for America or not, I would rather go down fighting for liberty and truth than to stand smugly triumphant at the side of a lying tyrant.

  16. Ace! Game, set, and match to Greg J..

  17. Mountain Mama, you are wonderful. Thanks for all your excellent info..

    Your running commentary (I was amazed at the posting times -- how do you not only type but THINK so quickly!) of the socialized medicine propaganda speech by Herr Obama was terrific.

    You go, girl!

  18. Don't leave out the esteemed Dr Lamont Hill, one of my all time favs! not. and Kirstn who has a brain, but has nicer hair.

    Fox, to the annoyance of many, puts on both sides and we actually HEAR a liberal view...more than we WANT to hear.

    The best conservative CNN has is Bill Bennett!

  19. I get tired of libs quoting 'scientific polls' from the likes of CNN, USA, CBS, Media Curves, etc. Those polls are no more "scientific" than the polls out of FOX. Polls can be skewed one way or another, depending upon the people polled, the actual questions asked, etc. The only people who actually trust polls and think that they are useful are the politicians.

    Polls (like politicians) can be manipulated. I don't trust them.

  20. craniac24:
    You only proved the assertion made time and again by conservative hosts and the personal experience of all conservatives - liberals do not and will not ever tolerate opposing views, i/e., your tone suggesting scorn for those who disagree with liberal opinions.

    And here is Big Guy, going public against FOX for publishing an opposing view of him. Here we may draw a comparison with the class exhibited by George Bush because he did not address his detractors. He considered it beneath the office.

    By contrast here is our first black president whining that we are not all masterbating psychophants like the media, who will not tell the truth no matter what. Imagine Laura Bush scratching her ass in public. Imagine if George had whined like this, like a spoiled child demanding all the candy in the store be had for free.

    Barack Obama and his minions are nothing but lying thieves. They are stealing the country. The next thing he wants to steal is our right to yell THIEF!

    Go FOX news. Go Rush. Go Hannity, and all the others who are speaking up. Let Obama go suck his thumb someplace and stop embarrassing the office of president.

  21. It's pretty embarassing when the President's teleprompter has become more popular than the President. Go, Totus!

  22. You guys arguing about Fox being Fair and Balanced are missing the point.

    The existence of Fox alone is balance and fairness. It's owned and mostly aired by conservatives, which is a big reason that it draws a far greater audience than the channels on "basic" cable. Yes, folks have to upgrade to expanded to view Fox News. They don't deny that they are conservative. The rest of the media denies that they are liberal.

  23. Good posts.

    Yes, FOX is a more conservative station, but they do carry both sides of every issue. Even Hannity balances his show, with guests/contributors like Beckel, Ferraro, Williams, Lamont Hill, Kirsten (can't remember her last name), Estrich, etc. Bill O' bends over backwards to straddle the fence and seems to have a special affinity for BO ever since BO granted him an audience during the campaign.

    I would venture a guess that craniac has never watched the Fox channel for more than a few minutes (if at all)and if so, probably tuned in to a show like Hannity's or Beck's - neither of which are newscasts, nor do they claim to be reporting the news. They are commentators. Cranaic most likely bases what he "knows" about Fox's news coverage on what he has read on liberal websites like HuffPo, etc. Try watching for an entire day, from Fon 'n Friends through Greta's show.

    And for Obama to complain like he has (about Rush, Hannity, Fox News, is ridiculous. (The Clintons also complained, but, with them, it was a vast right wing conspiracy.) I don't think I ever heard Bush (or any other Republican for that matter) complain about talk show hosts - people who are expressing their OPINIONS.

  24. I just heard the soundbytes of President Obama crying about Fox's news coverage.

    President Bush didn't cry about the media coverage he got from EVERY other network. Frankly, if he had, I wouldn't have blamed him. President Bush wasn't a failure but everyone tried to make him one, to insult him at every turn, to make his excellent economy into a recession. Now they have a true failure in office they are trying to make a success, they dare not say a negative thing about him, and now that they got the recession they wanted for the past 6 years they are trying to praise President Obama for his brilliance in saving us all.

  25. Remember, back in 2000 Fox News were the only ones who said the election was still too close to call, everyone else incorrectly gave Florida to Gore.

  26. GREAT point, Weston----and terrific posts countering craniac's usual bull, everyone.

    I fear Obama will find some "legal" way to rid his ego.. I mean, life of the "unbalanced" (he would know!) Fox News and other conservatives on talk radio. ACK! What would we DO without them!? I even wish they'd move out of the DC / NYC areas, so they won't be whacked WHEN (not if) the nukes arrive.


  27. TOTUS, dear, if BG is sooooo busy being president, when does he have time to watch FoxNews all day long.

    Does he have any favorite anchor he prefers?

  28. [Betty Ann - you said it]"... beneath the office."

    That's Barry.


    [Betty Ann again] "... like a spoiled child ... ."

    Grandma: Whatever is the matter, child?
    Barry: Waaaa! Make Fox stop putting me down!
    Gr: Fox... what?
    Ba: (stomps feet) Do it NOW, Grandma! NOW!!!!

    The Embarrassment in Chief.


    Good point, Shaun. Remember how all the liberal (practically all of them!) political cartoonists constantly portrayed Pres. Bush as a chimpanzee or a monkey?

    With his ears and angrily pursed lips, Dope looks a WHOLE lot more like a chimp, but they don't even portray Hopey as a clown or as Alfred E. Newman (good for you, MAD Magazine last fall :)), much less some kind of animal.


    All B.O. does by whining is make himself look like the wimp that he is.

    That, apparently, is one of his pet projects, the denigration of the office of the president:

    had to be forced to wear a flag pin and to cover heart with hand during pledge of allegiance;

    attempted to enforce a disrespectful casual dress code for WH offices;

    disgracefully cheap gifts to foreign dignitaries;

    posing in half-nude;

    spouse regularly wearing blatantly look-at-me clothing in public;

    flying Airforce One 474 at 1,500 feet over lower Manhattan just for jollies;

    bowing to another head of state;

    feet up on desk in meeting with world leader;

    whining... .


  29. Hey, clever Dewey, the video wiz, yeah, what was weird about the fly kill was the WAY Barack killed it. He kept his hands in this weird "kung fu" position and, ...... then..... Snap! Just like it was caught in an electric zapper, that fly was toast.

    Then, he kept his hands up, in that kung fu pose, like he was ready for the next fly.

    Like one of those lizards that suddenly shoots is tongue out and SNAP! (gulp) that fly is a gonner. Creepy.

    It also reminded me of a boy I knew from the Philipines who was adopted by a U.S. couple down the road from us. I babysat him once. One of his hobbies was catching flies -- with his bare hands. Indonesia isn't far from the Philipines... . Guess that's what little Barry Soetoro did at recess. Hmmm.


    Too bad Dope can't think and talk on his feet as snappily as he can kill a fly. @_@

  30. Krauthammer just compared our media to the media in Caracas, Venezuela - all media supportive of the "great leader" and one opposing. He said the only difference is that Chavez sends his men down with machetes to threaten the one news outlet that runs stories critical of him. What I liked was when Krauthammer said "ALthough I haven't seen any machetes around here SO FAR ...". (I still find it hard to believe that he used to be a Democrat.)

  31. I believe Krauthammer used to be a Dem; I did, too.


    (Sorry. Daymare...)

  32. What....did Barry have his fly down? Did I miss something?

  33. Hi, Susan.

    We're referring to video during a recent in-Donkey Barn interview in the East Room with Dope. A fly (of the barnyard type) was buzzing D'oh!. First, he commanded his slaves to "get this thing out of here." No one did.

    So, fixing his beady eyes on the winged creature, with a sudden SNAP!, B.O. killed the fly with his bare hands. Then, he kept his hands up in a weird Kung-Fu pose.

    It was just plain weird.

    Dewey from Detroit has a video of it posted in this or the other Today Show post. I couldn't watch it on my dial-up computer, but it's probably hilarious.

    End of a strange but true story.


  34. Why was my word to post the above "crack?"

  35. poor widdle Barry-warry boo-hooing about mean ol' Fox; just makes one want to urp.

    I said all along this is NOT a man; Man-Monster is the 'man of the house', and she hates everyone.

    such a freakin' wonderful FF to emulate

    whiney trash, that's all they are.

  36. Oh, I heard about him killing the insect. But with all the "fly talk", I thought he walked out of the men's room......

  37. Susan, the last time he walked out of the men's room it was because MO wasn't done at the urinal yet.

  38. Good one.

    Did you hear about the WH garden? MO and some school kids planted in March and are already havesting snap peas, heads of lettuce, etc (90 pounds worth). Yeah, I'm sure MO was out there since March hoeing, weeding, watering and fertilizing every day. Right. Too bad no one could get pictures of the Secret Service watching over the field workers out there at midnight planting full size plants that came out of a hothouse somewhere. Supposedly she is doing this to encourage 'community gardens'. In actuality, she is doing this to prepare people to grow their own food because they won't be able to afford to buy produce once Congress enacts the VAT tax!

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