Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Stimulus Plan is Working

Earlier today, Lady M went to a homeless shelter to kill the story about her and Big O going to New York for a date that cost the American taxpayers about $500,000, when federal, state and local law enforcement costs are added to the Lear jet, cars, staff, advance, my personal travel and bar tab, etc.  Here you see her after we've handed free cell phones to all the homeless people who came to see her. And no, taxpayers aren't going to be paying for the homeless peoples' wireless bills.  That's what the federal government is for.


  1. Everyone say it with me now: "the trip by BO and MO to NYC was FOR THE CHILDREN."

  2. Mushroom Risotto at a homeless shelter? How chic! Was it leftovers from the NYC date?

    "They did it for the children."

  3. The poor sap standing behind Me!Me!Me!cHell looks miserable. (is it her SS guy? LOLOLOLOL)

    Mission accomplished.


    homeless peeps have cell phones??????? what address do they use for the billing? or is it Pay As You Go, as the Fraud is so fond of lying about?


    she doesn't look like she knows what she's doing; why is she groping around the food?

    her hair looks like hell.

  4. TOTUS:
    Musta been a great date. Look at the smile on Mo's face.

    If they date once a month for the next 4 years, it's only going to cost us $24,000,000.

  5. I wonder how many homeless shelters she has been in prior to BO becoming Prez?

  6. I'm not sure about the sanitary standard at DC homeless shelters but shouldn’t the department of health be concerned that lady m is not wearing a hair/weave net? That food could be infested with fecal matter.

  7. TOTUS:
    New book coming out details how BO memorized speech on campaign trail (sans teleprompter to be specific).
    Do you anticipate any change in your role now that it is known that the big guy is actually able to go it w/o you?
    (see http://dyn.politico.com/printstory.cfm?uuid=9F33A169-18FE-70B2-A8EE1E9062F808C8)

  8. Michelle re. helping middle-class hospital workers (respiratory therapists, nurses, etc.) live in expensive Hyde Park, to help such workers get to the hospital quickly to help during crises or the COLD Chicago winter:
    "I don't want to live by Those People anymore."

    Yeah, it was FOR THE CHILDREN: the li'l Richies, that is....

  9. David:
    Wishful thinking. A POTUS that has to have a book come out to assure his adoring public that he can, indeed, memorize a speech? As a rebuttal to detractors? A bit beneath the office, wouldn't you say?

    TOTUS will be forced to scroll the book for him. Mo will make popcorn with extra butter. Gibbsy will take notes. It's a best seller, for sure.

  10. That's an older photo, but the point is still perfectly relevant. In the picture, clearly some guy attending the soup kitchen Lady M visited was wealthy enough to have a cell phone. That phone's way better than mine, and I actually pay my mortgage! :-( So clearly, they get money from somewhere, and since they are guaranteed to be taken care of, they spend it on nonsense like that cell phone rather than on the important things in life like the rest of us.

  11. Wish I was one of those lucky homeless people.

  12. Cell phones? How thoughtful. One problem, where the heck are they going to plug them in to recharge them? Also, what genius (TOTUS???) decided to hand out digital TV converter coupons at a homeless shelter?

  13. Is Michelle really transgendered, or did she simply take too many steroids in her youth?

  14. At least she didn't go to another magazine cover photo shoot.

  15. TOTUS:
    I just don't see the big deal about volunteering at a homeless shelter. It's cheesy, really. Clear indication of no imagination given the spectrum of volunteerism. Though I do understand the need to connect with the biggest leaches on society, to let them know you are on their side. God forbid she volunteer at the VA or an American Legion.

  16. David, put down that Kool-Aid glass right NOW. Admit you have a drinking problem and GET HELP. "Hi, I'm David and I'm a Kool-Aid-a-holic." You can do it.

    Rote memorization is hardly a sign of intelligence. A simple computer program can do that.





    Evidence (NOT exhaustive by any means):

    B. Hussein with Chancellor Merkel: "I, uh, don't speak German as well as Chancellor Merkel." -- D'oh!

    B. Hussein on the campaign trail, "Just give the [child suffering an asthma attack] a breathalyzer... er .... uh... and inhalator." [never did get to "inhaler"] -- D'oh!

    "Quatro de Cinco!"

    "I've been to 57 states and, uh, I have ... uh... 3 more to go.... not... uh... counting Hawaii and Alaska."

    ".... the U.S. Constitution was written 20 centuries ago."


    The Embarrassment in Chief.

    What a disgrace.

  17. Totus,
    Those were the advance staff with the blackberry, Clearly all the homeless people were at "that" Chicken Franchise that day, trying to use the cupons from "that" talk show lady...you know the Media coordinator and leader of the Church of "0".
    On that day BG had delivered the less fortunate from themselves again!

    We are the one's we've been waiting for!

  18. Amen, Orbit. You, unlike B.O. are not "from outer space" you have.... GRAVITas! (C:)


  19. Obama's twisted logic: Jetting about for the first families fun at taxpayer expense is good but jets for companies doing business are bad!

    John's Space

  20. Say, John... I think that would make B.O. a hypocrite, eh?

    B.O. humming in the shower last week: "Viva Las Vegas!"

  21. Wonder if she is waring new $400.00 tennis shoes this time as well ?

  22. please get a facebook button so i can post some of your post on my FB page...pwease...

  23. bettyann-
    The fact remains that BO was able to speak w/o TOTUS at least once (tho it did take a full week of prep according to the excerpt and his busy schedule may not allow him to repeat that performance). As far as scrolling the book for BO, a certain dotcom has come out with an updated version of its electronic book, and BO being the technophile he is may have, well, let's just say the Renegade book may be the equivalent of a "Dear John" to TOTUS...

  24. TruthWillWin-
    But I like Kool-Aid, especially grape - oh, wait, you're talking about Obom-Aid... never touch the stuff.

    "Rote memorization is hardly a sign of intelligence. A simple computer program can do that."

    Well, um, that is TOTUS' function for BO, and if he can speak w/o TOTUS as he did at least once, then TOTUS' position may be in question, which is what my original question alluded to.

    I'm not addressing BO's IQ one way or the other, just wondering what TOTUS thinks of the Renegade book.

  25. Dear David,

    Thank you for your correction.

    At a memorization rate of one line per day, nevertheless.... I doubt TOTUS won't be losing any sleep over his job security.

    Enormous sloth, too, is on TOTUS' side.

    And, of course, speech giving whether by notes or by rote is really not the key issue. It's the ability to answer questions without having a canned answer memorized and ready to go. About thinking on your feet.

    You are doing a nice job of getting the truth out about B.O.'s abilities.

    Keep it up. :D


  26. I doubt TOTUS WILL be losing any sleep [I WOULD make a mistake like that in responding to a guy like David (head shake). Humility is good for the soul. Sigh.]

  27. David:
    Sounds like wishful thinking to me.

    If TOTUS is forced into an early retirement we FOT's might find it difficult to find another insider. JoeyB's plugs have been considered, but may be too "absorbed" in unmentionables for the job.

    TOTUS is our link to comprehension of the intentions of the Messianic Technophiliac One, he whom Allah loveth, may his nethers wither forthwith. Of course, not until comprehensive medical coverage passes the senate, so that I can pay for it.

  28. David:
    You did not, seriously, read a book about the Obamination, did you? Ew. Plus, he loves himself way more than you love him. I bet he reads it twice.

  29. $500,000 USD???For Date Night! Can't wait for the blow by blow in People US WEEKLY blah blah blah
    Where is the outrage in the Media??? - Clinton was BBQed for the haircut at LAX FTLOG PRESS GET OUT OF THE TANK -

  30. kemeryzetana:
    This is not Clinton, whom the liberals love. This is the Messiah, whom they worship.

  31. totus how do you travel? does big guy stuff you in a box with some bubble wrap? or are you merely carried freestyle?

  32. That is an old photo from a prior photo op event. Didn't they take photos at the recent showing?

  33. Meh, every politician spends tons of taxpayer money. Going after Obama on that is pointless. Politicians are open to that sort of heat because, frankly, there's nothing you can do about it. It does serve as a great distraction from his socialism though...

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