Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well That Was Fun ... Not

Note cards? For a momentous press conference Gibbsy had Big O read from note cards?

And MSNBC disses us? Lessons were learned today the hard way, my friends.

When Joe Biden calls from the undisclosed location we have him in - his home in Delaware - and says Big Guy's energy seemed a bit off, you know you're in trouble.


  1. It was the arrogant, nose-in-the-air, swivel factor. Looking DOWN at note cards is too humble (Dope might take a little advice from a fellow con man, Uriah Heep, here).

    Next time, try two sets 11x14 cards, flipped alternately by two little kids sitting on ladders. You know, the way they did it in Shakespeare's day. Be careful to get that sequencing right.

    This is all to prove that D'oh! doesn't need electricity, right? So he can turn the whole nation into a 3rd World, sporadic electric supply, country, right? Or is it just that you're going to take that much-needed vacation? Or............ are your days as TP numbered?! O.O

    (Psst, TOTUS, once you get 20 miles from D.C., don't stop. Just keep running and don't look back. Looks like you may be in imminent danger from a real pirate here.)

  2. Totus--When the jug eared clodhopper appears on my television I can't switch the channel fast enough.

    How can you stand staring at him for such long periods of time? (I guess it was nice getting a break today). Listening to the lies just puts me over the edge.

  3. A Liberal Anxiety Attack!!! (LAA)


    He's a Mulla...

    Become educated, or remain a sheep! (baaaaah)

    BTW: a Mulla and the Mullet are not related!

  4. Melena! I've missed your witty answers. I agree, there is probably room there for 12 or so 11 x 14 cards. Hmmm, there were 13 questions, right? Probably could have gotten them all on there.

    Sounds like Barry-O is trying to prove he isn't dependent upon you, TOTUS. If so, it was a miserable failure. (I think TWW is right, you need to run, run as fast as you can.)

    Barry-O just could not go all the way and used the cards because he cannot think on his feet and answer "on the fly" (he just likes to kill flies and mount them for later viewing). Its TOO HARD to do that. Its so much easier to prepare his remarks, then read them with his melodious and commanding voice and in an imperious manner. All those unscripted, preposterous questions from those impudent reporters! How dare they actually ask questions without clearing them first! How dare they pin him down when he answers without actually answering!

    I didn't hear the speech, I read MMama's posts and laughed. Then I spoke to my daughter, who saw part of it, and she told me about it.

    I wonder if Barry-O stomped his pretty little feet behind that podium.

    And speaking of man-monster, I saw a picture from her interview on some show, and she was wearing yet ANOTHER pair of ugly sneakers.

  5. A person who looks and talks down to others? Nose in the air?

    Those darn Liberals...

  6. Nose in the air? Be funny if a fly flew up his nose during a presser.

  7. maybe he'll punch himself in the nose

    I'll bet people will be tripping over themselves to obey rhe 'get that fly outta here' this time LOL

  8. Maybe Big Guy should get Bruno to quickly do something hellaciously stupid and take the limelight off himself.

    Hey . . . it's worked before!

  9. I think BG "paled" a couple times due to the questions....seems like a good time to head to Hawaii and ck on interment details for Grannie....(! boom! boom!)

  10. TOTUS, are you going to take this standing up?

    Michelle said, "And I'd really be happy to use these teleprompters if they were higher. But they're very low."

    P.S. She never looks happy, even when she smiles.


  11. Hey TOTUS - apparently, Big Guy can seriously get his panties in a wad without you by his side:

    The Press May Only Get 24 Hours. But Their God Still Claims His 7 Days!

    Gotta give God props on keeping those White House Lackeys in their place - Hoo-Yah! Which reminds me - why do YOU, a lowly teleprompter, not properly refer to Big O as the deity he is? Uppity machines...

  12. Olberman "The Fly" paid fifty bucks for the historical fly, had it bronzed and gave it to Immlet.

    NBC's new mascot/logo is now "The Fly".

    Poor old Peacock...

  13. Totus:

    Dufus in chief sure showed he was lost without you today. He had to actually answer a few questions he had not planted before.

    All the ahhhhh, duhhhhhhhh, as I said last week, blah, blah, This guy is dumber than dirt. Mind you, I just viewed the choice Fox clips, I can't stand looking at him too long, makes me sick! Totus, please take a vacation so more people will see he is LOST w/out you.

  14. TOTUS...

    sometimes your remarks/commentaries are hard to find their progenesis..

    ..like the MSNBC diss of note cards...

    ..some links..references..citataions.. would help..


    oh..well..i may as well ask..

  15. Just imagine how much worse things would be if he hadn't of killed the fly!

  16. [Melena said] "maybe he'll punch himself in the nose"

    *o* LOL. Ha, haaa. A guy whose that good at sticking his foot into his mouth oughtta be able to manage that. Biff!

    The honeymoon is over. "To the moon, Barry! To the moon."

  17. Now, why did I write, "whose" instead of "who's?" D'oh!

  18. Rooster and Funni (I mean, Amusing) Bunni, I'm the same way -- CAN'T STAND the sight of that Con Man in Chief.

    Watching Greta van Susteren's show this evening, I wanted to hear how D'oh! reacted to reporters' Q's, to I gritted my teeth (and pedalled a little harder on the treadmill -- B.O. is great for exercise) but, I averted my eyes as I would for something terrible in a movie (don't need any more sickening images in my brain than I already have).



  19. [ArthMold said] "Just imagine how much worse things would be if he hadn't of killed the fly!"

    Yeah, and the biggest bad out of that would have been our not being privy to this freakish fly slaying skill of Barry Soetoro's. That video would have been DELETED and ERASED. ABC MSNBC(?) would neeehver show their Reader in a fit of rage over an insect that refused to die.

  20. And now, boys and girls, it's time for a little TOTUS trivia:


    Oh, Come, Oh, Come Emmanuel
    Iran, Iran So Far Away
    Sorry [Isn’t] the Hardest Word [to Say]
    The Axe Man
    Down Mexico Way
    Promises, Promises
    Talk Like an Egyptian
    It’s Not Eas[y] [Wearing] Green
    Round and Round
    Sweet Home Chicago
    Taking It to the [People]
    “You stick your left hand in… .”


    "I'm So Excited" - Pointer Sisters

    [As in.... Big Guy is excited.... (again) |:D)]

    "You're So Vain [I'll bet you think this song is about you...]" - Carly Simon

    "Jimmy Crack Corn" ["...and chase away the blue tailed fly!"]

    "If I Only Had a Brain" - [from Wizard of Oz]


  21. TOTUS, dear, how many packs did BG go through after the presser and last night?

  22. Speaking of "undisclosed locations," check out Biden's Bunker

  23. totus you seem a bit "flippant" about the idea of obama using note cards. but i am a bit worried. i can see a switch from you being the source of words, to gibsey holding up flash cards for big guy!

  24. Ooo sounds like I missed something goood.

  25. What is up with Michelle? Why would she embarrass you like that, saying you were slouching and she had to use note cards? TOTUS, you better look into this. Between the MSNBC thing and her dissing you, she might be behind giving you the heave-ho. Look what she did with the Inspector General..

  26. Big Guy's problem is pretty well described in a line from the Matrix: "There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."

    Talking about policies and just being contrary to what a real leader did for 8 years is different than making those calls yourself.

  27. Maybe the Dear Leader was a tad testy because the First Wookie has been away gardening. I wonder if Barry is going to make her the 'gardening czar'? Lord knows we have a czar for everything else, might as well have one for that.

    I have to ask this though. How did a wookie learn to garden in the 'hood in Chicago? The way everyone fawns over her gardening prowess you'd think she had discovered that by planting seeds you get produce!

  28. If note cards are good enough for Kennedy and others that used them before the days of teleprompters, it is okay to use them once in awhile.

    Of course, I know that I missed you that day.

  29. Guess he couldn't stand the "heat" and blamed it on your "fogging up"... pretty sad excuse!

  30. A serious aside here-as I recall, except for the statement GWB answered questions without notecards, without prompting. And he was hammered for it by the press for not having a polished delivery. Now Obama appears to be getting the questions in advance and polishing answers for presentation. So how come the media isn't hammering his lack of in depth knowledge and confidence to answer off the cuff?

  31. Most Famous Community Organizer EVAH

    I am playing around with ACORN’s new name Change to COI you know our President is the most famous community organizer in history, I believe? COI – ACORN’S new acronym, no problem.


  32. @Jiji...I wonder if Barry is going to make her the 'gardening czar'?

    Or possibly the 'dirty hands czar', as there seems to be so many of those in DC. Or even the 'digging the dirt czar'...the possibilities are mind boggling.

  33. Were the notecards written in crayon? I felt like I was listening to a junior high school student council president.

  34. Hey, y'all!

    Okay, Jiji, NO DOUBT the White House ran a poll and found that, oh, probably soccer Moms (and hockey Moms, if they live south enough to have much of a growing season) all love to garden----or at least to read about it; evidently, according to other polls, many people just like to READ about redecorating or remodelling or gardening; they don't actually get around to DOING it. But with all the "help" MO is getting at the WH----the old paid staff----no doubt SHE doesn't get stuck keeping up with the icky stuff like actual weeding, etc.

    I've fully recovered from enduring most of the presser yesterday----but I admit that I am curious about the earlier portion, which I missed (not realizing one was even scheduled): the part where BO called up to the front a young man whom BO commended as a prominent blogger with Huffington Post?

    Anyone catch that part? Were HIS questions the ones that had been submitted to BO before the press conference.

    Since it was no doubt a mutual stroke-fest, I bet it was poifeckly nauseatink!

    We should all go into business, selling Cookie-Toss Bags. Bet we'd make a billion in the next four years alone.

    You hang in there, TOTUS. Don't forget: if YOU feel like ralphing when you scroll some of BO's garbage, just be sure to do what President Bush the First did: barf on the Big Guy right next to you.

  35. I hope TOTUS isn't going prematurely gray like POTUS is...sheesh.

  36. Both Timmy and Barry are doing the gray thing to add a little gravitas to their light weight, young punk, images.

  37. While it's true that Obama pushes through what I understand to be thoroughly Marxist policies, and that we must fight against the growth of government, and in fact fight for decreasing the current involvement of government beyond its necessary bounds; and while I don't like hearing his voice (every time I turn on the radio / TV / etc) or seeing his image (everytime I turn around, it seems) -- folks, can you stop being so nasty as to make ad hominem ("to-the-man") attacks on Obama and his wife? While understandable emoting, it's ugly and unhelpful. Do something to return to our foundational principles as voiced in the Constitution and so well set into motion by our nation's founders. Libs are often ugly in their comments -- rise above.

    On another topic -- TOTUS -- do you have a significant other? I could be in love. Thanks for keeping us all updated with the inside scoop.

  38. aero, I agree with you in principle, as to not making the ad hominem attacks. However, I feel that everyone is entitled (a nice liberal word) to express themselves in whatever way they feel most comfortable with. I make the attempt to always say "President Obama" simply to enforce the respect due to the office of President of the United States. I was always offended by the "cute" nicknames that people gave President Bush, and resolved at that time to show the office respect, regardless of who occupies it.

    This in no way is intended as a lecture to anyone else, as to how they wish to address President Obama, or First Lady Michelle. It is simply my old-fashioned way of doing things.

    So, aero, I would, respectfully, suggest that you could do the same while posting here, as a way of showing restraint.

    And remember, one of the fundamental principles, as voiced in the Constitution, is to Secure the Blessings of Liberty. One of those Blessings is that we can speak up, in whatever fashion, on whatever we wish to speak about. This blog is much like an ongoing political cartoon that allows people to participate as they wish. If sometimes they get a little rude, I would have to say that there are a number of political cartoons I have seen over the years that are quite rude.

    I was once subjected to about a half-hour of sheepherder jokes (no repeats), when the men who were there forgot I was sitting in the corner. This blog isn't even close to that experience.

  39. Some people diss the Obamas' physical traits out of frustration, because the MSM treats the First Fam as physically perfect----which is manifestly untrue. Hence BO's whining about his big ears yesterday----which HE brought up, not the reporter, btw.

    But you're right, Aero: we can try to rise above the slams against their physiques, and stick to pointing out all the horrible moral, economic, social, and religious deficiencies of the extremely-liberal Obamas and this administration.

    Did I neglect to mention another huge category? There's just so much to criticize---fairly! Lord, after only 6 months, I don't even recognize the USA anymore----and this is before our much-higher taxes start hitting us.

    Seriously: is there some way the Republicans or SOMEONE can stop the switch here to socialism?

  40. Listen up folks. WE HAVE TO STOP IT. Us, the people, have to speak up and speak out. We have to let our elected officials know that we don't want any of this!! WE all need to call, email, fax members of Congress and let them know how we feel about it. Remember, the power of the people? We have it, we just aren't used to using it. Remember, the squeakiest wheel gets the grease. Tell them you won't vote for them next election. Tell them you will donate to their opponents! That will get their attention!

    Did you know, that while we are all focused on "health care reform" and ABC being totally in the tank for Obama, Congress has been very busy and on Friday they are going to vote on two VERY, VERY important bills? Yep. They are getting ready to vote on Cap And Trade --and-- E-Verify!!!!

    IF you don't want a massive, regressive tax to be put into effect and are against the Cap and Trade tax, you can go to GOP USA's Online Activist website to send emails. Its quite easy. http://www.capwiz.com/gopusa/home/

    IF you don't want illegals to continue to take jobs that unemployed American citizens could be taking, then you need to tell your members of Congress to support E-Verify! If you don't know anything about E-Verify, then go to NumbersUsa.com. While there, you can send faxes FOR FREE.

    And while you are at it, look for other websites to protest the health care changes!

  41. When I said we have to stop it - I meant stop the switch to socialism ... NOT stop having fun here on this blog.

    I've always thought that what we have been saying here is rather tame, compared to the things liberals have said in the past about Bush, Reagan, etc, many of which were obscene, not "cute". Most of the things we say here are silly and inane. (We remind me of my children and grandchildren sometimes.) But, guess what.... its fun.

    I come to this blog to be sarcastic, poke fun, vent, i.e, to get relief from the stress of watching my country be destroyed by a man who does not love it. I do not come here to engage in serious discussions. There are many, many other blogs that were started for such discussions, and I go there to do that.

    As for having respect for anyone who holds the office of POTUS, well, I'm sorry, but its hard to have respect for the office when the man holding the office doesn't even have respect for it himself!

    Besides, why are we now in the position that we are in, with the liberals running rampant over the Constitution? Because we have been playing nice with people who aren't very nice. Its time to stand up and speak out.

  42. Here is another website where you can take action to let your reps know how you feel on specific issues -


    You can send faxes, but you have to pay for them yourself.

    Grassfire and GOP USA lists the contact information for ALL elected officials if you chose to email or call them.

  43. Links where you can take action by sending faxes and/or emails; sign petitions; join grassroots groups, etc:

    http://tiny.cc/3p2vq (Americans for Prosperity)

    I know that the emails and faxes that I have sent are recieved (although they may not be reading them) because I get letters from my Senators and my Congressman in response.

    GOPusa has a wonderful forum where serious discussion of issues goes on. There are multiple threads on-going at any one time.


    No one is allowed to post rude comments, because they have administrators monitoring the site at all times. The administrators will immediately delete your post, give you a warning and if you do not stop, they will ban you from the site.

    And there are always the blogs that TOTUS has listed on the right side of the page.

  44. Can someone clarify for me exactly how you feel us liberal types are trampling all over the constitution?

    I ask, because I'm curious why you good, freedom-loving American citizens didn't take offense to such egregious constitutional breaches as warrantless wiretapping.

    Just wondering...

  45. Hi, Craniac,

    I think most of us feel that "liberal types" still haven't even found the U.S. Constitution.

    We didn't object (your honor) to pre-authorized wiretapping of known terrorists calling into the U.S. because there was probable cause.

    Bye for now.


  46. Not suprisingly, and ridiculous comment aside, you have not explained precisely how you folks feel like your constitutional rights are being compromised by the current administration.

  47. Unconstitutional:

    1) Auto Bailouts, not approved by Congress. The President is not authorized to spend money, only Congress is.
    2) Appointment of 'Czars', answerable to the Executive Office. Oversight of agencies is the responsibilities of officials approved by the Senate (a Democrat Senator has pointed out this one, so blame him).
    3) Government ownership in private business.

  48. Poor Jamie, your hyporcicy is so endearing.

    You might be delighted to know, that it was President Bush that first used TARP to release $17.4 Billion in loans to GM and Chrysler. (Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck will conveniently neglect to remind you of that)

    Secondly, do you really think President Obama is the first President to appoint a "Czar"? (which is really just a dramatic term for "federal official") What was your objection to G.W. Bush's famous Drug Czar? Or are you too young to remember that...

    Thirdly, do you forget already that George W. Bush nationalized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

    Try again Jamie....I'll be waiting for some more non-answers.

  49. Allow me to correct myself...I meant to say that it was George H.W. Bush that appointed a "Drug Czar".

  50. You will have to wait, I'm at work and not at liberty for responding right now...

  51. To help in the fight for patients rights and to fight nationalized healthcare try these sites:

    www.cprights.org and

    If you think heathcare is expensive now, wait until its FREE.

  52. Jamie said...
    "You will have to wait, I'm at work and not at liberty for responding right now..."

    Not a problem, but since you've expressed your intention to respond, I will plan on holding you to it...just incase you conveniently neglect to.

  53. craniac,
    I was very busy and worked late today and as a result, got stuck in rush hour traffic, so it took me twice as long to get home. Then I could not remember which thread this was on and I've been reading the other ones. I'm going to give you more details in a minute. Gotta get my thoughts together. And I don't link leaving a thread open while I post. SO check back later - it will be here.

  54. I will be waiting!

  55. Oops - I meant "I don't LIKE" (not link)....

    You said: “it was President Bush that first used TARP to release $17.4 Billion in loans to GM and Chrysler.”

    Yes, Bush used TARP funds, but you conveniently forget that the TARP funds were congressionally approved. OBAMA did not use TARP funds, but instead declared that he would use monies from “elsewhere” and do so with the authority and power of the Executive Branch.

    Here is what it says in the Constitution:
    No money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law.

    The Executive Branch cannot make appropriations “by law”. Only the Legislative Branch has the authority to do so. The U.S. Constitution gives Congress the power to spend the taxpayer’s money. Without the consent of Congress, the President cannot legally spend taxpayer money.

    As for Czars, I don’t believe I ever stated that I approved of ANY President appointing a “czar”. Stop assuming that because I express Conservative views, that I approve of everything a Republican president does!

    It is unconstitutional to have presidential appointees making decisions about taxpayer monies without congressional oversight, period, no matter what party the president is affiliated with.

    The Health Care Plan: The Constitution says nothing about guaranteeing health care. BUT, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. has introduced H.J. Res. 30 which calls for a Constitutional Amendment to establish “the right of citizens of the U.S. to health care of equal high quality.” So, the Democrats in Congress better get busy and pass it before they enact their Federally mandated Health Care!

    And, btw, the very first vote I ever cast was for Richard Nixon. So, yes, I DO remember GHWB.

  56. I'll keep this short and sweet.

    Firstly, you're flat out wrong. TARP is precisely the program that President Obama was using to provide bailout funds to GM and Chrysler. I have no idea why on earth you think otherwise. Do you think he's simply writing a check off of the Treasury's General Operating account???

    Secondly, if Congress votes to appropriate funds for a specific purpose, and a Presidential appointee is given oversight over those funds, how in the world is that unconstitutional?

    Thirdly, I have no idea where you're going with healthcare. Just because there is no specific mention of healthcare in the constitution, doesn't mean the legislative and executive branches can't craft and approve legislation of the sort. As far as this proposed Jackson amendment, I oppose it...for the same reasons I opposed an amendment banning flag burning. It's a superfluous issue that doesn't warrant meaningless tampering with an essentially sacred doucment.

    I understand clearly that you don't agree with most, if not all of Obama's policies thus far. But your claims that his actions are unconstitutional make even Chicken Little cringe.

    Lastly, I'm sorry to hear about your vote for Nixon. Live and learn I suppose...or maybe not.

  57. Jamie, you were magnificent. I'm afraid, though, that it is time to simply not dignify C24's uninformed drivel with a response any more. You'll only be wasting your time. C24's brain is a sieve. No matter how much truth you pour in, it never does any good.

    Ooooh, noooo, an ad hominen attack. Yup! :D

    P.S. Sure hope your day goes much more happily tomorrow! Take care.

  58. Thanks TWW. I normally would have ignored the troll, but this time I felt a need to answer, even though I knew he/she would dispute it. Its because, unlike the lib loons, I like to back up what I say with facts, instead of just repeating the same old accusations and generalities.

    Its amazing how I could sense the sneer on his/her face coming thru the writing.

    I think today will be another busy day for me at work, but I like it when I'm busy. Makes the day go so much faster, even when I have to work late.

    I just love those 'ad-hominen attacks'. Let's keep on keepin' on with them, yes?

  59. TruthWillWin said...
    "Jamie, you were magnificent. I'm afraid, though, that it is time to simply not dignify C24's uninformed drivel with a response any more. You'll only be wasting your time. C24's brain is a sieve. No matter how much truth you pour in, it never does any good."

    Translation: "Jamie...unfortunately, craniac24 is right. Maybe it's better if we just ignore his valid points and just go back to being insulting instead. It's so much easier that way."

  60. Jamie said...
    "Thanks TWW. I normally would have ignored the troll, but this time I felt a need to answer, even though I knew he/she would dispute it. Its because, unlike the lib loons, I like to back up what I say with facts, instead of just repeating the same old accusations and generalities."

    Translation" "Thanks TWW....I'd really rather not address any substantive issues anyway. Besides, isn't it so much more fun to make fun of Michelle Obama's ass?"

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