Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Not East Wearing Green

My guess is that these shoes will be getting a lot more attention in the coming days, since Michelle was wearing them over in Paris.  Lady M bought them in the United States for $585 in an effort to stimulate the economy.  Except she got them at cost.  Oh, well, at least they're green, so it will remind people of money, which is the point, I suppose.
Now, some people will complain that it's insenstive of her to wear $600 shoes in a time of economic challenge.  But consider this: she wore them in France, where, with the value of the Euro, they are a $750 shoe.  So she's actually wearing a bargain ... in U.S. dollars. 
So if she's going to be criticized for anything, it should be her taste.


  1. Good Lord! It's evidently difficult to find fashionable female footwear when you're a size 19.

  2. What? I could have TOTALLY seen Jackie Kennedy sportin' those little green beauties *gag*

  3. That dude has some big feet.

  4. AS a tall lady, like Michelle, the last thing we want is to make our ALREADY big feet look bigger..So I don't get the green 'pumps'.

    It is not like BG's big ears...which are an indicator of his big.......


  5. Those are the ugliest dadgum things I've ever seen. I don't care if she paid only a dollar for them. She still would have paid too much!!

  6. TOTUS:
    Maybe if she clicks the heels together she will go back where she came from. Hell.

  7. Seems the bowling schtick will never go away...

    Those are some seriously hideous shoes. I hope this is a joke.

  8. Didn't the wicked witch wear green shoes?

    She paid how much for those things?

  9. Did Ronald McDonald wear those before donning the red and yellow versions?

  10. Oh man, all these comments are priceless. Each one funnier than the next. Honestly - I have tears in my eyes.

    What's with the tennis shoes? She wears them all the time. Just how many pair of these $400+ tennis shoes does she have? This is the second pair to make the news - both pair hideously ugly! Could she be attempting to take attention away from her face? If so, then - IT'S NOT WORKING. And, what is it about "the rich". They all seem to think that items are attractive just because of their big price tags.

    BTW - This morning I heard an Obama drone repeat the old "95% of Americans got a tax cut". I did not get a tax cut and I find it really hard to believe that I'm in the top five percent of wage earners. I can barely make ends meet.

  11. Jamie,
    Just wait til they approve the National Sales Tax.....ooops, and there goes your tax cut...magically changed into a tax increase. the Big Guy is soooo friggin arrogant!!!!

  12. Yep, after the VAT tax (national sales tax), the Cap and Trade tax (and subsequent raise in energy costs), the Internet Tax, and the Income tax hike on "the rich" all go into effect and Bush's REAL tax cuts are allowed to expire next year, those folks who voted for "change" will finally realize just what they did.

  13. Wondered how long before dress shoes would be replaced by sneakers. And sweat pants instead of a dress. I'm wondering if she had something like 'Pink' written across her butt as well??

    Can take the girl out of the ghetto, but can't take the ghetto out of the girl...

  14. I think it said "BootyLicious" or something to that effect. There's plenty of room there to put some pretty long words.

  15. it said "Phat" with the ally cat logo

  16. ....until the Department of Transportation came along and threatened to fine her if she went out on the sidewalk again without a "WIDE LOAD" sign on her rear bumper. Bwa, ha, haaaaaaaaaa!


    From the chrome green metallic paint job, I'd guess that those are steel toed tennis shoes --

    Big Mo: "GET OUTTA MAH WAY!"
    Gibbsy: (chortle) "But,... hee, hee... this is MY car."
    B.M.: (BOOT!) "Not any more, suckah."
    Gibbsy: (flying through the air) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    B.M.: (muttering as she turns the key in the ignition and steps on the gas, popping the clutch with a rude jolt) "Teach that white boy who's the boss around here. Rotten little cracker. Dang! Gotta move this seat back.... and change the radio station. I can't STAND The Beachboys. Lousy honkee oppressor music.
    ..............[BEEEEEEP! - blasts her horn at poor little Bo doggy crossing the lawn (where B.M. is taking a shortcut to the mall)... "Outta the way, you little spic dog..." ***********************

    And she's off, in her steel toed shoes, in a stolen car, heading for the mall sportin' a MAJOR 'tude.

  17. heh, if we could find a cartoonist, I think we have the makings of a comic strip -- The WH 0's (that's 'zeroes')

    put it right next to Doonesbury (you know the Canadian dupe who hated Bush...); instead of a helmet with no body, there'd just be an empty suit. and Big Mo's butt would always span the borders, and extend beyond.

  18. I'm sure that with the ugly green 'air jordans' (were the laces untied? I couldn't tell) and her gray sweatsuit with 'bootylicious' tattoed across her butt (thanks TWW, that was a riot), she also wowed the the Frenchies while walking around eating a bag of pork rinds and sipping on a Colt 45...

  19. sorry, it was Jamie with the 'bootylicious' comment. TWW gives the absolutely best 'missing dialogues' I've read in a long time!

  20. Thanks Jiji.


    GREAT idea, Melena. It would be wonderful to have an alternative to that sickening "Doonesbury." The only part about that strip I ever liked was the anti-smoking "Mr. Butts" gags.

    I was just thinking something similar last evening after reading [I was going to name some people, but will refrain to not leave anyone out] so many super funny and or witty comments. The comments could make a great script for a cartoon along the lines of "The Simpsons" or "South Park (we already have a "Token" in that one woman in the politburo, Valerie ?? -- Ha)." But without the crudely vulgar stuff.

  21. it might even increase the rags' circulation... hmmm, do we really want to do that for liberal press?

  22. NO, we don't. It should be on the internet anyway. Print media is so over.

    BTW. I got the "bootylicious" idea from an old "Hell Date" that I happened to see one day. (My son was watching it and I wanted to see what it was about. Funny show, but weird.)

  23. Oh, sure, Jamie (wink - wink - nod - nod). LOL. You pulled those pink sweatpants with "Bootylicious" on the back out of the drawer to wear to work that morning... .


  24. Ha, ha, haaaaaa!

    My verification word this time was "How Barbara Walters pronounces 'et cetera.'"


    Yul Brynner (sp?) would have a fit.

  25. You guessed it! My secret is out.

    No, actually, mine say "Trouble" and they are black. Is true. What can I say.

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