Friday, June 5, 2009

Well, That Didn't Take Long

Lady M called Big Guy last night and told him that she'd fired Jackie Norris as her chief of staff, and was replacing her with her friend from Chicago, Susan Sher.

Michelle was apparently mad that she was only doing elementary school commencement speaker opportunities. That, and Jackie kept borrowing clothes from Michelle and not returning them. Which is really embarrassing when the designers ask for the dresses back and they are no where to be found.

That won't happen with Susan, because she's a size four.


  1. I demand to know, since the president must be born in the U.S., where were you "born," TOTUS? Were you made in America? Shouldn't we have the right to see your bill of sale to the government? If you were made overseas, should you be replaced by a true American teleprompter? Please put my skepticism to rest.

    From a loyal American.

  2. Why would most women wear what Lady M wears? Usually it's only ripped guys that want to show off their mighty biceps. :-/

  3. North Texas Conservatives demands to know exactly what is the origin of TOTUS! Was it made in China and bought at WalMart. Perhaps it was purchased on a no-bid contract and came from a shadow corp owned by Blogo? Come on TOTUS. Come clean!


  4. Por favor, don't tell me Dear TOTUS, that you were hecho in Mexico!

  5. Does this mean we'll see her on more magazine covers?

  6. just find a Cracker Mag and place it firmly in front of her smirking, smarmy face.

    what she needs is someone with fashion sense and a good hairdresser -- maybe instead of using the $600 that 'wouldn't buy a decent pair of earrings' use the money to buy a decent wig.

    and since she has no bosom or waist, anything sleeveless or strapless is verboten!

  7. Aslam alaykum 'prompter TOTUS,
    Greetings and salutations from one of the largest imaginary Moosulm countries in the known and unknown galaxy. I was wondering about MO's momma. she moved in the The House to take care of the girls, right? Is it true that the Big O's are having to hire a babysitter for the babysitter? Word on the street is Granny R. is hitting the town every night, living in style. Hanging out with her peeps. What say you o great one?

  8. TOTUS:
    But did that black widow spider dress come up missing?? Because it would be a crime to subject anyone else to that dress. Perhaps someone had the good sense to burn it.

  9. along with that horrendous black POC with the HUGE white bow spanning her massive shoulders (I think she wore it in China or some other foreign country on the First Apology Tour).

    Bozo the Clown would have tossed that rag as being tooooooo tacky!

  10. TOTUS,
    I heard from the state run media that the 1st family is on their way to Europe. I'm curious about the gifts exchanged on Big O's summer '09 apology tour. I have found nothing from the state run media concerning Barry's gift giving. Please do tell what goodies we're giving these guys and girls. Maybe a shamwow for the chick in Germany. Some French fries from Macie Dees for the French guy. some flip flops for the Moosulms or sun visors maybe? Maybe MO will just give everyone a case of deodorant and cartoon of cigarettes. Inquiring minds want to know.

  11. LOL, a size 4 !!!Were you aware big guy made a speech without you today? Is he backstabing?

  12. Sharon, Big Guy only hurts himself when he goes without TOTUS.

  13. Totus, why weren't you at Buchenwald? Have you been dumped for that touchy-feely paper?

    You know, he didn't do that bad without you... or were you lurking just out of view?

    But would you have really said, "...history is unknowable but it arches towards progress..." or is it the future that is unknowable?

  14. This was actually somewhat of an 'arms' race that kept things ripping in that West Wing.
    Seams were torn.
    MO is less threatened now,than by those preceeding triceps which made hers look small.
    They were afflicted w that mid-life hang dog look so like my avatar,or some older figures,but still huge,comparatively.
    BTW,in response to those above doubting
    that Teleprompter ancestry,and probably BO's pedigree too,I would say 'UIL long form or not,we know all of our TP's 'parts' are made in America.
    Possibly on a beach.
    That completion of assembly papers say Manchuria or Kenya or wherever is irrelevant.
    We know TP is ALL-American.
    It said so on his carton.
    In fact,confidentially, we are expecting honorable mention as All American on next year's NCAA hoopsters list.
    Nobody can block a shot like our TP ,w his high standard forged of the finest steel,like that in those Marine dress swords.
    Even those foreigners thought he was there to block shots at those speeches.
    And BTW TP ,when you scrolled that arabic greeting "Ashalamaleka"...I so wanted you to scroll shamalmadingdong my brothers instead,
    in faux farsi.Bet he never would have noticed the difference.
    First Austrian,then Farsi one wonders where it will stop.Don't suppose TP,you have any other languages up your sleeve.If at a party you are forced into ebonically correct hip hoppery,
    which evolves into a 'recording' session,run.
    Or do us all a favor and blow a fuse.
    You would not want to see the results any more than we would.

  15. Preptile:
    When my Dad was stationed in Italy back in the 70's, he used to try to learn Italian. For instance, his favorite morning greeting was, "Bugsinyournose!"

    They never realized the difference.

  16. ...that would be as opposed to, "Bonjourno."

  17. TOTUS, WHO will be appointed "teleprompter czar"? We have czars coming out of our ears. Where else would mrs. o get a new chief of staff but from chicago. White House putting another person out of work. Things are moving right along. Watch your back TOTUS. You can't trust these people!!!

  18. The way things are going TOTUS, I think we’re going to need a petroleum jelly czar to dispense a little lube whilst we're being forced into nonconformist copulation.

  19. Nice come back, Preptile: "...That completion of assembly papers say Manchuria or Kenya or wherever is irrelevant.
    We know TP is ALL-American.
    It said so on his carton...."

    LOL. &:)

    And a certification of live birth is NOT A BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

  20. To borrow a line from Preptile....

    B.O.: Shamalmadingdong, my brothers!

    Mooslums: Hooooooohp!

    B.O.: Abracadabra -- boo! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, .... "my Muslim faith"-filled...uh.... suit... beats only for you, Obongo.

    Moos: Hoooooooooooooooohp!

    B.O.: (sings - sort of) Bingo bango bongo I was born not far from Congo and a doodle-ee doooo!

    Moos: Hoooooooooooooooooohp!

    B.O.: Oh, my darlin', oh, my darlin', oh my daaaaaaaaarlin' alcohaaaaaahl!

    Moos: Huh?

    B.O.: (chuckles nervously) Uh... "gallows humor? ..... Just a little punch drunk? [GRIN].......?........

    Moos: Change!

    B.O.: No problem (bow to Saud). [GRIN] (sings -- sort of) Viva Las Vegas!

    [off stage, Hugo Chavez in drag, a.k.a., "Sonny," mutters, "Poor ignoramus."]

    [Biden, watching in a bar and grill that no longer exists, mutters into his Shirley Temple "What will he do now?" (head shake)]

  21. Size 4? MO has a MiniMO?

  22. Never mind Big MO's triceps, nobody mentions the bucket size.

    with that wide load, she must squat quite a few wheels

  23. Brian, I think that, from the "wide load," that Big Mo (saw her called "Sasquatch" by commenter on Patterico's blog today :oD) doesn't do squat.

  24. The word verification generator appears to agree. My first (always takes 2!) word was "plardkat." As in: presidential lard cat.

    Bwaa, ha, haaaaaaaaa.

    And that is NOT a racial slur. Just a fitting comment on someone so puffed up with pride she has the audacity to wear too-revealing clothing, someone who could sit for TWENTY years in the pews of a "church" where the "pastor" regularly cursed whites, Jews, and called on God to damn America. What a shmuck.

  25. MO is tall, so she often hunches over in a hulkish way, perhaps to appear shorter than the men around her, including BO. She should stand tall!

    It's nice that MO is in shape and not flabby, but I'm less concerned about her appearance than I am about her enduring anger; about her agreeing with the anti-American hatred of her pastor, Rev. Wright; and about how she adores money and status. She and BO are SO de rigueur: like most socialist leaders, she and BO want to receive huge financial perks and live in luxury, while asking "the people" to rein in their own spending and share with other.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. TOTUS: On June 6, 1944.
    Nine Thousand, Seven Hundred and Fifty Eight Americans died on the beaches of Normandy, France in selfless efforts to help liberate millions of oppressed and executed Jews, French and German sixty five years ago today. I know that these men, humble and just, like their cause for freedom, and like their counterparts who lived through that grey morning, never did seek attention or gains for their efforts. One can only attempt to convey their life in the same manner of that these brave men did on this day, June 6, 1944. As an American, I am very thankful and humbled for my individual freedoms as an American, Every Single Day, and I thank these men for these great freedom I have because of their cause. Does anyone think that the thousands of brave men from the United States and England armed forces on this day sixty five years ago, cared or had empathy for any country, group of people or person that would have told them to shut up and forgo your cause? I seriously doubt it. These men knew that their cause was greater than self. These brave men knew that it was their cause was to liberate tyranny and bring freedom to this dark, under the “Eye” of God, on June 6, 1944, every mans cause was to just.

    God Bless every one of the 9,758 men who died on this day sixty five years ago today, wearing the uniform of the United States of America. Your cause is selfless, just and eternal in the “eye” of God. Today the American population lives in freedom because of your fight not to give up on this day sixty five years ago. the oppressed, executed and WE, the American people thank every single man who fought for freedom on this day, sixty five years ago.

    God Bless these Brave men, and may God grant them all eternal life for their just and selfless cause to liberate the oppressed and tongue tied.

    Thank you.

  28. Too many of our children are not being taught the real history about America's part in saving the world from tyranny. And it makes it that much worse that O-Blame-O, the apologist, glosses over all of this and chooses to instead, act as if we are the bad guys. I'll bet it really irked him that he had to participate in the ceremony today. Of course, he had already made an appearance with Sarkosy, where he reiterated his push for using "tough dipolomacy" with NK and Iran and his push for a two-state solution in Israel. (also, a little tidbit, the article I read made sure to mention the wives — "dueling style icons" — and what they were wearing, and of course, the couples' fondness for each other.

    BTW, TOTUS, you have GOT to add "MiniMO" to your cast of characters list. (tennismom2 - that was hilarious!

  29. MDED-yes, as our multilingual Predident would say in Paree, Merci mille fois!

    PS bettyann- did you see the mooooostach this am while Dear TOTUS scrolled the speech at Normandy for BG? And how 'bout them lashes on MO!

  30. Hey TOTUS maybe you know the answer to this question?

    This is interesting Highly recommend this read because it isn’t being discussed anywhere I have been reading about the Cairo Speech. When Did Obama become Spokesman in Chief for Islam, where is that in the Job description of the United States of America President?

  31. Me!Me!Me!cHell vs. the French MOdel???? ROTFLMAO!!!

    Big Mo, with an a$$ the size (and shape) of Nebraska, no boobs, a smile/glare that would shatter Pyrex, and a voice like a buzz saw (ever hear a buzz saw in action?), and the fashion sense of a homeless hag on crack... thinks to even appear FEMININE next to the French Model???????

    ROTFLMAO x 10!!!

  32. MelenaX - but, you forget, Me!Me!Me!cHell has those fabulously toned ARMS!!!!!! And, she's just like Jackie-O!!!!!!

    Can't wait until BO goes full Moos-lum and insists that she start wearing a burka.

  33. Thanks MDED!

    Yes, God bless those who fought on D-day and for those who fight and sacrifice today...we can't grasp what they have, do, and will go through, but we know it matters to the lives we live more than our mere words can say.

    I just wish the media would focus on the actual Marines, soldiers, sailors and air men who served rather than on the leaders of today with their long, polictically biased and pious speeches which boil down to just another photo op for them. [yawn]

    Wouldn't it be something if they'd show more close ups of the heroes who've actually served and sacrificed and made America strong and great, and less of Big O and MO the pop celebrity couple?

    TOTUS, I wish you would have boycotted today. You should have told Big O that if he didn't have it inside to speak from his heart, esp on a day like today, he should have just taken a seat.

  34. I think that the above is chinese for ah, er, um, ramalamadingdong.

  35. Imageremix:
    "I just wish the media would focus on the actual Marines, soldiers, sailors and air men who served rather than on the leaders of today"

    Exceptional Americans, all. My little red headed niece just left today for marine boot camp. The difference between these men and women is that our superior military is manned by volunteers. I know so many who joined after 911. They heard a call and answered.

    The pacifists in this country would raise holy hell if the warrior class were so celebrated. They paint them as victims already, imagine if the media gave them honor due, 24/7.

    The other day a "friend" wanted to argue with me about soldiers. He said he doesn't think those who join know what they are getting into. And that once in, he thinks they regret it, realize they made a mistake, and are against the military. Course, he's usually a horse's ass anyway.

    I dared him to go say that to the 82nd airborne.

    Here's a present for everyone. If you haven't seen these photos already, is a treat.

  36. Bettyann, All the best to your niece. She has quite a crazy few months ahead of her. I hope you get to go and see her EGA ceremony. It is an incredible experience!

    I'm with you on cheering the exceptionalism of our military who volunteer at such a time in our nation's history. My son is a Marine who served in Iraq last year and is preparing to head to Afghanistan in a few months. Our military today face a challenge that is uniquely their own.

    Just to clarify...when I said I wished the media would focus on those who served rather than "the leaders of today", the leaders to whom I was referring were BO, Brown, Sarkosy, etc. not our service men and women who we know are really the ones leading... by brave and sacrificial example.

    Imagine if the media gave our service members the honor and air time they give BO... or even a portion of the attention they give MO's arms, gardening and tennis shoes. The priority of most of the media is a national shame.

  37. Imageremix:
    A thousand dittos.

    God bless and keep your son safe. You must be very proud father indeed!

  38. Wow, Iran was so terrified by the latest strong condemnation of their nuclear arms----I mean, nuclear power production that they shot off a new anti-missile rocket of their own today----no doubt in an effort to dissuade Israel from attacking the Iranian "power" plants.

    It's just another horrible reminder of how humanity hasn't fundamentally changed in the 65 years since D-Day.

    God bless every military woman and man who have served, or serve presently, to protect and defend liberty throughout the world.

  39. TWW's prayer list now includes: Melena's youngest son; Betty Ann's nephew, niece, and stepdaughter; Imageremix's son; and a certain mildly disturbed blogger who shall remain nameless. Any others?


    Memorial Day Every Day, YOU should have been the one (not "that one") who gave the speech today. And I bet you wouldn't need a teleprompter, would you?


    Day is done,
    gone the sun,
    from the lake,
    from the hills,
    from the sky.

    Safely rest,
    all is well!

    God is nigh.

  40. Hey TOTUS your a Hit be sure to duck ;)

    This is how I always watch TV with my face covered, you know we keep extra ski mask around just for those occasions :)


  41. No More Apologies.

  42. Wow!
    -Keyboard, thanks for the link above showing some powerful fotos.

  43. Why would Big Guy and MO refuse dinner with the Sarkozys at the palace? Perhaps MO is sick and tired of being photographed alongside Carla Bruni. After all, Carla Bruni looks like Carla Bruni while MO looks like a Brazilian transvestite with bad hair, a bad wardrobe, no breasts, a large caboose and an attitude.

  44. Totus,
    that Lady M is a real two bagger not like carla b. And what's with the food taster totus, you get to talke advantage of that too? Man, you guys really are living the dream!

  45. Thomas:
    He said he didn't have time, that's what he said. But shouldn't he have made time? He should have made time. I wonder how the French felt, when God didn't have time for them.

    Thanks to Trochilus for the link above, I've passed it to many.

  46. bettyann,

    It is possible he didn't have time because he was busy lloking for his birth certificate.

  47. Why yes, Thomas----he's joined O.J. in his hunt for Nicole's murderer.

  48. Thomas:
    He got a pass on the birth certificate. The truth is in George Soros's underground safe, and there it shall remain till the end of time.

  49. But he attended a school in Indoesia (and they don't allow dual citizenship); he enrolled under the name of Sortoro (or whatever...), his step-father who adopted him, as a Muslim student.

    He had to get rid of his British/Kenyan citizenship status to be an Indonesian.

    He visited several coutntries who don't allow American citizens to visit.

    So he doesn't have American citizenship, period.

    even if he got natrualized, it wouldn't count.

    He's a Fraud

    Impeach him.

  50. my authorization code for the above post was 'color'


  51. Totus,
    Without you the big guy would be toast and Lady M would have to start using those biceps to push herself away from the dinner table although those martinis she's inhaling are certainly part of the reason her booty is going to need a zipcode of it's very own in the near future! What's with that hateful look she's giving FLOF Carla? Is it because she realizes that Carla is what a supermodel Size 4 fashion icon is SUPPOSED to look like? High fashion in size 16 for Lady M is getting hard to come by so maybe Lady M should consider Lane Bryant as her new designer!

  52. Roughly translated, the Chinese guy said "go out and drink a lot, because it is too scary being sober with the Messiah in charge."

    Either that or "What do you mean, Tiny Timmy, that the US dollar is sound? Just how do you expect to pay back your bonds? In Obama Commemorative Plates!?"

    Better learn to read it folks. Pretty soon Obamao is going to give them the rest of whatever they don't already own of our country!

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