Thursday, June 25, 2009

Are We Going to Vanity Fair?

Vanity Fair is doing a photo feature on Big Guy and his family. Good thingl, too, because I was beginning to worry that the American people were going to forget about us, what with the media focusing on other things today.

Annie Liebowitz is doing the photo shoot for the magazine. In typical VF fashion, she had a lot of innovative ideas for the pictures. But Big Guy didn't think it would be appropriate to have his shots taken with his shirt off in the Oval.

So we did the shoot up on the portico outside the family residence on the second floor.


  1. Oh, face it: BO just wanted the shots taken of him from ON HIGH.

  2. Just don't let Obama pull a Miley Cyrus.

  3. Hey, TOTUS, will you just be sure that she doesn't ask the First Wookie to take a picture with HER top off?

    I'd like to keep my dinner down, thank you...

  4. Please say they won't be dancing.

  5. *laughing* You're so right Totus. You know us Americans have short attention spans.

  6. make sure you tell big guy when to say cheese totus!!!

  7. It's nice to hear that the press is FINALLY starting to warm up to the Obamas. His bold action and leadership on so many issues are really starting to give even his staunchest critics pause. Why, once they open up and find out what a great guy he really is - I'm guessing Vanity Fair will be just the tip of the iceberg. And oh, I can't wait to see what Michelle is wearing - in all fairness, I really think she's giving Laura Bush a run for her money as a fashion icon!

  8. Wow, Vanity Fair. There's a great political magazine. I'll bet there'll be some really astute inquiries made by this columnist. Let's see, which HAVEN'T they been on... The Enquirer, Popular Mechanics, Consumer Reports, JAMA (yet), Hustler, Sears catalog...

  9. Back when I was small, my mother wore her hair like Jackie Kennedy. In fact, I thought she was Jackie Kennedy. Hatmakers across the nation screamed because the bubble hairdo destroyed their business. I wonder what fashion trends will erupt from yet another in a series of exposes of the First Family.

  10. Enough talk about the fashion maven.

    Have you ever heard of the "Cloward-Piven Strategy". If not, then go to the link below and read this post about it from American Thinker. Its kinda long, but worth reading. If you have never heard of Cloward-Piven, then this should be some interesting reading .....

  11. TOTUS, Pat is so old school. In this color-blind age, when the camera(person) says smile, we say, "Chocolate".

  12. Big Mo always looks like she just said: "Plump" when she gets her photo taken.


    The people who ended up in Vanity Fair (Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan) never made it to Paradise. Perfect place for the Con Man in Chief to appear.


    Ha, Madj, yeah, lots of great periodicals to be in. B.O. was on the cover of "Mad Magazine" last fall. Looked remarkably like Alfred E. Newman, but it was D'oh! all right.

    Heh, heh, betcha Dope will never consent to appear on the cover of National Geographic for an article about his birthplace, Kenya.

  13. Jamie, thanks for the link. I just read the article. What a wealth of information with all those supporting sources/documentation.

    The battle by Marxists to establish a "dictatorship of the elite" [Friedrich Hayek] is unceasing.

    "The whole aim of practical politics is
    to keep the populace alarmed,
    and hence clamorous
    to be led to safety,
    by menacing it with a series
    of hobgoblins [or, pelting us with a bunch of ACORNS!],
    all of them imaginary." H. L. Mencken

    As Lenin smirked, if it weren't for the "useful idiots," these sinister Socialist schemes would have no chance of succeeding.

    Let us pray to God to defeat these at best, deluded, at worst, evil, tools.

  14. Just what I want to see...that bony torso. He really will have an empty suit ironic...

  15. TruthWillWin...that's an excellent quote there. Limbaugh has been saying that sort of thing - the Left keeps everyone in a panic so they look to government to save us all. It's interesting seeing that the strategy is confirmed. O_O

  16. Damn it TOTUS. I was just thinking what a relief it was not to see their faces on the news today.

  17. I'm sure that by the end of today, it will be confirmed that our Dear Leader was behind the success of Michael Jackson.

    And that the ManMonster First Wookie was the inspiration for the music video 'Thriller'...

    I'd run screaming into the night, that's for sure...

  18. Simon and Garfunkel would have liked your headline TP.I did, as it reminded me of a favorite writer of mine.
    Please take no candid shots of ANY of you smoking.I know it looks hip,but TP it would only make you look 'burned out' and if you weren't steel TP, I would already be looking for a few wrinkles.Mainly because your references have a little rustiness to them.
    Bet you have been 'plugged in' longer than you would like to admit.

    The REAL question for today TP,is not
    what fair (whether vain or Scarborough),
    where when or how.
    It is whether your threesome will appear at the Royal funeral,and speak.
    We are talking the hottest ticket here since Elvis punched his,and Only a mutually fatal head-on between Oprah and O himself would draw more viewers.It could drag on for days. Hopefully ABC will again negotiate your speech favorably for exclusive front row access and product placement rights and then get those two billion viewers.
    That should even the ledger.
    Getting all that Oconomic purchasing power,(to the people),could boost sagging ratings for all involved.It is a win/win situation.
    This could be the most beneficial loaves and fishes moment since the discorporation of Michael Valentine Smith.
    Similar finish too.
    One could almost hear Hannibal's eucharistic
    aside about corpus delecti.
    There will certainly be a media feast over this body TP.Seeing you 'standing' at attention near that casket could make the
    cover of LIFE.You are certainly more animated than most magazine covers these days.

  19. Biden's Bunker...I call that spam. That's just me.

  20. That was a very informative (and rather frightening) link ( -- Thank you for sharing, Jamie.

    Notice that the article points out that those working to weaken capitalism (and freedom) must work inside the country's rules -- in this case, in so far as possible, inside the constitution (frequently misshaping it and stretching it beyond its original intent.)

    That's the foundation, I think, we should propound repeatedly -- freedom and capitalism. Is capitalism perfect?? Of course not, but it is very, very superior to socialism. The wealth this country has attained, and consequently been able to share with the rest of the world, is through capitalism, and the freedom to live, grow, worship and prosper as we wish.

    Have you all heard about the "khilafah Conference USA 2009" scheduled for this July 19 near Chicago? The subtitle on the Youtube video is "The Fall of Capitalism and Rise of Islam."

    Do you really think our Muslim-(overly) friendly president minds the fall of capitalism? No more than he apparently minded the killing of the American soldiers in Arkansas by a Muslim TERRORIST. (I don't recall him expressing an opinion, much less outrage, about that at all -- if he did, I didn't hear it.)

    So, IMHO, fighting the liberal's philosophies on solely Constitutional arguments will not be nearly so effective as setting out the principles of capitalism and freedom that IS American exceptionalism.

  21. Mr Preptile said it...we been thinking it...hope you do NOT have to perform at the royal funeral, TOTUS, dear.

    Wonder if what's his name will sit at the piano at the sacred event and sing Candle in the Wind for a child molester.

  22. And these Einsteins at the weekly magazines lament the drop in readership and ad pages. What part of 'cause-and-effect' don't these rodeo clowns get?

    Those who can, do. Those who can't, get into 'media.'

  23. I immagine Big Guy is rather peeved that Michael Jackson is bogarting all of the press coverage this past 24 hours. Is he going to take you and show up at the funeral to read a heartfelt eulogy from you and proclaim his righteous place at the center of the Media Universe?

    Just wondering...

  24. Michael Jackson was more qualified to be president. He was born in the US.

    Do they have BBQ's in Kenya?

  25. Nah, he is probably relieved that everyone's attention is on the coverage of the King of Pop's death. So, no one is paying attention to what is going on the the House. They are voting on the 1.700 page Cap and Trade TAX (300 pages of which was added at 3:00 a.m. this morning.

    Wonder how many of them tried to read any part of it, even in the little time that they had it in their possession? It will most likely be passed because I'm sure that buried in those 1.700 pages are all kinds of goodies (i.e. "PORK") that was used to buy the "yes" vote from lots and lots of Congressmen, at the expense of their constituents. (I say vote em out next year!)


    And if the Senate follows in the footsteps of the House and passes their own version, Obama will sign it into law and we can say "hello" to higher prices on everything, especially on energy sources. Even Obama admits this. Back in January of 2008 Obama said “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

  26. Really good blog post with a quote from BO condemning the brutal attacks on those protesting the rigging of the Iran election:

    "A government that treats its own citizens with that kind of ruthlessness and violence and that cannot deal with peaceful protestors who are trying to have their voices heard in an equally peaceful way have moved outside of the universal norms... that are important to uphold."

    How is this so different than what we are seeing right here in America? It is chilling that BO seems so removed from the words that he speaks, and what he actually does.

    Second artice, 'Obama's Ponzi Energy Scheme'
    (Let 'em eat poi)

  27. We just spent a day up in the mountains. I swear, every time we passed by a store or other business that had a TV turned on, guess who was on it? BO! It's amazing, sickening, and gettin' OLD!

    Surely even the libs are getting tired of his constant campaigning, preening, and selling his socialist programs----right?!


    Well, let's all count how many magazine covers with June labels are out there with an Obama photo on front. What are there: 2? 5? 7?

    List the names, so people can be sure to avoid buying them next month.

  28. A day in the mountains sounds nice.

    I still turn the mags over when I see them in the rack. But the last three trips to the grocery store, the only one I saw was a GLOBE with a giant pic of MO glaring and the headline "Michelle Obama has a hit list". I didn't turn that one over. LOL

  29. Right, Free USA. And, just recently, Dope's Homeland Security Admin. characterized peaceful protesters in the U.S. as "terrorists." Hmmm..... I think the ogres who run Iran just said that about Neda and all who wanted a fair election there.

    Yeah, a psychopath has no conscience. Someone who can argue that throwing a newborn infant into the dirty linen to die is better than "burdening the abortion decision" can say anything.


    Chris! Bwah, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Loved it. And so true.........

    Merkel: Mr. Obama, it might be wise to stop printing so much money.

    B. Hussein: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuh..... hey, baby.... [GRIN], heh, heh,...... I'll...uh.... keep that in mind (chuckle -- wink).

    Merkel: You are rapidly turning the U.S.A. into Brazil. Germany will not, I hope you can understand me, Obama, I am speaking in English you know. Germany will NOT go down with you.

    B.H.: [GRIN] Sounds good, Merrkuhl. [wink] My man, Lula, down there, uuuuuuuuuh.... he..... uh...... knows who caused all these economic problems [pointed stare into Chancellor Merkel's blue eyes].

    Ooooh,... and uh,... by the way, Merrkuhl, I do uuuuuuuh....... speak a little... uh... German, you know. Not as well as...... uuuh..... you do, of ....uh.....course [GRIN].

    Merkel: Sprechen Sie Deutshe? Vor ihm mussen Sie sich in Acht nehmen. Verstehen?*

    B.H.O.: Heh, heh,... I'm not falling for that old trick, Merrkuhl. You just said .... uuuuhh.... something to me in ... uh.... Austrian. You know [wags finger] I don't ... uh.... speak Austrian.

    Merkel: I am not joking [look of exasperation]. We will financially disengage our ship and sail away from your sinking ship.

    B.H.O.: Save me a seat, honey.

    Merkel: [Icy stare]. Narr.

    B.H.O.: [to audience] I think she likes me. [GRIN]

    *Do you speak German? You must be on your guard against him. Understand?


    Jerry :D, you and Preptile should get together. Great minds think alike. ;)

  30. Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, Preptile. Another great essay.

  31. The man is a disgrace, whether in his shirt sleeves or not IMO.

  32. The Heritage Foundation has an analysis of the Waxman-Markey bill. It found that "unemployment will increase by nearly 2 million in 2012, the first year of the program, and reach nearly 2.5 million in 2035, the last year of the analysis."

    I found this information on the Heritage website. This link ( ) is to the report which contains a table which lays out six specific data points and how it affects each district in each state. Everyone needs to take a look at this table to see how it will affect their state. (If you click on the button to "Print this page" it will bring up the entire report and table in a PDF format which is easy to read. When looking at the table keep in mind that the figures shown are in MILLIONS of dollars. (At first glance it looks like hundreds, not millions).

    A lot of folks were thrown under the bus by their Congressmen in return for PORK. And what really gets my attention is that they have set this to go into effect in 2012 - AFTER the 2010 elections, to ensure that those who voted for this bill will be re-elected.

    Nine (9) "Republicans" voted FOR it. A few Democrats voted against it. Of course, a vote of "no" by a Democrat doesn't necessarily mean he was against it, as Pelosi determined how many votes were needed and determined that they had more than enough votes. So, she allowed some in her party to vote against it if they were in danger of voter backlash. The vote ended up with one more than actually needed.

    If your Congressman voted FOR this bill you need to let him/her know that you will work towards his defeat next year.

    The reason I really wish folks will pay attention to this issue is that it is not a "done deal" YET. It still has to get thru the Senate, so we can still work towards stopping this travesty. Otherwise, we will have "California style" regulations ruining the economy of the nation the same way they have ruined the economy of California!

  33. Sorry - there were EIGHT Republicans who voted for Waxman-Markley cap-and-trade. Here is a list of their names and phone numbers (they only accept emails from constituents):

    Bono Mack (CA) 202-225-5330
    Castle (DE) 202-225-4165
    Kirk (IL) 202-225-4835
    Lance (NJ) 202-225-5361
    Lobiondo (NJ) 202-225-6572
    McHugh (NY) 202-225-4611
    Reichart (WA) 202-225-7761
    Chris Smith (NJ) 202-225-3765

    Remember, the bill’s restrictions are not set to kick in until 2012, so these folks think that they are home safe because the public won't remember how they voted when the cost of everything starts to go up ... and up... and up. Let them know that you not only will remember this in 2012, that you will work to boot them out of office in 2010!

  34. The other day, i saw where a huge percentage of the "stimulus" money had yet to be spent. Now I see why- it simply went into a "buy votes" account for the administration to wave at congressmen.

  35. why do people feign surprise at this 'buy votes' philosophy behind the stimulus money? We have a President whose sole purpose for being was as a 'community aggitator' that 'bought votes.'

  36. It seems that once again, we have not been allowed to see all the facts, as important reports on the issue have been suppressed: hide-and-seek-suppressed-report-revealed/

    Mr 0 and Co hard at work; against, not for, us.

    You can lead a lib to knowledge but you can't make him think.

  37. BTW, under AZ Health Care Freedom Act, which was passed by the state legislature this week, a voting initiative will be placed on the 2010 ballot that, if passed, will allow the state to opt out of any federal health care plan. Five other states, Indiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota and Wyoming are considering similar initiatives for their 2010 ballots.

    "Our health care freedoms are very much at risk by health care reforms proposed in Washington DC," said AZ state Rep Nancy Barto, the Republican legislator who sponsored the measure.
    "We needed to act as a state to protect our citizens and be sure that they will always be able to buy their own health care and not be forced into a plan they don't want."

  38. I hope more states do the same, and opt out. This will probably scare the Dems. They will immediately throw more money Acorn's way so that they can start work NOW on the State level. Wonder how much money is already being funneled to them in the Cap&Trade and Health Care bills in both houses?

    They will need to get to work soon, because next year they will be very busy running the Census. The Census is very important because they want to be able to gerrymander the districts so as to influence the elections in 2012.
    From this article: Gerrymandering - How States Create Congressional Districts Based on Census Data -
    (link: )
    ==== The process of reapportionment (to divide the 435 seats in the House of Representatives into the fifty states) takes place soon after every decennial census (the next will be 2010). Since the primary purpose of the census is to count the number of residents of the United States for purposes of representation, the Census Bureau's highest priority is to provide data for redistricting. Basic data must be provided to the states within one year of the Census - April 1, 2011. ====

    (More representatives in heavily Democrat states and/or more heavily Democrat districts in the Red states equals more Democrats elected. More Democrats elected equals MORE POWER.

  39. Oops, I forgot. Barry O has already allocated one billion dollars in the porkulous package for the already automatically funded census taking. One billion should be enought, right?

    More interesting reading about the Kennedy Health Care bill:

    At least twenty-nine (29) brand-new commissions, councils, and other bureaucracies are written into the Kennedy bill. Future jobs for ex-legislators and their spouses, children, neices, nephews, companies, friends and their most cherished campaign donors? Oh, yeah, it will be efficient.

  40. another toops. that's nieces NOT neices. Just saw that. Be away from the pc for a few mins - cooking and eating my dinner, reading a good book, walking the dogs....

    Truth be told. I got distracted and forgot to come back in here. lol Obviously, I have AOADD - Adult Onset Attention Deficit Disorder, or senility. Not sure which. (NOW, do you know why I'm so worried about BO's health care plans???? I'm one of the doomed old folks tht won't be worth treating.)

  41. just saw ManMonster's SR. pic in Globe mag at checkout today; my gosh, but she looked angry in that oic, too --- and her HAIR, OMIG!!! She was (and still is) one ugly female.

    she's also planning on runing for Prez in 2016 -- gues being a 'new' mommy ain't all it's cracked up to be , huh? After all, shouldn't she stay home with the kiddies?

    what a skanky hypocrite she is

  42. That's kinda mean MelenaX. :-( I don't think Mrs. Obama looks bad at all...though her fashion sense makes me cringe (which says a lot lol), and her arms are more muscular than my own in spite of my vast power. lol

  43. honey, I haven't even begun to be mean

  44. Well don't. That's the liberals' job. :-S

  45. Awe, gee, are we being chastised again for being mean? Hey Melena... you GO, girl! You make me laugh out loud.

    MO put herself into the spotlight when she had her hubby go against a law that he himself had co-sponsored and fire an Inspector General WITHOUT GIVING A VALID REASON just because the IG was investigating one of her friends (who also happens to be one of BO's campaign contributors).

    And as long as B Hussein Obama and his lackeys (including those in Congress) are working towards the destruction of this country and its economy, we will continue to rail against what they are doing.

    Just remember this - its still a free country ... at least for right now. And we would like to keep it that way.

  46. I don't think it's productive to launch personal attacks, especially when we are so provoked by having it happen to Sarah Palin and her family. I'm all about attacking political opponents, but keep it on something of substance, and halfway decent.

    As Republicans like to say when they are busy kicking their own leaders out, "WE HAVE STANDARDS!!" lol

  47. yes, but my observations on the manmonster are true and based on fact.

    she is ugly, tasteless, believes rules are for others, thinks Palin should stay home with her kids, but she (manmonster) can run for PRez when she has kids at home (and maybe a baby?), rips Palin up an down because she (Manmonster) is jealous of Palen's beauty, charm, intellect, and morals -- all of which Manmonster is deficient, and she is always angry, angry, angry

    I'm just pointing out the facts

  48. Oh, but facts are so, so .... inconvenient! Or irrelevant, take your pick.

    These folks don't like facts. They would rather just go along with the media's fantasy that MO is "just like Jackie Kennedy!". Jackie Kennedy she is NOT.

    Sorry, but, what is that old saying?

    "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear".

  49. Manmonster tires to copy Jackie O's hairstyle, but ends up with helmet hair -- sorta like a harder version of Darth Vader

  50. During the '08 presidential campaign (as opposed to the current, on-going campaign,or as some call it - "the ETERNAL campaign"), there was an article in a magazine with a photo spread that showed where photos of MO dressed in outfits similar to outfits worn by Jackie in photos coupled with the hair styled like Jackie's. Showed the photos side-by-side. I guess that was in case you didn't notice the obvious similarities between the two.

    Jackie-O: Demure, soft-spoken, delicate, petite

    Man-O: Abrasive, loud, muscular, gigantic.

    Sure, I noticed it right off. They could have been twins.

    It was just another part of the the Obama campaign strategy.

  51. Hi, Jamie and all FOTS,

    First, I agree that MO is a large woman, and BO has big ears, but I don't focus on those things (despite how obnoxiously the MSM is, always to keep harping about how gorgeous they both supposedly are: BS!).

    What I focus on instead are how socialist they both are! Plus, the WORSE things about them are that they are complete SNOBS. Michelle actually told the son of a friend of mine: "I don't want to live near Those People [ie. the middle class] anymore."

    And yet they are also total HYPOCRITES, because THEY LIKE BEING RICH!----yet they keep acting as though they care about the poor. Well, they DON'T, which is why Michelle and the kiddies could spend SO much of our hard-earned money hopping a jet to England to sight-see, etc. I find their behavior appalling.

    Anyway, I have GOOD NEWS! Evidently the 8 Republicans who voted for Cap & Trade can CHANGE their votes, if they do so by Wed., July 1st.

    QUICKLY: Call or fax them on TUESDAY, June 30, at the following numbers (which are NOT in D.C., because Congress members are on "working vacations" in their own districts----so the following are their district offices' numbers):

    Eastern Time Zone:
    Mike Castle R (DW) (302) 428-1902
    (Fax = 302-428-1950)

    Mark Steven Kirk R (IL) (847) 940-0202
    (Fax = 847-940-7143)

    Leonard Lance R (NJ) (908) 518-7733
    (Fax = 908-518-7751)

    Frank LoBiondo R (NJ) (609) 625-5008
    (Fax = 609-625-5071)

    Chris Smith R (NJ) (609) 585-7878
    (Fax = 609-585-9155)

    John McHugh R (NY) (315) 782-3150
    (Fax = 315-782-1291)

    Pacific Time Zone:
    Mary Bono Mack R (CA) (760) 320-1076
    (Fax = 760-320-0596)

    Dave Reichert R (WA) (206) 275-3438
    (Fax = 206-275-3437)

    Wouldn't it be COOL if they changed their votes in time!?

  52. the Dims who voted against it would just change their votes to 'yea'

  53. I say things (which are true) about manmonster because of the lies and hypocritic actions.

    If one doesn't speak otherwise, one then implies agreement or consent

    and I neither agree or consent to either the Fraud or manmonster

  54. Well, Melena, Betty Ann, and Jamie et. al., some of us apparently come here to be "productive." I, on the other hand, come here to have fun, to creatively express my frustrations, to inform, and to encourage those of us who can see that Dope and Big Mo are wicked.

    Yup, WICKED.

    Shaun, you are a cool person, but Melena and me and the rest of us who believe that identifying and describing and RIDICULING an ugly (inside and out), misguided, and dangerous megalomaniac like Hopey the Evil Clown (and Lady M) is GOOD FOR AMERICA, are going to continue to do so.

    Ad hominem attacks against twisted, amoral, liars like B. Hussein are good for morale!

    GO USA!



    Wheeeee! I'm just getting started.....

  55. Oops! I forgot just to have fun here. Sorry!

    Commenters here are adults who can monitor their own posts----although sometimes the blogspot's monitor deletes some posts, too.

    TOTUS, that reminds me: who monitors BO's speeches? Because they ALL need deleting.

  56. Hey, wait! We are having fun ... and by that we are being productive! TWW said it all when he said:

    --- "Ad hominem attacks against twisted, amoral, liars like B. Hussein are good for morale!" ---

    That goes for both the poster AND the reader.
    I, for one, need my morale boosted on a daily basis.

    Thanks for the info Melena (about the vote reversal) - I did NOT know that. I will be very busy today, faxing, faxing, faxing. Hopefully, their phone lines will be burning up and their paper will run out.

  57. Remember, "No personal attack ever fed a hungry child." LOL!!!! >:-D

  58. and bragging on them only feeds their egos, and everyone else goes hungry

  59. stfuc???

    that was my authorization code :-D

  60. Speaking of Lady M and Big Guy's hypocrisy:
    "And Rome Burned While Nero Fiddled" . . . or Just the Burgers (BO worries about posing for VF and hearing ducks in the room — while we burn)
    President Barack Obama's administration said earlier this month it would invite Iran to US embassy barbecues for the July 4th holiday for the first time since the two nations severed relations following the 1979 Islamic revolution.
    "There's no thought to rescinding the invitations to Iranian diplomats," State Department spokesman Ian Kelly told reporters.

    But we could forego the Olympics when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. But then, Carter wasn't a Russky . . .

  61. Well, BO SHOWED THEM!!! He had Madam Secretary Clinton DIS-invite the Iranians from the celebrations! How is that for toughness? Now, I'll bet ole Ach-Mah-ding-a-ling-dong will agree to hold talks with BO about their nuclear program. "Please, oh illustrious Hussein Obama, don't be cruel. Our diplomats look forward to attending the parties of the eaters of pigs. We will agree to anything you want! Just rescind the order."

    And they were all SO looking forward to getting to eat a hot dog. (Hope they were going to be serving beef or turkey franks!)

  62. Heh, heh, Jamie. How 'bout we send 'em a Bawney Fwank? They can keep him as a consolation prize.


    Great quip above, Shaun. (C:} LOL. And doing a $500,000 weekend in N.Y.C. didn't feed a whole lot of hungry kids either, huh?

    BTW, that reminds me....... the last N.R.A. "Freedom" magazine (July, 2009) had a brief report on p. 19 about the Warrior Weekend program to help wounded vets "with their physical and mental recovery, Warrior Weekend raises money to transport them from Walter Reed ... to cities such as New York ... at a cost of ... $7,000 per trip."

    Hmmm. What's $500,000/$7,000? (head shake) Good ol' compassionate liberalism in action.

    And they call US hypocrites... (when one of our own commits adultery)


    Dear Mountain Mama, Shaun (and other loyal FOTUSes), please forgive me if my crude statement (laced with sarcasm) above about "some folks come here to be productive" offended you. I can see how it might. I'm sorry I created that possibility. MM, you and Jamie, and several others are SO GOOD about being VERY productive in getting out lots of information to the rest of us. Hope you keep it up, too.

    Yes, I can see from the above comments that you understood my main point, but, just wanted to clear up any possible hurt. Thank you.


  63. TWW.

    I haven't been offended by anything you have said, today or in past posts. You've made me laugh many times, though, and for that I thank YOU! I don't know how many times that reading your posts (or MM's, bettyanne's, MelenaX's, etc) lifted my spirits.

    I don't expect anyone here to be PC ("Politically Correct" for any who have forgotten). For those of you who do expect us to be PC all the time, then I guess you will be disappointed.

    You know which ones of us use heavy sarcasm. Just don't read OUR posts and read everyone else's. (kinda of like changing the channel.) Then you should be ok and your sensibilities won'd be offended.

  64. Please, please TOTUS can't you put some more flubs, and inane remarks for Big Guy to read. If you can make POTUS look crazier and crazier, we may wake up some Kool Aid drinkers, and get him out of Washington. Obviously, he's going round and round in circles not knowing what he's saying from day to day. All of us would appreciate it.

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