Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ABC, Easy as Watch Me on TV

Big Guy and Gibbsy are sitting down with the ABC folks right now, because neither is happy with the script for tonight's show. Based on how well Gibbsy did yesterday covering up the staged question from Huffington Post, it's not like he's in a position to complain about anyone else's script, it seems to me.

The upshot is that Big Guy is rewriting chunks of the show for tonight, and instead of memorizing his scenes, he's going to scroll them on me out of camera range. Now some of you may say that this will make him look unnatural, what with his staring off into space instead of speaking to the interviewer. But it couldn't look any worse than his reading off those file cards yesterday, which made him look like he was in prayer for most of his opening comments.

It's not clear to me why we're doing this. "House" stands a better chance of making this health care plan viable.


  1. This dog and pony show needs to go on because even THIS President needs to keep up appearances that he's being fair and letting others have input, even though he's already crafted the entire plan, just like GM, Citi and the Somali oirates.

  2. TOTUS, it's perfectly natural for POTUS to stare off into space. It's that vision thang.

  3. Actually, it is how one looks when he is looking down his nose at the riff-raff.

    In the meantime, the ABC special is just to distract us from what Congress is doing!Congress is about to vote on two important bills this Friday - Cap and Trade -and- E-Verify! Call, email, fax your elected officials and let them know you want them to vote FOR E-Verify and AGAINST Cap and Trade!!!!! They want to do us dirty while we aren't paying attention!

    Also, tomorrow, BHO is going to have a meeting to start up work on an Amnesty for illegals!

  4. Links where you can take action by sending faxes and/or emails; sign petitions; join grassroots groups, etc: (Americans for Prosperity)

    I know that the emails and faxes that I have sent are recieved (although they may not be reading them) because I get letters from my Senators and my Congressman in response.

  5. FLOTUS had a teleprompter problem today. TOTUS, are you, shall we say, involved with Michelle's telepromoter? The problem is she couldn't get it up - it was too low. After an evening with you, was her prompter too tired to perform? Come clean please!

  6. Since it's been made very clear that Conservatives have the market cornered on everything that is moral, ethical, honest and Godly, I'm curious what people on here have to say about S.C. Governor Mark Sanford.

  7. S.C. Governor Mark Sanford reminds us of Bill Clinton and Jonathan Edwards. :)

  8. Leave it to die hard socialist quacks to do surgery on a system that isn't broken. Looks like (hurrah!) the "fix" is D.O.A..

    Intern: Uh, House?

    House: Shut-up. You're annoying me.

    Intern: But, House, what does it mean if the patient has no pulse and no blood pressure and no brain activity at all?

    House: Well, [takes intern's glasses and stomps on them] that would mean they're dead. Unless it's Pelosi. Is it Pelosi?

    Intern: Nope.

    House: Ta da! Now get out of my chair.

    Intern: (nervous laugh) Heh, it's my chair.

    House: Not any more, Squirrel Nutkin. Go buy me a pizza.

  9. crainiac24: and the Kennedys, don't forget them.

    at least the SC gov didn't kill his lover, like good ol' Teddy did

  10. O...the TELETUBBIE POTUS...


  11. Gotta admit, it will be quite a show when all the people who feel entitled to free health care realize they also feel entitled to GOOD health care.

    And craniac, I'm not gonna defend Sanford, but it was refreshing that he didn't use his press conference to shake his finger at the nation and proclaim, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." That would have been pretty silly, though. I mean, It's not like he's some sort of liberal superhero with the power to do anything except know the meaning of the word "is."

  12. Stanfords love letters to his 3rd world lover are flat out creepy.
    The fact that he lived a normal "family man" life as Gov. with a straight face...
    Has to be some kind of weird mental illness.

  13. Craniac, you are really willing to cast the first stone?

  14. Gov. Sanford is reportedly a very decent guy, which makes this affair all the more devastating to his family and friends.

    Affairs happen when decent people show concern in caring ways. Sanford believed he was befriending the woman by listening to her express deep feelings about her separation.

    But later Sanford began to care about her as more than a mere friend. OOOPS! Affairs also occur when showing deep concern is unsafe!

    People in marital distress are vulnerable to compounding their problems by sharing them with the wrong folk. They should seek counsel NOT by burdening their "friends," but ONLY from professional counselors, who are trained to keep their emotions separate from their clients (although this effort isn't always successful, but that's a topic for another day).

    The bottom line is that compartmentalizing one's emotions is always dangerous to maintaining successful, healthy relationships. Mature people are authentic; they integrate every part of their lives into a healthy, whole personality.

    Anyway, no one knows what's really going on in a given marriage except the couple involved. I pray that Gov. and Ms. Sanford, for the sake of themselves and their four children, are able successfully to reconcile.

    Redemption and restoration are absolutely possible, with honesty, motivation, and accountability.

  15. So, back to POTUS:

    How was he on ABC? I purposely missed it!

  16. What Sanford did is inexcusable, but unfortunately, very common. At least, as Greg said, he was honest when caught and exposed. In a way, it is a good thing that this happened, as it let conservatives know that this man doesn't have the moral fortitude to be President. If he can't handle the stress of office without turning to an illicit love affair to deal with that stress, what would have happened if he had been POTUS?

    Liberals are still angry that Clinton was impeached. What they seem to forget is that Clinton was NOT impeached for having an extra-marital affair. WHY was he impeached? Because he lied to a Grand Jury and then came out on national tv an announced to the world that he had lied. If you, or I, or any regular citizen goes in front of a Grand Jury and lies, what would happen to us? We would go to jail. He did not go to jail, did he?

  17. Since he did not have his "nose" glasses on, I did not recognize Charlie Gibson and turned off the TV to read an old Michael Medved book, the Shadow Presidents.

    Were the nose glasses just a prop for the Sarah interview?

  18. PS- oh, c-24, the difference is ADMITTING THE AFFAIR! GET IT?

  19. bjmck,

    I didn't cast any stone at all. I was simply alluding to the fact that several times on this board I've read things from you folks that suggest Conservatives have more honesty, integrity and ethics than us morally corrupt liberals do.

    That said, I was simply curious what the spin would be regarding Sanford's situation.

  20. Just saw a clip of the infomercial last quote of the day ...

    "Perhaps the surgery isn't necessary and just continue taking the pain killers will be enough"


    Hopefully even the left wakes up on that one!

  21. There are many, many 'faces' of the elite Liberal. Charlie Gibson and his 'nose glasses;' John Kerry and Jon Edwards and their 'perfect hair;' Obama's upturned nose. My Dad, in the 1940s, used to look at books filled with silhouettes of Japanese and German fighter aircraft the same way.

  22. Didn't you all hear Obama's interview with, I think, Sawyer, where she asked him when he expected health care reform to pass. He said by the end of the year. She asked, what if it doesn't? and he said, sternly and directly that it will. Just the tone -- the arrogant, authoritarian tone! How dare he be so presumptuous!

    This is NOT a president. I'm not sure what to call him, but not President of the United States of America.

  23. TOTUS are you and Big Guy feeling a little upstaged by Sanford's Argentina Follies?

  24. Red State Up Date Hiking the Appalachian Trail, too funny. Governor Sanford has started the euphemism ball rolling :)

    Warning Adult Humor don't watch unless you have a sense of humor.

  25. The President should get an Emmy for last night's performance. It was the best comedy I've seen in years.

  26. craniac (and any other lib loon out there),

    What Gov Sanford did was wrong. He has the character of a rabbit. He hurt his family and his friends and only thought of his own selfish interests.

    What you libtards don't understand is that we Godly conservatives (your phrase, not mine) understand that people are stupid, for the most part, and say things that they themselves believe to be right but don't always abide by. It doesn't change the message. Your lib friends have abandoned any pretext of trying to be moral because they can't be, and therefore you don't want to inflict a moral judgement on wrong behavior. You think that because this clown couldn't keep it in his pants it somehow dilutes the message. No, it actually makes it stronger. Look at the pain he has caused his family. Look at the fallout of his actions. Wrong is wrong is wrong. Just because someone that once held those beliefs fell doesn't change that fact. And it doesn't change the fact that he may still believe that it is wrong. It simply shows he is a weak man. Nothing more.

    So take your gloating self-serving justification of your beliefs elsewhere.

  27. I want to know who assembled the guest list for the group hug? What a bunch of suckups! Was there one opposing view in the entire room? It's just like the rollout of the programs with the canned interviews of doctors who LIKE their compensation being cut.

  28. Jamie! Thank you for posting those sites where we can voice our opinions to the government so easily! You've really helped me out! I encourage everyone to go check these sights (listed close to the top of the posts) and sign up as I did. Thanks again Jamie!

  29. Jiji, thanks for the terrific response to craniac. I'd add that ALL people are weak, unless and until they learn to keep extremely vigilant about their own (known) weaknesses.

    (Of course, the problem is that probably MANY of our weaknesses aren't immediately noticed by us. That's why we need close loved ones to give us feedback about aspects of our character, so we can learn about and monitor them, too.)

    Craniac, what we've written here is not (your word-> ) SPIN. It's our understanding of human character, relationships, and redemption. Don't label these posts as lies, which is a more honest term than "spin."

    Liberals are so unforgiving! Those who devote their hearts to God BUT make (inevitable) mistakes are NOT forgiven by libs, but judged harshly as "hypocrites!" NO! Everyone sins; some people just get caught.

    And even the people who THINK they don't sin, do; at the very least, they are guilty of PRIDE, if not also lying. Scripture teaches us God's character and heart, and to God, gossip is as sinful and devastating as MURDER!

    All human beings are sinful and need God's inspiration to learn to become selfless. So, even though last weekend Gov. Sanford was a weak, crying mess, he can GROW and become what he evidently was before the pressures and ISOLATION of high office: a decent fellow again.

    Watch, pray, and wait. People do change, and I hope he does, and can again serve us, but with more accountability to build trust.

    Meanwhile, TOTUS, I worry about you! Don't you feel ambivalent, even schizophrenic, from having conservative insights, but having to scroll such lying junk for POTUS to read!?

    I still say: flip on him. Have him read the truth for a change. Maybe HE will change and grow! I have HOPE that can happen!
    (Bleah! "Change" and "hope:" BO has almost ruined those words for me....)

  30. GOODNESS, that man is on the telly AGAIN!

    I can't tell if he's ONLY reading notes, or if he has you to help him, plus the notes, TOTUS. But BO is on again, this time about "clean energy."

    Does he not have a life, without television or the press?

    He read his statement, he's leaving, what a boob. He can't take questions from growing-aware reporters today? WHY NOT!? Could it be that he knows what a testy whiner he was yesterday?

  31. craniac24:
    The senator betrayed the turst of his mate and his children, his constituents and those hopeful of his career in politics. A leader must have a character that, while not perfect because no one is, at least reflects and upholds the morals his or her followers deem an irrefutable standard. In this case, everyone with a mate agrees that the trust of the mate must not be betrayed. He is therefore rejected.

    The thing that liberals do tht is wrong to conservatives is that they insist that in order for a judgement be made, the judge must first be perfect. This is irrational. It is a circular arguement that allows those who betray common human trust - laws between people - to act as wolves among sheep.

    Without preaching some stance that requires dragging oneself down an aisle on a Sunday, it goes without saying that adultery is a big human no-no. As a wife, my husband's infidelity would crush me utterly. Marriage is not a game of lust but of union of souls. NO marriage is perfect, but one can handle rough spots without infidelity. Or, at least those with strong character do. It has nothing to do with religious belief, but every bit to do with humaness, and the unspoken trust between mates.

  32. Well, it is a religious belief also. But it is a religious belief because it is a human more.

    My own opinion. And that's all I got to say about that.

  33. Oops! You're right, bettyann: nonreligious folk also can have strong character. My bad for neglecting to note that fact.

    But even those with strong character can and do make mistakes, even horrible ones. Yet EVERYONE can learn from their mistakes, to change, grow, and become trustworthy again.

    Rejecting people who've failed isn't always necessary, fair, or wise. Republicans need to quit immediately rejecting their officials who've failed. Instead of WASTING people, we can wait, watch, pray (or hope; whatever)----and see if people demonstrate change and growth.

  34. I keep forgetting to add this point:

    Every job requires managing one's own emotions. But some jobs also involve helping OTHER people manage emotions: counselors, clergy, etc. Such work involves keeping close watch over one's OWN emotions, while helping others manage THEIR emotions.

    So, typically when people in "the helping professions" (in positions that involve counseling/helping others manage their emotions) are dealing privately with very emotionally-draining problems in their personal lives----divorce, infidelity, abuse, etc.----they are advised to take a leave of absence from work. The leave of absence provides them energy to assess their situation and make changes. Without the leave, such people will in their work be "emotionally unavailable."

    However, people whose work does NOT involve helping others with their emotions----ie. people working in trades like plumbers or factory workers, or accountants, or politicians (!)----do not necessarily need to take a leave of absence. Many such workers actually find relief in their work, and become even better workers as they learn privately (in counseling) about themselves and managing their emotions.

    Everything depends upon the specific person and position.

    Please wait, watch, and hope re. Gov. Sanford. And yes, I hope the same way for liberals who've fallen.

  35. TOTUS Hide the Kids.

  36. MM:
    Many religious folk do not believe it is possible to have a moral character without religious practice. This is untrue. If human moral teaching is found in religious teaching, and you believe that same is written by the divine, then it stands to reason that it is the relious moral teaching from the divine because it is best for humans. However, humans are the source. And they are able to conduct life according to sound human morals.

    You said, "But even those with strong character can and do make mistakes, even horrible ones. Yet EVERYONE can learn from their mistakes, to change, grow, and become trustworthy again."

    My own opinion is vastly different. My mother shares your opinion. She beleives there is a moment of redemption for all, and that even the worst of us at some point regrets harmful action.

    Call me cynic. Or realistic. Or experienced, but I do not think all wrong doers find redemption. The senator is mighty sorry he was caught. What should his wife do, forgive him? If he is redeemed in some way, having repented, let that be between him and his God. Public office is no place for redeemed sinners. There are plenty of solid Americans in the wings to take his place. He is not irreplacable. He is, in fact, dispensable. A truth many politicians fail to realize.

    Liberals do not have to realize the portent of moral collapse conservatives predict because we are dismissed because of the actions of men like our Senator here. Yet they keep their own intact; worse sinners and liars there cannot be found on the globe than those who occupy the senate of this country. They keep their own and point fingers at ours, even destroy them, screaming, "hypocrites!" Does this mean we must submit perfect men and women for the left, so they cannot point a finger?

    Hell no. Because they will always point the finger. To them, we are fools in the purest sense. They are elite, you see. The senator should be judged by his peers and removed and a better take his place. Then we get on with the business of taking our country back from those who actually do apply two standards: one for their cronies and one for ours. We, the right, judge them all the same when they fail test of human character strength. We are consistant in judgement. They are not.

    We fire our rejects, and replace them. Democrats protect theirs and promote them, even ideolize them. We on the right are a different sort of creature from the left.

  37. No, bettyann----I did not write that "ALL wrongdoers find redemption." Some wrongdoers are uninterested in changing, and deserve rejection. Others, however, do change, and it's a waste to toss them aside.

    If it's true that, as you wrote, "we [Republicans/conservatives] fire our rejects, and replace them"----then we replace them with fallen people, too. NO person is perfect; ALL have fallen short of... well, to avoid quoting scripture, let's just say, "perfection."

    Governor Sanford committed a ghastly sin----adultery----but that immoral-but-not-illegal act alone should not disqualify him from serving in public office.

    On a related note: Governor Sanford might have committed malfeasance by not paying for his trips to Argentina. That's a separate issue, and alone would constitute reasons for dismissal as SC's governor. But on adultery alone, rejection is not always wise.

  38. RE: is ManMonster is really in deep in alchol, then very little will make her stop; getting on her case about it isn't going to help.

    be interesting to see how the 'warm and caring' husband-Fraud deals with this potentially escalating problem. maybe that's the real reason for the round-the-workd junket, ya think?

    Also, RE: healthcare; if the politicians in Wash, DC don't accept the public healt care promoted by this Bill, including the Rruad as well, then whay should we, the people, acceopt it????

    Why aren't Union leaders being taxed on their health care benefits like the peons who put them thre and give them money?

    The Fraud and his cronies become more evil everyday.

  39. On the Health Care plan, so far Congress, Federal Employees and Union members are all to be exempted from the plan. SO, it sounds like BHO wants a lot more people to go to work for the government (which have powerful unions), or unionize their shop/join existing unions. This is why the unions (their "leadership", that is) are all on board in support of the Health Care Plan. But the funny thing is they are also ALL in support of the Cap and Trade legislation - which will kill jobs

    What is going to happen to all these union folks when they lose their jobs because the Cap and Trade kills the coal industry, the manufacturing industry, the farming/ranching, etc. What will they do when they are unemployed and their power bill goes thru the roof, their groceries cost more, their gas costs more, etc? Sit around and wait for their next welfare check and food stamps. And they will have plenty of time to stand in line waiting to be treated by a doctor, since they will have nothing better to do. But their Health Care will be "free"!

    And this is not to mention the Value Added Tax that they are going to work on soon. SOMEbody has to pay for all this "free" stuff!!!

  40. [Jamie said] "What will they do... ?"

    Oh, they'll just sit in a circle and sing a little song, "Give Peace a Chance" or some little ditty like that. Then, they'll have a little Kool-Aid. Then, they'll all go outside and catch a few flies (as in insects) with their bare hands... . Then, they'll come back inside, have a little more Kool-Aid, sit down and chant "Hooooope and Chaaaange" and "Uuuuh Ooooooh" [quip by Alan above] until they pass out. Ignorance is bliss.

  41. I know you are long winded and would have trouble with the 140 character limit, but when are you going to start twittering? PS, you might enjoy these bumper sickers at

  42. Seniors should really be worried about Obama's health care plans after that comment about pain killers versus surgery. It seems his plan is just to let old people die early to save money!

    John's Space

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