Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Talk Like an Egyptian

Big Guy and I have been rehearsing for the past couple of hours for his big speech tomorrow in Cairo. The speech will be a big wet kiss to the Muslim world, which our policy guys say is really in need of a U.S. that gives it a little tongue despite the Koranic promulgations against such Western displays of affection. And if ever there's a leader to act on this kiss, it's Big Guy.

We're also going to slap Iran around over its nuclear program, and by slap around, I mean we're not going to slap Iran around. The Muslims are a welcoming people, and this trip is all about making nice, not making sense, or so Big Guy believes.

Saudi Arabia is an interesting place. Though I'm still trying to figure out how the King is able to read his text through the burqa his female prompter wears.


  1. How are you going to slap Iran around on their nuclear program when Big Guy just said they have a right to nuclear power? :-S

  2. Shaun, TOTUS just wrote that they are NOT going to slap Iran around, when they slap Iran around. Don't you READ!?


    I'm more upset about BO's making this statement:
    And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world,” Mr. Obama said. “And so there’s got to be a better dialogue and a better understanding between the two peoples.”

    As good ole Steve Maloney wrote,
    << In terms of the number of Muslims, the USA ranks 38th on the list -- Indonesia is the largest (and a democracy) and Pakistan (marginally democratic) is the 2d largest.>>
    Steve Maloney
    Ambridge, PA

    Steve makes a great point, don't you think, TOTUS!?

  3. The Apology Tour Part Deux continues.

  4. Totus,
    I don't want to hear any state run meadia reports of you and the big guy hitting the hookahs over there. Be good and bring Lady M back some hummus. I’ve got to run. My wife’s burkah is ready to pick up.

  5. TOTUS:
    You might bring her back some burkahs, or at least a few nice head scarves. Helps out when you have a bad hair day every day.

  6. So Muslims comprise about 1 percent of the American population. And that makes us one of the largest gathering of Muslims? Then why are we allowing these petty LITTLE nations and their leaders to boss us around?

  7. Mountain Mama. It does not surprise me that BO does not know what the Muslim pop. is here. He still does not know how many States are in the USA. of course, TOTUS will straighten him out.

  8. Big O just wants us to be one of the biggest muslin nations ! Man he ticks mee off !

  9. Please 'stand' back if they start swinging those ceremonial beheading swords around.

    Will TP,this finally be the speech on civil rights that we have all been expecting?
    See if you can sneak in a quote from that 75 year old widow sentenced to lashes for seeing her nephew without her male chaperon.
    Then it will look like we actually support women's rights while still exercising BG's familial rights to the haj.BTW,dunno if you should try to accompany BG to Mecca which is 'religously restricted',but if you do ,take precautions.You should scan yourself for 'infidelity'with the local regulations,and delete any Biblical references that however unlikely ,might have gotten written to disk.
    Also please refrain from that refrain about equal Civil Rights and Civil Law being the very basis for Civilization.Not everyone there has those full rights and BG's hosts there are a humorless bunch who actually believe that they are the descendants of a great one.
    Those from the once great Persian Empire could argue that point.
    Makes a person or a prompter wonder what happened.If ,over your weekend hobnobbing w the horsey set you run across the inside
    poop,we want to hear all about it.
    Unless you just roll through some.

  10. TOTUS I think you should scroll some Bangles to make it fun. I'd like to see BO doing that funny thing with his hands and head ala the music video from the Eighties.

  11. Well, Dear TOTUS, Michelle would look better in a burqua than that ruffled frock she wore on that date-nite in NYC.

    Is she on the Apology Tour Par Deux avec vous?

  12. And what was up with that big Mr T gold chain? He looked like he could not wait to take it off!

  13. Any truth to the story that the bling bling the king gave BHO is something only given to Muslims? Heard that on Michael Savage's radio show this evening.

  14. MelenaX:
    We could go places together with this. I was in Albertson's the other day? There she was in the rack, the whole front cover page.

    I moved to another aisle, and broke out in a hot flash. I mean, power surge. I keep having flash backs of the turtle flesh colored gloves and matching outfit at the immaculation.

    Truly, one long nightmare.

  15. Well I guess it's OK to say Barack Hussein Obama now?

    John's Space

  16. John:
    Cool it. This is all an opp - he just wants the muslims to THINK he cares. Have you heard McCain say Hussein yet? Sheesh. I suppose you'll want domestic nuclear energy next.


  17. Heh, heh, Melena (and Betty Ann), I just turned around a magazine bearing the smirking face of Big Mo the other day at the store. And [there are Cult Members EVERYWHERE!!!] at the eye doctor's office, two days ago, I covered up Big Mo's pugnacious face with a magazine featuring strawberry shortcake on the cover. She would, indeed, look better with a permanent pie-in-the-face.


    Well, MM, [great information, BTW], you know how all the human-caused-global-climate-change morons think the planet (less than 3% of which is "developed") is getting too crowded because they look out their condo window and see a lot of buildings? Sounds like (of course, he's a liar, so could just be a BIG FAT LIE) B. Hussein has been hanging out with a lot of Muslims.... he sees them everywhere.


    Say, Couch Potato (I'm more of a Chair Potato :D) myself...), last summer, during Dope's interview with George Stephanopolous on ABC, B. Hussein mentioned, "MY MUSLIM FAITH." Steph'ous, a bit taken aback, said something like, "are you sure you meant to say that?" B. HUSSEIN did not take that back.

    Why else is he not taking his children to church? He's a Muslim.

    Further, he's a tool of the Saudi's. He doesn't want to offend one of his biggest donors. So, even though his lack of a conscience would easily allow him to take his girls to ANY church (but, not a temple, no way, Hosea!), he won't so Faud et. al. will continue to give him stuff.

    Getting her daughters to church obviously does not concern Big Mo in the least -- or they'd be sitting in that pew, mmmmm, hm.

  18. Speaking of outrageous acts designed to "shock and awe" the Cult of Obama (gotta keep the faithful massaged so they don't start to come to and realize the truth....) and to offend the rest of us, here's a list of just some of them:

    1. B.O. displaying tradition-flaunting vulgarity by posing in the half-nude while he is the (imposter)POTUS;

    2. B.O. and Big Mo treating H. R. H. Elizabeth of the United Kingdom like they would their cook.

    3. B.O. flying an Airforce One 747 at 1,500 feet over lower Manhattan -- just for grins.

    4. B.O. and Big Mo flaunting the tradition of parents (and presidents) attending weekly worship services.

    5. Big Mo dressed tackily inappropriately in too-casual, sleeveless, dresses.

    6. Getting a pure bred dog of an obscure breed largely unfamiliar to Americans.

    7. Taking an "in your face," $500,000 trip to Broadway on the taxpayers' dime.

    8. Firing, without the legal right to do so, GM's C.E.O. and board.

    9. Brazenly declaring to the world (from the country of Turkey) that the United States is "not a Christian nation."

    In other words, B. Hussein figures the best defense (of his sham presidency) is a good offense.

    Con Man in Chief.


  19. TOTUS: How is it that Barack Hussein Obama has a cult of bloggers, dressed up in disguise everywhere you turn in on the web.

    These statists dress up as conservatives, come onto a site like this one. (on a daily basis) and tell us conservatives if we have done a good job or not at the end of the day. (pat on the back)

    This control-freak/statist/anti-conservative, claims that they are subscribers of truth and freedom?

    Actuality, these people are subscribers of Islamic Law and barbarism!

    Yes, a multicultural fire breathing Imam.

    And the creepy part about this whole deal TOTUS

    Just like Barack Hussein Obama.
    This blogger labels its self as the Truth!

    Just like Barack Hussein Obama does to the American people when he speaks in the tongues of Islamic Law.

    Creepy TOTUS.

    Even if this blogger plays the part, disguises it’s self as truth, and acts like a conservative, calling BHO out at every turn it gets.

    We here on this site, keep our mouths shut and look at each other, knowing these posts are nothing more than a copy and pasting of quotes out of the bible (the word of God) and the Journals of Law.

    Yes, I said it you’re a fake and a fraud just like BHO!.

    A fraud has been detected on this site, and should go back to the Huffington Post/MSNBC/CNN where it belongs. Deceiving and fooling no one!

    Again, the Truth runs ramped on this site on a daily basis, and claims to be inferior to all. Confront it, or let Political Correctness run us all over, intimidate us and not take away my Freedoms of Speech as a American Citizen.

    Not in my life time.
    My Freedoms I hold dear. Just like the truth I carry with me every step I take in my life.
    And the millions of men and women, who have died for this country, give me the right to call you out, and speak my mind. We salute you with a loud Middle finger. Go F*#K Your Self!

    Again. Freedom of Speech is inherited by those who have DIED and scarified their LIFE for my freedom to speak out loud and confront a fraud.

    America’s freedom to speak free.

    A stateist that tells another to shut up, keep quite and get lost.

    Not truth.

    These traits are not the traits of truth.
    Rather they are the traits of a Statist/control-freak/anti-conservative.

    PS: TWW, Don’t forget to bow to the Saudi King and sniff his Groin for us all. Statist of deception!

  20. female prompter totus? do you got the look of love?

  21. I am so glad Dear TOTUS, that you are not under the GAG order the US Prss accepted without objection on this trip!

    Is Helen there, or can you tell -if she is wearing a burka/veil?

  22. And here I thought I was the only one who covered up the mags featuring BO and Big Mo! LOL!

    Just heard the last part of "the speech" this morning. I sure am glad that I didn't get to see the first 55 minutes. I am hoarse enough from yelling at his ugly mug during the five minutes that I saw! Fraud indeed. I wonder how much THIS trip cost. How many of his sychophants did he fly over there in his entourage? He thinks that by speaking to a group of students at a University he is speaking to the average Arab in the street? Why didn't he set up to do his speech on a street corner where he could speak to average people? Because if he did, he would not have heard the shout outs of "I love you" and the applause that he so craves.

    Well, where to next, TOTUS? Has he set up a meet and greet with Osama yet? It's gonna be a real challenge to get the right sound and lighting in the cave! Maybe he should go to Israel and see if he can give a speech and at the same timedodge the rockets being shot from those poor misunderstood Palestinians.

  23. TOTUS...

    When Big O read your line...

    "this cycle of suspicion and discord must end"

    Was it being implied that the US is SOLELY responsible for this behavior?

  24. @ Preptile: Cerimonial Beheading Swords...LOL!!

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