Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sweet Home Chicago

Big Guy is pretty excited that we'll be getting to go home to Chicago next week for a speech on his health care reform plan. We'll be speaking at the American Medical Association there. 

It might seem like the wrong forum for Big Guy to talk about how under our health care plan we're essentially going to take money out of the pockets of doctors and make them work for free, but that's overlooking two facts.  This is Big Guy.  And we're doing it in Chicago.  As Toes says: the doctors will like it ... or they can practice medicine at the bottom of Lake Michigan and see how well that billing system works for them. 


  1. How can those doctors respect a guy who calls an inhaler a "breathalyzer" and only manages to uuuuuuh.... and uuuuuuum his way to "inhalator."..... and who would close the doors of the emergency room to a little child suffering from an acute asthma episode?!!


  2. I'll be the docs think its REALLY cool that D'oh! smokes, too.

  3. Well I'll "be"...


    and.... "IT'S"

    (eye roll)

  4. Bah, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Truth Will Win has locked out all the other commenters......

    uh, oh, I think I hear someone coming..... better go......


  5. I wonder how many physician jobs he'll claim to save or create under his healthcare plan

  6. Kazillions.

    Uh-oh, don't look twice, but I see another bailout coming:,2933,525747,00.html

  7. If anyone is interested and wants to read up on the health plan, The American Spectator had a post today about O's Health Care plan with a link to his White House report, "The Economic Case for Health Care Reform" (.pdf), produced by his Council of Economic Advisors.

    Interesting reading (both the post AND the report).

  8. Selling Obamacare to the AMA would be like trying to sell a telecommunications guy to run GM.
    Oh wait! He already did that.

  9. Great, now folks in North American will have to go to Costa Rico for healthcare.

  10. i can't wait until the Family O needs medical care

    which we pay for

    better keep those docs happy -- al of 'em

  11. I'm screwed twice: I'm going to need a new kidney and my Silverado needs a new water pump

  12. Big Guy has a bigger carbon footprint than Madonna and Angelina Jolie combined.

    While he's in Chicago maybe he can finally make it to church. The REVEREND Wright needs a little talking to after he disparaged Jews again, and since Big Guy came out against anti-semitism today...well, you know.

  13. Hmmm, I'm sure that Barry and the good Reverend will make up soon. It was something he had to do. Rev Wright understood.

    What you want to bet they throw a BIG party in Chicago and invite all the people they love - Wright, Phleger, Ayers, Dorn. It'll be old home week.

  14. hey saul - you have TWO kidneys. Under the Obama plan, you don't get a replacement unless and until you are down to ONE. Got that? O wants to SAVE money on health care and here you want special treatment. Who do you think you are? One of the Kennedys?

    As for the water pump for your Government Motors Silverado, there is going to be parts rationing. You will have to get on the waiting list for that. Of course, you could always trade it in on an itty-bitty hybrid car and get that GENEROUS credit for $4,500.00.

  15. Nah----there will be NO conflict here. The AMA is very controlling, and only cares about the Bottom Line, thus restricting innovative treatments that WORK (ie., bring HEALING: there's a thought!), rather than simply address symptoms.

    See? Same as BO....

  16. OH! I forgot to mention:

    Remember that Big Guy is "concerned" about how 80% of health care costs just cover the chronically ill and elderly?----and BO wants to "have a conversation" about "WHETHER OR NOT THAT IS DEMOCRATIC!?"

    He'll be hinting at the AMA about the new euthanasia rules: elderly first, then the disabled, then the chronically ill.

    Just like it is in many parts of Europe nowadays, it'll be SCREW the sick grandparents, anyone with autism or Downs, and people with rheumatoid arthritis, etc. They cost too much; it ain't "democratic!"

    (BO is also screwing Israel, too. I don't think the Israelis can fix this mess re. Iran. To hit it, Israeli jets must fly over Iraq, which Bush didn't allow, and BO won't, either. WHAT A DEATH SENTENCE for Tel Aviv! As a holy site for Muslims as well, Jerusalem probably won't be hit. Big consolation: approx. 3 million Jews are in the Tel Aviv area.)

  17. Since Big Guy just reads his speeches off TOTUS, imagine if TOTUS changed a word - like "I will" to "I won't." That way he'll be saying the opposite of what he planned and that'll be good for us, and U.S. He'll never know the difference, Joey will have no clue and we'll live happily ever after.

  18. Yeah, and the AMA will start working with the Tooth Fairy!

  19. TOTUS, since you tell BIG GUY everything to say,put this on your screen next time he is on tv(whichi'm sure will be tomorrow)
    Thank you TOTUS.....

  20. Amen, Sunflower.

    Letterman is twisted.

    Amazing, isn't it? If one takes a public stand for God, even more, for JESUS (horrors!), refuses to abort one's Down's Syndrome baby, and says that one's unmarried, pregnant, teen aged, daughter is still part of one's family and still loved... oh, yeah, and is for the right to bear arms....


    watch out.

    The "tolerant" and "inclusive" gang will hunt you down and persecute you and your 14-year-old girl for the rest of your days or until you shut-up. Whichever comes first.

    Oh, yeah, those libs are loving and accepting. You betcha.

    All Sarah Palin [PALIN FOR PRESIDENT!]'s attackers end up accomplishing, though, is making themselves look like doldts. Katie Couric -- doldt. Mr. Look-Down-My-Nose Interviewer (last fall) -- doldt. Letterman -- double doldt.

  21. Hey, Mtn. Mama -- your fervent concern and worthwhile info. is much appreciated.

    I LOVED your %-P "face." Heh, heh.....
    %-P "thphbbpht! to you, Letterman."

    RE: Israel attacking Iran with an air strike. They won't ask permission. They will just do it. GO ISRAEL!!!

    I'm so sick of those rotter Islamofascists I could puke. And our pseudo-POTUS is ONE of them!

  22. Hel-LO! Israel must fly over Iraq to hit Iran. If BO says NO, and Israel decides to send the jets anyway, what do YOU think BO will instruct our military to DO to those Israeli jets?

    Now you know just why Netanyahu was so somber when he was here recently: he learned that Glenn Beck and others were completely correct, when they warned him 2+ years ago that the USA was going to throw Israel under the bus, to suck up to the oil-rich Muslim nations nearby.

    Yeah, it makes me sick, too. I hope Israel tries, anyway, to hit Iraq, and soon----but as Glenn Beck told Netanyahu long ago: if that happens and sparks a huge Mideast war, then once again the world will blame Israel for starting it----never mentioning that Iran planned to destroy Israel otherwise,

    So what choice does Israel have? Wait until they're nuked, which is the stated plan of Iran!? Or at least try to stop Iran, risking the start of another (possibly inevitable) war in the Mideast?

    I still can't believe Israel didn't try to hit Iran right before Bush went out of office, but I bet he really REALLY let them know he would NOT allow it.

    Lord, have mercy upon us all.

  23. I was surprised to learn that the elegant David Letterman is still on the air!

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  25. Doctors will go where the salaries are highest. The UK lost MANY doctors. Doctors there make less money than a teacher. All the money in the world won't fix their system now, with few doctors in attendance.
    As for here, I personally know medical folks who have renewed their passports. Rahm may talk about Lake Michigan, but until the U.S. borders are blockaded (moving us from socialism to communism), there will be a shortage of doctors under the Obamacare Plan. Human nature dictates this.
    And that means rationing, LONG waits for treatment, and denial of care.

  26. Obama's recent photo with his feet on the publics Presidential desk, reminds me of his past use of the middle finger salute to Hillary, as he paused for effect, and then pretended to scratch his cheek.
    The shoe sole in your face insult to Israel is born of the same juvenile irreverence and cowardace. The Feet on the Publics's desk is also a signial to the America healthcare providers! Wasn't it the Unibomber who used to use FU in all his letters? PrezBO is such an angry Man!

  27. It all comes down to liberals wanting to punish rich Americans for having the best health care in the world: "How dare they be rich, they obviously stole all that money from others. Well, how about we thrash their health care and make them live like those in the housing projects, that will show them!"

  28. The Fraud is not a man; he's a widdle boy who never grew up, and throws tmeper tantrums off camera. Then the widdle decides 'I'll show them!" and proceeds to show everyone how anti-American he is.

    Just as everyone is terrified of Israel defending herself (OMG! They'll start a war!!!), so is everyone terrified of ousting the Fraud (OMG! There will be riots!!!) because not only is he not eligiable to serve as President, he's already broke his 'oath' to support the US Constitution so many times that he should be impeached immediately, I say to both : Bring it on!

    To Israel: do whatever it takes to defend yourself

    To the Fraud: Let the riots come, you're the liar, not us. You made fools of blacks, whites, Hispanics, and Dims. It's mainly the Dims, tho', who can't stand for the world to see how stupid they've been. They rather lose their country than their pride.

    Now the terrortists have Miranda rights; if this isn't aiding and abetting the enemy and placing our country in danger, I don't know what is.

    Impeach him; I don't care if Biden takes over. I prefer an idiot to an imbecile who hates America.

  29. Hey. The AMA lives in Chicago, too. I know an attorney who works there, a woman of substantial proportions with long-term experience in the arm-twisting industry...capable of saying, 'You're a smart guy, brilliant guy, we're friends, right?" ...Then, ya better think about that Ohealthcare plan...or the next time your aunt on Medicaid needs her knees replaced, we'll say, 'Sorry, 'Tuni.'

  30. big guy headin' back to chi-town totus? well you get "them jews" out of the way so he can finally talk to his pastor!!

  31. WOW, Rush reads you too -- he just read this entry on live!

  32. TOTUS, I'm so proud of you for making your national debut on Rush Limbaugh!! Congrats!

  33. TOTUS you do get around, just heard Rush quote this piece on his show.

  34. Maybe the doctors can put Obama's health care plan at the bottom of Lake Michigan. Where it belongs.

  35. TOTUS:
    Will you be renaming it the OMO?
    "Omerican Medical Ossociation"

    It's a good thing for us we have the Oconomy to take care of the bill. When will we be seeing our Messiah grinning from the new dollars he is printing up in the billions?

  36. It ought to be an interesting meeting...what with all the people in there with a God complex and all...

    Once Obamao gets this going, you know the Chris 'Tingle up my leg' Matthews and Keith 'I'm a bastard' Olberman will be pushing this with stories of poor little Juanita of Tiajuana, who only visits the emergency room 200 times a year on our dime. Them and perky little Katie 'I've single-handedly ruined CBS news' Couric. We'll be subjected to story after story of how unfair medical practices are here in the US. Funny, I've had one surgery, and although I have health problems, I don't go to the doctor unless I'm near death, because he is going to say 'go home and rest, that'll be $100'.

    TOTUS, pls scroll to Obamao to leave this alone. He messes with this, where are all the Canadians going to go for healthcare? Lord knows that they can't get any up in Canadia...

  37. Heard today that aides of Senator Max Bachus (Montana) are strong-arming and threatening lobbyists for the health care industry to keep them quiet about their concerns with the proposed Health Care changes. They were told to stop attending Republican meetings about Health Care. I just spent an hour emailing and faxing Baucus, my Congressman and my two Senators to let them know exactly how I felt about the whole thing. The use of Chicago style mafia tactics needs to be stopped! We need more tea parties to protest EVERYTHING that is going on. Not just taxes, EVERYTHING.

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