Saturday, February 6, 2010

We Aren't Ready for Some Football

Well, it's Super Bowl weekend, and that means that with Lady M on her obesity jihad, Big Guy and I won't be eating any chicken wings or seven layer dip any time soon.  She's being a pretty big killjoy this year, particularly since we're having a bunch of our bipartisan friends over to watch the game on the 60-inch, hi-def screen we have in the room the previous administration used for "national security briefings."  We've been using the room as a home entertainment center, since it's closer to the residence, and you don't have to go down four flights of stairs to the real home theater in the basement. Besides, it isn't like we've had any national security events, so why waste a perfectly good piece of technology.

While we're calling this a bipartisan party, I think we all know that that isn't the case. I mean, Congressman "Joseph" Cao, who represents parts of New Orleans, is invited, but only because we learned he was snowed in and couldn't get to Miami, and because in order for this to be considered an official White House event we needed someone of Southeast Asian descent to be here. This way, the party can be paid for using taxpayer dollars instead of out of Big Guy's pocket.

So we've got Cao coming and then we've got people we actually want to spend time with. Folks like Rep. Xavier Becerra (he takes care of our Latino quota), some Democrats from Indiana, half the Cabinet, including Bruno, and Sen. Chris Dodd, because we know he'll bring enough beer to keep the par-tay going. Bruno, who spent most of the week in Miami hanging bunting in the stadium, brought back some cool decorations to spruce up the room.

But the highlight of the day will be watching Big Guy do his pre-game interview with CBS News diva Katie Couric.  Not because he has any great insights into the game, but because he's going to announce an Executive Order that will make a dramatic change in the way Super Bowl Sunday unfolds. He's really the only leader with the vision and ability to pull it off.  See, instead of settling the game on the field, he's inviting the Colts and Saints to the White House to negotiate the winner of the Super Bowl over beers and organic hummus dip.

By doing it this way, it gives him at least eight extra hours to keep working for the American people instead of watching a game, and it means the American people have that much more time to be focused on finding jobs or earning more income to pay their taxes. We all win. Well, except for the team that doesn't negotiate well enough to win the championship.


  1. Will the Big Guy win the Lombardi trophy to go with his Nobel Prize?

  2. Hope u weren't injured in the falling tree branch incident.Too bad your boss wasnt hit on the noggin.OF course that would only damage the tree branch.

  3. Another American tradition down the drain.....

  4. I am pretty sure that he will also insure that racial parity exists on all teams by moving some of the Saints players onto the Colts squad. Maybe he will even trade quarterbacks. I guess if he's going to weigh in on a BCS playoff it would be a good idea for him to get yet more hands on training for the job.

  5. Maybe snowmaggedon will keep everyone home. BG will be stuck alone with his jihaddess.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. [TP] "We've been using the room as a home entertainment center, since ..." WE HAD NO IDEA WHAT ELSE TO TO WITH IT.


    Hi, Debbdi :D

    Hey, Ellen, you've got a point there -- Bruno's going in at fullback for sure.

    Say, is Bruno going to join the Army or something? Because I think he -->(those earrings and that lipstick aren't fooling anybody, baby) is. Uh, huh. THAT's why the (Ahem!) Don't Ask Don't Tell policy is again being threatened with repeal.


    RE: Twittering .... Who's questionning your religion and your citizenship, B. Hussein Dopebama?

    Religion: MUSLIM
    Place of Birth: KENYA

    The issue isn't mere "citizenship," Peach, it's that you ARE NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES [FYI: that's of AMERICA].


    Promote true conservatives before the
    Rinos overrun the Elephants who remember it's
    Equal OPPORTUNITY, liberty, & free markets that
    Promote the most Health and Welfare while Dems'
    Taxes will kill jobs and
    Industry will
    Leave resulting in
    Equal misery for all.

    So, THAT's what your name stands for, clever Prep -- took me this long to figure it out! Heh, heh.

  8. Preptile!!! How come you just removed that great post?!

  9. Who dat you think your foolin TP ?

    We know Well Which Town The Won Wants winning.
    Wee wagerers,er,& wanton woe wishers who wouldn't want da 'who dats' winning,
    well,wizzen-up wasted ones.

    Welfare states win this wampum which is why one woulndn't want to wager the wigwam.

    With this administration N.O.thing is left to chance.Just like with the "stimulus",bet on the Blue state.
    That would coincide w The Weasely Wonder Won's wishes here.One pledged the 'Blues' state a win and another 'windfall' to a certain Senator whose name like her State's abreviation starts w the letters 'La'.

    Wonder which one ?

    I won't tell.

    Will the Teleprompter tell us ?

    Promptly ?

  10. Okay, Mr. Preptile. Hocus-focus. I can't tell the difference between the original and the newer post -- anyway, glad it's back.

  11. Just Housekepping TWW.
    Thanks for the 'precious' P list above.
    I imagine pom poms punching out those Ps from our 'Peanut Gallery',and thankfully someone else did the peeing there because I am not always up to it.
    Just get all peed out,altho never at sunrise it seems,when this Rooster always has Cock a Doodling to do .BTW,unable to tell if Chris is Hen or Rooster but I commend the above produce.

    You shy violets just need to produce a little more is all.None of us wants to sit through another production meeting.

  12. Oh.

    I've been praying for you, Prep. A few years ago, my husband had a perfectly positive post-op result for such a psituation -- what a RELIEF. Difficult to decide what to do, I'm sure. Mr. T knew where every sani-can and outhouse and public restroom was for 60 miles around. It was Pitiful. Nice to be able to get a good night's sleep. This has been much too Personal. I won't let it haPPen again aPologies.

  13. TOTUS- just get off in the corner and enjoy it by yourself... :-)

  14. I predict there will be a collective changing of channels or a massive muting of volume when the little zero starts his interview.

  15. Well, whoever else will be watching the Superbowl with Big Guy, it's a sure bet there won't be any Navy corpse-men there....

  16. So Obama was on TV before the Super Bowl. Nothing new there, presidents have weighed in on who they thought would win or their favorite teams. But instead Obama with the cooperation of liberal media shill Katie Couric, start talking about the stupid healthcare bill. Honest to God they are going to keep yammering about it until we give in just to shut them up. TOTUS please save us. Let him start reading the phone book or something, anything except more discussion on this failed, expensive policy.

  17. Dear Totus,
    Please tell us what's really going with the "corpseman" that the Big Guy is having trouble pronounciating.

  18. [Cinderella] "I predict there will be [a brown- out exactly 4 minutes into the interview, when 100 million refrigerators kick on after we all stood there awhile and decided what to get for a snack] when the little zero starts his interview."

    (nice one - :D)

    "Little Zero," LOL.


    Mr. Devine, LOL, well, he WOULD have, but he couldn't remember how to say it. All his requests for the "Lum Birdy Trophy" (he figured it was for being a super-great golfer and named for that famous Asian golfer, Mr. Lum) were filed in Axelrod's cabinet under: TO BE SHREDDED (along with video of the "punch drunk" and the "gallows humor" and the "corpseman" aaaaaaaaaand TONS of other junk JUST LIKE THAT. D'oh!)

    [Ellen] "Let him start reading the phone book or something, anything... ." LOL.

    Just play for "that one," a cleverly edited recording of Sarah Palin saying, "Reader of the Free World, eh? Prove it, you misguided HOCKEY PUCK!"

    Barry [purse lips, sniff, sniff, huff, puff]: Prove it? Okay, I'll prove it, you pig in lipstick. Hand me that phone book Giggly, -- NOT THE WHITE PAGES! I didn't sit in Rev. Wright's black supremacist church for 20 years for nuthin'. ......................[looks up, confused] ... This thing written in, uh, Austrian or, uh, something?

    Giggly [turns it right side up]

    Barry: O. [starts in reading.......]: AAAAA Bail Bonds, 555-123-4567. AAAAA ... .

    [Outside, in the hall, a line of conservatives (and not a few H. Rotten PUMA supporters) stretches all the way down the stairs and out the back door to a semi-truck and trailer FULL OF PHONEBOOKS -- they are passing them along the line whispering, "Keep them coming, folks we've got enough reading here to keep that mouth going until at least summer of 2011"]

  19. (Above "Keep Him Reading" project could also be called the "Recycle Your Old Phonebooks and Heat the Eastern Seaboard" project.)

  20. So. The 'West will be stunned' on the 11th. If we haven't already seen the beginning of the end for Obama, we sure will in three days. If something happens, it will be an easy and plausible matter to blame Obama for his overt politicization of (and laissez faire attitude) toward terrorism. While Obama was putting his own branded hood ornaments on GM cars and scolding people daring to vacation in Las Vegas, we were being targeted...again.

    I pray that nothing happens in this country or elsewhere on the 11th. But I'm steeling myself for how I'll feel if it does.

  21. I'm a rooster, BTW. @ChrisNH for Twitterers.

  22. I don't know if you've seen this one but it's funny and a bit scary too! Green Police

    John's Space

  23. [Chris] "I'm a rooster, BTW." SO! You DO read other people's (Preptile's at least :D) posts! Rooster was my guess -- but I didn't want to say it out loud.


    Hey, John! I can't watch vid on my dial-up here, but if it's the Superbowl Sunday Audi ad -- it IS scary. And I'm glad. Best anti-EnviroNAZI ad I've ever seen! (German car, to boot!) All it made me think of was, "I HATE those Environazis!"

    Oooo, noooooo, I said the "h" word. Well, while I use "detest" in writing, when I'm just pedalling away on the treadmill in front of the TV, I say, "HATE!" not "detest." Shrug. Still a free country -- YES!

  24. Well,welcome aboard fellow Barnyard Buddy.
    One will resist all those uber Rooster urges to engage in any Cockfighting,providing that is,that certain young spring 'Chick a Dees'(like that "Great" Grandaughter the occasionally 'endearitating'Bambi Ghandi),
    are left alone.

    Poor Corpseman Brashard.
    People now think he is a dead duck or tranfered into mortuary services .

    Do not count on our PressCorpse fleshing this out though,as all are vacationing after the exhaustive 'Groundhog' reportage season.
    Also some are preparing ,hopefully,prize winning coverage regarding the arrival of a certain mysterious Mr E. Bunny.

    Possibly pregnant Presidential Mistresses will be missed,as usual,(as Edwards himself is also, 'reportedly',discovering on his Haitian
    'Sexual addiction' rehabilitation tour).

    Was all this Corpse kerfuffle,TP, having anything to do w RahmBO's buried 'bone collection' ?

    Was once reliable liberal Bill Press, really the 'Corpse' in question in this MASSive mix up ? Was the Undertaking UnderToad himself involved in this?
    Is he in on he,eh,TP ?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Maybe we should ask those "Pulitzer Prize Performers" at the National Enquirer.

    This particular 'Peas Prize Participant' would find that particularly pleasing.
    Well partly anyway Pardners.

    Peas Out.

  25. Oh, I absolutely read other posts! I think this site is great! I feel like I'm 'among friends!'

  26. RE: SuperBowl PreGame Presidential Interview....Did the Perky One give the "Little Zero" a kiss a la one Miss Diane I'm Horny Sawyer? I was busy reading a book, bless MY heart.

  27. I'm here, TWW!

    Ellen K, you have a valid point in the yammering aspect, because it feels very like bullying. The Magic Negro is a bully, and he won't shut up about his health care issue because that seals the deal that we become a socialist country, and he and his tingly legged, swooning, buttkissing followers want that to be his legacy.

    Sarah rocked the house though - and the left has no more ammo to use on her, and we still love her!

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  29. Yes, indeed, Chris, your posts clearly establish that you are "one of the gang."

    Unlike this nut ^ . Nokta, bless your heart [Hi, Susan! :D] go sober up and (if you're smart) come back under another name. There is no such thing or person as "futball" -- no one here knows what in the world "mirc" is and there is NO WAY I'm going to test the strength of my feeble firewall by clicking on your link!


    BETTY ANN! I'm so glad to see you. We've lost several cool people (I won't start naming, for I KNOW I'll inadvertently omit someone) largely (I think) due to TOTUS' loooooooooooong posting delays -- glad you are not among them.

    Love your UNvarnished, RIGHT ON comment.

    Hey, Prep, nice one. ["Of corpse," I can just hear you say (eye roll) (:S)]

  30. TOTUS, I was just wondering whether you were actually a Saints fan or not?

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