Friday, May 28, 2010

Vacation Time

As Nobel Prize-winning Big Guy will tell you, and Nobel Prize winning Secretary of Energy Steven Chu will confirm, award-winning administrations need down time to keep their edge.

That's why the Obama Administration has a hard and fast rule we like to call the "20/20."  You put in 20 hours of work a week, you deserve 20 hours of vacation time to recharge.

But there seems to be some confusion about our policy.  A lot of people have been noting, for example, that today, BO stayed three hours in Louisiana to look at the oil spill, but then tomorrow will spend 5 hours on a golf course in Illinois.  It doesn't add up, they say.

Well, if they'd won a Nobel Prize, they would understand that 3 hours in Louisiana dealing with a mess that was really the fault of the Bush Administration for being elected ten years ago, counts as more than 10 hours in Obama time.  That, and we add an extra hour because he couldn't use me on the beach for opening remarks. And another hour because he got his hands dirty ... literally. Oil just doesn't wash off with soap and water, you know. It takes some time, and effort.

See, this if more Americans won Nobel Prizes, you'd all have a much better understanding of the way Big Guy works.  And that whole deficit thing would make a lot more sense, too.


  1. Yeah, well, in 2012 he can have a PERMANENT vacation... And you can start working for the good guys!

  2. barack hussein obama spends a lot of time pondering how to unscramble the mess Bush left him. He chooses to spend that time -- pondering -- with his superior intellect -- while shooting hoops and on the links. He's also mentally recovering from the electoral setbacks the Party of Hope and Change has suffered since his anointing. That sort of scarring on the super genius takes its toll.

    And then he has to pray to Mecca five times daily. I suspect that his prayers occupy much of his normal workday.

  3. Totus, thanks for explaining all that new agey math stuff. When I told my boss that three hours of work deserves eight hours of regular pay and four hours of overtime pay, his eyes bugged out really huge-like and I had to beat a hasty retreat. Maybe you can help by explaining how one goes about acquiring one of those Nobel prize things to give me more credibility the next time I try that special math out. TIA.

  4. Daddy ------ did you plug the hole yet? LOL LOL LOL

  5. what POTUS was doing every day of the disaster.

    Gulf or golf, you decide.

  6. "Daddy ------ did you plug the hole yet? LOL LOL LOL"

    I think she was talking about Bart Sestak.

  7. All this golfing has me nervous, TOTUS. I noticed last week that a Pebble Beach house across from the 18th Hole sold for $18M; the one facing the course is up for $29M. I sure hope it wasn' know who or that they might look around here for their 2012 retirement. I can't imagine that Clint would be on board for that one. Fingers crossed on that...while I don't live in Pebble, I don't really want to leave the county.

  8. Thanks liveart,for sharing that unique perspective on the topic at hand.

    As a former Peas Prize Participant I watched the UN wash it's hands ,of corpse(s),regularly .Try getting blood stains off them and those Gucci loafers sold above too. It can be a challenge.Still the stains of oil or blood must out as must the E-man and Baghdad Bob for their Nixonesque sins,and no Netanyahu yoo hoos will bail them out now.No that last ditch shout out to the Israelis recently sold down the river will convince fewer than Gibb's ,
    'Ron " Burgundy "Ziegler' version of veracity.

  9. It would be nice to have to earn a vacation, since I haven't been able to for over 3 months now. This semi-permanent vacation stuff is really getting old. I DO hope, tho, that Big Guy gets a change and a permamnent vacation come 2012 when he has to run a campaign against someone other than W.

    BTW, who's oilier than the BHO admin.? Even the LA shoreline can't claim that!

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  12. TOTUS, how about blocking the free advertisers? Annoying.

  13. They say that YOU are the reason Big Guy cancelled his speaking engagement on Memorial Day. YOU cannot function in the rain. Useless!

  14. Barack Obama & The Traveling Daddy Pants.

  15. I guess you know you made it with all the spam here. :P

    Yeah, he has to spend a LOT of time pondering. I guess since he has no oil men to advise him - he is just a little lost. You can get a seal from me if you want. :)

  16. I am wondering why Michael Moore is not all over this oil spill with his conspiracy theories and documentary team? If this was a Republican Administration, can you hear the topics of conversation from all of the left wingers? Barry has zero leadership skills and it is oh so obvious. Plug that damn hole!

  17. Very good points made. It has dawned on me, though, that there was little to no coverage of the Nashville flooding, from which they in that area are still recovering. Is this not another disaster that, had it occurred under a Republican administration, there would have been outrage at the lack of response? Perhaps one of Obama's chief tactics to handling (politically-unpopular?) problems is to pretend they don't exist, and maybe we won't notice?

    Hats off to the good people of Tennessee in handling that disaster essentially on their own.

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  23. all I have to say is lol. all people want to do is criticize when they know they couldn't do any better.

  24. It's alot easier to wash the tar off the hands than to wash the black off Obama. Instead of being president, maybe he might be better off golfing with Tiger Woods in Africa. Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing its idiot.

  25. I can't seem to find any stories online about the much needed vacation time for TOTUS. Everyone else is off to Spain, Chicago, Florida, etc. it just doesn't seem fair...oh, that's right, if you work, you don't get a vacation. Sorry, I answered my own question...

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  27. I'm hoping for my vacation too. However, I will missed running.


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  29. Yes! I've noticed he takes a LOT of vacations with his family. Sheesh, nice job (and destroys our economy at the same time).

    - David

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