Monday, May 3, 2010

Visiting the Rust Belt

Big Guy and I had a lot of fun visiting the University of Michigan over the weekend. It's always nice to get out of Washington, with all the negativity that surrounds us here.  Then again, it seems just about everywhere we go there is negativity. Frankly, Big Guy doesn't get it.  Like he reminds all of us when we get down about the polls and the protests and the legislative losses, "Hey, America knows what it was getting ... well, except for the socialism and the debt, but whose fault is that? It's not like Rush Limbaugh wasn't warning them."

But up in Ann Arbor Big Guy really gets recharged. Back in the day, when Big Guy was nothing more than your run of the mill street-wise community organizer, pulling down a few grand a month from his ACORN grant, we'd travel from Chicago up there to Ann Arbor for long weekends hanging out at the U of M Alinsky chapter house, hazing recruits and giving the occasional lecture over the din to "The Nationale," which was played over and over again to keep our spirits up. Good times, Good times.

But you know, this was a bittersweet return for us.  The kids just don't seem to get it. They want jobs, and a future, and Big Guy just isn't into all that right now. He was more concerned about killing the other night in front of our friends at the the White House Correspondents Dinner, and making Jay Leno look like a douche. And this is really the problem.  How can Big O really focus on influencing the next generation, when he has to focus on day to day stuff.

Like an oil spill. This thing is really becoming a headache. Oh, not because of the toll on the Gulf Coast economy or the environment or the people. But because of the term, "Oil Spill."  Last month, when Southern California got hit by that earthquake, BO and Axe and Toes got lucky. They just changed the name of the location where the earthquake took place from MexiCali Fault to Bush's Fault, and the problem just went away.  But this oil spill deal is a real challenge, because none of us can figure out a way to change the term from "Oil Spill" to something with Bush's name in it.

As Axe noted, we have a few million left from the stimulus package, so we're going to hire some unemployed Hollywood writers full-time over at Commerce, whose job is going to be to figure out clever ways to work Bush's name into all of our national emergencies. We figure that should get us past the 2010 election cycle, and by then the economy will be going so good, no one is going to care any more anyway.


  1. TOTUS, Dear, is this really you?
    May I see your papers, please?

  2. Yeah, I am surprised that he could free himself long enough to involve America and ALL it's resources to the oil spill. Meanwhile, in NYC there is a bomb in time square. I don't know, sounds like a long and tierless weekend.

  3. Maybe you & POTUS should take a vacation.

    Go to Greece . . you could pass it off as a field trip to see America's economic future.

  4. Ummm... totally off topic/post here BUT...


    Watch the video of is Big O comes by to get a hug, she sits down... she picks her nose.

  5. No surprise there, Blathering. She sucked food from her teeth at one of the state dinners and ate with her fingers. Ah, our uncouth, crass, declasse residents. BTW, he picks his nose in public too. Wasn't it when he met with the Republicans to get them on board with his H/C debacle?

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  10. Oh, this is sad. Only 7 of the 19 commenters here are actually posting comments. Oh, TOTUS, redeem yourself.

  11. Just a blast from the past -
    had to put this on vimeo since youtube deletes the music......

  12. econsmed-

    Well, that was worth coming back to check this sorry ad-site! Thank you for the link!

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  14. Not sure what the protocol is here now at TP's spamorama so first I should probably peddle PROSE,PROSE,PROSE ,like the PROS use ,only PUNNIER ,at of corpse ,PREPTILE'S PUNDIDLYUMPSITE .

    There,now I fit in with all those other ' comenteers ' above.

    One notes Dear Teleprompter that Aunt Tooney need no longer flee the INS /ICE deportation teams that have been searching for her since 2004 .They must not have searched the ' Free ' housing rolls.Pity the Feds are so reluctant to search public housing records or Home Depots when searching for deportees,or public hospitals either where they may ,as Aunt Zaitooney did,be busy spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

    Her back surgery and expensive follow up care was of corpse funded for citizens of the USA. She hopes to become a citizen here someday herself ,it is rumored.

    Towards that end she is now busy writing a book on her harrowing ordeal as an illegal in America,and on the advice of attorneys spending her probable 'Harpies' Publishing advance before the government can sue for remuneration of the above illegal largess.Homestead laws ,you see,would protect a modest country estate,so she is house hunting ,to 'invest ' in her future here.

    What we wanna know Dear Teleprompter is the (non FIDOTUS )inside poop on this.
    Has Tooney been tagging along w the One on weekends,or is she like that' Brother ',uh shunned ?

    Oh BTW,on the advise of Susan at the FOTRESS sub site I watched that above video which was a slideshow set to the Rolling Stone's
    ' Sympathy for the Devil '.It is heavy on the anti -Christ theme that Obama has inspired.

    I would bet Betty Ann at Motus noticed that pink coat that looked so 1961 on Jackie Kennnedy. It looked like a spoof of the same coat on MO,only it seemingly made from that pink carpet padding .Somehow it lacked the elegance of the earlier era .

    As does everything about this latest version of Camelot.

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  17. Speaking of "Rust Belt" - the country Brasil (Brasil) is now the world leader in iron production and export. American is falling behind in everything now.

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