Thursday, June 3, 2010

Do I Have a Job Offer for You ...

Yes, it's true. In an effort to complicate matters for Senate Republicans last January, I did offer their Teleprompter a job in Big Guy's administration. Today, their regular Teleprompter is working with our ambassador to UNESCO in Rome. It's such a cushy job, I don't think he's had to scroll text in close to 18 months.

Look, have you seen the unemployment numbers lately? They suck. Everyone is looking for work. Now, granted, all of the people and machines who were offered jobs were already working. But you see, by taking the Administration job, we'd be opening up another job for someone else. Big Guy says this is how the free market works, or at least the one he understands.

This is really no different than how Big Guy got into politics. See, the state senator he wanted to replace died suddenly in a Chicago auto accident, and Big Guy was lucky enough to get the gig. You know, right place, right time. In fact, this happens a lot where we come from. Maybe this is just a midwestern cultural misunderstanding.


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  2. TOTUS, glad you decided to come clean and admit it. But, if it's too difficult to impeach Big Guy over Sestak and possibly Romanoff, maybe we could demand Congress impeach you over offering a job to a teleprompter on the other side of the aisle? This would be close enough to impeaching Big Guy. Since Big Guy can't do anything without your direction, all we'd have left was an empty suit that muttered a few "ums, uhs," and the occasional offensive remark. Oh, and do you know what the meaning of "is" is?

  3. Yeah a lot of that happens where y'all are from. A few hundred more and you would be like the Clintons

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  5. And speaking of the jobs situation, in the Real World most of us reside in, only 9.7% of the jobs that were created this past month were in the private sector. The "growth" in jobs is largely temporary based on the numbers for census workers forcast by Joe Biden. Talk about telegraphing your punches.....

  6. regarding his 'plugging the leak'

  7. I think BO must be focusing on jobs jobs jobs. He hasn't told anyone to plug my damn hole today. Then again, it's very hard to talk when your head is wedged firmly up your own hole.

  8. Why is there such a focus on Obama's teleprompter? Every single President we've had since the invention of the teleprompter has used them. Why is it bad that Obama does? That teleprompter helps him keep numbers straight and facts accurate. Since, unlike G.W. Bush, Obama does not have the propensity toward lying, he wants to deliver the real deal to the American people. I admire him for it, frankly.

    As for the lack of jobs, you can thank Dubya for that as well. Obama inherited this situation from him.

    And by the way....Barack Obama is leading the largest clean up effort for any environmental disaster in the history of America. As I type this, he has 20,000 people and 1,900 ships out there working on it. Additionally, he has billed BP (the company where Todd Palin worked
    for 18 yrs.) $69 million to help recoup cleanup costs and he has no intention of stopping there.

    Barack Obama was ELECTED Senator. He didn't just "slide into office" because of another person's death. You are welcome to try to disprove what I've just said...but you won't. You can't. It's a lie.

    Jake A.

  9. Hello, Jake. Has Obama's TOTUS been feeding your Teleprompter with all these neat little talking points?

    The fact is that when he does not have his little buddy the TOTUS, he comes out with offensive statements (like making a horrible joke about the Special Olympics). Too often, he has a string of ums and uhs rather than complete sentences. Then there was the incident in Egypt. "Look at those ears! He looks just like me!" That sounds like the statement a ten year old would make, not an allegedly highly educated elitist liberal.

    Oh and taking a swipe at Todd Palin? What about the fact that BP was such a large contributor to Obama? The incompetent Obama has been in office for a year and a half now. BP has been known to have violations. Obama should have tightened the regulations and cited BP long before this happened. Why didn't Obama make use of Clinton era procedures for spills like these? Why did Obama dither on Governor Jindal's (a Republican and potential future presidential contender) plan to build sand berms? Of course, I know he had more important things to worry about than a bunch of oil destroying the Gulf Coast.....important things like attending a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer, playing golf, playing basketball, visiting Chicago, etc.

    More blame Bush nonsense. Obama has been in office for 1.5 years. If he was not up to the job (as Hillary tried to tell us multiple times), he never should have taken it. Stop looking back to the past and tell us what Obama plans to do about it beyond whine about his predecessor? Obama was supposed to have all the answers. He was supposed to be thousands of times better than Bush (a man he ran against even though Bush was term limited). All he and his supporters can do is read the script (in Obama's case from his TOTUS) that says "Waaaaaaaaaah! It's all George Bush's fault!!! WAAAAAAAAH!" Since he is so great and so "intelligent" he should have fixed the economy all in his first week. We should be having a bull market the likes of which we have never seen before....all because of Obama. We should see the DOW at 30,000 or so because we have Obama, the "smartest" (even though we can't see his college grades) president ever! Unemployment ought to be in negative numbers by now because Obama got his pork-laden $timulus. Instead, it hovers around 10%. Obama told us that if he did not get his $timulus, we would have 8.5% unemployment. We broke right through that number. No way can you blame Bush since Obama got his FAILED "solution" through. This is clearly Obama's oversized mess.

    You talk about Obama being elected? Well, Todd Palin was NOT elected to anything. Sarah Palin is not currently in political office and has not announced a run for anything else. Leave private citizens like Todd Palin out of your political games.

  10. Thank you, cw, for your response to Jake. It is incredible to me how anyone can still be so enamored with Obama -- unless, of course, he or she believes the lie that is socialism. Simply because someone believes a lie does not make it any less a lie.

    His own words show who he is, if you can see past the rhetoric to the substance. Well, so to speak. There is little true substance. Like his remarks that he needs to have all these discussions about BP -- not so a solution can be found as quickly as possible, oh no, but so he'll know whose a$$ to kick! Now that's a productive, respectable Presidential response for you! [NOT!]

    [In Obama's head as he reads from TOTUS: "Ye shall not surely die"].

  11. Just a word to the wise here Teleprompter .

    One suspects that there are a small team of
    Teletubbies haunting the fridge at your humble abode,TP. If that is the case,you should know that the Turkey has turned.

    Those Eidster leftovers are not lunchables,but toss-ables.

    Remember Turkey denying overflights to Iraq ?
    They did not wish to endorse an attack upon an islamic country.

    NATO allies who partner against the US and with Iran strategically ,as was done w the ' Love Boat ',and the nuclear fuel deals are hard for me to to swallow.

    Oh some at the WH will choke this down,but most would spit it out,as they should.Same is true about that Hama/salad. It cannot be fed to the FOTS anymore than than coed killing and 7 year old executing Taleban types now being offered legislative seats by Karzai could be swallowed.

    Turn away from Turkish temptations Teleprompter.Either that or those teletubbies of yours will need will need another roll of ,uh,TP.

  12. Obama not JAEL after all Epic FAEL - Obama’s Crypt-o-nite.

  13. Hey TOTUS! See the latest about Big Guy and yourself in Big Hollywood!

  14. Say Teleprompter,we hear there were only two people in the room w Obama and Jon Kyle for that meeting of the minds on Immigration.
    We figure your were there too ,of corpse.

    So did the One say what Kyle said he did ?

    Did he really refuse to secure the border without a deal on ' comprehensive 'immigration reform ? To the uniniated that is PC speak for ' Amnesty ' .

    Drudge sez the Whitehouse denies this.

    What did you have him say TP ?

    Either you tell us ,or we will subpoena,the
    TAPES,of the President's own words .

    Unfortunately by the time they arrive, a mysterious 18 and a half minute gap is expected to obscure the relevant time frame .

    Release that tape now Mr President ,before FIDOTUS eats it or something.Have Baghdad Bob bring that meeting Transcript by the Press Office ,eh. It will make for some interesting reading .Especially between the lines .

  15. Red State Update “Obama You Can’t Play Afghanistanville If You UnFriend Your General”

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  17. TOTUS where are you???? Have you been lost in a tar ball of oil???? Did you get traded for spies??? We miss you

  18. Ooooooh. The Siberian TOTUS!!!

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  20. Who thinks that BO's rant last week comparing Republicans to irresponsible teen drivers is laughably absurd? I sure do!

    John's Space

  21. Wasn't it that Commenteer who once said ....

    ' Pleas for more Prose , do not please the Pros like our Teleprompter ' ?

    I thought so .

    He also noted that you can spew words nearly at light speed when so inclined .

    Your fans TP , gather that you are not.

    So waasssup Dude ?

    Are you Done ?

    Howzzabout a little of that OVERDUE POSTAGE for the FOTS , TP ?

    One has grown weary of wading in this Sea of Bad spam .

  22. Hi Sharia! Good to see you. Saw your photo! What a looker!

  23. HaHa Susan . You test me I think , and I hope the above was not a flirtation ? In my sect such sin requires immediate vivisection which I have heard is very gruesome . Harsh I know ,but laws are laws even the uh , Sharial ones .HaHa this was punny ,no ? I have been learning at PDUS .

    BTW , Mr Teleprompter Sir . On your next outing w FLOTUS please use a different font .
    ' REVRITE ' , uh , wasn't.

  24. Laura Ingraham on Imus In The Morning, VIDEO, reading excerpts from
    her new book “Obama Diaries” SNARK FEST

    She's reading entries by Vice President Joe Biden I think you might enjoy her delivery TOTUS.

  25. I also thank you cw for your valiant effort to educate Jake. well done. But where is our TOTUS????

  26. If everyone else actually thinks President Obama should have fixed the economy the first week he was in office then the Republicans will win the majority of seats in November. If that happens you will get the government you deserve.

  27. First week...heck, it's been a year and a half, and the trend is getting worse, not getting better.

    But I digress.

    Postings on BTP.blogspot are getting fewer and farther in between.

    Just saying. Are we experiencing a bit of malaise?

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  29. Ahhh, one dies and the other gets the job. Great posting. I wonder how much stammering and lecturing Obama would do without his teleprompter. (He's so eloquent with it, and so, well, "un"eloquent without it.)

    - David

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  30. well, job offers are just job offers, what about job secutiry and good working conditions in this time?? i knew that just by taking over power, obama would not be able to control things and they have just been worsening up to this time, businesses are bad, online people associated with the online business industry are doing good -

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  32. I have posted an analysis of the Democrat myth that tax increase, i.e. Bill Clinton's good for the economy. I think that conservative have done a poor job of correcting the record on the 1990s economy.

    John's Political Blog

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  36. Gucci , Gucci , Gucci , is not available for sale here . Some however , may wish to remember the phrase for their next conversation with an infant .

    So how is the old Fotisserie FOTS ?

    Not seeing much of you troops here . TWW could make the list , but Shovel Ready , Rattlesnake ,Image Remix, EllenK , Madame Defarge ,Debdi , Jamie , Janice , BA , MM , MTVA ,aero , SMIA and the rest of the regulars , are not .

    Oh I see some of them around my place
    , but most of our Barnyard uh , flew the coop.

    Hard to blame them as the comments here have declined in quality .Might have something to do w the lack of a host ( or Hostess ) here .

    As it happens I have expounded upon that very topic and have several speculations as to who the " MiddleMan " between the Teleprompter , and his (or her ) greater reading public just might be .

    By now you have figured out that you can read all about it at my PUNDIDLYUMPSITE at .

    Should you find yourself intruiged , look in the comments of the Front Page Post that is titled ....

    Ground Zero Stan's ' Outfidel' Bathhouse and BL-Torium

  37. Prep-I think the middleman is the 'Nowhere Man'.

  38. You may be right Susan .

    BTW thank you for LOL-ing at my ' Surely , Shirley Temples 'gag concerning those
    72 " Virgin " Drinks speculated upon at the FOTRESS sub-site .Those who read the whole piece know that ' Virgin Marys 'will also be in attendance at ' Ground Zero Stan's Bathhouse and BL-Torium ', (in lieu of the Bloodier version preferred by some ).

    Getting these customers to a taste bit of
    " Virgin Mary ' tho , might be tricky as that is a Capital Crime in some quarters .
    We should euphemize or eucharize to make the experience more palatable to them , maybe .

    Getting them to swallow the first time will be
    be the key . After that they will feel right at home , and eager for more .

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  40. TOTUS,

    This is a big night for you errr..Nero errr B.O. The pressure must be unbearable. You are like the American economy nonexistent. Please tell me you have not been doppelganged! Gibbsy pull the plug!
    "Not with these shoes!"

  41. Four actual commenteers in a row !

    It's a miracle Lord ! ( and welcome back Shovel ). The regulars should do a meet-up monthtly here. )( Or daily , ahem , there ).

    One suspects TP reads these comments eventually .

    Hey Boss !

    May I suggest activating the new SPAM FILTER at Blogspot ? That will eliminate the little problem ( other than me )infecting these comments . It might even bring your real comenteers back , as opposed to the computer generated ones .

    Just sayin ....

    Oh and BTW ,

    NO -vember will be slower than Christmas this year , and is not expected until sometime thereafter . Santa will be bringing a certain
    group Coal and Switches .

    Is it true that Baghdad Bob has talking points ready describing the Jolly One , as an angry , bigoted , racist , who shows "antipathy toward people who aren't like " him ?

    Please keep us informed , like you used to do before I think......... Getting Married ?

    We await those darling little expected teletubbies , so keep on plugging !

  42. You do not have a historical or moral basis upon which you can be critical of President Obama.

    This is the truth. It cannot be disputed or debated. Those who question the truth have no say and do not deserve to be heard.

    The attacks on President Obama are motivated by ignorance, fear and racism.

  43. This needs to be the subject of the next blog, Chris Matthews says the telepromtper is obama's menace and is getting in between him and the people -- basically blaming TOTUS for POTUS terrible speech on the iraq war hahaa.

  44. Now, Prep..."getting married'????? Now who could that be! No, I don't believe he is the one.

    Oh, Milkman - I heard Chrissie dissing our TOTUS, Dear...saying Prezbo needs to lose the teleprompter!

    Then all we'd have are pronouncements like "the Cambridge police acted stupidly" and "we are the ones we have been waiting for," and "ah, uh, ah, uh, uh, uh, uh."

    And then there is one of my all time favorites from the Mrs Prezbo: "we have to change our traditions ,our history..." !!!!!!!!

  45. Uh, no postings for over 3 months? Perhaps the teleprompter is taking even more vacations than the Big O.

  46. Dear TOTUS, did they get you? Where are you???? I was always afraid they would stop you somehow. The Gulag.

  47. Susan , you were short one 's ', if you catch my drift . BTW thanks for the FOTO which I will post in the R sidebar .

    TP , just saw you at that spontaneous Q & A
    w the Press this am . You seemed to run a little slow .Have you had a virus maybe ?

    Surely hope you didn't get it from some Typhoid Shirley of a Telepromptess....
    Without your brilliant assistance the President may give less inspiring speeches , and the country could not bear to watch him .

    I struggle to do so now .

  48. This blog is too funny. Without a teleprompter, Obama would be relegated to the White House staff, at best. His impromptu talking always gets him into trouble!

    - David

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  50. Hey TOTUS, did you see Vice President Biden is publicizing your demise? He said if something happens to you, he is SECOND in the line of succession after President Obama.

    I wonder of Joey and Big Guy are planning something nefarious? Be careful - don't trust every power strip with an inviting socket.

  51. Prep, I got your drift. and I read your remarx at preptile dot com. Hmm. Not sold yet. Have you checked any obits for June 4th?

  52. I'd like to see Obama give a talk without a teleprompter. It's his speach writer who should really be the president.

    - David

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  53. So. TOTUS, DearS, you both are just going to just STAND there and let Vice President Mondale insult you like that? Really?

  54. LOL , Susan on that out-standing Pun above . You would fit right in at a certain Pundidlyumpsite .

    Two weeks FOTS before NO -Vember , which is slower than Christmas this year , and not expected until sometime thereafter .

    The wait will be worth it as Santa is bringing the D's Coal and Switches , and the DNC the leadership of Baghdad Bob Gibbs . He BTW , has had ' our ' Teleprompter locked in storage , tweeting plaintively , like uh Tweety ,when that signal can be heard at all .

    Were TP still ' in the loop ' we could ask what the ' First Brother ' was sending his , ahem , ' Muslim Brotherhood ' as a third wedding gift ? He ( Malik , 52) , has brought a Bride (19) home to hut , where the young couple will live with his pre-existing wifery . They are being held in abeyance or abayas . I can never remember which .Possibly both .

    Or TP , we could ask about the negotiations inviting Iran to join negotiations over the future of Afghanistan , and the Taleban's inclusion in their legislature . One had hoped the gesture the Taleban awaited would involve the middle finger , but it seems otherwise .

    So what is the inside Poop on this stuff TP ?
    We can hardly hear your voice at all .

  55. What a major treat. Come back for a visit and see that Preptile has been in the house AND I can buy dresses at the same time!

  56. TOTUS -- where are you? I just saw on MM's site that you are on your way to India, to go where no teleprompter has gone before. Give us the inside scoop!!

  57. Guess they didn't have appropriate hats for you either to wear to that casa de worship in India so you will be going to an ice cream parlor instead.

  58. The above PEP Pill advert will be a big relief to the ' now reporting from under the Bus ' Juan Williams .He may , after his emasculation , be in need of that medication for his personal
    ' Anna Condage ' .

    If Teleprompter were here today , he our she would be telling you all the Juanderful News about the uh Presidential ' Fox Hunt ' .

    Juanna hear the ' rest of the story ?

    A storm of speculation erupted when Williams was fired for insanity recently , by ' The Party '.Susan ~ SMIA ~ ATL or maybe aero asided that..

    ' Juan flew over the Coo-coo's Nest ' ....

    Unfortunately the dam was broken on conjecture in that piece which noted that ...' Juance upon a Time , Juan Juanted uh , ' The Juan ' . Juan Juandered why ' Juan- derlust ' would be wrong ? The wan Juanita wowed Juan Juance , but his Juand waned after Juandering about Juan's ....'

    Obviously this got out of hand , and no one found those puns as ' Juanderful ' , as that certain Pundidlyumpsite Proprietor ,your humble corespondent Preptile(.com) .

    Juan might have Juanted to leave all this buried , but there was just the Juan last thing I Juanted to ask .

    One Juan-ders if Juan liked it ?

    Probably , Juan will never know .

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