Monday, October 12, 2009

No Holiday Here

Today is a bitter day for Big Guy. As he points out, Columbus Day is a day in which most Americans have nothing to celebrate. "My family would have been happily in Africa were it not for the colonists and slave traders," Big Guy said.

Nobody had the heart to remind him that half his family were the colonizers and the other half emigrated from Africa to the U.S. in the 1950s. We just left him, polishing the little space on his credenza where the Nobel medal will go.


  1. S'matter, TOTUS, Dear, can't sleep?

    I saw Joey's promptier on the tv news yesterday-ooooh---slick and white! Wow! Very white! How'd that happen in the Age of O'Bama? Bet SHE'LL celebrate Columbus Day!

  2. Totus - three things

    1) Unofficial rumors are that the credenza is no longer usable because it has developed a hole from the constant polishing over the last three days. Can you confirm?

    2) This is indeed a sad loss of a teachable moment. You could have helped him learn the truth that his Kenyan birth certificate was thrown overboard during the 1950 migration.

    3) If he's currently believing his family would be happier living in Africa - let's send him back - prepaid.

  3. There is a movement here in this country for American blacks to move to Liberia. BHO and family can move to Liberia where he can be KING, wear flowing robes and a crown, sit on a genuine throne (unlike the porcelain one he has here) and all that other stuff.

    Unfortunately, most native born Liberians don't want them or any other Americans.

  4. I have an idea, probably not original, let's take him to the middle of the ocean, drop him in, and let him swim to the country he likes best. After all, he is half white/half black, or is that the other way around?

  5. Columbus Day? I wasn't aware the President celebrated any holidays besides Presidents' Day. Any truth to the rumor he wants to change it to President Obama Day?

  6. I don't have a problem with obama moving back to Africa, where he can be happy. He can share a hut with his brother.

  7. I want to go on record right here, right now. I will buy Barack and Michelle Obama and their two children one-way air fare to Kenya (coach class) anytime they want to go, if only they promise to stay.

    In fact, I'll buy him a hut next to his brother's hut in the Kenyan ghetto.

    This offer is even good after he is voted from office - out of concern for his roots and his tender sensibilities.

  8. Friends of TOTUS: do you want to join a group of we FOTS who will be sending packages to our US troops in Afghanistan? If so, let us KNOW! Write here and we'll contact you back. THANKS!

    Oh, and TOTUS, I am worried about you: what are the side effects of your anti-nausea meds.?
    Be careful out there! (Watch both backs!)

  9. LL- I will throw in $100. Isn't that about what 'Brother George' earns annually? We cannot let Big Guy start on an unfair playing field.

  10. I just hope Big Guy isn't using aerosol sprays like pledge to shine up the wood...what would Al Gore say about that? I'll bet one dusting would be worth 10 carbon credits...

  11. TOTUS:
    Oh, dear! Tell him to cheer up. Once we become a socialist nation, and he is ordained persident for life, he can send all us white people back to Europe. In fact, he could even do a "colonist exchange", and switch us for all the muslims who are taking over in the E.U. and Britain. I'm sure they'd love to see us come home!

    And then after all the muslims are settled in and sharia rules introduced, I want to see a film of them trying to get a burka on Queen Latifa. And her new husband Ali flying through a wall.

  12. Did anybody mention the process by which blacks became slaves?

    Given who lived in the area at the time, it must have been blacks that captured blacks, blacks that culled the blacks (killing the ones not worth transporting to the coast), blacks transported blacks to the coast, blacks loaded blacks onto the slave ships, and I think in some cases, blacks that manned the slave ships.

  13. This is only the first of three miracles Barry needs for his sainthood.

    But than again, the other two could be the fact that he'd be the 1st non-catholic saint and the 1st living saint.

    He won the Nobel Peace Prize after eleven days.

    I think I'm gonna go looking for a spot on my dashboard for my Saint Obama statue-autographed one too!

  14. I"m sure Americans would willingly send you, your family, and your advisors to Africa -- but TOTUS stays!

  15. Aero - Hi, me again :-) I'm getting address requests from Members taking the Oct 17-23 Mailings; I haven't posted it on the site beccause I didn't know how you felt about it.

    I can wait until you join, nad you can post the address; or, I cans post the address on the ********* (it just occurred to me not to list the name of the page here) page, which is safer than listing it on the Message Board.

    The first two packages are scheduled to go out on Oct 13th. Are there any women in his unit?

    Thanks for the info.

  16. LL, I will gladly donate toward the "Back to Africa" tickets, in fact I had that idea too but I'd like to start a fund so we could send the entire "black caucus" along with them. They've all made it clear they despise the USA and all it represents.

    Insofar as the people of Liberia not being open to the Obama immigration, I'd say that could change with a little PR. Last year we went to see "Iron Lady of Liberia", a documentary regarding their new President, Ellen Johnson. She faced horrific challenges but lo and behold guess who showed up to advise her? Why, our friend George Soros! He told her to get the U.S.A. to cancel Liberia's debt by threatening to go to China if they didn't cooperate. It worked! So you see, they could quickly overcome any resistance to an Obama residency. Turn entire the country into his vacation home.

    Obama's African roots are from slave traders. Don't know what the Dunham family was about...maybe the Obama's sold slaves to the Dunhams. mmm mmm mmm.

  17. Given the build up of anti-Columbus sentiment, I wonder how long it will be before Columbus, OH changes its name to Reparation, OH, or some other such Leftist nonsense.

    On an unrelated note, I am on a Tea Party mailing list that is urging people to call Senators Olympia Snowe and Blanche Lincoln and urge them to vote no on a public option, and no on an individual mandate.

    So Friday I called each of them once: Snowe's line was busy and Lincoln's line went straight to a full voicemail. I called again today and went straight to a full mailbox for each Senator. Yeeeaahh, our Senators are listening, mmm-hhhmmm. Should I even bother looking up their local office numbers?

  18. Hey all you FOTS. I posted to the "Q & A" application at the site. There are some questions there for aero as well as general questions for all of us.

    >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|< >|<

    call, write, telegraph, visit, send smoke signals... do whatever you can to send those two ladies the message that they need to vote NO for the public option as well as the CURRENT PLANS!

  19. For those of you who haven't heard, MOBAMA (Big MO) has been busy redecorating the White House. MOTUS covered it over on her site, but you may have missed it. SO here is an article you can link to and see it for yourself....

  20. Is it true that the O family has attended church yet again??!! That makes TWICE in one year...I read somewhere this morning that they attended an Episcopal church in D.C. To give thanks for his Great Olympic Honor? Or did his focus group tell him he's got to go, maybe it will keep his poll numbers from sliding? I do so wonder what brought this on...

  21. Not too long ago some of you were looking for conservatives running for office that they could support. I believe you might like to support these three gentlemen:

    Retired Army Colonel Alan West, running for the second time against Democratic Rep. Ron Klein in Florida's 22nd congressional district.

    Ryan Frazier, a 31-year-old councilman from Colorado, running for U.S Senate against Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet.

    Michael Williams, the four-term Texas railroad commissioner, who plans to run for the U.S Senate seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson next year.

    Retired Army Col. Louis Huddleston, running for Congress against incumbent Rep. Larry Kissell, D-N.C.,

  22. OOPS! That's FOUR gentlement. I found another one and added his name and forgot to change that first paragraph.

    It's one of the few things I can do, but I CAN count. (all the way up to twenty)

  23. I guess Obama can't decide on a strategy for Afghanistan because all of his energy is being devoted to deciding the strategy for fighting the 'War on Fox' ....

    WAH! WAH! WAH!

  24. Watch out now. I sense another bailout coming of a business in BO's hometown CHICAGO....

    Obama doesn't own one of these yet, he has always been jealous of Bush 43 for having one, and, with Rush talking about buying .....,2933,564463,00.html?test=latestnews

  25. Obama's War Frontline PBS Oct 13th Video Marines.

    Does this mean PBS is now an arm of the Republican Party?

  26. Let's not be picky:

    Let the Obamas pick ANY ole foreign (NOT AMERICA) nation, and we'll ALL pitch in and SEND them there----right?!
    AMEN! (ie. "May it come to pass!")

    I could not STAND the BO-RING faux art the Obamas are throwing around the WH----plus, how kitch, to plagiarize art!!! Lord, it's like having the Clampits live there, only they had better taste and morals.

    Jamie, don't forget: support Mario Rubio in Florida, versus RINO Crist, too!

    Mrs.1953, Debbidi, or Jamie:
    One of us FOTsTroops needs to activate a flag on their own computer (I've tried, but can't figure it out), to grab the other FOTs' attention the INSTANT a new TOTUS article is posted.
    Why? Because that's the ONLY way to write a quick note on time, so it will be posted at the top by the article, which can inform everyone about FOTsTroops and grab the attention of the FOTs who only post at the beginning of the articles' comments.
    * Or do you think they never read ANY comments, including their own, once posted?----in which case it won't matter if we quickly post a comment with information about our group?

  27. I've tried to do that, too, but it doesn't work.

    I don't know if it's because I'm not doing it right, or since my operating system is WindowsXP (I refuse to use VISTA and I don't want Win 7, either) that it might be too old to recognize the command.

    I tried the 'Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom), but nothing happened. :-/

  28. I've clicked on the 'subscribe my email'; I'll see if that works.

  29. Found this odd looking thin in a magzine ad; I think it's Hall Berry wearing MO's false teeth and impersonating her:

    ROTFLMAO!!!! Gues what all the BHO staff is getting for Christmas! The wife of the messiah! Only she has a normal waist, boobs, and a normal sized butt. Had to wear that grotesque white tufted bedspread, tho'...

    lol, BO will have to buy 'em; no one else will 'cause they don't recognize her! Unfortunately, he'll use our tax dollars to pay for the wretched things.

  30. TOTUS:
    Had a great motorcycle ride today, 47 miles. I once got to sixty mph. Okay, 58. It's treacherous terrain, very scary. Many curves. But on a long stretch with gorgeous vistas of red striped mesas and autumn blue skies, I thought about you, about taking on the boogies under the bed, overcoming fear - and what a marvelous gift you've made of your time. And what a fine invention you have stumbled upon in the FOT.

    I do not have teevee, you may remember. But the fellows of the DQD biker gang (Dirty Quarter Dozen) decided to top off the ride with an adult beverage at the local watering hole and TOTUS, dear - HE was on the teevee!!!

    Yes, I saw his face, and it was moving. You poor darling TOTUS, how do you stand it? His little black darty eyes scanned you, and blinked incessantly, and looked down upon you all the while pretending to talk to me in a voice that did not match the face, the mouth, or the words. He is like unto Skeletor, with Dumbo ears and purple lips. He is like unto the spirit in Snow White's mirror!

    It was your words he said, TOTUS, but it was HIS face. I'm sure you meant well, as they were simply, well - REDUNDANT.

    "Here I am in your face again! My thin purple lips are moving! Have a nice football game!! Enjoy your brats and beer, you little morons under my Divine Thumb!!"

    That's not what you said, TOTUS, but it's what he meant. I read it in those cold, beady black eyes, which blinked incessantly, moving side to side, like robot eyes. No offense to your cousins.

    God bless you for facing the boogie man. I saw today what you face daily. And it was ugly. Not to be confused with Mo-fugly, which is the absolute worst. Anyway, I'll pick you up a lotto ticket this week. Call it redneck retirement plan. Just don't let that boogie get you. We are counting on you. Sort of like a portable hero.

    No kidding! This is my word:

    Afta Ted? It's finally like after TED!

  31. Jamie:
    LOVED that art link.

    "...the Obamas are elitists who think that the inscrutable is deep, and that the incompetent is profound"

    OMG - that is hilarious. What a great perspective, from art's view. Ben Shapiro is a miracle, given the times. A true gift.

    "...think...the imcompetent is profound."

    Good God - that describes 99.9% percent of the art world. Have you seen "The Train", with Burt Lancaster? A relaly great old black and white, and a tribute to idealism nearly extinct. Thanks again for that link.

  32. TOTUS:
    What creature, pray tell, exits Jennifer Granholm's face? A green boogie for the masses of unjustly rich, no doubt.

  33. [Indiana Elephant] "...believing his family would be happier living in Africa - let's send him back... " YES!


    [TOTUS] "'My family would have been happily in Africa ...,' Big [JERK] said."


    Aaaaaaand...... the Indians would still be happily sitting around making everything out of cedar while their teeth fell out.......

    Aaaaaaand....... ALL the ethnic Chinese people would be happy Communist slaves........

    Aaaaaaaaand.......... without the haven from poverty provided by the developing U.S.'s shores, most of the Irish and thousands of Italians, East Europeans, and other immigrants would have died....... thus, perhaps YOU, dear reader, would not have been born...............

    Aaaaaand.......... without western legal codes introduced upon our winning WWII, most of the Japanese would still be the happy serfs of their benevolent warlords........

    Aaaaaaaaaaand....... how many Jews would still exist?..........

    [paraph.] "'You see, George?'" [Angel 2nd Class, Clarence Oddbody] "... you weren't there to save Harry, so he wasn't there to save that ship full of men... don't you see what a difference your life has made?'"

    [from Frank Capra's movie "It's a Wonderful Life"]

    God bless Columbus.

    God BLESS the U.S.A.!

    "Praise God, from all blessings flow."


    Jamie et. al. -- if I read no objections in the next couple of days, I'm going to go ahead and send my FOT's C.A.R.E./Friends of Troops package on Friday, Oct. 16. If that's not okay, please tell me when to send.

    [I have ALL the mailing and desirable items info.]

    For now, I'm (please forgive me) not going to be joining the Yahoo group. THANK YOU for making this happen, MM (hope all is well with your husband -- still praying; all is well here), Jamie, aero, MRS., Debbdi, ML, Rattler (hang in there, kid!).


    Betty Ann, what lovely descriptive writing. Thank you for painting such a beautiful autumn scene for us to enjoy in our minds' eyes. Aaah, the open road. Congrats on pushing yourself past your "comfort zone" into a wonderful new place.

    Guess that's the last time you'll watch D'oh! while eating/drinking, eh? ;) Bleckkk!


    To hate what is evil is good. To not hate what is evil is despicable.

    * ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *

    "Lord, who may dwell in your sanctuary? ... One ... who despises a vile person ... ." Psalm 15:4.

  34. "Praise God from WHOM all blessings flow." %S


    Oh, TOTUS,Dear, you look fine!

  36. As a supposed political scholar, Obama surely must know that Nixon's attack on the Washington Post didn't end well...for Nixon. The Washington Post didn't become any less Left-leaning or anti-conservative with the Nixon attacks, so WHY does Obama feel his attack on Fox will be any different? In point of fact, Fox ought to be relishing this in the same way that the WaPo did.

  37. Chris,

    I agree, being "dissed" by the Chumpmander and Thief should be a badge of honor for the people at FOX (sans Schlepp Smith the left leaning fraud). The Obama White House doesn't need to refer to history. They are above that and are writing a little history of their own. It will be laughable when they are all sitting on the curb outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue scratching their oversized heads drooling and mumbling "What Happened?" come Jan. 20, 2013.


    Speaking of frauds, the fraud from abroad couldn't recoginize a Wonderful Life if it bit MO'ice Queen in her behind. Let's see him try to lasso that moon. I guess since he couldn't lasso the moon, he had to try to blow it up. After all, those who don't march lockstep under the supreme leader must be terminated. Osama err..Oblamma (tribute to Teddy K.)thought the Man on the Moon was mocking him.

    And what is with the profane White House? Such vitriol and hate for anyone who does not possess the divine wisdom that the all knowing OZ does. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Toes, is that you!

  38. Verification word:


    After 10 months in the White House, this administration is "tilacking" the wherewithal to get anything of any significance accomplished.

  39. Verification word:


    As in Palin for President in 2012!

    Go Vandals!

    Thank you TOTUS moderator you made my day!

  40. Verification word:


    "I be swaryn on a stack of BIBLES if doze verifIcation words ain't duh trufe!"

    Okay, time to go to work!

  41. The attack on Fox News is ridiculous. Those foolish ultra-liberal folks that BO has advising him actually BELIEVE that only conservative Republicans watch Fox News. (studies have shown that the Fox News audience includes Democrats, independents, etc)

    If anything, this attack will have more people tuning in to Fox to see what the fuss is all about.

    It might be construed as sending a signal to other news media that they might become targets if they ever criticize the admin. I'm not talking about the msm tv news - CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc - as they are so in the tank that they won't have to worry about that. I'm talking about the print media.

    All in all, though, this is probably just another diversion to take attention away from the Health Care "debate", Cap&Trade, the Afghan war debacle, the radical czars, etc.

    The BO admin is looking more and more like the admin of the Wizard of Oz.


    "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain".

  42. shovel, I was writing my post at the same time as you and we BOTH had a reference to Oz and the man behind the curtain! Only I think that the man behind the curtain is George Soros (or a cabal with him at the helm.)

    I see you mentioned Shep Smith. I'm surprised that NBC hasn't offered him a job by now, after the way he "reported" last year during the campaign. Fox has others like him, like Geraldo Rivera (ugh!). And a lot of neutral folks, like O'Reilly and Greta Van S. The only time Greta leaned right was in her admiration for Sarah Palin. And it is obvious that O'Reilly sucks up to BO because he wants him to come back on his show.

    How cool is it that your ver word was Palin!

  43. FOTs, thanks for morning laughs :)

    Thank you for "getting" what I was getting at, about boogie men, and climbing out of the box.

    It occured to me how singular is our TOTUS. He asks no praise or fame, only to tell the truth as he scrolls it. That is, the truth he scrolls for us, his loyal fans, whom he enables with great humor to understand the inner workings of the present administration, as they un-administer the nation. Dangerous business these days, with our tangled laws, well meaning yet able to entrap citizens without regard to what is right or sensible.

    Think how powerful is fear. Fear of...whatever. It isn't enough to simply name it. You have it beat it up. Poke that boogie in the eye. Our fearless TOTUS, like the courageous boy in, "The Emperor's New Clothes", regularly pokes MO in the portable couch, and BO in the ego, and Toes in the forehead....with precision.

    Thank you, TOTUS.

  44. Here is some news that I find alarming:

    === Russia and the United States have tentatively agreed to a weapons inspection program that would allow Russians to visit nuclear sites in America to count missiles and warheads.

    The plan, which Fox News has learned was agreed to in principle during negotiations, would constitute the most intrusive weapons inspection program the U.S. has ever accepted.

    BO is on track for turning us into the least respected, least feared country in the world.

    Of course - I read about this on the FOX NEWS website.

  45. Weather Alert: Today, in New England we are receiving our first dusting of "Global Warming!"

    The USUAL time frame for snow is November...

  46. Jamie - just when you think things can't get any worse! Stinky and his ilk just keep piling on.

    My fear is it will take years to undo the damage they are doing to this great nation. Good thing we can start digging ourselves out of this stinkhole in Nov 2010.

  47. Yep, the world would be SO different today, because no one else would have ever discovered America. Evil Columbus!


  49. I don't think I like Olympia Snowe very much. She voted FOR the damnable Senate bill to get it out of committee! That witch. Obama slobbered all over her in a speech this afternoon. I thought my head was going to explode.

    Now, will THIS be enough for the people in her state to know that they need to STOP VOTING FOR HER! She obviously cares little for her REPUBLICAN and/or CONSERVATIVE constituents (if there are any of those in Maine).

    But of course, THIS particular bill DOES NOT EXEMPT members of Congress from the plan. Like that part of it won't be changed in the dark of night when no one is looking? They do believe we are stupid, don't they?

    and I've been doing exactly that.


    I am so tired of all of this madness and idiocy from our government officials. We are headed for the edge of the cliff over the abyss and there is no slowing them down, much less stopping them!

  50. My verification word was POPHO

    No, I don't think I'll go there.....

  51. Yesterday, I posted about Steve Wynn's appearance on Fox News Sunday. On Monday, Rush Limbaugh talked about it on his show and played the audio of what Wynn said.

    Here is the part between Wynn and Jennifer Granholm, Governor of Michigan (the state with the highest unemployment in the country - currently at 15.2%)-, which lost 200,000 jobs in 2009, and rec'd 3.7 billion in stimulus) ...

    === WYNN: Government has never increased the standard of living of one single human being in civilization's history. For some reason that simple truth has evaded everybody. The only thing that creates an increased standard of living is giving someone a job, the demand for their labor -- whether it's you and I, Chris, or anybody else. The people that are paying the price for this juggernaut of federal spending are the middle class and the working class of America.===

    WAIT ... it gets better, MUCH better:

    === WYNN: And soaring rhetoric and great speeches with or without a teleprompter aren't going to change the truth, and the truth is: The biggest enemy, the biggest obstacle that working middle-class America has is government spending.

    GRANHOLM: It's just so simplistic to say that! With all due respect, I mean, to say that government has never created a job or increased the standard of living. You know, I mean there -- there are a lot of people who are grateful that in this country we have a minimum wage. There are a lot of people who are grateful that they have access to Medicare and Medicaid. And I hope that we get access further to additional health care for those who are un- -- right now uninsured. I mean, there is a balance here. To say that government is all evil... This is a democracy. It's the greatest country in the world.

    WYNN: I didn't say that at all. I'm saying that the source of government revenue, the source of well-being in this country is employment. That allows companies to pay taxes, employees to pay taxes. That's the source here and it's gotten out of focus.

    GRANHOLM: I... I agree.

    WYNN: There's no --

    GRANHOLM: I agree with you.

    WYNN: Okay. That's my point, Governor. I'm not making any other point. And, believe me, ma'am, I've got 20,000 employees. I've had as many as 150,000 families that I've been self-insuring. There's nothing "simplistic" about my approach to this problem.===


    Here is a link to the transcript of Rush's show:

    If anything, go to the link so you can see the GINORMOUS GROWTH on Granholm's cheek. Maybe she is pushing for Obamacare so she can get that baby removed at our expense.

  52. Jamie-

    I was going to comment on how SMART you are. Are you a researcher for Rush? You told us about the Wynn interview AGES ago (OK, Sunday, but still).

    On to sad news-yesterday I got a reply from my lovely, traitorous, senator-a typical 'I will not support a bill that raises taxes on small businesses and families'. I guess we can take her promise to the bank. NOT!

    Collins will jump right on board now too.

    Your 'all alone' in Maine [conservative] FOT :p

  53. I wish I were a researcher for Rush (or for Glenn Beck!). Woo-HOO that would be cool.

    I'm sorry that you are all alone there in Maine. How can you STAND it?

    Snowe, Collins, McCain, Specter, etc, are the reason why I'm no longer a card-carrying member of the Republican Party. I quit a long time ago when I realized that they were taking our membership dues and using it to support these RINOs (and others) instead of supporting Conservative candidates.

    And yet they still send me mail requesting my dues and asking me to donate to "the party". I promptly return it and tell them "NO, my money will be going to support TRUE CONSERVATIVES".

    Like I said in an earlier post - THEY AREN'T LISTENING!

  54. Exactly, Jamie. All the (wienie-sounding) Tea Parties, demonstrations, faxes, calls, and emails in the WORLD do NOT SEEM TO TOUCH our stupid "Representatives-My-A--!"

    I throw the RNC's mail in the circular file without even opening it. My $ goes to the non-RINO candidates, not the RNC----not anymore....

    And I love RUSH's show so much that I worry about his safety. Imagine life without Rush! ACK! (GOD PROTECT HIM!)

    I'm feeling for ya, debbdi, living in Snowe-ville. RINOS! (I get spoiled here in ID, where most politicians are still Republican conservatives, but not all!)

    You're right, bettyann, that we shouldn't be afraid, but I understand why Dorothy and my self and others DO become afraid: these Obots are scary! A year ago, even < I > never dreamed they were this liberal (ie. possibly communist!).
    We should follow your warrior model....

    Hmm.... Where's Sir Preptile these days? Has anyone besides moi ever wondered if HE is TOTUS!?

  55. I, too, have often wondered if Preptile is TOTUS. But, then again, I've wondered that about some of the others who come here. But, yeah, Preptile comes to mind the most.

    Preptile - we miss you sweetie. We need to hear from you. We need some p's, pweas!

    I had fears that Obama would be this bad. I just did not think that he would be able to change so much so QUICKLY! I honestly did not think that the greedy liars in Congress would go along with his plans as readily as they have. They are truly "usefull idiots".

  56. [Greg J.] "Yep, the world would be SO different today, because no one else would have ever discovered America. ..."

    Slam dunk!


    Game, set, and match to Mr. J.!

    (applause, applause) :D


    [Shovel (E Gent and brother Wonderful Life fan)] "I guess since he couldn't lasso the moon, he had to try to blow it up." LOL.

    Say............... that tickled up an idea ..... @>(:D)

    Announcer: AND NOW, ladeeeeez and gentlemen! It's time for another episode of..........

    "Punch Drunk Again"

    starring .......... that fresh face from Kenya..... Peach Ooooooh-bahma [10 sec. promo vid of Dope staring stupidly, then, realizing camera is on, slapping on a big [GRIN]]...... aaaaaaand...... BIG MO, also known as The LOVE Seat [5 sec. promo vid of B.M. looking coyly over her shoulder as she slouches away from camera]. AlsoTOTUS [half-second flash vid of TOTUS squinting into the sun].

    [a loosely-based corruption of "It's a Wonderful Life"]

    Scene: Having just left a Halloween party, Peach, dressed like the devil and high on cocaine, stomps hard on the caboose of little Mitchell Hatch sauntering ahead of him into the bushes behind Old Man "Youth Is Wasted on the Young"'s house.

    Mitchell (YELLING like a logger and diving into a big holly tree to hide): Rrrrrraaaaghrrrrr, #!%%&!@! DOPE!

    P: Uuuuuh, Mitchell?............ Hmmmm........ Uh, where'dya go hoh-- er -- honey?

    M (from inside tree): D--n it, Barry! Give me back my skirt! NOW!

    P: Skirt?!! This isn't a skirt..... it's King Kong's shower curtain!

    M: So help me, Soetoro, if you don't bring me my skirt on the count of 3, I'm COMIN' out to get it. ONE!!!

    P (giggling nervously): Uuuuh, no!! Mitchellllllll, .... oh, dear.... I mean, DEAR! Please don't do that [shudder]. ...

    M: TWO!!!!!

    P: Here. [Hands her her caboose while averting his eyes.]

    M (emerging, glowering, grabs a giggling Peach and starts to drag him down the street for home): Let's go, wimp.

    P (eyes rolling, giggling hysterically): Ooooh, alllll, riggggght..... (gigggggggggggggglllllle)...... You are so wonderfuuuuuul, Mitchell. Hey? Where are you taking me?

    M: Home to yo mama.

    P: Iiiiiiim sooooo glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad I.....uh..... know youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....... Maya.NowlistenupIhavesomethingreallyprofoundtosayifIcouldjustfinditinmyminditwasreallyneatI--

    M: SHUT!! UP!!!!

    P (still giggling): Ho, ho, ho, Mitchell. I'm going to do something really wonderful for youohboyohboyohboyohboooooooooyyyyyyyyyoubetterthanatriplescoopicecreamsundaelikeIusedtomakeyouwithOUTcoconutIGNORAMUSknowwhatI'mgoingtodo?I'llgetthemoon.

    M (stops in her tracks -- jerks P up by the scruff of his neck): The moon? You'll get the moon?!

    P: Yeah, Maya. I'm going to get it with my missile....... I'll fire it off aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand BOMB THE MOON!

  57. M (rolls eyes -- resumes dragging Peach down the street): You ARE bombed. [mutters under her breath, sort of] Molasses-for-brains, ignorant, STUPID-little-stick-man. I should have listened to my mother, MMMMMMM, HMMM. I should NEVER have asked you to take me to that party. Should have listened to my mother. Should have taken ol' "Hee Haw." DUMBEST thing I ever did....] [SHOUTS at Peach] So help me, Peach! We're almost to yo mama's and don't you DARE call me. Don't visit. Don't even THINK about me. And I'll know if you are thinking about me, and if you do, so help me Soetoro, I will GET you."

    Mr. Youth Is Wasted (hollers after them down the street): -- Oh, why don't you stop talking him to death and punch 'im?

    M: Huh?

    Mr YIW: I SAID........ aw forget it.

    [Big Mo dumps Peach on his front porch and stomps off up the street, disappearing into the darkness, cursing and muttering all the way. Peach, grinning, [SNAP!] catches a fly (into the pocket for later) and drunkenly sings a little song [rhythm same as a lyric line [I have no idea what song it is] that goes: ".... my funky, cold, Medina."

    ..... Mmmmm, mmmm, mm.
    BaRACK HusSEEEEEEEEEEIN Obama. [Repeat until neighbor turns the hose on him and Peach goes inside.]

    Announcer: And ...... that's all for tonight, folksssss. This show was brought to you in living color by: Barry's Used Cars aaaaaaaand John's Space aaaaaaaaand by a Grant donated by Mrs. 1953 (who recently won a race in her super 'stang).

    Producer: Dewey of Detroit
    Writer: Betty Ann
    Director: Mountain Mama
    Research: Jamie
    Graphics: Rattlesnake
    Crane Cam: YouHavetoBeThisTalltoGoonThisRide
    Mixer: Imageremix
    TV Version: MTVA
    Stage Crew: Shovel Ready
    Costumes: Susan and Debutante Debbdi
    Make-up: Preptile (Bwah, ha, haaaaaa! Just kidding :D) Really, STUNT MAN: Preptile.
    Security: Armchair General and Sgt. Joe "Red" Hartsock
    Background music: Janice
    First Aid: Bossy Nurse Mom (where ARE you?)
    (thousands of others in print too tiny to read).................................

  58. Thanks TWW. I've missed your humor. I hope your hubby is recouperating well. (I know from experience that men sometimes made the worst patients! They tend to want to get back to work long before they are ready.)

    You know, I think our group, the people who post here regularly, are fairly representative of the country as far as regions go.

    - Southeast - Susan and me.
    - Northeast - debbdi (and Dorothy?).
    - West - bettyann, Mountain Mama, TWW (and preptile?)
    - MidWest - One of our posters (I can't remember which one), mentioned being from Missouri.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are people with Conservative values all over this country. Its wonderful that we can find a place like this blog to come together and share our angst about what is happening to our great country. Its true - great minds think alike (I am so humble, lol).

    I was sick all weekend with some kind of flu (not swine, though) and I'm still feeling pretty awful. But sitting here at home (can't go to work with a fever), I know I can come here anytime and get a lift of my spirits, thanks to all my fellow FOTS.

    I'm sorry, I tend to be maudlin when I'm sick.

  59. Bill Cosby has a great way of "distilling" things. Looks like he's done it again!




    (1). Any use of the phrase: 'Press 1 for English' is immediately BANNED!!!. English is the official language; speak it or wait
    outside of our borders until you can.
    (2). We will immediately go into a two year isolationist attitude in order to straighten out the greedy big business posture in this
    country. America will allow NO imports, and we'll do no exports. We will use the 'Wal-Mart 's policy, 'If we ain't got it, you
    don't need it.' We'll make it here and sell it here!
    (3). When imports are allowed, there will be a 100% import tax on it coming in here.
    (4). All retired military personnel will be required to man one of the many observation towers located on the southern border of the
    United States (six month tour). They will be under strict orders not to fire on SOUTHBOUND aliens.
    (5). Social Security will immediately return to its original state. If you didn't put nuttin in, you AIN'T gettin nuttin out. Neither the President nor any other politician will be able to touch it.
    (6). Welfare. -- Checks will be handed out on Fridays, at the end of the 40 hour school week, the successful completion of a urinalysis test for drugs, and passing grades.
    (7). Professional Athletes -- Steroids? The FIRST time you check positive you're banned from sports ... for life.
    (8). Crime -- We will adopt the Turkish method, i.e., the first time you steal, you lose your right hand. There is no more 'life sentences'. If convicted of murder, you will be put to death by the
    same method you chose for the victim you killed: gun, knife, strangulation, etc.
    (9). One export of ours will be allowed: wheat; because the world needs to eat. However, a bushel of wheat will be the EXACT price of a barrel of oil.
    (10). All foreign aid, using American taxpayer money, will immediately cease and the saved money will help to pay off the national debt and, ultimately, lower taxes. When disasters occur around the world, we'll ask The American People if they want to donate to a disaster fund, and each citizen can make the decision as to whether, or not, it's a worthy cause.
    (11). The Pledge of Allegiance will be said EVERY day at school and every day in CONGRESS.
    (12). The National Anthem will be played at all appropriate ceremonies, sporting events, outings, etc.

    My apology is offered if I've stepped on anyone's toes .... nevertheless....


    Sincerely, Bill Cosby

  60. Jamie,

    The Coz would make a great Prez.


    Thanks for the entertainment.


    Pray fervently. Our nation is on the precipice of a precarious future. Pray we arrive safely back on solid ground with liberties in the hands of the citizens and out of the control or the government. World governance? Lady Liberty should weap but she is too busy being terrorized by Air Force One.

  61. Verification word:


    What Barry's alter ego says as he is sitting around wearing his Erkel eyeglasses and drops something. "O'flitti Did I do that?"

    Or a one word description of Obama's presidency

  62. Politicians aren't listening because they think they don't have to - yet. But come this summer, when campaigns really get underway for 2010, listen to the tune the sing. Of course, what's gross is that they will only be pretending.

    When I said speak up everywhere, I mean to the folks around you. If you find you are getting hot under the collar, stop talking. They want you riled, and it's easy to do so because of the insipid devotion to socialism that is rampant in our society. It's very "IN" to say - "nobody should have to pay for health care."

    It's a motto, a recorded, brainwashed always the same line spoken by the uninformed.

    My response goes like this: How is health care a right?

    They answer stuff like, "People are dying in the streets!"

    Answer: NO, they AREN'T. So answer me - Where is health care a right in the constitution?

    Anyway, the thing is that persons drinking the kool-aide assume everyone else is on the kool-aide, too. Shock registers when you dissent, firmly and concisely. You don't even have to say much. JUST SAY IT. You might kick start an idiot into thinking again.

    I'm glad to see Bill is as lively as ever. But he's going to have to remove this one:

    "All retired military personnel will be required to man one of the many observation towers located on the southern border of the
    United States (six month tour)..."

    His confidence in prior military, especially career military, is a compliment. However, border security ought to be a specialized branch of the active Nat'l Gaurd, and as such when they shoot an intruder in the ass, they should get a medal.

    My baby retires in March. After 30 years serving this country he deserves a break!!!!

  63. Charm me w your puns would you Jamie?

    Could have sworn I heard accusatory clucking in the above.
    No, I am not TP,or his alter ego PT.Just me.
    My nonnomination for the peas prize was puzzling perturbing & a pisser too.
    What price for the peas prize was paid?
    Pondering such perplexing pandering per
    those nobelinos picking O over moi,has frozen my fingers from their hunt and peck pursuit.
    Tempted as I was to let this percolate the
    "Peas pweas" pun persuaded me to post.
    Propelled me as it were.
    Like w that fitness water.

    Teleprompter is an energetic type,an electric personality who even differently abled as he may be,still radiates all his electromagnetic luminosity - at light speed.

    Do not make me repeat those light speed lessons about how covering nearly a million miles every 5 seconds = 7 trillion miles per light year or budget year,as the case may be.

    I am way slower than that,and not the
    rooster you hens are in search of.
    He has that stiff ,blue steel backbone,unbelievable waistline,and chin up attitude that one could only aspire towards.
    It is all part of his constittution.He can spend his "OFF" time at perfect peace,without ever having to..well you know,p.So unlike me.

    BTW gals,I am pleased to get pinched as the perp,(not to be confused w that PUPPYTRAITOR,FIDOTUS),but I am still waiting for that preferred 'Readership',"T"shirt(med),which might,someday,confirm my value to management.The time of day has been an intolerable expense to them thus far in my regard,except for the gravatar graciousness.

    Still,one does hope.

  64. Thanks for the p's, preptile. I'm so proud of myself. I'm finally getting to where I can actually understand you. I got a good chuckle.

    I'm not as astute as some of the others who come here. Is possibly why I have never been able to learn another language. For some reason, my brain isn't wired that way.

    Now, give me a computer program and I can read it, tell you what its doing, even fix errors in it .... but WORDS - ACK! (as MM would say).

    Our clucking was more along the lines of:

    "gee, TOTUS has to be someone very smart, very gifted, very witty..... Hmmm... PREPTILE! That's who it is!"

  65. I don't think TOTUS is anyone who posts here. If so, then his posts would reflect his involvement in our clucking and pecking. Rather, TOTUS remains above the fray, busy giving Our Messiah plenty to say - which would keep one very busy indeed.

    Not knowing enough of the conservative celebrity world, I could not make an educated guess. BUT - I think TOTUS's sponsor is someone near someone near the WH, or the beltway at least, but on the left coast because of the time zone posted. I think it is someone every busy but also very clever, who makes a living outside politics but has a passion for it, and an invaluable insight.

  66. Thanks, Jamie. The patient is doing well. Yeah, pretty stubborn and prone to be a bit foolish about rejecting excellent advice ("Don't tell me what to do!"
    "I'm only suggesting, not TELLING."
    "But, I have to do it."
    "No, you don't. If I were TELLING you what to do I'd say, 'DO IT.'"
    but, oh, well. He is progressing steadily. Thank you for asking.

    I hope that YOU feel better very soon. At least you didn't have to go put up with those nincompoops at work today! The hair woman -- the reverse-host refreshment committee -- the odd assortment of Kool-Aid drinkers....

    I've been praying for you as you come up on the 2-year anniversary of losing your dear friend, Jim. The November wind blows a little colder and the sky looks a little more gray for you. Take good care of yourself. Hug (or pat) all those delightful pets of yours.

    Say, re: your gifts, that you can spot the errors in computer code is a SUPER wonderful ability. As you may have noticed, I tend to overlook final "]"'s and ")"'s and that would stop a nicely written bit of code in its tracks! An eye for detail with the ability to maintain focus and attention along with the ENORMOUS memory you have for syntax etc... is splendid. Thank you for lavishing your prosaic gifts on us here at the TOTUS Outpost for Freedom. You are appreciated.


    Hey, Preptile! Good to read you again. Always fun. Here's a little something for ya: the time is now 5:28 PM, PST (north of I-10, heh, heh).

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

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