Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Worth a Thousand Words ...


  1. Dear TOTUS-
    OUCH!! the truth hurts

  2. Sad.

    The symbol of an entire United States presidency.

    Good lookin' 'prompter, though!

  3. Oh TOTUS, you are a handsome figure of a teleprompter! Humbly deserving, and richly endowed with all it takes to lead the world to peace, and keep the Reader of the Free World from stumbling over his own ego.


  4. Congrats TOTUS he'd be nothing without you.

    Oh wait...he's still nothing with you...but he'd be sans a Nobel Booby, I mean Peace Prize.

  5. You've lost some weight, haven't you? Big Guy's working you too hard...

  6. "You're so vain,
    I'll bet you think this song is about you,
    Don't you,
    Don't you..."

    Well deserved, I'm sure.

  7. FOTs, do you want to help send packages from the FOTs to our troops!? Let us know!

    TOTUS, you da teleprompter!
    BO is NOTHING without your scrolling....

  8. Hey TOTUS, remember what you said on Oct. 2?

    "Well, Big Guy gave it his best shot. He used me superbly on stage this morning, but alas, there is no gold medal for reading from a teleprompter. Though there should be."

    Either you knew about this Nobel medal coming, or the Committee reads the blog. Hmmm....

  9. Congratulations, TOTUS.

    Couldn't have happened to a harder-working device!

    Just think about the memory and software you can get for the $1.4 million prize!

  10. "...and one part to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses."

    It's amazing, TOTUS, when you really think about what it takes to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Why, on reflection, nearly everything promised, spoken, and intended appears to have been tailor made to recieve this esteemed prize!

    But now that it's been awarded, what will be done about the despots who blow raspberries, the escalations of violence and need for more troops, and our pissed off allies?

    Maybe they will award an apres Nobel Peace Prize Peace Prize. Better get to work.


    My word:


    Ohpshees! He should have consulted Big Mo before giving away all that sneakers and sweat suits money.

  11. BO really wants to be King of the World.
    Let's give it to him.

    Just don't anyone leak it to him that he actually wields no power; he'll only THINK he does.

    Um.... same as now....

  12. Reporter: So, tell us, how exactly did you win the Nobel Peace Prize in less than two weeks?

    Dope: Uuuuuuuuuuuh................ . Words.

    Reporter: And?

    Dope: Just words.

  13. MM, Jamie, et. al.,

    In case it wasn't noted, here's my 2-day notice that I'll be sending my FOT's C.A.R.E./Friends of Troops package on Friday, October 16th unless I read an objection soon.

    I have all the mailing/desired items info..

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

    Hope all is well with your brother, Aero. Been praying for him.

  14. Not that it matters, but I didn't know you are Black.

    Makes sense I suppose, working for Big Guy.

    Commonality of thought and all that.

  15. Guess it got Rahm'd through.

    N orway
    O beys
    B arack's
    E vil
    L ackey

  16. TOTUS, Dear, I am too tired to complain (translation: wine) but it seems I linked this award deserving Ramirez cartoon in a previous post. I think you are connected to the National Revu or Weekly Standard. Can I get a 'mabye'? Sometimes they also are a day or 2 ..........

  17. TWW - I apologize for not letting you know that its ok for you to send your pkg on the 16th. Thanks for participating!

  18. HI, TWW! I am so glad you are sending a package! You're a sweetie!

    How are things going with your poor dear husband? Is he recovering from his major surgery! (ACK!)

    My husband has more consults next week; thanks in advance for continued prayers. We think the docs are getting close to a final diagnosis here - gulp....)

    BTW, has anyone else noticed how THIN Al (formerly "Tubby-Tummy") Gore was last week, when he was "so picked on by that mean reporter who asked an actual question - WAH?"

    I wonder if Gore hopes to run for President someday, if BO gets impeached.

    My sincere prayers are for the health of BO and Biden, because WHO WANTS PELOSI!
    (I do! I do! ---NOT NOT NOT!)

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  20. I just unsquished my eyes, and it's been 8 mintues and nobody has destroyed me.

  21. All right. FOTae Hens- believe it or not?

    The coast is still clear.

    Could it be true that nobody cares about us but ----US?

  22. I'm just. Astounded at the lack of interest. 10:45 mtn.

  23. Betty Ann smiled at her pretty reflection in the mirror of her Harley, and said, "I'm refreshing."


    Say, Betty Ann, seriously, all this accident-proneness came up AFTER you shocked your system with a jolt of the Dolt in Chief on TV in that bar last weekend (?). That man is disturbing! BE CAREFUL.

    Yeah, I suppose we all ought to designate a durable power of posting in the event of our untimely demise so our attorney-in-fact will notify our fellow FOTS.... Really, I do wonder what happens so some people who were so much fun and bright and enthusiastically posting, then ----- nuthin'. Sure hope FreeUSA, BarrysUsedCars, Shaun, Couchpotato, BossyNurseMom and many others are OKAY!

    So....... did you try to get that burnt piece of toast out with a fork before unplugging the toaster? Fill a gas can while it was sitting on your tailgate (not grounded)? Run with scissors? Or any other fun stuff today? ;) Heh, heh. I have LOTS of that stuff I could tell you about, but, hmm, I just can't seem to remember it right now -- LOL.

    MM -- thanks for asking. All is progressing steadily. Still praying for you and your husband.


    Indiana Elephant -- SUPER clever. Nice one. :D I think those crazy Norwegians [I'm 1/16 %)] think "peace prize" is "pisprise" which they think translates to "big surprise." Thus, they try to pick the least likely person in the world anyone would think deserves it. "Gotcha that time!" they gleefully chortle.

    RE: two threads ago, thanks, Shovel.

    Jamie, no need to apologize. Thanks for the Go Ahead. :)

  24. bettyann, sorry you are lonely, fear not, we are here! we are here! (think the Whos on the dust-speck) I do miss all the fun and lively postings and hope they come back soon.

    My paranoid self thinks they've been compromised...

  25. I was worried about my email address. I was watching my mail box. Still, no mail. No little trash cans either, to erase the post. I hope Jamie got it! The times you shared info for the Friends Of Troops packages were times I was not online, and missed it all :(

  26. The trash can popped up, email address removed. Jamie, did you write it down??

    Scary stuff, huh? Being squeezed to death by apron strings wrapped up in motorcycle spokes doesn't sound like a fun way to go. Surely there are angels watching out for us all. Mine was on the ball yesterday!

  27. Imus and Chris Wallace discuss The White House giving FNC the cold Shoulder.

    Imus, I can see MSNBC from my window.

  28. TWW, I've been away from the PC a lot, but it's DEFINITELY okay for you to send the package tot he Troops :-)

    The more the merrier :-D

  29. Bettyann, are you OK. We are all here and everythings going along fine. TOTUS will send you some peace vibs from his award. Hanging from the side of TOTUS is the best place for the dummy award. Not that you are dumb TOTUS just the leader of the free world.

  30. bettyann, I went to bed early last night (too pooped to pop) and was no longeg online when you posted it, so I didn't get it.

    If you see this, it is now 5:05 CT (I think 6:05 MT). I should be online for a while tonight, at least until 9:00 CT. If you are online now - give me a time to be on (or a time that you want to share info) and I'll be here. We will work something out. My email, your email, FOT email address, whatever.

    I had an eye exam today, and my eyes are still VERY MUCH dilated, BUT, I can see pretty good. I drove home like this - EEK! Its raining and I just prayed that nothing smaller than a car got in front of me. Else I probably would have hit it (and that's even with the funny little sun shades). How can drug addicts stand having dilated pupils?

  31. OOPS. I meant I that its 4:05 MT..... You guys are an hour behind me....

    I can see if I squint ..... Just makes my forehead wrinkles deeper, and my crow's feet longer, that's all. Just what I needed. ( I
    wonder if botox will be coverend under Obabacare?) Last time I had my eyes dilated for an eye exame, it took over FOUR HOURS to go back to normal.

  32. Botox IS covered IF you are the Speaker of the House. Think of the money that would trickle down keeping Fancy Nance's face up!

  33. verification word: grala

    How MO pronounces the name of those big monkeys at the zoo.

    MO-"Look at the grala's girls!"

    TOTUS, do you light up with Peaches? Is that how you both keep your tiny waists?

  34. bettyann! What happened last night!? You okay? It sounds like something scary!

    I'm concerned, because people aren't posting as often (including me).

    Frankly, I think the comedy has worn off, and the horror at BO has really set in HARD on people. (On "NORMAL" people, that is: real Americans who can't stand how BO is out to ruin the USA!)

    Preptile, we need you to come back here and whomp us upside the intellect----and TOTUS, your humor is keeping people going, sir.

    SHINE ON, guys!----and a little more often, please!

    Hey, I received a funny email today:


    Obama has won the Heisman Trophy----
    after watching a football game!

    Heh heh....

  35. bettyann, I left you a puzzle. check out the old thread for no holiday. I believe its post #69.

    MM - bettyann conducted an experiment involving electricity and a power drill. Needless to say, the results were shocking! Absolutely shocking!

    Not meaning to poke fun, but since everything turned out ok, I just had to do it.


    So I could get a CHARGE out of it.

    AACK! (MM, ever since you introduced me to that, I like to say it - AACK!)

  36. goes perfectly totus with the gold medal the olympic committe has given you! when can we expect you to win the medal of honor?

  37. Oh, TOTUS, Dear, I simply could not stand to watch the BG's speech in NO yesterday, but I did catch snippets of it on news shows.

    Is the Boss getting dumber and dumber every day? I never heard BG sound so immature- no just damn childish.

    Guess you had the day off, bless your heart.

  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Obama from Kenya, archived report says
    Revives worry about president's eligibility for office

    Posted: October 15, 2009
    2:34 pm Eastern

    By Bob Unruh
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    An archived article from 2004 on Barack Obama's run for the U.S. Senate in Illinois describes the relative political newcomer as "Kenyan-born," providing further fuel for speculation over the president's eligibilty for office.

    WND has noted various news reports that have either stated or implied Obama's birthplace is not Hawaii, as he has claimed, but Africa.

  39. Yikes,

    Hearing of Betty Ann's "current" situation reeminded me of Potergeist.

    Just walk towards the light Betty Ann!

    Honestly, glad you are okay.

    In reference to the lack of posts, I think people check in often to see if TOTUS has written anything new. If not, they move on. Or, they may be like me, God forbid, and be too busy to post. None the less FOTs are all together in spirit.

    MM, TWW,

    I keep you and your hubbies lifted up. I have a brother in law who had surgery yesterday to remove a mass. His 3rd such surgery in recent years. I lost another brother in law last year to leukemia after nearly 5 years of fighting. Medicine as we currently know it is in jeopardy. People don't understand that the research that leads to saving lives may cease to exist if this debacle gets passed in congress. Sad indeed.


    I am waiting for the TOTUS "One Shining Moment" DVD to hit Amazon. Is it true the asked BO "Mr. President, you have just won the Nobel peas price. What are you plans now?"

    BO: "I'm blowing up Disneyland!" (one of the last bastians of free enterprise).

  40. verification word:


    Let me use it in a sentence.

    Magic Johnson: "Barack be winnin' that Nobel peas price just by doin' thangs the way 'e due!"

  41. shovel ready and MM:
    Eh...nuthin' to it. A streak of acting out blonde jokes, it all.

    Woke up in the night sad for a country with a media so powerful and biased for an homogenized culture, poilitically correct and stifling, and willing to (gleefully) libel a private citizen whose crime is to speak his mind, be rich for it, and desire to invest in a hobby.

    Jesse Jackson is next in line behind Ted Kennedy as the person whose demise will make this citizen clap and shout for joy. Give ihim a toaster and a knife, somebody!

  42. along with Al Sharpton.

    hip, hip, hooray

    two less bigoted, racist, hate-mongers gone to their own JUDGMENT.

    They don't really believe in God, or they wouldn't be saying and doing the things they are.

  43. Horrible day with rheum arthritis, so I'm typing (poorly) with only my left.

    MRS, you have put your typing fingers on the absolute POINT: when people consistently aren't following the disciplines or spirit of Christ, then we know they aren't even TRYING to be Christian!----and it's particularly galling when they are supposed to be leaders/ministers.
    I am so sorry for Rush; somewhere deep inside, it must hurt a lot, even him, to be lied about so much it's EVIL!

    bettyann, I am so glad you're okay. Yipes! Electricityis dangerous!
    Yeah, they've hidden BO again----especially since he ticked off MO, the spoiled snot dsughter of a Dem precinct captain in CHICAGO! (YIPES!)

    shovelr. you're a sweetheart; thanks for praying. I'll pray for your b-in-law's health.

    Pray for our troops, whom BO is ignoring!!!!!!!!!

  44. uh, bettyann -- don't use a clothes dryer outlet to anchor the end of a metal tape measure, either.

    That's all I have to say about that . . . .

  45. Maybe if he had taken you with to NOLA, he wouldn't have sniped at that question. Of course, he could have also hidden from Tea Party protesters in San Francisco if he had taken you along.

  46. Bettyann, I sent you the info (once I remembered, lol.)

    In regard to the New Orleans trip - I'm surprised that no one here has mentioned the cute little boy in NO who SPONTANEOUSLY, without any prompting or coaching (yeah, right) asked BO "Why does everybody hate you? God tells us to love everybody" (or something to that effect).

    No set up there, no, uh-uh.

    And of course, BO was able to respond, "Well, I was elected President, so not everybody hates me. And I got a LOT of votes, yea, a LOT of votes". (Oh, and he prefaced his statement to the little black child with "Boy,...". ?? BOY ?? Isn't that racist?

    Smug bastard.

    BO is keeping a low profile right now. Remember, he is supposedly working diligently with his people to decide on a "new strategy" for Afghanistan. But he isn't.

    BO is out there, he is just speaking to his BASE right now, his sheeple, the ones who LOVE him. He is in campaign mode, appearing at Dem fundraisers and in places like New Orleans, playing to his base - the liberal left and the poor with their hands out.

    He wants to stay out of sight of all the rest of us so that his henchmen can go after Fox News, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and try to destroy them. He also has the msm working hard to insert his agenda into current television programming.

  47. Here are links to article about what I alluded to in my past post about Obama having the msm "insert his agenda into current television programming".... (Brietbart's Big Hollywood has a series about this). All I can say is, I'm glad I don't watch regular tv. If anything, read Part II - it will get your attention!

    === LEAKED NETWORK MEMO REVEALS: Obama Controls Your Television Setby John Nolte

    On September 10th of this year the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) posted a press release informing the world that “from October 19-25, more than 60 network TV shows [will] spotlight the power and personal benefits of service,” and that this “unprecedented block of TV programming is the first wave of a multi-year ‘I Participate’ campaign.” ===

    PART I -

    PART II -

    A list of the "I Participate" programs:

  48. Great job today at A&M telepromter... those of us who were touched by Erin Buenger's life truly appreciate your shout out to her today. Its just a shame that she was not able to make it 6 more months to see todays events. She would have really enjoyed it.

    I laugh daily at this blog, and Obama - but today I was brought to tears. Thanks Teleprompter for that speach.... thank you!

  49. Did you guys see POTUS and FLOTUS dancing like the stars on Tv yesterday?
    Something was familiar about that dance step.
    Might it have been the boogie wookie?
    I noticed that MO could be kinda Mary Tyler Mooreish.Except mostly the Moors never smiled much.Until Mary.She could turn the world on w her smile.
    MO's smile more resembled Nancy Reagan's as she insisted that Edwin Meese had the full faith of her husband's administration.
    On a personal level,Nancy just hated those Meeses to pieces.You could see it in her 'smile'.Both of those frauleins favored one of those frozen,even fractured frowns forced into a phoney friendly facial expression.
    Call it somewhat of a constipated countenance.
    Perhaps Pelosian.
    Either might give a Halloweener a fright,especially if accesorized w plastic flowers ,steel beltage and candy apple green sneakers.

    Wonder whether the One will celebrate 'all hallow's eve' or Halloween at the WH.
    The Old English All Saint's Day celebrations recently became Valentine's Day for certain segments of our population & Devil's night in another.
    Sounds like just the religous outreach this WH would be most likely to make.
    Betting on Baptists being welcomed over for Christmas dinner seems foolish,but making a wee wager on Uigher Muslims mustering up might make a mutt some money.

    OT,BTW,I have been offline a bunch.
    Still mostly posting from a library as current computridge demands.
    Occasionally I can get online at home on my viral computer,but only minutes a day.
    Consequently I have only been to the FOTS site once,and did not sign in.
    Rather than being assigned a date certain,which I may not even know of,my
    contributions will probably be on an unscheduled free lance basis.
    I did get a box at the PO yesterday,but am bewildered by APO regs and customs declarations and must hire translators and CPAs for full compliance.

    We should give this job to an unemployed FOT.
    Once educated in Military minutae,they might trim this job to minutes,
    instead of the several hours the uninitiated will spend.
    They could also put some food on their table in the effort.
    We FOTAE should stick together like that both for our troops
    and others suffering under his emminence's imminent Oconomic depressions.

    Welcome Aboard to all you new commenteers.
    About time some of you dear prudents came out to pplay.

    Perhaps I can persuade you to support my
    presumed bid for next year's Peas Prize.
    Some suspect I am more prizeworthy than the current recipient.
    Having done more to win it than the Won,
    I would certainly prize a Peas uh,Prize.
    Probably prohibititivly pricey for my poor purse,as lately I am hard pressed to pay attention.
    Primarily so,when the One preaches.
    Please pardon my peeing all over this post.
    One's bad habits seem to persist.

  50. Shovel, thank you so much. Just prayed for your brother-in-law.

    Preptile -- glad you persevered so pluckily at posting from a public place in which pondering and parsing is plumb perturbing. Pardon.

    Just prayed about the computer situation -- hope God says, "Yes," soon!

    LOL. Mr. P., you came up with THE ULTIMATE insult for Big Mo: "You remind me of Nancy Reagan." BWAH, HA, HA, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    Big Mo is likely pleased with her "portable couch" (LOL, Betty Ann, that is so funny), treasures her trashy wardrobe, plastic flowers, chrome green shoes and all, and she probably isn't disturbed one ioter ;p (eh, Jamie?) at Dope an' the wayedue [cute, Shovel] so many things soooo STUPIDLY.

    But, the thought of being like Nancy Reagan...... hoooooweee. :D

    Write a piece about that, MM, and get one of your former publishers to put into their magazine/paper. Vanity Fair would be PERFECT.

    [Start of MM's article] -- "MO has been compared to Jackie Kennedy, to Oprah, and even to a Wookie, but of whom does MO remind me? Nancy Reagan. I'll wait until you've wiped up the coffee you just spilled on this page before continuing. Both women wore or wear controversial wardrobes. Both value style over substance. And both have perfected what has been described by that perspicacious pundit, Sir Preptile, as "one of those frozen, even fractured, frowns, forced into a phoney-friendly facial expression ... a constipated countenance. Perhaps Pelosian." .......

    Get that published and that pugnacious imPOSTER-spouse may just self-implode from mortification. Wouldn't change much about Hopey that Clown & Co., but at least we wouldn't have to look at her glowering Grimness anymore.


    Who is Erin Buenger?

  51. Hopey THAT Clown?!!!?! Haw, haw, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!

    I love typos!

    Okay, now for a really good word......

    Hmm. "swarc." I think it's in code:


  52. Swear to a "Certification of Live Birth" [via your agent] and be awarded "Natural born United States citizen" status.

    Drive by the high school twice and be awarded a diploma.

    Check the "Race: Black" box and get into college aaaaaaaand Columbia University aaaaaaaaaand Harvard School of Law aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand be appointed the mascot (a.k.a. "president") of Harvard Law Review.

    Talk about community organizing and mention the Constitution of the United States a couple of times and be designated a "Constitutional Law Professor."

    Get your buddy to write a book about you and be called "an author."

    Sit in a chair and smoke all day in an office in Springfield, Illinois and be called a "state senator."

    Show up to vote "present" 900 times and be called a "U.S. senator."

    GRIN on cue and read a teleprompter and be called "president of the United States."

    Take off your shirt (ugh!) in public and win the "Mr. World" competition.

    Hold your wife's hand in public for ten seconds and be handed the "model husband" award.

    Read your daughter a bedtime story one time in her entire life (and forget her name) and win the "First Dad Award."

    Say, "Pig in Lipstick" and be called charming.

    Mutter about breathalyzers and being punch drunk and be called "eloquent."

    Declare that you just visited 57 U.S. states and have another 3 to go (not counting Hawaii and Alaska) and be called "educated."

    Sneer that the question of "when life begins" is "above my pay grade" and be called "thoughtful."

    Catch flies with your bare hands and be called "sophisticated."

    Be an active member of a Jew-hating, black supremacist, "church," for over 20 years and be called "fair minded."

    Refuse to publish your: birth certificate, your school, or your medical records and be called "transparent."

    Gush about not knowing how to speak in "Austrian," and be called "intelligent."

    Bow to a foreign monarch and be called "presidential."

    Assert that you hold to "my Muslim faith" [Summer, 2008 interview w/G. Stephanop.] and be called a Christian.

    Say, "... peace in our time" (paraph.) and be awarded the Nobel Peace prize.

    Mmmmm, mmm, mm.

    Who in the WORLD could be that amazing?

    Barack the Magic Negro [L.A. Times]!

    Only in Amerika.

    Hang in there, all you true lovers of liberty, free markets, and truth. We will put the "c" back in America yet!

    With God, ALL things are possible,
    only believe.

  53. Puh-LEEZE, Preptile! Your P-ing here (part-time presently) is perfectly popular with your (P)FOTs Pfans!

    What a pip, to prepare packages for our patriots puissant! Proffer the parcels at your pleasure; no pouting here!

    Purchasing particular provisions personally is painfully pricey. Peruse the prudent possibilities at
    and preserve your pastime----plus pocket a tax present!

    On pedestrian points, our pompous president pontificates perpetually; presently he's passive-aggressively pugalistic re. Fox News.

    Yet he's positively pantywaist, persistently phlegmatic, or perplexingly pusillanimous about properly paramount problems: Russia, China, Iran, or terrorism.
    Pure Putridity.

  54. TWW, I can't type much more (arthritis flare) after my Prepster response, but YOU ROCK, girl! I loved every feature of your previous post! (Oops, I'm P-ing!) How do you remember all those details re. BO----without screaming or ralphing?

    Zu betta (sp?)! BLESS you, FOTs!
    (I sure hope the troops check us out. AERO!? Any word yet from your brother?)

  55. What a pleasant pleasure to peruse a post from Preptile and such an summary from Truth (the real one)!!!
    Checking in to see if Dear TOTUS is ok.
    I am still doing Soldiers Angels as have done for a while.
    Did you know Patti Patton-Bader, the founder of Soldiers' Angels is a great niece of the General HIMSELF?

  56. WOW, what perfectly precocious posts. (and that will be my one and only attempt to p on this post).

    Susan, that's interesting that Patton's great neice is the founder of Soldier's Angels.

    Have you guys heard the latest revelation about BO's communications director Anita Dunn? In a speech she gave at a high school, she spoke about one of her favorite "political philosophers". Guess who it is - none other than, Mao Tse Tung.

    Here is what she said:

    === "These are your choices. They are no one else's. In 1947, when Mao Tse Tung was being challenged within his own party on his plan to basically take China over, Chiang Kai-Shek and the nationalist Chinese held the cities, they had the army. They had the air force. They had everything on their side, and people said how can you win? How can you do this? How can you do this? Against all the odds against you, and Mao Tse Tung said, you know, you fight your war, and I'll fight mine, and think about that for a second." ===

    YEAH, think about that for a second....

    Mao fighting against all odds "on his plan to basically take China over".

    Now, what is it that BHO is trying to do?


    verification word = satiolis

    New Word: satiolis (noun) -

    idiological saturation, as in:

    The marxist satiolis of the BHO White House staff.

  57. BA, I haven’t seen BO on the cover of a magazine besides tabloids and TIME since about May. And he has been in the news cycle less too. You’re right that the state-run media have figured out that BO was getting too much exposure.

    But the “volunteer” campaign Jamie mentioned is more insidious. I am feeling really discouraged. The Commies have all the wealth and power on their side.

    The thing with Rush pisses me off so much. It’s one thing to play the race card - libs do it all the time - but to deliberately use a false quote is beyond the pale. I hope Rush sues every “journalist” who misquoted him and didn’t apologize.

    A DJ on a station I occasionally listen to said, “my heroes are safe from Rush Limbaugh,” and he didn’t sound like he was joking. Idiot. I’m boycotting that station now.


    Jamie, Anita Dunn compared Chairman Mao to Mother Theresa in the same speech.

    In a Leftist wackjob's mind they are not so different since they both brought about "change." It doesn't matter what kind of change or what methods they used.

  58. Sherrif Joe Arpaio, under attack from the Federal Government for doing his job.

    Phoenix Arizona Kidnapping Capitol of the U.S.A. Homeland security playing politics with American’s safety?

  59. I cannot read this stuff... it is getting me too upset.

    A Friday Funny from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce- Will Farrell v. Big Government - made me laugh.

  60. Great post! I really like your blog - keep up the excellent work!!

    ps. Link Exchange??

  61. I just read the entire Big Hollywood article Jamie posted about the i Participate programing that begins this week. This is absolutely disgusting and frightening.

    These 'people' [I use the word loosely] have their tentacles EVERYWHERE... what are we to do? Amerika is losing every day.

    I do not know what to do other than grab a bunch of Vince Flynn books and read my evenings away. Maybe Mitch Rapp will come save us all!!!

  62. veri: derti

    This whole fiasco is 'dirty!'

  63. I love the Vince Flynn books. They are really "ripped from the headlines", that is, if we had least true ones.

  64. Okay, Reality Check"

    Those with brains (ie conservatives who can think for themselves) will ignore the TV trying to pre-program us.

    Now, the TV-tards that watch these networks have the attention span of a monkey on speed; the Obamabots will accept the programing, but unless it's 'fun and get money', it ain't gonna happen. NOne of these TV-tards are going to asborb the i Participate programming because 1) It's doing WORK ofr someone else, & 2) They're not getting any money. Therefore, no benefit to them; it will take an hour or so for them to figure this out, and they'll drift off into their perfect littles worlds inside their own heads.

    The fact that the TV stations would willingly do this is more alarming than the thoguht of anyone actually paying any attention to it.

  65. Thanks for your kind and very encouraging words, MM. Sure hope your arthritis flares DOWN soon. Bummer! Enjoyed your P's. :)

    And your P.'s, too, Jamie. :D Reading your comments was A BLAST!!! (:o)] (Cute comment above re: Betty A.'s mishaps)

    Debbdi: All is well. No matter how awful it gets, no matter how many battles in which truth is trampled in the mud, in the end, truth triumphs.

    God IS in control.

    "Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart, and wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14.

    And, to quote one of MM's favorite verses:

    "For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of a sound mind." II. Timothy 1:7.

    Truth will win.

  66. Godsmacked

    Sunday Morning Godsmack “I’M AWAKE”

    There are actually things that are going on in this country that
    effect Americans lives. The Balloon Boy story, what does that have to do
    with any of us or effect any of us personally?

  67. Good Morning TOTUS, Dear!
    Since I am boycotting the NFL today, will you tell me how bad the Redskins do this afternoon? Thank you very much.

  68. "....what does that have to do
    with any of us or effect any of us personally?"

    Exactly. Does anybody else remember when teevee went off at ten p.m., and the news meant just that, not "TABLOID".

    Not much difference these days between CNN and The Enquirer. Though CNN does have a ways to go before they beat this headline, "Andy Warhol's Ghost Trapped Inside Mom's Vaccume Cleaner."

  69. TV went off at ten p.m.

    Yes, I remember those days. And the test signals that came on in the morning before the programs started. Getting up at 2 a.m. in the morning to watch the first American to be shot into space. Funny to remember the days before microwave ovens, VHS/DVD movie players, personal computers, video games, and blogs.

    On a different not, there is a bill going through Congress, that could allow insurance companies to charge up to twice as much for a policy, if a person weighs more than a certain amount, or has high cholesterol, or high blood sugar, or smokes. This is not about health (particularly because the scientific studies pretty much say that these things are not that important). This is about power. This is about the insidious erosion of personal freedoms. Whenever someone say "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you," it is time to run screaming into the house and get the shotgun (the gun that won the West) and order that person off of your property.

    We are looking at a government that has been slowly creeping into our private lives more and more over the years. We either give up, and accept a totalitarian socialist way of life, or we fight against it in any way we can. We need to vote out the creeps, and vote in people who have demonstrated that they are responsible and ethical.

    Sorry for the rant. Saw an item over at Junkfoodscience. Between health, energy, and global warming politics, I work myself into a tizzy every few days.

  70. Some sanity in an insane world.

    "Good Intentions are Not Enough with Health Care Reform"

  71. I know betty ann, so why is fox news being singled out and not CNN and MSNBC?

    How’s the White House war against Fox working out?

  72. Does anyone remember the TV show, 'JERICHO?' I'm getting the feeling as though Obama is President of part of this country...not all of it.

  73. I've decided that Obama is a cult leader and we are all being forced to become members of his cult of followers. He is just like any cult leader - charismatic.

    Our government is becoming more cult-like every day - they want us to turn our lives over to them, give them all our money, let them tell us what we can or cannot eat, etc. And the sheeple just want to follow him over the cliff.

    >|< >|< >|< >|< >|<

    remember the cermaice "MO" doll? Here is another absurd thing that BO's cult followers can buy:

    Makes me want to throw up.

  74. UH.... that's supposed to be CERAMIC, not cermaice.

    It's been a long day.

  75. I see that the tv indoctrination this week is beginning....

    60 minutes tonight is on HINI - trying to scare people into getting the vaccine.

    Saw this morning where in Maine, the health dept decided that the people incarcerated in their prisons are to get the HINI vaccines before ANYONE ELSE IN THE STATE, INCLUDING THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE TO GUARD THEM! I thought that they had decided that those at "high risk" were children under two, pregnant women and people with significant health problems?

    Maybe the the convicts are to be the guinea pigs?

    I think members of Congress should get the shots FIRST. Let them be the guinea pigs. (Not that I like convicts, but I think less of members of Congress than I do of convicts.)


    michelle wants you to give up your piece of the pie........

  77. Thanks, Jamie & Sunflower, for two nauseating items to start the day! It can only get better after that...but then again, here in ObamaLand, does it ever really get better? As we calm ourselves after each new outrage, it SEEMS better, bacause we've pulled ourselves along past the latest disaster, and become somewhat acclimated to it, but the trend is ever downward into a scary place. I don't know how people can live their life without God. If I didn't know that I can lean on God when the going is rough, and that He holds us in the palm of His hand, I don't think I could go on in this strange new world we are (temporarily - Please!!!) imprisoned in.

    Do you think BO has any idea of how despised and feared he is by us, and how angry we are about what he's allowing our country to become? Well, even if he does, we can be sure he doesn't care. Mostly I think he's just a wooden headed puppet, following orders by the one pulling his strings. I guess that's who I really fear, rather than this doofus, after all, he's just somebody bought and paid for and put in place to implement their To Do List.

  78. Verification word was MENSIES. Oh Dear...maybe I better not go there...

    You Mensies! Man up out there!

    You Womensies! Do the same!

  79. (Yeow, MTVA! Good thing is wasn't .... the word that sounds the same.... bleah!)

    Jamie: well-known e-health newsletter author, Dr. Joseph Mercola (, warns that in some places, Thimerosal will be used to preserve the vaccines for the H1N1 virus.

    Thimerosal is a preservative that is 49.6% MERCURY, the second most toxic metal in the world. The symptoms of mercury poisoning =
    AUTISM SYMPTOMS. So the Question is:
    is it the case that autism is a funky kind of mercury poisoning?

    Yeah, Chris: BO is ABOVE, not part of our country (in his mind). He was raised as a commie mole from birth, and prepped and promoted all the way to the WH.
    But if he doesn't start delivering Big Time soon, he will greatly vex those liberals for whom BO fronts. ACK!

    bettyann and keyboard.j----the reason the Balloon Boy story particularly galls many Americans like me is that we were scammed so successfully, hooked by our love of children. The parents caused their child to be so scared that he ralphed on TWO different TV shows afterward, and the video the family took of the liftoff of the "flying saucer" show the father's horrid temper.
    SO it's probably best if he and his wife do some time (society's Time Out) and the children live with people who won't use them as props. Disgusting!

    How is your husband, TWW!? You didn't say specifically (is that the "all is well," I hope!?).

    TWW and debbdi: thanks for the prayers for my husband. TOMORROW we hear The Big News: the diagnosis. ACK!!!!!!!! My arthritis is 80% better today!
    Bless your hearts for praying, FOTs!

    You know what's ticking ME off these days?
    The fact that ONLY people who can afford cable or satellite TV can access Fox News.

    Granted, its staff does make errors sometimes, and some of its commentators are either too surface in their reportage/commentary OR they are too biased to report well-----but EVERY show at least gives a respectful hearing to opposing viewpoints (which RARELY occurs on the MSM).

    I just wish Fox News was free, as the other channels are. THAT would help conservatives win elections more than any other thing! (But reportedly FN's owner, Rupert Murdoch, is a liberal: rats!)

    Check out ALL of these URLs, okay?

    1. What do you think of this guy?

    2. Infuriating:

    3. Ditto!

    4. Note the headline and paper's location:

    TOTUS, given all the above, HOW DO YOU STAND THIS MAN!?

  80. About the "balloon boy" ralphing on live tv. I have a different take on that. IMHO, it was faked - the kid ralphed "on cue". I think the dad told him that if the interviewer started asking him or his parents about what he said about "the show", he should pretend to get sick and throw up. Or the dad may have given him some kind of signal to let him know when to pretend to throw up (the kid was sitting in dad's lap each time it happened).

    And as for the mom's complicity in all of this - let's not make judgements on her just yet. We don't know her situation.

    === A 911 call was made from the home earlier this year that led authorities to a "suspicious circumstance" that Alderden said may have involved "domestic violence, perhaps against the wife." ===

    Having experienced being the wife of a controlling, verbally-abusive man, I know first hand what it's like. Sometimes you "go along, just to get along".....

  81. MM - I've heard those sound bites of Obama talking about the Constitution before - on the radio. I think it was Mark Levine where I first heard them. you are right - its absolutely disgusting.

    That article about "Kenyan-born Obama" reminded me of how he won his election in Illinois. By releasing private information about his opponent, creating the "scandal" which caused the guy to withdraw from the race.
    Again - disgusting!

    (BTW - at the end of the Buck Hollywood video, where he does the "balloon dog" part - did you see the little Yorkie dog running around with the balloon dog? Its at the very start of the part with the dogs. Looks just like my little Toto! OH, and I think Buck is a nut and a little on the girly-man side.)

  82. I just watched a different video of the kid ralphing. The actual video from "The Today Show". It was real. So real that I almost lost my breakfast. UGH.

    So, I take it back about thinking it was fake. I was wrong.

    (When my kids were small, it was difficult for me to tend to them when they were sick. If they threw up, I had to fight the urge to throw up, too. But you do what you have to do.)

  83. Now THIS is interesting, too:

    === READY TO REVOLT: Oath Keepers pledges to prevent dictatorship in United States

    Group asks police and military to lay down arms in response to orders deemed unlawful


    Launched in March by Las Vegan Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers bills itself as a nonpartisan group of current and retired law enforcement and military personnel who vow to fulfill their oaths to the Constitution.

    More specifically, the group's members, which number in the thousands, pledge to disobey orders they deem unlawful, including directives to disarm the American people and to blockade American cities. By refusing the latter order, the Oath Keepers hope to prevent cities from becoming "giant concentration camps," a scenario the 44-year-old Rhodes says he can envision happening in the coming years.

    link to story -

    link to their site (although I'm wondering if somehow the government would know if you went to the site. Do I sound paranoid? yes.)

  84. someone sent me this joke (I've heard it before, but maybe you guys haven't)


    A guy goes into a bar and there
    is a robot bartender. The robot says, What will you have? The guy says
    Martini. The robot brings back the best martini ever and says to the
    man, Whats your IQ? The guy says,
    168. The robot then proceeds to talk about physics, space exploration and medical technology.

    The guy leaves, but he is
    curious, so he goes back into the bar. The robot bartender says, "What
    will you have?" The guy says, "Martini". Again, the robot makes a great
    martini, gives it to the man and says, "What's your IQ?" The guy says,
    "100." The robot then starts to talk about Nascar, Budweiser and John Deere tractors.

    The guy leaves, but finds it very
    interesting, so he thinks he will try it one more time. He goes back
    into the bar. The robot says, "What will you have?" The guy says,
    "Martini", and the robot brings him another great martini. The robot
    then says, "What's your IQ?" The guy says, "Uh, about 50."

    The robot leans in real close and says, "So... you people still happy you voted for Obama?"

    And that, my friends, about sums it up....

  85. The Cable News Wars, will be televised just not on any network anyone watches:)

    This morning Lou Dobbs canceled on Imus In The Morning, because CNN would not let him appear. The Reporter Boycott of Fox News Networks. Video FBN below.

    Here is the thing if CNN and MSNBC folks don’t show up on Fox Networks, I won’t be watching them at all. So how is this helping those network’s ratings? Oh I guess I will watch inferior DNC propaganda channel/sarc. The reason people are not watching now is because they know that CNN, and MSNBC are nothing more than Democrat Party Arms. I already don’t watch MSNBC ,the only thing I WAS watching was Lou Dobbs on CNN.

    Imus has already beat CNBC’s in the ratings, and FBN is on half the carriage. MSNBC and CNN are worried about Imus’s ratings on FBN but it wasn’t their on air talent that drives his ratings….gonna miss you Lou but this is what happens when you work for the CommunistCollectiveNetwork.

    Video from FBN

  86. The fools of the television msm will self-destruct and continue to lose viewers. Just like the fools of the print msm are steadily losing subscribers. They are all frauds.

    A couple months ago, The Weather Channel (which is owned by the same people who own MSNBC) started a new show at 6:00 a.m. ET called "Wake Up With Al (Roker)". The show features Al Roker (of course) and a young woman, Stephanie something-or-other (Abrams, I think).

    Throughout the show, they have Al speaking with various celebrities and it features periodic "news updates" from MSNBC. They also throw in weather news from time to time.

    I can't stand the show. I tune in to The Weather Channel to see WEATHER UPDATES - NOT to see self-satisfied celebrities or to see the latest "Obama News" from MSNBC. If I want to watch the news, I watch Fox. Besides, Al Roker is obnoxious, as is his co-host/anchor.

    I guess since fewer and fewer people are tuning in to their news channels, they are going to make us watch their version of the news another way.

    I get up pretty early in the a.m. to go to work. At that time (4:00 a.m. CT), I tune in to TWC to get the day's forecast. As soon as 5:00 am (6 ET) rolls around, I change the channel to Fox 'n Friends. I don't even want to see one minute of Al.

    Last year they brought in some woman from CNN to run TWC. One of the first things she did was create a new show on "Global Warming". That show featured interviews with "global warming experts", like Richard Branson and Al Gore. (Yeah, that's what I thought, too). The show didn't last very long before it was axed. (They first tried changing the name of the show, but that didn't work.)

    It has gone steadily downhill from there. I guess "Wake up with Al" was just another one of that woman's "great ideas".

  87. Hiya, FOTs. Rats----it'll take weeks to learn about my husband's health! Ack! (Ah well: at least that's one less thing about which to think or worry.... for now.)

    Jamie, I'm glad you believe the little Balloon Boy's ralphing was real. He just looks pathetic, tiny, and scared. TEMPER-Dad probably threatened him----if not verbally, it was implied via sharp, scary looks.
    Mom might be abused----true!----so maybe she was forced to go along with the ruse. SICKENING!
    Glad you are wise to MSM's ruses, too (re. Al Roker, etc.). Gotta watch those lyin' leftists.

    Not that rightwingers don't lie sometimes, too, which is also maddening. Right now, there is probably SOME truth to the notion that the health insurance companies are skewing data or feigning innocence, when we all know they are just as draconian at times (ie. at denying benefits) as we fear the gov't health care might be.
    The difference is that once the gov't plan is enacted, THERE WILL BE NO OTHER OPTIONS available: the health care industry will go kaput, because they can't undercut the gov't plans' costs (you know, since the gov't can just keep printing moolah)!

    The rich are leaving, they pay most of our taxes, whatever shall we DO-OOOO!????
    (cum Piglet) Okay, seriously, how NOT benign is Obama's design?----to destroy capitalism and the USA's Constitutional government, under the guise of simply instituting Obamacare!

    Well, we need to keep trading humor here:
    This is a joke I keep on my 'puter monitor:
    A small dog who is wearing a tie is standing on the "Applicants" side of a desk, while another, larger dog who is also wearing a tie is sitting behind the desk. He says:
    "And when the time comes, the company will put you to sleep at its own expense."

    That is SLIGHTLY different from what Obamacare might institute: no meds. (but not the same as meds. that KILL----although the result (death!) is the same, only slower and more painful).

    Again, what do you think of this video?
    (It's only 4+ min. long)

    Rush played some of it on his show today.
    I WAS TERRIFIED when I listened to it!

    Lord Monckton is brilliant, and invented the Eternity Puzzles.
    And today, Britain's socialist PM said we all only have 49 days to save the world!----referring to this treaty Lord Monckton mentions, which the PM wants everyone to sign --- GOD FORBID!!!!!!!


  88. I received TWO separate emails this morning about Lord Monckton's speech. And then this morning, I was able to listen to Glenn Beck's radio program for a little while and he had Lord Monckton on to talk about it. It is frightening.

    Lord Monckton seemed to want to believe that Obama doesn't have a clue as to what is in the treaty. That BO would sign it simply because he got the Nobel peas pwize and would want to continue to "please" the world.

    I think BO knows exactly what that treaty is all about, and doesn't care. After he destroys this country and turns us into Cuba, why would be want to be President anymore. Why settle for being President of the U.S. when he could be the leader of the ENTIRE WORLD GOVERNMENT?

    I realize that there are probably those in Congress who plan to try to change it to where BO could be President forever (seem to recall that there is already a bill floating around behind the scenes in the House to do just that). But, if that didn't happen, then poor BO would be limited to just 8 years in power. Then what would he do?

  89. I just listened to a clip of Lord Monckton's speech on Mark Levin's radio show.

    My Dear God in Heaven.

    What do we do?

    Can anyone tell me what is necessary for the treaty to be ratified? BO can't simply sign it without authorization from Congress, can he?

    Time to buy a gun?

  90. It seems there are fewer posts lately -- is it because things are beginning to seem very dark?

    Very dark.

  91. I know a treaty SUPPOSEDLY must be ratified by 2/3 of the Senate----but will that be difficult for him?

    I could shriek at SNOWE and other RINOs!

  92. YES, that is what I've been saying:
    It's not too funny anymore, once you realize how COMMIE these WH guys are!

    But BE OF GOOD CHEER! God is in charge!

    (Especially re. the Dems: maybe not all of them are commies!)

  93. Thank you, Mountain Mama, for your encouraging words.


  94. Yes, BO could sign the treaty and then it would have to be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate, and YES BO would have trouble getting that to happen, all this according to Lord Monckton this morning on Glenn B.

    Lord Monckton said that if BO could not get it ratified, he could go a different route to get it put into effect (a bill thru Congress, I think), but if he did it that way, it would be reversible, so his opinion is that BO would not go that route.

    We may be able to stop some of the things BO, his admin and the Dems in Congress are trying to do, but there are SO MANY THINGS, some will get by.

    - Healthcare changes. The bill in Senate is now 1,502 pages in length!

    - Cap & Trade.

    - Attempts to get control of the Internet.

    - Afghanistan.

    - GITMO.

    - Indoctrination of schoolchildren.

    - Indoctrination of everyone to "SERVE" thru complicity of tv broadcasters, artists (thru NEA), etc.

    - further devaluation of the dollar because of BO admin's economic policies, which will lead to high inflation.

    - 2010 Census.

    And now this damnable treaty!

    Yes, MM, we need to PRAY.

    As for there not being a lot of activity here lately, I think everyone's probably just been busier lately. I know I have been.

    It would be nice if TOTUS would grace us with a new thread .....

  95. Jamie, please tell me you did not leave out the word "NOT" in your sentence where you said, "and YES BO would have trouble getting that to happen. . . ."

    I suggest, in addition to heartily and humbly praying, that we send Lord Monckton's speech to (at least nearly) everyone on our email address list. Word needs to be spread about this egregious act of war against US sovereignty and freedom.

  96. Hi, Aero. Still here. Just not much to say lately. My creativity ebbs and flows. Hope all is well with you and with your brother for whom I've been praying.

    Re: first paragraph of Jamie's 7:33 PM post, I believe she said (and meant to say) that it would be difficult to get 2/3 of the U.S. Senate to ratify a radical environazi treaty. A president can sign as many treaties as he or she likes, but, until the president certifies/sends them to the senate for ratification, he or she might as well have scribbled, "I don't care!" on it. Clinton signed the Kyoto treaty, but never sent it to the Senate for ratification. Cheap political trick ("I SIGNED it, didn't I?).

    Jamie, (have a good day in the Kool-Aid Zone tomorrow) that Oath Keepers group sounds like a heroically admirable bunch of people. They, like the Minutemen (on the border issue) are how we can make a difference.

    Take care, all you FOTS.

    Thanks for asking (again) MM. All is well includes Mr. TWW. Thank you so much, all of you, for your prayers!

    Remember, regarding God's omnipresence, attention, and care,

    "Do not mistake my seeming silence for my absence."

    Emmanuel. God with us.

    "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil,

    FOR THOU ART WITH ME... ." Psalm 23

    As someone pointed out, where there is shadow,

    there is LIGHT.

    Selah. [Have a great day, Shovel :)]

  97. Word: krodebi.


    Oh, yeah, just remembered reading something Hopey the Clown said to his friend Giggly when they took a walk down by the creek and Giggly forgot to bring a lunch.

    Hopey replied, "Waaayyl, Giggly, don't you worry none. [quick as a wink, dashes his hand into the creek and - SNAP! -- pulls out ....] Just looky! We hab us a kro-deb-i[h]! Lunch is served."

    [Please forgive the butchered suhthuhn accent, Jamie [%S)]

    P.S. In case the above is as clear as mud: "crawdad here." "You grab a line; I'll grab a pole; let's all go to the crawdad hole." Hee, hee, haaaaaaw! :D

  98. Thanks, TWW --

    Sometimes I tend to get down about all that is going on -- (perhaps I shouldn't be reading the minor prophets where Israel is to suffer for its sins -- too close to home).

    Thank you most especially for all your prayers (particularly about my brother -- he does seem to be doing "ok" right now -- I'd like to see him soon to see for myself).

    It's good to know many prayers are being lifted up on behalf of each other and our nation.

    God Bless America.

  99. TOTUS:
    About that medical marijuana plan meeting - any chance to get a box of cheezits and a dozen raspberry filled doughnuts thrown in? Or will the greenies prevail, and all the recipients get is a bag of organic carrots?

  100. This comment has been removed by the author.

  101. Nah.... carrots contain too much sugar;
    sugar BAD.
    They'll make us eat dirt.
    Just think of all the minerals!

    Okay, well that was depressing.
    Rush's news is depressing.
    At least the sun is shining here.
    God is in control.
    Must. keep. reminding myself....

  102. TOTUS:
    Please put up another post. It's getting WAY TOO serious, depressing, and starting to sound like midnight mass at the bottom of this post.

  103. MM- You posted before Rush's sermon in the third hour. I know Jamie researches for him... I think you must write for him!

  104. Dear FOTs, we all seem to be feeling low recently, just too much BO and his degrading of our country and all. Try this website, it always lifts my spirits:

    Yes, it can be a little too cute at times, if you're not in the mood, and probably the roosters among us might not appreciate it, but it can be very comforting to just spend a little time there, looking at those sweet critters, and forget for a while what we have to deal with every day...

    I hope you like it!

  105. You know, it seems that when I'm feeling down, someone always sends me an email to remind me that things could be worse:

    > Life Is a Gift.
    > Today before you say an unkind word - Think of someone who can't speak.
    > Before you complain about the taste of your food - Think of someone who has nothing to eat.
    > Before you complain about your husband or wife - Think of someone who's crying out to God for a companion.
    > Today before you complain about life - Think of someone who went too early to heaven.
    > Before whining about the distance you drive - Think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet.
    > And when you are tired and complain about your job - Think of the unemployed, the disabled, and those who wish they had your job.
    > And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down - Put a smile on your face and think: you're alive and still around.


    This reminded me of my favorite Irish saying:

    I used to complain that I had no shoes.
    Until I met a man who had no feet.


  106. MTVA - Thanks for the link to the cute critter pics. It made my day.

  107. Love you guys, truly----but even TOTUS' posts can't lift our spirits, hilarious (and TRUE about BO's corrupt character) though they are.

    Partly we're depressed because we feel powerless to effect quick change in this gigantic slime pit of government control.
    (So how can "intelligent" liberals fool themselves that a WORLD-sized governmental system will run smoothly!?)

    But people are also depressed because what we're learning about Obama and the Obots is UN-REAL! It's just one shock after another with those jerks!

    WHO would have ever BELIEVED that anyone could keep his extremely liberal and prit-near (if not outright!) communist beliefs and history SO HIDDEN, that he could successfully delude and persuade a sufficient number of Americans to vote him into office!!??

    One czar after another turns out to be anti-American or communist.
    The president says one thing, then backs away from it, constantly.
    (He DID have a "strategy" in Afghanistan last summer; now he's jacking around while our troops suffer from "no strategy!" Stop crapping on Fox News and DEVELOP THE D--D STRATEGY ALREADY!)

    So, depression occurs.
    BUT----JOY comes in the morning!

    Let's list our favorite things about the USA; that will focus our minds on what we're working to SAVE! Here's part of my list:

    - The American LOVE of freedom (you WATCH OUT for us, OBOT-JERKS!)

    - Our Constitution & Bill of Rights

    - Our National Anthem (I don't mind the tune----it's uplifting!----and the lyrics are so inspiring; read ALL the verses)

    - I treasure our National Parks, especially Yellowstone! We went there constantly when I was little (Grandpa's house was nearby), and we could still feed the bears through our car windows (well, we did....). It's GORGEOUS there.

    - Most Americans are NOT afraid of admitting mistakes, asking for forgiveness, and learning how to SOLVE problems! Other nations worry about "saving face:" what insecure boors.

    - Naturally, I treasure the Good Old American Way: generosity with CAPITALISM!

    - "Idaho, My Idaho" --- our state AND our state song; both bring tears to my eyes every time. Everything is so lovely here.

    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!
    Alleluia, Alleluia, and AMEN twice!

    (That's modelled after a hilarious book y'all would love: "O Ye Jigs and Julips!" The little darling who wrote those essays always ended them with similarly uplifting, albeit oddly-phrased spiritual sayings.)

  108. So, let me tell you what I saw this evening. My cousin Lenny, a tech wiz over at Acme Security Software, Inc., called me up and told me to "get over to my place --- quick." So I did. And after waiting on the front lawn for 10 minutes while Lenny worked feverishly to get his front gate alarm and his super-sensitive car alarm (just in case someone might try to steal that 1985 Buick Century) and his "too close to the bushes" alarm, and his front porch step pressure alarm TO STOP WAILING AND WHOOPING >.<............... Lenny led me into his den and I was in for a treat.

    "You gotta see this," said Lenny, clicking "Play." "It was on the tape in the camera the White House sent over for me to fix 'cause it got stuck." Onto his computer screen came...... static, wavy lines, and snow.
    "You rousted me out of my cozy house to come watch the part of the music video you made in high school where the camera kept taping after you ran over it with your mom's mini-van?"
    GLARE from Lenny. "Just watch."
    All of a sudden, there on the screen was the Oval Office. The Fraud from Abroad was sitting on the desk of the president of the United States and lounging here and there were Giggly, Rahm, Axe, Ayers, Soros, and various and sundry "czars." They were noisily stuffing their faces with tofu and organic spinach and polenta and talking about their favorite philosophers.

    [Over in the corner, Biden sat quietly studying his pant legs, counting the pin stripes on each to see if they both had the same number.... "One, two, three.... thirteen.... uh.... did I count that one?..... start over..... One,....."]

    "I've always admired Demosthenes," Giggly stuttered, spitting bits of polenta everywhere.

    "I greatly esteem Mao Tse Tung," said a shockingly ugly woman with enormous glasses.

    "Machiavelli is more to my taste," sneered Rahm, neatly popping another cube of tofu into his mouth.

    One of the lackey's sitting on the floor muttered something about the Lord.

    "Wouldn't exactly consider Jesus a 'philosopher,' snarled Soros.

    "Me either," replied the lacky with a big, spinach-festooned, grin. Soros and everyone guffaw except Biden who didn't hear and The Fraud who was, apparently, "punch drunk" again.

    "Well, I think my all time favorite philosopher is Karl Marx; it's between him and Hegel," said Ayers suavely. Everyone nodded.

  109. Speaking for the first time that evening (TOTUS was -- apparently IS -- on vacation), The Fraud brightened, crushed his "cigarette" into the overflowing ashtray beside him, and said, "Did you say Hegel? I know him." Something about the sudden silence and the expressions on the faces surrounding him told The Fraud he needed to "recalibrate."

    "Yeah, I saw him just the other day. In Home Depot." Jobiden looked up, paying attention now. "Yeah....... he was over in cosmetics."

    "Well," said Rahm loudly, jumping to his feet, "would you look at the time. Time to go, gang. We'll need to get an early start tomorrow morning to handle the.... uh, latest crisis." Seeing no one moving, he bellows, "NOW!" Everyone scuttles for the door, including The Fraud. "Not you," mutters Rahm, pushing him back into the room before exiting and shutting the door firmly behind him leaving The Fraud alone with just Joe.

    Silence reigns for some time. The Fraud smokes two "cigarettes." Finally, Joe speaks in an agonizedly serious voice, "Barry. Did you REALLY have to say that? Can you not FOR ONCE get through a day without saying something terribly dumb? Of all the stupidly things you've said, that was the stupidliest."

    "Wha's the matter?" Fraud looks as surprised as a stoned man can look.

    "Here we are, trying to be presidential, trying to be show how sophisticated we are and you go and make a crack like that about Hegel." Joe buries his face in his hands, then looks up at The Fraud. "You KNOW they don't sell cosmetics at Home Depot!"

  110. Thanks TWW. You haven't treated us to one of those in a while.

    I got a good laugh before heading off to work.

    I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go......

    BTW, my verification word for this is



  111. Oh my aching head! Since TOTUS Dear, is IN ABSENTIA, the TRUTH WILL WIN!

  112. MTVA - looking at all that adorableness lifted my spirits tremendously. If it is true that feelings are chemicals in the brain, then looking at sweetness like that must release a very good chemical! "A merry heart does good like medicine", thanks for a spoonful of sugar!!!

  113. "...asking dogs to help him pass mandatory neutering laws..."

    Brilliant observation, TOTUS.

    Goes right along with his comment that his is stimulous good for Americans, wether Americans like it or not.

    (In a Fox article when he spoke to Wallstreet, can't find the article now)

    You just have to love his naked, over-blown self esteem. Because he won, that's why.

  114. I tried to get to that site above but it needed more bandwidth than I had.
    It never fully loaded,but looked promising.

    Hey BettyAnn ,this is a little off thread but it has been bugging me for days now.
    On 10/18 at 11:32 your post here denigrated the efforts of the National Enquirer.

    Every other news team,thought it in our best interests to cover up the Edwards affair.

    Just as credit must be given to our Teleprompter for the above Peace Prize,lets give some to actual journalists too.No not the promoters in the press who won the prize for the One(& at what price for that p's prize?),
    but to the ones who write,you know,like real news stories and stuff.
    Guys like the Reporters at National Enquirer.

    I prefer news sources that ask questions about whether our Pontificating Political Princes just knocked up their secretary between mom's chemo treatments.

    NONE did so.

    Great job media.

    Just as is done today the MSM only asks questions which are politically advantageous to the team.
    The WH additionally,shuns those who dare ask
    about unapproved topics.
    Fox and National Enquirer do that job,
    while others look the other way.
    That is why the WH wishes to delegitimize them.They are busy reporting what approved and 'legal' reporters will not.
    Those guys are too busy inspecting their shoe shines no doubt.

    After the Rather Texang documents scandal CBS
    wanted a new image.Couric was chosen.
    I had hoped for Brit Hume to return real journalism to the Champagne network.
    Instead CBS chose Q ratings over the Gravitas of Hume(which is only rivaled by Cheney)and their resulting ratings pplummeted.
    Quizzical no?
    They wanted 'lite' news and they got all the Oprah overages as a lead in show,and naturally it morphed into quite an Ocassion.
    Unfortunately newsfans only watched Occasionally.

    What is one to do about the One and his team,your "news" team?
    Well,we could start by supporting the news sources that sell fresh product,organic like off the web,and unapproved by the powers that be.Those guys are corrupt,and unworthy of their national notice.They prove it every day by which stories get the ink.
    They are about to discover they have Over-reached.The day comes when the MSM will no longer be driven by the TIMES,but by Drudgery.
    Seems fair to me.They have been serving up a plate full of pablum,perhaps too long.
    One suspects they have lost purpose.
    That happens when you sell your perspective in a political pursuit.
    Their parents probably dissapprove.
    Plushing up pillow soft questions for politicals panders unappologetically.
    Peeyew MSM.
    Your produce has putrified.
    Please push the flush button as you fade to

  115. But Preptile! The problem (which p---ses me off) is that Fox News isn't free! THINK how many more people we could persuade to become conservatives, if only Fox News didn't cost money....

    On a related note: yes, bettyann, BO thinks HE and his communist ideals are "good" for people, even if THEY don't perceive it! (But does BO know HE can become a target for power-hungry liberals, too?)

    Thanks for the terrific story, TWW! I sure wish someone in the WH would LEAK stuff like this, for real!

    Jamie, thanks for your encouragement, too. We are all tired and scared, so we need it!
    (Read over at FOTS military, too.)


  116. MM
    I'm waiting for leaker wearing a black beret in the WH as well. There has to be a sweet lass who "gave" then was scorned. There always is, no?

  117. Would someone with more computer literacy "Tweet" TOTUS & tell him we are feeling neglected! Thanks!

  118. Well, FOTS, here we are AGAIN, rambling along in the wilderness without a leader (or even a byline). At least we can laugh at those clever twits on the right hand side of the screen (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up at the top).

    Thank you so much, Jamie and Susan and MM. I sure was hoping somebody might get a little laugh from my late-night effort. Glad to know you did.

    And, bye the bye, that rotten Peach Hussein is doing a pretty good job of leaking on his own. No need for any spying on that BIG DOPE. Ol' "Milhouse" [Mark Levin] regularly drops his drawers in public so to speak. So to speak STUPIDLY about BREATHALYZERS and SPECIAL OLYMPICS and AUSTRIAN and .... uuuuuuh, what's my daughter's name?...... and 57 PLUS 3 MORE TO GO..... and CINCO DE CUATRO...... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's not the half of it. ;) Ol "Punch Drunk" Again blurts out a doozy on a regular basis. Hopey's handlers have, obviously, tightened up the speaking protocol, though, since the OFFICIAL campaign [good twit, TOTUS, about yet another stealth DNC fundraiser]. Now, he mostly just lies.


    True, true, Betty Ann. Laughter and cheer are truly good medicine. Loved your "adorableness" term. It made me turn and gaze at my sweetie pies (German Shepherds 1 and 2) and tell them, "You are my royal adorablenesses." And I smiled. Even though, like Mr. Prep, I can't access videos or some photo sites due to slooooooooow load time, I got a bit of the benefit of having looked from thinking about cute little baby animals I have seen and by looking at my own fuzzy friends lying on the floor. Thanks!


    And thanks to you, MTVA, for promoting all this warm and fuzzy joy. As Charles Schultz once wrote, "Happiness is a warm puppy."

    Enjoyed your clever, insightful, writing once again, Mr. P. Thanks for stepping up to the plate as we fiddle around with various tunes on this long-defunct thread. Yes, indeed, "Hats off" to the Enquirer for THAT one. Even if they were attempting to help "that one" [about the only cool thing McLame, bless his heart, managed to say in those "debates"] by knocking off a competitor, so what. Nice quip: "MSM will no longer be driven by the TIMES,but by Drudgery." GO MATT DRUDGE! Hoowah!

  119. I hate to ask this, but is TOTUS, Dear, a ditherer, like you know who?

  120. Maybe TOTUS is waiting for Dick Cheney's speech tonight!?

    I would LO-OVE to be a bee on the wall (flies are too germy: 20,000 germs PER FLY) in the Oval Orifice, or wherever BO and MO are when they listen to Cheney's speech.

    Can you IMAGINE their HORROR at Cheney's "Audacity of Hope" that criticism MIGHT ACTUALLY CHANGE people from Obots to sensient human beings who love LIBERTY!?

  121. Hi, MM. #(:0)]

    Yeah, and being a FLY is also [SNAP!] a much riskier disguise around D'oh!bama, fly catcher extraordinaire.

    Kind of hard to hear over the noise of the unmufflered idling of a perpetually running, gas powered, mouth.

  122. I know we've all been struggling to find things to laugh at lately, so I'll share this bumper sticker I saw yesterday:

    "I'd rather be a Right-wing nutjob than a Liberal with no nuts and no job"

  123. Course, I have no job either (yet), but I think I have more gonads than the average liberal guy.

  124. And you're a SHE!
    Good to find you so positive and sweet, rattle. I'm still praying that you find a job!

    Jamie, how's your job situation? Have you read, "O Ye Jigs & Juleps"---?

    Who else among us FOTs needs a job?

    Speaking of staying positive, I asked one of our sons (he experiences autism) tonight if he was SURE he'd completed his chores, to which he replied,
    "Yes, I'm positive: I'm an atom who lost an electron."

    I laughed so hard! Isn't that cute? Then he explained he'd learned that joke in science----but I'm happy he remembered it! (I can't remember OR TELL jokes for the life of me.)

    Nanc, I went to your URL and was HORRIFIED: the jerks at this spot want liberals to write their Senators and representatives in Congress, to urge THEM ALSO to boycott Fox News----you know, as the WH says IT will through the rest of the year. WHAT JERKS!

    I bet they are hoping to hurt Palin's book sales that way, since Fox News mentions it.

    < I > am very worried about Sarah's appearing in November on Oprah's show. After all, Oprah was just RUDE and MEAN to Dr. Laura, when DL appeared on O's show. Oprah sat in FRONT of Dr. Laura, with her BACK to DL, and talked to people in the audience WITHOUT letting them speak at first to Dr. Laura (which was why they came there: to get counsel from DR. LAURA----not Oprah). IT WAS AWFUL!

    Anyway, I'm praying that all will go well for Sarah when she goes on the show. Sarah will be promoting her book (which is fine), and Oprah needs a wider audience (her show's ratings have been falling lately. I wonder if O's salary will lower/has lowered; it was OVER $1,000,000 PER DAY, all year, at one point.... Can you imagine?)

    God bless you, FOTs. Lord, help us find work, eat and exercise healthfully, and save our nation from destruction. AMEN!

  125. Thanks for the jokes and encouraging sayings above, Jamie and Rattler (and others).


    MM, what a delight your son is. He sure is bright like...... like a LASER (Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation). Not only did he have his chemistry (or physics) lesson down pat, he applied it cleverly and on-the-spot (sure wish I had that gift!) to make a joke. Truly, the keener the sense of humor, the greater the intelligence. [As we have all noted, Dope doesn't get jokes (much less tell them) -- HE IS A JOKE!!! ---, much less make spontanteous pun or the like. Couldn't do it to save his soul (if he still had one, heh, heh).] Tell your wonderful son that he is more qualified to be president than Peach Obama. Hmmm. That's not really saying much, is it? Oh, well. Shrug.


    Say, Rattler, since this thread has gone completely to pieces...... I'm going to make a little speech inspired by your remark about gonads (I am NOT assuming you hold the sexist beliefs I refer to below -- your remark just made me think of the following).

    In Which TWW Gets Up on Her Soapbox -- and Off Again

    Listen up, all you sexists, male and female. Strength of character, intellectual power, sound judgment, and wisdom are not "male" characteristics. Some men are wise and strong; some women are wise and strong. Some men are foolish and ditheringly weak; some women are foolish and ditheringly weak.

    I am sick to death of male chauvinists with emotional baggage bolstering their fragile egos by labelling strong leadership skills, assertiveness, and disciplined thinking "male." We all know who does this. I'll only mention a noteworthy example of a brilliant male intellectual who does NOT: Mark Levin. He is not a sexist. Someone else who has a talk radio show would do well to imitate him in this and..... in other ways.... .

    While I have more pity for them, I am equally tired of female sexists who have such low self-esteem that they view leadership, strength of character, and vigorous intelligence as "male."

    There are kindhearted, nurturing, thoughtful, men. There are determined, decisive, intellectually muscular, women.

    Both classes of sexists, male and female, denigrate strong women and, if they praise them, characterize their leadership skills, etc... as "male," because THEY ARE FULL OF ENVY and PRIDE and..... FEAR. They fear because they lack LOVE. "Perfect love casts out all fear... ." I. John 4:18.

    Let's look at each person as an INDIVIDUAL. Let's celebrate and promote each individual's God-given strengths and gifts.

    Sarah Palin is an excellent leader not because she is like Sir Winston Churchhill and not because she is like Margaret Thatcher. Ms. Palin is an excellent leader because God made her one.


    (Vote for Palin)


    RE: Dr. Laura Schlesinger, while I do not have a high opinion of Oprah in general, I am GLAD she dissed that horrible harridan. Was Oprah rude? Good! Dr. Laura is abusively and IRRATIONALLY rude to many of her callers (perhaps, ALL, I never listen long enough to know). She goes far beyond being firm and merely challenging false assumptions. Dr. Laura is just plain mean. I CAN'T STAND TO LISTEN TO HER -- even if I happen to agree with her at that moment. She is a classic case of the messenger completely sabotaging her own message. Of course, that I disagree with some of her personal philosophy about the proper roles and responsibilities of women and men for relational happiness makes me a bit biased against her.

    Well! I feel better! :D

  126. MM, it took me a few seconds to get your son's joke; it's still early and chemistry was never my best subject. Clever!

    I used to like Oprah until about two years ago. She has done a lot to help poor people. But her views are way out of the mainstream and more and more people are getting wise to it.


    No, TWW, the nuts/gonads joke was just that: a joke. Men and women are different, of course, but you're right that leadership and assertiveness aren't exclusively male characteristics.

    I don't really have anything against Dr. Laura, but she is rude, and some of her views on social issues are too conservative for me, which is saying quite a lot!

  127. The People's Cube, Obama's War on Fox News Becomes A Quagmire GRIN.

  128. Hmm.... Okay, you know I love you FOTs, especially dear TWW!

    So, yes, I know that Dr. Laura sometimes is very blunt, even rude. She has what I call an "urban abrasiveness," which can be extremely off-putting. And yes, she is NOT egalitarian re. the roles of men and women----although usually she IS sticking up for the rights of children.

    (Kids are often forgotten or neglected these days, because many parents inadvertently pay more attention to their own careers or rights in their marriages or relationships, than the parents pay attention to the often-VERY negative effects of their decisions on their children.)

    Anyway, my point is: being rude to someone is a poor way of criticizing THEIR rudeness or wrong beliefs----right?

    So, if a talk show host doesn't LIKE a given guest, they can DISCUSS matters with the guest, poking holes in their positions, etc.
    Btw, Jay Leno is excellent at doing this (although I disagree with much of his liberal views): he's polite, yet pointed with guests who have beliefs with which he strongly disagrees.

    If Oprah wanted to persuade Dr. Laura's audience to REJECT DL's views or poor manners, Oprah could have drawn them out of DL and then spoken against them, or honored openly having better manners or other values.

    End of Mountain Mama's Rant for Today!

    Anyway, check this out (how horrifying!):

    Obama Abandons the Democracy Agenda
    by Jonathan Schanzer
    New Majority
    October 22, 2009

    President Barack Obama's State Department has reversed the George W. Bush administration's policies of undermining authoritarian Middle East regimes through the spread of democracy. Indeed, the President appears to have abandoned the democracy agenda.

    As the BBC reports, the Obama administration "has all but dismantled the Iran Democracy Fund" – federal funding to a classified list of groups that work to foster democracy and undermine the mullahs' tight grip on Iran. The timing of this could not be worse, as democracy advocates continue to come under attack for protesting the fraudulent June elections that handed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a second term. Just last week, Iran announced plans to execute three activists.

    As Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) observed, "It is disturbing that the State Department would cut off funding at precisely the moment when… needed most.'"

    In so many and various ways, BO and his Obots are quietly dismantling our nation and its influence throughout the world! HOW DO WE STOP THEIR MADNESS!?

  129. [MM] "Mountain Mama's Rant for Today!" Very nice, MM. :D Good points. And thanks for the excellent research, yet more disturbing evidence of just how evil the Imposter-administration is. Aaarrrrgh!

    Got it, Rattler. Hope you are able to enjoy your free time more than feel bummed about the job situation. Hang in there, kid. Help is on the way! [Of course, it may be coming by steamship from New York Harbor, heading around the Horn of South America.....]

    BUT IT'S COMING! Like the daffodil bulbs buried in the dark, cold, earth of the garden, waiting.........waiting.......... waiting....... something fresh and new is going to spring up in your life.

    God is working -- even now.

  130. Obama don`t use the teleprompter "tv-help" from

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  132. This comment has been removed by the author.

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