Friday, October 9, 2009

To the Moon

Obviously, the Nobel Prize eclipsed the moon shot earlier this morning.

Probably the most relieved guys on the planet are Toes and Axe. I mean, I've never seen two guys work so hard to collect so much to stuff into a metal tube to ship to the moon.

I kind of thought a lot of the stuff that we sent to the moon would have been good to have for Big O's Presidential Library back out on the South Lawn next to our veggie garden. I mean, Big Guy's birth certificate, all those drafts of Big O's manuscripts he spent years working on with Bill Ayers, those souvenir Chicago Ward 8 ballot boxes we kept in the basement back home, Big Guy's testicles that Michelle used to keep in a jar in her bedside table.

But Rahm put the kibosh on that and said they had to go, which is why everyone here at the White House is now jokingly calling the moon the Big Guy's presidential library lunar annex.


  1. The Nobel Peace Prize now packs about as much punch as a Teen Choice Award.

  2. Ha! Snot just flew out of my nose reading this one. Definitely a good old fashioned rip snorter! Good thing I wasn't drinking coffee too. Totus you are on fire today!

  3. How much you wanna bet the last question posed to the president before he left the podium was from a Fox reporter??

    I'm so sure that he'll share his prize with the unfortunate people who don't have jobs. Ooops, I forgot, he's a demlib, he only shares our money with those who don't earn any.

    WHat a joke!!

  4. TOTUS:
    But does this mean he's now going to have to borrow Michelle's testicles?

  5. "Big Guy says he's really lucky to win peace prize on day we declared war on moon people with surprise missile attack"


    TOTUS, You're killing me!!!


  6. TOTUS: Congratulations NOT! You made the President, you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for media communication and spokesprompter. Cheated you were!

  7. This is the most nauseating decision about the Nobel "Peace" Prize ever. What a load of crap. NEVER does Obama DESERVE anything he gets! He is SO set up, promoted, and WITHOUT MERIT. He has NEVER BROKERED A PEACE PACT!
    Rush is right: it's a deal meant to force Obama NOT to bomb Iran or other enemies. FARCE! EVIL! SICKENING!

  8. WHOEVER writes the TOTUS notes deserves a Nobel Prize for Literature, btw. SERIOUSLY, you da T, TOTUS, for being able to scroll such terrific humor, at a time when helping people smile is difficult.
    What an empty suit for president, FOTs.
    (Please read at the end of the last thread, too, re. our sending FOTs packages to our troops.)

  9. (Posted first at MO's site:)

    Get THIS:
    Rush says that Obama had been in office for ELEVEN DAYS when the voting for this award took place in FEBRUARY!
    (Sorry that I'm all caps here; I am extremely ticked off about this fake award!).
    Rush says basically BO won the award for LEADING A GREAT CAMPAIGN!

    He's a communist mole since birth, and we all know it now. So when does China make their move, without firing a shot, do you think?

  10. So glad you gave us a new post TOTUS!

    Nobel Peace Prize... what a joke... absolutely no credibility for the members of that group. Wait, it is a perfect fit as there is no credibility with Big Guy [aka Peaches] and the rest of his crew.

    It was only a week ago that Big Guy failed to broker the Olympic deal and now a 'Peace' prize??? Much less a peace pact. You are right, MM.

  11. Hey, look at it this way...he's just as qualified to win Miss Universe...then Michelle can crown him...

  12. Woohoo, two posts today! Go TOTUS!

    It's funny about what happened to Big Guy, because a similar thing happened to me this morning. My sister called me and said, "It's my turtle's birthday today. Oh, and congratulations on winning the Miss Teen Nevada pageant."

    I said, "What? I don't live in Nevada, and I'm not a teen. I've never even been to Nevada."

    "I know, but you're just as qualified to win that prize as Obama is to win the Nobel prize."


  13. Keep in mind that other Nobel Peace Prize winners have been Jimmy Carter (2002) and Yasir Arafat (1994). The Prize has been discredited long ago.

    What bothers me more is that this may seal his face on Mt. Rushmore -- his presidency being so historic anyway.

    Ralph, indeed.

  14. SSSSSSSUGAR! I forgot how he'll RUIN Mt. Rushmore (though it's already an eyesore to Native Americans).

    Lord love a duck, what ELSE will BO ruin?

    I know: next, they'll make him the
    Secretary General of the United Nations!
    (He does want to be the World Ruler.)
    What ELSE does BO want?
    (And when will he have enough awards?)

  15. Totus, I've been away for too long. You made me laugh today. You brought my spirits up on a day when the world has gone crazy. A castrated man hss been given a nobel peace prize for doing nothing.

    Yes Toes and Axe need to send all of Big O's background off world. Yes, yes, that's what was included inside the bombing of the moon.
    I don't think, however, that his testicles were in that bomb. Michelle needs to keep that in her closet in case Bog O gets out of line. She could really womp him if need be.

    Sorry, but let me get this off my chest. When Big Guy talks, he suld effeminate. The ends of his words are exagerated. I am not sure the proper wording for this, but maybe our gifted writers know the exact wordng for his speech.

    I just had to vent, so please forgive me. I don't know if I can survive till 2012. Just keep me laughing.

  16. Made a couple of spelling goofs. suld should be sounds

  17. imageremix, ML, and Nona,
    Do you FOTs want to be included on the FOTs list, as we send FOT packages to the troops (two packages/week, one each from two FOTs)? See two threads back (Wasted Time), at the end, for details. Cheers!

  18. MM, Yes include me on FOT'S list. I couldn't find the thread though. I'll keep looking.

  19. MM, Found the list. The FOT'S list is awesome.

  20. Hello FOTs, on this strangest of days...still can't believe the Prize Package is to be Presented to the Prissy Pantywaist in Chief. Just one more outrage in our era of outrageous events.

    I am at my post here, awaiting further instruction as to packages, if anyone is ready to share...

  21. Me too, busy today but need an address and time frame.

  22. Two questions:
    Is the million dollar prize taxable income?
    Can I have some, because I am a good person and I do nice things every day. I am willing to wait a couple of weeks for the decision.

  23. Bettyann, loved the comment about BO having to borrow MO's testicles! LMAO!

    Reminds me of a Hillary Clinton joke.


    Why doesn't Hillary wear short skirts?

    She's afraid that if she bends over, people will see her balls.


    Crude, yes, but funny.

    Notice - MO doesn't wear short skirts either.

    Brett B on Fox, just showed ALL of the comments from liberals nets about BO getting the award, and most were incredulous.

    Oh, and BTW, Hamas - you know the very people that BO "reached out to", dissed him for getting the prize!

    And, last I heard, he supposedly has said that he was going to give the money to CHARITY. SO, TOTUS or MOTUS, one of you guys is going to have to break it to MO. I feel sorry for you guys, because it ain't gonna be pretty. (But then, with MO, it never is, is it?)

    verification word = pswari

    P.S. Be wary. Remember, she has a mean right hook!

  24. MM, I think some of the FOTS are checking a previous wasted post to see if we have put the address there and for info about when each is each FOTS turn. So far, you have been the leader for us on this. (thank you!) I have the address.. do want me to post it, or are you? or should it be done via an email? Should we wait for aero since it aero's bro's friend?


  25. OK. It is 6:40 p.m. CT

    I will post the name/address on a previous wasted post at 7:10 CT if I don't hear from anyone by then.

  26. Thank you, Jamie. Will keep watch for it.

  27. Great thread again FOT/FOT Friends of Totus/Friends of Troops,


    Why did MO get mad at BO?

    He put the toilet seat down.

  28. Verification word:


    BO: "We just won the uh Nobel Peas Price aaannnddd we get 1.5 million dollarssss(whistle)"

    MO: "BOOFES? I mean, (enunciating now with proper diction) Both of us?"

    BO: "No just me aaannnddd I am uhhh going to give it to charity."

    MO: "YOU! WHAT?"


    MSM LAMESTREAM Reporter: "The President was injured today in the oval office in what was described by the First Lady (using the term quite loosely)as a freak accident. They think Mr. Obama will have his eyesight restored once the swelling around his orbital sockets subsides."


  29. TOTUS, if BO gives the prize money to charity, you better tell him ACORN doesn't count.

  30. Jamie, Mission Accomplished. Thanks for doing that.

    Now will start gathering items, and await my turn. I feel so good about this. Look how quickly we got ourselves in gear and are getting this done. Unlike the Community Organizer in Chief, who hasn't got ANYTHING done, and gets a prize for it.....

  31. Ok, Dorothy got it, too.

    SO, I've deleted it.

    I saved the info (besides where I wrote it down) in a Word doc, so that if someone needs it, all I have to do is open the doc and copy and paste it.....

  32. Rattlesnake - Funny you should say ACORN, that's what my 15yo daughter's response was when she heard that STinky was giving it to charity. Out of the mouths of babes...

    Jamie, Can't wait for my turn, do I have to wait? or can we just keep sending them?

  33. MM suggested we send two a week, so they will get the pkgs on a flow basis.

    It is possible that even if we send pkgs days apart, they might reach the end destination at the same time ... I don't know how they handle stuff once it reaches APO and they put into shipments overseas....

    BTW - just put the APO address, do NOT put the name of a country. (If you do, it might get into the regular mail and would be lost, probably forever.)

    here is how long they estimate for mail to get to IRAQ/AFGHANISTAN:

    PRIORITY MAIL (costs a little more): 7 - 9 days. On this you can use the Flat Rate, but it takes a little bit longer if you do. Priority Mail items are sent by plane.

    Regular mail: 30 to 45 DAYS. Larger packages (15 lbs or more/60 inches combined length/width) are sent by SHIP.

    The mail is slow for APO (oooh, I'm a poet).

    I really recommend that you pick up the USPS brochure MILITARY MAIL: FAQ
    Its where I found the information cited above.

    go online to or to find information about pkgs.

  34. bettyann, are you still on? I can post it again, but this time I'll do it on the first TOTUS post for this day. I will do it as soon as you say you are here.....

    Then just give me a few minutes.

    Then let me know if you got it, so I can delete it again.

    Its 8:18 CT right now. I'll try to get it up on there and leave it for at least 10 minutes.

  35. Downright disguting! Yeah, right, 'give to charitey': ie, "people I owe money to'

    I posted on the other thread before finding this new post. I always thought MObitch kept the SOB's balls in her purse.

    As I posted on the other thread, I think we need a cental office of some type for the troops.

    Maybe a Yahoo Group, maybe use the the FOTS name that someone else suggested; that way, we can list the URL, but only Members can read the post and File section.

    I missed the address again :-(

    How do we keep track of who does what?

    This is a great idea, but needs to be organized.

    Any suggestions?

  36. Sorry, Jamie and FOTs! I was out shopping for stuff for our church. (Lord, I gotta get on my sermon, too! PRAY!)

    OOPS: I ticked off the checkout ladies by dissing BO and the Nobel win. They suddenly went dead quiet, but I kept cheerful as I mentioned that a gentleman who'd started over 180 schools for girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan LOST the Nobel to BO, who has done NOTHING huge for peace.

    OH, and I nearly DIED: this liberal black Ph.D./prof. (what IS his name!) was on O'Reilly and did NOT agree with BO's receiving this prize, since (in the prof's opinion) BO is about to send 40,000 troops to Afghanistan, which isn't peace-making. HA! Doesn't this little man realize that our troops fight and suffer THERE, so we live in peace HERE?

    Anyway, it's GREAT that Dorothy and MTVA got the info. We'll get it to you soon, bettyann; how about when it's your week to send? You did it correctly, Jamie, btw: quick work!

    Do you guys think we should stick to just two mailings per week, since we don't know if the Part-Time Posters (ArmChairGeneral, Bella, cmoursler, etc.) even read their OWN posts here, much less ours, and thus might have NO idea that we're sending packages?

  37. Hey guys.... I posted the needed info on waxed. There was a stranger (troll?) trashing Rush on the Nobel post, so I didn't want to post it there.

    SO, those of you who need the info we talked about, go read waxed......

    I will delete it in a few minutes.

  38. what's waxed?

    sorry, I don't spend much time on the 'net.

  39. MM, that young black prof was Dr. Lamont Hill. He is a very good debater and I used to enjoy watching him (he is VERY quick with his words), BUT ever since he wrote an op ed piece saying that he AGREED WITH CARTER about the racism thing, I realized just what a prejudiced, racist person HE is.

    So, I decided that I don't like, even if he can be entertaining during a debate on FOX.

    THEN, I found out that he is just another marxist. He isn't obvious about it, but apparently his website reveals it.

    I really hate it that he is teaching kids, too. Warping their mings with his liberal, marxist, "social justice" c-r-a-p.

    MAN, my PC is really acting up tonight. Every once in a while it has a seizure and just FREEZES for about 10 LONG minutes.

    verification = zypes

    ZYPES!!! (same as EGAD!)

  40. OH, waxed is one of TOTUS's posts from earlier, I think it was last week.... WE GOT WAXED

  41. Barack has proved the case for global warming, as his hot air has just influenced some Nobel people who clearly cannot discern hope from change. Also rather ironic that on a day our president gets the Nobel prize for peace, we bomb a foreign planet.

  42. do you guys think that some day we could trade email addresses somehow? It would be easier than what we are doing now.

    If you didn't want to use your mail email address, you can set up a free one thru YAHOO or HOTMAIL.....

    I actually have five different email addresses:

    - email address for political stuff (emails from Grassfire, Newsmax, Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich, etc).

    - email address for online bills

    - email address for personal mail

    - a really old email address that I don't use

    - a yahoo email address that I give out for things that I'm not too sure about. (petitions, surveys, etc)

  43. That's why I think a Yahoo Group would be useful.

    Someone will have to set it up, tho'

    any takers?

    ps Not me, please; I'm just trying to make it easier for everyone to participate

  44. not me either. Remember, I only work on the big mainframe computers. these little ones make me crazy.

    TOTUS'S Post from last week "WE GOT WAXED" has the mail information. You can get it now. I haven't deleted it yet.

    I was trying to be sneaky.

    So sneaky that I was the ONLY person who knew what I meant, LOL.

  45. I got it.

    It would help if this site sent email alerts when a post is made.

    That's what a Yahoo Group would do ;-)

    I'll send the first box out next week, unless someone else is supposed to.

    Really excited about being able to do SOMETHING useful :-)

  46. MRS1953 / bettyann - did you guys figure out my cryptic message and to there and get the information?

    I need to delete it soon.

  47. OOPS. We posted within minutes of each other.

    I think if we click on "Subscribe by email" (see below the POST A COMMENT box), it might send us email updates.

    I am going to go and delete the info now. If bettyann didn't get it yet, I can always post it again.

  48. Jamie, check waxed, and you'll see at least one got it. You're right to want to DELETE ASAP.

  49. Its gone.

    Tonight I know that MTVA, MRS1953 and Dorothy got the address.

    I don't know if bettyann got it.

  50. Okay, so it's all done, right?
    I'd love to set up a separate email group, but I have NO idea how to do that; I'm no techie!
    I even resent how much personal info. they require to set up Facebook. WHY do they need all that? It's so sneaky.
    Do you know that even when you stop a company from "sharing" your personal information, that the company can still legally SELL your information? Isn't that sick!?

    Well, we haven't heard yet from Andrew Price, so ArmChairGeneral, wanna send a package? Let us know.

    After him is Bella, then bettyann! (smile)

    I bet you're right, Jamie, and only the old FOTs (not to be confused with "old farts!") will hang in there to send stuff.

    I've already gone through all my Nat'l Review and Weekly Standard copies, so I can send the ones I'm not keeping. Poor guys: I just can't send along my copies of the Rob Long comedies; those I tear out immediately upon receiving my NR's! HE IS A STITCH!

    HEY!---WHY did I never think of this before now!? I betcha it's Rob Long who writes TOTUS!
    Seriously, he's extremely hilarious, and he could pull this off as well, I mean as PERFECTLY as TOTUS' author writes!

    Then again, I have no idea how hilarious are these other potential authors: Ann Coulter, Jeff Foxworthy, Michelle Malkin, or ..... who's the other person we thought?

    Well, back to the exegesis. I'm sorry I didn't realize Lee333 was a troll. I read through everything too quickly! ACK!

    How's your husband, TWW? I'm praying he's FINE!

  51. TWW: please delete your waxed 5:36 PM post with a name in it. (More info later) THANKS!

    Hey, Andrew Price! Do you want to send a FOTs package to our troops next week? Let us know!

  52. Okay, I set up the Yahoo Groups at:

    I'm not trying to take over or anything; all this can be changed. I'm the Moderator now (since I created the Group), but I can happily give this to someone wlse.

    I have approve Memberships; only Members can post messages. It's not open to the Public.

    What do you think? Any changes? Any takers for Moderator?

  53. MM, I just approved you; welcome :-)

  54. If I see a name I don't recognize, I'l come here and ask about it/them.

  55. I joined! Are you so swamped these days that you would rather not moderate the group, Mrs?

    I've moderated a pro-Palin blogspot since last year. It was an extremely busy spot, getting hundreds of comments per article sometimes, so it did require lots of time. People wanted their comments posted a.s.a.p.----and WOW, did the trolls hate not being posted. (TOUGH!) Now, it's very slow----although it will pick up next year! (Go, Sarah!)

    Let us know what your life is like, okay, Mrs1953? We sure want this to be fun for everyone!

  56. Since I'm not online everyday, I didn't want potential members to have to wait for approvals to join and post. Although I might get rid of the approval to post option, since you have to be a member to post anyway. I was mainly concerned about security and spam.

    I could try to check in a few times a day, but a day or two might go by w/o any contact from me.

    We'll see how it goes :-)

    But I'm always willing to transfer the Mod duties to someone better suited than I am. :-)

  57. Sorry I've been away, (fun) family matters.

    Thank you so very much for your work MM and MRS --

    Will be glad to send a package the week of the 19th.

    Will check out the Yahoo Group.

    You all are great.

  58. Sorry for the miscommunication; we are all anxious to get started, and hoped you could send out something this coming week, on Oct. 12 or 13 or so.
    If you're swamped, though, aero, please do not feel you must do this; you have a soldier in your family and your participation at any time is great! MRS or I can send packages sooner than our alphabetized slot----if you can't send one next week, okay? Just let us know, dear one.
    God bless and 'night, FOTs. What a crappy day re. Obama & the Nobel NON-Award----but next week might be worse, even HORRIBLE, if Obamacare passes through the Senate committee and moves on with impetus. ACK!

  59. Word up:

    [Jamie] "'pswari' P.S. Be wary."

    Zypes! (:D)

    [Shovel] "'boofes' BO: 'We just won...'
    MO: 'BOOFES? I mean, ... Both of us?'"

    Loved that drama: "WHACK! THUD!" :D

    HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAAA! You folkssssss are SO CREATIVE! I love it.

    Yeah, Shovel, that soft "s" "(whistle)" Peach puts on the end of words is sickening. Nona, I'd call it: "gay"... or "sissy." Sissy is better becausssss it hasss lotsss of sssss's. Sssssay, Shovel, your "(whistle)" reminded me of the gopher ("Not in the book you know.") Rabbit et. al. hires to excavate a very stuck Pooh from the entrance to his house. "Ssssufferin' ssssuccotash!" Hmmm. That gopher was not at all "gay." Nor was that manly little fellow a sssssisssy. Guess the Rat Fink in Chief's rodent genes are showing. Mmmm, mmmm, mm.

    Snakes hissss a lot, too.


    Well said, Tim. Hear, hear.


    A little thought..... the distance to the moon is almost exactly the same as 1/2 the circumference of the Earth. If you can hit the moon, at least re: distance, you can hit any target on Earth. Hmmm. What places lie in time zones about 12 or 24 hours ahead of us? What time is it in Israel right now?

    Well, actually, my first conclusion is that NOT B. Hussein O. but, rather, Robert Gates et. al. planned and executed that moon strike. I'll bet Putin and his gang were rumored to be on the verge of doing that exact thing. Our military leadership (NOT the Embarrassment in Chief) decided to preempt them to say: WE, the U.S., can defend ourselves and our allies with a preemptive strike anytime, ANYWHERE.

    Love the "attack on the moon people," quip though. THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS once again, dear TOTUS (and all of you fun FOTS -- even you "drive by" FOTS who obviously never read anyone's posts but your own (so why did I write that?! Oh, brother.....) (%S)

  60. Barack Hussein Obama
    He won a really big prize
    It doesn't matter what he did
    Or even if they are lies
    Barry S. Soetoro
    a truely amazing yoke
    bouncing from cloud to cloud
    yet it's all a cosmic joke

    Saw this in the New York Post.

  61. OK. I submitted my membership app. Since my yahoo id is not something you guys would recognize, I create an alias that incorporates my name so you would know who I am.

  62. Speaking of the moon shot. I know it had been on the news about the planned moon blast, so a lot of people were aware of it being done.

    But I thought most folks knew that in order to SEE it, you had to use a telescope, or watch tv for pictures to be sent back from the camera that NASA had mounted on the second projectile. I did not even consider that some people would think it would be visible to the naked eye.

    Yesterday at work, there were several people who actually went outside and looked up into the sky expecting to SEE IT as it occured! (one of them was my supervisor; another, my best friend at work.)

    This was in broad daylight, when you would not normally see the moon anyway. When they came back in, they said they couldn't see it because it was "too cloudy".

    Makes me wonder sometimes.

    verification word = werthera

    WERe THERe A moon blast today? (I'm making fun of my Southerness)

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. I thought ol' BHO was trying to make a permanent Crescent Moon...

    I approved two new Members.

    I've also turned off the 'need to approve' messages; so now Memebers can post at will and not have to wait for approval. I can still delete any post, if necssary -- which I don't think it will be.

    I can send a package on the 13th, 15th at the latest.

    We need someone to keep track of who's mailing what, and when, at the Yahoo Group. I don't mind posting both places,, but I'd like to have a central area where all info can be easily found.

  65. Arrg... I missed you/it. If someone will email the address and information. I put my email on waxed.

    I also added info on setting up a group. Someone please email me!

  66. debbdi - I sent you an email.

    Are there any FOTS who need to know the group name so they can join?

  67. OK, Jamie fixed me up. I joined the Yahoo group and my membership is pending.

    MRS -or whoever is in charge- I would love to help with the site as I am online all day, every day. I am easily able to donate my time.

    Perhaps we can organize a schedule so everyone will know when it is their turn and we can adjust the frequency each FOT is able to do a package (for example I may be able to commit to 1 package a month but another FOT may be able to commit to 1 a week).

    I am also unclear as to how we pool our resources and get together with another FOT.


    OK TOTUS I promise we are almost done hijacking your blog- thank you for letting us.

  68. It's now official: Newsweek says "The Nobel Peace Prize is Over".

    And truthwillwin: (sound's like a Derby horse, doesn't it?)...too late on lining him up for the Kentucky Derby, he's already won it.

  69. I think once we get other FOTS on board at the new group and pool the knowledge about "Yahoo Group" (I know nothing, but can learn), we can figure out schedules, etc. For example, is it possible to:

    - use the calendar to schedule pkgs?
    - Add links to TOTUS and MOTUS?
    - post lists of what stuff to send / what stuff has already been sent, etc?

    I'm really excited about this!

  70. Mrs, Jamie,
    I wonder if we need to post the address on these threads anymore, now that Mrs. can add FOTs to the group? Maybe instead, when people come on the group, they can briefly enable Mrs. to email them with the address? Their email address could then be disabled immediately after Mrs. added them, so only Mrs had the email address.

    Btw, Mrs., could you please keep for yourself a record of those email addresses, too? Maybe as we get to know each other better, we can keep a list? We'd have to be VERY sure about them, though. Someday I'll tell y'all about a relative who was SO scammed online....

    Anyway, we don't need to post the address on these threads anymore! GREAT JOB, Mrs.!

    Btw, Jamie dear, it was YOUR brilliant idea, I'm pretty sure (not mine!) to get a flow of supplies going, where we'd space out our packages. You are so smart, to realize that the APO probably does collect them for a huge mailing. Oh well, that will still be cool, for the soldiers to receive a lot of packages each week! (I'm sure they get a mailing each week----except in Afghanistan, where DRAT IT ALL the supplies are often NOT getting through----EXCEPT for personal packages, hopefully----hence our group mailings!
    It's a great idea to keep track of the sort of things we each have sent. I know the soldiers REALLY need canned food and soap/shampoo.

    I want to send lots of fun stuff, too, like cowboy hats (hey, it's an Idaho deal!), and colorful, quirky items. I bet they get rather tired of khaki and brown.

    I can see sending vacuum-packed store-bought cookies, but how on earth can we send fresh homemade cookies? Wouldn't they be VERY stale by the time the troops receive them? (Ugh!)

    Let me know if any FOTs knows the secret to mailing fresh baked goods. I bet COOKIES would be gone in a MINUTE there! (smile)

    (Too Sick that they've remade Cookie Monster into Veggie Monster or something equally stupid.)

    I haven't even checked the news today. BO is like Dorian Grey----looks great on the outside, but aging and corrupt inside, really.

    Yeah, the Moon Bombing seems insane. I don't believe the supposed "scientific" reason for it. Someone was being shot a message here: China? "You might own our money, but don't come near thinking you can invade us?"

    I don't know that we drones will ever discover the real reason for MANY events that unfold in our history, which is scary. It doesn't take conspiracy-theory thinking to realize that's true.

    ANDREW PRICE and ARMCHAIRGENERAL: are you joining our group and sending packages to the troops? LET US KNOW!

    BELLA, BRUCE OKSOL, and CMOURSLER: same question as above. Let us know!

    (FOTs: How do I sign up to be alerted THE MINUTE that TOTUS posts a new column, since THAT is when we need to post an alert to ask about the packages? Some FOTs only write posts initially, and my bet is they never read our comments later.)

  71. P.S. It's healthier if the troops don't eat lots of sugar, though. (Cookies are an exception, and I bet they disappear immediately, anyway!) Instead of sending Koolaid, is there a way to send those little plastic lemons full of lemon juice? Do those have to be refrigerated? Adding lemon juice to water is VERY healthy for people.
    Just a thought.

    I hope the regular FOTs join our group: Janice, Preptile, rattlesnake, Susan, etc. Or have you already joined? Many others post infrequently, but regularly: please join!

  72. MM, the USPS brochure I have suggested placing "perishable items, such as cookies, chips, etc, in a plastic container". I suppose that would ...
    1. Keep them from being crushed.... and
    2. Keep them fresh?

    And remember, the one guy I know that was over there for a time said to try not to send canned things because its hard to dispose of cans. There are a lot of pre-packaged food items that now come in plastic bag type containers.

    I intend to post all this kind of information on the group site at some point, once I figure out where or someone tells me where, lol.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. We now have 7 (I think) members.

    Please feel free to use the LINKS, DATABASE, and anything else offered to the Group.

    My ability to get info is limited, so I appreciate anything Group Members want to add or list.

    Here's the URL again:

    I'll have to approve Membership - mostly to keep out Spammers. So don't feel badly if I'm offline for a while; I promise to get to you ASAP and will try to check my email at least three times a day.

    I'm still not over this Nobel Prize marlarky crap. What a freakin' JOKE! On BHO, of course; I think the World is laughing at him.

    Almost make me feel sorry for the toad.



    just desserts for treating our troops so shabbily

  75. YOU ARE SO RIGHT, Mrs1953! BO will reap Big Time----if not on earth by failing, then from God someday----for all the crap he's pulling that hurts our troops and all Americans.

    Thanks for all your work on our behalf, Mrs.!
    Hey, Jamie! What a great idea, to post the list of items at the group site----and to send plastic-packaged stuff, rather than food in cans (even though the list of much-needed foods mentioned canned meat).

    My question was: is there a way WE can vacuum-pack foods, too? I wouldn't trust it with meat, I admit, but I'd give it a whirl with cookies! Maybe vacuum-packing (how?) is the only sure way to preserve freshness for homemade baked goods over a 2+ week period while mailing.

    I'll be sending those NR and WS mags, plus lots of "Organic Food Bars," which are very tasty, but loaded with biofoods like sprouts! Also some cowboy hats, if there's room.

    I hope aero sends a package next week, but he(she?) wrote it would be the week of the 19th! Ack! I haven't heard back from him /her (which gender?) as to if that date could be moved up.

    bettyann was willing to mail right away, and we haven't heard back from Bella, Andrew Price, or ArmChairGeneral, so she might as well GO FOR IT! (smile)

    Don't forget to POST ON EACH PACKAGE: "FROM THE FOTs!"

  76. Looks like Timmy may have some questionable connections... Oh wait, there is no one left to question the connections! Thanks "media".

  77. I just added this blog and MOTUS blog links on the Yahoo Group :-)

    my word is: cheat really, it was.

  78. debbdi: I want to kow who DOESN'T have questionable connections in this WH group.

    Is there any law-abiding person on BHO's staff, committees, czars, etc., at all????

    and why are they all perverts of some kind? is this how BHO makes himslef look 'better' by comparison????????

  79. They are all perverts of some kind because they are all "Progressives". No morals, so ethics of any kind. Anything goes as long as it benefits them and gains them more POWER.

    BTW - go read the latest comments on the "Nobel" TOTUS post. Not sure if this person is delusional or just outright nuts.

  80. It's obvious that Truth First works at MSNBC or the NYT...

    Jamie: you're right about "progressives" no fear of falling from the pedestal when it's at or below ground level. And unfortunately as far as gaining power, it's much too easy when the sheeple are happily outstretching their hands for more "stimulus"

  81. This is for Susan. I just now noticed that you gave us a great website for sending stuff to the troops. I just went there and viewed it and it has lots of ways to honor our soldiers. I just wanted to apologize for not seeing it!

    Bill Bennett's Soldiers Angels -

    We already have someone in mind to send to, but we should be able to get ideas from it, SO I added a link in the Yahoo Group so all us FOTS can reference it!

  82. aero !!!

    We need a rank to go with the name ypu posted; can't send any package without it.

    Can jyou jsut put PFC or SGT or LT (whatever fits) here w/o the name. I already have the name.

    Thanks :-) and, join us at the Yahoo Group if you can.

  83. Yes, aero, we want you to join the group!

    also, could you ask your bro if he has any idea of how many folks his friend would have to share with?

  84. Hey, you know what? We haven't asked TOTUS or MOTUS to join our group!

    How about it? TOTUS, MOTUS - do you want to join us in supporting our troops?

  85. Madelaine Not-so-bright Albright is on Huckabee tonight.

    I had forgotten just how much Mad Mattie looks like a chicken (or a turkey)! Definetly like any kind of bird that has a wattle.

  86. Oh my, I had forgotten that BO was to speak at the 'Human Rights Campaign' (a gay rights group) dinner tonight.

    (TOTUS, are you going to be there? If so, watch your back......)

    And that also reminds me, there is a march in D.C. planned for tomorrow:

    === The dinner falls on the eve of the National Equality March, expected to draw thousands of gay and lesbian activists to the National Mall.

    Rep. Barney Frank, the first openly gay member of Congress, called the demonstration "a waste of time at best," saying he'd rather see gay rights supporters lobbying their elected officials than marching in Washington this weekend. ===

    OH MY. That should be a sight to see. How much you want to bet that ALL of the msm will cover this march and inflate the numbers of people attending?

    article link-

  87. I hope it rains them out; imagine all those drench, floppy feathers, boas, running mascars.

    That creepy Albright is All-Wrong; what a horrible, horrible person. Makes me sick to look at her, much less listen to her peurile comments. She's definitely retarded and should be put somewhere where she can get the care she needs (you know, the Obama kind?)

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. Oh, and yes, by all means, TOTUS and MOTUS is more than welcome to joiin our FOTS/Military Groip :-)

    You can use your initals, so I'll know who you are; I don't need to know your real name.

    my word this time: explode ..hmmm, 'cheat' and 'explode' ... tryin' to tell me something/

  90. WOW, 'cheat' and 'explode'.


  91. When my son was stationed in Iraq, he had me send him old science fiction paperback books. Evidently they were worth their weight in gold over there, and were used almost like currency. The problem with any war zone, is that it is prolonged periods of extreme boredom, punctuated by brief periods of terror. Books are an excellent way of passing the time, and science fiction seems to be especially popular. Used book stores can be an excellent source of these books. Good authors would include the ABC's of Asimov, Bradbury, and Clarke, with the addition of Heinlein and Zelazny. Just in case some people are more into sending books than cookies. I think the box I sent him cost more to send, than to purchase the books.

  92. Word fun:

    [Jamie] "word = werthera WERe THERe A moon blast today?" LOL. You are not only creative, you are a good sport, Miss Jamie.

    [MRS.] "my word is: cheat really, it was." I love it! :D

    Word: "FOTINIS" !!! (Really!) "And now, ladeeeez and gentlemen (or "E gents" - Shovel), may I present the magnificent, the great, the amazing........ Fotinis!"

  93. I know it depends upon where they are stationed, but when my aunt was deployed with the Nat Guard to Afghanistan, she took her dvd player and dvds. They had access to electricity. I think when she came back, she sold her dvds and player.

    They do get bored. Books are a great idea. As are magazines. But they do tend to be HEAVY. That problem is resolved with the "Flat Rate" shipping from the USPS. One price, no matter the weight. But the largest box is not all that large, could probably hold 20 thick paperback books, more if the books were thinner.

    Decks of cards would probably be good, too!

    I like that - The Great Fotinis!

  94. I'm in...I'm a pending member. One it a particular address we would send the packages to? I know, I'm a couple of steps behind...but I swear I'm not with Big Boy and Toes...

  95. The address was posted earlier.

    I've approved you and ml_dool; I think that's nine mimbers so far.

    We'll probably post the addresses on the Group at a secure Page.

    You all are great!

    Com'on, aero, check the Blog and give us the rank :-)

  96. I just watched a replay of "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace. He hosted a debate between Gov Jennifer Granholm (Gov of Mich); the Gov of Indiana; Steve Winn; and one of the McCain campaign ecomomic advisors. They debated the state of the economy and unemployment levels.

    Granholm and the economics advisor guy both said that the stimulus pkg worked well, blah, blah, ad nauseum. It was sickening. OH, and, of course, we NEED MORE STIMULUS!

    The governor of Indiana said just the opposite. At one point, Chris asked him if it was fair that states like his, that had cut back and used the stimulus money wisely, should have to help bail out states like California (and, hint, hint - MICHIGAN) who had backrupted themselves? Granholm did not like that at ALL. After all, it was her admin that has helped to destroy the business climate in Michigan.

    But it was Steve Winn who tore up the Obama administration. It was GREAT! He said that he did not know of ANYONE in the Obama admin who had the experience necessary to be doing the things that they have been doing. And that they should have concentrated on JOB CREATION and never started the effort to reform Health Care OR the Cap & Trade legislation. He had Granholm squirming in her seat. I like him. (He could be a character from Atlas Shrugged!)

    If you get a chance to watch it, or can go to Fox News website and listen to the podcast, you should.

    Just an aside: I don't know what that THING is on Jennifer Granholm's cheek (zit, mole?), but she needs to seriously consider having that bad boy removed! Its hideous.

    And to give you an idea that McCain would have been just as bad for the economy as Obama, the economics guy that was on this show who was one of McCain's advisors during the campaign? HE WAS ONE OF THE PEOPLE OBAMA HIRED TO HELP CRAFT THE STIMULUS PKG!!!!!

  97. I don't like McCain; but I disliked Obama more.

    We really didn't have a choice, but I'd like to think McCain doesn't HATE America the way Obama does.

    Only the 'wlefare' states (ie Democrat run) wants and approves the Stimulous pkgs.

    Covservative states know that BHO and the stimulous pkg is a complete total failure at helping Americans; BHO wanted to destroy the ecomony, and he did.

    BHO does NOT wnat America and Americans to thrive and grow; he wants them dependent on the government and vote Dems into office forevers.

    I think I hate him.

  98. FNS will air again today on the FOX News Channel at 6 p.m. ET.

  99. I think a lot of us hate him.

    The only thing I think McCain would have taken care of well would have been the war effort and taking care of our brave troops.

    McCain would have been bad for the ecomomy, would have given amnesty to illegals, etc.

    And, I think if he and Sarah had been elected, she would have been marginalized. McCain would have done to her, what Obama has done to Biden. Shuffled her off to far away countries, etc.

    Sarah should not play second-fiddle to the likes of a McCain!

  100. Ah, hate.

    I've found that hatred----feeling hot malice toward someone, enough to want revenge----takes too much of my energy.

    I've also learned that hatred feeds the appetite of the Evil One, whom I really DO hate; that Perverted Mess is Who has REALLY hurt me and my loved ones, even killing some of them.

    So even re. sickos like BO and MO, I don't waste my energy and give them power over me by hating them. I detest what they do and say, and I hate how they think, because they're corrupt and false. But I don't hate THEM.

    I take the energy I'd waste hating them, and instead I spend that energy on finding and implementing ways to make them FAIL MISERABLY at hurting others or our nation, or the world.

    No sermon or rant there; just thinking in print.

    Now, on to my Nazarene Nap! G'Nap, FOTs!

  101. I know all these phony Messiah-types (BHO) wants everyone to love them (they interpreting 'love' to 'worship'); but I would thaink that the Evil One would WNAT people to hate him, because hate mankes him/it stronger.

    Since BObastard wants everyone to love/worship him, I don't.

  102. First things first -- when I'd send my brother things, I didn't put a rank, so I didn't think of asking for one when he gave me the name to send to. I just called him to ask about it, and he said you're not suppose to put a rank "on anything like that." I just figure there must be some security reason.

    Yes, I can send a package this week -- somehow I got the impression that someone else already was lined for this week. I'll send this week -- that's fine. Might not be until Wednesday, but I'll do it.

    And last, but not least, for those unsure, I, too, am a "hen."

  103. Oh, good; I was afraid we needed to put a rank on the packages.

    Mine wil be ready to go on schedule, then.

    Thnaks for letting us know, aero; and don't forget to check in at the Yahoo Group:

  104. Just went to the Yahoo Group site.

    Help me out here, because I'm not savvy at all about these things -- To become a member I need to set up Yahoo email account, rather than using an existing email address?

    Which is fine, but if I can use one I already have, I'd like to.

    Also, I should have mentioned earlier that my brother liked the Propel drink powder, which comes in individual serving tubes that can easily be added to water bottles, so that might be a good alternative to Kool-Aid.

  105. Thanks for the Propel info; I'll get some for the package.

    You can use your existing email address; just type it in where it's requested. I used my BellSouth email for me.

    Once you join, either myself or debb-di will okay your Membership.

    I'll be online for about 30 more minutes, tehn gone for a few hours.

  106. totus big guy winning the peace prize was about as disappointing as the bombing of the moon was... both duds!

  107. I would like to send packages to aero's brother's friends, but I can't put one together right away since I am between jobs. I'll have to buy little things here and there till I find work.

  108. That's fine Rattlesnake. I think we have enough folks right now to cover the next couple of weeks. I can send next week (10/19)or week 4 (11/3). This week I'm sending a package to my daughter in Italy and Week 4 I'll be traveling on business most of the week and won't be here to send.

    As for buying the things, do like I do and get things over time. I look for things marked down for clearance; buy-1-get-1-free specials; and I shop at the dollar stores (they often have name brand stuff at much lower prices).

    That's how I do Christmas gifts. I get some great gifts that way and it doesn't have me spending so much money all in the fall.

    AERO - you can set up a yahoo account to join the group, then in your profile you can put your regular email as the email address that you want to use. It will just ask you to verify that email address as belonging to you.

    The only reason I had a yahoo account was because I used to use Yahoo chat to communicate with a friend who lived in New Mexico. Yahoo chat even has a voice feature and you can "call" the other person and speak to them as long as you have a microphone and speakers. Its pretty cool.

  109. aero, when I said "in your profile", I meant in your profile for the group ... I didn't make that very clear.

  110. Oh my. I know we've all heard bits and pieces of information about Obama's "czars".

    For instance, I've read that John Holdren, "science czar" is a nut case who advocates mandatory abortions as a means of population control. And I've also read that Ezekial Emmanuel (Dr. Death) "Special Advisor for Health Policy", advocates that there should be rationing to greatly restrict many treatments, medicines, and procedures to anyone over 40 and more particularly to anyone over 65.

    That's just two of them.

    But this article talks about sixteen (16) of over 40 such czars.

    You really should read this and share the information with others:

    The information is alarming I'm thinking that there will be subsequent articles about the others. I really hate to hear about the other 24 or so of them! Surely they can't be any worse than these 16. Or can they be?

  111. I don't think BObastard cares what we think about his czars; he chose them, he knows full well what they are and they practice.

    Unless the're forced to resign, none of the czars are going anywhere.


  112. You're absolutely right about him and his czars, Mrs.
    After all the Tea Parties (there's a historical reference involved with that name, but does it strike anyone else as being just awfully prissy sounding?----and not something ominous and promise-filled, as we NEED the name of opposition to BO to be?), people seem to be stumped about how to IMPACT our elected officials. It seems that once they are in power, THEY ARE IN POWER, and they just ignore their constituents.

    Sending faxes and calling seems lame. I know it's reportedly effective, but you watch: the Dems plan to IGNORE all the anti-Obamacare marchers and all the faxes and emails and calls, and institute that SOCIALIST plan ANYWAY.

    The whole country can't be on the dole, because the rich will leave; they ARE leaving.

  113. I hope you're right, Mrs1953; I hope God isn't going to allow Americans to find out the hard way how key it is to LEARN about candidates BEFORE getting stars in their eyes and voting them into office (DUH!).

    Wow, what a mess we're in......

  114. Aero - Hi, me again :-) I'm getting address requests from Members taking the Oct 17-23 Mailings; I haven't posted it on the site beccause I didn't know how you felt about it.

    I can wait until you join, nad you can post the address; or, I cans post the address on the ********* (it just occurred to me not to list the name of the page here) page, which is safer than listing it on the Message Board.

    The first two packages are scheduled to go out on Oct 13th. Are there any women in his unit?

    Thanks for the info.

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