Friday, January 1, 2010

It's the Chicago Way

TSA has been in the news a lot lately, and none of it has been good news from Big Guy's perspective.  Last night, in between the champagne, the late night walk on the beach, which led to three canceled national security briefings, more champagne and a game of Twister, Big Guy talked to Gibbsy about trying to get better PR for an agency that was getting way too much PR.  Good luck with that.

Now comes word that some people on Capitol Hill think our nominee to head TSA, Erroll Souther, might not be the best guy for the job to protect people's privacy.  It seems when he was an FBI agent he accessed his ex-wife's boyfriend's criminal record, and he wasn't authorized to do that.  That was 20 years ago, and now everyone is up in arms about it.

I would have thought that a year into our administration, most people would have figured out how we work. See, Big Guy comes from Chicago, where the old fable about the fox guarding the hen house is taken pretty seriously as an approach to good government.  Big O nominated Timmy Geithner, who was a tax cheat, to oversee our economy and tax policy. Who better to understand how to stop cheaters, than to hire one of the best cheaters in the country to run the agency?  Democrats hate the Pentagon, so who better than a Republican, Bob Gates, to run DoD, since he probably respects the military?  Who better to understand the lax border policies of DHS than a governor who encouraged lax border policies, and now you have the perfect job for former Arizona governor Bruno.

So in the case of TSA, you have Souther, who clearly doesn't respect anyone's privacy. nominated for a job that will allow him, thanks to full body screening machines, to see just about everyone's most intimate privates whenever he wants. Who better to know what to do with all those photos? 

This is just the way Chicago political mind works, but sometimes you don't need to pretzel logic it that much.  After a strong, effective Vice President like Dick Cheney, Big Guy simply went in the opposite direction. Hence the Biden pick.


  1. You know what's bad? That actually makes a twisted sense... sigh...

  2. Brilliant, TOTUS. What would we do without you explaining the "inside". During twister, did Mo perchance fall on Gibbsy? Just wondering.

  3. [TOTUS] "Big Guy and fam saw Avatar today in empty theater; that way ..."

    ... Dope could ask, "What's happening now? Why did they do that? What's happening now?"

    without being embarassed or appearing to be "punch drunk."


    [re: BettyAnn's funny above]

    Answer: Big Mo, upon spinning "Right Foot Red" and determined NOT to lose, even though her left foot, left hand, and right hand and were all on green, deftly swung that big leg across the mat and.............. Giggly rolled to safety just-in-time.

    "You LOSE, whitey," Big Mo bellowed triumphantly.

    And the match proceeded to the final round:

    Big Mo v. Bruno...........

    Word: volypedi

    Only a volypedi can put her or his right hand on green when her or his left foot and left hand and right foot are all on red.

  4. So, TOTUS, Dear-

    Did BG put a sock in Hillary's mouth so she could not appear more "in charge" than he on the issue of PantyBomber (remember the 3am phone call ad)


    did Hillary have cosmetic surgery over the Christmas break and is not able to face Mr. Camera yet?

  5. Frankly, I hope both Hill and Bill got a blethoplasty for those bags under their eyes...long overdue. I'm a fan, btw.

  6. All that is missing is the CIA director that hates the CIA :)

  7. TOTUS:
    YOu could have kept that last twit to yourself!!

  8. TWW - have you changed your name and written a bizarro new screen play? Come on, now. Fess up! Pronto!

  9. Miss Susan (bless your heart :]), I HAVE NO IDEA WHO Baubau the Shoe Salesman is. Sounds like some kind of poisonous snake.

    If that WERE my "screen play," it would be titled: "Barry Soetoro's College Essay on: Why George Washington Was a Good Leader."

    Bwah, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaa! RE: the twit about D'oh!bama's unmentionables, it is disgusting, but, not surprising. The Embarassment in Chief loves exposing himself -- "like Paris Hilton" [giggle] -- (just not the facts about himself).

  10. Mr. baubau, aspiring writer, should certainly keep his day job.

  11. Such blatant spam as BauBau's above,gives one the heebie jeebies.
    Might he be a Mau-Mau?
    Could he be one of those kut-up Kenyan kids?

    More likely he manages "offshore accounts" for his employer,like the undie bomber's daddy.
    That bank he manages is an islamic souk from which funds are transfered INTERNATIONALLY without bothering those pesky currency regulators at all.

    Almost positive I received a letter from him just last month requesting my depository assistance to free up a $28M inheritance that tax authorities would not release from another Nigerian Bank.

    Their bribes to the local officials,or 'backsheesh',had been considered insufficient.

    My potential rewards were described as 'everlasting',so if I invest,I will have that going for me.

    Our old pal,'Tabloid T shirts',also adds his valuable perspectives above and one feels ever so much wiser after another of his rather repetitive contributions.
    Thanks for sharing guys !
    We love being informed of those clever values available at your establishments.
    Please expedite shipments of everything you have to 123 Fake street,C.O.D.,RUSH.
    We will ship back the returns at our own expense,at least in your dreams.

    Was wondering TP whether ya'll turned down South African President Zuma's wedding,because it is his third ? Ya'll did know he was still happily married to the first two didn't you?

    Local fashionistas like that very funny MOTUS lady might have noted their otherworldly
    outfits as this was one wedding without all that,oh so 20th century,white!

    In this 'religious' ceremony a well known imam blessed the young couple,the guests,and favored concubines,w the sacrifice of a fattened goat.

    The bride wore black,head to toe w an almost translucent veil,lined w a black silk face camisole.
    One noted a strong resemblance to the other
    females in her family..

    The Bride's Maids were the preceeding and present wives and were also dressed in identical matching black outfits,as were all the female guests.It was a stunning spectacle.

    The Ring berarer was precious of course.

    So much so,that the groom has arranged to also marry her in a few months after returning from his most recent honeymoon.

    SS Hillary and VP Biden sent regrets along w a wealth of wedding gifts from this our
    country to theirs,including Ipods, Salad Spinners, and Perfect Brownie Pans.
    Had they been able to attend it would have been another Perfect Brownie Pandering,
    in addition to a lovely ceremony.
    Pity we partied too much in Hawaii to have made it to those festivities.
    Perhaps we could make it w them later.
    The President could invite the entire
    corp for a State Dinner and TWWister match.

    Bet Michelle finishes on top

  12. TOTUS said:
    "So in the case of TSA, you have Souther, who clearly doesn't respect anyone's privacy..."

    I really don't see the problem here. I mean, Mark Lloyd, who loves free speech except if the one talking is white or a republican, which is not racism at all but a kind of discernment about who should be talking and who should not, is doing a fine job over at the FCC. Mr. Lloyd loves Chavez, just like Obama. He really admires Mao, too, and he especially wants to prevent people with the wrong ideals from participaing in any kind of debate where the public might get confused.

    Souther is a fine choice. Experienced people is just what this country needs, and our president has plenty of experience paying back the folks who deserve what they get, especially America.

  13. I find it refreshing that our resident rooster can give us such a special fashion commentary on the Zuma nuptials. My own research advies me that the 67 year old Zulu bride-groom's wife number 2 or 3 or 4 committed suicide! Bless her heart.

    But what I cannot reconcile without much more thorough research, is this: was not "Zuma" an African-African character who caused Jack Bauer (oh, where is he when we need him in the Motor City!) much yelling expletives such as "I SAID NOW!!!!!" ??

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. What ?

    Did I drop a bomb on the carpet or something
    w that,'The Bride Wore Black ',piece above?

    Thank you Susan.
    Was afraid I had run off the FOTS w my post.
    Nearly 24 hours later,I was sure it had.

    Well ok ,it wasn't my best post,but I couldn't very well put her in a little black dress which was the more likely actual scenario.
    Besides, I have since seen the photos and indeed these folks do dress colorfully.
    In the extreme.
    The idea of importing that truly authentic
    Conga line from neighbors next door in the Congo,was pure genius.

    And maybe he didn't propose to the Ringbearer's,er,father,but
    he is planning another wedding this year,and will be stealing away somebody's little darling.

    Perhaps for him 4 wives is a bit of heaven on earth,Sounds like a Bundyesque hell to me,and perhaps he should have held out for those 72 virgins instead,in that ethereal eternal brothel,that Heavenly Whorehouse,that such martyrdom should earn for him.

    Dunno about that Zuma 24 reference above.
    Only time I had ever heard the name before was w that awful alcoholic soft drink.
    Tasted like Fresca w extra Battery Acid.
    I was a Scotch afficienado until the UK
    released the Lockerbie bomber.
    Now I am just drinking John Waynes.
    Bourbon and Big Red.
    Probably be a while before I make it from the 'B's all the way back to the ZZZZZ's.
    No doubt need a nap on the way too.

    Literary license was used in that piece even tho one was unlicensed to that profession.
    IRS or that new ProfesCzar would deny me that status.Seems unfair too.After posting probably pounds of posts that ProfesCzar pontificates I'm no pro and Poof,all profits perish.
    Arizona Anchor Baby Bruno should pass her job to Pal (hah)Arppayo.He would do a better job at her job.Only he lacks her unique diverse outlook on agency output,and he lacks her private preference points too.
    Politically incorrect his appointment would never fly.Had he followed TSA he would refuse to do so as well.
    Someone must be found tho as rumor has
    Bruno if not the new ProfesCzar probably heading the head-on crack up of the administration's amnesty efforts.

    One can only wish her equal success there.

    Just as w Prostitutes,only Professional Prosers should apply for that plausible,passable,pedigree.
    Enthusiastic amateurs who might only pursue a pause to ponder over their own personal religion of Peas,only clutter their accounting.
    In both cases.

    One must confess to other little'journalistic'
    fibs over my tenure here.

    Mostly it is just more ineffective invective.

    Much like at that earlier Rammadamma Ding Dong Dinner,(the ding dongs were saved for dessert),well much of that was pure Preptillian speculation.More Prepto Bizmo
    to soothe my,(code word),Ungst.

    Actual scenes as depicted in that
    you tube video 'Pasta in Riyadh',probably really happened there,but I cannot testify to them.Forget the Latin but recall the word implies one would wager his testes upon said testimony.I just haven't the balls to so testify.None to spare,anyway.Even if it would qualify me for the forward tees.Not worth it.

    Does not mean that it did not happen does it?

    Does the above qualify as Tonguetwwisterese?
    Dunno,just sure if I had to read my stuff on stage I would wan't me hunted down and killed.

    One counts one's blessings one supposes.
    Except for the one where the One won.

    That was more like a curse.

  16. Don't worry, Preptile, we are made of sterner stuff than to be chased off by one of your creative forays. I would hazard that many of us have been busy digging out cars, sidewalks, and various animals from the global warming that is falling over most of the country right now. I made a good New Mexican Green Chile Stew for my husband, as he bravely went out and kept the walks clear during the holidays. Hatch Chile, of course (as if there is any other type of good chile). Other than that, we played way too much World of Warcraft (as if there is any way to play too much WoW).

    But now it is back-to-reality time. Or, at least, what passes for reality at the facility that I work at. It's funny that it is easier to get through the guard gates here, than going through security at an airport. What with thermite panties and patting down little old ladies, it is a wonder that anyone still flies.

    Happy New Year, everyone. Stay calm, as it is just going to get worse.

  17. I would have to say that Rio Grand chili runs in a close heat with Hatch! Pun intended. Though Lady, you are going to have a hard time explaining green chili to outsiders.

    I tell them that the peso is so high, the import laws so strict, that we have to pick the chili off the tree before it's ripe ;)

  18. Ah, BettyAnn, you are evil indeed. Pick the chile off the tree before it's ripe . . .

    I tell people that when they come to New Mexico, they don't have to bring their visa, because we have a special arrangement with the United States . . . and we all speak pretty good English here, too. Though we sometimes have to retreat to the fort when there is going to be an Indian attack.

  19. Well, here in the ATL we are bracing for tomorrow's blizzard! Some schools are scheduling early closings (no joke) and we have stocked up on bread, toilet paper, sweet tea and beer. Forecasters are now predicting 7/8" to possibly one and 1/8" of snow.

  20. I tell potential visitors about my outhouse, but not to worry too much about bears, because we string tin cans around the perimeter. And that's the funny thing about it; they want to come for a visit.

    Good idea about going in the fort for an attack. We usually just tell the indians that the beer is all gone, and they retreat pronto!

    Nice to post with a fellow expatriot.

  21. LOL, Susan, I didn't know they measured snow in 8ths of inches in GA! Though I guess you shouldn't have to measure snow at all there. The forecast for Cincinnati is 4 to 5 inches tomorrow, right when I have to drive to work. And don't anyone say "at least you have a job." I'm already sick of it. I should've known better than to get back into retail.

    Ah well, enough complaining, time to change topics. I'm seriously thinking of moving south and so far I'm looking at Jacksonville and Austin. If any of you FOTs have been to either of these cities can you give me an idea of what they are like?

  22. Snake, it has been years since I've been in Austin. I know it has gotten some urban sprawl going on. The countryside is all rolling hills in that part of Texas. Can get a little nippy during winter, but don't remember it ever getting snow. There are some big technical companies stationed there, in particular IBM and Sun (my son-in-law has had jobs at both while living there). There are two bad things about Austin. The first is that it is a sanctuary city, so there are a number of "illegal immigrants" floating around (though I have to say my kids that are there haven't had any problems, but they are smart enough to stay away from dangerous areas). The second is that it is full of Texans. Other than that, a fairly normal town. Since it is the capital, the capital building is there in downtown, and is a nice little building with a dome.

  23. [PrepT] "those 72 virgins ... that Heavenly Whorehouse"


    For Jews and Christians, Heaven is where we are all pure and holy and happily* like the angels, non-sexual (perhaps with something even better in that department!).

    For the Cult of Muhammed, Heaven is a giant whorehouse.

    *Yeah, non-sexual sounds wonderful to me -- were you happier at age 8 or age 13?

    Did somebody say, "Rammadingdong?" That makes me want to sing......... "Rammadingdong, ramma, ramma, ding dong...... OH! You!...." Heh, heh. Down TOTUS blog memory lane.

    FYI, new FOTS, that was a TWWisted little song to the tune of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" written last summer here.


    All that talk of chili [that's how I spell it (:S)] is making me hungry. I just went out to the kitchen for a snack!

    Lady Gray and Betty Ann, I would like to know just what "green chili" is -- LOL, BettyA, when you wrote about the "peso" my mind turned it into "pesto" and, for a half-second, I thought, "Oh, so they use pesto; that's why it's green ... " -- heh, heh.

    Say, this is FUN, huh, FOTS? We've turned this into a food [including how to stock up for a blizzard in Georgia ;)] and fashion blog. Even have poor Rattler working in retail (assuming there are clothes sold there).

    Hang in there, Rattler. Perhaps, your move is exactly what is supposed to happen. Perhaps, you would never have even considered moving but for losing your job at the Business Enterprise cum Popsicle Stand. "... God works all things together for good... ." Romans 8:28. Do keep us posted on your doings. It's been hard to have delightful people come to this blog and then............................................. silence on the line. It's sort of gut wrenching. Makes one draw back a bit emotionally. Yeah, I know, it's silly, but I like "getting to know" people and being blog friends. When people who posted a lot (and whose posting was a pleasure to read) just bail without a "farewell" or anything, it's a bit sad. Now, I suppose I know what it's like to be in a military family. THANK YOU for enduring that for us, too, O Wonderful U. S. Armed Forces.

    Blah, blah, blaaaaaah.


    Oh, Miss Susan, by the way. What exactly is "sweet tea?" Is it a special type of tea or is it the same as "sweetened tea?" Thanks!


  24. Chili is a combination of meat and beans that is usually flavored with red chile powder, and is a typical food in Texas. Think of Wolf Brand Chili.

    Chile, which can be red or green, is a condiment found in New Mexico and California, or is used as an addition to things like Green Chile Stew. The reason that chile is red or green is because the chiles can be picked in an unripe state (green) or ripe state (red). They are usually prepared by roasting them over an open flame, which helps to blister and separate the skin, which can then be pulled off and discarded.

    There are fierce arguments in New Mexico over where the best chiles are grown, very similar to the arguments over which is the best beer, or the best sports team, etc.

    Chiles are also graded by how hot they are, taste-wise. The taste ranges through mild, medium, hot, and don't even ask how hot this is. People usually have to work their way up through the hotness scale to be able to eat the very hot chiles. Salsa is a food which is closely tied to the taste of the chiles put into it, which is why salsa is graded by the hotness.

    And, for some reason known only to google, I was labeled as Lady Gray up above. I don't know why.

  25. Janice! That clears up TWO mysteries. What exactly green chile is (thanks!) and..... I was on the verge of writing in the above post, "Boy, Lady Gray, you sure do sound a lot like Janice." Cool! I guessed right!

    Well, I only (so far, I know, I know) like Nalley's chili con carne out of a can. I've never liked anyone's homemade chili better. Add fresh tomatoes to it and it's SUPER!

    Speaking of name brands, did you ever wonder has I have when perusing the baked beans aisle whether "progressives" tacitly boycott Bush's Baked Beans? Probably buy a lot of Progresso Soup. I prefer Campbell's myself -- even after the release of the Lockerbie murderer ;).

  26. I don't know if you have the Wolf's brand of Chili where you are, but I found that it had the best flavor of all the canned chilis. In the past, I would often purchase a can of the all-beans, and a can of the con carne, and mix them together. Made the ratio of meat to beans about right for me.

    That was cute about Bush's Baked Beans and Progresso. I wouldn't be surprised if it did make a difference to those folks who want to cram diversity down our throats.

    Our closest Sam's Club has cans of Green Chile Stew over where they have the Spam and such. I cannot eat it, but my husband says it is excellent.

  27. Well, Janice, how kind of you to share more food tips. (Isn't this just hilarious?) Seriously, I will look for Green Chile Stew and try some.

    Nope. I've never heard of "Wolf's." You have likely never heard of "Nalley's" either, huh?

    "Diversity" defined:

    Regarding homosexual practices as normal -- or else; admitting people to college, hiring, and not firing (or rewarding or granting privileges in any other way) people just because they are non-caucasion or are female (or male, in the case of the Ladies Room!).

  28. Well, sweet tea is plain old tea with about 6 lbs of sugar stirred into a gallon while still hot and then put in a plastic gallon jug and labled "sweet tea", and,of course, cooled.

    Growing up in D.C. we just put a spoon of sugar in our glass and called it sweetened. Tradition!

    Dittos on the Gray Lady Jane mystery. I was wondering as well.

  29. Chili is a food, a vegetable, and a condiment. You can stuff them chop them boil them and put them in anything you eat, and you betcha! New Mexicans do just that. Accompanying spices are cumin, garlic, onion, sage, wild oregano. I love red and green both. The state question in NM is, "Red or green?" and the answer of course, is "Christmas!" Green chilli is addictive, and anyone will tell you that even after one bite of a good chli, you ever afterward crave them.

    You should try Austin, If you like music they have an awesome music scene there, and an average age around 35. My friend just moved there, a musician, and he's lovin' life if his facebook entries are indication. Jacksonville is huge, a monsterous city. Come out west. The west is empty. Yes, there are too many Texans in Texas. But that's because we like to keep them all in one place ;)

  30. Janice, the sanctuary city part doesn't sound appealling, but I suppose cities are like churches: it's impossible to find the perfect one. Cincinnati isn't so bad, there just aren't many jobs here, and the murder rate is high. And there's snow.
    We're not into chile here but sweet Greek-style chili makes great spaghetti sauce.

    TWW, I think people are losing interest in the blog for some reason. Maybe it's because people are busy, or maybe it's because there are a lot of other great conservative blogs to read. I still check on this one regularly, just not as often as I used to.

    BA, Texas sounds like the only place that gets it, not like the union-loving Ohioans who are only a little smarter than Michiganders. Our state senate was nice enough to retroactively raise taxes for 2009. They keep giving me more reasons to leave.

  31. Good Morning, Everyone. This is Prodigal Biddy MTVA, shamed by TWW into coming back to the barnyard. I've been so jangled up (or was it wee-weed up?) for the last month or so, had to decide whether to accept an early retirement package before year end, which I did, and now happily write to you in the peaceful bliss of retired living. Then gave up my usual 2 wks December vacation, in order to clear things up at work, so had all the shopping and prep to squeeze in before Christmas without the expected time off...only now am I catching my breath and relaxing from a very stressful month.

    Sorry for this AllAboutMeeee post, but wanted to explain my absence. I've missed you all, and also wonder where have many of our Old Faithfuls have gone, Jamie for example.

    TWW, you are the glue that holds us all together, so glad you hang in there and keep us going. I hope all is well with Mr. T, as well as yourself, and look forward to another of your fabulous stories to help us all forget how frozen we are...I'm wearing layers upon layers, as I'm sure we all must be, here in our Land of Global Freezing!

  32. Two cents worth from Texas Janice.
    And BTW,welcome back to all you frozen Holiday travelers.Stll missing MM and Jamie from the regular troop and hope to see them soon.

    Austin is as pretty as Texas gets and sits next to the huge Lake Travis.
    Problem is the populace,as it leans lefty
    more than any other Texas city.
    It is Berkley,Madison Wisconsin and City College at NYU all rolled into one,only w a twwang.Legendary libs infest the place like Ronnie Earle(who persecuted Delay,w his ludicrous prosecutions).
    They get plenty of public support too.
    Still a very livable place altho it feels crowded,and I would commute to there.
    It grew too fast in the 80s,zooming from 90,000 to a million plus,w the old freeways.
    They are rumored to have good local football teams there too.Those making a wee wager on tonite's game might recall that they are 8-0
    against Alabama,and they are not inclined to start losing to them now.

    My New Year's Resolution is to trim my posts to readable length so I will start here.
    Tried yesterday,taking the axe to the above.
    It was 500% larger,and even more rambling.

    But before I am outa here I must comment upon Chiles and Chilis as those of us near the Mexican border have grown to know them.
    There is legendary lore about Chiles locally and one has learned to avoid the jabanero,for example,in summer.It is strictly local border knowledge like what Donkey Dancing really means.Like w some of the hotter peppers,it is knowledge that some of you young misses might rather miss.Those afflicted by jalaproctitis should probably avoid those jabaneros too.

    A proper chili is akin to a gumbo roue,in that
    all types of leftovers may be productively added.Green peppers,onions,cheese,crackers leftover bread,and of course a Chile or twwo,to taste,all can be used.
    In certain culture where protein runs at a premium,beans are actually added too.
    That is not recommended.

    But my real recipe FOTS ,and it IS mine,
    AS IS THE NAME,needs a few too.

    Try this and let me know how it works for you.

    Green Spinach Noodles,drowned in butter,cream cheese,unwhipped cream,and Parmesan all melted and blended together w 3 fresh & finely chopped jalapenos.

    Enjoy the above 'Fettuccine Bubba'.
    I'll put it up against old Freddo's anytime.

    I promise it will warm the cockles of Cocks and Crows alike around your humble barnyard,
    no matter how frozen one finds oneself in these frying times of 'Global Warming'.

    On the bright side all this "Warming" means
    the Obamanataion of 'Cap and Trade' will be laughed out of Washington,just as the Gorical was at the HopenChangen conference.

    So at least we have that to look forward.

  33. I was going to write something (nice to hear from you MTVA and.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!);

    I'm going to go get something to eat.

  34. It's good to see you, MTVA, and congratulations on your retirement.

    Preptile, now you are going to start a chili war with that talk of jalepeno vs chili. The chili is a sacred vegetable, and not to be taken lightly such as putting in a creamy pasta dish, which cuts the heat. But what can you expect from a Texan, eh?

    Brown 1 pound cubed lean pork until crisp and remove from pan. In the fat, brown an onion and three to five big cloves of crushed garlic. Pour off the excess fat and add back the meat, cover with water or better a quart of chicken broth, add lots of chopped green chilli, cumin, sea salt, and wild oregano. Simmer for one hour. Add chopped potatoes and sage, return to boil until potatoes are done.

    Adding sour cream is sacriledge. If you don't sweat, it isn't hot enough.

  35. TOTUS:
    I'm going to ask MOTUS about Big Guy's blue eye shadow.

  36. Blue eye shadow?

    Where,I wanna see this.

    BA,if one could only spell au contraire
    one would demand that the spice cuts thru all that cream.Delightfully so.

    Just watch Fettuccine Bubba will spread across those Santa Fake Fusion restaurants faster than Montezuma's revenge thru a tourista from NY.Only administration denials of responsibility for the calamity du jour are faster.And of course,ahem,TP's typing speed.

  37. BettyAnn, I beg your pardon, but the word chili (with an "I" at the end) refers to a brownish sort of beans and meat dish, which, though tasty in itself, is not the same as chile (with an "E" at the end), which is the actual vegetable that can be used when fresh, or can be allowed to dry and be powdered.

  38. FOT's,

    I apologize for the absence.

    Between the holidays, closing out the dreadful 2009 business year and being delegated even more work, I have little time to post.

    The whole Christmas crotch critter thing has been covered adnauseam.

    Even said bomber's cousin who occupies the Whitehouse is sick about it. So sick, the fraud from abroad pulled the Give 'em Hell Harry Truman "The Buck Stops Here" card.

    That is the irony, this president, who with his wife is the real gate crasher lacking credentials, has a card for everything.

    Race, blame and political correctness. It is his precious little game. And much like his ability to change the pronunciation of countries, he has the ability to change the rules to the game to make it appear that he is winning.

    The only problem, the American people are finally starting to see through his charade. I mean seriously, who honestly believes that BO has accepted blame for anything?

    Back to more serious subjects, I have heard some great nick names for Barack's Bomber Cousin:

    Marc Stein: Panty Bomber (as we say in the southwest "He doesn't have the huevos to fight like a real man").

    Marc Stein: The eunuch bomber

    Beck: Liar Liar Pants on Fire


    As usual you are correct.

    Any saucy culinary delight begins with a good roux.

    Thanks to my dear New Mexico neighbors, especially those of you from Hatch, I always have anywhere from 2 - 50 lbs of your green chiles in my freezer.

    Real chile does not have beans.

    Beans should be used by themselves and you should always have a pot of beans (pinto beans my preference) on the stove.

    You never know who might show up.

    The Arizona cowboys call pinto beans whistle berries.

    Perhaps if the eunuch bomber had consumed some whistle berries prior to his flight from Amsterdam, his attempt would have been more successful.

    Thank God these idiots failed chemistry class.

    As far as the TSA and other government agencies involved go, there is more evidence than ever that the Peter Principle is alive and well in all facets of civil servitude.

    Thanks for the forum from which to rant!

  39. Shovel Ready, apparently you have been aging like a fine wine, that was a fabulous post! I hope all our familiar friends also find their way back here, we have become but a shadow of our old riproaring-ranting-roustabout selves.

    Is there anyone here today who is NOT going to have chili for supper tonight??? After all this enticing talk, I am on my way to the kitchen to fire things up! Homemade bread, too!
    See you later...

  40. Janice, I had never made that distinction before, and stand corrected. Green chili stew vs chopped green chile. Okee-dokee!

  41. Obama's 'terrorism' speech of 1/7 made me SICK! With nose held high, he spoke to the teleprompters on his left & right but not to US!! He was speaking to his TELEPROMPTERS, for God's sake! I can't tell you how disgusted I am with this president. He has two strikes against him and he has NO clue what the pitcher (Al Qaeda) is going to thrown next. He'll throw all sorts of resources at aviation while the 3rd strike will come on a BUS...or an 18-wheeler...or an LNG tanker. This president hasn't done what a SMART batter would do: study the pitcher. That's because he didn't think he'd HAVE to study the pitcher. He thought we'd (read: He'd) be adored with universal international acclaim. He's finding out that our country is probably hated more now than when Bush was in office. How else to explain the increase in threats?

  42. [MTVA] "... our old riproaring-ranting-roustabout selves."

    ..... showed up (in addition to the others above) in the persons of Shovel Ready and Chris (good to hear from you guys). Who are not full of beans.

    Say, I LOVE Green Tabasco sauce (on scrambled eggs, etc...) does THAT count?


    And now, for an episode of the continuing saga of "Transparency"...

    [this one is dedicated to the memory of our dearly departed (sniff) friend, Barry's Used Cars]

    Scene: Magic Negro's ["magic negro" coined by L. A. Times editorialist, 2007], an auto body shop; at sales desk, customer Jane sits opposite owner/manager Peach Soetoro.

    Peach: So...... you.... uuuuuuuuh.... want us to replace your right and left front quarter panels, your right and left rear quarter panels, both doors, your hood, your engine, and your transmission so it'll run better? [he was reading, so he did pretty good] (looks up)

    Jane (shaking head firmly): No. My car runs just fine. I just want you to fix the driver's door hinges so the door opens properly.

    P: But, the best way to fix the hinges is to simply replace the door aaaaaaaaaaaaaand,.... uuuuh [uh's omitted from here on -- TOO obnoxious].... that leads to replacing the other door so it matches aaaand, then we need to replace the hood, cheaper than repainting, and same with the quarter panels aaaaaaaand we're having an engine replacement special (we throw in the trani for FREE) which I am sure you would like to have [GRIN]. Am I right?

    Jane: I just want to get better access to my car. Just do the HINGES.

    P (downturned mouth, pursed lips): Listen, lady. I own this business, you'll do what I think be-- er, I mean I'll do what is best for you. Trust me. [GRIN -- SNAP! catch fly, stuff-in-pocket]

    J: It's MY car. I won't pay for ANY work done beyond fixing the hinges.

    P: [patronizing, "professorial," tone]: Ooooh, so that's what you meant, dear. So it's COST that we're wee wee'd up about, eh? Don't worry, honey. We can do all I told you... IN FACT, we can build you a WHOLE NEW CAR for what it would cost you to just fix those hinges. Now, sugar, wouldn't you like that a whole lot better? Sure you would.

    J [red faced]: I don't NEED a whole new car. I LIKE my car. It gets me where I want to go. It works. It just needs a tiny tweak for accessibility.

    P: [coaxingly] Why, we'll let you watch the whole process.... We have a transparency rule around here: "No unsatisfied customers left to complain" .... er, or, somethin' like that. You will SEE it, we will put you in the See-Span booth where you can watch every nut that goes in -- or out. Aaaaaand, you won't pay a DIME more that you would have paid for less done.

    J [skeptical, but, gullible (always votes "Undecided") and intrigued by the idea of a practically brand new car....]: Weeell...... okay. But, let me see the transparency booth, first.

    [Peach leads Jane over to small closet, opens door, a shovel falls out]

    J [peers inside, looks at Peach]: You can't see anything in here.

    P: I know [giggles drunkenly].

    J: Is this some kind of joke?

    P: "Gallows humor, I guess (hyuck, hyuck). Truly, no. It's not a joke -- it's a promise. We will provide transparency, er, .... after you hire us, yeah..., that's the ticket.

    [they sit back down at the desk]

    P [talking faster than an auctioneer selling a 3-legged cow]: Okay, okay. Here's our binding but non-binding agreement, claimed and disclaimed, wewillnowownyourcar, whenandwhereyoudriveisuptous, youpayforthreeyearsthenyougetyourcarsignhere.

  43. J [eyes WIDE open]: Did you say you'll own my car? And I'll pay for three years?!? And THEN I GET MY CAR?!!!!! I'm outta here.

    [gets up, puts purse on shoulder, strides toward door, forgot keys, turns back]

    P: [just GRINS]

    J: My keys?

    P: YOUR keys? To what?

    J: My car, dope! What did you think, my house?

    P: I'd be happy to return your keys to you, but [SHRUG -- points outside where, vampire-like, Puhlosi, Reed the Cadaver, The Axe, and Rahm, are circling around Jane's car, the keys dangling from Puhlosi's bony fingers...]

    [FLASH! NEW SCENE -- Jane, awakening in her own bed, sits up with a scream, then, looking around at her quiet bedroom...]

    Jane: It was only a dream! I was having a nightmare!

    [FAST-FORWARD IN TIME to next scene, Jane driving by Magic Negro's Body Shop, nervously at first..... then, slowly, a smile breaks across her face for there are Peach and all the thugs being frog marched across the parking lot -- Jane pulls over to watch -- and shoved into a big prison bus by.... Sarah Palin and other officers.]

    Palin: You LOSE, Peach. [shove into bus]

    Jane [tears of joy streaming down her face]: Thank you, Lord!


    "'... [God] said, "This far you may come and no farther; here is where your proud waves halt."'" Job 38:11.

  44. Hi, Susan, thanks for the word about "sweet tea." LOL. My sweetened cup of Constant Comment tea qualifies to be "sweet tea." In a large mug, I put 4 or 5 heaping spoonfuls of Splenda (been doing the low-carb thing since 2003). Well, I like the tea strong, but, then I need the sweetener to make it taste perfect.

    Thanks, Betty Ann and Janice and Preptile and Shovel for the food tips. :D Prep, after you told about Bubba's delicious recipe, I went out to the kitchen and duplicated it as best I could with what I had on hand: a low-carb flour tortilla torn into strips, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, butter, sour cream, green Tabasco, and chopped up pepperoncinis (Greek). Zapped it in the microwave and YUUHYYYYYHUUUUUUMMMMMM! Delicious.

  45. Well as some may recall from that seasonally apropos anti-freeze commercial,if you can't trust Prepstone....

    You guys missed Shovel Ready's gag above about the hyperbaric bomb potential in those Fruit of Kabooms. For the uninitiated a 'fuel-air bomb doubles it's destructive potential by releasing explosive gas like propane prior to the plosion.It mixes w ALL the nearby oxygen
    to turn the air flammable.Explosive even.
    Perhaps this should be part of future profiling.Flatulent ferners make terrible fellow travelers anyway,especially enclosed on a plane.The truly smelly ones could be up to something funny.Do NOT under any circumstances pull on their finger.It might not be funny in the ha-ha kind of way.

  46. [Chris] "Obama's 'terrorism' speech of 1/7 made me SICK!" }:P) Me, too. That barf bag is an eternal disgrace.

    What a bunch of LOSERS in D.C......

    Dope: "... police acted stupidly."
    "punch drunk;" "recalibrate" "don't speak Austrian... "like Special Olympics... "

    Brutus: "... the system worked ... ;" "... shocked.... at Al Kayda's determination... ."

    Big Bertha Romer: "...the stimulus will [work]"

    Sonny "The Bull" Sotomayor: "... wise Latina [better judge than white male]... "

    Big Mo: "... first time I've been proud of my country..."

    Giggly: [responding to reporter's Q re: CSPAN] [sarcastically] "Don't you have enough information?"

    Dope: "my Muslim faith" [ABC TV news show with G. Stephanopolous, Summer, 2008]

    Dope: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.

    Embarassment in Chief

    Q. What is the reason for more attacks on United States since Jan., 2008?

    A. One of their brothers is in the White House.


    Jaspuh and 'orace sit down before the telly to eat their fish an' chips....

    'orace: Wots this 'ere show, Jaspuh? Sammy Davis, Junior, eh? Wot's 'e doin' een the woit house?

    [both watch in silence -- it's the SICKening 1/7 "terrorism" speech -- for awhile]

    Jaspuh: Oi cayn't roitly sye, 'orace. Oi thinks its some kind o' contest er somethin'. Win a proize, "president for uh dye."

    'o: Hmmmm. Yup. You guesseduh Chestuh. [guffaw] What a buffoon! Lookit'im now, prancin' about loik a ruddy fairy.... Haw, haaaw, now 'e says 'e's "punch drunk." Heee, hee, what an ignoramus.... Oiv seen this 'ere show before. It's been on for a coupluh years now. In a show last year, I remember he couldn't answer how many states 'e's president of..... hmm... [scratches head] Wunduh wheh the real president is?

    Jasp: Saay, 'orace, ain't this the sime goy what as refeeyused tuh bow tuh the quayne on the show last year? 'ow come 'e's alwoys the winner of the "be president for a day" contest? [raises one eyebrow]

    'o: 'ello, 'ello! You're roit, you is. Oi know 'oo 'e is. 'E's that gent wot hails from British Kenya, but 'e sent 'is boith cuhtificuht tah the moon, so no one'd foind out. 'e's alwoys winnin' proizes.... got a ticket into university boi doin' -- guess wot? Nuthin' -- .... got hisself made into uh pretend professor -- [finger laid beside nose, nods significantly] nuthin' again ..... pulled the con-job o' the centyuhry tahgetintah the woit house -- NO experience [tugs ear, winks, nods] ... you know, we could loin somethin' from 'im [nods head admiringly]... got hisself the Nobel for doin' -- guess wot?

    'o: Nuthin'.

    Jasp: [slaps 'o on back, 'o nearly chokes on food, loud guffaw] Thaaaaat's roit, ol' chap! Nothin'! Zip.


    'o: O

  47. Mistuh Preptoil, we LADIES did not "...[miss] Shovel Ready's gag ... ." Ahem! We declined to discuss it.

    I'm a rogue chili eater, I'm afraid -- I like the canned chili with both meat AND beans.

    Prepstone Antifrijoles. Buy it. It's reliable. TRUST ME. Ha, ha. I've gotta quit. Getting TOO "rambunctious" here.

  48. If there's one 'teachable moment,' it's this: Al Qaeda hates the WEST, not 'Bush.' Obama based his campaign and spent his whole first year under the guise that 'he' would return the United States to international respectability. Ergo, terrorism against us would magically 'stop.' Based on that utterly false platform, Obama then dismantled much of the Bush security initiatives. "We don't need THESE any more," Obama no doubt thought.

    But the thing we all knew (that Obama didn't) is that a mere change of president wouldn't change the resolve of Al Qaeda to hurt and destroy the 'west.' And so here we are: less safe, and hated as much as ever.

    I do not see any way that Obama's house of cards doesn't continue to fall. The 'show trial' for KSM will start at a time when the American public will have finally woken up to cry, "What the EFF are you doing here?" Holder and Obama will be launching this trial for political reasons; everyone will have woken up to that fact by the time it starts. Especially is another attempt is made between now and then. And at $200m (per year), the grousing will only intensify.

    Obama probably sat down on December 31 and said, 'Whew...I'm glad THAT year is over."

    Then he woke up on January 1 and said, "Oh shit..."

  49. other thing: If you're going to stand there and say "The buck stops with me" and then refuse to send 'Mrs. Butterworth' to the Land of Misfit Politicians, then what have you actually told people? That everything will become clear on C-SPAN??? This pie-baking head of Homeland Security was a socialist leftist 'pal' and you needed a place to put her. Believing that terrorism would 'cease to exist,' why NOT put a pie-baker in there?

    This whole thing is coming apart for

  50. "You will SEE it, we will put you in the See-Span booth where you can watch every nut that goes in -- or out." TWW playwight, extraordinaire.

    EACH AND EVERY NUT! oh my aching head!

    I enjoy now that my pups make me get up sooo early to check the 1/3 inch of snow in the yard....I get to read comedy, think about the chile - chili and don't need the beano!

  51. Bush-Bashing, Part XXXVI:

    "I don't need to remind any of you about the situation we found ourselves in at the beginning of this year..."

    "...But I will anyway."

  52. Thanks, Susan. Keep warm.


    [Chris] "send 'Mrs. Butterworth' to the Land of Misfit Politicians ... pie-baking head of Homeland Security." LOLOLOL. #(:oD)-]--|<

    Haw, haw, Mrs. Butterworth!!! Bless her heart.

    Don't know about the pie-BAKING. Isn't the "boy" "partner" the one who acts like a stereotypical male? Looks like she's EATEN a few pies.... .

  53. Hey, Chris, you got a "commencts" congratulations! Way to go!

    [What is with that dude anyway?]

  54. [Common Cents - above, on a fishing expedition, said] "Thank you for posting this!" just below one of your excellent posts.


  55. [Inspired by Chris's "Mrs. Butterworth" LOL]

    Big Mo = The Incredible Hulk ("You don't want to see me when I'm angry.")

    Giggly = The Pillsbury Doughboy

    Sonny "The Bull" Soto = Brutus (from Popeye cartoons)

    Ms. Romer = The Michelin Man

    John McLame = Gumby (strreeeetch across that aisle!)

    Rahm = Count Dracula

    Bawney Fwank = Elmer Fudd (Wascally wabbit!)

    Biden = and senile Klingon

    Timmy Geitner = Dr. Spock gone over to the dark side

    Revin' it up Wright = Yosemite Sam on cocaine

    Puhlosi = Snow White's wicked stepmother ("Mirror, mirror...")

    H. Rotten = the Cheshire Cat (after selling soul to the devil)

    D'oh!bama = Pinnochio before ever meeting the late Jiminy Cricket

    Weatherman Ayers = playing at Machiavelli by proxy

    Sec. of Def. Gates = The White Rabbit "Security" JanetN = Giant in "Jack in the Beanstalk" starring Mickey Mouse ("Which way did he go? Duh, which way did he go?")


    Word: weerg

    How could anyone VOTE for this mess of a "potus?" Weerg.

  56. TWW You are the BEST! I'm going to laugh all evening at the 'revised' Looney Tunes and co. Thanks!

    TOTUS... you are breaking your New Year's resolution to us... must be the company you are keeping. :(

    Verification: dersec
    What we are all saying to Sec. Incompatado, "The system worked????? Dur, Sec!"

  57. LOL, Debb. "Dur" :D (and thanks).

    FI --- FIE --- FO --- FUM!!!

    Seriously, Bruno's voice sounds EXACTLY like the universal "big dumb giant" character.

  58. "... Al Kayda is a bankrupt vision of misery and death." B. HUSSEIN O. [just heard his dull voice on an XM news channel]

    CORRECTION: ISLAM is a bankrupt vision of misery and death (and so, incidentally, are Peach Obama's Marxist, Environazi, policies).

    AS IF the viper Al Kayda didn't spring straight out of the Koran.


    This ad was brought to you by Bloggers Against Drunk Blogging.

    Word: pherszfl

    "Pherszfl, I'dliketosay (hic) I AM NOT dlrlnk." Bau Bau the Shoe Salesman

  60. Harry Reid's comment struck me: "No negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

    I'm sure you all recall the Hillary Clinton speeches where she had that 'faux' drawl, and Obama's selected instances where he 'created' his 'faux' Negro dialect for certain audiences.

    These Libs are utter chameleons, able (seemingly) to morph into whatever suits their cause.

    Finally, we all remember the TIME Magazine cover photo which had Obama not-so-light-skinned. Remember that little bit of trickery?

  61. Dear Teleprompter,

    We know you are way busy.

    Who,(but you),works for POTUS,yet takes time to talk to conservatives too ?

    We feel favored when you can take the time for us at all,considering all those pressing
    Presidential priorities.
    There is always more Pandering to do it seems.

    Good thing we bought them in bulk.

    Howzabout another favor for the FOTS ?

    Oh,we know our beloved international widget is long gone,but a bit of tinkering under our hood might enhance our experience and
    help us get the above CS,off the floor
    of our humble henhouse here.

    We are only asking for an ax.
    Or as Letterman might say axing for one.

    And we well know one is kept near our coop.

    Yes,I long to take an ax to the above.

    In fact to three of the above posts,and if this power were granted to our old ruffled feathered rubber chicken ranter,BA,she might slay half a dozen more on aesthetics alone.

    Fact is we need a 'minister'to administer
    justice for us for such abhorrent ministrations as seen above.

    No need,as my dream girl Kelly Bundy once said,(of cannibals no doubt),for us to be 'Chock full of Vitamins and Ministers'.

    No just a few would do.

    Here is what I am thinking.
    Imagine,if you will, a chicken's head.

    Looks a bit like your extended hand.

    On one side 4 fingers,let's say ,all hens...perhaps,TWW,BA,MM,& SMIA.

    That tool of an opposable thumb,for diversity's sake should be played by some unnamed male,pperhaps a Rooster,or at least a lesbian ruler of the roost type.

    Said committee members,should wield that ax,since you are too busy to.

    Here is how it is easily done.
    The above five see a trash can on every post.
    Should advertising or NEON words appear,
    Poof,they perish.

    Waddaya say there TP,our'Tyronne'
    w all the Power ?

    We're axing nicely.

  62. TOTUS:
    Would that your silence to FOTae extend to The Won, who delights in lecturing the public he believes adore him. IN this we can all miss GW; I remember weeks when things would occur, and I'd wonder, where's the president? and then he would make a speech or a comment and I'd listen, needing to know where he stood. This president never ceases talking, as if the talking is what he meant by "transparency". The last I looked, transparency meant "open" and "frank". This president thinks we are dolts, children, even pets. I realize this keeps you employed, and in these crushing times a job, any job, is to be embraced.

    BTW: In that last speech about the terrorists The Won kept glancing back and forth, like watching a ping pong ball, in order to read you, and though he did so before, this time he really seemed to have to stretch his view back and forth back and forth - you wouldn't happen to be indulging that sweet tooth with Michelle late nights, would you? Getting wider and wider and longer in the tooth, so to speak. Just wondering.

    Yes I remember the pandering accents, an embarrassment to hear. Obama has no business slipping into any kind of southern dialect. He is not a southerner. If he were a southerner, he would have a spine.

    Reid is a racist. To assume that black skin makes people talk black is a truely racist comment. Then he goes on to prove his racism by ass kissing his black boss, going out of his way to note that he doesn't note that his boss is black. Color blind he is not.

    i.e., "Don't Drink and Blog". But but but......if I can't drink and blog, whatever shall I do with my martini hand!!!

  63. Betty Ann, if you are drinking and blogging, more power to you; you blog better "drunk" than most people do sober. Cheers!

  64. Speaking of that Rezkobama hometown of Chicago as we were, I noted in the news today that there were too many bodies at a Chicago Cemetery.

    Hmm,Hmmm,Hmmmmmph !

    Wonder if like, in that the seashore surf ,
    the UNderToad got them.

    Probably just the UNderTaker.
    Ok ,I am not going to inflict my UNgst upon you guys.Unfortunately,I am uninclined.

    It is just that I always suspect Dear Dead Fish Rahm first in this sort of thing .

    That was especially true when reading the following, (and wondering just WHERE ,all those bodies were hidden.........

    " investigators say there may be even more people buried at Burr Oak than the study suggests.We believe it is going to be multiple thousands of people (buried) in excess of what it can possibly hold," said Jack Steed.
    Hens may wonder w a name like that how he's hung,however,it is more pointedly ,Rahm ,who may be the mysterious 'UnderToad' of the inner Oval Office of Obama (Oh,Oh,Oh).Or ,ouch,Oprah.

    Oh my.

    First I wear out my P key,and now,next it's neighbor .
    How Nappropriate,again.

    This has gotten out of hand,again,but someone had to kick this can down our rhettorical road,when inexplicably ,I was just the Rooster who happened to be crossing it.
    What a happy happenstance for our Henhouse here ,huh Hens?

    BTW, we need a monthly meetup here of the whole herd of you deers,
    to confront The World Wide scourge Of HENOCIDE.

    A farm fresh scrambled Egg dinner will hopefully be served.
    Or we can UNcan a few of Those WWorms.

  65. Well, thank yOu, Preptile..... fOr Opening anOther can Of wOrms.

    (BTW it's just not my style to consider myself or the other female bloggers here, "hens,")
    ...... so, I'd be HAPPY to join you in a delicious meal of scrambled eggs. Pass the Green Tabasco, please. (:D)

    [Nor do I consider you a "rooster," but, rather, an English language impresario with a good heart to boot.... (not that I plan to give it a Swift, Jonathan, kick, heh, heh)]

    Yeah, I'd make Dead Fish Rahm my chief suspect, also.

    Body Count Formula:

    Where R = Republican voters and D = Democrat voters and C = Corpses.....

    (R - D) + 100* = C

    *100 or 1,000 or whatever Rahm et. al. consider a comfortable margin.

    Chicago Thug: So, uh, what're we dealin' wid here, what kinda palookas are dese here Repooblicants?

    Rahm: Well, ya got your garden variety Repooblicant like a Showahn Hannuhty..... an' ya got your RINOS, dems Repooblicants in Name Only.... aaaan, den dere's the R.I.P.'s.

    Thug: Huh?

    Rahm: Dem's da ones yous interested in getting ta know tonight..... take 'em out on da town.... take 'em ta see the lake. [sneers, laughs coldly]

    Thug: [grins and nods knowingly -- then, serious] Say, boss, what's up wid your "boss" dese days? 'is thinkin' mechanism seems ta be goin' south. Is 'e still unda warranty?

    Rahm: [grits teeth, growls] No. We're stuck wid dat dope (aside: and why I EVER let Ayers talk me into this I will NEVER know!). But, den, again......................


    There ya go.

    And here we are, dear FOTS. Waiting in the Bloggers Bus Station for TOTUS, once again. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Good night. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. Hola, yoo hoo! TOTUS! Got a match?

    (Old proverb- "Light a cigarette and the bus will come.")

  68. "First I wear out my P key,and now,next it's neighbor .
    How Nappropriate,again."


    Quite quaint! And quincy, considering our Preptile collects no quetzel for his querious quips. Quiz him, quote him, he quids us not! But quips merrily along, loquaciously quelling consternating questions, quilts of quizical quandries - the queer and the queenly - with narry a quivering quill.

    (he he he he......)

  69. Speaking of Queer Quandaries from Al Queda,

    New nickname for eunuch bomber:
    Blazing Saddle!

    Mel Brooks could qureate a sequel. He could have a Harry Reid type character qulaiming that the light skinned isolated Islamic incident qureator could adapt an Arab dialect when needed.

    Quote from the movie:

    "You infidels step back while I whip this out!"


    "I said fatwa not fart war!" as the Jihadists are circled round the cave fire.

  70. Hi, Susan! I was just up the street at the cafe, having lunch. Well, well, well. Here we are again [SMILE-SMILE-SMILE-frown]. I suppose the equivalent of that old "light a cigarette" proverb would be "Write a really cool, really long (one that took at least an hour to write), post and.... BAM! While you are typing it into the box, TOTUS will post his (TOTUS chuckling mischieviously in background) -- gotcha!

    Well, I could do the looooong part..... . Sigh. Pretty risky, though. TOTUS could post any second now......


    Betty Ann, QUool post with all those Q words. H

    BTW, how are your nephew, niece, and step-daughter doing (deployed about now?)? Hope and pray they are well and safe.

    At the risk of being obnoxious.... How are your sons, son-in-law, brother, and husband, respectively, Janice, Imageremix, Jamie, Aero, and Couchpotato? They are being prayed for.


    Hell-ooooooo, Shovel! LOL. :D Love the screen play idea. You're a busy fellow, but, if you ever have time, would enjoy reading a "script" with your usual, clever, lines.

    Dope: [choosing to use his "Arab dialect"] Come, Mister Tolleybahn, to volley north of Pockeestahn. ["Arab dialect" OFF] As for Afghanistan? Whatever.


    Thanks again, PrepT, for shouldering the posting load yet again. BTW, thanks for asking awhile back, "Mr. T" is well.

  71. "I said fatwa not fart war!" -sr

    Oh, my aching head! I love getting up in the morning and checking to see if TOTUS is still HOLDING HIMSELF ALOOF!

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. TP would probably be be typing his fingers to the bone if he had any right now.

    There was BIG 'First Family' news when FIDOTUS was picked as #80 among liberal opinion makers at Drudge yesterday.

    This suprised us all as he was never great at conversation or selling an argument.
    He was more of a lap dog type.

    Some 'wag' at that site noted that when asked to speak on the honor he said "Woof".

    Not exactly quotable stuff.

    He is cute of course ,like that John Candy 'Mog' character in 'Spaceballs'.
    "Half man and half dog" as he described himself,(and here he starts wagging his tail
    and grinning before shyly stating),"I'm my own best friend".

    FIDOTUS could never speak like that.
    He does have "Woof" down tho.

    So what were looking for here TP, is all the inside poop on this story.But not please,that stuck in your left wheel.
    The scroll thru,not the roll thru is what we had in mind.
    Then you can tell us about all that other crap.

    BTW ,BA ,that was some ambitous attempt at 'Alphayoubetchatypedancing' above,
    (which we all recall is not related to actual dancing,but only a pun on tap dancing).
    Starting away at 'Q',007 style tho..well only X,Y,and Z would be harder.
    I gave it up after tripping myself up in the attempt, and awakening to find that only the ZZZZZs had taken,and thankfully waking me up to P was not part of their plan.
    Perhaps one will pursue that now tho,as nature does call.I will return on MacArthur's schedule,or of course sooner should I again fall to said irresistible urge to Pee all over something.
    As avatarred.
    I suspect you should count on that soon.
    Right after I finish writing all these rewrites.

  76. Hey Euro Shoe Salesman:

    aka Al Bundy

    aka Richard Reid (the shoe bomber I figured you would need an explanation)

    aka Drunk Blogger

    aka Who?

    Stop pimping on our blog!

    You would have better luck where cheap anything is more palatable e.g. The Daily Kooks (KOS) or the Huffington Puffington Post or the Alter Net. They are all about cheap there.

    Thank you FOTAE for letting the Frank Castanza in me vent

    Serenity Now!

  77. Thank YOU, shovel ready, for continuing these comments so that we hear from a friendly voice.

    I do miss TOTUS.

  78. What do you want to bet that Obama thinks that Haiti is one of the 57 states?

    I don't know if my son is heading there to help out those unfortunate people. I usually hear about such things after he has been deployed, and he is in the middle of advanced training right now.

    God be with those who have survived, and give them the strength and will to bring their lives back to normal.

  79. Hi, Shovel (heh, heh, LOL, enjoyed your post "the shoe bomber" -- nice!).

    At the risk of appearing obtuse, who is Frank Castanza? :] Thanks.


    Hi, Aero.

    Hi "Lady Gray" (WHO IS REALLY JANICE -- Bwah, ha, ha, haaaaaa!) Yes, indeed, the Haitians can use our prayers. Hope all is well with your son.

    "Haiti" our 57th state, good one. LOL.

    "Haiti," in Dope's "breathalyzer[ed]" mind is probably "Hawaii" and THAT explains his being mildly concerned instead of his usual, "Whatever" attitude. He's been a little surprised at all the Kenyans on TV. "Guess they uuuuuh.... like the beaches in Hawaii better, ..... or.... uh, somethuhn'."


    Thought for SURE TOTUS would write a little somethin' about Biden's "Transparency Conference."

    [Press conference OUTSIDE the conference room]

    Biden: It's about transparency, folks, another of those three-letter words that mean so much. Nope, sorry, no press inside. Nope, sorry. Hey, I'm really sorry, folks, but when you talk about little kids whose parents are "dads" who used to be moms and visuh-versuh, it's kinda a privacy thing. Get it?


    Word: rholefu

    Answer to Q: "What does Peach Obama do when he runs out of 'cigarettes?'"

  80. How could he run out of ciggies? I don't get it. Help me, Rhonda.

    I think TOTUS, Dear, is planning his next post for MLKjr Day!

    And for the shoe bomber, Sit, Boo-Boo, Sit.

  81. Rhonda being kinda tied up at the moment
    Deer Susan,I must advise that the phrase was 'sit UBU,sit'.Possibly FUBU related,but like BO and a certain other person,we haven't seen the papers yet.

    Relecting as I was on the reflective screen that is a Teleprompter,(to some degree),
    it occured to me to ask whether it might be best that he remain hidden TO THEM.

    Go on a little -"Sorry,temporarirly out of service'-bit of a 'power' bender,as we,ahem.occasionally see here.

    Let me explain.

    Biden today hosts a meeting to address government transparancy
    that is CLOSED TO THE PRESS.

    So what I'm wishing above is that
    PLEASE ,no one hand these fools a mirror.

    It would ruin it for the rest of us if they found out just how foolish they really look..

    BTW Shovel Ready,Al,'Hercules'Bundy was a great American,even if he did sell shoes
    at a lesser mall.Most have heard of John Kerry's FOUR Purple Hearts.Were I forced to choose a team for the GWOT,Bundy's four Touchdowns in ONE GAME would sway me more.I have no doubt Al would be untroubled by Political Correctness and he hardly ever worries about his manicure.
    Which one would you want watching your back ?

  82. Truth - Frank is from a TV series that was vastly overrated, but had a few good moments.

  83. Thanks, Janice. I've watched three or four "Seinfeld" re-runs this past year and just never happened to run into Frank C.. I'll bet he was funny -- Jerry Stiller is (was?) terrific. You describe what I've seen of that show perfectly. Some EXCELLENT humor, but you had to eat a lot of broth to get much meat. Jerry Seinfeld sure is a hilarious stand-up comedian.


    Dear Susan, I am flattered that you thought my brain had more going on than a simple hypothetical rather poorly stated (about the cigarettes). I should have added the phrase, "in the remote possibility [that Dope runs out of cigarettes, what does he do]."


    I can't think of a thing to say, so,

    Bye for now!


  84. Where has TOTUS been, he is absent as of late...nothing new
    Visit: for the latest updates and sign the petition for Fred in 2012!

  85. TOTUS:
    It's only two weeks, and you have abandoned your New Year resolution!

  86. TOTUS:
    MOTUS rocks, while you are an stagnant reflection of your former intention. Has your boss replaced you with paper notes? At least with paper notes, you can light a fire under the presidential ass.

  87. Not to offend asses, or anything.

  88. I just posted a comment on my blog about the recent security breaches at airports.

    If anyone is from Massachusetts be sure to get out an vote for Scott Brown. It is our last chance to block Obama's Health Care Bill. And prevent a lot of other things as well. We don't want to find out about what he mean when he speaks of seven more states.

    John's Space

  89. Saw Joey B and TOTUS' cousin - who appreared to be a very 'light skinned' prompter - at Homestead yesterday....along with Bruno and Dr "Isn't She Gorgeous" Biden. Poor Bruno.

    Yoo hoo! TOTUS! Hola, Bonjour!?

  90. In Massachusetts, if you piss off Catholics and Red Sox fans, you've pretty much covered all the bases. Martha has managed to do this, all while spelling 'Massachusetts' wrong. For want of 200 feet, I'd be a resident of Massachusetts and could vote ten times just to cancel out Lib-Yacker Ed Schultz. So close and yet so far.

  91. Obama’s speech for Coakley. Scott Brown is for The Fat Cats.

    This is a memorable FBN, Imus In The Morning commentator Dagen McDowell Quote, about what the present Government is seeking to do to US.

    You don’t want to think if you get in bed with Uncle Sam, he is going to strip you naked, chain you to the bed, leave you there…………

  92. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! It says, "It's the Chicago Way" ---- AGAIN!!!!!


    Well, Anthony and Betty Ann held the fort on the 16th....., then, thanks to John (of the Space), Susan (hope you are keeping warm), and Chris, the FOTS had a voice on the 17th..... come the 18th, good old Keyboard typed in to help..... Empty Suit's cousin, "men's clothing" invaded......

    And, TWW added her two bits, too. Sigh.

    Now, I'm going to go yell at the TV again [(re: Haiti) "THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE DAYS AGO!!!!"] while I pedal the elliptical treadmill. Boy, if I weren't pedalling when I watch, I think I would have died of a stroke by now! (#S)

    CAUTION: Watching TV news hazardous to health unless exercising at the same time.

    Bye for now, dear FOTS.


  93. Monday, January 18, 2010

    Haiti Sacrificed by Barack Hussein Obama to Promote Self as World Organizer

    by TruthWillWin

    The reporting by all the major news networks has shown that in the SEVEN DAYS since the 1/12/10 earthquake in Port au Prince, Haiti, the official U. S. response has been ineffective to the point of being criminally negligent. Why are our superb United States Armed Forces taking so long to set up hospitals, to supply food and water, to come to the rescue of the January, 2010 Haitian earthquake victims? Two quotes I read or heard on the evening news today reveal why:

    1. The reason the U. S. Armed Forces did not immediately enter Haiti with food and water was because “it was too risky.” Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

    2. In her interview with Greta Van Susteren, Assistant Secretary of State Hilary Rodham said, “… of the 30 search and rescue teams, 6 are American; that is a tribute to us.”

    The above two quotes, along with his unrelenting disdain for the United States, its Constitution, its Armed Forces, and its people, lead to only one conclusion. B. Hussein Obama, that Marxist Muslim from Indonesia born in Kenya, is sacrificing Haitians to:

    1. Create the illusion that he is organizing the world in its rescue and relief efforts;
    2. Create the illusion that the United States is ineffective, effete, and unexceptional at rescue and relief (and, by implication, unexceptional at any other endeavor); and
    3. Demoralize and tarnish the reputation of the U. S. Armed Forces as an able, agile, and courageous organization.

    That is, with the cunning opportunism of a lifelong con man, Peach Obama is using Haiti to promote his subtle, ruthless, dual agenda of: 1) expanding his own power; and 2) destroying what makes America great: strength, prosperity, and liberty.

    But, Peach can never destroy American generosity. The aid is getting through. Coming from the hearts of and carried in the arms of strong, generous, loving, private, American citizens, help is on the way. Yes, George Washington… and John Adams … and Thomas Jefferson … and James Madison … and Abraham Lincoln … and Dr. Martin Luther King … and Ronald Reagan … and the tiny baby just born this evening, our weakest American, the one whose future the “progressives” are already trying to steal, we can still say,

    “ … that star spangled banner yet [waves]

    o’er the land of the free

    and the home of the brave.”

    America is.

  94. RE: # 1. above: [a major effort by the U.S. would dwarf that of the other nations making Dope the mere ruler of only one nation, thus, the U.S. efforts must not be allowed to reach their full potential magnitude] TWW.

  95. Thanks TWW and the other FOT's who keep life in this blog.


    All eyes are on MA today; go Brown!

  96. TOTUS, did he take you to the shelter yesterday? And what small talk did you scroll for him while he poured the coffee?

  97. A new blog post is urgently needed, titled 'It's The Boston Way.'

  98. Hi, Debb!

    Hi, Betty Ann! [LOL....

    Shelter Resident: Sure, I'd like some coffee. [holds out cup]

    Dope [picks up coffee pot while watching TOTUS]: Uh... here... man..... Havvuh cuppuh javuh aaaaaand [starts to pour] --

    Res: Aaaaaaaaaaa!

    Hi, Chris!

    Word: bullyp

    1. TOTUS, get back up into that bullyp[ulpit]!

    2. Puhlosi's personalized license plate.

  99. TOTUS has died. Long live MOTUS!


    He's waiting for another 101 complaints about his absence. Meanwhile, I was thinking about opening a blog for an imposter TOTUS, just to give him a few scrolling nightmares. I hear it gets them off the 220 amps, fast.

  100. Was thinking of you Deers here,as I hope, electoral Christmas approaches.
    And endearing Dears you are too,as was,of course, Indira Ghandi.
    It is just,after being snowed in w you troops thru these frying times of global warming,that I have begun to find some of you Dear Prudents..endearittating,
    (as PJ O'Rorke said when speaking of the "little woman" Dr Ruth Westheimer).
    Yes I was initially irrititated about it,as such silence was slightly slighting but found forgiveness,uh Prepferable.

    Presume to miss puns like as av -vatared often tho..........

    Along the same lines,all my exes found me,and as I explained to them, somewhat of an acquired distaste.

    (Distatsteful gag about taste ommitted here).

    Oh sure I started stellar.
    Then all the greatness started to grate,and them of course,to date.

    BTW Team Teleprompterettes,to kick start a dead thread discussion here I thought a retrospective of favorite lines heard here last year might be a fun topic.

    Did some research and for a taste ,do you remember,Deer text...vetting by Chevrolet,endless peeing like,Pleas for more prose,not pleasing the pros,Rock & Scroll,"inner anacondas" ,KIm JI's fettucine al FIDO & Veal Marly (Baton Rogue style),'Stand up and take a bow er,T Ellen Prompter,and other gags too numerous to list.
    I tried and only got to August.

    So for now I will close and post this while noting in the Twitteratti bar that Minister we still need to administer justice w our ax as was axed nicely.We need his axxitance.

    Pity the Presidential posse piddled in that
    Martha's Vineyard parlor,but it was,as you will recall,the beginning of the (not shammalammading dong,but the related and more 'Festive')Ramma DAMMA Ding Dong Festivities(Ding Dongs for dessert).
    Also of course those EID pardons that come w.

    OH,Oprah said OJ is still waiting for his.
    Problems w the new Oconomy probably.

  101. The Scott Brown win is a great development! It will be interesting to see what impact this has on events. As soon as he takes office the Democrats only strategy is no longer workable.

    I just posted a piece on by politcal blog that I had posted about a year ago on how I saw things. It was titled
    My Open Letter to Conservatives
    . You might find it interesting.

    John's Space

  102. Hey, Betty Ann, I like your idea for getting the TOTUS guy off the dime. Let me know how to participate.

    Deer Preptile, thanks for the memories! Ramma DAMMA Ding Dong Ramma DAMMA Ding Dong Ramma DAMMA Ding Dong Ramma DAMMA Ding Dong Ramma DAMMA Ding Dong Ramma DAMMA Ding Dong --sccrrrriitchhhhchch! -- that record had a big scratch in it. Ha! I said "record"! Now you know I'm over 40 for sure. I'm not as old as the my freeway speed yet, though. Ha! Those two points are moving closer together every second! :D By the time I'm 75 (in a seventy!), I'll likely be over in the slow lane doing 65. [Well, at LEAST I won't be blocking the PASSING lane!!!] Hmmm. If I'm forty-blank now..... the lines of speed and age will apparently intersect right around age 70...... Well, at least I didn't start out going THE speed limit; if I had, by the time I turned 80, I'd be going about 25! Say..... maybe I ought to start driving faster NOW......

    Thanks, Mr. P., for the "punditalycious" post.


    Dear John,

    Amen to that!

    And good for you to have your own blog. I just blast away here. You do it the proper way. Well, even if I clog up the blog sometimes, I figure people can just jog on by pretty easily.


    Veal, mein FOT freundes, dees ees vaht's for deener, but I have a BEEF with TOTUS. Maybe, someone should sit down and have a BEER with TOTUS..... Say! You don't suppose my condemnation of drunk blogging put his CPU out of joint, eh? I WASN'T TALKING ABOUT YOU, TOTUS!!!!!

    Seriously. (:|)#

    I'm sorry if the guy is ill or something. I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON, TOTUS.

    I'm beginning to suspect that he is about 15 years old. That's about the level of conscientiousness and perseverance he operates at. He sure is one CLEVER teen-ager!

    Is there another blog we could migrate to? Not as serious as The American Thinker -- one where zaniness is welcomed, not sneered at? Preferably a regular "chat" room site -- where you can start new threads and where there are several threads to choose from each day.

    I'm not bailing out, yet.

    I enjoy you folks here too much to do that.

    Too bad TOTUS doesn't enjoy us as much as we enjoy each other. Remember when he used to interact with us a bit? Now? Nuthin'.

    Good night from West of the Mississippi.

    Have a good Wednesday.


    Word: glummetc

    We FOTS are feeling glum, etc... .

  103. Maybe TOTUS will show up now that Brown won? Because it's looking like he's going to be out of a job soon!!! Hahahahha.

    Congratulations Mr. Brown and family, and thank you for having the courage to get out there against the odds and win for the majority. Keep up the good work!

  104. Everyone should enjoy the moment, and of course congrats to Sen. I. Kandee (R-Ma). Hopefully he is as conservative as his daughter Ayla is good looking. That apple didn't fall far from the tree.

    But I digress...The Big Guy got no kind of message from the election yesterday no how. He will blame it on a badly run campaign, and think nothing more of it as he steams on with his socialist agenda.

    But we can enjoy the moment for now.

  105. [Betty Ann] "Maybe TOTUS will show up now ... it's looking like he's going to be out of a job soon... ." Bwah, ha, ha, ha, HAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    Sigh. Poor TOTUS. He will never get away from Peach intact. He knows too much (head shake).


    So, true, Fredd, so true.


    Dope: Full ahead, boys! Pour on the coal!

    (former) Czar of Whatever: But, hmmm. Mister Uh? Look. We, uh, just passed a sign that said, "CANYON BRIDGE OUT -- DETOUR RIGHT." Uuh, shouldn't we maybe slow down and, uh, "recalibrate" uh, or somethin'?

    Dope[nose-in-the-air]: I said, FULL AHEAD!!!!

    FormerC [jumps off train as it slows temporarily for an old truck crossing the tracks full of Haitian refugees ("What are they doing here?" mutters Dope)]: That guy needs a breathalyzer!

  106. It was The Chicago Way yesterday.
    It's The Chicago Way today.
    It's been The Chicago Way ALL YEAR.

    Totus, Pleeeeease....It's now The Massachusetts Way. Surely you can find something to say about that....

  107. I love Barry's response to the loss.

    It reminded me of the old George Carlin bit about how cool house cats act.

    The cat runs in to the glass patio door and looks around and says "I meant to do that".

    Obama is going to be looking around a lot saying "I meant to do that"

    He has missed the mark with the American people by so far that he will never get it sighted in.

    I am thankful for that.

    A victory in one of the most liberal states.

    California here we way of Nevada.

    Dingy Harry will be like Mugsy in the desert.

    That new Hoover dam bypass sure has a lot of cement Harry, don't slip up.

  108. Verification word. NESTE

    Politics are NESTE Barack.

    Didn't they tell you that at the Mosque?

    Who Dat NESTE Boy?

  109. Hey, MTVA, nicely put. Sigh. Guess it's the "Chicago Way" to invite people over to your place, then, ignore them most of the time. Nice to hear from you. [BTW, sorry I did not acknowledge your kindly asking about Mr. T quite awhile back on this thread; he's fine -- thank you!]


    And you, too, Mr. Shovel. Enjoyed your post. "I meant to do that" -- LOL. Remember Pee Wee Herman going OTB (Over the handleBars) on his spiffy red bicycle in his "Great Adventure?" Come to think of it........... skinny....... effeminate mannerisms..... neatly pressed suit (esp. that trouser leg --BARF!) ..... naive to the point of ridiculous....... not-exactly-bright....... fumbling, bumbling, creating one mess after another.........

    Hmmmm. Remind you of someone?

    Only difference is, widdle Baawee has the Chicago thugs, Axelrod, Ayers, and the Emmanuel Bros. behind the scenes doing dirty work.

    We are not impressed, Empty Suit,

    ... you "neste" boy [nice one, Shovel :D]..... don't think even some of yo main folkssss, da ones from da 'hood, are happy with yo..... they thought they were gettin' a nasty groove aaaaaaaaaaaaaaan' all they got was Mistuh Neste, Reader of the Free World. Aaaaan' now they are STUCK.


    Here's some cool info. (NOT) I heard on the BBC in America tonight from its Haite correspondent. The U.S. military press rep. he spoke with said that the U.S. didn't plan to put more boots on the ground than the 2,000 there because the security situation was under control. That is, their role has apparently been limited to security (if it were not MUCH more would have been accomplished to rescue/aid the Haitians by now -- there are only a total of 317 hospital beds on the two aircraft carriers offshore). That they could not do more because they are being TOLD WHAT TO DO by USAID and the UN.

    In other words, Barry Soetoro, the Con Man in Chief, told the U. S. Armed Forces to "park it" and to take their orders from civilians and from the UN. Cool, huh?

    And the Haitians go yet another day without adequate water, food, sanitation, and medical care.

    Thanks to ---------> Obama,


  110. Too pressed to post too much as preferred this am,but I am troubled TP.

    Troubled about the dispersal of MY,
    'Peas' Prize Money.

    Oh,I know the One won.

    Perhaps tho Teleprompter since you,(as ever),have the scoop on that inside poop,
    you could....

    Tell Us Teleprompter,

    where that money went.

    We remember you prompting the President to donate that entire Peas Prize to charity.

    We know 1% or $15,000 went to Haiti.

    What will the One do w the rest of it?

    Was wondering whether that other 99% will now fund a foundation for family members like Aunt Tooney to work at.

    That way they could keep all the charity
    'in the family',so to speak.

    I understand it is "the Chicago way".

    Tell all about it Mr Teleprompter.


  111. I linked to Monica Crowleys’s article and post on this topic The Return Of 42. Bill Clinton met with Barack H Obama to give him some advice. I think it’s a mistake to underestimate Bill Clinton at anytime, anywhere but the Obama administration isn’t strong on their learning from history….If I was Barack H Obama, I would be watching my back. On Michelle Malkin’s Blog she has a post up The Kossacks are attacking Hillbuzz how stupid is this to attack Hillary Clinton Supporters?

    Bill Clinton Weighs In On Hog Futures.

  112. Preptile, you are just going to have to wait for a bit. It is not TOTUS' time of the month yet.

  113. TOTUS, what's going on? I mean beside the fact the big guy needed you even to address sixth graders.

  114. What happened to TOTUS? Is he all right?


  115. So now the President is a Populist? He’s going to fight for US? Populism is a movement made up of ordinary everyday folks….you know the kind who drive trucks. Someone tell James Carville “It’s The Elitism Stupid”

    Hold On There A Minute Mr President, I drive a red Sonoma GM Pickup!

  116. Did not watch what dominated TV last nite.
    Tho I Was Wondering whether the ONE was there reading Teleprompts promoting possible earthquake bomb connections to the Bush adminisitration.
    Just saw a clip on the news of those phone bank workers and had to do a double take as they leaned back, and forth,and forward and
    back against their background HELP HAITI NOW banners .

    Problem was as they moved about unintended messages kept popping up as if Vanna turned them over on the 'Wheel'.

    Those HELP HAITI NOW'' words morphed into OW NO H E P NO HOPE W O

    and I am thinking I woulda grabbed the checbook just on that subconcious marquee message that was really only random chaotic combinations of letters,yet mirrored my thoughts on this Presidency.
    That was before coffee tho.
    My mind may have playing TWWIX on me.

  117. Hey, Image, GO CHEVY!

    @ Skeletor (a.k.a. Carville): PUMA -- PopUlist My Ankle!

    "Populist" translated: Blame the PEOPLE for my continuing to mindlessly push the progressive agenda

    (of Gov't Takover of the Medical System..... of Global Warming Hoax Cap and Tax..... of MORE Socialistic Gov't Bailouts...... and on and on).


    Hi, Mr. English Language Impresario, thanks for sharing your clever mind's mental gymnastics with the consonants and vowels. NO HOPE. WOW. LOL.

    And.... lololololol!!!!!..... That pobre lunatico, Hugo Chavez and his "Earthquake Weapon." Wow. That was SO FUNNY. Yes, indeedy, tremble all you world leaders, the United States has "The Earthquake Weapon" and we're not afraid to use it.

    Of course, he assumes we'd use it to murder Haitians because that's what he would do. (head shake)

    Note: Peach Obama by criminal negligence in his not immediately (or even within 1 WEEK!) deploying the full magnitude of the U. S. Armed Forces skill and equipment already has [murdered Haitians].

    Ol' Chavez may be a psychopath, but he did call it right about Baraackh (sounds like "Blech!"), Con Man in Chief. Takes one to know one, I guess.

    Have a great Saturday. :D

    TalkingWon'tWork (for Dope & Co.)

    Well, Kitty, I just don't know. Hope TOTUS is okay. He most definitely is not "with it."

  118. The Christmas Day Bomber got sent to the Mayberry Jail and into the hands of Barney Fife. He got a lawyer and got quiet, keeping inside him vital intelligence that could prevent a new attack. So last week the UK raises its terror alert and today a new threat recording.

    I'm telling you this: If there is another airliner attack--no matter where--Obama's presidency is OVER. The world will blame him for playing politics with people's lives. You can bet there are a lot of sweating brows all throughout the Obama administration right now.

  119. Obviously TOTUS is to Obama as American Express was to Karl Malden. Neither one could leave home without it.

    As from Yentl: "TOTUS can you hear me".

    Please don't make me sign up for Twitter. I am a nonconformist.

    The capitulator's weaknesses are showing. The wolves are on the hunt. It is time to hunker down America and remember who we are.

  120. Just like me and TP there was that photo on Drudge.

    Ego and alter ego. PT & TP.
    Only in my Dad's dreams guys.

    Those were TWWin Teleprompters tho at that Elementary school
    to assist O's explanations of the bungled START Treaties and of course,
    Bush's secret racist Earthquake Bomb.

    Only it wasn't me in that photo.

    ...Telepromptress was his
    R hand(wo)man...

    Would love a photo of me and rock solid Blue Steel 'TP.
    A 'stand up shot tho,none of those "Standard" photos of some
    pup peeing (as ever) upon a post.(As Avvatarred) Besides all that Electromagnetic luminosity that you radiate TP,
    could cause blown fuses under such an assault.
    Still TP you looked great there.
    Scroll on soldier.

    Peas Out.

  121. I am a big fan of the Teleprompter. I just found out about its blog. Maybe I will be able to go to events where it will be and I can watch it perform.

  122. WORDS, JUST WORDS.....

    [Scene: Sitting in folding chairs around a card table, single, bare, light bulb hanging overhead, in a tiny room, directly under the White House bowling alley, are: The Emmanuel Bros. (Rahm and Zeke), Weatherman Bill Ayers, David Axelrod, and George Soros, ties loosened, brows furrowed, ash trays overflowing....]

    Soros: I'll make it simple: get rid of Peach or I'm [rumble of balls above, CRASH!] --

    Axe: What?

    Soros: Or I'm wa-- [rummmmmmmmble CRASH!]

    Rahm: Crap! Zeke! Why did you have us meet down HERE?!?

    Zeke: [waits for ball to rummble and CRASH down alley above] BECAUSE IT'S the only place where Dope won't find us. Now that he's got those two kids of his always looking for our hiding places, he finds us every time. [looks over shoulder uncomfortably]

    [intermittent CRASH!'s and rummmbbblles omitted below]

    Ayers: That's an awful lot of money to just leave on the table, George. Give us another couple of months. Dope's coming around. Your investment will pay off.

    Rahm: Yeah, George, we've just about got him ready to say a whole sentence without even glancing at his teleprompter. 'bout another 2 weeks [exchanges surreptitious look with Zeke] wouldn't you say, Axe?

    Axe: Oh. Uh, ... sure, yeah. He's, uh, doing great [weary GRIN]. [general head nodding -- except for Soros]

    Soros [says nothing; pushes "Play" on audio device before him on table and leans back, looking around the room grimly]

    -- Neatly edited sound bites of Peach Obama's dully pompous voice play in rapid succession......

    "As long as I have breath..."
    "uh.... a breathalyzer... ."

    "This is not about me."
    "I won."


    "My Muslim faith."
    "Let's not jump to conclusions."

    "Cuatro de Cinco."
    "Punch drunk."

    [Soros PAUSEs audio, interjecting, "and this next one is what did it for me.... when I heard this I said, 'George, this is where you get off. -THE GUY'S A COMPLETE DOPE' " -- audio continues to play]

    "Aaaand, people are angry. The same anger that got me elected got Scott Brown elected... er... not just the past couple of years or so... ."

    Soros: [shaking head disgustedly] That's it. I'm done. You either get yourself another mouth or I'm out.

    Axe: But, uh, George, he's the, uh, Magic Negro. He's uh, like, uh... like ....

  123. Soros: Like OVER. I wasn't sure about him at first, but after I heard that speech in Berlin, I thought, "He's a genius. He's another Hitler! I was sold. Not --- any --- more."

    Zeke: Well, George, I can see your point. Actually, [all nod] we all can. And we've been working on it. Things like this take time, though, George. Replacing a sitting president is risky business. Could end up with someone worse.

    Ayers: Like "Stand up Charlie" Biden. [general groaning]

    Rahm: We do have a couple of pretty good prospects --

    Soros: -- but, YOU HAVE TO GET RID OF THE DOPE first. HOW? And what about Joe?

    Rahm [eyes narrowing at being interrupted]: Getting rid of him is no problem, George. We just publish the birth certificate. But, we gotta choose our new Charlie McCarthy carefully. Don't want to get one of those renegade "Twilight Zone" dummies [general shuddering]. We're looking at the Shamwow (and the food chopper) guy and --

    Ayers: The Shamwow guy?!

    Zeke: Hey haven't you noticed the uncanny similarity between him and Mitchell? Take a look at the eyes and the eyebrows; they could be brother and sister. Mmmmm, hmm. That would let us capitalize on what remains of Dope's cache with blacks --

    Rahm: -- and that gal on the Progressive Insurance commercials; already associated with "progressive" [wink, wink, nod, nod] ya know what I mean?

    Axe: Aaand she looks so trustworthy, just like the girl next door [sigh].

    Soros: Girl next door?! She looks like the result of an unsavory liason between the Pilsbury Dough Boy and a jar of Ragu!

    Zeke: What about Mrs. Butterworth, Rahm? Did she answer any of our e mails yet?

    Rahm: No. And she would make a good one. Black. Wise older woman-type. A bit too old fashioned and a trifle syrupy, but, put her in a polyester pantsuit and get her to talk like a Dixie Chick and she's IN.

    Axe: Say.... ya know, I think maybe Mrs. Butterworth doesn't HAVE e mail. Probably doesn't even have a phone. I'll try writing her a letter..... if I can just remember how to write....

    Ayers: I'll handle that for you, Axe. I do all of Barry's stuff. Oh, and about Biden, he can be bought. Lifetime supply of paint thinner and he'll "resign."

    Soros [abruptly shoves back chair, stands up, puts audio player into pocket]: I don't care if it's Mrs. Butterworth, or Shamwow, or Shamu the Whale. Get someone with an IQ at least a FEW notches higher than a halibut OR I AM GONE. [Turns on heel, opens door, leaves.]

    In silence that follows, the muffled voice of Barack Hussein can be heard above them, "Haw, haw, haw.... oh, maaaaaaaaan. Not-aGAIN. Into the gutter. Like Special Olympics....... Hey! I'm SPECIAL, everybody -- just watch me."

    Four men seated below bury their heads in their hands and weep.


    Yeah, check those poll numbers, guys. Read 'em and weep. HA, HA, HAAAAAAAA!


  124. Had to link you up again, TOTUS, to celebrate Barack's renewed effort to reach America with his teleprompted speech to the the sixth graders. Is there hazard from spitball barrages on these road trips to the primary schools?

  125. God... but 1 will no comment

  126. Tom Friedman on Imus In The Morning, advises his Golfing Buddy – President Obama, to ignore the Tea Party Movement, and the Populism spreading across the country. Tom Friedman "Confused with a chance of Goulash"

  127. This could be TWW's writing or even TOTUS....which would explain a whole lot!

  128. Thanks, Susan.

    [Chris] "Christmas Day Bomber got sent to the Mayberry Jail"

    Sure did, it bein' Christmas Day an' all. Yeah, that was right neighborly of ol' Peach and crew to cut the guy some slack, real nice way to celebrate the birth of the most beloved Jew who was ever born -- go easy on a member of the tribe that wants to annihilate his people. :D


    Hey, Shovel, I'm with you -- I WILL NOT TWIT. Hey, BTW, you're not "Jay" from Delaware who called in to speak on the air with Mark Steyn on "The Rush L. Show" today, are you? He explained about Frank Costanza of "Seinfeld" == "Do the opposite of what you want to do and you'll be alright." (or something like that)


    PT><TP Hey. Have a nice day.


    Hi, Karl. Good idea. You sure won't see much of TOTUS by visiting his blog. Sigh.


    [pharmer] "spitball barrages" LOL.
    I hope they bombard him with lots of questions like..... "What's the capitol of the United States?" aaaaaand..... "How many states in the union?" aaaaaaaaaaaand....... "Why do you like to catch flies with your bare hands?"


    Kang, were you trying to say, "God and 1 are a majority" when your English failed you? Hang in there, ESL friend. Many of the FOTs ancestors were in the same spot as you 150 years ago. The Swedes did it -- so can you!


    Betty Ann, you have voiced the deep fears of us all. Ugh! "It's the Chicago Way" has a more ironic clang to it every day.

    How's the bike?


    Hi, Keyboard! Ha, ha, ha, Friedman probably also advises Dope to "aim for the water trap -- that way, you'll likely end up on the green."

    [Help, PT -- fix that golfing analogy, okay? As you very well know, I do not golf.]

  129. Hey, TWW. It is too cold for motorcycles where I live. There is ice, but also on days above 32, much gluey red mud. So, the bike sits in the shed covered by a blanket, where I occasionally go out to start her, let her run for awhile and listen to the engine rumble, and wish for spring.

  130. Hi, BettyAnn!

    Good to know Little Red (or whatever term of endearment you use -- I'll just bet you have SOME name for that pretty bike) is snug and dry and well cared for.

    It's weird, but machines can become "creatures" for which (whom!) I can feel a lot. Our old, reliable, 1986 Chevy Suburban isn't just a vehicle, he's "Big Red." When my husband mutters something about selling the old guy, I'm indignant. "We are not selling our friend. He's gotten us up and down snowy, icy, mountain roads, he's waited patiently for us while we went on hikes, he's taken us to Grandma's house and back. He's part of the family."

    When we finally took "Brownie" (a 1960 Chevy Apache pick-up) to the junkyard, it was with heavy hearts and many a backward glance as we drove out through the entrance and left him there. (We did save his "soul," though, heh, heh. We kept one of his turn signal lights. It's out in the barn.

    Well, you, I am certain from your writing, understand. I could go on and on.

    Anthropomorphism is really not all that strange. We are, after all, created in the image of One who loves us deeply. If we feel similarly for animals and machines, I think that shows what we're made of.

    Nice talking with you! Thanks for listening.


  131. TWW:
    OMG, Brownie! Anthromo..pfism..ism. I'm glad they have a word for what happens between humans and well loved and depended upon machines. Because those of us who have had the priveldge of acknowledging their life, are few.

    ...she wants to go fast. Sometimes, I feel like she's leaving me behind, and laughing about it...and the handles are out of my grip and the cold wind is cruel on my thighs, and I wish I had a better hat...

    It's a fast red machine but I just call her "Her" right now.

    And you are more right about it all than you realize. Particularly with the motorcycle.

  132. I heard a rumor that Apple's new tablet device has a Presidential Telepromter app.


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