Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rush to Judgement

One little Nigerian getting on a big plane to fly into Detroit is one thing.  But when a known political agitator like Rush Limbaugh is allowed to travel to the same island as Big Guy, without any screening or intelligence briefing, that's when you see the steely leadership of Big O.

I don't think I'm breaking Top Secret secrets, but let me tell you, this Rush situation is a real window into how Big Guy operates.

Almost immediately after learning Rush has been rushed to the hospital for care of possible heart attack symptoms, Big Guy had questions, like, "Please tell me it's life-threatening," and "I thought I barred government assassinations of enemies of the state," and "Is this the hospital where I was allowed to pull the plug on Grammy, and if so, when can I go visit Rush to give him my best?"  He had others, too, but given operational security, I can't share them with you.

Perhaps those weren't the most pertinent questions, but you can see how Big Guy was focused like a laser on the immediate threat, particularly since, with Rush being bedridden, on blood-thinners and with both sides of his brain likely tied behind his back, this could provide Big Guy his best opportunity to best him.  Assuming I was there to lend a hand.  But as Gibbsy said during our third briefing on the matter before Big Guy went snorkling, "Likely isn't a certainty at all."

While Rush is clearly a sore point with Big Guy, Rush is aces in my book.  He helped promote this site and encouraged me to be open about the goings on in the Oval.

I wish him speedy recovery, and I will do my best to distract Big Guy once he's back from seashell-necklace-stringing class with Lady M.

And Happy New Year to you all.   


  1. Happy New Year TOTUS ... we thank you for your openness and clear-cut remarks on the stupidity that is .... errr, I mean, on the tenacity that is your boss's job.

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  2. with both sides of his brain likely tied behind his back, this could provide Big Guy his best opportunity to best him

    And it still wouldn't be close at all, if Big Guy had to depart from your prepared remarks!

    Happy New Year, TOTUS!

  3. Happy New Year, TOTUS. Yours secrets are safe with us!

  4. Oh, TOTUS, Dear, where were the Axeman and Toes when Rush took ill?

  5. I join fans of the TOTUS in wishing him/her/it a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Surely we can all look forward to better news to report as the GOP surges back in 2010!

  6. Toasts to the Totus as today's template is tending,well,one is tempted to attempt one.

    But when the wonder is wounded,they worry one.

    What would one do without the wonder of (insert angelic chorus here),
    Rush Hudson Limbaugh.

    Rush might be down but our President is now lamer than a double amputee duck.

    Watch out should he ever get airborne again tho,as those shorts are as full of bombs as today's jihadi du'jour.(Gee,Hottie to some).

    He made a stopover in Houston last year but the 'islamic institute' he attended had such astonishing attendance that finding his name starting with "Abd" on those vast alphabetical summer session lists was proving a problem.
    Now they can't quite name his seminar either.
    Speculation abounds that same wahabbi institute offers the very same courses in his home of Londonistan,and that the Houston trip was all a ruse.
    As Astro might say,Ruh Roh.

    I had other fish to fry today.
    My gears were grinding,my ulcer was boiling,and were it more than metaphorical,my hemorrhoid would be throbbing too.
    None of the popular nostrums of the day would help.TrusTWWorthy Prepstone could not be trusted to cure my ills,nor PreptoBizmo,
    or Preperation H(eh) either.

    I would still have to pee again.

    It is in my nature,(note avatar at left).

    Today I would pee upon pardners of the perniciousness that are always SHOCKED,when their,average Joe,mainstream buddy goes all jihadi and kills a bunch of people.
    Why he seemed so nice,and very religious,they will say.None of his ideas seemed very extremist at all.


    It is because his extremist ideas are very common in that community.They don't stand out.They are plain old everyday vanilla beliefs that are as common as taters,and in truth as strong as some peoples breath.
    And every bit as noxious.

    BTW the key to a proper presentation of a passable pronunciation for the President is to
    pronounce Yemeneeese (or approppriate pronoun)
    precisely. Pluralize it and poof,problems pass and One may pander at will,(as one hears was done w that highly succesful UN charity
    Perfect Brownie Pandering.

    Peas out pals.
    Best of the new decade to you all.

  7. And no mention of Toes, eh? Covering for his clandestine attacks on conservative radio hosts? Et tu, TOTUS?

    And a very happy new year to you, too...

  8. Big Guy is right to be worried, TOTUS. Rush is at the same hospital where Big Guy was born. Could Rush be there undercover to look for the birth certificate...?

  9. TOTUS - Kudos to you & a quick recovery to Rush! His mention of your site is what brought so many of us here.

    Big Guy must be SO MIFFED at Rush stealing BG's Hawaiian Holiday headlines. (Prep that is as tongue-twisty as I can get. )

    Wishes for a great New Year FOT's!

  10. 6p etc, etc... is saying that Rush is in KENYA. What's with that, TOTUS?


    ML, good one. HOPEfully, [Bru]TUS will kill a Czar or two (or three or nine or 57 or ....Aloha).


    debbdi -- that's a great point about Rush's clever diversion tactic [heh, heh ;)]. Hadn't thought of that. Almost as good as Dope killing his grandma right on cue.


    Prep[aration] H[a!] -- yet another fine post, dear Mr. P.. Gotta go make dinner -- I'll talk at you later.

    For now, a little buttered toast:

    To Wonderful Wits [like you]!

  11. What, no speeding presidential motorcade this time? I guess if Rush had gotten a small scratch instead of a near-heart attack, Big Guy would have screamed through the streets and right to his side.

  12. Preptile, hope your bowels are no longer in an uproar. I was going to comment in detail on your super post above, but it would take me longer than I have, so, I'll just PPPPick out a couple of gems:

    1. "pardners of the perniciousness that are always SHOCKED,when their,average Joe,mainstream buddy goes all jihadi and kills a bunch of people."

    What dopes. They leave open only 3 possiblities, none of which are desirable:

    A. They are stupid.

    B. They are insane.

    C. They are lying.

    Same routine with Peach Obama and his rev-runt Jeremiah, "I had no idea.... just a crazy uncle, I guess....." -- Dumb? Psychotic? Or Lying? Hmmmmmm.

    Islam is inherently violent.

    The Koran is a dung heap of half-truths and lies.

    Moooo-hah-mud was a pervert and a liar.

    "Religion of peace" my eye.

    2. "As Astro might say,Ruh Roh." [:o)]



    God bless you, all you wonderful members of the United States Armed Forces.

    Thank you.

  13. Verse to take into the new year:

    “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” II Corinthians 4:8, 9. NIV


  14. Breibart reported that Rush's "doctors haven't confirmed whether the 58-year-old had a heart attack, and more exams were planned Thursday."

    Two other conditions come to mind associated with chest pains: 1) pleurisy (I know from personal experience) and 2) a gallbladder attack.

    Gallbladder disease can be brought on by losing a lot of weight. It's quite possible, since Rush has lost a lot of weight (80+ lbs.), that he had a gallbladder attack.


  15. All toghether now:

    Rush Hudson Limbaugh!
    MMMMMm,mmmmmm, mmmmm.

    {Thanks, Pea, for the reminder!}
    Hope he is resting comfortably in The Barry Memorial Hospital in Hawaii.

    And I believe Bill Bennet, bless his heart, let the kitty-cat outta the bag on yesterday's MORNING IN AMERICA Radio Show when he said he was invited to THE WEDDING "sometime in the summer". Whooo knew? (Not this nosey broad.)

  16. Happy New Year, all. And thanks, TOTUS, for all the laughs.

  17. Good one, and thanks for the laughs TOTUS. Best wishes for 2010!

  18. Love to Rush, and you too, TOTUS.

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