Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You Say Yemen ...

Whew, it's kind of hot here in Hawaii, and I'm not talking about the picture-perfect, 70-degree-in-the-sun-no-humidity-weather.

I understand that a lot of people are anxious about this terrorist bomber thingee that took place a few days ago, and especially nervous about the fact that Big Guy seems a bit detached. But, hey, the man is working hard on relaxing after a pretty tough year of saving the economy, creating more than a million mythical jobs (which are a lot tougher to keep on the books than real jobs, by the way), building unanimous support for health care reform and winning the war against human-caused disasters in Afghanistan.

But the real delay in getting a strong statement out on the Northwest bombing story is really my fault. You see, we can't find a fancy pronunciation for Yemen appropriate for Big Guy to use. This might seem a minor point, but Big Guy isn't happy unless he can flatten an "A" or add an umlaut to a pronunciation. That's why he really wishes this terrorist attack could have taken place from a Latin American location or Addis Ababa. Yemen is just, well, Yemen.

Big Guy tried playing around with the phonetics on my screen, trying to add an extra "e" so it would sound like "Ya-meen." But that just sounded silly. So as soon as we come up with pronunciation of the country befitting Big O's oratory skills, we'll get back to you. Otherwise, just enjoy the holidays. We sure are.


  1. I sure am glad you're back in full swing, TOTUS. I missed you!

  2. President Obama should be pronouncing Afghanistan with the same long-A's as in his pronunciation of Pakistan, but for some reason he refuses to extend the neighbor the same oratorial courtesy. It makes no sense.

  3. Thanks TOTUS! Enjoy your time in Hawaii!

  4. I guess he's finally having those waffles without interruption.

    Of course, it's you TOTUS, needing the break. I hope he isn't taking you for granted by now.

  5. LOL You're on a roll, TOTUS. Hilarious post. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  6. TOTUS,

    Too funny, as MisterRogers would say, "I like the way you say Pockeeston. Did you know that?"

    If the fraud from abroad had gone on vacation in the Jamaica maybe he would have pronounced Yemen as
    Yah Mon!

    Is it true that BO is in Hawaii for the medical maryjane?

    I wonder

  7. TOTUS, Dear, while you're at it (pronunciation practice,) he needs to say Pair-eee for Paris and Bra-ceel for Brazil. Then we would not laugh and snicker at Pock-e-stahn and Che-lay?

    Oh, and how many cartons Virginia Slims Menthol did AF1 have to load in cargo? Are any left?

  8. TOTUS:
    Ya-meen is okay, I guess. He sure has a gift! We have a little trouble with people mispronouncing names of places here in New Mexico, just like that. They usually come from Cahli-fornia. It makes them feel so good, I guess, and special, too, when they get to add a little culture that would not have existed if it weren't for them. Like when they say, "Sahn-ta Fe", a place they have tken over and turned into a territory of Cahli-fornia.

    Us yokels, well, we just go ahead and call it what it is: Santa Fake.

  9. I remember when presidents used to worry about pronouncing English words correctly.

  10. Tell us the truth, TOTUS...was Toes missing from the compound any time today? Strange that Rush fell ill in Hawaii at the same time that the F team was was vacationing there. I smell a rat, and its name is Rahm...

  11. Peter, I've noticed that, too. At first, I too thought he was intentionally slighting countries such as Off-gahnee-stahn and Is-rah-ehl and Frahnce. Not any more.

    After: "57 [plus] states;" and "Cuatro de Cinco" and "Mariah [or whatever name it was he called his daughter Malia];" and "I don't speak Austrian" [and many other examples too numerous to name] ------ it's undeniably obvious that

    he's just plain dumb.


    Yeah, Betty Ann, we get the same thing around here. All the language-challenged, cultural snobs, in their attempt to appear "inclusive" only reveal their ignorance (proudly displayed with with all the comical fervency of a card-carrying "Useful Idiot."].

    (Apparently) Hispanic location names that have been pronounced in the local dialect for over 100 years are righteously and pointedly pronounced "correctly."

    It's fun to ask them, "How do you prounounce Los Angeles?..... Why?"

    [red face, sputter, sputter, glare, turn-on-heel, get-into-Subaru-wagon (or some other "holy" car), drive-off-in-huff]


    Hey, Rattler, still praying. As they say in Hawaii, "Howsit?" Hope all is well.


    Now, a short segment [usually lasts at least 3 hours]

    from "ALOHA.....WHATEVER......" [lol, TOTUS]

    Tell-Peach-What-Day-It-Is Czar: So, Mister Uh, today is Thursday, it is sunny outside, it is December 31, 2009, and you are inside your house on the island of Oahu. That woman is your wife. Those two girls are your daughters. People call you "President" and they do not, I repeat, DO NOT know where you were born.

    Peach: Aloha.

    Czar: Here's your daily briefing: .....

    [in parens., what Peach HEARS that differs from what was said, of course, even when he "hears" correctly, he just may be thinking "stupidly"]......

    [break first] will be [pie 'n' apple, per Fay] and [acts with careful deliberation] with maple syrup. Lunch is [Ahahm B]urger with a side of [flies]. Dinner is a joint.

    Peach: Sounds good.

    Czar: You need to know that in [Aaaa, fuhgeddit, Stan] a [roads I'd bomb] recently killed a [can Haiti injure Nahlist...?!?] --

    Peach: -- uuuh....... huh?

    Czar [puzzled by Peach's puzzled look]: -- [Can Haiti ] ---

    Peach: -- Haiti?

    Czar: Haiti! [motions for Medication Czar who hastens over with another injection after which Peach GRINS perpetually, but appears more focused] So, anyway, [God] will appear on TV and [acts; press your briefs since he regrets] --

    Peach [nodding]: -- yes, yes, never appear on TV with wrinkled briefs.....

    Czar [used to these non sequiturs, just keeps on going]: -- and, speaking of briefs, heh, heh, that underwear bomb guy was trained by [Gee, hotties] --

    Peach [head swivelling, left, right, left...]: -- Where?

    Czar: [Yeah, man].(or "Yah Mon! [:)] Shovel)

    Peach [eyeing surfer dudes coyly]: Think they'd like to play with me?

    Czar: [rolls eyes] No. Those [Gee, hotties] are dead serious. Okay, now, aw, come ON! Pay attention here. The following ambassadors have requested a joint --

    Peach: -- don't give 'em mine --

    Czar: --- telephonic meeting with you before the end of January: from Jerusalem, [Pigsty], from London, [Whitewithblueeyes], from Toronto, [CanLietotheirfaces], and from Beijing, [Cash]..............


    I'm with you, Annie C., I can't STAND the sight/sound of that MARXIST MUSLIM FROM INDONESIA BORN IN KENYA.


    Thanks for all the clever posting lately, TOTUS, and all those phenomenally phunny twits.

  12. Been noticing that the locals in Afghanistan actually say something more like Af-fhan-is-tan. When is the TOTUS and the POTUS going to get with the program and stop imposing these evil Western pronounciations?

  13. TWW:
    ..."holy car"...hahaha. Good one.

    You know, I have a rep in this tiny town for being, well, a little colorful. I think my new year's resolution is going to be to start correcting that kind of stupidity everytime I can. And that is going to be often.

    In 2010, no more Mrs. Nice Republican!

  14. same with 'Louisville, KY'; I love it when retro-tard Libs call it 'Louis-ville'; cracks us up. Good for a laugh, anyway.

    I agree with the Liar in Power and Death in Hawaii connection; never be in HA when BO is there...

    not good for your health.

    ..........'Gee, hotties...' ROTFLMAO!!!

  15. Big Guy should probably get used to the sounds of "One and Done."

  16. and that goes for 95% of Congress, too

    "Done in 'One-O'"

  17. Thanks, Betty Ann and Mrs.. GO BETTY ANN -- "No more M[s.] nice guy..." -- splash lots of acidic truth all over the libtard's whitewashed "religion" and watch their faces fall as the ugliness of their beliefs is revealed. In my dreams, huh? They're so brainwashed there's nothing left for acid to reveal. Pitiful. At least, however, by exposing them you may save some truly undecided, genuine, seekers of truth who, thanks to your expose's, will run screaming in the opposite direction.


    Dear Mrs. -- I STILL haven't got the pronunciation of all the Louisville's of the U.S. right. Is the one in Kentucky "Loo-uh-vuhlle? or Loo-ee-ville?" Is the one in Pennsylvania(?) Loo-iss-ville?"




    Nice one, X, "One and Done" also, DONE IN ONE. Yes! (:D)

  18. Thanks (now if I can just REMEMBER that!) and howdy do, Mrs. 1953 [about to go from a super 56 to an even more wonderful 57 ;)]. Happy New Year!

  19. yep, 'fraid so :-p


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