Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who Knew Bridge Mix Could Cause This?

Boy, when Bruno said she wasn't happy with the gift Big Guy gave to all of his Cabinet members, I guess she really meant it


  1. Wow! Thanks TOTUS, Dear, it is always nice to learn the outcome and penalty of a whacko lib's criminal act. And isn't Miss Ariel a handsome girl?

  2. I thought he was giving out knee pads.

  3. Ha Ha... Great Post!!!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange??

  4. I bet Ariel gets an invite to the next White House bash.

  5. Really this was more of a Bridge mix up.
    Or maybe another gifting & re-gifting snafu like w the Queen and PM.
    The note actually said 'bridge(comma)mix'which was shorthand for a bridge she needed at her estate,and the mix-master contract w the UN.
    They are making airdrops of emergency humanitarian aid to a certain Kenyan village.
    Probably the same guys getting that emergency steam-shipment that arrived two days after the inauguration.Fastest maritime transit on record.Anyway(D)Brunoette was supposed to get the contract for the air lifted Mix Masters,Salad Spinners,and Perfect Brownie Pans intended for their pathetically poor peasantry.Could have been pretty profitable Brownie pandering.
    It is a pity they remain predominately pre-rural electrification in that Parrish.

    Having never posted on Christmas Eve before
    I was paranoid about not pressing my luck or pushing the parameters of propriety and stupidly posting any wildly inappropriate cracks about Prince of Peas,or even the 'Religion of Peas',(which is something I may be forced to look in to).Nope,Not tonite,NO,not me,not gonna do it.
    Even tho I was briefly tempted.

    No,just as before,I wish you all the Happiest of days and the Merriest of Christmases.

    Was kinda hopin our Host,who lets face it w all those recent lost weekend benders ,falls
    a little short of the Lord of Hosts,might favor us w a toast.
    (AhHoHoHo,he has!,in the twitter bar).
    Back at ya bub.

    One could never hope to engage our host in a contest over who could post the most.
    Most hosts can't post at light speed like our TPcando. When you do that thing you do TP,
    your fans appplaud and pile the praise upon you,and wonder at times why you wander away from us often times.(Hens too).At least,at Christmas here you are AND there you are at home w family ,as you should be.Just sorry it has to be the First Family.

  6. Oh look - the perpetrator wasn't a crazy conservative. Oh dear, the media must be shocked.

  7. So, Mr. Preptile, "Guppy" (pushing his juice above), knows that your first name is David. Ha! At least "Guppy" has a good sense of humor. :D

    Enjoyed your Peas-ful post above in your usual everlastingly engaging, esoterically eloquent, style.

    Here's To Wonderful Writers like TOTUS and........ you!

    [Ppppppssst -- Miss P above is a little manly looking, but, why don't you ask her out for a cup of Punch? Could be a match made in heaven. :S]


    Good to hear from you, O Lurker [W.Momma :)].

  8. TOTUS:
    We know you are staying plugged. Who could blame you. The trade winds should keep you lulled on the lanai. What's a Nigerian or two? It was just Detroit anyway. Sheesh. Hope Big Guy has a nice time relaxing in the land of perpetual summer. Don't drink to much gauva juice.

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