Friday, December 18, 2009

Sustainable Speaking ...

Well, I can't tell you how excited we were about getting such a major deal out of the Copenhagen negotiations.

The Chinese drove a real hard bargain, and I hate to say it, but we kind of owe them a lot. They were demanding a huge influx of our intellectual capital to help them with their economy. We offered them Ben Bernanke and Joe Biden, but they said Biden's carbon footprint would screw the deal. In the end, we just promised the Chinese that we'd hand over the $1 trillion in secondary market commercial real estate debt, which comes due after January 1, at twenty five cents on the dollar. That return will at least will pay for Big Guy's Hawaiian New Year's vacation.

We're a big believer of mojo at the White House, so based on the huge success we had in Denmark, Big Guy is coming home tonight and will give a major speech on health care reform tomorrow. Since the speech here did us so much good, and in keeping with our enviro-friendly policies, we'll just recycle the speech he made today in Copenhagen. It'll bring us good luck.

All I have to do is take out the words "climate change," "global warming", "Al Gore" and "environment" and substitute them for "health care." I guess I can just leave the Gore references, since he and death panels can pretty much accomplish the same thing.


  1. TOTUS:
    Well I for one feel terribly guilty for the country not handing over the future earnings of our great, great, great grandchildren to all those poor countries already subsidized by the tax dollars, I mean the U.N.

    And why didn't they want Joey B.? Think of the laughs.

  2. Click Here for "shovel ready" Obama shirts, mugs, buttons, etc!

    Great for your next Tea Party!


    Sorry for not knowing how to make tiny urls.

    Mr. Vaclav Klaus pretty much called the whole climate summit a bunch of bullshit! The Nerve! He even insinuated that it was a communist plot against capitalism! And was a huge regretable mistake! Worse, he said it without a teleprompter! Oh yeah, the Chzechs stopped getting aide from us in the 90's.

    Big Guy is going to need some pep talks, with all the negative vibs out there. Countries with no hand out for our money are going to be a big problem. Sounds like a job for Rahm.

  4. TOTUS,

    It good to have you back! In fact back from a global warming conference early because of a massive snow storm! The Minnsotans For Global Warming have some news songs and videos just in time for Christmas.

    And everyone don't for get to email or call your senator to vote against the health care bill. This goes double for anyone who has a Democrat senator or who live in Maine.

    John's Space

  5. I guess it's time to start learning Chinese because pretty soon they will just own us outright. Kind of brings the Heinlein PanAsian threat in his SciFi books into a new light.

  6. TOTUS, Dear, I am positively dizzy!

  7. [Janice - prior thread] "Words, words, words."

    LOL. I should have known Dope "the eloquent" was trying to quote Shakespeare with his "words, just words." Almost got it. Let's give him a 57 out of 62.


    Betty Ann -- love the baby photo! :D


    Good point, John O' the Space. Global climate warming, if indeed it is occurring, (the cause of which has NEVER been even remotely established as being HUMAN!) is not inherently "devastating." It depends on where you live and how you earn your living.


    There was a time, not so long ago, when people who talked about things like

    painting their roofs white to "save the planet,"

    and who chose to ride their bicycles to "rescue the polar bears,"

    who ate a quixotic diet because it was "the moral thing to do,"

    and mumbled about the world coming to an end in 10 years,

    were either given a forced smile and a wide berth or gently helped through the gates of an asylum where they might get some rest and be protected from the cunning opportunists who might use them for wicked purposes.

    Now, the poor souls are paraded through town, put up on stage, and exhibited on TV, the cheerful dupes of the forces of Marxism.



    There are several classes of Environazis.

    1. The True Believer -- ignorant of history, proven economic principles, and science and full of the small mind's pride that cannot admit error, they slave away, upholding all the tenets of their religion, "Environmentalism." [Lenin's "useful idiots"]

    Key Interest: Human need for a RELIGION.

    2. The False Scientist (or Pseudo-believer) -- for research grant money or enhanced reputation (which translates to "money") or control over the subject area (which also equals "money") or, for just plain money [the bribes offered by the organizations like GE who are determined to corner the market on the new Environazi not-necessary-but-the-"scientists"-say-you-must-use-it technology (to wit the dim bulbs)].

    Key Interest: MONEY (and also, Reputation)

    3. Greedy, Dishonest, Businesspeople who promote the lie of human-caused global warming to be able to charge monopoly prices or, at least, greater market share for their, e.g.,:

    1 candle power lightbulbs (GE);

    windmills (Pelosi and T. Boone Pickens);

    flaxseed or soybean or corn or cow dung jet fuel;

    or their "organic" produce

    [ask a genuine biochemist --

    there is NO significant difference between an "organic" and non-"organic" fruit;
    nor can ANY harm come from eating food derived from new versus old gene splicing techniques;
    and that "chemicals" versus cow dung are used to fertilize in NO WAY threatens the planet].

    Key Interest: MONEY

    4. Power-mad Politicians with Messiah Complexes who use Environmentalism's tenets of faith to:

    control everyone and everything (e.g., via taking over entire industries or by nationalizing private enterprises);

    gain personal wealth for its inherent worth and for the influence it brings;

    create the appearance of having superhuman powers to "save;"

    and be worshipped.

    Key Interest: POWER

    Of course some are more than one type. Algore, for instance, is 2, 3, and 4.

  8. Hey, Jamie. Hope your sciatica is better. Hope you are okay. Less than two weeks to go until you can tell that boss where to go, huh? "Look out retirement, heeeeere I come!" Yeeeeeehaw! Go Jamie!

    Take care, Rattler (and all of you like SuzieQ looking for a REAL job).

    Welcome back, TOTUS.

  9. Truth,

    I agree that basically what you have said. The Al Gore crew tries to make out like it is the critics of AGW theory that are be paid my big oil or coal. But the advocates are the one who are really profiting from this. The climates science is at its peak in funding becaue of the climate scare. The is a lot more money to be make by GE and BP by going along with the deal than opposing it. Producing energy the "cardon neutral" way is amost always more expensive and hence more room for profit than by having a coal fueled power plant. And, politicians stand to gain more power over us.

    Anyway I just thought the Minnsotans For Global Warming were a lot of fun and that you would all enjoy them. I like they way they put real elements and personalities in the climate debate in with their humor.

    John's Space

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  11. One supposes the One will recycle the word unprecedented in tonite's health care stem winder of a recycled speech.

    That and a certain pronoun.

    I won't be counting,or listening.

    We missed a chance to really make an unprecedented 'Green' statement in Hopenhagen.

    We could have arrived on Sled Dog One as a statement of our dedication to finding alternative forms of transportation in these frying times.
    Problem is the pups would need secret servers following in Suburbans,consulting on which dog has a pensive expression and might be considering making an unapproved political statement on the proceedings.
    Another doggy deposit.(See avatar at left).

    Protocol on polite pooper scooperages must be adhered to too,or another international embarrassment besides that speech in it's unprecedented original configuration could cost us.
    With the 35 car motorcade there just wasn't room enough for the dog sled tho.

    One is sure the new Limo w those cool new spinning rims (solar powered!,and mostly American Union made in Dearbornistan) was deemed more important to our image.
    At least the One thought so.

    Not so sure one agrees.

  12. Post Script:

    Environazi Type

    5. Truly Mentally Disordered -- Psychotic (suffering a persistent and severe disconnect from reality) and or full of self-loathing and or irrational HATRED toward humanity or the United States or "white people with blue eyes" or "Jews," these ANGRY people jump onto any bandwagon that looks like it has a good chance at obliterating their object of hatred.

  13. Nice post, Preptile. LOL.

    A related thought: Dope poops so much all over America everytime he goes anywhere, he wouldn't need any dogs to help him out [with THAT aspect of dissing US].

    Word: lizednes

    "His Royal Lizednes, the Snake from Abroad, will now hiss at you, folkssssssss."

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  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Oh, never mind! I can't type today.

    It was a math formula of the ratio of muslims to Jews.


  17. Sorry, but I posted the wrong link above. This is the correct link to Minnesotans for Global Warming.

    John's Space

  18. For all FOTs, whether Christian or others, a quote from A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens

    I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach. Oh, tell me I may sponge away the writing on this stone!

    May we all have a good holiday season, in whatever way we choose to celebrate it. It is good to cherish these times, and store up good memories. Eat well, appreciating the bounty which the earth brings forth for us. Watch those sentimental holiday movies (my favorite is Star Ship Troopers). Enjoy the relatives and friends that you like, and be tolerant of those that you don't like as much.

    God bless us every one.

  19. TOTUS -- Any truth to the rumor that Toes and Gibsy are now getting into the spirit and are going to have solar panels glued onto your trim, chrome body?

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  21. asd has FOTae confused with the dogs in congress.

  22. Be careful they don't take you outside and try to use you as a shovel... And yeah, the speeches ARE starting to blur together...

  23. Hmmm. Pain Medication? I may need that if that abomination of a health bill passes.

    I mean, for my dog, of course . . .

  24. My dogs want a double dose of that medication mentioned above for the pain of living in the time of O'Bama. Is it inhaled or injected?

    And you know, I bet Bo the Canine would appreciate a little medicinal gift for living in the House of O'Bama.

  25. Janice, thank you for the uplifting good words from Charles Dickens -- especially his recommendation for a Christmas show to watch ;).

    I've been taking heart from another quote from A Christmas Carol, one of the happiest phrases in English literature:

    "...and to Tiny Tim, who did NOT die... ."

    The dark clouds of progressivism may be gathering gloomily over our capitol, but there is yet hope. The socialist schemes of the Demo-Marxists may yet fail. The Environazi "cap and tax" bill may even yet be ultimately defeated. The takeover of our fine medical system by HBAC ("Health Benefits Adisory Council") may NOT happen.

    The United States of America may yet live on.

    God is working -- even now.



  26. Busy with Christmas and holiday dinners for family gatherings (lucky gal, at least four) but listened to Rush this a.m. and my blood began to boil directly.

    Reid is the most, the incomparable, the grand Poo-ba of all transparant and obvious liars ever to have invaded this planet from the far away galaxy of sappy, soapy, degenerate Spin. If I had been sitting in the galley, I would have laughed my ass off. His lip trembling diatrab amounted to that much in this neophyte's ear.

    Mr. Reid? When you croak? Even your grand children will find solace in the fact that you are finally, effectually, silenced by a God that has heard enough out of that hole you profanely believe a mouth. You, sir, embody blaphemy. You, sir, are a human disgrace, and the reason the species periodically branches off into other, more interesting and successful thoughts, considering those left behind, such as yourself, excrement: and merely that.

  27. Cuba just called Obama an 'arrogant imperialist.' Imagine that! Obama being called an 'imperialist!' Isn't that one of the biggest wails heard from the Left...that America is too 'imperialistic?' So here we have the little man-child being smacked down by Cuba mere days after getting sand kicked in his face by both China and Iran. Yes, this is all going so well for Obama.

  28. Did you guys note that the Ft Hoodlum's
    rights have been violated ?
    Seems the Army objected to him speaking
    Arabic to one of his "brothers".
    Hasan was American born and bred.
    He just felt the need to converse in Arabic for some reason.
    He claimed they were "praying"
    Most likely for our mortal afflictions.

    I do not trust Hassan.
    Probably plotting some Pakistani or Persian proxy jihadi perfidy.
    Possibly an EEOC complaint alleging handicap prejudices too.
    That would be in addition to his additional presumed plans to spring from his wheelchair Lecter like ,on making his next jihad.Gee.Haw.

    Not really in favor of phones for those favoring my death,as a matter of 'infidelity'.
    Hassan already got his one phone call.
    He deserves no others.
    Especially not in Arabic.

    Supposedly paralyzed he should be handcuffed to his chair.And given swimming lessons.
    Seems fair when you consider those lung shot by him got to drown in their own blood.
    One does so wish that that, will be his end.

    BTW,and even further off thread than the above,no Heathen's Greetings from this corner.

    The Merriest of Christmases to all of you,even the Jewish guys.
    Happy Hanukkah to you friends and FOTS,and to TF PEGASUS too.
    And Happy Holiday Yoo Hooos to you Hindus too.
    Everybody gets greetings here altho I'd prefer to defer judgement on Eid.

    Kwanzans would wanna rekwansider those seven days and or Symbionese liberation principles,but hey it's a big tent here
    like the Republican Party.

    Problem is that their big tent did not stand up well is torn asunder and needs to be replaced w a brick and mortar building.

    We should build something on a firm foundation
    that might stand the test of time.

    I know !
    Let's try Reagan Republican Conservatism.
    It has worked before.

  29. Well, Prep, it seems BCant agrees with everything you said, bless his little sino-heart, esp the end about trying what worked before- Reagan Conservatism! Whoooo knew?

  30. Obama just set a new record low in the Rasmussen poll: 44% approve vs. 56% disapprove. A Democrat congressman just switched to Republican. A few other Democrats have announced that they weren't running for re-election. All is not lost. If you have a senator voting for the health bill let them know your opinion.

    John's Space

  31. Thanks for the translation Susan,but you leave one wondering whether one of the wretched readership is dialing up a Wong number here.
    Whoo wasn't Wong,he was White as Babwa Wawa might say,at least about Ronald Reagan's rock solid conservatism.

    I have a beloved Thai mechanic that has a tough accent to understand like that.
    Until,that is,you notice his tendency to put an "L" somewhere inside every single word.
    Had an L of a time figuring that out tho.

    My browser has some affliction that makes
    posts like Bud's (above),look like this.....
    llll+l00oIII148521 cc OO A OOOO0000777av0Ollsex game.

    If I saw that on TP's screen I would assume he had a virus,or H1N1,or a corrupted file. One would suggest a reboot,or perhaps a potion of..PreptoBizmo.Pretty sure the Preperation H(eh) would not be helpful.

    All those Bud Canterbury ,bars and boxes as above tho,well I was stumped translating them.
    Last poster like this I figured was using
    that "clicking" language made famous by that starvin Marvin South Park character,or maybe it was a newer evolving variation like Textican Spanglish.
    For all I knew this was that otherworldly
    alphabet that was causing such transitional troubles for Aunt Tooney.
    You may recall her ICE ordeal dodging those
    determined deporters three times,before
    finding work no current citizen could do nearly so well as she could.
    She anticipates a career as an Oprah author,
    only her early submittals to S&S are somewhere in appearance between that Conehead alphabet and an enormous failed free form Tic Tac Toe experiment.Translations are behind schedule.
    Wonder if Bud (above) needs some extra work
    for the Holidays.He may be just the translator that they have been looking for.

    BTW,TP if you surfer boys are off to Hawaii,
    as noted in Twitter bar,best remember those floaties.Especially if those giant WAVES are to be attempted.Don't want ya'll getting in too deep while The World Waits for your wisdom
    about warming and welfare for the weary.
    Alohahoy on that office Lelani tho.
    Understand that UnderToad,(is it Rahm?),can overwhelm those who underestimate his power.
    One wouldn't want that to happen would one?
    The Won Wouldn't or he wouldn't want one to know if he did.Such tongue twisting twitter aside One would be hard pressed to attempt
    one-upmanship on such a manly type who excels at ballet,basketball,and of course gutter
    bowling w our President.
    Now matter how low Republicans go,these
    fellows can always attack from beneath,and Limbo lower now.Uncle Jed would call them lower than a snake's belly in a wheel rut.
    He would be wrong tho.
    They are lower than that.

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