Monday, November 16, 2009

You Say "Potato," I Say "New Job" ...

We're in Beijing right now, a really awe-inspiring city, full of history, and not filled so much with people. What the heck is going on here? How can this be a country of a few billion give or take a couple hundred million, and no one be out on the streets? Makes you wonder if this place is as free as Big Guy says it is.

For some reason my Internet access was limited at the hotel, so I had to ride back to Air Force One to post. Thankfully, the Chinese cleaning crew was just finishing up putting in the new furniture in the flying Oval Office, so I have some privacy.

You'd think that Big Guy would be focused on what is going on here in China, but ever the giant leader, he truly is worried about what is going on back home. This is especially true with the economy. So Timmy Geithner brought him the latest numbers on stimulus, job growth, TARP spending, foreclosures, and the like, and Big Guy was not happy.

"What happened to the recovery we've been talking about?" Big Guy asked Timmy in his hotel room. "We've been touting this thing for several months, but I don't see any improvements; shouldn't the numbers keep getting better if the economy is getting better?"

Timmy finally had to tell him that there really wasn't a recovery going on, and that it all started with Joey B claiming there was a recovery and everyone else just playing along to humor him. "It kind of got out of control," he said.

So now, Big O is stuck. He has an imaginary recovery, with imaginary job creation, but in order to make it look more real, he has to cut 60,000 made-up jobs he says he created, but which never really existed.

How come we can't do the same thing for this damn health care debate?


  1. NO! BO is more upset about SARAH PALIN and her success on Oprah and with her new book!

    And go get all wee-wee'd up, BO!
    You betcha! ;->

  2. BOgus is as BOgus does! Stimulus is BOgus!!

    MM I only caught the last 15 minutes of the interview, but from what I saw, it looked liked Oprah seemed to like Sarah...hmmmm.

    HA! my word was conct as in BOgus will have to concoct another story for explaining the failure of the stimulus!

  3. Saw you on The Onion today!

  4. 'Sup TOTUS:
    Chill, dude. Remember that you have it made. Regardless of the outcome of any policy implimentation, you bespeak The Won. Which is what a lot of human counter parts are thinking, and so you are not alone.

    Keep memos.

  5. BETTY ANN! You are so pretty!

    (Just looked at the "full size" photo).

    I didn't think you were ugly, but, from your writing style, I pictured you looking a lot more like Bruno than like the lovely lady you are. It's good you showed that ring finger..... won't stop the creeps, but.... varrrrroooom! -- you can just hop on that Harley to get away from them. ;)

    Thank you for sharing you.

  6. [TOTUS] "You Say 'Potato,' I Say 'New Job'" LOL.

    So now, as if the Cult of Obama wasn't "punch drunk" enough already, Peach has to go and set them all to work making vodka.


    And ol' Shovel Ready will be diggin' taters. Whoooopeee.

    [another delightfully witty post -- thanks -- your twits are super-funny (clap, clap, clap)]

  7. Thanks TOTUS for blessing us with more frequent posts lately.

    Glad the Fraud Now Abroad has removed your restrictions although the Reds made you return to Air Force One for this post. Gee, you wouldn't suspect the Chinese of bugging that flying fortress while they installed the new furniture would you? After all, their is a little history with U.S planes and espionage when on Chinese soil.


    Scary, I was thinking about my moniker and the latest debacle as the 60,000 jobs are lost. I don't think the shovel will be needed for taters but maybe a methane emitting component from the south end of a BULL!

    Alas the Great Capitulator

    AKA America Hater

    He said with a bow

    I want to be Mao

    When greeting the Chinese Dictator

    In light of the latest "recovery" news I may be the only one with job security. Where is the Vapor Rub?

  8. Wow TWW! Thanks. That made my day! The photo was from Saturday's signing at Hastings. No worries, my big strong soldier hero was right there!

    Think of the savings, cutting jobs he never created! He's a real genius, our beloved Prez.

  9. Hee, hee, haaaaw! Shovel, you're right. As long as those donkeys are running around, you've got a job. Phew! What a stench. And seems like the more pork they eat (pretty nasty, huh? donkeys eating meat.... mad donkey spongey brain disease may explain everything). I don't know how you do it. Guess all the economic hot water Timmy's money printing machine is getting us into helps you loosen that back up, eh?

    Say, take all those "ey" words and put them together and you get..... donkey spongey money. Terrific.

    Nice free verse.

  10. Maybe Obama should come up with another new name for the Stimulus Bill? The "Sucker Bill" comes to mind...

  11. TOTUS:
    Is it true that there are secret groups out there working against The Won's agenda, some really dark and deceitful, evil and sneaky people trying to make Obama fail? Where do I sign up?!

  12. In which Oprah, laboring under the misconception that his book, "Peach," is about how to keep your children from from following people like People's Temple leader Jim Jones, interviews author Ben Stein......]

    B: Thank you for having me on your show, Oprah. Given the topic of my book, I was pleasantly surprised.

    O: Oh, no. Protecting our children from con men like Jones is exactly the kind of thing we talk about on this show. And, that a disproportionate number of Jones' victims were black makes it especially important. You talk about that in your book, don't you?

    B: Yes. One of the sad ironies of life in America today is that, while a white charlatan can take advantage of black people, another black person can do it far more easily and to a far greater extent. This is because so many black people have bought into the false teaching of pastors such as Jeremiah Wright that whites and Jews are the villains.

    Blinded by the irrational hate this ellicits, many blacks cannot see that they are actually being taken for a ride on a bus headed for a cliff when the driver is black. Even if that driver is a Marxist, even if that driver is a Muslim, just so long as the driver is black, they jump on board, and ask no more questions until they notice the "Road Ends Here" sign and, by then, it's too late.

    O: Uh, so, do you think a black cult leader or a white cult leader would be more likely to fool the black community?

    B [stares back incredulously]: Didn't I just answer that one? Was I on hold or something? Please tell me someone recorded that so we can just hit rewind here.

    O: Soooo, [eyes narrowing] you won't answer that one.

    B[eyes widen]: I thought I had.

    O [seeing her director motioning to "keep it moving" drops that Q and asks the next]: Your hero, Peach, becomes Hopey the Clown, sometimes called "The Magic Negro." I thought the clown disguise was a great motif, exactly what would fool children. That's a version of "wolf in sheep's clothing," is it not?

    B [head tilts slightly, expression a trifle amused]: Well, I would hardly call Peach a "hero," but, yes, a clown suit serves instead of a sheepskin, here. I didn't use the wolf imagery, for Peach is genuinely stupid.

    There's a big difference between a mere ambitious opportunist and a true "wolf" who uses his wit for diabolical purposes. Unlike a typical cult leader, Hopey the Clown, in short, would be nothing but for the army of circus people behind the scenes.

    O [shuddering delightedly]: I must tell you, I loved your book, even if it did send a chill up my spine (or was that my leg....). A bit scary for children, wouldn't you say? I mean, that part where Peach, er, Hopey, corners that man from Oregon and tells him "we will be keeping track." Creepy!

    So, how did you ever come up with such a wicked, er, I mean "values-challenged" character? You MUST have modelled him on some real life slimeball. Machiavelli? Napoleon? Hitler?

    B: As we were discussing, Jim Jones was one such person. [chuckles] That was quite a list of thugs there. I'm amazed that you can see their "value-challenged"ness so clearly but can't see what is before your very eyes. Well, that wasn't fair, really. Many people were fooled by Peach who one would otherwise have thought quite intelligent.

    Anyway, no. Hopey is, as I said already, IQ-challenged. If you read the book, you will see that he makes all sorts of really dumb mistakes. Ten eggs in a dozen? "How do you say that in Canadian?" Doesn't even know there are 50 states in the United States?

    O: I DID read it. [glare]

    B: [stare]

    O: I think we need to go to a commercial, now. We'll be right back.

  13. [heated argument until "1 minute" -- Oprah's hairdresser launches emergency salvage operation -- Stein takes an antacid pill]

    O: [no applause heard -- hmmm, I wonder why not?] Welcome back. So, Stein, [a trifle suspicious, now] where in the world did you meet such a despicable yet daffy quack as Peach?

    B: He was on TV -- a lot.

    O: Oh. Well. So. You give him a remarkable history. How did you come up with that?

    B: Just watched TV, mostly. He's on there a lot.

    O: Now, come on, Stein, don't mess with the Oprah. NO ONE would act THAT DUMB on national television. It's not even possible for one person to do that many stupid things. I mean, bowing like that and going uuuuuuuuuuh and aaaaaaaaaand all the time and stuff? Did you base the guy on Elmer Fudd? WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD BE FOOLED BY HIM?

    B: You would be surprised.

    O: Now, in our last few minutes, I found some mistakes [smug smile]. Let me list them, then you can have 15 seconds to rebut.

    On page one, you say that his parents met at the march in Selma, then, on page 2, you say he was born around 1961. Mmmm, hmm.

    On page 3, you say that his Indonesian dad, Soetoro, gave him a "breathalyzer" for an asthma attack -- give me a break. They didn't have breathalyzers in Indonesia in 1965.

    Then, there's all this crap about how cynical, experienced, journalists slobber all over him: "tingle up my leg,".... "what have you found most enchanting?"..... "the One"..... and that guy who gushed about the crease in his suit -- right.

    Okay, you have 10 seconds.

    B: Peach also goes by: Barack Hussein Obama.

    O: [laughs and laughs] Right. Always that dry sense of humor..... Bueller? ....Bueller?..... [WINK] I gotcha.

    And, now, stay tuned for previews of our next show in which we ask cultural diversity and inclusiveness expert, author of Getting to Know Your Muslim Neighbor, Hamed Muhammed Dammem, how to display your Christmas decorations so that they will not offend Muslims.

  14. TWW, as always, you have come up with another stellar script!

    I would LOVE to see something like that on the O show, that is, if I were to watch it, which I don't.

    But, I might watch it if O had Ann Coulter on. Or maybe Michell Malkin. Those two ladies would be worth watching. Did anyone catch the show way back when, when Perky Katie C interviewed Ann on that morning show years ago? I kept expecting one or the other to start a fight, it was THAT tense.

    Last Friday Glenn B had a show and his only guests were blacks who called themselves "conservative African-Americans". (A few of them spoke up and said they didn't like to be called "African-American", because they consider themselves to be just "Americans"!!!)

    I found it interesting that, to a "T", those who said they voted for BHO, said that they "didn't vote for him because he is black", they voted for him "because he was the most qualified and "offered a better vision of HOPE".

    They didn't even sound convinced of it themselves.

    It was a good show, though. There was a lot of back and forth between those who obviously were not enamoured of BHO to begin with and those who were caught up in the whole "elect a black President" thing and have since realized that their idol is not what he portrayed himself to be.

    Ahhhh, the thrill is gone. They have lost faith in their messian.

    Of course, there were a few in attendence who still insisted that we "give him a chance".

    And at that, Glenn B said "I think he's done PLENTY!"

    I agree.

  15. He IUS playing the "phoney" card with health insurance. The number of uninsured has dropped 12 million. Remeber his speech to Congress?

    Also saw you on The Onion. Who knew you were THAT busy? Do you even have to work at night so BO knows what to say when he talks in his sleep?

  16. Thank you, George, for the link to the Onion video. That is so funneey.... (all you FOTs should go there and watch it.)

    TOTUS, you didn't tell us that BO was sending you to stand in for him! I guess those are the times when you don't post very often. You have become a very busy teleprompter! How do you find the time to post as often as you do? Makes every one of your posts here that much more appreciated!

    madj, I never thought of BO talking in his sleep. Hey, TOTUS, when you scroll his sleep talk, slip in an "Oh, OPRAH!..." and then watch the fireworks!

  17. Here is something to watch. It will verify all that we already know about Barack HUSSEIN Obama:

  18. Now here is something that is truly chilling.

    I received an email with a link to a pdf file of a document that was created by The George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute's (HPSI) Presidential Transition Task Force. The title of this document is:

    Thinking Anew - Security Priorities for the Next Administration

    Proceedings Report of the HSPI Presidential Transition Task Force
    April 2008 - January 2009

    There it was, in black and white, on Page 32, included in the list of Task Force Event Participants:

    Nidal Hasan
    Uniformed Services University School of Medicine

    Link to the pdf report -

    Why was he there? Who invited him?

    The Examiner has a story about it:

  19. How cute: all these MSM television and radio shows are RUSHING to feature Sarah Palin----the woman they supposedly consider SO unimportant. HA! They're just USING her to boost their horrid ratings.
    Gov. Palin sure held her own with Oprah and Baa-baa-Waa-Waa. She'll do equally well on Hannity, O'Reilly, etc.----you betcha!

    I heard that some show yesterday showed Levi Johnston, LIVE, as he reacted angrily to Sarah on Oprah----but I can't find it anywhere. Did this happen, and is it viewable on YouTube?

    Jamie, I'm sad I missed the Glenn Beck show with all the black guys. It would be rich to watch the liberal ones squirm when their conservative brothers cite VALUES and POLICIES as their reasons for voting conservative----when typically liberals have SUCH ditzy reasons: "He's promotes hope and change," "He's so intelligent; never mind how he says 'D'oh!'" or "Our family always votes this way, even if Democrat policies have screwed the black family." Dumb!

    Glenn Beck is introducing some huge change on his Saturday show. I wonder what he's up to; until a few days ago, he always introduced his show's topic, then said, "Come! Follow me!" ---- which was creepy.
    Sometimes lately, however, Glenn has said different words.
    Another famous reader of your blog, TOTUS?

    As for Nidal Hasan's speaking before a Task Force: yes, Jamie, the news showed his doing this; it's on film.

    So maybe he really WAS a "sleeper-jihadist," as I wondered----a potential terrorist who was unstable. Then he was saved until a time that was "helpful" to SOMEone in Office, when he could be (without his knowledge) deliberately pushed (such as given orders to report soon to Iraq!) and thus incited to commit jihad----and (as his prompters hoped) then murder Americans.

    I would put NOTHING past the Obots.

  20. Who cares what Levi Johnston does or says. Only the media. Why was Obama's aunt living in poverty and deported? Why does his brother live in a hut? Why care about Levi Johnston unless only to make Sarah seem a candidate for the Jerry Springer Show next? Which I am sure he is being paid to become the depraved asshole he now is, exactly to hurt Sarah.

    Remember how the dems looked so stoopid because of Billy Carter, the "slobbish imbecile"? Remember when Amy wanted a chain saw for Christmas? Democrats do. And they want to put that brand on Sarah, through Levi Johnston. And Levi complys, because this is a free country, and if you choose, you can be a real white trash winner.

    However, you can forget the name of your daughter on stage, if you are a black president.

    Levi's parent's should take him home and lock him in a closet for a few weeks. He is a disgrace to American manhood. And the media had better sit up and pay attention, because we know their tricks.

  21. TWW:
    Loved the new skit. I put up a new pic. Couldn't resist. You have got to love that divine tilt of chin.

  22. [Jamie] "the thrill is gone" -- would be a great campaign slogan for 2012 (for Dem in primary -- there is NO WAY Dope will get the nomination).

    Jamie!!! That was spooky. That was, I believe, a different conference than his speech before other doctors (who were visibly appalled at his vicious (and inane) rhetoric. So, there's PROOF of what Rahm told (I can't remember who or in what TWW skit it was) -- that they would get the job of terrorizing Americans done with "insiders" including Malike (sic) Hasan. And B. "my Muslim faith" Hussein really exposed himself by wagging his bony finger at Congress, warning them not to investigate the jihadism behind Hasan's Ft. Hood attack, "too risky."

    And, thanks.


    Thanks, Betty Ann. You are so right about that punk, Levi. If I were the Palins, I would be SO GLAD that such a self-centered, amoral, slug as Levi didn't marry my daughter. I've been praying she'd meet and marry a healthy, attractive, kind, hardworking, man who truly loves her. She deserves better than that gay man's pin-up.

    Nice photo. The one he sent to the pope, no doubt.

  23. bettyann, America's Most Famous Illegal Alien, Obama's Auntie is STILL HERE! They gave her a pass and she is scheduled for a final hearing in February 2010. Does anyone really believe she'll be going back to Kenya? She claims her life is in danger in Kenya. LOL, The Aunt of Kenya's National Saint. Not likely.

    What do you want to bet...public housing, food stamps, Medicaid card, welfare check and maybe even job training...I read she's supposedly a "computer programmer"...huh?

  24. If you're an Obama-hater, you have to look at the 'silver lining' in these clouds: health care will slip into 2010 (an election year)...if it even passes. And unemployment will still be rising...also in an election year. The Dear Boy is toast.

  25. Thanks, annie. Wierd tht the media skips Obama's relations, and his obvious neglect of familial duty, but attachs Levi to Sarah permenantly. Their hatred only empowers her, and us who want her to lead.

  26. Chris, Obama-hater is much to flaccid a term.

  27. I am having to make up jobs for myself since there aren't a lot of companies hiring, especially here in Ohio, the land of taxes, spending and federal dependency. I'm considering running for a Republican Precinct office in my district. I'm pissed off with the Republicans, but I'm going to follow Rush Limbaugh's advice and turn the GOP back to something I do agree with. Apparently the precinct members have some say in which candidate the GOP will choose to run. They are also expected to pass out pamphlets at the polls. Hopefully I will have a real job by then, but with the Oconomy you never know.

  28. All right Rattlesnake!! Thank you very much!!

    I had to ponder a definition for Obama-hater which fits.

    The Obamination inspires a righteous indignation and instinct to battle back, a fury in the gut that is not hate, but an instinct to obliterate for the sake of self preservation, because the Obamination is a threat to all things live and free. All liars are.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. The Democrats hereabouts are getting angry (finally!); everyone keeps saying Kentucky is a blue state, but it was the first state to go Red in 2008 (and we had a Rep governor before a Dim took office a few years ago and royally screwed things up -- now he wants gambling legalized in KY, and we don't want it. Horse racing is enough, thank you.).

    They finally figured out what the lying bastard is doing to them, and they are MAD AS HELL!

    As I might have mentioned earlier, most people where I live are over 60, and the Death Care bill isn't popular with them; and they're also mad at AARP and most have cancelled their mdemberships to AARP due to their support for the Death Care bill.

    I can't believe that they're finally listening to me (or to someone!)

    Why, the local resturant actually had FOX News on all weekend...

    just 11 more months to get rid of those morons in office; I'm changing from Rep to Dim so I can mess up the votes :-) (But mainly so I can vote for our local Judge Exec; he runs next year, he's a Democrat, and I want him to remain in office -- he's a real conservative Democrat!)

  31. You're welcome, BA. Your definition of Obama outrage is spot-on.

  32. Great idea, rattle, to help your area by standing firm openly for conservative values, and serving the public (not serving one's own self and career, as liberal politicians do)! More conservatives should consider running for office!

    What I appreciate about Sarah Palin is that she's so well-balanced and forward-looking, pragmatic, and focused on winning for the good. It has been touching to witness again this week (as the pundits recount her VP run) the final speech of McCain's, when Sarah wasn't allowed to speak: she was obviously holding back tears, yet rather than look angry, she looked very sad and hurt. She said she wanted to add a different perspective to McCain's speech: as she told one interviewer, she wanted to urge the public to keep supporting our democratic system, rather than feeling frustrated or avoid voting.

    Chris, conservatives must work very hard to make sure we win in 2010. It's ESSENTIAL that we win, to save this nation from economic ruin via Obamacare, and to eliminate the new slush-fund Obama has set up via the "stimulus funds."

  33. Shep Smith just showed portions of Major Garrett's interview of BO in China. Tsk, tsk----temper, temper! BO looks ANGRY and contemptuously toward Major, for daring to ask BO pointed questions and follow-ups! BUT----BO was forced to put up with Major, in order to keep in the news during Sarah Palin Week!

    Sarah just keeps being firm, polite, and straightforward. Baa-baa-Waa-waa was very surprised at how forthrightly Sarah spoke, but Sarah just smiled back. Message: "Get used to it; I say it like it is----politely, but bluntly." GO PALIN!

  34. TOTUS! Don't let them use your screens for Peking Duck under Glass!

  35. Peeking duck? I thought they left Biden in the basement.

  36. What 'exposed'? Anyone with an IQ above 60 criticizes BObastard; he's a jerk, he's Anti-America, and he wants to destroy our country.

    What is there to praise or support??????

  37. GOOD FOR YOU, Rattler!!! You go, girl. Still praying for your between jobs situation. Hang in there, kid.

    Ha! BettyA, "peeking duck." :D Another candidate for that title is Dope from the debate with McLame where he had to [PEEK] to see what the name of that soldier he was praying for was and then, DUCKing hard questions. Ho, ho, hoooooo.

    Hurrah for Levin and Imus, truth tellers extraordinaire (actually, I'm not so sure about Imus -- never listened to his show).

    Unless one commits ERRORS OR OMISSIONS or spouts fantastical froth, there is no way to talk about the Fraud Who's Abroad [Shovel - heh, heh] without putting him down. Even describing him in the most objective language is to criticize -- he is that bad (as in foolish, stupid, and wicked).

    To know him is to despise him.

  38. Update on The Onion's recent spoof of Obama's overuse of the teleprompter - it's been "flagged" as inappropriate on YouTube, despite the lack of objectionable content. Somebody can't take a joke, apparently.

  39. [MRS] "he's a jerk, he's Anti-America, and he wants to destroy our country.

    What is there to praise or support??????"

    AMEN. :)

    Word: magratio

    The maggot to human ratio in the WH has increased 1000-fold since Flycatcher Extraordinaire moved in.

  40. [George] "'flagged' as inappropriate on YouTube"

    Alright! That'll get it 100 times the viewership. (:o)]

    That's a lib propaganda ploy that will backfire on them.

  41. I agree with all of the above. In fact, I can't find anything about Sarah that I don't like. Whether she takes on the role of King Maker, separating the wheat from the chaff for future candidates or runs for office, I'm on board. And, I couldn't agree more that the future of America is at stake.

    Will be tuning into Hannity tonight and love that he says he'll turn the hour over to her to discuss substantive issues rather that the personal that we already know. That should send the left wing blogo's into the stratosphere. I tuned into Ophrey just to see Sarah...btw, sister blog has a hilarious post on Sarah on Ophrey. I wonder if her ratings went into the toilet again the following day!

  42. TWW:
    I posted that pic of Obama in my dashboard on my facebook, and then wrote on it, "Official White House 2009 Christmas Card." and,

    "The Pope thought it apropros, however, he had a problem with the wording on the card, which reads in Kenyan, 'The Won'"..

    Friends and family love it. Cant' do that here. Man, I'm thinking of making it a real card!!!

  43. Sarah is going to be interviewed by Mark Levin. I don't know what day. And Dennis Miller is going to have her on his radio show, too He told Bill O' tonight that he hasn't decided whether or not he would vote for her for President, but....

    Yesterday, when Glenn B was talking about Sarah on his radio show, he said that when she hammered Letterman about the disgusting "joke" about her daughter, Sarah was letting everybody know "Don't mess with ME". He sounded like he respected her for standing up for herself.

    Glenn also said something that made a lot of sense. He said that when Sarah first joined the McCain campaign, she was a lot like him (Glenn) when he first gained popularity and went out on interviews.... she was trusting. She trusted that these people would be honest and interview her fairly. Glenn said that both he and Sarah were not expecting, or did not know, that these major news people (like Couric, Gibson, etc) were not out for honest interviews, they were out for "gotcha" moments, ways to embarass or humiliate them.

    And as to the photo of Sarah on Newsweek, Glenn said that he had also learned the hard way not to trust the photographers. He said that he had one photographer that he trusted and he would not consent to be photographed by anyone else.

    Anyone remember what that horrible woman photographer did with photos she took of McCain? Where she took them and altered them to make him look evil. How unprofessional.

    I'm listening to Sarah on Hannity right now, as I comment here. Sean is asking her some REAL policy type questions and she is showing just how savvy she is on current issues, like Iran, jobs, the economy, etc.
    Different subject:

    Anyone happen to catch any sound bites of the questioning of Eric Holder by Lindsay Graham or Jeff Sessions today in the Senate? Both those guys grilled Holder with some pretty tough questions and Holder was caught flat-footed, could NOT answer any questions adequately.

    Ha-HAH! my word is deriere

    Sarah is kicking some serious deriere this week in her interviews!


    Sarah tells the msm that they can kiss her deriere .....

  44. bettyann,
    you could probably make lots o moola if you mass produced those cards and sold them.

    That pick on the front, with the words
    "Official White House Christmas card"

    and the bit about the Pope on the inside.....


  45. Oh, yeah.

    Today on Glenn B, they said that at one book signing, there were around 1,500 people lined up to meet her almost TWELVE HOURS before it was to start. (And that was just people showing up on their own. No one was bused in, like they were for the obamanation!)

    Imagine how many people were there by the time it actually started?

    And the libs think she just has a "cult" following?

  46. Wonder if MO wore her new steel kimono belt while chowing down on Kobe,
    (as we would all like to do) ,last week in Japan.

    It was wide enuff for duty and seemingly suited her style.
    Now as they chow down Chinese style who needs it?
    She will be hungry again in an hour anyway

    PUPPYTRAITOR or not I hope they left FIDOTUS on the plane.
    Would not want any new global contingency operations inspired by man made disasters from their Chinese Chef ppreparing (heh) Fettucine al FIDO.

    Had a paragraph percolating parsing pungent particulars in prior postings.
    It boiled over.
    All this Reptilophobia is explained in that post that YOU did not read
    at the bottom of the Who Woulda Thunk (dead) thread.(Hmm,WWT,TWW).

    As agonizing as acknowledging as much is,we all have inner lizards.
    Some just have bigger ones.

    This does not excuse reptillian behavior by those like the slimy psychiatrist
    who crossed completely over and murderered for the 72 virgins.
    Most were no doubt reluctant to date a uni-browed theocrat in real life.
    Probably he will use his reported paralysis in a suit questioning
    being passed over for General to prosecute the Army for persecuting him so.
    POS SOA that he was he also pushed political prosecutions of his patients for war crimes that should have been protected under physician / patient priviledge.
    Peachy !
    More stimulus jobs !

    Noted on the news that O met his new half brother from China today.
    Once Kenya & Indonesia have them that will make quite a nuclear family.

    Some mention was made of Aunt Tooney earlier and her career here providing services that no legal resident could.
    For instance her back surgery and housing needs helped employ slothful municipal employees who no doubt would have been smoking cigarettes and drinking cokes while playing computer solitaire.(Unfortunately that comprises the full extent of Aunt Tooney's computer skills).
    She is destined instead to be an Oprah author once that new alphabet has been mastered.Readers will relish her harrowing flight from the evil INS armed w their 3 deportation orders as she continued her valiant efforts to spend vast amounts of money in housing and medical care intended for citizens,as opposed to illegal aliens such as herself .

    It runs in the Family.

    BTW,BA,dunno if I would pray for that parking lot.
    The average Iranian is 28 and mighty sick of the mullahs.
    If we took out their only refinery there would be a bounty on their "leaders" and
    instead of chants requesting their deaths we might inspire activists demanding them..
    Then they would have a shot at the kind of 'change' we can all support.
    Regime Change.
    Just like the one we ALL pray for in congress.

  47. BettyA -- GREAT idea. That would make such a cool card. Better copyright that "won!"

    I couldn't find any Christmas cards that said what I wanted to say this year, so I picked a blank card (Yorkshire winter scene with shepherd and dog herding small flock of sheep along snowy lane at sunset (could be a sunrise)) and inside it says:


    "... on those living in the land of darkness a light has dawned." Isaiah 9:2

    The hope of the world is Jesus.

    And, yes, that second line is an intentional slam of Hopey the Clown.


    Watched the Hannity interview with Palin. She was poised, articulate, and WELL INFORMED, as usual. I wish she would hire that Luntz guy Hannity interviewed last night, though. Palin's staff seems to be behind the 8 ball on coaching her and helping her to prepare knock-it-out-of-the-ballpark answers. For instance, she would be well-advised to speak "slower and lower," i.e., with more deliberation and pauses for emphasis. I think she's been interrupted so MUCH that she's eager to getinallthefactsasfastaspossible. Because she is genuinely articulate (unlike the Reader of the Free World uuuuuuuuh..... aaaaaaaaand.....), she can say a lot quickly. She needs to say less and say it better. She would do well to watch a Margaret Thatcher speech or two.

    And, that dovetails nicely with the Q re: Lindsey Gramnesty et. al.'s questionning of that scumbag, Holder. Gramnesty may be a weasel at times, but he did EXCELLENTLY in his speaking style in the sound bites I saw today, pausing and speaking with forceful deliberation.

    As to the substance of the Q's, Gramnesty et. al. were powerful with specific, well-informed Q's. I liked Senator ??'s Q (paraph.): You say that you have a better chance at getting justice for Sheik Muhammed (or whichever of those snakes he mentioned) in N.Y.C. than in a military tribunal when S.M. (or whoever) HAS ALREADY STATED THAT HE WANTS TO PLEAD GUILTY AND BE PUT TO DEATH. How are your odds of convicting him "better????"

    Holder just emitted some gas.

    Holder came off as a hired gun, an expert biased and willing to obfuscate to win the case for the party who hired him. Under cross examination, he came off as shifty and disingenuous.

    Holder's inappositely bogus claim that a trial in U. S. Federal Court is necessary to get justice FOR THE VICTIMS of these Islamofascist murderers comes off as a cornball attempt to con some country hick into buying a 4th set of encyclopedias.

    Sure wish SOMEONE would file a motion to disqualify him based on his CLEAR conflict of interest for being an attorney FOR Guantanamo prisoners whereby he TRIED TO PREVENT JUSTICE by getting them off on technicalities.

    Holder lost the argument today.

    He proved one thing: he's just a crook doing another "job."

  48. Preptile, (applause, applause), ANOTHER wonderful, witty, Tru : terrifically wise "word." LOL, prep-tile ... tile-prep..... remember when we were all trying to figure out the significance of your pen name. (:o)]?

    Your delightful posts are so full of great lines, I find that if I single out a couple to compliment you on, it falsely implies that other lines were less stellar. They are ALL good. A+ -- again.

    Your point about physician-patient privilege is a good one WHAT A SLIMEBALL. I wondered the same thing when I heard about that. Aaaa, see? Now, I need to mention the 150 other good points you made. Fuhgeddaboudit. Great post.

    BTW, I read the dead thread post [It was WELL WRITTEN and an interesting insight into Core Texas folks like you, haw, haw :D] who woulda thunk. I'm guessing, from several of your vocabulary words, that you are employed in the medical profession. OR you teach a subject relevant to medicine.

    The mystery of the Preptile continues......

    Word: grate

    The "word" gremlin may not spell well, but it knows a good post [yours] when it sees one.

  49. I'd like for him to run -- right off a 1,000 foot cliff...

  50. Mrs., you're a riot.

    Hey, FOTs----I just heard from a Palinista (and a doctor), that Dr Tom Coburn will read aloud ALL of the 2000+ page Obamacare bill on the floor of the Senate.

    Do the Dems enough votes to pass the bill via voice vote alone on Friday?
    How depressing....

  51. TOTUS:
    Just watched the videos of Obama on Fox, then of Sarah on Hannity. That first great big friendly smile of his looked like it hurt. What a comparison in leadership styles. The Strong vs. the Intellectual Ditherer.

  52. Great point, bettyann. Sarah is a true leader with strength and courage, but BO is a weak follower. Others run his life; he isn't making decisions on his own. Who knows just how the juggling occurs, but prominent among his many "bosses" (think Chicago mob) are George Soros, SEIU, China, and the radical leftists in his Dem Party.

    I'm furious that Sally Quinn (a bonafide Itch-with-a-B) and other jerk leftists keep slamming Sarah Palin for supposedly having "briefly considered abortion."
    No----IN FACT, Sarah makes it crystal clear that she NEVER considered abortion FOR HERSELF.
    Instead, when she learned about her pregnancy, and that Trig would have Downs, she UNDERSTOOD how OTHERS would esily think, "No one knows me; maybe no one would find out."
    She, on the other hand, immediately felt the love of God rush into her heart for her child, and she was GLAD that SHE would NOT EVER make that choice to kill her child.

    It's two different things, to see clearly how OTHERS would rationalize such a decision, and to make that decision for oneself.

    Sally Quinn was just vicious about Sarah. She thinks Sarah speaks too frequently and in a fakey way about her faith, that Sarah is just using faith in her writing and speeches.
    WHAT A WITCH SQ is! Who died and made HER a theologian, anyway?!

    Sally and others attack Sarah (or other believers) for trusting God: "My life and future are in God's hands," Sarah says.
    How lame for them to criticize! As always, liberals try to confine religion to a PRIVATE issue. But one's faith in God permeates EVERY decision, private matters such as abortion (see above), and public matters such as how one votes!
    Sarah doesn't mouth what she doesn't live out in her every decision. Instead she MODELS a life of faith, where her decisions and actions aren't perfect, but she knows they ARE redeemable and forgiveable by our loving God.

    So here's the thing:
    In addition to her political work, Sarah Palin's added work, which she performs beautifully and with love and compassion, is to urge nonbelievers to respect her and her faith----AND other people of faith. May God continue to bless and empower her in this work!

  53. Oh, and in case some liberal reads the above and starts thinking Sarah is judgmental re. those women who HAVE chosen abortion: no, like most believers, Sarah realizes (and has stated many times publicly) that she has a lot of COMPASSION for women who have made that decision. Most of us know women who've had abortions, and we love them.

  54. Sally Quinn is a jealous, horridly ugly cow who doesn't like the fact that Sarah is everything SHE (Sally) will never be: ie, beautiful inside and out, popular, intelligent, loving, popular, compassionate, strong, popular, loved by millions, trustworthy, popular, articulate, and leads instead of follows.

    Who listens to a cow farting, anyway?

  55. All right hens, I tried to peck this one with you but all I know about Sally Quinn is that she is a jealous, horridly ugly cow. Googling isn't helping much. Her tone sounds elist, and apparantly she was born twice: once on January 7th (IMDb), and then again on July 1st (wiki)of 1941. This might explain her spiritual inclinations.

  56. I'm with you BA, Mrs and MM. Sally Quinn is a skank. With those vile reactions of hers, you have to wonder how many abortions she's had? The guilt doesn't go away, you know, unless you really have a real rebirth. She's pretty much stagnated in her own dreck so far as I can see.

    She got together with her husband, (her then boss) while he was married to someone else as I recall. She later bought her next claim to fame, Grey Gardens (the crumbling estate of Jackie O's Aunt/cousin) and restored it (lucking out on getting the furniture in the attic for free) as her very own elitist digs. Pretentious to the core, she screwed her way into her "position" and then bought some history. On her own, she'd be just another sad wannabe. I really don't get why Fox has her on. She's annoying and silly. She has absolutely nothing to add to the story of Sarah.

  57. David Limbaugh (Rush's bro) wrote about Sally Quinn. Did you know that she is an athiest?

    === Of all the screeds I've read, I don't think any are snarkier than The Washington Post's Sally Quinn's "On Faith" blog post "Sarah Palin's 'rogue' Christianity."

    Do we need further proof of the secular orientation of our dominant media culture than the fact that Quinn, an avowed atheist, pens the Post's "On Faith" blog? That would be like featuring a column by Fidel Castro on free enterprise and individual liberties.

    On her mini-bio, Quinn writes: "I announced to my parents when I was 13 that I was an atheist. And I was a committed atheist all of my life. My view was that more evil had been done in the name of religion than anything else in the world. I saw no redeeming value in it at all. Then I met Jon Meacham and we began talking. No, Jon didn't convert me, but he did convince me that religion was not a subject to be dismissed or disdained."

    If that's true, why did Quinn devote her entire blog post to dismissing and disdaining Sarah Palin's profession of faith in her book, "Going Rogue"? I must admit, though, it's difficult to tell whether Quinn is motivated more by her disdain for Sarah Palin, whom she has a history of berating, or mainstream Christianity. ===

    here is a link:

  58. "I announced to my parents when I was 13 that I was an atheist. And I was a committed atheist all of my life."

    Well, that explains it...still just as she was at 13. No changes, no further self examination, no growth whatsoever. She has always seemed very immature and juvenile to wonder what happened when she was 13 that stunted her growth forever after? Strange for a 13 y/o to take on such cynicism, yes?

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