Thursday, November 19, 2009

Behind the Eight Ball

It's a long flight from South Korea to the United States, so Big Guy had a lot of time to work through a lot of issues that were on his plate.

First, lunch. Then, Big Guy got down to reviewing the menu for the state dinner he's hosting for the prime minister of India. This is a pretty important dinner, as many of you know, given how many jobs O has either saved or created over there, and we don't unemployment to get any worse in Mumbai, since Timmy Geithner says that would probably be a leading indicator of more economic trouble here at home.

Then after a nap, it was time to focus on policy. First up, this ridiculous idea that the Department of Justice floated to put some Gitmo terrorists on trial in New York City. Big Guy felt bad about just getting to the memo since it had been sitting on his desk for a few weeks, but what with getting Fox News in line, date nights with Lady M, the World Series, Halloween, it's been a pretty busy fall. In the end it didn't take much time. O looked at the proposal and almost hit the roof of Air Force One. "Like hell we'll do something that dangerous and short sighted," Big Guy told Rahm. Rahm just smiled that reassuring smile of his and moved down the list; it was obvious Big Guy wouldn't have to think about this one ever again.

Next up: Afghanistan. For that, Big Guy needed to pull his top national security advisers into the meeting. But Rahm said the video link to Big O's Magic 8 Ball wasn't working, which is his way of saying that the girls have it and are trying to figure out if Zach Efron will be coming to the India state dinner. Good thing the guy who carries the nuclear codes had the back up cootie-catcher to help us with the decision.

Knocking out all these issues made the rest of the trip easy. Now we have to figure out when and where to announce the Afghanistan plan. My vote goes to Greg Craig's idea: a big speech on Flag Day 2010 in the 17th Congressional District of Arizona.


    BO's nonexistent decision
    Announced in a nonexistent district
    Concerning a nonexistent plan
    About a nonexistent war =

    A truly virtual presidency.

  2. Excellent MM. You obviously don't need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows...

  3. TOTUS...glad you are back! I was afraid the Chinese may have had their way with your "intellectual property" while O was..uh...uh...speaking with the school kids.

    Tell O not to worry...while he was away, Joey B took good care of things. He found another 100,000 imaginary jobs but the slide is broken on the girl's playset (not sure how that happened).

    Have a safe flight!

  4. TOTUS:
    You are on fire today. The wasabi must have cleared out your circuits.

    I asked the eight ball about that speech on Afghanistan in AZ, and it said, "Don't count on it." But I had forgotten to add about the 17th district, and the second try it said, "Yes definately." So happy you are home safe and everything is back to normal.

    My word:

    I asked the eightball if that meant that you will soon meet someone special, but they will have a cold. It said, "Signs point to yes."

  5. Yup. That's where you'll find him. Behind the 8 ball.

    Dope: Er.... make that the 10 ball, uuuuh, I need a few more answers.

    Jobiden: I'm just sitting here staring at the little hour glass on my computer screen waiting for it to fill the bottom. [checks watch] It's been 3 hours. Nuthin'.

    GREAT LAUGHS in the twits and the post, TOTUS. Take a bow (heh, heh).

  6. [WethePeople] "slide is broken on the girl's playset (not sure how that happened)." LOL.

    Biden's not sure either.

    JB: I don't know. All I know is when I climbed up into my bunkbed to take my nap, something went terribly wrong [rubs his head].

  7. [AnnieC] "You obviously don't need a Weatherman ... ." But, Barry Soetoro does.

    BS: Bill? I... uuuuh....

    BAyers: I'll be right over. You just take a couple of Valium.

  8. TWW, Barry's relationship with BAyers, the FORMER radical domestic terrorist, is really very, very innocent.

    And I mean that, REALLY!

    BAyers was just someone from da hood, you know, someone who lived in the same neighborhood back in Chicago. Barry hardly knew him. As a matter of fact, when Barry first ran for office, and they held his "coming out party" at BA's house, no one ever told Barry who the old white guy was who threw the party.

    Just because BA happened to bomb a few places a long time ago (when Barry was just 8 years old, btw), and has said on numerous occasions that he "didn't do enough", that doesn't mean that he is a RADICAL or that Barry shares some of those same radical ideas, or anything like that.



    I just watched part 1 of Bill O's interview with Sarah P and I think it was her best interview yet. She didn't just answer questions, she had a conversation with him. She was REAL. Nothing fake about Sarah.

    Last night on Bill O', he had his little blondie "body language expert" on his show. You know, the girl who, during the Presidential campaign, always analyzed BO as being confident and assertive, etc, when he was actually being self-centered and arrogant. And always analyzed Sarah as being arrogant when she was actually just being assertive.

    Bill showed a short clip of his interveiw of Sarah and had little Tonya analzye Sarah's body language. Naturally, Tonya said things to pump up Bill O's ego and diss Sarah at the same time, like, "Ms. Palin's body language indicates that she is INTIMIDATED by you, Bill". (To Bill's credit, he said he didn't get that impression AT ALL.)

    Well, sorry, little missy, but Sarah didn't seem intimidated by Mr. O'Reilly. Not at all. She didn't let him bully her into shaping her answers to please HIM (as he did Sally Quinn). Sarah even had the temerity to ask Bill a question or two, during that conversation, lol.

    It was good.

    Tomorrow night will be the "policy questions". OOOOhhhh, Bill makes it sound ominous.

    If he asks the same "tough" (i.e. softball) questions of Sarah as he asked of Obama, then it won't be much of anything, will it?

  9. OH! I almost forgot. Bill O' ran that Onion video of you, TOTUS, at the end of his show tonight.

  10. I think Rahm's idea is to keep you and the Big Guy eternally on tour out of the country. See, if the Big Guy is out of the country, he can't be blamed for anything that happens, or at least that's the theory.

    For example, since he was gone he can't be blamed for trying to softly push the idea of putting off mammograms. He couldn't be blamed for what amounts to more rationing on flu vaccines. He can't be blamed for the congressional payments to 440 phantom district.

    Given this strategy, I think Rahm will keep the Big Guy and TOTUS on an extended Grand Tour.

  11. Gosh, Ellen----do ya think Rahm could also send CONGRESS on an extended Grand Tour?

    Just think of the TRILLIONS of dollars we'd save, if they weren't here wasting them?

  12. Was it MTVA that gave the gift of the cute critter link? Kid's drawings:

    Some quite beautiful.

  13. [EllenK] "Rahm will keep the Big Guy and TOTUS on an extended Grand Tour."

    LOL. So, it's a TRAVELLING circus.


    [Jamie] " one ever told Barry who the old white guy was who threw the party." Great stuff. :D

    Barry: Aaaaaaaand.... nobody TOLD me Mister Rezko owned that parcel.... I just thought the seller just uuuuuuh threw it in for good measure because I'm so special.

    Aaaaaaaand..... nobody ever told me that Pastor Wright was a black supremacist anti-Semite. I uuuuuh, usually took a nap most Sundays.......

    Aaaaaaaand.... I just thought we rented that old white guy's house for the coven that night...... 'that's just the landlord,' Rahm told me...... . Sure he winked. Rahm's a winking kind of guy.

    Aaaaaaaand..... I thought Blago just called me to talk about sharing an office or something.... . I let the Axe handle that sort of thing.... er... above my pay grade.

    Aaaaaaaaaaand..... I HAD NO IDEA that "Pig in Lipstick" or "tea bagger" had some kind of offensive meanings........ Words. Just words.

    Aaaaaaaaand.... that SEIU guy's just my uuuuh... personal coach, yeah.

    Aaaaand..... what's the BIG DEAL about Offgahnneestahn? McChrystal's just a whiner.

    Just what to you take me for? Some kind of radical or something? ........... Rahm told me Rules for Radicals was about basketball.

    Listen, "I'm a reader."

    That's all.

    Somebody get me a cigarette........

    Word: graundus

    Peach suffers from graund[iose] delusions. "I have a gift" "the One" BARF!

  14. Body language comes across loud and strong, unless there are conflicting messages, such as assertive speech, but protective posture. Sarah in speech and posture came across as someone with strength and common sense. She engages the host visually, and listens attentively. She is a no nonsense gal, full of energy and a real humility coached by graciousness.

    I want her to be my president, for all those reasons. And nothing, absolutely nothing anyone says negatively about her from now unitl 2012 will change my mind.

  15. I agree: Sarah Palin didn't seem intimidated one bit by Bill O'Reilly. Just as she did with Gibson, Sarah seemed very attentive, careful, and alert----but not at all scared of BOR.

    Now, some of HIS body language was very aggressive toward HER----poking his finger at her, raising his voice, etc. Those behaviors of HIS made Sarah look disgusted: "Lord, is he about to lose his temper? If so, ICK! Quit acting like a bratty kid!" Sarah gets that Typical (slightly) Disgusted Mom look sometimes (the "Whatever!" look)----which is appropriate and WONDERFUL, because all too often, people really ARE behaving like bratty children!

    Anyway, Sarah's being alert around an aggressive BOR does NOT mean she's SCARED of his aggressive behavior. Gracious, Sarah isn't even afraid of huge bears! So is she scared of Bill O'Reilly?!
    Ha! He WISHES he intimidated her....

    What irritates me is how BOR often makes HUGE assumptions that are 'way off the mark. Notice that he told Sarah she should have KNOWN that the JERKS in the MSM would attack her MORE VICIOUSLY than they have ANY OTHER PERSON IN HISTORY.
    (Hunh? Who could have predicted the MSM would be THAT horrid to her?!)

    O'Reilly's implication was that since Sarah was naive about the MSM's response to her candidacy (that's her description, btw), BOR assumes she's therefore also POLITICALLY inept----which is a lame conclusion.

    No one takes BOR very, very seriously anymore. He's desperately fighting to hold onto his "prestige," now that Glenn Beck is truly on the cutting edge of solid research and supporting family values.

    Beck intimidates BOR: that's no spin.

  16. Right. She was the victim of MSM's vicious side, but he made it sound like (trying to be tough) that it was her own fault. Weird twists of logic in the media! Kind of like tell a rape victim she provoked the rape.

    Sickening double standard. The Won never was subjected to any scrutiny, slobbery just ass licking. No wonder he thinks he was annointed by God.

  17. It's hard to decide whether to laugh or cry when you give thought to the Obama Administration, but today, because I read this, I'll laugh. And then do some eye-rolling. Thanks, POTUS.

  18. Oops! I mean TOTUS! *sheepish grin*

  19. Terrific TOTUS!!!!! Glad you're out there because sometimes we need to be able to laugh at all this junk. Keep it up!

  20. TOTUS, Dear, did BG gain a day or lose a day in his numbr of days in office for crossing that date line? Hope he lost one.

  21. Dude, Michael Savage is the only one still talking about the TERRORIST attack at Ft. Hood. Everyone else has moved on. I still haven't gotten over it. You know what it is? I feel like I should be angry to make up for the lack of outrage in our so-called leadership. Of course, the NY circus trial of Khalid Shiek Mohammed (sp?) is a big deal too. How can we win a war if we treat our enemies better than some of our own loyal troops?

  22. We seem to have just had a big and somewhat surprising development on the global warming front. It seems that someone has hacked into a climate research center in the UK. As things develop it seems that the information is real and suggest a conspiracy to fake results and withhold data not favorable to the climate crisis claims. Take a look at this link.

    Climate Hack

  23. Rattler, I understand.

    It's one thing when the Cult of Obama, Media Division, whitewashes B. Hussein et. al.'s folly and wickedness, it's another when our own placidly murmer, with a condescending chuckle, "Move along, folks, just move along -- nothing to see here." Aaarrrrrrrrgh!

    If for no other reason than to ensure Peach Obama's defeat in 2012, our pundits need to continue to investigate and tell the truth about:

    -- Peach has NEVER proven (and the burden is his) that he was born in the United States.

    -- That virtually ALL Peach's records (medical, school, etc) are missing or hidden.

    -- Blago and Peach's phone conversation re: filling Peach's vacated IL U.S. Senate seat.

    -- Peach sat in the pews of a black supremacist, Jew-hating, church for over 20 years until 2008.

    -- Peach is openly supportive of his comrade followers of "my Muslim faith."

    -- What the Koran actually says about "infidels."

    -- That Peach is a liar.

    (among other things!)

    What are all these fine people afraid of?!?

    When asked about any of the above (or related) vagaries of Dope, most of the politicians have become (even Sarah Palin, at least on O'Reilly tonight) mealy-mouthed Miss Mellies (or McLames).

    They don't need to assert their opinion (if that is deemed too politically risky). All they need to do is cite 2 or 3 examples, the FACTS, that establish the conclusions above (e.g., Peach said X but Y is true; Peach said A but B is what he said two minutes earlier).

    And why do most of the other pundits sneer at and dismiss Michael Savage's (and much of WorldNetDaily's) passionate commitment to truth (Note: I do NOT always agree with Savage's opinions, e.g., re: Sarah Palin)?

    The "mainstream" conservative pundits act more like THEY are going to be running for president in a couple of years and so they must be veeeerrrry, veeeerrrry, careful.

    It is now a bit too early, perhaps, but, when it's closer to the summer of 2011, Sarah Palin had better take off the gloves. If she doesn't, someone who has her sincerity, integrity, charm, and common sense AND who also speaks the truth boldly will elbow her aside (AND I DON'T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN!) with their rhetorical strength.


    Hey, John, -- good to hear from you. Seriously. Hurrah! The truth about Environazism's biggest farce, "human caused global climate change," is coming to light!

  24. Last night I just zoned out when I got home from work. Forgot all about Part deux of the Bill O' interview of Sarah (didn't even turn the tv ON.) So I missed it!

    Whatever, yesterday I read a VERY interesting piece on Front Page Mag about Anita Dunn's hubby, Robert Bauer, who has just become White House Counsel. Apparently, Bauer knows "where all the bodies are buried". he is BO's personal attorney, and worked on issues related to Blagojevich, Rezco, etc ...

    === Anita Dunn’s Husband Becomes White House Counsel –
    by John Perazzo

    Bauer forged a close affiliation with Barack Obama after the latter was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004. He became Obama’s private attorney and then, when the Senator declared his candidacy for President in February 2007, Bauer was appointed as general counsel for Obama’s presidential campaign — a project dubbed “Obama For America” (OFA). In January 2009, when OFA merged with the Democratic National Committee and became known as Organizing for America, Bauer retained his position as the entity’s general counsel.

    During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama, who has never made his original birth certificate available for public scrutiny, hired Perkins Coie to defend him in court cases challenging his status as a “natural born” U.S. citizen — a status upon which Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of President is contingent. According to Federal Election Commission records, OFA has already paid Perkins Coie $1,352,378.95 for its legal services in these cases. ===

    === What does all this have to do with Robert Bauer’s current, and sudden, ascendancy to the position of White House Counsel? According to The American Spectator, one former Obama transition team adviser puts it this way:
    “[Bauer] knows where all the bodies are buried, and this indicates that there is something amiss with this White House, or at least someone is nervous about what is going on. You don’t just make these kinds of changes [Bauer’s appointment as Gregory Craig’s replacement] for the sake of rearranging the deck chairs, and not at this time with at least three legislative and policy decisions looming that the Counsel’s office would have been deeply involved in.”

    A highly placed Washington attorney (who has served as counsel in the Senate and in previous presidential administrations) characterizes Bauer’s sudden appointment as “pretty damn weird.” “I’m surprised not only that the press seems to be ignoring the fact that two presidential lawyers have left at about the same time,” adds the attorney, “but that no one seems to care that for the first time, I think ever, we have a President’s personal attorney also serving as White House counsel. I don’t care if Bob [Bauer] recuses himself from future personal legal business, this should be troubling to anyone who cares about the Executive Office of the President.” ===

    This article is very informative!

    I also read a really good piece by David Limbaugh on Sally Quinn and posted a link to in in the last thread (where we were talking about the woman.)

    P.S. I often refer to Obama as BO, which might confuse some in that the Obama's dog is named BO. I am talking about a dog, just not THAT dog.

  25. I don't know what you all are going on about.

    Don't you know that the most important news going on lately -- the news that has topped the headlines for days now in one form or another -- is that OPRAH IS QUITTING HER TELEVISION SHOW -- TWO YEARS FROM NOW!

    How can we go on?? Whatever will we do??

    Sigh. . . .

  26. TruthWillWin,

    It really looking like this is real. Some of the global warming opponents who have had email exchanges with Handley center are confiming the e-mails and Dr. Jones of center has said they were hacked. Of great interest is this email which (I'm being careful here) seems to show a lack of objectivity in the creation of the controversial "hockey stick" graph. As you may or may not recall there have been accusations fraud in this case. This could be the smoking gun. The Truth Will Win!

    To Everyone,

    If anyone is reading, email Mary Landrau and Blanche Lincoln at Little chance they won't vote to open debate on the health care bill but let's give it all we have.

    John's Space

  27. Landrieu has just given her speech that she will vote to go forward, but this vote "is not an indicator of her eventual vote on the bill".

    BULL! The woman was bought and paid for by Harry Reid to the tune of $100 MILLION dollars to her state.

    As long as they leave her money in the eventual bill, she will vote "yea". She is going to straddle the fence until the 11th hour and she sees that the language of the bill has not changed to remove her money.

    Wonder what they are promising Blanche Lincoln for her vote?

    John and TWW - hopefully more revalations about the global warming fraud will come out before the Senate brings up their version of Cap & Trade.

  28. "Turkey Day"??

    TOTUS, certainly the day is named after him. He is The Won, who else would it be named after? Political correctness prevents us from openly calling the day, "Thanksgiving", which implies we must say thankyou to Someone for our bounty.

    Then, of course, the "Someone" surely also refers to him, who is like unto God, to whom we should give thanks for all he has done for the country, like being born and breathing in it.

    My word:

    Where jihadis will meet the Corn Fed Boys.

  29. They are just three hours away from voting on passage of Senate version of Obamacare. Then it won't take long. They will combine the two pieces of Legislation and have a bill on Obama's desk before Christmas.

    Merry Christmas.

    Right now, I am thinking about all the dolts in this country who voted two years ago for Democrats (or stayed home and didn't vote at all) to "teach the Republicans a lesson".

    And I'm thinking about all the dolts who voted for BO because they felt a need to prove that they weren't racists or because he promised them a utopia full of "HOPE" and "CHANGE". Ot those who stayed home and didn't vote because "they didn't like McCain"....

    Right now I hate ALL those people. Because if not for them, we wouldn't be sitting here watching the Democrats DESTROY our economy.

    I guess the reason I'm thinking about it is because Mark Levin was talking about it yesterday. He said he was tired of hearing people say "the Republicans are the same as the Democrats", because they aren't. The Republicans wouldn't be trying to cram this crap down the American citizens throats.

    No, they aren't perfect, they spend too much taxpayer money, they don't always listen, but NONE of them are MARXISTS! NONE of them are SOCIALISTS!

    And when the vote comes down tonight in the Senate, ALL of the Republicans will vote against it.

    As for the Dems, those who really believe in it will vote for it, and those who don't believe in it will act coy and hold out until the last minute, waiting to be bribed into voting for it.

    You all talk about impeaching BHO, but in the long run, that is a long shot and is just half of the problem.

    As long as the Dems have complete total control of the Legislative Branch, THEY HAVE THE POWER. And have you noticed? They aren't listening to the people. They are ignoring their constituents, because they KNOW that the majority of the voters aren't paying attention anyway.

    And you can "betcha" they are working on something that will guarantee them keeping that power for a long, long time.

    Folks, we are so screwed.

    There should be a voter's exam prior to an election. If you can't answer simple questions about our country, our system of government, then you can't vote.

  30. Yeah, Jamie, and I don't think they should be able to vote if they are on any kind of government assistance. They just vote to keep getting more of our money, much like when Congress votes themselves pay raises.
    Thinking about how Sarah looked at BOR like an Mom who thinks he's being a brat, made me think that's another great reason for her to be president. Maybe she could handle those bratty spoiled congressman like a mom and send them to their rooms and ground them forever!!

  31. I would like to see her as President do more to some of them than send them to their rooms. I would like to see them sent to prison, where they belong, for tax evasion, accepting bribes, etc.

    Let them spend time in a maximum security prison and share space with some of the people whose votes they lust after. Some of the people the liberal judges like to give light sentences because they had a "bad childhood".

    Let them find out just how appreciative those people are (NOT) for keeping them on welfare from the cradle to the grave. Let them meet some of the gang bangers and see if they can smooth talk their way through their sentences.

    They might come out appreciating the people in "flyover country", the middle class, who make an honest living, pay their taxes and just want to be left alone and not be forced to pay higher and higher taxes for more government handouts.

    I think one reason that the old guard in the Republican Party are so afraid of Sarah is because of what she accomplished in Alaska. She exposed corruption in her own party. People lost their jobs and some even went to jail.

  32. To me, a crook is a crook -- doesn't matter what Party, color, or sex they are. Crooks are to be punished, all of them.

    That would be about 5/6th of Congress.

    and everyone in the WH

  33. What a supremely crappy day.

    I could have slapped Landrieu right through my television today. LIAR! She knows flippin' well it doesn't MATTER if she votes down the health care bill: the fight was on TODAY, with getting the blasted thing out of committee. That takes 60 votes, and even for a party in power, getting all 60 can often be very difficult. But heads rolled, money was promised, and they did the deed, the traitors.

    However, now that the nasty bill is out of committee, passing the bill is pretty much a DONE DEAL, because that only takes 50 votes! The horrid Dem party can DEFINITELY pull that off, even allowing up to 10 Dems NOT to vote for it, if they are in "blue dog" districts. We Americans----in their eyes----are too stupid to notice it's all an act.

    Oh, let's face it: none of what's really wrong has a THING to do with health care. It's an excuse for the d---d Dems to grab MORE power and KEEP it as long as possible----forever, they hope.

    HOPE. I can't even write that word without getting SICK, thinking of BO, our Ditherer in Chief, our Poseur President, the lying cheat.

    Hope really was the problem with the election. Americans don't really trust ANY politicians, but in last year's national election, many Americans (from both parties and Indies) already felt royally screwed by the Republicans and the high cost (in money and human treasure) of the war.

    So many Americans didn't read about BO; they didn't WANT to find out anything bad about him. ALL Americans wanted candidates who were inspiring and pure. That's why many of them sided with BO----and why others sided with McCain/Palin: we wanted to believe that those people were worthy of great respect and trust.

    We FOTs know that BO is NOT worthy of our trust. Understatement of the evening.
    I hope to GOD that Sarah Palin never lets us down....

    Last year, Americans didn't read, thus had NO IDEA how duplicitous and mendacious BO and the Obots are.
    Well, dear FOTs, they are going to find out very soon, as they and we all suffer with paying outrageous taxes beginning in JANUARY!

    CRAP! I love America. I don't see how we can keep the Chinese out of here, and ward off terrorists, and keep our economy afloat, with such completely ROTTEN traitors in high office.

    I do have some hope. For one thing, God is in charge, not politicians. And maybe Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal or some other Republican (or even decent Dems?) can STAY pure and honest, and pull our nation out of the SEWER into which it is fast sinking.

    There ARE good people still in America, who will wake up and FIGHT the Obots: people such as the young patriots who exposed ACORN, people like YOU, dear FOTs. We've got to do more than hope for an impeachment (guilty as charged, Jamie: I still hope for THAT change!); we must WORK to elect superb, honest candidates NEXT FALL, and then also in 2012.

    Maybe, since the Obamacare won't go into effect until 2013, maybe we CAN end the program before it even begins. Which is to say (since, again, health care is NOT what's the root issue here), MAYBE we can pull our nation back from the edge of total disaster.

  34. Amen to all of the above.

    60 traitors, that's all it took.

    and that bitch can add 'whore' to her resume`

    in fact, all the Dems are whores - all bought and paid for.

    I suggest we send all the treasonous Democrats in Congress the following T-Shirt that says:

    "Will sell my honor, my integrity, my constituents, my country, and my soul for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$...(continued on back...)"

  35. Earlier I was outraged about the farce being played out by the two idiots, Landrieu and Lincoln, who think we are as stupid as they are. I had reached my limit.

    So, I almost lost all hope. I had to get away from the coverage of the Senate b-s. So, I watched some football instead.

    I'm all better now.

    The dirty DIMs still have to combine the two bills and pass the one that emerges. So we have some time.

    This will pit Pelosi against Reid, liberal Dims against so-called "moderate" Dims. And all of them will want to feed at the trough and add some personal pork. Hopefully, they will have a lot of infighting, back-biting and back-stabbing amongst themselves and it will drag out for a few weeks.

    A few minutes ago, I opened an email from a friend of mine and here is what I saw:

    We can always pray and fast for our nation and
    God will hear and answer.

    Check out the website. Here is what it says on the home page:

    === The Continental Congress proclaimed at least 14 days of Prayer during the American Revolution. Seven were days of Prayer and Fasting to ask God’s help against the British; we weren’t supposed to win a war against the most powerful army in the world! Then following each of those days Congress proclaimed days of Prayer and Thanksgiving because God had answered their prayers. ===

    Goodnight. Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully it will dawn a BETTER day.

  36. You know, if I were a Dim that DIDN'T get hundreds of millions for my vote, I'd be a bit miffed -- after all, why should the hold-outs get more money????

  37. Senators who supposedly "oppose" a bill typically "represent" (HA!) districts where the constitutents dislike some features of that bill. Such Senators must then APPEAR to oppose the bill, to save face when they stab their constituents in the back by in fact helping the bill pass----such as, in this case, by helping Obamacare get out of committee so it will later get "debated" (not really) and then voted into enactment.

    I missed Glenn Beck's "big announcement" of his plan to turn our nation around today. Anyone know what it involves, that's so unique?

  38. TOTUS, Dear, I missed the vote last night because I went to a hockey game.

    I understand Baby-Fat Landrieu (bless her heart) got her 30 pcs of tin.

  39. I am perplexed. My dictionaries are all out dated, because consistantly, when I look for a word that describes the offering of money or other incentives to persuade somebody to do something dishonest or illegal, I keep coming up with the word:


  40. To be persuaded by money or favors, thus be bribed, to do something you would not have done normally as a part of your duty is dishonesty.

    Integral to the duty/job of senator is to vote the will of the people - majority rules. Enough of a majority (like, the majority?) of the American people oppose health reform as it is being put forward. Yet the senators allow themselves to be persuaded (bribed) by money or favors to pass it, thus what they do is dishonest AND ILLEGAL.

    Bribery is ethically and morally wrong, and also against the law. Our law makers are thus criminals in the purest sense of the word.

  41. so who is going to arrest and charge the lawmakers???

    what happened to our legal system????? who has the power and authority to arrest these crooks????

    they broke the law; arrest them and put them in jail.

  42. TOTUS, I know you've tried several times to make DA ONE look like an ignoramous, but it just hasn't made the lame street media take notice. They just won't believe the truth. It's only here (your loyal FOTS) that the real news gets relayed.

    I AM SO ANGRY THAT I COULD SPIT. All those silly people that voted the dems into congress,the senate and in the greatest job of all - I hope they're the first to feel the loss of freedom. If we survive until 2010, I fear a revolt will take place and I'm ready.

  43. the entire commonwealth of KY is ready :-D

  44. Don't feel so bad, gals. Our local Wacko, a "reverend", has been going to the mosque down in Albuquerque. This coming Sunday, Our local Wacko has sponsered the imam to speak in our Presbyterian chruch here, about "the religion of peace." I was thinking attending with a few questions, like about Islam's racism. Just to get thrown out for being a rabble rouser, you understand.

  45. I second MM's nomination of Jamie. J. would be a BRILLIANT *shining star* representative of the people. Not to mention her researching skills and knowledge of all things. One would BE SURE she would READ any and all legislation up for 'bid' ... err, I mean vote! [Sorry, current Senators-NOT Jamie.]

  46. This is all speculative and specious of course ,but,did the failing Washington Nationals baseball team get stimulated w emergency Federal funding ?
    Fine for their fans.Influenzites flew thru their fiefdom inappropriately influencing incumbents.Incredible.(All Ns now,neato,no?)

    The WH listed shovel ready projects in their name,(for the Washington Senators actually ,which we know they don't have),and then the first thru 101st DC Federal legislative districts too,I think.
    Must have been another few hundred harmless typos,one opines .
    Or just another (ouch),outrageous Obamanation.

    Openly,only our oppressive,oily omnipotentate's oligarchy opportunistically obfuscates our other outlandish'out'or overreaches'. Oh my.

    The Indian ambassador otter taste our outcry &
    overreactions to all things ottoman ,only sacred cow Kobie burgers will be served,thereby obliterating our own opportunities.Those overcharges for the overhead will not be popular either.
    Marine service,(NOT at the direction of TPs servers),will be serving up a carnivore's meal outrageous to vegetarians and as inappropriate as that Ipod we so onerously gifted to Her Royal Highness,Queen Elizabeth.
    Okie dokie then Ofays,obviously the 00's were the O decade and we ought to obtain occasional opportunities to 'move on' to whichever letter comes next in the alphabet.

    BTW,BA,several threads ago you asked about
    the group 'move on' dot org.
    It is a Soros group(529)established years ago to persuade America that it was time to move on from the Clinton sex scandals.
    They have since moved on to other progressive positions as well.
    Peach praise,primarily.
    Privately,its a poor perspective.

  47. BA, consider culling questions for Sunday from the terrific book, "The Trouble with Islam Today," which is a rewritten version of a 2004 book, "The Trouble with Islam," by Irshad Manji. She directs questions in this book toward other Muslims, hoping to prod them to admit the problems inherent in the "religion of peace." She detests the maltreatment of women throughout Islam, as well as an abiding use of slavery, rampant anti-Semitism, etc.

    In the Qu'ran, Allah speaks. These scriptures ("Sura") in the Qu'ran directly conflict radical Islamist terrorists' committing suicide while killing innocent people of various ages from various faiths, including other Muslims:

    Sura 4:28/29 - "Do not kill yourselves. God is merciful to you, but he that does that through wickedness and injustice shall be burned in fire."

    Sura 4:93 - "He that kills a believer by design shall burn in Hell for ever. He shall incur the wrath of God."

    Sura 4:94 - "Show discernment when you go to fight for the cause of God, and do not say to those that offer peace: 'You are not believers,' -- seeking the chance booty of this world."

    Sura 4:145 - "Believers, do not choose the infidels rather than the faithful for your friends."

    This text is scary:

    Sura 9:5 - "When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters [sic] wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them and lie in ambush everywhere for them."

    The most important text of all for understanding Islam is:

    Sura 2:106 - "If We abrogate a verse or cause it to be forgotten, We will replace it by a better one or one similar."

    Through the doctrine of abrogation, Muhammad rendered early texts as subordinate to, or nullified by later revelations / texts. For more detailed analysis, read Robert Spencer's books, which are truly riveting.

    Finally, BA, openly mention at the meeting on Sunday (which I hope you attend, and afterwards write a report for us!) that you are of Jewish heritage. Most Christians will consequently listen more carefully to your input, than if they believed you were merely another Christian----when it would be just another, typical "prophets are disrespected in their own hometown" problem.

  48. Excellent suggestions, MM. I'm really considering doing this, and believe that I must. Reason being it's time to get up and stay standing up. He is going to come here and pacify my neighbors. That's the purpose. We are just a very small town.

    This is really an outrage, its being talked about a lot, but those folks won't go. The "reverend" who is bringing this guy here as a guest is a real insane guy, a wacked out liberal. No sane person would hang out with him! I imagine when the war started that he headed right down to the mosque to comfort the poor muslims about living in evil America. I mean, this guy can never even let us have a peaceful fourth of July!

    Excellent point for the author to make regarding koranic script. Pretty much, the whole book can be scewed any way you which, according to how far your elevator gets to the top, or wether you have all your buttons.

    Mohammed was insane, is my personal opinion, and his attempt to create a coherent script to guide a religion is the evidence. He behaved much like a cult leader and his followers were devoted to him. They really believed he was a mouth piece of God.

    Racism guides the religion of peace, as it says in there someplace that the earth and everything in it belongs to Islam, to the Ummah (whole tribe of muslims), and is theirs. This particular "sura" (read bull shit) legitamizes, in the minds of even "moderate" muslims, the present diaspora, wherein waves of muslims have engulfed all of Europe, changing forever the political and cultural landscape. Free services belong to them. Europes freebies are their right - free meidcal care, education, housing, and also willingness to acommodate sharia for them. Europe's weakness opened the door. We are about to do it also. Obama has emboldened the enemy inside our gates. Obama has emboldened pacifists, like himself, who just want everyone to get along.

    In my studies - I took to them with an open mind, I did - I learned that there is no such thing as moderate Islam. Every time I hear that term I want to laugh outloud, but it is not funny. Moderate Islam, a term it is hoped will smooth the rankled, is a sham. Never, ever let it fool you. The dude who beheaded his wife for wanting a divorce - he even had a teevee show! On his teevee show, he tried to allay fears by expaining "moderate" Islam!!

    Unbeknownst to us, there is a great surge and a bold pressing forward of muslims in this country to smooth our hackles. Right now, because of Obama. The event here at the church is such a one. I'm probably the only one in this town with the balls and the knowledge to go there, and prevent the pacifism from taking root.

  49. TOTUS, clue us here, because it's starting to seem like congress has lost it's mind. David Obey says if we are paying for health care, we should pay for the war.

    Who in the hell does he think has been paying for EVERYTHING ALL ALONG???

  50. Other ideas from an O-OLD activist: consider printing and passing out sheets with information about Islam, including on it every Sura you want to quote. That way, attenders have something to take home and REMEMBER! Note on those hand-out sheets the NAMES and DATE, too, of the "moderate Muslim" who whacked his wife, too (you can find a whole LIST of such incidents from Pam Geller's website, ).

    Finally, are there other CONSERVATIVE Jews who could attend with you? It will be helpful to you to have such support, and their added presence will have more impact on others.

    (I realize that many, if not most Jews are quite liberal Jews. I think they're suicidal, given that they usually advocate appeasement, which has NEVER worked. Hello-o!? Remember Poland?!!!)

    Upon reflection, I truly think the Robert Spencer books will be the fastest for you to read and utilize. Hopefully several are available at the library for your use.

    I'm SO GLAD you have the guts to go, bettyann! Please take no offense: may God richly bless you and give strength to your every word, that you will have a positive influence with your teaching, and motivate lazy Americans to READ and LEARN MORE about Islam and its inherent problems----issues that even devout Muslims recognize (like Irshad Manji).

  51. Quick Question, BA: will this imman be delivering the sermon? If so, questions won't be accepted; it's a tightly-controlled NON-forum.

  52. uh, so now we have to pay for the war? What war?

    and who does that idiot think has been paying for all wars since WWI (retroactive for WWII)? does he not know American history?

    what kind of illiterate morons are running our country????

    I there's a Muslim supporter in the WH, and I know he's retarded; where do these fools think their money comes from? Even when they print it, they still take it from us.

  53. I have a friend who is an Egyptian Christian (couldn't wait to move away from Egypt when he became of age) -- Having grown up there, he was taught all about Islam in school. One thing he learned was that there are two ways Islam intends to spread throughout the world. If the country the Muslims live in is a weak country, they are to just take it over. If it is a strong country (read U.S.) the Muslims go in as friendly, peaceful folk and simply wear it away into weakness, then take over.


    I can't help but believe, to the point of knowing, that Obama learned the same in his Indonesian schooling -- in his Muslim faith.

    And, on behalf of all Presbyterians who adhere to their confession of faith (I am one), I am ashamed of that "pastor" -- I have no doubt that God's wrath awaits him.

    Thanks Bettyann, for your courage. Do be careful.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. I need to say here that I "overspoke" when I said I have no doubt that God's wrath awaits that pastor. I am sorry for saying that, and I certainly have no right to say that -- only God can judge him in the end (though Christians are called upon to have discernment about those who call themselves Christian).

    But I will say that the liberal pastor masses that I am aware of are doing so much damage in the name of Christ, calling themselves Christian, that they'd be well advised to either change their ways, or change their name.

    Word: eljrk -- have fun with that one.

  56. You're a good egg, aero (old beatnik phrase; man, does THAT date me!?).

    I agree with you----and, btw, Dr. Laura Schlesinger asks often why people would claim to follow a given religion if they aren't willing to follow its doctrines and proscriptions? If we claim to be Christians, for example, we might want to read the Bible and learn what Christ Jesus taught and required (yes, He MADE DEMANDS: "If YOU want forgiveness, then you MUST forgive OTHERS," etc.) of His followers.

    That doesn't mean Christians are perfect, which is manifestly obvious. But we are admonished to learn about Jesus and TRY HARD to follow His model, asking forgiveness for sins and repenting (literally turning around and fleeing in the opposite direction from sin). None of this easy, "Sorry!" crap: we are to knock it off and STOP hurting ourselves, others, and God via sin.

    Irshad Manji basically writes in her book that Muslims often do not know their own scripture and history, and thus are blase about really following it----and seeing its dangerous beliefs. I wonder at her remaining Muslim, especially given she's lesbian.

  57. "Irshad Manji basically writes in her book that Muslims often do not know their own scripture and history, and thus are blase about really following it..."

    Thank God for small miracles. Though I have no doubt most muslims are such, most humans being practical, just as in the inquisition where Christian murdered Christian in the name of Christ there are those who are fanatical, and they stir up radicalism.

    MM, I did not mean to make you think I am Jewish. My family is, and I would die for them.

    aero, your egyptian friend speaks the absolute truth. I wish that he would shout it from the roof tops. And as to your "curse" - it has been already decreed, as he is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    My daughter says she will go with me, she is the Jewess! I was wrong on the date. It is the 4th. And it is not a sermon, but some kind of "peaceful exchange", dur to the season, which means some kind of liberal ass kissing session. Hahaha (evil laugh...) We'll see about that!

  58. Just take a copy of that wretched book and read it aloud.

    that should do it.

    The bastard in the WH is doomed; unfortunately, the deranged Won will take America down with him -- if we let him.

    let'snot let him, okay?

  59. So, TOTUS, Dear, will your boss be pardoning KSM and the 9/11 terrorists tomorrow - or a turkey?

  60. Say,TP,how did the Indian PM like those Kobie Sacred Cow sliders ?
    Not too much red meat I hope.
    It is the only red meat served at this WH.

    Had another post percolating of course.
    Just couldn't put it up.
    More experimental prose primarily.
    Call it alphayoubetcha type dancing.
    Idea was to start w all A's,and..
    As annoying as another attribute'(10)..,and so on.Second sentence was built on Bees,as
    one might imagine.But I got bored with the business,as it was harder than it looked.
    Tried out the progression in that last post
    going from Ins to Os,and on to,well,you know.
    As an avatar like mine might note,
    such piddling matters as inconsistent and inconsequential incontinence do not diminish one's diNgified dignity.
    But all the puerile prose had begun to stain me,so I will at present ,uh,abstain.

    Had bigger fish to fry anyway w the BA q above about how best to approach an opportunity to
    engage w an Imam.
    First I would ask about jihad,and how Muslims can coexist peacefully,while practicing what is clearly, religious discrimination.
    Ask him if Sharia law in his mind is superior
    to civil laws which GUARANTEE rights for women,infidels,Jews,homosexuals and other marginalized groups not favored by the ummah.

    Then you can explain religous reformations,and how one is clearly overdue for their denomination.

    Slaves remain part of jihad,and slaves are not politically correct.Wonder why the PC continues to let them slide on that one,and the stonings,honor killings, ,amputations and such that are so common among the 'faithful'
    .Ask him if civil laws are secondary to sharia laws.Ask him to explain those and the ask him about 'submission'to his laws of God,and the earthly consequences for refusal.

    In every case it will appear his laws are inferior to the Civil laws of man.
    Civil laws produce Civil Rights for all,just as God would want.

    They define CIVILization.

    If he excuses all of the above ,you pastor should ask him one more thing.

    He should ask him to leave.

  61. Gitmo - it must be painful having to clear up other people's mistakes...

  62. I think I would like that alphayoubetcha dance.

    Mmmmm, mmmm, mmm.

  63. Ben, I'm not at all sure what Gitmo has to do with it, but, I agree -- the new Republican Congress will have a LOT of cleaning up to do after BO sets this country well down the road of socialism.

    'Twould be easier if a presidential impeachment were first on their agenda.

    There's hope and change I want to believe in.

  64. If anyone is doing Christmas shopping this year, you might want to avoid anything bearing the Matel logo. Seems they did a special PC Barbie celebrating women's oppression with the new Burqua Barbie...a**kissing the Muslims.

    This must have hit on a day no one was paying attention because it doesn't seem to have gained any steam. In fact, it really should go viral.

  65. Preptile:
    No time to post thoughtfully at the moment. Suggestions noted and pasted to a document of mounting questions for the "guest."

  66. Hiya, Preptile. Is "Alphayoubetcha" a cool Sarah Palin (she's a "Meta-Alpha-Person") dance? (*grin*) Excellent ideas re. Islam for BA, too! It's great that she and her daughter are going----and going prepared! Heads will LEARN! (heh heh)

    Thanks, anniecollier, for the Heads-Up re. that obnoxious, pandering, shrouded Barbie. Yep, NO Mattel toys for our little loved ones!

    Aero, I'll pray, too, that somebody SOON draws up Articles of Impeachment re. BO. LORD, please HELP the USA get RID of this scary fake!

    I LOVE the "Reveal" re. climate change: they've been cooking the weather records to show a warming world! Will BO still force the USA to sign the Power-Grab at Copenhagen next month? Oh, he'll try.... Who can stop him? I mean, seriously!----WHO!?

    I pray that OTHER "Reveals" occur SOON of hidden information we need: BO's B.C., school records and papers, incriminating evidence re. corruption within Obotland, etc. WOULDN'T THAT BE GREAT?!

    Jamie, you okay? Are you already running for office? (*grin*) WE Hope for THAT Change, don't we, debbdi? (Thank you, for the second to my motion!) I hope you find a job soon, Jamie----and other job-seeking FOTs.
    (Rattlesnake? How ya doin?')

    GREAT MINDS, Mrs1953! The editors at "The Weekly Standard" agree with your insight, "What kind of morons are running the WH?" and state there are NO great thinkers among BO's admin.

    TWW, glad your husband is much improved! Hope all is well.

    My brother just sent me an email with photos of both sides of a van. One side of the van said, "President Obama, if the Health Care Reform Plan is so great, why does it exempt YOU*, Michelle Obama, Congress, Senators, and their families? *Page 114 - Line 22"
    The other side of the van stated,
    "Want to lower health care costs? How about THIS idea? GET THE LAWYERS OUT OF THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE! 95% of money raised by Trial Lawyers for Political Donations is given to DEMOCRATS! There is NO Tort Reform in Health Care Bill. WHY?"
    (An arrow stating, "The Answer" points to the line about how political donations are given to Democrats.)

    A NEAT quote (I hope it was really written by JA) above the van was, "In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a congress." - John Adams
    (How timely!)

    At the bottom of the email was this statement:
    "Fight organized crime: Re-elect no one."
    (But if Rush is right, BO doesn't CARE if he's re-elected, so long as he completes his missions re. getting health care passed and tanking our economy, etc.)

    Well, I hope all FOTs enjoy their Thanksgiving celebration. We DO have much to be thankful for in this nation.
    (I hope in 2010 we can give thanks for having elected a TON of worthy conservatives to Congress----and in 2012, giving thanks that Sarah Palin or some other worthy, honest conservative has been elected PRESIDENT!)

  67. Susan, I so enjoy your jokes. Yeah, BO really WOULD love to pardon terrorists, it seems.

    Nonaofnaples, you sure you didn't mean to use an H in that spit? (*wink*) Yeah, our "representatives" are disgustingly SELFISH and SHORT-SIGHTED. Let's vote them all out, okay? DEAL!

    Or we could do as Oliviac2 wisely suggested:
    just send them to their rooms. Better yet, to their rooms in PRISON, where all people who accept bribes should go!

  68. TOTUS, here's a joke for you, I heard it was making the rounds in the muslim world, and is a real gut buster!

    Navy seals finally capture the terrorist who led Iraqi's to capture, torture, mutlilate and burn the bodies of Blackwater gaurds, and hang them from the bridge in Falluja. The terrorist complains of a fat lip given to him by the Americans, gets a lawyer, and lots of press in the media. The navy charges the seals with abuse, and presses abuse charges against them.

  69. What's REALLY sad, bettyann, is that many Americans might wonder if this crap has HAPPENED already?
    Because with THESE jerks in office, it really COULD.
    It is embarrassing to have such wienies and traitors running the WH, and our nation....

  70. Sent to the pro-Palin bloggers by YidwithLid (Sammy B.):

    Television station WTOC's VP General Manager, Bill Cathcart, on Nov. 9, 2009, delivered the following editorial regarding the Fort Hood MURDERER
    (view BC's editorial at
    PC’d To Death
    There are no words to ease the agony, outrage and senseless loss caused by the vicious rampage of that American-born Army officer, whose devout Muslim beliefs degenerated from religious faith to politically-based Islamic-fanaticism, leaving in its wake 13 Fort Hood patriots dead and many others wounded.
    The President was quick to caution about jumping to conclusions, which is interesting since he, himself, jumped to an erroneous one with that outstanding police officer. Tell you what, when Swedes begin mass murdering Americans, we’ll wait, but given this tax-payer-educated ingrate’s alleged repeated utterances and actions, the conclusion is clear.
    This demonic act was almost certainly a pre-meditated, treasonous, act of terrorism, personal or otherwise, against his own nation and military, both of which he betrayed in pursuit of his radicalized views. And who’s ultimately to blame? We are! We’ve become so ridiculous with our political-correctness; so afraid of offending, despite the truth; so overly-tolerant and self-effacing, pandering and apologizing to be liked; putting up with absurd challenges to our Constitution, laws, traditions and freedoms, that we’ve become a nation of enablers for those with evil intent. Case in point, failing to challenge or stop the open proselytizing, and statements against America’s military mission, by this officer, repeatedly uttered and witnessed.
    The Army should’ve booted him long ago, but can’t be faulted, as we’ve all now been driven, by fear, to egg-shell sensitivity. Devout Muslim beliefs can’t be challenged, yet the devoted Jewish and Christian faithful remain a continuing target of offensive-actions, insults, mockery and marginalization. In more ways than all of this, we’ve reached the height of absurdity in America. It’s past time to knock-off the elite-ism and level the tolerance playing field. We must, however, pause to note with heartfelt thanks, the efforts of the Muslim faithful who, unseen, help maintain the security of our great nation, both in the community, and through their courageous FBI-work as interpreters, informants and terror-cell infiltrators, working at great risk, to prevent similar barbaric acts.
    That said, with Veterans Day upon us, amidst the pain of Fort Hood, regardless of origin, race, or religion, this challenge to those in this magnificent nation, who refuse to accept, adopt and respect our traditions, laws, and freedoms. Either gain English-proficiency, fully-assimilate, contribute positively, and be ever- thankful for the incredible blessing it is to be here, or get the heck out!

    I wish B. Cathcart would run for office, too!

  71. TOTUS, Dear, how many Virginia Slim Menthols will BG sneak tonight during the big Indian State Dinner? Gonna be a looooong night.

    And I can't wait to see the sleeveless drapery or sofa fabric the Mrs. wears at this evening's soiree (bless her heart).

  72. It has already happened, The seals are charged with abuse. For capturing and giving a fat lip to the guy who CAPTURED TORTURED MUTILATED DRAGGED THROUGH THE STREETS AND BURNED 3 Americans.

    I'm telling you, they are rolling in the aisles in Kabul over this one.

  73. My word was "olectini". I was going to let it go, but cannot:

    An olectini - what you have to keep drinking in order to maintain sanity after The One Won.

  74. Susan:
    I have five bucks on a table cloth and real fish net stockings.

  75. MM:
    The story, for your perusal:,2933,576646,00.html

    (with an H)

    I had NOT heard about this story. LORD, the liberals are TRULY DERANGED!!!!!!!
    That includes BO and the Obots.

    Meanwhile, MO's "tablecloth" dresses and above-"waist" belts cost BIG MONEY----you know, that green stuff BO says we should budget better with, and which we are gonna lose to taxes?


  77. Oh for heaven's sake. You mean SHIT. I get it.

    I can't find the story anywhere else. Going to have to trust to Rush on this tomorrow. I want to know who's charging them, under what law (civil or military) and how an illegal enemy combatant is able to make legal combatants answerable to any law at all. Where is the geneva convention here? Why is our elite force being brought to scrutiny against an ANIMAL?

    This is so outrageous, it cannot be happening. My mind is getting numb. Maybe it's the olectini.

  78. BA, your story re. the POOR terrorists' being given Fat Lips by our MEAN troops was reported by Glenn Beck on his TV show, too, BA, so it's probably true; GB has fact-checkers up the wazoo.

    TOO MUCH is happening that is amazing, horrid, outrageous, mind-numbing, EVIL.

    FEW nations exist where criminals or terrorists would be treated as fairly as the USA treats them----but this is going too far!

  79. Hi guys. I've been away on a politics and news-free trip ...

    Fox is reporting on the Navy Seals being charged with abuse. Its true. Can't believe this shit.

    And that rotten speech the Won gave today, about the war in Afghanistan. He can't just spit out what he is going to do, he has to diss the Bush admin, even though the war in Afghanistan has been under control of NATO since the start.

    Sorry, MM, but I lack one of the characteristics for running for office - the ability to speak in front of a large audience (meaning more than two people, lol). I'm not exactly a "people person". If I had to speak to large groups of people on a regular basis (like Sarah P has been doing), I would be bald within a month due to strss-induced hair loss. (But thank you for saying suggesting me, it was a nice thing to say.)

    You will note that Sarah has a gorgeous head of hair, and that poor woman has been under major, major stress for over a year now. SHE has what it takes to be in public office.

    Now, I could see our bettyann running for office, yessireee. She is brave and strong and willing to stand up and speak her mind, you betcha!


    As for the suggested "war tax", the Dems are just trying to get more people to turn against the war effort and screw us at the same time.

    Next thing you know, they will demand the return of the draft, but only for children of "the rich".....

  80. Happy Eid al-Adha, TOTUS! The holiday celebrated by Islam to commemorate Abraham's willingness to sacrifice ISHMAEL on Mount Moriah.

    I know, I know - you are going to say, "But bettyann! Wasn't that ISAAC!?!"

    Isaac-schmIsaac. I tell you, TOTUS. What's the difference? The legitimate son or the illegitimate son?? They say tomato, we say 'mater. They say potato, we say 'tater. Even though the book of Genesis was written a thousand years before the koran - c'mon. Mohammed had to make a living too. So he changes which son it was? Does it matter now? Muslims number worldwide about 1.6 billion, thanks to all the free health care in Europe. There's only 13 million Jews insisting on Isaac anyway, and Hitler killed that many in just a few years! And never mind the Christians, They're being taken over by socialism. They take that give away your coat scripture way too serious.

    Anyway, Happy sacrifice. Just remember, it was Ishmael, or maybe you might get your circuits reworked. Oh yeah - Mazel tov. May as well be p.c. for now, anyway.

    Eid al-Adha (Arabic: عيد الأضحى‎ ‘Īdu l-’Aḍḥā) "Festival of Sacrifice" or "Greater Eid" is a holiday celebrated by Muslims (including the Druze) worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismael as an act of obedience to God.

  81. Jamie. Thank you for your confidence. Those are very good qualities to want in a politician. Let's let gracious ladies like Sarah do it. There have to be more like her out there.

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. [MRS 1953] "...retarded and deranged... ."

    Mmmm, hmm.

    Bahrahk Hussein Obama has never forgiven those Navy Seals for rescuing Capt. Phillips last spring IN SPITE OF B. Hussein's Rule of Engagement that ordered them NOT to kill one of his Muslim brothers, a.k.a. "pirate" unless Capt. Phillips was "in imminent danger." As if he were not in imminent danger from the time he was taken hostage by the pirates. [That is, in Peach's twisted mind, when it's too late to save Phillips, that's when it's okay to kill the pirate because then, it's one white guy for one co--, er, MUSLIM guy, yeah...]

    That ol' Peach, he may be as dumb as a pea [er, ass, er, bee, er, cod, er, ...aaaa,.... fugeddaboudit ;)], but he is shrewd. Aaaaaaaaaand, he's "keeping track."

    Can't lift a finger to help our troops in Offgahneestahn, but boy can he carry a grudge.

    This LUDICROUS prosecution is........ PAYBACK TIME.

  84. it's not wise to piss off Navy SEALS

  85. i'll bet the widdle boy never goes near water...

  86. Hey, I got up this morning with this thought:

    Was Joey B allowed to attend the State Dinner for the Indian PM?

    After all, with the WH decorated like a 7-Eleven, Joey just might accidently try to buy something from the guy.

    Oh, and BTW, the liberals have now completely taken over Sesame Street. They had the muppets dissing Fox News, only their's was called "Pox News".

    And last night, Bill O' had some woman on with one of the puppets that was some kind of imitation Bill O'Reilly. It was SURREAL... the puppet was rude to Bill O', yellin at him and pointing its finger at him. VERY, VERY "in your face" to Bill O'.

    It's pretty bad when they take a character for kindergarteners and use it to make political statements.

  87. Yikes! TOTUS,Dear!

    Not a very flattering picture of the bossman on Drudge . Hope he does not take it out on you... or the turkey!

  88. A quick correction to the above assumptions about typedancing.It is not at all like real dancing.Just a pun on tap dancing.
    Tough guys don't dance,or watch dancing programs(instead of Monday Nite Football).
    PC whupped is what those fellas are.
    Any guy that would watch dancing over football isn't much of one.
    I would be suspicous of his Bi/anual boy's nite out.Wouldn't one feel a fool looking like Liberace in green sequined tails swishing around a ball room as currently happens on one show?
    This one would.

    Teleprompter,please ease our fears about those big announcements next week.
    The Eid pardon for OJ is not the type of Thanksgiving graciousness honkies had hoped for.Perhaps some of the 'brothers' are applauding it,but most are merely appalled.

    Also how are the Kwanza plans coming along?
    Is that Symbionese liberation advisor still aboard to explain those 7 principles and or days of Kwanza.Hope so.His presence under the bus was a planned New Year's present to the public.

    Peas out Pholks,and TP,more postage pweas.

  89. This comment has been removed by the author.

  90. Fox news is the only outlet carrying the story about the seals being charged for abuse.

    I cannot believe this. The man murders and mutilaties, and was not laughed at when he pressed charges against his captors for a bloddy lip? When he whined about being hit, they did not hit him again?

    This is all too outrageous. Very discouraging. It is demoralizing to the troops. Completely and utterly upside down.

  91. Here is a link to a clip of the Grouch on O'Reilly's show. Within the story there is an embedded link which will take you to a story about the original Sesame Street segment dissing Fox News. What I didn't realize was that the show in question AIRED TWO YEARS AGO!

    So, now I'm wondering... just what other liberal propaganda has been slipped into little children's programming over the years?

    Well, my kids never watched Sesame Street, neither did my grandchildren....


    As fpr Kwanza - it's a joke.

  92. The "justice" Dept is being used by the BHO admin to demoralize the troops AND the citizens of this country.

    IF they are allowed to continue with this, it will eventually get to where they are prosecuting the members of the Bush Admin (which is their eventual goal).

    If that happens, I hope that when the BHO admin is no longer in charge and contol of Congress has been wrested away from the Dems, ERIC HOLDER will be prosecuted, among others who are participating in this travesty!

  93. Sesame street was okay for a short period. I liked the Two-headeds. But this is still wrong. For instance, only Fox featuring the story about the seals. So you go to all the other networks, and it is not there. In the mind this means Fox the story isn't real, worse, it means the story is not important enough to be on the "real" news networks. Fox has been marginalized.

    On another note, there is our first lady dressed like an empress in wadded foil standing next to the humble lady of India, whose dress is simple and elegant. Did she cover her shoulders during dinner? Because I believe it is bad decorum to show the entire decolletage during dinner.

  94. My children were not allowed to watch Sesame Street; neither are my grandchildren. NONE of the so-called 'children's programs' are allowed in my home; neither are video games of any kind.

    We do not watch network TV at all.

    As the for the Bastard and First Bitch, they are digging themselves into a deeper and deeper hole. They are doomed.

    The America-haters in DC and Congress are doomed.

    It just depends on how quickly it happens; the quicker, the better for the USA.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone; and God Bless America and all those who support Him and our country.

  95. bettyann,
    Did you notice that they timed the release of the news about the Navy Seals at a time when there is little news activity? These people know how to play the media.

    Yes, MRS, they are doomed, EXCEPT when it comes to the majority of black voters.

    The latest Gallup polls shows that Obama's approval numbers keep sliding down, down, down .... except among blacks, where its UP by 1% since he began his term - which tells you a lot. 91% still approve of the job that he is doing.

    Yes, everyone have a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving.

    Let's celebrate it while we still can. Because, before you know it, the libs will be teaching our grandchildren that the Pilgrims were bad, bad people.

  96. NO, Jamie, it was my understanding that efforts were made by aquaintences of the seals to get the story public. Two interesting callers to Rush this morning made solid statements regarding the politics of the accused seals, and payback for the seal's affrontery of saving Captain Phillips back in April. Today 20 million peole heard the inside info on this WH's thuggery, and about treason for the sake of politics in the ranks.

    All True.

    God Bless you all for Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks for our bounty, and for our loved ones, but mostly for our great nation and the freedom we enjoy. And God's blessing on our troops here and abroad, for safe return home and many Thanksgivings to come. Thank you, one and all, for our freedom.

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