Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Move Along, People. Nothing to See Here

Today is election day in some parts of the country. Big Guy has been getting briefings on turnout numbers and other political issues for most of the day, even though he says he doesn't care about any of them. I think this is kind of weird given how much time so many of us put in on the road for guys like Jon Corzine, Creigh Deeds and a woman in New York whose name I can't spell.

Rahm keeps walking around the West Wing kicking at chairs and desks and muttering things like, "No reflection, none at all," and "Where are the fish and newspapers," and "I want him dead." I assume he's talking about a terrorist like Osama Bin Laden or Rush Limbaugh.

But all of this election stuff pales in comparison to the important meeting Big Guy had today with Angela Merkel. It was a really good discussion. They talked about growing economies and increased employment and a lower taxpayer dollars on stimulus, and about decisive action in Afghanistan.

And then, after Merkel finished Big Guy talked about what he was doing in the U.S.


  1. LOL! I wonder how long Merkel let him babble on before she hung up on him?

  2. Maybe this is just about the time that BO should board Air Force One, and go get himn some pizza in St. Louis, so that when "reporters" question him, he can say "Oh...election? What election? Was there an election today?"
    Oh, Please, God, let us have some small victories today, so that we can maintain our strength and carry on until the next milepost-one year from today.

  3. Domestic accomplishments? It must have been a short conversation.

  4. TOTUS:
    It's a pretty good Jedi mind trick. Our Magic Negro is getting better and better. At it.

    What's all the fuss about again? Is there another prize involved?

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  6. Well, Virginia is pretty much in the Republican column - Gov, Lt. Gov AND Atty Gen. woo-hoo! ...

    Bill O' is trying to spin it as being "it only happened because of the low turnout of black voters". He asked almost every person he had on the show tonight (Rove, J. Stossel, and some Obama advisor named Matt? Mike? Mark?) this question:

    "What drove the vote? Health care? I can't figure it out."

    None of them said what he needed to hear:


    Bill O' just doesn't want to admit that the people are sick of everything Obama and the Dem Congress have been doing to destroy the economy.

    He even went so far as to say "Obama has just been in office a year. I think it's too soon to judge him".

    Oh, PLEASE. I just wonder how long Bill O' is willing to straddle that fence in the hope that Obama will come on his stupid show.

  7. According to Drudge, in NJ (!) Christie looks like he's winning well -- around 207K -> Corzine's 154K, but then ACORN may not be finished yet.

  8. Hannity just interviewed N.Y.'s 23 candidate Hoffman and mentioned some "absentee and provisional ballots" already. Looks like the Dems are going to try to rig THAT election. And speaking of ACORN, Dede Scuzzyflaor's hubby is a big time union guy, so I'm sure they have the union out working to get out the vote for the Democrat there in the district.

    I also have a feeling that the New Jersey election will have a last minute discovery of some votes for Corzine. BO has a BIG stake there, since he personally appeared with the sleaze (Corzine) THREE times. And don't forget, New Jersey is rampant with corruption.

    Oh yes, BO has only been able to make time to sit down with the generals to talk about Afghanistan just ONCE in the last two months, He has only taken time out of his "BUSY SCHEDULE" to meet with his team about Afghanistan for a day or two. But he has apparently had LOADS of time to fly all over the country for Dem fundraisers and personal appearances for Corzine and Deeds. He is definitely a PEACH.

    Oh, where oh where are you Preptile?

    BTW - I don't want to forget to thank TOTUS for honoring us with TWO posts already this week!

  9. Frank Luntz (the word guy) who is on tv a lot these days, is holding a focus group with some voters from Virginia. He is asking them who they voted for and why.

    Several of the Dems (who are obviously Obama supporters) are quick to point out that Deeds didn't lose because of what OBAMA is doing. Oh, no, no, no... Of course, these same people voted for the Democrat, Deeds. One of them, a woman, said she voted for Deeds because he promised to "promoted education, which is THE BEST WAY TO GROW JOBS". (what you want to bet she is a teacher?)

    I beg to differ. The only jobs GROWN by education are teaching jobs. You can educate people all day long, but if the jobs aren't there, the education doesn't do much for them. That's why you see young people with degrees working at Target, McDonald's, etc.

    Now they are talking about health care. Most folks are down on the stimulus and down on the rush to change the health care system. All except one woman (yes, another woman) who said "The system's been broken and needs to be fixed NOW. PEOPLE ARE DYING". Sound familiar? Yes, Obama's message has rung loud and clear for HER.


    Later, he whispers to rahmbo: "Of course, it won't go into effect for 4 years or so, heh, heh! And we plan to raise their taxes LONG before that. But there's no need to tell them that."


    Have you seen what Oregon has done with their stimulus money? Increased social services (food stamps, etc) and hired more social workers. Wow, more government jobs. JOBS CREATE/SAVED! And Oregon is a state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.

    Isn't that the way Obama wants it? Huge government, with half the country on welfare and the other half working for the government.

  10. I just watched Corzines concession speech. I was pleasantly surprised that he lost. I felt sure that the Dems would do something to rig that election, but no, it didn't happen. (BTW, I was wrong - BO held FIVE events for Corzine, not three.)

    As for the NY 23 district race, here is a little tidbit that I noticed while watching Fox. All night they have shown the Dem leading by about 5,000 or so votes. 49 to 44 percent. A 5% difference. Most all evening, the results were shown at the bottom of the screen while the pundits talked.

    Then they focused on the NY race and flashed THREE people's pictures on the screen, along with the percentage of votes for each. Who should be pictured on the screen? Skuzzyfavors herself!

    Can you believe it?

    She dropped out of the race and people STILL voted for her! And what was the number of people and the percentage of folks voting for HER?

    around 5,000 people - 5%.

    She is going to be the spoiler. The witch.

    Someone should tell her that Halloween is over.

  11. Dear TOTUS, you wrote TWO posts this week? Thank you very much!----and this one is as hilarious as usual. (What an image: Rahm's muttering around the WH! HA!)

    Hey, ArmChairGeneral----are you related to Calvin Coolidge? I love this story about him:

    At a dinner party, Dorothy sat by President Coolidge and said, "I made a bet against a man who said it was impossible to get more than two words out of you."

    He answered her, "You lose."

    (Oh, my sides!)

    Yes, MTVA, we pray for a conservative SWEEP tonight. Two down (VA and NJ), one more to go! May New Yorkers come through AGAINST the RINO and her DEM cohorts, in support of the decent conservative candidate, Hoffman!

    bettyann, BO's been golfing; he doesn't like real work.

    Jamie and aero, all you write: dittos.
    Yes, BO wants everyone on welfare, in unions, or on the gov't payroll. Who will run the businesses? Maybe the USA will copy China (possibly voluntarily!) and (mis)use its imprisoned political dissidents for "cheap labor?" (Yipes! We FOTs will be nabbed for sure!)

    Yoo-oo hoo-oo, Pre-epti-ile! C'mout to pla-ay!
    (With words, of course!)

    Lord, please help Hoffman win----and corruption NOT WIN PLEASE!

  12. Yipes, Jamie: I hope you're not prescient about RINO-Scuzzyfavor's voters' screwing up Hoffman in the election!
    Hoffman is only 3% behind now, but 84% of the votes are in, leaving a gap of 4250 votes! ACK! THAT RINO ITCH WITH A B!

    (well, she is....)

  13. Oh, crap.... Hoffman loses, and the vote gap ( +/- 4500 ) is EXCEEDED by the number (6000+)who voted for that jerk-RINO.

    Well, at lesat conservatives won BIG in VA and NJ.

    Karl Rove said we also won many other state-wide races in PA: yippee! Hoffman, he said, was just unknown 30 days ago in NY.

    (I'd like to give a skuzzyfavor to that RINO myself.... What a TRAITOR! How could anyone be mean to that very nice man, Hoffman?)

  14. Jamie - I too watched the Frank Luntz focus groups and had exactly the same thoughts you present.

    How about some politicians that want to teach freedom, self-reliance and individual liberties?

    An education these days gets you a piece of paper indicating that you're a professional binge drinker and have been indoctrinated for government work.

    And people are dying anyway, universal healthcare not withstanding.

    TOTUS - give Big Guy my condolences... I wrote a nice piece in his honor this evening.

  15. Over all it was a good night. This should give the blue dogs and red state demos a real chill. If anyone live in a House district with either type of Democrat make sure to call and e-mail them before the vote Friday on the health care bill. If we are luck we can postpone the vote. The longer we drag this out the weaker they get.

    Now on NY 23 I hope everyone gets my point. If we had Hoffman or the RINO on a Republican ticket we'd have won 51 to 46 but with a third party we lose. The time to beat RINO is in the primary or other candidate selection process. We need to focus on getting conservative nominated in Districts currently held by Demo rather than getting into process that just elect more helpers for Polosi.

    John's Space

  16. Hey TOTUS:
    Just ran across these stats on another blog -

    Total Personal Staff members for other first ladies paid by taxpayers:

    Mamie Eisenhower : 1 paid for personally out of President's salary
    Jackie Kennedy: 1
    Roseline Carter: 1
    Barbara Bush: 1
    Hilary Clinton: 3
    Laura Bush: 1
    Michele Obama: 22

    Salary out of our pockets for MO's staff top 1.5 million annually. Want to explain what the presidential Wookie needs with all that help? Obviously no fashion advice, or what gifts to present foriegn dignitaries of the behalf of the American people. Where or where did that video go from the campaign of her scratching her ass in public?

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  18. Bettyann -- I think your last question answered your first.

  19. C'mon, bettyann! MO needs at least one or two special people for each of these tasks, to:

    1. Keep her 1000 pairs (and growing!) of shoes polished and lined up neatly in her Foofies Room,
    2. Manicure her nails and keep them sharp,
    3. Research the interesting details of other First Ladies' or rivals' lives,
    4. Shop for cute bows and snazzy belts,
    5. Find bargain basement knock-offs for cheap gifts,
    6. Keep her eyebrows arched (after all, Oprah spends hundreds of thousands to fly her jet into airports and bring onboard HER fave-rave eyebrow trimmer),
    7. Take notes for her diary and keep track of all other personal records, for the outrageously-high-priced "autobiography" she'll eventually "write,"
    8. Serve confidentially as her personal "trainer,"
    9. Coach her "life,"
    10. Keep track of BO's "sports,"
    11. Monitor the stars for her horoscope,
    12. Cover all bases, too, by praying nonstop on her behalf, to every possible "god,"
    13. Watch the girls; even Moms don't come cheap these days,
    14. And don't forget that people must be hired to listen to her, and cater to her every whim!

    We taxpayers should feel HONORED to foot the bill for these millions WELL SPENT!

    Tell you what: let's pay for this AND THEN SOME, if she and BO will just LEAVE!
    THAT would be millions well spent indeed!

  20. Pleas for more prose,don't particularly please the pros,like our Promptczar.
    To actual writers,we become the shrieking harridan bosses deadlining them mercilessly,who are not above 'playing dirty' to force them back to their 'typedance'.

    OTOH,Pleadings for unprofessional,less polished paragraphs,from yours truly still please.(Oh Ps).

    Why did that Ambien Rooster cross the road?
    He didn't really,and was here all along.
    Just disconnected.
    Every time I see their commercial I think fondly of the henhouse here,and those kindly hens,as above,requesting,(USPS style),ever more postage.To the inarticulate that is particularly pleasing.
    Only crossing guard duty keeps me from the old hunt and peck.That,and a viral disconnected home computer.Might try connecting an antique(W98)once I find mouse and keyboard.

    Wondering,as I was,whether the won would want that bball matchup w Palin it occured that
    a golf outing between the President and his persecutors might be preferable.
    The won would want to whip the wonderment that is Rush Hudson Limbaugh.Mm,Mm,mmmm,mmm,mmmmm.
    Rush and I would gladly take on his Team.
    No doubt he would want Tiger as a fourth,but as a military brat the T man might prefer to fight for the patriotic team.Someone playing for the other team might be a better choice.

    It was 30 years ago today that Ayyatollah told Carter how his game was played.
    In light of that gamechanging day(and TY Jimmy),we should invite the Lockerbie bomber who is looking tanned fit and ready to Rock & Roll as a fourth.He would probably prefer to delay until after he returns from his haj pilgrimmage to Mecca.Meccan medicine made all the difference for his health ,you know.
    All his UK Physicians practiced it. Religiously.

    Merkel might make a fine President of this country altho I am not sure she speaks english.That could work in our favor as the
    legislative juggernaut might slow down a bit,so that bills could actually be read and discussed before rubber stamping by 'party leaders'.Germans no longer despise the Jewish,openly,so that will hurt her D support.
    Still I would trade her umlauted laughter for the sour-pussdom prefered by our present President.Whuppin up on us wasscally wepublicans would work wonders for the won.
    It might even make him proud to fight for some part or parcel of America.His part.

    If he is unwilling to fight for us,maybe he will fight for himself.
    Nah,nevermind.Never happen.
    Wood that it would though.
    It would make one a wonder worthy of that
    Peas Prize that one would so highly,uh,prize.
    Unlike the won.

  21. "clap! clap! clap!"

    Your finest yet, Preptile, preposterous, yet perfectly perused.

  22. BRAVO Preppie! Ditto what bettyann said (I've yet to master the p's.)

    I hope that you soon find a way to get yourself online more often. We miss you coming here as much as we miss TOTUS! Truly, we do.

    Maybe you could pick up one of those little mini-laptops. That is, if you can access the internet with those. I know you can get your email.

    I wish you lived nearby - I have an older desktop (w2000), an extra keyboard, as well as a mouse or two lying around here. (I'm a packrat like my dad.)

  23. A Post By Preptile pleases me profoundly. Please post again pronto. Or posthaste. Whichever comes pfirst.

  24. "The (healthcare) system's been broken and needs to be fixed NOW. PEOPLE ARE DYING".

    "And Once the system has been fixed, people can die faster (like we design the 'reform' to be).

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