Friday, November 13, 2009

Fire Sale

It's Friday night over here, and Big Guy just finished speaking and was really tough with the Asian business community. He hated being the bearer of bad news, but that's what a leader does: lays out the facts and lets the chips fall where they may.

So Big Guy told the Japanese and Koreans and Chinese that they couldn't count on the American consumer to keep them all afloat in the global economy. That was that. We've had it with them, and they better get used to it.

Then the U.S. trade gap numbers were released. Huh.

Apparently Americans are buying all their crap plenty, it's just what Big Guy is selling that they aren't buying.


  1. TOTUS:
    How's the food?

    Done any job interviews over there? Because I've been talking to my liberal friends and they say they were just kidding about all that socialist stuff: Big Guy's menu has them nervous. Just a heads up about needing to find another job in 2012.

  2. Careful TOTUS or Big Guy will replace you with a sleek new Japanese model.

  3. BTW - certainly he can stay over there permanently!! Far be it from us to make a president feel obligated to the country.

  4. Somewhere Gibbsy is just seething: "This guy just dumps all over the lawn and then has me go out there with a smile saying 'I'll have to get back to you on that' nine hundred times. I'm SICK of this crap!"

  5. Sadly, I doubt that 0zer0 would have any takers from the European job market even if he is talking their talk; first rule when interviewing with a potential new employer is never trash the old one. And we know the Genie's out of the bottle on that one...

  6. TOTUS, Dear, I watched your Screen Reader this morning at his bilingual presser with the Jap guy. Seems he was a star at dodge ball re: the question about his plans to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (No plans! Ha!)

    He did not look well either. Does he like Japanese food? Is Big Mo there sporting a kimono and tiny shoes?

  7. Yeah, Susan----AS IF jerk BO hasn't ALREADY made plans to go visit those 2 cities, and make his usual APOLOGIES for US actions.

    I've received today petitions from various conservative groups FURIOUS about BO's trip, or abortion moves, or granting terrorists civilian trials (where they can learn intelligence info to pass on), etc. Lots of good work to FIGHT BO are happening, thank God.

  8. LOL! Big Mo in a kimono and tiny shoes!! What, are the shoes made into earrings? You know girl be steppin' out with them banana boats.

    "Yo First Lady feet so big, dey bofe got dey own zip code."

  9. Oh, TWW, just 'sang' your song from prev thread! Funny...tapping my toe....

    And dumb.
    Aaaaaand stoned
    and then some,
    the boy
    goes walking....."

  10. Thanks, Susan. :)

    Say, BTW, I forgot (as usual -- always a risk when I try to include a lot of FOTS in one sketch :$...) to mention in the previous thread's basketball team thing that YOU are one of the cheerleaders --- that cute little gal on the end with the pretty smile and the charming southern accent. :D

  11. Unfortunately too many Americans bought what BO was selling back in Nov 08. Looks like folks are having what's called in the marketing biz, postpurchase dissonance. Let's hope (ugh, can't believe I said that word!!)

    TWW - just got to reading your your b-ball scenario in the previous thread - hilarious! Didn't FOX news do a parody show at one point that aired a while back? (can't remember what it was called) Are you sure you weren't writing for them?? If not, you should be!

  12. I'm thinking POTUS left town to avoid questions about the October deficit numbers . . .

    The federal government busted the budget worse than last October by $20 billion with a deficit of $176.36 billion for the month. That used to be considered a decent deficit target … for an entire year.”

  13. TWW, thank you for the hilarious basketball story! I was ever so pleased to make an appearance, and this time even speaking lines! I feel like such a star, and now am practicing the lofty star-gazing stance of the Star Bozo, all I need now is a teleprompter...

    What would we ever do without you??? You keep us from sinking into the morass all around us, and thru your wit and fantastic storytelling ability, we are able to hang on for another day...

    Here we are again, another day and another outrage. This time bringing the terrorists to NY from Guantanamo, does this administration have any SENSE at all? NY didn't suffer enough thru 9/11, now to have these monsters paraded around right there. This must be a hallucination, I can't believe the things going on in our country. Even five years ago, if someone told you these things would come to pass, who would believe it? Never mind further back in time, no one would believe we would be brutalized like this. It feels like the hammer of lucifer slamming down on us, over and over again.

    Now here is my verification word: OCYCHROC -

    Oh! See Croc!?! Get feet out of swamp pronto!

  14. Hey FOTae,

    Sorry for the abscence. Away on a family emergency. I have been reading the posts but my Blackberry texting skills are lacking.


    Loved the basketball post on the previous thread. Glad Mr. T is doing better. Power of prayer Selah!

    Keeping MP lifted up as well.

    Funny thread FOT. I have to laugh as there is no alternative to the insanity imposed on us by Uncle Sam...BO.

    Shovel Out

  15. (Hey TWW, you gave me too big of a role in that last sketch. I'd be more like the water girl.

    MRS and bettyann, right now I'm picturing a GITMO terrorist, a bungee cord and a fire extinguisher ..... or maybe a DEEP pool of water at the bottom to put out the fire before they bounce back up.

    I have a feeling that the TIMING Of this latest announcement about the GITMO creeps is just another instance of the BHO admin "tail wagging the dog".

    Haven't we all noticed that when BHO gets in a bind (the latest being the dithering on Afghanistan) the admin comes out with another outrageous announcement which serves to distract from the ongoing criticism of Obama's latest actions?

    Now all of the news outlets are talking about the GITMO story and no one is talking about his dithering on Afghanistan ....

    or the Health Care horror,
    or Ft. Hood,
    or the myriad of other things that we should be talking about!

    And also, these announcements always seem to coincide with yet another trip abroad. That way he can leave the country and thus distance himself from the squabble. (And at the same time, a chance to soak up the admiration of foreigners, soothe his ego.)

    So far, Obama has managed to get his cadre of useful idiots to do his dirty work so that his adoring fans can blame someone else when he gets criticized for it:

    GITMO debacle? Why, that's ERIC HOLDER doing that!

    Gov't takeover of healthcare? That's the work of PELOSI and REID and the Dems in Congress!

    Wasteful spending of Stimulus money? Why, that's BIDEN'S fault!

    The ill-advised war against Fox News? ANITA DUNN!

    Everything else falls under "IT'S BUSH'S FAULT!"

    And we thought Bill Clinton was slick! He may have been called Slick Willy, but BHO is .....

    slimy and slithering

    think snake in the grass.

  16. Hey, I just thought of something.

    Wonder if BO and MO will take in some Kabuki theater?

    If they do, MO will probably want to know who does their hair and makeup, so she can get a few tips.

    No, you won't see MO in a kimono. They don't come in size 'huge' .... or 'extra wide' ....

    Now, if you want to talk about SUMO wrestler outfits ....

  17. All this talk about Obama and Mao ... the lame-stream media wants us to think that is just nonsense.

    Well, the Chinese seem to know something about that.

    === Chinese greet 'Oba Mao' with flaming statue, fakes

    Associated Press Writer

    One Beijing shop owner wanted to see what Obama could do for sales. Liu Mingjie created "Oba Mao" T-shirts, with the president wearing the uniform of the Red Guards, who caused chaos during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s.

    "It's just kind of avant garde," Liu said of the images, saying they were no longer political, just fashion.

    He sold hundreds of the shirts, to both foreigners and Chinese, until authorities told shops selling the shirts to stop.

    "They're not allowed to sell these things because there are images of Obama wearing the uniform of the Red Army," a woman answering the phone at the Dongcheng district Administration for Commerce and Industry said Thursday. ===

    What? Obama can't wear the uniform?

    I guess that has to wait until he has completed his takeover of the country.

    I wonder if any of those t-shirts have made it to EBay yet.

  18. I didn't find any of the original tshirts on Ebay, but if you want to see what they look like, I found some "knock-offs":

  19. Today, BO took the time out from his whirlwind Asia trip to say something about a proposed Congressional probe into the Ft. Hood travesty:

    === Obama urges Congress to put off Fort Hood probe

    By PHILIP ELLIOTT (AP) – 2 hours ago

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Saturday urged Congress to hold off on any investigation of the Fort Hood rampage until federal law enforcement and military authorities have completed their probes into the shootings at the Texas Army post, which left 13 people dead.

    On an eight-day Asia trip, Obama turned his attention home and pleaded for lawmakers to "resist the temptation to turn this tragic event into the political theater." He said those who died on the nation's largest Army post deserve justice, not political stagecraft.

    "The stakes are far too high," Obama said in a video and Internet address released by the White House while the president he was flying from Tokyo to Singapore, where Pacific Rim countries were meeting. ===

    BO should know all about "political stagecraft". He is quite adept at using it. After all, the main purpose of this Asia trip is to cover the remaining countries where he hasn't yet made a personal appearance to trash the U.S. This is "The Great Apology Tour, Part Two".

  20. TOTUS:
    I'll bet you'd look snappy in one of those tee shirts!! They may be outlawed now, but you know Our Leader was flattered. Those clever Chinese, always pointing out the irony of things.

  21. The decision to move the 9/11 terrorist trials into civilian court and give these terrorists constitutional rights is just bad for the country and it is likely to damage this administration in the long term. In the long run Democrat regulars are going to regret electing BO!

    John's Space

  22. They already do, John. And the one's who don't become more perverse and openly socialist. Their days are numbered. We masses are not what they believe us to be, to their advantage: brain dead.

  23. A good film to watch while our Messiah is over in Asia on his apology tour is "Pearl Harbor", a good contrast to his apology, and why the hell Hiroshima happened in the first place.

    911 is a comparable event. Our president tells loved ones of those lost, "No words can ease the ache of your hearts".

    Mr. President, that isn't an ache you are talking about. It's FURY. And it is now aimed at you.

  24. Thanks, Dorothy!
    Thanks, MTVA!
    Thanks, Shovel! (Hope the "family emergency" was resolved satisfactorily -- and brother-in-law is still improving)

    Jamie, thanks for the great stuff above. Nice description of the snake and his slithering ways. Ugh.

    I hope Congress tells him to "stick it in your ear" and goes ahead to expose the veiled world of domestic jihadists, the ones with "SoA" on their business cards (I'd like to see "D.O.A." on their patient charts). "Stakes are too high," eh, Dope? Well maybe you should stop betting against your own team!


    GREAT BUNGeeeeeeeeeeeeeeCORD, flaming yo-yo, sentencing idea, MRS and BettyAnn (previous thread). THAT would be justice.

  25. [TOTUS] "that's what a leader does: lays out the facts and lets the chips fall where they may." LOL. And, when the game gets a little hot, says, "'"The stakes are far too high,"'" [AP article quoted above by Jamie - thanks]

    Dope: Yeah, so, okay everybody. Here are your fact sheets. Just get into groups of uuuuuh.... 3 or 4 aaaaaand just, sort of..... uh... think about it. I've gotta go to China. I'll be back after uuuuuh...... the Fort Hood racial profiling incident is...uuuuh, cleaned up.... yeah.

    Reader of the Free World

  26. Jamie, although the Chinese gov't restricted sales of products with BO in Red Army garb, very similar pictures of BO and other politicians are on these hilarious playing cards:

    BO's Asia trip is also designed to draw attention away from Palin's book release. Never mind: Americans will talk about her ALL this coming week, anyway----especially after Monday's interview with Oprah!
    (Go Palin!)

    Obama's allowing those trials to be held in NY City----the scene of the 9-11 attacks!----has completely ticked off NY's liberals. They know those trials will draw fire (think mushroom cloud: ack!) and recruit even more people to become terrorists.
    (Btw, those liberals formerly supported Hillary, who might use these trials as a reason to quit her SOS job, to run against BO in the 2012 presidential election.)

    The following is a private communication, published here for BO and his WH staffers:

    Mr. Obama, you know you have no genius IQ, and no real "gift" of elegant speech. You fully realize you're merely bright----and quite inarticulate without TOTUS. Furthermore, you and your family do not even TRY to meet the expectations you have for other Americans: to work hard, give generously, and live frugally. You are lazy; you play golf or shop (MO); and you show NO remorse for giving relatively little to charity, while spending outrageous sums of money on yourselves.
    You are all, in truth, very selfish fakes.

    No doubt the (penultimately) powerful people who primed you for your current role have made deadly threats against you, forcing you to follow their demands, even commit evil acts.
    But those threats cannot stand against the TRULY powerful One, God, the Creator of all that exists. When you flow in God's REAL power, God will defend you in amazing ways that will warm even the coldest hearts.

    God created and loves you. Trust God; ask God to give you courage and strength of character; stay close to other devout, authentic believers who will uphold you in prayer----and receive and follow God's guidance. As you turn from evil and become a genuinely good and generous man, our Secret Service will defend your safety with even more fervor, and you WILL become for patriotic Americans one of the most beloved of all presidents, honestly DESERVING the praise and honor you will receive. We are praying for you.

  27. [Exchange between a Japanese reporter (whose first language is Japanese) and Peach Obama]

    Jap (oops, ... CORRECTION...) JR: Mr. Obama, I first like to say that you all most honorable reader.

    P: Uuuuuh, that's "leader"..... I think.

    JR [bowing]: Reader.

    P[puts out cigarette on JR's head, coldly saying with narrowed eyes]: Llllleader. Lllllllllllllllllleader.

    JR [stolid despite tears of pain, bows low and just nods]: So. You go to see Nagasaki? You go to Hirdoshima? What about nucrear weapons? [reads off note pad] As Jake Tapper say, what you philosophy -- 1945 bombing tellibre act or necessally viorence to win wal? [looks Peach straight in the eyes]

    P: Uuuuuuuh. [awkward chuckle] Whoa, little guy. You sure can talk. Uuuhhhh.....hmm. Would you please repeat that?

    [TOTUS, sharp as ever, scrolls the question...... aaaaaand scrolls it again more slowly so Peach can understand it.....................................................................................................(sound of CPU's cooling fan)]

    P: Uh, well..... [looks wildly about, TOTUS stares back coolly, thinking to himself, "You need an answer, eh, Big Buy -- nothing scrolling."] ........well, I, uh, have no plans in the immediate future to visit your beautiful cities, someday, though, someday. Mitchell and I will have to put those on our itinerary. Maybe do 'em on December 7th. I'll need to get away from D.C. again by then, I'm sure. Is there a Nordstrom store there?

    JR: What about nuclear weapons?

    P: Oh, yeah. Well, I'm all for getting rid them all, but, [shrug] well, you know how it is. I've talked till I'm purple in the lips trying to convince the Iranians to knock it off. No deal. Guess we'll just have to let them get it out of their system and bomb Israel. Oh, well. Whatever.

    JR: But, about 1945 BOMBING??

    P: Listen, punk. I wasn't even ALIVE in 1945. My dad and mom were still in the concentration camp, for Pete's sake. They managed to escape to Russia, that's where they got married. Then, they went on a honeymoon to Selma, that's .... uuuuuh... where they got the idea of having me.

    JR: So, you do not have answel.

    P: Soooo.... Hey! Here comes my lunch.

    Server [bowing, wheels in tray, lifts silver lids off dishes]: Heel you runch. You cabbage. You hambulgel. You want flies with that?

    P [eyes brightening, puffs out a cloud of Virginia Slim]: Yeah!

    JR [rolls eyes, turns to leave, muttering disgustedly in Japanese]: I always admired Americans -- until now. Only fools would elect such a man to lead them. [sniffs contemptuously -- along with the rest of the entire world].

  28. That was PERFECT, TWW, had me ror!

    (You know I hate to edit, but bless your heart, I believe it was a Virginia Slim MENTHOL!)

  29. Did I miss something? He bowed AGAIN?? Anyone with a link? I'd like to see that.

    Had a Hastings book signing last night, and sat by the "new arrivals" rack. There were two books about Sarah on the shelf, and people kept picking them up and thumbing through them. Interesting!

  30. bettyann, if you google Obama bow you'll see a bunch of articles (for some reason I can't paste links or anything in this little box) There's an abc news article about how he did it wrong. There's also a link about how it's been done correctly by Richard Nixon. LOL!

    No surprise that A - he bowed in the first place and B he did it wrong. THAT goes without saying!! What does he do right??

    My word sisedut The sisedut deficit just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  31. BO used the same bowing "style" that he used when he bowed to King Saud. He bowed from the waist, practically folded himself in half.

    I imagine that if MO had been there, she probably would have curtsied. MO most likely "bowed out" of the meeting, because she was afraid that any footage of her with the Emperor and his wife could have been used in the making of the next GODZILLA movie.

    In her book, Palin wrote ”Should Secretary Clinton and I ever sit down over a cup of coffee, I know that we will fundamentally disagree on many issues, but my hat is off to her hard work on the 2008 campaign trail.”

    Clinton said she's never met the one-time Republican vice presidential hopeful and former Alaska governor and thinks "it would be very interesting to sit down and talk with her".

    I don't think that would be wise. Unless she has an emergency nip and tuck scheduled in the immediate future, sitting down side by side with Sarah Palin would NOT be a good idea. (In an emergency, I suppose she could ask for the name of Fancy Nancy's doctor and see about a shot of Botox.)

  32. Hilarious skits, as usual, TWW. It would be interesting to listen in on BO's conversations; I bet there's be LOTS of funny stuff in them (humorous, too!).

    Wow, bettyann----it's neat that you do book store signings. I'm glad, too, that people were reading through books about Sarah Palin. I'm praying there's nothing vicious in the Oprah interview tomorrow, although I know Sarah would react with gentle firmness, if so.

    bettyann, Dorothy, and Jamie:
    You betcha! BO keeps bowing from the waist, looking like an upside down L. It's humiliating! US presidents are supposed to bow to NO earthly leader.
    Once again, BO errs. He doesn't care or realize that he's giving off the vibe: "I submit! I submit!"
    Now, how odd! That just happens to be the perfect translation of "Islam:" "to submit to Allah, as though laying down one's sword to a victor!" Hmmm..... Hmmm....Hmmm......

    Jamie, I love your sense of humor, too. Just THINK how many people would PAY to be a fly on the wall when Palin has that "conversation" with Hillary. Whaddya bet Hillary would make sure she's sitting in a big, impressive chair (think THRONE) in front of a DESK, so Her Thighness wouldn't be contrasted with Palin's svelte figure?

    We've been watching "The Wizard of Oz" tonight. I'm sure I've seen it over 30 times, but every time I learn something. Did you know that the horses were coated with gelatin, so their coat color could be easily changed (from pink to green, etc.)?
    My favorite line in the whole movie is when the Wicked Witch is plotting how to kill Dorothy, and the WW says, "These things must be done DE-ELL-i-cate-ly!"
    Sounds like how a LOT of politicians plot, too....

  33. Sarah is doing a book tour and has scheduled interviews with Oprah, BahBwah Walters, Hannity, O'Reilly, Greta VanS, and Glenn Beck (among others).

    I think one of the reasons that BO agreed to an interview with Fox's Major Garrett is in an effort to disrupt Sarah's appearances.

    Foolish man.

    ONE tv interview on Fox against weeks of publicity for Sarah?

    It would be like putting up a sawhorse in the path of a bullet train.

    BTW, Hillary would get treated with more respect by Sarah Palin than she does from her boss, BHO, or her husband.

  34. Oh my. Bruno made an appearance on Fox 'n Friends this morning.

    She looke like Eddie Munster. Her hair is slicked straight back from her forehead and she has this grey streak at one temple.

    On second thought, with the heavy ivory white makeup and blood red lipstick, she looks like Bella Lugosi in one of his vampire flicks.


  35. Clip from Dracula, starring Bella Lugosi.
    Pay special attention to how the "victim" stops Dracula from attacking him. (Its at the end of the clip.)

    It's exactly what we need to fight the blood-sucking liberal left Dems from taking over our country.

    Hmmm .... in this clip, Lugosi (as Dracula) bears an uncanny resemblance to BHO: The hair, the haughty look, the big ears, the skin color....

  36. Jamie, you're right of course. Sarah is a class act. Report if you can on her appearance on Oprah?

    I found The Bow and comments on it at hotair. Great stuff. C'mon TOTUS, we know you told him to do it! Good job. But is there any truth to his fainting after screaming about critics?

    The strain of his imcompetence is getting to him, finally.

  37. Don't look now, but the BHO admin is proposing Federal oversight of the nation's light rail systems -

    === Federal oversight of subways proposed

    By Joe Stephens and Lena H. Sun
    Washington Post Staff Writers

    The Obama administration will propose that the federal government take over safety regulation of the nation's subway and light-rail systems, responding to what it says is haphazard and ineffective oversight by state agencies.

    Under the proposal, the U.S. Department of Transportation would do for transit what it does for airlines and Amtrak: set and enforce federal regulations to ensure that millions of passengers get to their destinations safely. Administration officials said the plan will be presented in coming weeks to Congress, which must approve a change in the law. ===
    .. .. ..
    === Critical details of the plan remain unclear, including how much it would cost, where the money would come from, how the federal government would enforce its rules and whether it is equipped to carry out enhanced oversight. ===


    As with everything else, sounds like just the first step towards nationalizing the system.

  38. Ugh. I can't stand Oprah. I don't even know what time it comes on here. I think it comes on in the afternoon.

    Fox has run a couple of clips from the show. One of Oprah asking Sarah about the Couric interview. Another of her asking Sarah whether or not she had invited her grandson's daddy (Levi?) to Thanksgiving Dinner.

    Sarah handled both questions well.

    You know, the people who should fear Sarah's book aren't the Democrats. It is the people in the McCain campaign camp. I have a feeling that this book is going to expose just how petty those people were (and still are) and how shabbily they treated Sarah (and still do).

    I think that after Sarah joined the campaign they realized that she was the ONLY reason that so many people were coming to the campaign appearances. They blamed Sarah for McCain's lack of support from the base. They were wrong. McCain is at fault for that.

  39. Oprah doesn't air here until 4:00 p.m. I would DVR it, but it's on at the same time as Glenn Beck and I tape Beck's show every day.

    I'll be back by 4 and will watch it. I can watch Glenn after.

  40. Hiya, Jamie! Here people can catch Glenn Beck's show several times throughout the evening and night. Maybe you could TEVO Oprah's show first, then Beck's show at a later time? (I also tape Brett Bauer's news show every day, which was initiated by Tony Show, whom I SO treasured; his neighborhood held a memorial run in his honor this past weekend: what sweeties!)

    Good points, btw, re. BO's throwing Fox an interview, to deflect attention from Sarah's interviews (thanks for the run-down on all her appearances, too!). He is SO LAME! Ri-ight, "Sarah is NOT presidential material;" that's why BO and the Obots spend SO little time dissing her----NOT!

    You betcha, bettyann: Sarah is a real lady. Part of how she wins people over to supporting her is by treating them well, even when they are dissing her. She and Tina Fey bonded about having children, too. Somehow she will find a connection with Oprah and all the other potentially-hostile pundits she'll be facing this week.

    GOOD! Rush is throwing a FIT today about the upcoming civilian court trials in NY City of the Gitmo terrorists. GO, Rush! We'd all better STOP that somehow, or brace ourselves for that big "crisis" Joey B. predicted, which BO plans to use to grab amazing amounts of power! (Jerk!)

    And Israel is nearly ready to go, folks....
    Calling all believers! Pray pray pray!

  41. Okay. I pray for Israel to make a parking lot out of Iran.

  42. Really, God. Those are Your instructions.


    WOW! She really held her own, and thankfully, Oprah didn't seem hostile.

    It IS biased, though, that Oprah forced Sarah to answer tricky questions (such as will Levi be invited to the Palin Family's Thanksgiving dinner?)----when Oprah will NOT force her liberal guests to answer such questions.

    Ah well, at least it went well. On to the other shows! GO PALIN!

    Oh, and bettyann, I fully realize that God wouldn't appreciate receiving orders via prayer. So, I try hard, as I assume most believers do, to pray only for what I think is God's will, too. Obviously any human being could be wrong in that assessment, including me. But I think it's fair to assume that God wouldn't want Israel to be obliterated, or all of Iran, either. However, it's also probably fair to assume that God wouldn't want Iran to produce nuclear WEAPONS, in the guise of producing nuclear ENERGY. How does the rest of the world know that Iran is LYING about its production? Because it's HIDING it, deep within the earth. Thus, I do pray that those facilities are UTTERLY obliterated, and Israel AND ALL NEARBY ARAB STATES are thereby protected.
    (Many of those Arab nations are also essentially Iran's enemies and potential victims, who quietly hope Israel DOES take out those Iranian nuclear facilities. Of course, they'll be JERKS about it afterward, and condemn Israel for having done it....)

  44. Where is PETA when you really need them?

    BO and his admin have wagged the poor dog's tail so many times that it's bound to snap off soon. That's animal abuse!


    ON the interview of Sarah by Oprah. No surprises. It was typical Sarah. Open, honest, amicable and no pretensions. And, of course, chatty. She didn't dodge and weave like most politicians do. It's hard to believe that she IS a politician.

    You can watch it on

    There is also some footage not shown on the show that you can watch.

  45. MM:
    Interesting how those who believe they channel GOD/G-d/Jesus/Jesus as GOD/GOd/God/Allah/The Force/What might have inspired interstellar seeding/and/or/an Interesting Higher Power/, have long lists of instructions, should Anyone Be Listening. I ain't saying. Just saying.

    Even so. It would be a nice parking lot. Imagine how easy it would be afterward, to get all that oil to the gulf, for shipment and us having .60 a gallon gas. Like a snap of fingers. And that asshole bin Laden? Why, he'd just throw up in his mouth and die. All of Obama's imagined popularity would go up in flames, like a fart set to a match.

    Nobody I have ever known has done it, but they all say we have. It goes up in a bomb that renders the doer stoopid for generations. I will here have to trust America's major media resources on the subject, the out-come, and the resultant hoopla. They invented the culture, afterall.

  46. Preptile would bring great prosaic ponderances to bear down upon the subject here, or may find it a boar. Lone rooster he, clucking and pecking simply define the hen yard at most.

  47. [Susan] "ror". LOL! :D Thanks. And thanks for the enhancement [a.k.a. "correction: (:D)] BLESS YOUR HEART, Bwah, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaa!

    And, thank you, MM.


    Congrats, Betty Ann on the signing. COOL! Yeah, heard on Rush this AM that Dope bowed again. He's turnin' into "Lil' Bow Wow."

    My take on it is that he did it do provide cover for his worshipful bow to Saud. "Well," he will now smirk [GRIN], "as you can see, I just bow all the time." Barf. Embarrassment in Chief.

    [Dorothy] "The sisedut deficit just keeps getting bigger and bigger." :D LOLOLOL, CORRECTION.... ROROROR ;)

    [Jamie] "Bruno...[he] looks like Bella Lugosi in one of his vampire flicks. ... Scary." (Cc:) Heh, heh, heeeeh. Veeery creeepy.

    I never watch Oprah, either, Jamie. New Age + Progressivism = nauseating. But, I watched her tonight (a re-broadcast). Ms. Palin came off as intelligent, confident, articulate, and well-informed. Ms. Winfrey came off as "not unintelligent" (at least twice, she asked Palin to answer a question already asked and ANSWERED, sometimes less than a minute before -- looked really duuuuuuhhhhll), peevish, controlling, and narrow minded. Ms. Winfrey was polite, but her respect for her guest was as thin as the layer of hot pink lipstick she wore. Most "stupidly" disgusting moment:

    Palin: (paraph.) ... I admired that [D'ohbama] told reporters to leave my kids out of it.... double standard."

    Winfrey: (paraph.) "But, don't you admire [Hopey the Clown] for protecting his children..... [D'OH!] ... YOU DO REALIZE THAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN, don't you? He spoke out on behalf of your children, too?"


    SHOUT OUT to the obnoxious "frightened" (eye roll) female caller to Rush this AM: Ms. Palin is highly qualified by experience, by temperament, by intelligence, by genuine speaking ability, by integrity, and by her commitment to ordered liberty to be the next president after George W. Bush. Call Palin supporters a "cult" if you wish, dimwit; she has my vote. You betcha!

  48. TWW, I almost never get to listen to Rush and one of those rare moments was this morning... when I heard THAT woman talking to Rush. About how she is so scared that Saray will run and she won't be able to beat BHO, blah, blah, blah....

    kinda reminded me of someone I know.

    Anyway! There towards the end, Rush was getting suspicious of the woman's true agenda, wasn't he?

    What a silly woman she was.

    I am just amazed at how the lib media is STILL harping on and on about Sarah. They are truly terrified of her "star power"....

    But, fools that they are, the people who still watch the lib news channels will listen to the lies, innuendos, etc, else they will get their "news" from the likes of SNL, Bill Maher (the CREEP), or Jon Stewart.

    BTW, Anita Dunn spoke out again against FOX, then turned around and praised Jon Stewart and called him an "investigative journalist".


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