Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dunn and Done

Big Guy invited all of us into the Oval this morning to say goood-bye to our friend Anita Dunn, who had joined our team as a communications specialist.

She wouldn't go into why she was leaving. All she said was she was glad that she was taking her retirement pension in yuans for ease of accountant transfers.


  1. Good Morning TOTUS!
    Oh - that must be the implimentation of the new Obama policy of allowing staff to retire with pensions after six months of butt kissing, I mean, service. Makes you wonder what the czars are getting, but we always wonder that, don't we TOTUS? All this transparency just makes ones screens spin.

  2. Dunn's done? Good!

    I cringed each time I had to watch her continually lick her lips and munch on her cud, or whatever she was chewing in there. ACK!

    One commie down, but how many more to go?

  3. Yo, TOTUS! MOTUS speaks directly to her readers; why don't you?

    Tell us why you aren't tweeting any longer.
    Still having techie issues?
    (Hopefully you aren't dealing with a rogue, as BO is with YOU!)

  4. Hey TOTUS! Are you at the memorial service? I am sitting here, and I can tell you for certain it has turned into a big circus... Protestors out front of the gates, and the streets are closed. It's a real cluster out here. What should be a MEMORIAL service has turned into a big show. It's sick.

  5. Watching the livestream at Fort Hood. There you are TOTUS, at parade rest. Looking quite handsome, by the way, glad to see you feeling better!

  6. I saw signs saying "THIS WAS AN ACT OF TERRORISM", and "BOB CASEY MUST GO"... you know, stuff of that nature. We are used to protests- last yr they had protestors of the Iraq war trying to get soldiers to defect. Either way, they have turned it into a political event.

  7. I can just see Obama inside the building on a big throne, one by one putting the famiy members of the victims in his lap, and waving his hand, "This was a case of pre-PTSD, and is not a jedi mind trick."

    Then he will come out and tell us the same thing.

  8. Thanks couch potato - I don't have teevee, but Fox live stream only. Very sad, all those boots and helmets like that. There will be a lot of courage here today, in that crowd. And a lot of emotional restraint of righteous anger.

  9. I can see you at Ft. Hood, TOTUS - lookin' good. Please don't let this be all about him, 'kay?

  10. TOTUS does look great. I think they used an extra squirt of windex on them. :) Yeah, it is still set up like a traditional memorial service. Hopefully more attention is paid to the troops than to all the generals/politicians.
    It is sick to watch the politicians fight for their time in the spotlight. John McCain is lining up people for photos. It's disgusting.

  11. I might need a martini and a fast mortorcycle ride after this.

  12. definitely firing squad -- target wrapped in pig hide.


  13. Fox is actually talking about the soldiers and their families and the sacrifice they make. My husband is on his 3rd deployment in 5 yrs. The infrastructure at Fort Hood is not designed to handle the needs of the family members or the soldierss. I am hoping that more attention is brought to the plight of the families and soldiers here. When a soldier returns from deployment, he (or she) can request help in dealing with PTSD, but it does ultimately depend on how supportive his or her unit is. While the brass up at the Pentagon says that mental health of soldiers is important, if the lowest levels in the chain of command do not allow a soldier to seek help, then that soldier suffers in silence until something bad happens- he (or she) blows up and hurts themselves or their family. I have seen it personally, and I have watched in horror as soldiers who clearly have mental health needs do not get care that they clearly need.

  14. When my husband was going to deploy, we went to seminars and such that ready the family for all aspects and effects of deployment. But then, he is active National Gaurd, and we are a closer community. We talk regularly from here at home with our friends in Mosul on skype. It helps tham a lot just to see our faces, in our bathrobes, having coffee and to tell a new joke, or talk about this year's chili, or ask what they need.

    But this man Hasan had seen no action. He therefore created his own.

  15. This Memorial Service is NOT going to turn into a 'paul wellstone' is it? Too much fal de ral. I see peeps on their cell phones among the mourning throngs. Starting to look like an O'Bama campaign stop. Please, no.

  16. Believe me Susan, he actually faces a hostile crowd. They just can't express it. Those are warriors, they do not share his pansy assed views of America.

  17. Noticed the koolaide drinkers in the crowd, giving him an inappropriate shout out when they came down the steps and again when he came to the podium; certainly a very small minority in 15,000 people. A few clueless started to clap but stopped when they realized they were alone. You don't applaud at funerals; memorials, etc. I noticed a lot of women in sleeveless dresses, men in tee shirts, casual clothes. I'm a traditionalist. It's not OK. Many though were dignified in proper attire. Some might think this superficial but what else can you do at such a time but show respect, showing up in your best?

  18. TOTUS:
    He's going to make himself faint with all that profundity.

  19. bettyann, I believe you are right. During the campaign, at McCain/Palin local headquarters, there were a lot of military both stationed locally and those passing through stopping for bumper stickers, etc. According to them about 68% were for McCain and they all loved Sarah from the get go.

  20. annie - and I agree with you about the manner of dress, but add that walking around with a water bottle looks an awful lot like carrying a baby bottle.

    Speaking of, man, do I need a martini now.

  21. Speaking of boycotting Fox News…this happened coincidentally shortly after Imus joined FBN. Everyone remembers how MSNBC -CBS and WFAN and their advertisers were threatened with a boycott. Hmmm they couldn’t make a boycott of Glenn Beck work so they threatened a whole Cable News Channel with boycott.

    The first day Imus broadcast he raised FBN’s morning slot rating by 1500%

    ChannelXRFR is back blogging on Imus Times HERE.


  22. Bettyann --

    did you mean "sniffing" (as in smelling something?) -- or "sniffling" (as in sadness? (which I wouldn't believe for a minute)) Can't watch any of this, as I am at the office -- wouldn't anyway -- the guy (I assume you meant BO) turns my stomach.

  23. I watched the memorial from start to finish. I was disgusted when The Won started to walk up to the podium and there were some folks who actually cheered and whistled and hooted, as if they WERE at a campaign stop! Made me sick. Have they no respect?

    I noticed though, that when he finished his speech and stepped down, NO ONE made a peep - not a clap, not a whistle, nary a sound, so the folks around those classless boobs must have said something to the classless ones. Or they gave them a "look" that said "Don't.You.Dare.Do.That.Again!"

    As for the protesters, this was NOT the time to protest, even if I do agree with the "McCasey must GO!" sentiment.

    When McCasey spoke I was wondering if he would say something about "diversity" again, but he didn't.

    Although Obama did go on and on about things in general (diverse religions, etc), his speech was pretty respectful. I have to say that his speech was pretty respectful and he did speak briefly of each victim.

    I'm not so concerned with the way the people were dressed. Some of those folks were family members, and they might not have the "proper" clothes to wear to a memorial. Or, they may have been family members who lived in a distant state (one of the injured was from a Nat. Guard unit here in Birmingham) and in their haste to pack to go there they didn't bring their dress clothes. They may have struggled to come up with the money to pay for travel, and so might not have been able to afford to buy new clothes for the memorial.

  24. On Anita Dunn. Glad to see her g-o-n-e, although she is just gone from the position. I doubt she is gone from the administration altogether. Remember, Obama has made her husband Chief White House Counsel. She'll stick around and probably direct whomever is chosen to take her place.

    I'm glad that the video surfaced of her little speech where she mentioned Mao being one of her favorite philosophers. Its good that she was exposed as the Marxist that she is.

    We also found out that she is lizard-like, with all that slurping and licking.

    One afternoon on Glenn B's radio show they were talking about that. Glenn was mimicking her speech and the other guys on the show were making slurping sounds at the same time. Sometimes the guys act so juvenile on that show... (the fact that I laughed OUT LOUD that particular day tells you something, doesn't it?)

    My word ---- until

    Anita Dunn is gone UNTIL she comes back again in another form...

  25. I did notice the cheering for the messiah. Fox mentioned the weather had improved and it was a beautiful day. Of course the messiah did that, too. He didnt want to speak to the crowds in the rain. I am sure he had some guidance on what to do, especially with the coins. Not too bad, I really was worried it would be a BO political rally. TOTUS, you did a great job keeping BO from screwing up and saying something stupid.

  26. He sniffed. Like in, SNIFF! Twice towards the end of the speech. Probably had a little power residue stuck in there.

    He was respectful, at least, TOTUS was. But he only reiterated everything we already know. He said not one new thing. Not one thing from his heart. That speech was a cold recounting of facts.

    Almost, it pandered, in the context of indulged, like a stroking or petting the military with high words in an effort to pander to the need for everyone to feel some higher purpose. No shadow of the truth about it, that they were gunned down in cold blood, needlessly, due to incompetence due to political correctness. I should have thought the speech much better if he had shown one iota of outrage. Instead, he could have given that same speech at a memorial day parade.

    He was trying to be moving and he failed. Data from Star Trek has more gut feelings than our presidential cold Fish.

    I liked the Isaiah quote.

  27. Well, BO might have been unusually sedate at the memorial, but sometime in the last several days he had THIS to say:

    ==="Well, look, we -- we have seen, in the past, rampages of this sort. And in a country of 300 million people, there are going to be acts of violence that are inexplicable. Even within the extraordinary military that we have -- and I think everybody understands how outstanding the young men and women in uniform are under the most severe stress -- there are going to be instances in which an individual cracks. I think the questions that we're asking now and we don't have yet complete answers to is, is this an individual who's acting in this way or is it some larger set of actors? You know, what are the motivations? Those are all questions that I think we have to ask ourselves. Until we have these answers buttoned down, I'd rather not comment on it." ===

    (Did you notice? He is all "we -- we'd" up.)

    OH, Mr. BHO, so you'd "rather not comment on it"? Excuse me, but right before you said that, YOU COMMENTED ON IT!

    video here:

    This morning on Fox they were discussing how BO, being Cmdr in Chief and the highest military officer, is the person who gets to decide whether or not Hasan got the death penalty. The jury gets to convict (or not, heaven forbid) - BO can't change that outcome. But BO gets to make the ULTIMATE decision on sentencing. He can override the jury's recommendations on that. I do not like that.

    They also talked about BO needing to be careful what he said because his statements could influence a jury. Hasan's attorneys could say "Well, the President said he was guilty, so our client can't get a fair trial". Somebody needs to clue BO in, or is he purposely making (not making, according to him) comments in an attempt to influence a jury?

    my word - unthel

    I guess we won't know unthel the trial, will we?

  28. I agree, bettyann, there was no warmth in that speech. But what do you expect from the cold-hearted sob? If he had been able to insert an "I", or a "ME" somewhere in the speech, it might have sparked some emotion, but ... for the infidel soldiers killed by a fellow Muslim? No.

    Besides, I'm sure that he was concentrating on getting the right expression on his face. The right "look" for all the photos that will be all over the news.

    As for the coins, at least THIS time someone coached him on the proper protocol. I'm sure it wasn't anyone in his admin. (Myabe they learned something from the fiasco of giving the queen an Ipod full of his own speeches!) Shep Smith seemed to want to give him CREDIT for thinking of giving the coins. Give me a break. But, that's Shep. An Obama-ite all the way.

    I'm glad the weather held out for the memorial. At one point, the forecasters had hurricane/tropical storm, Ida, turning west and it would have gone over Ft. Hood, but it turned east and we got it, instead. And HOW!Here, it has been raining nonstop since about 7 p.m. last night. And it is really, really windy. Nasty weather.

    Atlanta's getting it, too. Hope there's no flooding again there, Susan.

  29. I don't know how many of you have ever been in drama class, or maybe taken acting lessons. If you have, you know the difference between "acting" and acting. If you are a play goer also, you understand. Obama is like the kid in drama class that cant' get it though his head that a play's dialogue is animated by character's spirit, not just reading the part.

    We watched a B movie recently that reminded me of him. I could hardly watch it the acting was so bad. The actors were...well you could tell they were acting! Unlike seeing Jack Nicholson BE Schmidt. The embarrassing thing is, that like those B actors, he really thinks he's doing a great job delivering his lines. But you can tell that he doesn't believe in it.

    I don't know. It's an artist's view point. We needed a heart up there today, and we got a popcicle. And he did sniff, the first time after he said, "In today's wars, there's not always a simple ceremony that signals our troops' success -- no surrender papers to be signed, or capital to be claimed..." Whatever the hell that means. The second time right after, a couple of well enunciated sentences later.

    It was a sniff, like a person does when saying something they deem important in and of itself, in case you aren't listening carefully.

  30. I've been gone, but managed to hear some of the One's speech on the radio. It sounded as though some speechwriter was angling for a Pulitzer, with all the lofty phrases.

    Okay, our pro-Palin blogging group is so proud of our sis, Pamela Geller, who had the GUTS to post on her blog (Atlas Shrugged) Hasan's PUBLIC business card!----with very interesting JIHADIST abbreviations on it. (Michelle Malkin spoke about this on Glenn Beck's show yesterday.) There is NO EXCUSE for not knowing EXACTLY what this guy was up to....

    Directly below Hasan's name are these initials:
    SOA (SWT)

    SOA = Soldiers of Allah
    SWT = the Arabic words, "Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala:"
    "Glory to Him, the Exalted."
    (SWT is used after writing the name of Allah.)

    SOLDIER OF ALLAH!? He's supposed to be serving in OUR military!

    So please, FOTs: pray (or send "positive energy;" whatever!) for Pam, because she wrote us this:

    << Thanks.... this attack is overwhelming. >>

    She is SO brave, as are Beck, Malkin, and so many other patriots. You, too, FOTs!

    Btw, it occurred to me last night:
    Whaddya bet some VERY powerful, evil-working guys out there who literally KEEP some "sleeper-terrorists" ready to go nuts and blast away somewhere?
    Those "sleeper-terrorists" might think they're acting on their own, and have NO idea that they're being kept upset and primed for jihad work at very "helpful" times----not to help America, but to help America's traitors and enemies bring about its destruction.
    But even if they're prompted, these terrorists are each to blame for taking illegal, immoral, and traitorous action.

    I'm VERY worried, too, FOTs, that BO will set his Muslim brothers free, and no fair executions will occur. We'll know tonight!

  31. Okay, bettyann----you're right, and here's partly why: his speech is jerky, because he is waiting for TOTUS to scroll more words. Check out his speech online and watch his eyes.

    BO speaks quickly, wai-aits, then speaks quickly again. Nerd; all he has to DO is speak more SLO-OWLY.

  32. I have no doubts in my mind that there are many "sleepers" in this country, just waiting for the right moment to carry out some terrible act.

    I also believe that there were many, many plots broken up/thwarted during the years since 911 that we have never been told about.

    A relative of mine works for the police dept and, although she couldn't tell me anything specific, she told me that they get alerts all the time from Homeland Security about things to watch out for. They also get notifications about plots that have been broken up in other states, so our police will be looking out for similar activity here.

    One plot that she wsa able to tell me about was one involving one of the main bridges in San Fran (either the Bay or the Golden Gate, she would not specify). There were some middle eastern men caught trying to undermine the supports on the bridge. Fortunately, they were stopped before any major damage had been done. This happened several years ago, that is the only reason she told me about it.

    She also told me that our police have been watching some middle-eastern men who have been working with a group of hispanic men on local landscaping jobs.

    That's how a lot of them get into this country. They learn spanish and with their dark coloring, they can over the border with a group of illegals and blend in with the hispanic community in various American cities.

    Like you said, bettyann, BHO is a terrible actor.

    I think one of the problems with his "acting" when giving speeches (and we've all spoken of this before) is that he doesn't do well when the subject matter is something that he DOES NOT BELIEVE IN. Today was an excellent example.

    OH, right now I'm listening to a liberal pundit (Mara L.) say that BO's speech today was "Presidential".

    But, of course, they are just talking about the WORDS.

    Words don't matter when there is no HEART behind them.

  33. GW used to read kind of jekry too, but his manner was fidgity like, as if underneath he was maybe nervous to talk to so many at once. But he engaged the eyes, he looked in front of him and at you, and at the crowd. And you could see emotion in his eyes, if he were earnest or amused. He was human. They put him down for everything, but he was ahuman being.

    This goddamn lizard is a stone.

  34. Well that's a month earlier than was stated. Perhaps someone in the Oval Office isn't liking the tarnishing his halo has experienced as the result of some public scuffles with Fox. Everyone needs a scapegoat. And when the scapegoat you choose won't play, then you have to find another one. B-Bye Anita. Write when you find work

  35. Anita will still be around, but just not creating a "distraction" anymore (because she's pro MAO!) that wounds BO's (supposedly) great polls numbers, reputation, etc.

    The old "word" was the she'd never wanted to work in the WH, she has a young son, etc.

    She'll be advising BO safely through her hubbie: Bob Bauer, BO's personal attorney. ACK! They're both creepy.

  36. Ellen K:
    Apparantly she has gone over to work in the Chinese propaganda department. There, they leak that jobless rates are shrinking, the dollar is on the rise, and all those old toys you have kept in boxes in the attic made in China are going to be worth millions. Once they graciously accept the 2016 DNC nomination.

  37. Remember the lyrics to that song by Queen, ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST?

    Steve walks warily down the street with the brim pulled way down low
    Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet, machine gun's ready to go
    Are you ready? Hey, are you ready for this?
    Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?
    Out of the doorway the bullets rip to the sound of the beat, Yeah
    Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone
    And another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
    Hey, I'm gonna get you too
    Another one bites the dust

    Well, we can change the lyrics just a bit and be singing about the BHO administration:

    Barry walks warily down the street with the brim pulled way down low
    Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet, Chicago machine's ready to go
    Are you ready? Hey, are you ready for this?
    Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?
    Out of the doorway the platitudes rip to the sound of the beat, Yeah
    Another one under bus
    Another one under bus
    And another one gone
    And another one gone
    Another one under bus
    Hey, I'm gonna get you too
    Another one under bus

    Barry doesn't even have to do it himself anymore. These days, they are throwing THEMSELVES under the bus, all on their own. Willingly.

    These people are like roaches.

    Turn the light on them and they scatter back into the cracks where they came from.
    When the light goes dim again, two come out to take another one's place.

    Anita just went back into the crack. She's in there with Van Jones, Tom Daschle, and all the others that have been thrown under that big ole' bus.

    They are still around, we just can't SEE them anymore.

  38. Jamie -- Regarding your earlier post on the previous thread concerning the birth certificate case going forward -- Apparently the judge dimissed the case on October 29, so I think you must have gotten an old email.

    I only glanced through the decision posted on RightTruth.com, but it is apparently based on the Constitutional provision that only Congress can remove a sitting president, regardless of the grounds.

    Wish it were not so.

  39. a sitting President that got there LEGALLY; BObastard was inelligable from Day 1; he knew it, the Dims knew it, and many others knew it.

    I think that makes a difference of how he can be removed from office.

  40. I'd like to see how many candidates could win in 2010 by campaigning on a promise to investigate circumstances surrounding BO's election -- e.g., the birth certificate and other records; campaign contributions of questionable origin; dismissal of the case against the thugs at the polling place(s?) in Philadelphia, etc. -- I'm sure you fine FOTs can think of many more.

    I'd vote for such a candidate.

  41. Thanks aero. The email probably got to me in time, I most likely just READ it late. I was out of town for a week and it took me a while to dig through them. I knew it was too good to be true.

    Well, THIS is true:

    The D.C. sniper is dead.

    I won't dignify him by using his name.

  42. From various websites (HotAir.com, Michell M, Fox News), I came up with a list of the KNOWN red flags about Hasan, the Ft. Hood shooter:

    According to eyewitnesses, colleagues, and friends:
    - He considered the war on terror a “war on Islam”;
    - He said that "I'm a Muslim first and I hold the Shariah, the Islamic Law, before the United States Constitution";
    - He thought Muslims had the right to stand up to the “aggressor” in the Middle East;
    - He is suspected of posting things online about the selfless heroism of jihadist suicide bombers;
    - His computer held at least twenty (20) emails to a radical imam who preached jihad and had ties to two of the 911 hijackers;
    - He was placed on probation for proselytizing about Islam to patients and colleagues;
    - He was sufficiently devout that he refused to have his picture taken with women;
    - He once used a lecture at a medical conferenceto lectured his supervisors and two dozen mental health staff members on Islam, homicide bombings and threats the military could encounter from Muslims conflicted about fighting against other Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan;
    - One bullet point in that presentation, simply said "We love death more than you love life!;
    - He said that "Department of Defense should allow Muslim Soldiers the option of being released as 'Conscientious objectors' to increase troop morale and decrease adverse events";
    - Over the summer, Hasan's comments led Osman Danquah, co-founder of the mosque, to recommend that it deny Hasan's request to become a lay Muslim leader at Fort Hood;
    - He had “SOA” (stands for Soldiers of Allah) and “SWT” (arelated Muslim acronym) printed on his business cards (from Pamela Gellar);
    - He was under an FBI investigation in 2008;
    - He yelled “Allahu Akbar” before opening fire.

    Even with all of this, Chris Matthews (among others in the media) STILL question if there is a link to religion.

  43. Well, at least the folks at ABC News aren't hiding their heads in the sand. Brian Ross has been one of the people who is bringing out this information. Here is something that just popped up on Drudge (from ABC):

    === A senior government official tells ABC News that investigators have found that alleged Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hasan had "more unexplained connections to people being tracked by the FBI" than just radical cleric Anwar al Awlaki. The official declined to name the individuals but Congressional sources said their names and countries of origin were likely to emerge soon. ===

  44. I know I am "serial posting", but nobody else is here and I'm finding lots of interesting things for you guys!

    Camile Paglia (raging Democrat who has some surprising views about the Obama agenda, the Health Care Bill, etc) has a new column out. Here is a sampling of what she has to say today:

    === As for the actual content of the House healthcare bill, horrors! Where to begin? That there are serious deficiencies and injustices in the U.S. healthcare system has been obvious for decades. To bring the poor and vulnerable into the fold has been a high ideal and an urgent goal for most Democrats. But this rigid, intrusive and grotesquely expensive bill is a nightmare. Holy Hygeia, why can't my fellow Democrats see that the creation of another huge, inefficient federal bureaucracy would slow and disrupt the delivery of basic healthcare and subject us all to a labyrinthine mass of incompetent, unaccountable petty dictators? Massively expanding the number of healthcare consumers without making due provision for the production of more healthcare providers means that we're hurtling toward a staggering logjam of de facto rationing. Steel yourself for the deafening screams from the careerist professional class of limousine liberals when they get stranded for hours in the jammed, jostling anterooms of doctors' offices. ===

    Here is a link if you want to read it:

  45. I'm here Jamie, just lazy. Can't get the picture of the Obaminoid out of my mind. How can you trust someone like him, a megolomaniac? What if he went bonkers? That's what they do. Especially when they don't get their way.

  46. clap-clap-clap, Jamie. :D

    You are as creative as the late Weird Al Jankovick. Nice take-off on "Another One Bites the Dust." Weird Al did a less meaningful spoof called, "Another One Rides the Bus," LOL.

    Word: resistie

    "Resistance is futile, Malik Hasan. Prepare to die. Allahu akbar."

  47. ohmygosh! Now I have this hilarious image in my head of BObastard, in his Muslim garb, going postal and running through the WH with an AK-47 (or whatever that thing is), screaming 'I am Allah! I am Allah! I am Allah! Worship Meeeeeeeee!!!'

    in a high, shrill voice that cracks windows and sends chandeliers crashing...

    oh, geezzzz, I'll be giggling all night...


  48. ......with a totally naked Bawney Fwank running right behind the Big Behind singing at the top of his lungs, "I love a parade!"

    LOL. That'll sober you up in a hurry. (:o]

  49. Oh Jesus, help me. Not that. Anything but that....and I'm supposed to sleep now.

    "I!! Wuv a PAWADE!!!!"

    (cover ears and squeeze eyes tight)WALMARTWALMARTWALMARTWALMART.....

  50. Bwah, ha, ha, haaaaaaa!

    Aaaaaaaaand, then! When Dope runs out onto the South Lawn where he is apprehended and hastily led away by the Secret Service......given some of his "medication," and tucked into his coffin for a long nap.

    Meanwhile, Bawney jumps up on the desk that used to belong to George Bush aaaaaaaand sings..........

    "Oh, I with I woh-ann Othcah My-yuh Weeenuh!
    Cuz dat ith wuhdide weeelly like to bee-eee-eeeee!
    Yeah, cuz, if I woh-ann Othcah My-yuh Weeenuh,.... den evweewon wohd be in wuv wid MEEEEEEEEEEE! [suddenly sober - speaking in small voice] But awm jutht a widdle Bawney Fwank. [brightens] Wehoh, at leatht awm nawttuh wahttuhn Peach. [looks down at self, discovers that he is naked -- looks up, dismayed, scrambles down, covers self with flag] Buuuht Iyam NAKED! Hehwp! HEEEHHHWWP!

    Down the hallway pound the thundering footsteps of Big Mo. Peeking into Oval Office, she scowls, "I heard I could find a chili dog in here." Spotting the shivering Fwank, she turns on her heel and strides back up the hall, bellowing over her shoulder, "just lost my appetite!"

  51. Announcer: We have been experiencing technical difficulties. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. ;)

  52. Please DO NOT return to the reularly scheduled programming! This is all far too hilarious to let go of! You three have really outdone yourself here, I will be laughing to myself all day at work now...and TWW, your last scenario on the previous post was great, also. With all the horror lately, it seemed like smiles and laughs were beyond our reach, but thank God for the healing spirit He gives us. We won't forget what happened, just as with 9/11, but we will be able to hold on to what is good in life as we go on.

    Today is Veterans Day. Thank God for all those brave men and women of the past and the present. God Bless our Veterans, true patriots and heroes all.

  53. Oh, ha ha, my aching head! Malik Hasan bites the dust! alahu akbar! Oh ha ha. (and the dc sniper...alahu akbar!).

    PS Jamie- the black labs -puppy and senior citizen- have Georgia red clay paws after all this rain.

  54. I sure am glad that I dropped off before the depiction of Bawney Fwanks in the nude was posted. I would have had nightmares ALL NIGHT!

    But it is funny, yes.

    Here is a joke I got in an email. This one made me laugh out loud.


    Suddenly, a cow jumps out into the road, they hit it full on, and the car comes to a stop. Nancy, in her usual charming manner, says to the chauffeur, "You get out and check--you were driving."

    So the chauffeur gets out, checks, and reports that the animal is dead but it was old.

    "You were driving, so you go and tell the farmer," says Nancy.

    Two hours later the chauffeur returns totally plastered, hair ruffled with a big grin on his face.

    "My God, what happened to you?" asks Nancy.

    The chauffeur replies, "When I got there, the farmer opened his best bottle of malt whisky, the wife gave me a slap-up meal and the daughter made love to me."

    "What on earth did you say?" asks Nancy.

    "I just knocked on the door and when it opened I said to them, "I'm Nancy Pelosi's chauffeur, and I've just killed the old cow."



  55. The bet here is that Gibbs will be an elementary school teacher by this time next year. Clearly he's become unglued and utterly irritated this year, and he must know that 2010 will be exponentially worse.

  56. Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has served or presently serves in the US military.

    And may God grant continued strength and courage to the commanders, as they assess just how much more to tolerate from BO.

    Chris, that's an interesting idea: will Gibbsy, too, take off into the wide world, rather than stick it out with BO/MO as the shine comes off and the lyin' cheats are finally revealed as tyrants?
    Yeah, Gibbsy seems likely to leave.

    Also, though, don't you think Hillary might throw a dramatic exit, over some issue she believes might make alliances helpful to a future presidential run?

    Oh, Catherine Herridge is saying on Fox News what we all guessed: yep, it's First Amendment concerns re. "free speech" that tied other soldiers' hands from making sure Hasan was investigated more and kept from hurting our troops. And he was counseling soldiers BEFORE they went overseas, not debriefing them AFTERWARD----so the liberals' attempt to use this as a sop to feel compassion for him (and blame GW more) is lame.

  57. Can. Not. Believe. This Dunce.

    BO literally has a SMILE on his face, as he comes to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington Cemetery.
    What is this man (term loosely used) THINKING?!
    That this is a FUN event? This is comedy?

    WIPE that smirk off your FACE, Jerk!

    Lord, even Joey B knows enough to LOOK somber!

  58. GOOD LORD!
    BO actually does his jerky Pimp Walk as he saunters up "holding" the wreath to place it at the tomb!

    And he's STILL smirking!
    Obviously he thinks this entire ceremony is just a joke. Just something for him to get through, before he moves on to something more important----like trying to take over our nation.

    FINALLY! He stops with the smirk to bow his head.
    BUT WAIT! When he LIFTS his head, he pulls it way up and back.
    Yep----still thinkin' he's the Messiah.
    Can't wait to hear his speech. NOT....

  59. GObastard IS honoring his country and his fallen soldiers -- it's just that it isn't America or American soldiers. He's the enemy.

  60. You got that right, Mrs.!

    Notice how this stupid speech of his ELEVATES NON-MILITARY SERVICE!? I KNEW he'd try to throw that in... He just can't give it up for the military REALLY.......
    He's SO "Citizen Army." Yeah, so he can use it to take over more!

    In it, we are (he says) "keeping faith with the ideals of service." IDEALS!? He has NO ideals, just narcissism.

    "It's never too late to say, 'Thank you.' We are forever grateful."

    "As long as I'm Commander in Chief, we're going to do right by them."
    LIAR! NOTICE he uses the Royal Plural there!? "WE!"
    He still thinks he's Ruler of the World.

    This speech is a rambling mess.

  61. GOOD GOD this man has NO decency!
    He has to bring up something negative, like the way the VietNam Vets were mistreated when they returned.

    How about how our CURRENT military aren't honored and protected, because of fears of NOT being PC and upholding "free speech"----so we can't protect anyone from raving Muslim radicals!?

  62. BObastard does not like the American Military; he has to denigrate it as much as he can w/o appearing to do so.

    this a very, very evil creep.

  63. God Bless our veterans, and thank you for your service!

  64. Dittos, bettyann.

    Here's an article that perfectly WHACKS the stupid liberal view of the shooting at Fort Hood:

    "Shooter exposes hole in U.S. terror strategy"
    By: Mark Steyn
    Nov. 9, 2009 http://www.jewishworldreview.com/

  65. Thank you to our Veterans, for your sacrifices, so that other Americans can remain free. We can never repay that debt, only honor it with our gratitude and prayers.

  66. Very true, dear Mrs.

    I noticed today the contrast between our beefy soldiers and our teeny BO.

    Rush mentioned how BO is "The Ice Man," who never betrays emotion. Too true.

    With that AND his teeny size, do you think BO has really given up all of his bad habits?

    Hmm... Hmm.... Hmm....

  67. also...

    Since I can't stomach listening to this smarmy creep for more than 5 seconds, has EVER put the word 'American' before 'troops', 'soldiers', 'men and women'???

    He says 'our', but w/o the qualifier 'American', just WHO is the 'our' he is talking about, honoring, or praising???

    Without 'American', whose 'troops', 'soldiers', etc. is he referring to? Islamic, maybe???

    I wouldn't be surprised; in fact, by leaving out 'American', he's speaking code to his Islamic faith and followers that he is on their side.

    Impeach the tratorious SOB.

  68. I have a '03 Victory Red S10 Blazer. I didn't know the name of the color until AFTER I had bought it. I just knew it was red, lol. I mention the color only because when I bought it we had just invaded Iraq and I thought the color "Victory Red" was prophetic. (I know, I'm weird.)

    Anyway, I display my patriotism on my vehicle:

    I have a bumper sticker on it that reads:


    I have a tag on the front with the picture of an eagle and the words:


    I have two of those yellow magnetic ribbon thingys. One says:


    The other one says:


    And my Alabama license plate is one of those that says "GOD BLESS AMERICA" across the bottom.

    After 911, I wanted any "sleepers" in this country to know that I was watching out for them.


  69. Did you know that Birmingham, Alabama hosts the oldest and largest Veteran's Day Parade in the entire country?

    I didn't know that until today, and I live right outside of Birmingham.

  70. Great magnets, Jamie!

    Somehow I missed reading your "song" the other day: very funny!

    TWW and you could create a full musical, sorta like the "Springtime in Hitler" one, but about this BO dictator.

  71. Oops! I liked your tag and license plate, too. The important thing is that you are OPENLY defending and honoring our troops----who (to protect them from attack by radical Islamists the military won't MANAGE better!) are being encouraged NOT to wear their uniforms OPENLY.

  72. Wonder what the Obama-bots think of this:

    Chinese Artist debuts "Burning Man Obama" scuplture...


    It's supposed to represent Obama's effect on the world.

  73. We have "Proud Parents of an American Soldier" on the bumpers of our cars and trucks; we have the camo ribbon that says "Support Our Troops", a red, white blue ribbon saying "Freedom Isn't Free", a Gold and Bronze ribbon that says "Honor US Vets", and a flag ribbon that says "Proud American". These are magnetic ribbons that I bought years ago at a local flea market. Some of those I can't find anymore.

    wonder why...

    damn BO and his cronies.

  74. Speaking of Obama's effect on the WORLD, how about his effect on professors at prestigious universities?

    Wasn't the "Beer Summit" supposed to soothe problems with race relations over at Cambridge University? Between that awful Cambridge cop who "acted stupidly" and the well-to-do black professor who was feeling as if he had been "profiled".

    Well, it seems that yet another professor has a problem with race relations, this time at Columbia University.

    === Prof busted in Columbia gal 'punch'

    A prominent Columbia architecture professor punched a female university employee in the face at a Harlem bar during a heated argument about race relations, cops said yesterday. ===

    === The professor, who is black, had been engaged in a fiery discussion about "white privilege" with Davis, who is white, and another male regular, who is also white, Friday night at 10:30 when fists started flying, patrons said.

    McIntyre, who is known as "Mac" at the bar, shoved Davis, and when the other patron and a bar employee tried to break it up, the prof slugged Davis in the face, witnesses said.

    "The punch was so loud, the kitchen workers in the back heard it over all the noise," bar back Richie Velez, 28, told The Post. "I was on my way over when he punched Camille and she fell on top of me."

    The other patron involved in the dispute said McIntyre then took a swing at him after he yelled, "You don't hit a woman!"

    "He knocked the glasses right off my face," said the man, who would only give his first name as "Shannon." "The punch came out of nowhere. Mac was talking to us about white privilege and what I was doing about it -- apparently I wasn't doing enough." ===

    Gee, the white lady must have done "acted stupidly" (as white people are prone to do) to instigate it, no?

    After all, we wouldn't want to jump to any conclusions, now would we, on the why a MAN would feel justified in punching a WOMAN.

    It must have been racial profiling.

    Maybe the white employees at Columbia could benefit from a seminar on race relations led by the illustrious Prof. Gates over at Cambridge. Then they could avoid "acting stupidly" and being punched out by an irate black professor.

    Better yet, maybe BHO should hold another beer summit, this time with the black professor and the woman he slugged.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/prof_busted_in_columbia_gal_punch_JmsXQ3NzaAt8uG6uUySGTN#ixzz0Wa9QJEUv

    HAH! my ver word is affro

  75. Hey, I just thought of this:

    BLACK professor slugs WHITE woman.

    They were discussing race relations, and what he termed "white privilege". Its obvious that he was angry at her because she is white and he thinks she is privileged because of her race.

    So, therefore, he hates her because she is white.

    Wouldn't that constitute a "hate crime"?

  76. It appears that some criminals have more respect for our military that BHO. Found this interesting story out of Milwaukee, WI:

    === Muggers Return Wallet After Seeing Army ID

    A Milwaukee Army reservist's military identification earned him some street cred Tuesday, when he says four men who mugged him at gunpoint returned his belongings and thanked him for his service after finding the ID.

    The 21-year-old University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student said he was walking home from work about 1:15 a.m. Tuesday when he was pulled into an alley and told to lay face down and with a gun to his neck. Four men took his wallet, $16, keys, his cell phone and even a PowerBar wrapper from his pants pockets, he said.

    But the hostile tone quickly changed when one of the robbers, whom the reservist presumed was the leader, saw an Army ID in the wallet. The robber told the others to return the items and they put most of his belongings on the ground next to him, including the wrapper, the reservist said.

    "The guy continued to say throughout the situation that he respects what I do and at one point he actually thanked me and he actually apologized," said the reservist, who asked not to be identified Tuesday because the robbers still had his keys. ===

    === Schwartz (the police spokeswoman) said within 10 minutes of that they approached a 47-year-old man — a convicted burglar who had a Department of Corrections inmate ID in his wallet — ordered him to the ground and pointed a gun at him. They took his wallet, apparently unfazed by THAT ID. ===



  77. Good research, Jamie. Well, then, slugging anyone, even a woman, must be okay if the sluggER is a "person of color" and the sluggEE is white.

    I sure wish our cars could have on them your magnet, MRS: "Proud Parents of an American Soldier." Please pray, Mrs, for our eldest, a CA organizer for BO.

  78. Shep on Fox News featured your referenced report, Jamie, as his Big Story at the end of his show. Yeah, it's cool: just in time for Veteran's Day memorials, a mugger shows more respect for soldiers than the president.

  79. MM, I heard Shep talking about it. I don't usually watch his show, since I can't stand to look at his smirking face. (Ahhh.... Glenn Beck is on! Back from his emergency appendectomy.)

    I've been cruising the net and puttering around the house, at the same time. A little bit of this, then a little bit of that ... all the while, listening to Fox News on the tv.

    Did you just hear Judge Napolitano say that the government FORCING people to buy health insurance and punishing with a fine those who choose not to is considered "taking" and is prohibited by the 5th Amendment?

    If the crap gets passed and signed into law, I hope there is someone poised to file a lawsuit before they can EVER put it into effect!

    The case could wind it's way through the courts and hopefully be held up long enough to replace the creeps in Congress who passed it! Then it could be repealed.

    I would be worried if it made it to the Supreme Court, with the liberal members penchant for referencing European law. Remember, they said it was "ok" for the government to use "emminent domain" to take people's property.

  80. Lord, Jamie----the hidden feature of the "healthcare" plan is that it will enable the government to WITHDRAW what it wants from our very BANK ACCOUNTS----to pay for whatever (healthcare or otherwise)!

    Stupid liberals (um, oxymoron) have declared, "If we don't like the final version of this bill, we can just refuse to send in payments."

    * Wrong-O, reindeer! *

    The government will just TAKE what they LIKE from your bank account, and YOU won't be able to stop or avoid it!
    Think you can bypass that by cashing your paychecks, not depositing them into a bank account? Think again! The government can require that all paychecks be deposited.

    We are so very, very screwed if this bill goes through the Senate.

    America, America, God shed GRACE and MERCY on thee!

  81. okay, then, deposit it, then immediately write a check for cash.

    I'm not doing ANYTHING that bastard signs into law; he is not my President, and he hasn't even proven to my satisfaction that he's even a Constitutionally legal American citizen.

    So I defy and deny him at every opportunity I have.

  82. The gov't could require that all paychecks be automatically deposited by employers. Employers or banks who won't comply with the process of automatic deposits and deductions would be fined or shut down.
    They can sew every loophole shut.

  83. Jamie (Our Ravishing Resident Researcher), which of the MANY websites concerned with impeaching BO are actually making headway and DOING the work? So many of the sites seem bogus; on a few, nothing has been posted for months. I'd like to support a real site that WORKS.

  84. We're self-employed contractors; we don't get paychecks. We're paid for services.

  85. and the people we hire are technically sub-contractors and we'll pay in cash if need be.


    Obama Grants FOXNEWS Interview, DRUDGE has learned; Major Garrett will conduct interview in China next week...

    BHO thinks that now that Anita Dunn has thrown herself under the bus for her liege, he can just grant an interveiw to Fox, as if the BHO admin's campaign to destroy Fox never happened.

    Like we won't remember all their whining about Fox? Anita wan't the only one who proclaimed Fox was not a "real" news source. Half of his White House staff was on the Sunday talk shows to talk about it, and he even dissed Fox himself, several different times.

    The man thinks we are all so stupid.

    Just because the lemmings in the House do his bidding, it doesn't mean that WE are stupid. It just means that THEY are stupid. Plus they got bought off with pork, as usual. There was a 40 page amendment added to the damn bill before it was voted on. What you want to guess that the members who voted at the last minute got some goodies for their districts?

    We have to make our voices heard and continue to fight against the Health Care bill, as well as the Cap & Trade bill when it comes up in the Senate.

    And to top it off, we will have to be vocal against Chris Dodd's new bill for control of the Financial Sector. Krauthammer says that Britain is trying to UNDO financial controls in their country that are EXACTLY like what Dodd is wanting to do! And the British economy is much WORSE off than ours.)

    The closer we get to the 2010 elections, the more sway our voices will have because the vulnerable members of Congress will be ever more nervous. (All the seats in the House are up for grabs next year!)

    >< . >< . >< . >< .

    MM - I don't know much about the sites dealing with the impeachment issue. All I know is what I get from other people in emails. It would be great if we could impeach him, but it looks like a real long shot.

    If he can be neutered by taking away his power - Executive and Legislative branches working in concert - that would work, too.

    Also on Drudge tonight - Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN. He is one of the few on the "msm" (drive-by) media that ever mentioned the impeachment issue in any serious manner. He has talked about it a LOT on his radio show. CNN forced him to stop talking it about on CNN. Plus, Dobbs has been really outspoken on the illegal immigration issue .....

    Wonder where he will wind up?

    word is lucto

    It would be our incredible luc to get BHO impeached.

  87. Military folks and their families here ought to know how fond we FOTs are of them.
    Each and every one.
    Personally packed up a package this pm to prove it.

    I was not fond of Jane Fonda or Ms (Mao supporting) Dunne.
    All Ms Dunne had done was say that
    Fox News was a wing of the Republican party.

    Then she tried to ban Fox news.

    Careful readers will recognize the irony in my describing her as a true democrat.
    Her notions about a free press will be popular w the Chinese.

    Hating ,as I do to open this can of worms,(and BTW that passes for pretty fair fare
    among the Hens hanging out here),I have noted a few catty remarks between our congregants . Yes there were,ahem,ruffled feathers hereabouts.
    This was not Fox in the WHenhouse fizzle, but Yao, a cat fight.
    What were those cats doing in the henhouse in the first place,setting all that fur flying ?

    Fussing over fashion,just as expecked from the hunt and peckers here.

    Guess as chief Rooster I qualify for the latter,but honestly sometimes you hens are
    getting all clucked up over chicken feed or it's practically Presbyterian predestination.

    The important thing here,no matter how our President wishes to fraudulently frame
    the day,is our recognition that is is a war against jihad .
    It is a cancer upon civilization and attacks all those infidels innocently in infidelity .

    Obama refuses to admit the obvious and in so doing will kumbya this country nearly to death w his moral equivalence argument.
    Our team does not condone suicide bombing against nursery schools.
    In my book that makes for moral SUPERIORITY.

    Pity our President piffles and pardons perversion , but praise the Patriotic?
    Nope not that one.
    He is ,after all,the Won.The wonderrful ,wonderful won.

  88. Thank you, MTVA -- glad to know someone enjoyed the Two Confused Germans skit. Thanks for the encouragement. Yeah, yeah, I can almost HEAR one of my brothers saying, "DON'T encourage her" as he rolls his eyes. (%[)


    [Jamie] "'Just killed the old cow!'" LOLOLOL. :D


    LOVE your automobile and it's decals, Jamie [esp. because it is a Chevy :)]. [Yours, too, MRS, even the FORD Mustang ;)] First class.
    How about adding just one more.... your NRA membership sticker. Heh, heh, heh.

    Say, re: hoping apparent coincidences turn out to be signs from God telling us that all will, in the end, be well, I do that too! And the main reason I'm still doing it after all these years is......... God DOES give us encouraging signs. I've seen it many, many, times. We can, of course, only KNOW they were God's signs upon hindsight -- to claim in advance of confirming events, "God told me," (instead of: "I believe this may be God...") when one is actually only guessing, is to put words into God's mouth which is blasphemy.

    Anyway, I've been reading the book of Psalms quite a bit lately [don't worry, FOTS, this will be a short sermon today and no offering will be taken :)] and, over and over, as I come to promises I wish would apply to a certain Clown and Co., I pray, "Dear God, please make that be true of Dopebama and his thugs... ." For instance, here are some of my "Victory Red" verses of late:

    -- "... the wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands." Psalm 9:16.

    -- "Rise up, O Lord, confront them, bring them down ... save [the U.S.] from people of this world whose reward is in this life." Psalm 17:13, 14.

    -- "The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them; but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming." Psalm 37:12, 13.

    -- "... Why do you boast all day long, you who are a disgrace in the eyes of God? You love evil rather than good, falsehood rather than speaking the truth. Surely God will bring you down to everlasting ruin: He will snatch you up and tear you from your tent; he will uproot you from the land of the living. The righteous will ... laugh at him, saying, 'Here now is the one who did not make God his stronghold ... and grew strong by destroying others!'" Psalm 52:1, 3, 5-7.

    Incidentally, a lot about laughing at the wicked in there. WHICH IS WHAT WE FOTS DO BEST! HA, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! :D


    NOTE TO SELF: "avoid "acting stupidly" and being punched out by an irate black professor."


    [Jamie -- nice analysis of NYPost article]

    ANOTHER, super post, Prep. "Pundittalyicious!" While a trifling bit of the content is debatable (Ahem!), your style, as usual, is imPECKable. :)

    Good for you to post that package, O peerless promulgator of puns.

  89. On a sober note, regarding the "punch drunk" Con Man in Chief, I have known several people with the personality disorder "psychopathic." [No conscience is one of its main characteristics and could be caused by cocaine abuse as well as genetics.] Every one of those people had the tell-tale "smirk."

    Personality disorders, unlike other types of brain disorders (otherwise known as "mental illnesses"), are not generally treatable, neither by medication nor by psychotherapy. They appear (to a lay observer) to be "bad wiring," and are usually permanent, enduring throughout the person's life.

    I have a theory about why "the smirk" appears. If personality disorders are, indeed, "bad wiring" in the brain, perhaps the frontal lobe's "executive function" is partially impaired. Thus, while they do not blurt out obscenities or drive like a maniac (as some people with grossly impaired frontal lobes might do), their face "blurts out" the fact that they DO NOT HAVE A CONSCIENCE. Barry Soetoro's lips smirked because that was exactly what his heart was doing. Just like the yellow jacket's CAUTION to other insects, God built into con artists and other low life forms, an autonomic flashing light, "CAUTION: Danger Ahead."

    Of course, if one is chronically drunk on the Kool-Aid of the Cult of Obama, one will not heed any warning. Poor, poor, "useful idiots."


    Say, "idiot" reminded me of "There is no i in team, but there are two in idiot," shared by Shovel Ready awhile back.

    Hey, Shovel, your witty, fun, insightful, kindhearted, presence is missed. Hope all is well.

  90. RE: Peach Obama's runway strut (not as exposed as Paris Hilton, but, with that nasty half-nude photo, he's getting there :p)........

    TOTUS, could you get your programmer to play "The Girl from Impanema Goes Walking" out of your laptop?

    [Revised version -- recorded by Richard Simmons yesterday]

    And dumb.
    Aaaaaand stoned
    and then some,
    the boy
    goes walking.
    Aaaaand all
    they say,

    does he always walk strange-ly?
    Whyyyyyyy does he pout when he's aaaang-ry?

    Could it be
    he i-sn't a man?
    That Mitch-ell's the one with the plaaaaan?...."

    Embarassment in Chief

    Flycatcher Extraordinaire

    Stealth Jihadist (Passive Aggressive Division)

  91. Speaking of nightmares.... Giggly teaching United States school children [Chris -- cute.]. Ugh. He would certainly fit right in at your average NEA-run school.

    More likely to end up in the insane asylum, though. That giggle gets a little more hysterical every time he stands up and does his daily Big Fat Liar routine.

  92. TWW said "How about adding just one more.... your NRA membership sticker. Heh, heh, heh"

    It's on there. I just forgot to mention it. :)

  93. it's on the windshield of hubby's truck :-B (the BUBBA Smiley)== we have two: a big Ol' Ford F150 and a Chevy Silverado.

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    arkadaşlık siteleri, bayan arkadaş arıyorum köpek eğitimi libtard's whitewashed "religion" and watch their faces fall as the ugliness of their beliefs is revealed. In my dreams, huh? They're so brainwashed there's nothing left for acid to reveal. Pitiful. At least, however, by exposing them you may save some truly undecided, genuine, seekers of truth who, thanks to your expose's, will run screaming in the opposite direction