Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

From my screens to your's: Happy Thanksgiving.

Despite Big Guy's efforts to the contrary, we each have much to be grateful for. Have a wonderful holiday.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, TOTUS! We do indeed still have much to be thankful for. For a while... (((((TOTUS)))))

    Don't let anyone get gravy on your screens.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

    Be thankful you do not live in a small town in New Mexico. Our one (and only) grocery store ran out of turkeys. Yesterday.

    Fall back on Plan B. Luckily, nobody is planned to show up tomorrow, so we can stuff ourselves with pumpkin, ham, potatoes, and cranberry, and just call it good.

    Hope you are all eating well and living well.

    To quote from a famous American:

    "And I do know there is a God. My life is in His hands. I encourage readers to do what I did many years ago, invite Him in to take over . . . then see what He will do and how He will get you through. Test Him on this. You'll see there's no such thing as a coincidence. I'm thankful for His majestic creation called Alaska, which has given me my home, and for His touch on America, which has given us all so many opportunities. By His grace, an American life is an extraordinary life."

    God bless us all, and God bless America. Think of good things all day, smile at people, and relax in the comfort and plenty we have been provided.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! It doesn't seem like there's as much to be thankful for this year. But I'm thankful for the summer of '09. It was a blast. I'll always remember it.

    I'm also thankful for my new part-time job at a department store. BO can add it to the "saved or created" jobs, I suppose. Except it will most likely end Jan. 1, and I'm still underemployed.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Totus! Make it a memorable one, since it's the last before the tryptophan tax kicks in. That tax is surely buried somewhere in the turkey known as the health care bill.

  5. Thank you TOTUS.
    For all of the gloom and all of the dire predictions, we can still celebrate and appreciate our shared freedoms.
    And we can agree to fight like crazy to hold onto them.

  6. Thank you TOTUS. With any luck at all, we will be able to enjoy a beautiful day without having to see, hear or think if TheOne. Although, I fear to think how he will handle not being in front of a monitor reading off your screen....

    Do you ever feel tempted to ever change out words? Instead of "I apologize because.....", have you ever thought to sub out "I love America because....." just to see if he caught it? I bet he'd read it right out without ever a quiver because you were there, and HIS words are always on your viewing screen!

    Blessed be Yours


    [including you ladies (MRS 1953, Jamie, and Betty Ann] who greeted us all on the previous thread]

    Thanks be to God from whom all blessings flow.


    Moving quote, Janice. I like how you describe SARAH PALIN :D -- a truly famous and famously true, American.


    Congratulations, Rattlesnake. Well, sort of. Being underemployed is no joy. If anyone says to you, "just be glad you have a job," just respond, "just be glad I don't hit morons." I'm still praying. Take care.

  8. Indeed we do TOTUS and I think we should include you in that! How else would we learn the things that you share with us?

  9. Tell us Telprompter how did you spell fate for the One when he was pardoning that Turkey?
    If it was a "terrible and delicous fete',he could be presumed the guest of honor.
    BTW dunno who wrote that clunker of a line
    for O,but I would take it as a personal favor if someone could throttle him to death for me at their earliest opportunity.
    One does not have a delicous fate,altho one may be delicous.Fate and destiny being synonymous I presume most Turkey's fate will be the toilets of tomorrow.
    Describably delicious?
    Dunno,but doubt it.Duh.

    Thanks to you FOTS for all the fun here,
    and let's not forget our host either.
    We are grateful for this gathering place guy.
    Thank you very much.

    Now where is that readership (m) tee shirt?

  10. I am thankful that I am an American and live in the most wonderful country in the world, the United States of America.

    Where I am free to say what I think and do what I want without fear of reprisal.

    I am thankful that I can come here and share my thoughts with my fellow FOTS.

    Thank you TOTUS for giving us this forum.

    I hope everyone has a great Turkey Day, with or without the turkey.

  11. TOTUS, Dear,
    Jellied or berries?

  12. Happy Thanksgiving to Totus and All Totus Friends! I can't think of anything that could improve on Janice's post, the words of our famous and beloved American Sarah Palin.

    God Bless America, our home, and our land of peace and plenty - may it always be so.

    And God Bless all of you, on Thanksgiving Day and every day. I'm thankful for all of you.

  13. Thank you TOTUS. May both your screens be perfectly Windexed on this special day.

  14. May God grant our nation a true desire to seek and honor Him in all that we do, both as individuals and as a nation.

    Thanks TOTUS for your service to our country. When articles of impeachment and treason are brought forth, we know that you be seen as the hero that you are.


  15. TOTUS,

    Yes, I have much to be thankful for. Personally, I would like to thank you for this forum. For without it I would not have like minded cyber friends with which to vent.

    In reading "Behind the 8 Ball" and the subsequent thread I was reflecting on how my social and political views changed once I became Spirit filled. It was then that I praised God with thanks for divine enlightenment. I truly give thanks today tha I do live in the greatest country in the world.


    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. First for our great nation and finally for my brother in law and sister. Who are doing well thank you.

    Today's Shovel Ready word Maranatha!


  16. Verification word:


    Which is what the LORD hears the first time you honestly Praise Him.
    From then on HE hears REJOISES!


  17. How in the world did I not see this blog before now? Thank you my friend, and happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

  18. Hi all. (Or, Hi Y'all, as they say around here)

    I had a great Thanksgiving today. I was able to spend some quality time with my son who was home from university for a few days.

    Since he has gone back to school, I thought I'd peruse the net to see what's going on.

    Found this interesting article containing a clip of Ed Begley Jr (actor/climate activist) having a meltdown on Fox News. They were "discussing" the skepticism about global warming and he just contain himself. You just have to watch it, it's hilarious. Oh, and be sure to read the article, too.

  19. So true indeed, many blessings on Thanksgiving for all of you. Despite the efforts to the contrary, this presidency will be a blessing and somethin we needed to remind ourselves what we have to fight for.

  20. Today Is Black Friday, The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

  21. As we head into the rest of the year, something else to consider from a famous American (when she was four):

    " . . . I got to thinking: I had seen eagles and dragonflies and ptarmigan fly, but I had never seen a person fly. That didn't make any sense to me. Hadn't anyone ever tried it before? Why couldn't someone just propel herself up into the air and get it done?

    I stopped and looked up at the summer sky, then down at the dirt road below. Then I simply jumped. I didn't care who might see me. I wanted to fly more than I worried about what I looked like. My knees took most of the impact, and I scraped them both.

    Well, that didn't work, I thought. So I got up, dusted myself off, and kept walking."

    Let's walk away from bad judgment, learn from our mistakes, and become better. You know, it doesn't matter who votes the bozos in originally, because we're all in this together.

  22. Just catchin' up here :-)

    Had a great day, no even DC could ruin it :-)

    Thanks, TOTUS; God Bless all of you.

  23. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Here is a fun little parody that on the ClimateGate scandal titled Hide The Decline.

    John's Space

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  25. TOTUS:
    I hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous. Here, mucho fab, and two days running! Thankfully, someone brought an espresso machine to save us from the inevitable food coma. Today, turkey soup and a traipse into the mountains to look for a Christmas tree!

    Not much thought about The Won at all going on in this head this morning. Hopefully in a few years time he will be the moot point he has already become, the failure of the left to lead so great a nation and so free a people. Being a family of first responders, one new son in law fits right in as a hot shot fire fighter. He made a discouraged speech Thursday about the poor quality of young Americans that come to him to train for the job, and told me that he did not agree with my optimism about the country being retaken by strong patriotism. He blamed teevee, and spoiled life styles, and taking for granted of all our freedoms with nary a look back at how we obtained them. But I then asked what happens once they (the potential hot-shots) begin to train? And he admitted, they work hard, many fail, but they always end up with a great crew anyway. Which proved two points: Americans, not matter how spoiled, given the motivation and reminded of their own strength, will rise to the occasion. And that mother is always right.

  26. Ok you shy violets,you Dear Prudents,you Hens busy henpecking housebound husbandry ,someone needed to kick this can down the rhetorical road and I was just the Rooster who was crossing it.
    Not even I know why.
    Nonetheless it is time you hens got back to hunting and pecking so this pecker can get to peeing.

    Having had some uncertainty about my prior postage above,I was compelled to un post it ,have an Uncola,and then undertake understatement to undo the prior underaverge and unflattering fall flattery.
    Had to cry Uncle as I was unequivocably unable to understand my underpreformance.

    As noted above O's speechwriters do not speak very well.Their unprecedented use of unprecedented as noticedd on Fox this am,is,uh unprecedented.
    If only we could unPresident.

    Unbelievable,underhanded unAmerican behavior is hardly unusual under O.
    Unmittigated gall ,as is his usual is unforgivable,and yes,unprecedented.

    Let's Un President.
    Surely we can unite over such an undertaking.
    Let's make him unemployed.

  27. Preptile, you sly banty ;)

    It is true that hennery, particularly at this time of year, takes up much time. What the other girls are up to, only guess. I started cooking on Monday, and did not stop until Thursday when the turkey went on the table - then again, I make absolutely everything from scratch. The cherry pie came from cherries from my own tree, for instance, and I pick them with Thanksgiving in mind in June. I do not grind the flour, but do make special home made yeast, then bake all the breads. I do not know why I do things this way. Thanksgiving is the ultimate American holiday, perhaps? With the 4th of July - but Thanksgiving came first, and has ever been my very favorite, way above Christmas. It is the one holiday where Mom and apple pie rule (apples from the neighbor's orchard!) and I intend, for the remainder of my life, to create a hard act to follow.

    Finally took a break on Friday, a motorcycle ride, and then "uncolas". Martinae, if I recall. Today finished putting my pretty cottage back together, but took all day to roast, then simmer, bones down into soup. We never made it to cut down a tree.

    Tomorrow, snow arrives. Christmas plans - This is Mom's time to show everyone else how it is done! At the least, so that you know for at least two more generations - garaunteed 75 years - you will be talked about around someone's table, somewhere. This may be the age of teevee, Islam's infestation, and socialism's blitzkrieg, but by God, Oscar Meyer, and Dr. Pepper, American Mom's will; not be lightly forgotten.

    Dr. Pepper, btw, is a most excellent marinade, I learned from a friend this holiday. She injected her turkey with it and cajon spice, then fried it. OMG.


    As for unpresidenting, this may well happen. At this time the intent on bringing the trial of terrorists is to charge our sheep dogs for portecting us.

    Let us, when Sarah arrives, not turn the other cheek. But face squarely and stuff down the throats of treasonous bastards what they attempt today, and impeach and bring to justice those like Pelosi, Rahm, and Obama - thugs all, enemies from within of freedom and liberty.

    Then we can make another holiday. We'll call it, "Thanksgiving Too", the day we took our country back from traitors and whores.

  28. Bawney Fwank: Did thumbuddy thay, "Othkah Mayuh?" Cuthz, Iknowim'. Yup. He towaht me-uhlot. Loik moi theme thong. Wanna hewoh it?

    Susan: Aaaaaaaaaa! Get that horrid little naked man (bless his heart) OUT OF HERE!

    BF: Oooooooooooooooh! Iiiiiiiii...... with I -- grckgckl -- [Blogspot moderators enter in hazmat gear, wrap the whining wiener in a thick blanket and OUT he goes].

    Mr. Preptile -- yet another Terrifically Wise & Witty post.

    This Christmastime, try Toasting With Wassail. Maybe, it will act as an antidote [maybe an antiDOPE!!!] to all that horrid Obama-Aid and the "useful idiots" will kick those donkeys out of the White house [this was inspired by the Daphne's opening lines in last night's "Frazier" episode -- you were watching as usual?]


    You betcha, Betty Ann. "There is a time for EVERYTHING... a time for war." [Eccl. 3:1, 8] A time to use deadly force. [Romans 13:4] America is under attack from Islamofascists. Those who will not fight to defend this free nation do not deserve to live in it. Pacifism is the false teaching of an ignorant mind puffed up with pseudo-religious pride.

    BTW, you sure do holidays RIGHT! [Not that I'm going to stop opening a LOT more cans than you do.... :)]


    Maranatha, Shovel Ready. Thanks for the word. "ReJOICE in the Lord, always...." :D Clever.


    Thanks, Jamie and John, for those timely and FUNNY items.

  29. Thankful? Heck yeah. I am thankful that the couple the SS let into the State Dinner were a couple of Professional Public Spectacles and not a pair of assassins. Arlington Cemetery already has Ted Kennedy. The place need be desecrated no further; and boy, the riots if Obama were to be... Wow. The SS needs to get on the ball.

  30. WOW, bettyann, I want to come to YOUR house for Thanksgiving dinner. I absolutely LOVE cherry pie. When I was a kid, I always begged for cherry pie on my birthday in lieu of a birthday cake.


    Have you guys heard about the "report" that the Dems on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee came out with about Afghanistan just two days before the Won's Afghan announcement? It comes to the conclusion that "Bin Laden slipped out of our hands at Tora Bora".

    === Although limited to a review of military operations eight years old, the report could also be read as a cautionary note for those resisting an increased troop presence there now.

    More pointedly, it seeks to affix a measure of blame for the state of the war today on military leaders under former president George W. Bush, specifically Donald H. Rumsfeld as defense secretary and his top military commander, Tommy Franks. ===

    John Kerry (super traitor) is chairman of the committee that produced this "report". The SLIMEY creep just can't quit dissing our military, now can he? Is this the kind of crap that the people of Massachusetts elected their Senator to do?

    I suppose that the timing of the release of this "politics as usual" report serves TWO purposes. First, to bolster support for Obama from his anti-war base, who are against sending more troops. And second, to add another distraction from the "debate" on the Health Care that is to begin this week.

  31. let 'em riot; might as well now as later.

    that's all that kind of welfare trash is good for anyway, to riot, steal, and destroy

    time to weed them out

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Ya, Jamie it's good stuff, but I just might be crazy.

    F. Allen Norman:
    Dittos to that. The last thing we need is Obama as a martyr for the socialists. Let him be properly humiliated in 2012.

  34. TOTUS,

    Are the 0's observing Eid/Ramadan this season? Do tell.

    I for one will say "Merry Christmas" as often as I can get away with it.

  35. " this pecker can get back to peeing".

    (Oh, my aching head!)

  36. Some recommended reading:

    === November 24, 2009
    Where Has the Thrill Gone?
    by Victor Davis Hanson

    The Harder They Fall?


    === Millions of independents and swing voters went for Obama for five reasons: (1) they believed the media hype that Bush was the “worst” (fill in the blanks); (2) the sudden financial panic of September 2008 and the anger at Wall Street banditry and bailouts; (3) Obama’s youth, charm, and oratory; (4) the feel-good novelty of voting in our first African-American president; (5) Obama’s centrist campaign message of paying down debt, working with allies, drilling, being tough against al Qaeda, and being bipartisan.

    It’s taken almost 11 months, but voters now know that propositions 1-5 are now refuted or irrelevant:

    1) Bush is history. Like Truman, in time he will begin to look better not worse. More importantly, Bush’s sins that bothered voters — too much big government and big deficits — were simply trumped by Obama’s gargantuan deficits and federalization of healthcare, banking, and the auto industry. “Bush did it” doesn’t work any more. “Obama did it even more” is the new worry.

    2) The panic that we would lose all our 401(k’s) and home equity has passed. What we are left with in its wake is a sinking feeling that badgering small business and the Chamber of Commerce, as if they are Goldman Sachs grandees, isn’t working. Raising income, payroll, and surcharge taxes at a time state, local, and sales taxes are surging, is, well, a good way to turn a recession into a depression — or at least a stagflating, weak recovery. Sometime around next March, “Bush’s did it” will transmogrify into Obama’s recession. Obama can’t run against the economy, but must fix it — or take the blame. His best hope is that the Republicans don’t run a demagogic figure such as he himself acted in 2007-8.

    3) Obama’s smoothness is getting old. All of us can almost write the next Obama speech: a) “some” say/do, but “I” say/do… The bad straw man is set up, followed by the contrast of the annointed “I” and “me” ad nauseum. b) then comes the apology for the sins of the rest of us — mitigated somewhat by the election of, yes, Barack Obama, the first black President; c) third is the impossible: spending more on healthcare saves more; cap and trade massive taxes will result in economies; no more lobbyists means gads of them, Bush shredded the Constitution equates into I’m copying his anti-terror protocols; d) an end with hope and change ruffles and flourishes. Bottom line: the oratory is old and trite, given the lack of commensurate accomplishments.

    4) On the matter of racial landmarks, some of the voters think, rightly or wrongly, that they did their thing, proving America is not racist by the fact of Obama’s election. Now? A lot of independents, however, won’t seem obligated to vote in 2010 or 2012, motivated by the same sense of liberal assuagement of guilt. This been there/done that feeling will be accentuated should Obama’s supporters continue to play the race card as his popularity dips as a result of a statist and neo-socialist agenda.

    5) We know now that the campaign was a centrist deception. Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright make logical the presence of the Truther Van Jones and Anita Dunn (cf. her encomium to Mao). His most partisan Senate record presages his near suicidal effort to ram through statist healthcare, tax hikes, and partisan appointments, in addition to polarizing rhetoric. His campaign promises to meet with Ahmadinejad were not only met, but again trumped by serial apologies, selling out the Poles and Czechs and outreach to Chavez and Castro. In other words, the so-called right-wing nuts who tried to scare the hell out of voters are proving to be Nostradamuses of sorts. ===

    Read the rest here (its worth it!):

  37. (just to let you guys know, I'm catching up on my reading of "VDH's Private Papers" blog.)

    Here is another great post by VDH, this time on the subject of the Left's fear and loathing of Sarah Palin:

    === November 20, 2009
    by Victor Davis Hanson

    === Palin faces many of the same problems that sunk Reagan in 1976: the moderate Republicans think she is a shallow, superficial head-nodder, the way they wrote Reagan off in his quest to dethrone Ford. She earns as much resistance from Republican Old Guarders as she does the Obamians. In the elite center-right way of thinking, she knows little of foreign affairs and is not wonkish about domestic issues.

    Her supporters’ argument is that any woman who can have five kids, pull herself out of Wasilla to the national political scene, juggle job, husband, family, and press, and take on the old boy Republicans in Alaska while being an anathema to the liberal elite, must have brains and guts. Such experience will easily allow her, given the proper time and campaigning, to master the issues every bit as well as do Barack Obama or Joe Biden.

    Yet since many conservative elites imagine that a Harvard Kennedy School degree is superior to multifaceted knowledge of .357 Magnums, chain-sawing, skinning game, and fishing, they will judge her only in terms of a traditional cursus honorum — spiced up with invective about creationism and Christian fundamentalism. (I have some experience with such snobbishness: when I used to speak before hostile university audiences, I was often introduced along these lines: “Mr. Hanson is a raisin farmer from Fresno State of Jerry Tarkanian fame.” [and therefore, presto, must be an idiot].) ===

    More here:

  38. VDH posts daily on his "Private Papers" blog. Go here to read them all....

  39. Free Shipping for Cyber Monday!

    "CHANGE BACK" (with Obama logo) Shirts, Mugs, Buttons, Magnets, Bumper Stickers from Tabloid

    ...and more

  40. Gee Matt,thanks for sharing that with us.
    Hope the Promptczar deletes your account.

    BTW,TWW,and no,I missed Frasier ,and the reference noted,Truth Would Wequire one note
    one's notice above.I was confused until I was
    self initiated into the initialized shout out within.(Wonder if non native English speakers struggle mightily w my posts?).
    It has been established that some English
    speakers do .Notably either the Monitor,or
    maybe she is the Merrimack,infests my life by sharing her distress over my spelling, punctuation,and prose.

    Dunno if she likes my politics either.

    Unlikely,that she uh,likes me at all.

    Unfortunate tho that is,if only she understood that I was only typedancing she would not be so unforgiving.

    Susan noticed,(and un Mille' Merci to you young lady),another metaphor run thru the mix master about,among other things this poster's preference for Ps in his pursuit,predictably,of that Peas Prize.

    It is of course near the end of this thread as I have it on good authority that all have returned from Phoenix,and those holiday visits.
    Teleprompter got in his court ordered vistation and a little quality screen time with the Teletubbies who were recently discovered to be in his family.
    The Telepromptess will blow a fuse
    (first time for everything)when she is awakened from her "OFF" time.
    Well at least TP has recovered from his low T.
    That blue veined blue steel standard of his has again risen to the occasion.
    Thankfully this will inspire him to tell us all about the Whole Trip Tho,eh Teleprompter?Isn't that what Teleprompters do?
    Do tell.

  41. TOTUS - People are saying THIS is your fault - are you going to put up with it?

  42. TOTUS:
    nanc has a point. Although a little switcheroo gives us preptile's "unpresidented" - and that word being an entirely different genre - I don't suggest you replace unprecedented with it. How about "beyond compare", "without prior example", or the ever handy, "...that has never happened before".

    "Obama's ego is beyond compare, without prior example, and on a scale that has never happened before."

  43. So, Pweptile, your niggling Iron Lady is apparently a bit too literal. Well, whoever it is, it is certainly NOT Margaret Thatcher.

    The Wonderfully Wise Thatcher Welcomed Wit.



    [BettyAnn] "Mohammed lied... ."

    That says it all.

    Have been and will be praying for you as you take a bold stand for truth and let your beautiful light shine in that wobbly-minded pastor's church this Friday. YOU GO, GIRL!

    [whispering, now: (I'm still praying about that hat)] -- enough already with the prayer life, huh? %S

    Weeeelll.......... [big jolly voice] Bwah, ha, haaaaaaaaa :) YOU ARE BEING PRAYED FOR.


    Word "swook" = answer to following question:

    Q. Why doesn't D'oh!bama memorize basic geopolitical facts?

  44. So TOTUS, now the POTUS has bought himself a war.

    Whatever will the boy-man do with his new toy, a war.

  45. TWW, I thank you. The day approaches, and I will be there.

  46. Nobody here but us chickens BA.
    Betcha because a few regulars are missing.
    El triptophaned out,no doubt.

    TWW,ask MR T to explain that baseball announcer's gag about those scoring at home.
    If I am not mistaken,you,tho,have just hit a double,and could indeed score.
    One's henpecked hubby should let one know.

    Speaking of other non resident Roosters among our henhouse of regulars here,I am concerned about MM,as she is MIA.Here's hoping hubbby,or MP,as he is initialized,is doing ok,as we have heard is MrT.

    Big speech for the Big Guy tonite.
    That and jet lag may explain why TP has also been MIA.Duty forces him to prepare for tonite's apology to the left for not immediatly retreating from all wars forver.
    If his Promptczar is not properely prepared w "unprecedented" usages of the word unprecedented ,screens could fall.
    He'll have hell to pay if it is not,(as Rush put it the other day (on climate),to "the head honcho of the whole hoax)".
    Hope it is not to heavy on the hope that others will (hopefully )decide to do all the heavy lifting,warwise.
    This will be done so that we can retreat while declaring something more PC than victory.

    This War Won't be won by the One that way.
    That Wasn't What he wanted.
    He thinks he won a World Presidency,and he continues to act that way.
    He wants the world To Win With little thought to our wonderful troops there.
    It is because he is the Won.

  47. Hey Totus, any truth to the rumor that the White House "gate crashers" really did have an invitation, but it's been locked up by the Hawaii Secretary of State?

  48. Thanks, designated Puntster (to gleefully mix my sports metaphors)! After all Those Witty Wisecracks, ol' TWW made it saaaaaafe!-ly across home plate. TWW stole third..... Prep hit a double..... then ... it's Preptile -- again! -- with a single...... and finally...... Preptile [Who? Naturally. What? I Don't Know. FIRST BASE!!!] hits a grand slam (really outta there)! :D

    El Tryptophan -- cute.

  49. That one gave me a heeping headful of hurting hypothalmus.

    I'm going for a motorcycle ride. Sy-yo-nara.

  50. BObastard is NOT black; he's certainly has no claim to United States Black American hertage. He might have an iffy claim to United States White American by virtue (HAH!) of his mother, but rumor has she renounced her American citizenship. He's basically nothing.

    and ignorant, greedy, stupid Americans elected this POS.

    hasn't been a year yet, and seems he's had his evil a$$ in DC for 10 years.

    also, I will not buy health care, nor will I pay the fine. This is illegal.

    We (my husband & I) pay for our doctor, hospital, and prescription bills; so if we pay our medical bills, but don't have health insurance, we'll fined or imprisoned???? Try it, you Communist Pig!

  51. MRS, your most recent post reminded me of the Obama bumper sticker I saw on the way home from my new job. It stuck out because it’s the first one I’ve seen in a few weeks (thank God for small favors).

    Below the 0 sticker was one that said “Your American flag sticker clashes with your foreign car.”

    Of course my first thought was “Your Obama sticker clashes even worse!”


    BTW, have any of you FOTs read Glenn Beck’s Arguing With Idiots? And if so, is there a chapter about arguing with extreme animal rights activists? I’ve tried to do just that recently, and it’s impossible. It’s like arguing whether or not there’s a God.

  52. The best thing to do, Rattle, is to run over them on your motorcycle.

  53. Hi, Rattler. Hope the customers weren't TOO obnoxious today. Hang in there.

    I started to read Arguing with Idiots, but it is SO SEXIST in its examples/illustrations that I got a bit nauseated and had to put it down. It's on my shelf as a potential reference book, now.

    #1 -- Don't argue with idiots. It is a waste of time. On the other hand...

    #2 -- If the idiot's remarks could be overheard by someone else, refuting himi or her may prevent a true seeker of truth from joining the Cult of Environmentalism.

    Yeah, that is what it is: a cult. That's why it felt like you were arguing issues of faith -- you were! You were trying to use logic and reasoning to show those pitifully blind fools the way out of the swampy morass of ignorance. They don't want to get out. They like it there. Spend your valuable time only on genuine truth-seekers. They are worth it.

    The following are some of the Biblical refutations of Enviromentalists I've written or collected (in case they would be persuasive to a particular person you encounter):

    – Matthew 10:31 “’… you are worth more than many sparrows.’” [Jewish rabbi, Jeshua (Jesus)]

    - Luke 12:24b “’And how much more valuable are you than birds!’” [Jewish rabbi, Jeshua (Jesus)]

    Lesson: Unlike the cult religions of paganism or environmentalism, God tells us that humans are a higher order, a better and more valuable order. No Christian should join the ranks of the environmental zealots who value animals as highly or higher than humans. Therefore, mutually exclusive decisions between preserving animals’ “interests” and people’s should always be resolved in favor of people.

    2. Isaiah 45:18 “For this is what the Lord says – she who created the heavens, he is God; he who fashioned and made the earth, she founded it; he did not create it to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited … .”

    3. "He said to them, 'If any of you has a sheep and it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will you not take hold of it and lift it out? How much more valuable is a man than a sheep!'"

    [Jewish rabbi, Jeshua (Jesus) Matthew 12:11,12]

  54. BA: LOL. Can I run them over with my Chevy instead?

    TWW: I wouldn't know about the costumers; I watched videos all day!

    It sounds like Arguing With Idiots is worth checking out from the library but not worth buying.

    I argued with a couple of individuals on another website. I was just looking for trouble and wasting time. Yeah, it is a religion. The people I "encountered" were extremely moralistic and were convinced that their morals were better than Judeo-Christian morals because it makes them feel better.

    One of them quoted Gen. 2:29, not because they believe in the Bible but to try to tell me why I should go vegan:

    "Then God said, 'I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.'"

    I countered with Gen. 9:3 and 1 Cor. 10:25-26:

    "Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything."

    "Eat anything sold in the meat market without raising questions of conscience, for, 'The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it.'"

    I should heed Jesus' advice not to throw pearls before swine (that's not an insult to non-believers, btw, it means just what TWW said: Spend your valuable time only on genuine truth-seekers).

  55. Lawrence Eagleburger on Your World with Neil Cavuto video, He doesn’t think this troop build up is a good idea it isn’t even nearly enough to stabilize the region and he isn’t the only one who thinks so many have doubts that 30,000 troops can do much of anything inside of Afghanistan.

  56. Greetings, dear FOTs! We've indeed been MIA, Preptile----gone for the holiday and very grateful for all our blessings, including being able to celebrate it with my failing father (nearly 88) and family. We learn the treatment options soon for MP, and are staying positive, listening to lots of Joel Osteen and praying.

    I am grateful to YOU, too, TOTUS, for your kind post, and for staying sane and wise in that nutty WH. YOU have the gift----NOT BO!

    Speaking of gifts, bettyann, I rejoice that you and your daughter have the courage and savvy to bring knowledge and insights to cut through the FOG of starry-eyed liberal silliness at Friday's meeting. I am glad TWW is praying for your success, and I'm sure other FOTs join her in that worthy endeavor!

    I'm grateful for ALL the FOTs:

    * Janice, glad you kept positive with Plan B----and bless you for quoting that TERRIFIC Alaskan we LOVE! Sarah Palin = So Perceptive!

    * Rattlesnake, ALLELUIA that you're working! Maybe this job will lead to a FT position SOON? SO sorry your environmentalist friends didn't listen; TWW's correct that it's a RELIGION, based on false figures. Note: Jesus (a beloved RABBI) taught that to celebrate, the Prodigal Son's father (representing GOD) killed the fatted calf: no vegan, he! Hang in there----and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    * EllenK, we'll fight TOGETHER to keep our freedom. Ultimately the Obots will lose (hopefully in THIS world).

    * TWW, Sister in Christ, I'm grateful for your prayers for the FOTs and your posting inspiring scripture quotes----and certainly for your hilarious plays. You'll be busy tonight with BO's Oration (gag).

    * Preptile, am I your MerriMack (gulp)? I apologize if my teasing has ever upset you. Thank God you don't hold grudges: a true Peacemaker.

    * Susan: jelly or berries? (BOTH here!) How have you been?

    * MTVA and Jamie: you both wrote very moving Thanksgiving posts. I'm grateful for your kind hearts and sound minds----and especially that you post key information, Jamie!

    * FAllenNorman, GREAT idea! BO will be gone soon, we PRAY----but NO need for martyrdom & riots; ack!

    * Nealglu, you are SO RIGHT: TOTUS should receive a MEDAL for helping get BO impeached. God bless America: you betcha!

    * shovel.ready for tonight's Prevarication? Lease a loader, darlin, for lots of lyin!'
    ("Maranatha" was used to call God to witness and strengthen a sadly-necessary CURSE! (See this usage at the end of I Cor. and Rev.) We can join TWW and others in appropriately cursing the evil BO does:
    "WOE to you, BO! Maranatha!")

    * Mrs.1953, how did Thanksgiving go with your beloved relatives? Are you going out tonight, or kicking the TV?

    * Debbdi, how's it going, dear one?

    GOODNESS, we have many posts from other FOTs: OneVoice, Indiana Elephant, Cricket Gal, tarheeltalker, 6p01, Rev. TJ, patriot forever, Keyboard Jockey, John's Space, and Nanc! GREAT insights, moving prayers, and firm determined conservatism ALL!

    Brace thyselves for tonight's Obaminable Anathema. BO's base now detests him; they are finally learning he's a fraud. PRAISE GOD for the TRUTH!

  57. Nothing on Earth is greater than, or more valuable than, Mankind.

    no animal, no ore, no ground, no firmament is more valuable; they are all subject to Mankind, as given by God.

    because only Mankind has the Presence of God within them.

    therefore, putting more value on animals and things is wrong.

    these 'animal rights' people and 'environmentalists' are insane.

    unfortunately, we have allowed them to take over our government.

    we'll fix that, around 11/10 or so; then oust that lying Muslim in '12. hope there's still something left of our rights and liberties by then.

  58. Keyboard, Lawrence of Serbia (look that up: ack!) has an uneven reputation for sound judgment, to say the least. A surge worked in Iraq, might work in Afghanistan, but cannot work if BO keeps ignoring, dithering, and procrastinating about giving HIS general what is needed.

  59. Well, Rattlesnake. You could use the Chevy. I'm a Ford ma'am myself. But the motorcycle is much more fun. Due to the noise emitted by tail pipes. Plus, greenies hate Harleys. Just lift your rear a bit when you go over, as for a speed bump.

  60. "Our effort in Afghanistan" is to "bring this war to a successful conclusion."
    Yes, but we want to know: define "success," in YOUR view. Do you want us to WIN the war?

    BO, you're already screwing with us.

  61. Yeah, "our attention turned elsewhere" from Afgh. We DID have other nations to help, even save, bud.

    TOTUS, throw a wrench in this mess, okay? Help him NOT say "Tollybon." Lord....

    Many of the cadets can't bring themselves to LOOK at this guy.

    Here we go: "the second war in Iraq." He's sure gotta bring up what might help him align better with his Leftist Nut Base.

  62. MM -- Thanksgiving was just fine :-) ; turkey and ham for all ;-)

    then my blasted sinuses decided to give me fits over the weekend and I'm just now feeling somewhat normal.

    Our son, the one stationed at Ft. Hood, went to a friend's parents home for Thanksgiving. They live in Dallas; he'll be home for the Christmas holidays, tho' -- that is, if BO( doesn't do something more stupid than usual and the troops are required somewhere...

  63. Okay, BO's done enough blaming. He looks ANGRILY at the camera (NOT AT YOU, TOTUS!) about "the fraction" of troops in Afgh. "compared to those in Iraq." Will somebody tell the guy he MEANS "contrasted with" instead?

    Yeah, he's very angry that HE has to clean up GW's mess here. Well, guess what, buddy!? At least the SURGE GW initiated kept you from having to deal with Iraq, too, and more terrorism HERE!

  64. "There has been no delay during this review period."
    Barak: Queen of Denial.

    CRAP! "Given the mistakes involved, I owed" this review to the troops. WHEN will this guy start taking responsibility for his OWN dithering and indecisiveness?!

  65. "Years of debate have left our national security in tatters." GET REAL! GW took ACTION, which you disliked, remember?

  66. Big deal. BO has noticed that our national security depends upon how matters ensue in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I guess the home schooling in the WH can cease now....

    "We must increase the stability and capacity of our partners in this region." WELL, DUH!

  67. BO's "new" strategy (ha!):

    1. A military strategy of 30,000 new troops, deployed in the first of 2010.
    (Request made by HIS general MONTHS ago.)
    BO wants more troops from our allies. Fat chance. + Hand over Afghanistan in July 2011 to its own security forces----if they can perform. Yep, he's giving himsel

    2. Pursue a more effective civilian strategy, based on performance.
    Fine; who hasn't been DOING this, already!?
    BO wants corruption to end. TOUGH! I want pigs to fly, too: ain't happ'nin!

    All in all, BO is trying to look fierce. Heere he goes again, looking at the camera and speaking directly to the Afgh. people!

    "American has no interest in occupying your country." "We will support effects to thwart the Tollybon." "We will hasten the day when our troops will leave."
    Emphasis on the latter....

    3. "We will act with the full recognition that our success in Afgh. is linked to Pakistan." Again: nothing new here, bro!!!!!


  68. The cadets look genuinely concerned and upset. It's THEIR LIVES on the line here!

    Re. Afghanistan as another Viet Nam, BO says this depends on a false reading of history, since we have 43 nations working with us, and aren't facing an widespread insurgency----and it helps fight terrorism here. HMM!? Maybe he's finally LEARNED that last point?
    (Don't hold your breath....)

  69. Wow, big surprise: BO rejects an open-ended course of action in this Afgh. war. FINE! GIVE the enemy the precise date when we're leaving (in 2011)! NO GENERAL is behind THAT viewpoint....

    He is clearly on the defensive in this entire speech. He doesn't like being there; time to play golf again!

    BO keeps hitting the podium. Now just WHOM do you think he REALLY wishes he could thump, HMMMM???? Might be the far left as well as the right, for once....

    He's committed to addressing the costs of the war "openly and honestly." NOT as he's doing with our economy in general, then....

  70. Lemme see now, he's on his SECOND summation SO FAR.

    TOTUS, c'mon! Can't you erase a few of these stupid sentences? Okay, the whole thang!?

    I just saw TWO cadets who were NAPPING!
    Proper response to dullards....

    "We have to take away the tools of mass destruction." HA! As though YOU have any real power vs. terrorists.
    As though you WANT to stand against them!

    Hillary is blinking and looks calm:
    "I'm going to be president after you. Watch your back, Poseur in Chief."

  71. Closing Gitmo to achieve "the moral source of America's superiority." HA! You don't LIKE it that we're superior, remember?

    AGAIN WITH THE LINE, "We have at times made many mistakes." At least he's adding a line about how America has helped people in the world economically, etc. FINALLY!
    (Who is holding his arm up his back, TOTUS!?)

  72. The applause is just lackluster. This speech is NOT inspiring, NOT insightful, and NOT persuasive. Not in the least!

    I hope America is bored to tears, then angry as heck about the lives which have been lost while he's dithered.

    Lord, now he's quoted Lincoln; bored applause afterward (it was to be expected, you see).

    HA! "Cynicism... and partisanship... have poisoned America." AS IF YOU DID NOT LEAD THE WAY IN THIS, BO!

    "We as Americans can still come together for a common purpose. Our values are a creed that calls us together."
    (still yawning here...)

    Now we see the lifted chin. He is SO brave (gag). He looks at the camera and speaks SEVERAL SENTENCES FROM MEMORY! (Or did you scroll from under the camera, TOTUS!?)

    "America, we are passing through a time of great trial. We will go forward.... white makes might!"


    Did he mean, "RIGHT makes MIGHT!?" WHAT!?

    I think he misread you, TOTUS----or did you MAKE him do so, TOTUS, you sly dog, you?!

  73. MM, I don’t think even TOTUS can keep BO from saying Tahleebon. Thanks for watching the speech so we don’t have to. You’re a trooper.

  74. "I thought it was a rather strange speech; it was defensive.... He gives us all the reasons why we have to leave in a year and a half.... It's not exactly the kind of speech you'd have heard from Churchill or Bush, when he announced HIS surge. I look at Bush's speech in 2007, and there was NO talk of withdrawal----only of success. The difference is very important: do we have the committment of the President?... In this speech... you've got a sense of a president who wants to put his toe in the water, and he's uncertain, which only compounds the uncertainty."
    Charles Krauthammer


  75. Don't you just love the way that BO is telling the soldiers how they should fight the war? He is just an expert on all things military.

    What a creep.

    Then he brings up 9/11. Bush said ANYTHING about 9/11 and the left pilloried him for it.

    When he said "Might makes right", I thought for a minute there that he was going to repeat the "prayer" that the black preacher said at his inauguration. Anyone remember that?

    ".... and when white will embrace what is right."

    I think he came close to slipping up and saying that.

    What a lousy speech.

  76. My brother just called. He's watching his Commander in Chief speak, and says (sarcastically) how he likes that BO's telling everyone where all the troops will be headed.

  77. QUICK, AERO! Did your brother receive any of our FOTS packages?! (We hope!)

  78. "Let's not lose sight that BO said something that stood up to the far left."
    Karl Rove

    Bill O'Reilly replied that there was NO urgency in BO's speech.

  79. If you recall, MM, my brother left Afghanistan and the packages were sent to a fellow troop instead -- will try to find out if JB received the packages. Has anyone else heard?

  80. OOPS! I forgot he's not there, Aero!
    (Good to hear from you, btw, cutie!)

    NO one has heard a peep, as far as I know.

    O'Reilly says BO is an academic. HA! Even the Hyde Park intelligentsia (who tried hard to adore him) knew BO was a farce as an academician, BORING and middlebrow at best. And MO----fuhgettaboutit. Dunce city.

  81. Gee, O'Reilly is just NOW getting wind of the global warming stink re. doctored "scientific" figures to justify it? Beck's been on that for DAYS now....

  82. I haven't heard about receipt of the packages, but I didn't put anything in my notes to indicate that he should let us know when he gets them. Someone in the group said that they would put a self-addressed envelope in the next package they send...

    So far, on Fox, all of the pundits are panning the speech, INCLUDING Nina Easton, the liberal woman.

    Coming up after the commercial break - Bill O is going to have Kucinich on for the liberal views of BO's speech.

  83. Thanks, rattlesnake, btw. I just keep all my ralphing quiet as I blog.

    Ah, Dennis Kucinich is on BOR, presenting the "liberal viewpoint." He says the Taliban has gained strength through our presence there, so our efforts result in destabilizing Pakistan, etc. No-ooo.... We aren't going AFTER them when they run tail into Pakistan from Afghanistan. "You're going to have to negotiate at some point" with the Taliban, DK says. HA! "Why would they negotiate with you?" BOR wisely asks. Both DK and BOR agree that the locals dislike the Taliban: duh! How does that prompt the Taliban to negotiate!? DK has no real answer, face it....

  84. OH, Kuchinich is brilliant.

    "we are going to have to negotiate with the Taliban".

    Maybe next time Dennis sees the aliens, he can get them to take out the Taliban for us.

  85. Hiya, Jamie! Yep, DK is a dolt. He thinks the Taliban would TALK and CHANGE. He merely wants to pander with the far left. Now he's talking JOBS!?! C'mon: tell that to those who died in 9-11. We HAVE to win over there, to keep them busy from coming HERE. Not to mention the terrorist just don't CARE about talking! It's their RELIGION!!!!!!!!! But DK would NEVER suggest anything THAT not-PC.

    Well, FOTs, one more stupid speech done. On our way rejoicing, knowing BO has managed to tick off basically every group possible: the right, the left, the middle, the troops, and MOST of all, Hillary! He keeps making her job impossible!

  86. Oh, TOTUS, Dear. Forget the damn lecture from the professor-in-chief at West Point.

    I want you to know you looked quite smart and thin as part of the Long Grey Line up on that stage with all the pressed flags! Too cool for words! Oh, ha ha. I made a joke! And sans wine!

  87. I didn't hear ALL of the speech. I had just eaten supper and didn't want to throw it all up, so I waited a while before I turned on the tv. Didn't matter. I still felt like throwing up.

    He thinks that by using "soaring rhetoric" (i.e. "big words") that everyone will be impressed, but he just droned on and on and on without saying a whole lot that MEANT anything.

    And there was nothing in his manner that indicated that he cared one bit about what he was talking about.

    I'll say it again - the man is creepy.

  88. Yes, it was b o r i n g. But then, I tend to tune him out or press "mute" whenever I see his smarmy, lying coutenance.

    Was it just me or was TOTUS scrolling slow? Feel for you TOTUS having to have this tripe downloaded onto your screen. How you don't crack up, I'll never know.

  89. Totus: Is it true that y'all are called "beam splitters"?

    "Ernie Harris has one favor to ask of Barack Obama: Please, Mr. President, lower the eye line of your teleprompter panels.

    The current height of the beam splitters — as they are called — makes the president’s chin lift too much, says Harris, which creates the appearance that Obama is talking down to his audience.

    Harris should know. He’s the general manager of Capitol Prompting Service Inc., an Arlington, Va.-based company that has supplied prompters to numerous politicians. Last year, the company was the main supplier for Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign, and it currently provides equipment to several members of Obama’s Cabinet."

    We all know the problem isn't with the height of is because he is arrogant and mimics Mussolini.

  90. No MM,you are not my Merrimack,nor an old battleship at all.
    Just an esteemed resident of this here henhouse.
    BTW,thanks for more finger flying reportage saving me from watching what will be unavoidable tomorrow.Movies might prevail on the old personal playlist.

    My critic was no timid hen,but more of a Lynne Stewart type at another site.
    She answered my 300 word post w 300 of her own when my use of circumspect ,
    circumscribed my intent to the extent that I ,objecting to the circumsicion ,
    conceded defeat on the word choice and allowed that she should feel
    free to mount it above the Mantle piece,or in the bedroom.

    No one here treats me so poorly,and in truth you FOTS spoil me.
    BTW,someone please re post the FOTS address so I can mail my box.
    Yes I know its late,so is the Telepromptess.Blame it on the Bossa Nova.

    Was hoping this afternoon,on noting that some of my posts are better than others ,
    that somewhere in my typical postage most would be pleased they stopped in,
    even after one of my lesser efforts.Oh sure you have to dredge thru 300 words of pure drugery to find one nugget amidst the muck,but there it is,hopefully.

    Susan noted one way above here noticing that 'get this pecker peeing ' gag.

    It is nice when those are noted and you guys add plenty of bloggy goodness here too.
    Too many to note.I just know our Russian readers are ocassionally cracked up,as are those E,I,E,I,O readers we know exist.Just think it likely that somebody somewhere
    occasionally lols at this stuff .I certainly do.
    That should make it Worthwhile ,even When one has to work at it.

    Not speaking Frog one forgets what little one knew way back when Hens,but,the Louisiana French have a word which I struggle with,lagniappe(sp).
    Supposed to mean, a little something extra,or an unexpected present .
    That is what I hope some find in my pppprose.
    I just hope ya'll can scroll on past when this rooster lays an occasional egg and
    forgive one's avatarish indiscretions in light of more delightful deposits.
    If one can find one.
    One does hope.
    Peas out.

  91. But girls, how many times did he say UNPRECEDENTED?

    And, in your opinions, was he unprecedented or unpresidented??

    TOTUS, all this time we thought he was just another arrogant prick, sort of like the ex, and it was the height at which you forced him to split his beams!!

    Naughty TOTUS.

  92. "...conceded defeat on the word choice and allowed that she should feel free to mount it above the Mantle piece,or in the bedroom..."

    Probably rides a Suzuki. You can't get a Harley in the bedroom. Doorjams too narrow. Very Large Pipes and all that.

  93. Well, Mrs1953, I'm glad you and your cousin and family enjoyed the holiday, but it's awful that your sinuses went haywire afterward. Think you ate something to which you're allergic?

    I sure hope your son gets home for Christmas! I mean, BO has this "gift" for doing "stupid" things, like requiring troops to do without supplies, etc. (Grrrr!)

    With BO, it's "Every day, better than the next!"

  94. Mountain Mama, good to have you back, and may I say With Guns Blazing! You can't know how grateful I am to come here and find your excellent blow-by-blow (BO by BO?) commentary! I can not bear to hear that voice or see that face, so am glad someone else has the fortitude to do so. It sounds rather like it was just one more photo op for the worm to indulge in. He can't stand to be away from tv audiences for any length of time, can he?

    I've been meaning to say that it just fills me with delight to find all these rooster and hen references here! Somehow it just tickles me, thinking of us all pecking and scratching and crowing and strutting around the old barnyard.
    Making our comments and clucking and snickering at the doltishness of the donkey in chief. Or is it donkey AND chief??? Only real donkeys are a whole lot more likable than what we have there, making messes in the WH...

  95. While selling his point of view that the military hates Obama, Matthews said, “I watched those cadets, they were young kids, men and women who are committed to serving their country as professionally, it must be said as officers, and I didn’t see much excitement, but among the older people there, I saw, if not resentment, skepticism. I didn’t see a lot of warmth in that crowd out there, the president chose to address tonight, and I thought that was interesting. He went to maybe the enemy camp tonight. That’s where Paul Wolfowitz used to write speeches for back in the old Bush days.”
    (West Point-Enemy Camp??????? Wonder if he still has that tingle up his leg for obama)

  96. It sounds like it, Sunflower.

    Military personel are not allowed to state how they feel about the commander in chief. That would be insubordination. You have to watch the body language.

    But, it is not hard to surmise that trained warriors feel thwarted from the calling they have obeyed when the commander will not let them fight, but insinuates that he will keep them out of harm's way. Or worse, sends them to battle without leadership.

    Rush is right, as usual, that The Obamination should have given that speech from his office.

    Really, it's all too nauseating. We are all just waiting for 2012, and for him to go away. I bet he doesn't even run in 2012. I bet he is so reviled for being a weak link, a failure, and a BOOB, that he quits.

  97. MTVA, you're a dear. Hey, since donkeys are sweet, how about viewing BO as a stubborn MULE?

    I found BO's speech last night even more obnoxious than his usual unfair fare. He was so clearly trying to please, appease, or pander to BOTH sides (pro-war and wienies), which is impossible to do. As it is now, he's sending troops, yet withdrawing them right before the election! How sickening is THAT?----especially if you're ONE of those troops whose very life could be WASTED there in the meantime!

    Yeah, Sunflower----Chris Matthews should have checked the first time: maybe his leg was tingling from getting the CREEPS from BO! Perhaps his leg has more brains than his brain has!
    (Or, as many suppose, Chris----cum Bawny Fwank----meant his middle one. ACK!)

  98. Pro-victory, as opposed to pro-war.

    "...if you're ONE of those troops whose very life could be WASTED there in the meantime!"

    Never, ever say this. Never, ever say the word solider and wasted in the same sentence. Never do it again.

  99. BO doesn't expect to have to run again in 2012. If all of his master's plans go as expected, there will be a one-world government, with BO at the helm as it's "puppet in chief".

    But we won't allow that to happen.

    BO and the Dems have have exposed themselves. We know what they are up to. When they got away with passage of the porkulus bill, they became greedy and assumed that we were too stupid to realize what they were up to. They think we are sheep, lambs for the slaughter.

    Well, they were WRONG to assume that, weren't they?

    We will fight their attempts to destroy our economy ....

    We will fight their attempts to destabilize our country ....

    We will fight their attempts to demoralize our citizenry and our military ....

    We are NOT sheep. We will NOT roll over.

  100. [Rattler] "I countered with Gen. 9:3 and 1 Cor. 10:25-26:..."

    Nice response! Point to Rattler. I'm going to add those references to my "Environmentalism - refutation of" file.


    [Preptile] "little something extra"

    That would be "extrifo" [BettyAnn's word quip awhile back]: "Here's a little extrifo ya." [remember that Detroit (?) woman who, when asked: "Who's going to pay for it?... Where will he get the money?", responded, "Obama. Out of his stash, I guess, (giggle)."

    Heh, heh, heh.


    [Jamie] "We are NOT sheep. We will NOT roll over."


    [Patrick Henry] "Give me liberty, or give me death."

  101. Donde esta TOTUS?

    Ou est vous?

  102. Here's an obscure passage to give moralizing liberals who pick and choose among scripture, and then smugly fling them at those of us who actually find scripture inspirational:

    "There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him:
    haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers."

    As for the innocent blood being shed, you might remind bleeding hearts who love to feel good about birds and butterflies of the millions who have died from malaria because DDT offends tree huggers. This among other crimes to humanity is the result of their own peculiar "Imperialism".

  103. Context is everything. I and many soldiers and other conservative Americans, pundits, and politicians have noted----with great and appropriate fury----that BO frittered away ("wasted") time and thus the tremendous treasure of the lives of our troops while he dithered all these past months (I believe purposely).

    So I and those soldiers and conservative Americans, pundits, and politicians have surmised----again, with justified outrage and horror----that BO truly doesn't seem to value at ALL these soldiers' lives or care if they are killed ("wasted") from BO's not providing them with enough arms, supplies, or cover.

    We who value life never believe a human life is wasted or expendable. BO isn't one of us.

    "US:" we are patriots TOGETHER.

    Btw, FOTs, good news in a small, yet possibly significant way, ultimately:

    Evidently Angelina Jolie is becoming more openly conservative, and thinks BO is a socialist! How gratifying, to have one more convert among people of influence! After she worked with the United Nations (bleah!---that mess is 'way too liberal!), Angelina seems to be taking after her father more now; HE is a terrific advocate for conservatism. Hopefully she'll influence many more stars in Hollywood, to blast away at its liberal monolith, so that conservative values and ideas are someday respected there.

  104. You did it again.

    Soldiers, who are volunteers serving this nation, when they are killed in a war zone, give their life for this country. THAT, madam, is not "waste". AVOIDABLE with the best plans and equipment, but never is a life given for the country "wasted". I don't give a rat's ass who agrees with the use of that word. They are wrong, and demoralizing heroes by using it.

  105. I did again----on purpose----but not the way you insist upon taking it, BA. There's no need to defend the troops in this case----except versus BO, as I did.

    Everyone, including our troops, realizes that words have several meanings. I used "waste" as a synonym for "killed" (as in, "Our bombs wasted the Taliban in the hideout."), but it has at least 5 other meanings.

    So, most people don't use the word, "waste," in only your one sense: "to use up or spend without real need, gain, or purpose; squander." Worse, most people don't insist----as you do, BA----that the entire world may use that word only in that one, limited sense----or insist that our troops will only understand it that way.

    Second, the troops aren't rigid or stupid; they are capable of distinguishing what demoralizes them. That is, they do NOT feel demoralized by anyone's merely reporting BO's blase attitude about their lives. Instead, the troops DO feel demoralized because their so-called "Commander in Chief" HAS such a blase attitude about their lives.

    We FOTs are all conservative patriots who are proud of our troops.

  106. "to use up or spend without real need, gain, or purpose; squander"----in the sense of the soldier's life was worthless and the soldier's death was meaningless.

    Instead, every life has worth and every death is a tremendous loss.

    As I wrote previously.

  107. I haven't been around much lately. Am having problems with a pinched nerve in my lower back, resulting in pressure on my sciatic nerve. You know how old folks like me always talk about how our "sciatica is acting up"?

    Well, mine isn't acting.

    It hurts to sit for more than five minutes at a time, so I spend a LOT of time walking around. Which means I can't spend much time online without paying for it in the long run. I think I can now safely say that I can relate to people who are in chronic pain.

    May God Bless our Soldiers and Keep Watch Over Them.

    TOTUS, I believe its time for you to give us a new post and save us from ourselves. Please?

  108. You Better Be Good You Better NOT Cheat.

    Who says there is no Santa? It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Santa’s helpers were busy hacking emails earlier this year;) Just one of the early gifts Americans received. He does live at the North Pole.

  109. Jamie, sea salt or epsom salt at double the strength in hot water - soak a towel and apply to the area. It will help tremendously. You must relax the tendons and innundate the nerve with minerals. I have worked in a spa, and this is the best remedy. Better if you can get a massage afterward.

    MM. I just asked you not to use the word waste about soldier's lives. You are dancing around the request. And I don't need told about what effects troops. I live with one. We talk to our friends, at present in Mosul, on skype. My nephew is in Afghanistan. My niece leaves after finishing ordinance training.

    I thought you were a writer. Words mean much. There is a big difference between lightening and the lightening bug. Blithely typing along, indifferently tapping out words taken any which way you care to twist them is not writing. Our military may have to obey the commander in chief, but the oath is to uphold the constitution. The present battle is to thwart Al Quaeda's purpose to destroy our constitution, which assures our civil liberties, and to secure defeat of radical Islam in order to secure the West's way of life. This battle may rage for 20 more years, with many other commander's in chief, because this enemy is serious, this enemy is large and believes jihad is ordained by God. That is the battle. Through ups and downs, Americans who give their lives to fight it are heroes against an enemy that is, bottom line, anti-human.

    "Worse, most people don't insist----as you do, BA----that the entire world may use that word only in that one, limited sense----or insist that our troops will only understand it that way."

    How very casual, this attitude. Sorry, but I don't share it.

  110. Have you noticed that Pro-Choicers have little or no regard for human life?

    BObastard is for abortion, and the government funding it, not only here, but all over the world. How wonderful, America paying for the unborn to be killed. BObastard is the most wretched, evil, vilest creature on the planet.

    I don't think he's even human.

    What he is doing to our troops is criminal; no backing, no support, no leadership -- BObastard will do ANYTHING to make our military fail.

    The restrictions he's placed on our troops is nothing short of murder. He is intentionally sending them to their deaths; if they defend themselves, the troops are arrested and tried.

    What kind of monster would do that our troops???

    We need to rid American of all Muslims, and tear down their anti-God mosques. Never let the murdering bastards in our country again; make a new Amendment if necessary.

    And THIS lying Muslim needs to go; how do we get rid of him? BEFORE 12/10?

  111. thank you for the advice, bettyann. I've been using Epsom salts, although at the strength recommended on the package. I'll double up.

    I've also been seeing my chiropractor, using some stuff called BIOFREEZE, a heating pad, tylenol, ibuprophen and a TENS unit (electro-stimulation). My problem is that I keep doing stuff that I shouldn't be doing (like housework). Last night was the WORST. I ended up taking a prescription pain med just so I could sleep. I don't like taking the strong stuff like that.

    It is unusually cold here for this time of year and I think that might have a little to do with it. They are actually predicting snow tonight, possible an inch. If we get ANY snow here, it usually isn't until January or February. (must be that global warming)

    As for the Obamanation Pretender-in-Chief, I saw part of his speech in PA today. At one point a gentleman got up to ask a question and mentioned his service in the Armed Forces. Of course, BO said "Thanks for your service" with a definite lack of enthusiasm. To me, he sounded flippant.

    BO wasn't too terribly happy with his audience. They kept doing things like handing off the microphone to other people who, most likely, weren't "pre-approved". Wonder if it was intentional (the handing off)?

    Whatever the case, BO didn't seem too thrilled to be answering questions from the people to whom the mic was handed.

    As for what he said, I only half listened. I knew whatever he said would be the usual - lies, lies and even MORE lies.

    As for the Muslims.... wonder if anyone thinks to question Muslims as to their opinion of their brethren in Pah-key-stan who attacked a mosque today? I thought mosques were "off limits"?

  112. Oh, Jamie, I am so sorry about your back pain! My physical therapist says that moist heat DOES help relieve pain best----and you can buy microwave heat packs for convenience. I hope you feel better soon. We have missed your posts; debbdi wrote me about missing you, too. ACK! You must REALLY miss reading extensively online, too!
    I'm glad you wrote such a nice long post, and listened to BO's speech. I didn't catch it, but reports are that he said nothing new----just more lectures against small businesses, for DARING to want to make profits!
    Hang in there, Jamie, and thanks for letting us know what is happening with you.
    Lord, please comfort and heal Jamie! AMEN

    bettyann, I haven't "danced around" your "request" (an entirely too polite a term for your haughty lectures), but I wrote plainly that NO one should have to monitor words according to your restrictions. It's sad that you stay so negative and disrespectful. The topic concerning soldiers seems just another way for you to keep expressing disdain for others.

    For example, you suggest I'm a careless writer. How presumptuous an assumption----and how ironic, given your own writing in that very paragraph, where you made many errors! Check out the proper use of "effect" vs. "affect," as well as "lightening" vs. "lightning," and "constitution" vs. "Constitution."

    But as I read your posts, BA, I hardly notice your frequent errors because I stay positive----and I'm more interested in understanding your IDEAS.

    I hope you'll become more positive, BA, but if you insist upon remaining disrespectful and negative, that's your choice.

    Dear Mrs1953, you are right that many pro-choicers devalue life in MANY ways, and not just regarding abortion. We certainly DO need to get BO and the Obots OUT of power as soon as possible, if we're to prevent their thoroughly ruining our economy, and thus our worldwise preeminence.

    The sun is shining so beautifully here! I pray that it will shine where you live, too, dear FOTs, that TOTUS will soon bless us with another hilarious article to poke fun at BO, that the Lord will send warm weather to help Jamie's back----and that bettyann can enjoy a fun motorcycle ride on behalf of the troops we ALL treasure.

  113. An editor is an editor and a writer is a writer.

    "It's sad that you stay so negative and disrespectful."

    Sad? I'm having a blast. At least I am not BLITHE. I bet if I kissed your ass you'd croon.

    TOTUS, hurry up and post again. Feed us! The hens are going cannibal.

    My word, no kidding (I swear somebody does this on purpose):


    I am not lying.

    "I bet if I suct up you'd call me positive and endearing."

    NOT. Anyway, I'm right.

  114. I'm curious, BA: why do you like Sarah Palin?
    She's everything you enjoy rejecting: kind, patient, careful, endearing, and unfailing positive.

  115. Is this some kind of homewrecker? Is the Onion News Network mocking TOTUS?

  116. MM, I'm curious as well. Why do you like Sarah Palin so much, since she is everything you are not? like, REAL.

    My Word:


    Elvish for "bullshit".

  117. Excellent Post! I really like your blog - keep up the excellent work!

    Common Cents

  118. I love Sarah Palin for the very reasons I listed in my question to you----which you failed to address.

    Re. your assertion that I am not "REAL:" keep your opinion, but regarding the many FOTs who post here and value my input, why negatively slam them as as "sucking up?"

  119. Back years ago, when I was still married, my ex and I lived on a mini-farm. We had horses, ducks, chickens and geese. My ex, being a complete idiot, in-SIST-ed that we have TWO roosters. I knew better, but I let him get two roosters.

    Needless to say, from day one, the roosters were constantly at each other. Fortunately, we kept the geese in the pen with the chickens. Whenever the roosters started squabbling, the geese would start honking and run over to the roosters and proceed to beat them with their wings until they stopped.

    Since we don't have a real goose right now in THIS henhouse, this will have to do:

    "Honk....Honk! HONK."

    "Stop it! PLEASE."

    (This goose is very polite.)

    If you could have seen me, I was flapping my "wings".

    And it hurt. WAH!

  120. Thank you for being very polite, Jamie. I truly knew you would step in soon!----but remember that I've been advocating for kindness, not squabbling.
    Anyway, worry not; I was just at the point of saying, "God bless you, bettyann" (meaning that in the very most positive, not snotty way) and moving on. Yet I do apologize if my replies contributed to making your or other FOTs' day more stressful.

    I just returned from a shopping trip, and enjoyed driving past so many beautifully decorated homes. In this failing economy, many people can't use as much electricity on Christmas or other holiday lights, but I'm grateful for those who can afford the treasure AND time to do so.
    The front yard of one home was bathed everywhere in a lovely soft light, from twinkling lights on every bush and tree. At every window of another house hung large wreaths, lit with candles, while in all the windows of yet another home glowed solitary candles: just gorgeous.
    Every faith honors how God blesses us with life and reaches our hearts through light----as this time of year reminds us.

  121. Sometimes I feel like Satchel-Pooch when I read this blog.

  122. Dear Betty Ann,

    How did it go at the Wobbly Presbyterian Church this evening? Did you get an opportunity to refute that Islamofascist pig?

    "MUHAMMED LIED!" Betty Ann. Amen.

    I prayed all day for you. Hope it went well. Hope you are okay.

    Take care,


  123. They dropped that comic strip from our Sunday paper -- but kept Doonesbury, that I HATE-- (which [the paper, not the comic strip] comes from Indiana, which explains a lot...) and I can't recall the cat's name -- Bucky or something?

    gads, but that was a wickedly funny strip; unlike Doonesbury, which is pure crap.

    ah, GET FUZZY.

  124. LOL. (:D) I love "Get Fuzzy," too, MRS. I just went and found our book of "Get Fuzzy" and read a few pages. Yeah, the insane cat is Bucky. Super funny comic strip.

    AND I HATE DOONESBURY with its warped liberal message. And, like most liberal propaganda, it's short on humor. Naturally. A good sense of humor is, after all, a sign of intelligence.

  125. [Susan] "Sometimes I feel like Satchel-Pooch when I read this blog." LOL.

    Sometimes, I feel like I'm in a scene from M.A.S.H. featuring Hawkeye and Frank what's-his-name (Hotlips Hoolihan's boyfriend).

  126. I have a new post on Climategate on my political blog. We have caught Al Gore's friends and we had better not let this go. Otherwise you've only begun to see the government running our lives.

    John's Space

  127. You're right, John's Space: climategate reveals lies. You wrote an excellent blog about this mess! Thank you.

    My friend from the CDC just sent me a link to a terrific speech by Lt. Col. Allen West, who is running for Congress in Florida's 22nd district. He was forced to resign a few years ago, for having threatened to shoot an Iraqi captive (although at the time he took full responsibility, and his superior officer never reported it). The information Lt. Col. West wrested from the captive revealed and prevented an assassination plot, saving US soldiers' lives. Nevertheless, the Army determined that Lt. Col. West's behavior violated the law, so he was forced to resign (although he was allowed to keep his pension).

    The omnipresent PC police get all wee-wee'd up about such behavior----except in liberal movies, when it's okay actually to shoot (not just threaten to) the toe from the foot of the chauffeur/kidnapper of a LIBERAL ex-president's wife, or it's understandable to shoot the WHITE molesters/murderers of a BLACK man's daughter, etc.

    Here's the link to Lt. Col. West's recent, inspiring speech:

  128. Hey TWW:
    I spent yesterday afternoon studying intently about the Islamic Center of New Mexico. Thanks much for the whisperings in The Ear; a great boon to any endeavor.

    The ICNM site and .com both reflected a disturbing trend in Islam - utter silence on pertinent issues, such as honor killings, the wars, and in particular any opinion on Jihadists. They cited passages where one muslim is not to kill naother muslim, and that' the extent of it. The site addressed racist grien=vances agaisnt the U.S., and encouraged muslims to call Bingaman to stop the FBI from using gps to track muslim activites. They sounded the alarm that the government might put them in concentration camps, as we did the Japaneswe. Also, it went on in great length about plans to proselyze the Albuquerque area. I have seen the billboards. They announce the religion of peace is handy at the door for converts.

    I was distrubed to my bones by the whole, as usual. I made copious notes, in 3:19 for instance is says, "The religion in the sight of Allah is Islam", and read extensively about Islam's presumption to superiority to all other religions. In fact, in Islam all prophets back to Adam were muslims, but the Jews messed it up and then the Christians messed it up, until of course Mohammed, who revealed that all the way back the prophets were actually muslims, clarifying religious history for us.

    Islam claims that it is our true inheritance from God. (more in 3:85 of koran.)

    I'm pressed for time this morning, as an old friend is coming to lunch. And this supbject deserves much more than passing thought. This amazing link: to me too late and I wish I had read it yesterday, it is long but what an amazing read. Anyway, my questions mounted, but more, that disturbed feeling deepened, I mean where you are so profoundly disturbed tht you feel dumbstruck. The thought kept returning to me that even jsut ten years ago we never heard of this in our own backyard. Here it is. In my town, now.

    I went to the church at about 6:30, and peered in the windows. There sat the imam and his wife in a scarf, and they were eating the potluck dinner the wobbly minister provided. Around them sat seven of my neighbors: The wobbler nad his wife, the nutcase who paints his whole body black in the 4th of july and marches in the parade as "Death" (I told you I live in a strange little town), the long haired "witch" who runs a camp for shamanic magic with two others (yes Jamie, that part in Cerro was true), and one little old lady who looked very uncomfortable. I think she was the secratary, there because she had to be. In short, it was a small crew of the village idiots.

    I did not go in. Nobody turned out - no one cared. My neighbors are strange, but just that once I was proud of them. I went to the legion for a beer instead, and there met a friend and told her why I was out and about, and she guffawed and told me not to bother. Everyone was angry with the Wobbler at the church for inviting the imam. And also, she had heard that the Wobbler was prepared for battle with anyone who might come there to disturb the "peace fest", as she called it, "for the religion of peace." It looked like a waste of time and far from a forum in which to stand to say what I wanted to say, to address what I wanted to address. The crowd that I thought would there, was not there.

    I'm sorry if I let you down. However, I intend to write a piece for the newspaper about it. My intention in going was to prevent the imam from pacifying my neighbors. He did not, except as I mentioned possibly mullify the nuts.

    Please read the link that I posted, it is an amazing, truly beautiful piece of passionate patriotism, as Preptile might say ;)

    More later.

  129. Kudos for going to the forum, bettyann!
    It's terrific that your area's citizens were wise enough to skip it, so you didn't have to go in after all.
    Thanks also for posting the link to Fallaci's writing about Islam. I've read much of her work over the years, but it was refreshing to read this again: she does indeed write beautifully.

    I know a Muslim from Turkey, who says she does what many other Muslims do: ignore the parts of the Qu'ran which disturb her, which advocate violent jihad or not making friends outside of Islam. Radical Islamists of various sects would no doubt deny that she's Muslim. Perhaps many of the world's Muslims are like her: raised in that religion, connected to God/Allah personally, but ignoring many features of their religion's doctrines.
    Actually, many people I know set aside or "put on the shelf" (the phrase used in one religion) their religion's scriptures or holy writings that they dislike, don't understand, or can't affirm.

    BO and other liberals fail to acknowledge that while currently-decent people can be Muslim, all RADICAL Islamists are dangerous----and when stressed, many "mild" Muslims turn, becoming dangerously radical Islamists----as occurred with the Fort Hood murderer.

  130. Nice lunch with an old friend beside a roaring fire, while outside snow flies in the freezing whirly wind. What better Saturday could there be?

    Islam is probably easily put aside, dismissed as a beacon for life model, as it is a lie.

    It is not real at all, and Mohammed was a fake. A disturbed fake who plagerized Christianity and Judaism to gain renown, and feed an enormous and sick ego.

    The koran he produced from supposedly channeling God, is not inspired holy scripture - writings which convey deep truth with simplicity that call to the human spirit as to the lost in darkness by silver bells - unless it is in those passages he copied almost verbatum from the Torah, and from the New Testament. They say you must read it in Arabic for the koran to ring true - another lie, and an excuse. The bible has inspired millions upon millions in every language on Earth since the printing press was invented. The language of true spirit rings out like pure silver in any language.

    If the koran were true, why do many read it, feeling afterward only revulsion at it's obfuscation at what it claims is the truth of the One God? Because it is a lot of camel dung, that's why. Anyone out there who has not read the koran should do so. Do not take my word for it.

    Islam contains so many inconsistancies, so many loop holes, is so not divinely inspired (except the passages he stole from the Torah and the New Testament) that muslims easily dismiss it and do not live by it at all. I think some 9 out of ten muslims do not abide by koranic teachings. Yet even I, crazy as I am, without even trying but only being morally true to my culture, abide by 99% of Christian values. Because they ring true on the inside, that's why, whereas Islam requires exterior portrayal of faith, expressed by striving. With one's self, and the neighbors, if they are not muslim. Religion of peace, my rosy ass!!


    TOTUS, you lazy bum.

  131. Gotta say, Muhammed didn't get a lot of stories correctly down re. Bible characters, either----like Abraham and Isaac and Ishmael, for example. He'd only paid attention partly, I guess, when he heard the stories (evidently he never read them at all!).

    TOTUS, you still sick from Tuesday? I can't blame you.

    I went back today, to force myself to listen to the very end of that speech, just to see if BO really said, "right makes might," or (as Jamie astutely noticed would make it JUST like that pastor said at the end of BO's inauguration speech), "white makes right."
    Well, he said the first, as Jamie heard, and he didn't slur his word or anything, as I had thought he did.

    ANYWAY, on this second listen I noticed that BO has a new speech tactic: staring fiercely INTO the camera, to emphasize his manly courage or strength. He IS reading the text, I am pretty certain, from another TOTUS-type scroll rigged somewhere right ABOVE the camera.

    It doesn't work. He's still a fake, and no one was impressed there, and that was flatly evident.

  132. bettyann, I want to thank you for posting the link to Ms. Falluci's article / essay. Such honest passionate AMERICAN patriotism, from someone not even an American citizen, is wonderfully inspiring. The way she uses her words uniquely stirred my soul with the same inner flag-waving pride that spread the nation after 9/11, as she so poignantly described.

    This should be required reading, at least every September 11.

    Thank you, too, for being an author. You and Ms. Falluci are similarly adept at putting into words those "knowings" we all have, but have difficulty expressing.

  133. Me thinks TOTUS is still on Thanksgiving break, maybe attending a football game (or screening a game or two).

    It appeared to me that BO didn't use TOTUS the other day when he gave the speech in PA. BO seemed to be "winging it" a couple of times there and shuffling papers on the podium. But I could be wrong. I didn't watch it that closely.

    I'm glad that the Wobbler didn't have ANY turnout, other than the local kooks. The lack of an audience speaks VERY loudly. I imagine that the imam will write off your town as unworthly of further conversion attempts.

    (BTW, Your Wobbler sounds like a turkey. Maybe you should call him the Gobbler?)

    The Muslims seem to do better in large urban cities (or prisons), where they can take advantage of the weak and disillusioned, as opposed to small towns where most folks are confident in their Christian faith.

    It seems a lot of American men are attracted to Islam because under Islam, the men are in control. One of my co-workers (a young black guy) was toying with the idea of converting to Islam and when I asked him about the treatment of women, he said that women are treated very well, as they are "protected". I pointed out a few things that were inconsistent with that idea. He hasn't mentioned it since, but I know that he hasn't followed through.

    I read an article the other day where the author (from Norway) interviewed a woman who had converted to Islam. The woman told her that she felt "liberated" under Islam because she "didn't have to think about anything, she just followed the rules". I guess she hasn't been informed yet that one of the rules is that "killing unbelievers" gets you into heaven.

    Here is a link:

    Its funny about the witchy woman in your town. My daughter used to have a neighbor on base who was Wiccan. She called herself a "goddess" and talked about herbal remedies and such. A very strange woman, that one.

    (BTW - I've been using the Epsom salts as you recommended and it seems to be helping. It also helped that my chiropractor threatened to put me in traction if I didn't improve, so I'm trying really, really hard to do everything right to get well.)

  134. Thanks aero, but I cannot except credit for the Falluci essay, as it was forwarded to me by one much more informed. I do agree with you on its merit, and double down on that ;) and wish that those in high places would read it very thoroughly. Very.

    Oh good. Now, increase your circulatory. Stretch (softly) or sing. Strange advice, I know, but do it. I do not know why it works, but singing, especially as loud as you can, after hot water treatment works amazing wonders. You do not have to sound like a diva! Just be the diva!


    TOTUS Rocks. Like a Japanese kareoke. But, he did it his way. Very slowly, once in awhile....and then fell asleep. Which is why we call him Mr. Ex.

  135. bettyann, I sing around the house all the time. It helps that only the critters are around to hear me, lol. (One of these days my parrot is going to burst out in song.)

    I must get well soon. I want to put up my CHRISTmas tree and decorate inside my house. (My son put up my lights outside when he was home.)

  136. Hey, Betty Ann, way to go. Your discretion is to be commended. When NOT to talk is not even on some people's TO DO list. "... a time to be silent" was, apparently, omitted from their version of Ecclesiastes 3. With only swine (and one little toadie) before whom to present your lovely pearls of wisdom, you were exactly right to head off to the Legion hall.

    God took care of it -- no one came!

    Way to be prepared to meet the enemy head on, Betty Ann. Your article will be a powerful attack on the lie that is "Submit."


    RE: Fallaci article: I read the first 10 pages (!) or so and was moved by much of Fallaci's informed and insightful essay. One of the most moving lines, in her account of Sept., 2001, was:

    "While Bush was thanking them all they did was wave their little American flags, raise their clenched fists, and roar: 'USA! USA!'"

    And they would do it again.

    What a gift heartfelt patriotism is. We Americans love our country. This is a gift from God. A gift to be nurtured, treasured, celebrated.

    "Live free or die,".....
    ..... unlike that miserable creature who claims to be "liberated" by Islam. [article cited by Jamie] She thinks she is free. She is a slave. In giving up her God-given ability to decide, she is giving up her personhood; she has, in short, voluntarily turned herself into property.


    Dear Jamie, I hope that you feel much better soon. Re: the stretching recommended by Betty Ann, my friend who has a chronic sciatica issue sits on the floor, arms and legs straight out in front of her, pulls in her tummy slightly, and GENTLY leans as far forward as she safely can, takes a deep breath, and lets it out slowly (for a count of 5) while holding that position - REPEAT 5 times. May not be for everyone, but it works for her.

    Good for you to SING! Silly singing is great, too. Produces laughter -- good medicine.

    It can also produce embarrassment. (`~') Since it's cold where you are, there is not much danger of the following happening to you (for now, anyway!). One summer day about 10 years ago, I was walking around the house doing chores, singing at the top of my lungs, "Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg [I know, I know, but it has a bouncy rhythm]!!!" Mid-stanza, I heard a hesitant knock at the OPEN front door. Peeking around the corner, I saw our rather dull [hence, no sense of humor], slightly shocked-expressioned, neighbor standing there. "Uh, here," he mumbled, backing away, "uh, here's some salmonsorryaboutthedog [their dog barked ALL night before an early morning turn-to]." Then, he turned and walked quickly away [probably broke into a run as soon as he was out of sight, heh, heh, heeeeh].


  137. Julie Andrews. "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things!!!"

    Um'pampampa Um'pampa...

    I sing, too. Why it helps, I don't know! But anytime, anywhere, if you just start a song, just changes everything. It really just does. It is the utmost weirdest truth!

    No wonder God loves us. We are just amazing and countradictory and beyond compare. Besides, all He has, if weren't for us, is atoms. Look at all this mess we make! All the time, this and that...and then we start singing some foolish song about whiskers of kittens.

    Good night, FOTae.


    TOTUS, if it weren't for us, you would be nothing at all. Your boss certainly isn't.

    Raspberries, and good night.

  138. Oh! but one last present.

    And God bless the angels.

  139. Thank you for the link to that beautiful video. That is one of my favorite songs to sing from one of my most favorite movies. It helped start my day off right. The gentleman singing, IZ, sure has a beautiful voice and what a lovely way to sing that song.

    I'll probably be singing or humming it for the rest of the day.

  140. I'm one of those crazy old ladies who cannot STAND to listen to or watch Judy Garland (despise every movie she's in), Julie Andrews (only thing she was good in -- or funny -- was Victor/Victoria), and that horrible woman with the frog voice (can't recall her name anymore, thank goodness ------awww, rats, Carol Channing.) and Liza M is the biggest nothing to ever open her big, ugly, no-talent mouth. Until BObastard came along...

    Rainbow is not my favorite song, but this guy puts a whole new - and listenable - spin on it. And such gorgeous scenery! the last one looks like Eden...

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  142. This comment has been removed by the author.

  143. [NOTE: i have to post this in two parts as it's too long for one post, according the Error message I keep getting.... Sorry about that.]

    There's a lot of singing around our house, too; my older son auditioned for a University scholarship singing "Music of the Night" from ALW's "Phantom of the Opera". He was the last one to audition, of about 27 candidates. All the other had the usual, boring stuff, and the Professor would listen and nod approval. Finally, 4 or 5 hours later, we were the last two in the audition hall. I, like a blasted fool, hadn't brought my recorder, because the result had always been too 'tinny' and he would sing a capella -- or planned to.

    For months, I practiced with him, to get him ready for the lower and higher notes of the song, until two weeks before his audition, I told him "You've gone past me, now; and I can't sing with you any more until you get your scholarship."

    and he said, 'Yeah you can!" and I told him, 'no,' that he needed to be challenged to go beyond his present level. At the University, he would find people who would take him further.

    So I'm waiting, and have decided he has only two possible competitors: a girl, a well-trained soprano; and another boy, a baritone with a low range tenor. But my son is not only a low range baritone, but a very high range tenor; however, you never know what these professors like. Oh, all the singers were 17, so this was over ten years ago.

    I'm sitting in the first row, about two feet from the stage. All during the performances, the most beautiful, ebony black grand piano stood silent on the stage. The Professor remained at the desk, approved the sheet music; and okayed any music that the kids had brought on cassette tape to play accompaniment.

    He asked my son what he was singing.

    He said, "Music of the Night."

    The Professor looked at him, very surprised. "REally?" and I thought, "Oh, crap, he hates ALW, and we're wasting our time..."

    My son says 'Yes, sir."

    Prof: "Do you have sheet music?"

    My son: "Yes, but I don't need it to sing."

    Professor takes it, about 5 or 6 pages, skims through it. "Do have you accompaniment?"

    All the others said 'yes'; my son says, 'no.'

    "You sing a capella?"

    "Yes, sir."

    The Professor sets back. "Sing the the third verse."

    This put my son off for about 2 seconds, and he complies. And I wish I had brought my recorder, because the acoustics were astounding. And that wasn't the half of it.

    The Professor stopped him at the last line, and said (and I will never forget this): "Do you mind if I accompany you on the piano?"

    My son says, "No, sir; I'd like it. I've never sang with piano accompaniment."

  144. And so, these two - one professional and one amateur - w/o practice, got down to business.

    The Professor began the intro on a piano that boomed throughout the empty auditorium, filling it with deep, resonant tones that reached down to your toes, and soared upward to heights only the very best can reach, much less attempt. I was blown away by this man's playing.

    Without cue or any signal (although I knew the note my son would enter on), my son's voice filled that auditorium; not overpowering the piano, and not being overpowered by its resonating tones. I had never heard him sing as he did that day, with that wonderful, kind, and talented Professor taking time to play with him.

    And I was close enough to see his nods of approval, and comments of 'good, good' ever so often. But I knew what he was waiting for, to see if my son could hit the highest notes; his lower notes were perfect, and I knew the Professor wondered about the higher ones.

    It's a six-seven minute song; the Professor's playing was perfect, he never wavered or stumbled; my son kept pace with him perfectly, and on those high, drawn-out notes near the end of the song, perfect playing, pitch, timing and singing came together in the most soul-stirring rendition of the song that I have ever heard (he wasn't as good as Michael Crawford, but he was close), and I heard the Professor say 'excellent', and after the song, he talked to my son for about ten minutes.

    He got the scholarship. :-)

    Hope I didn't bore you guys, but sometimes I do have some good university/professor stories to tell :-)

  145. This comment has been removed by the author.

  146. Rep Thaddeus McCotter explains empirical data and the need for such to claim that Global Warming is anything more than a collectivist theory.

  147. MRS, I liked your story very much.

    Oriana Falluchi is a facinating study. Articles written in critique pale in camparison to her passion. Muslims wanted her silenced, even jailed, and she was threatened with murder. As we are talking about Islam, that comes as no surprise.

  148. Jamie ,your point above about multiple Roosters in the henhouse rang true.
    That catfight tho,was more of a top dog tussle,and all over a bone picked clean.
    Meatier matters abound,ahem,post Turkey.Those bones have been picked over,eh Teleprompter?Oh, I forgot ,
    Pleas for more prose do not particularly please the Pros,like our Promptczar
    Speaking as we were of meatier matters, Media Matters might note that not one press person,save Debbie Schlussel,noticed that gate crasher slipped in by the WH social secretary,just happened to be a 'Palestinian' muslim.Perhaps profiling him would have been prudent as he might have been thrilled to share a final fatal handshake w our President..He might have parlayed that Political pander into Paradise.

    I would have rushed over to referee the ruckus and smooth all those ruffled feathers in our henhouse last week but was across the road on business w an ex military type named Sanders.Pretty sure he was a full bird Colonel.
    Ran some huge Cremation corporation,and was offering franchise opportunities.
    I told him my Hens would hem and haw but would not let him hem them in.
    He'll have hell to pay for tryin all that fryin around here.
    Had him holler at Foghorn Leghorn tho,as this sounded like just his kind of pressure cooker concoction.Just hope it doesn't all blow up on him.

    Recently occurred to me,we oughta be celebrating that last month of the aughts.
    The Oprah and Obama decade is ending.
    Oh boy !

    Ought to also google the 'Rage and The Pride' that Fallachi article above.It is far better read than anything you will find here today.
    It inspired the current Pope (who praised her premise and her prose) to propose that islam curtail it's outreach via the sword.Some Palestinians and Pakistanis panned her produce,but provided no powerful points.Only pouts.
    The Pope's paper pondered on that 13th century Pope (Innocent?) who argued God would reject compulsion to worship.
    Forcing folks to faith is something a reasonable God would forbid.
    One presumes he would wish to be welcomed into one's heart,and not whipped into it,Sharia style.When the Pope pointed that out,and as you will recall,riots followed.
    He dared criticize jihad ,that hegemonic tenet of islam
    enabling religious domino teams to imperialize at will.
    Presently islam owns 57 mostly touching states ,(where most touching is verboten).
    Haaraam hand holders are harrassed.Heatedly.

    There are about 50 Tiny Wars Worldwide now.Mostly muslim seccesionists.Many would like to add that all important Stan to their names,as the faithful fight for Phillipinistan and want to establish a Weegistan too.Folks figuring out that vacation itinerary should skip anyplace founded by that Stan fellow.No Turkministan,and that Borat tour to Khazahaistan should be reconsidered as should all places where Sharia laws prevail over civil rights ,and civil laws. Women,infidels,Jews and homosexuals are cautioned & conversion to islam before entering those locales is suggested,in addition to sex reassignment surgery for the females and gays.All "infidelity" is unwelcome.
    That in a nutshell was Fallachi's point.

    Sherlockian types could probably presume correctly who the Fallachi fan is here,and TWW you are correct to praise the discretion displayed by BA,BUT,one might just be proud of having fortunately found Fallachi.
    Now go read a real writer.
    Orianna Fallachi.

  149. How FANTASTIC, bettyann!

    Just before Thanksgiving, in a search for "Israeili music" on YouTube, I came across that very video of Israel K. singing Over the Rainbow, and was so impressed I shared it with a friend, my sister and brother-in-law, and my daughters and sons-in-law as a Happy Thanksgiving treat.

    And a treat it is! Thanks for sharing it with all the FOTS.

    [Now I'll go review the rules about run-on sentences;)]

  150. Okey, Dokey, for the last hour I've been reading Oriana Fallaci's The Rage and the Pride. She is one forthright writer. Wow. Where have I been?

    But the puppy has to pee, pronto.

    I think our next missive from the one formerly known as TOTUS, DEAR(!), will be a Christmas card.

  151. They must have been serving moonshine at his thanksgiving!!

  152. OMG..Where is TOTUS........Have'nt heard from him in a long time. Has TOTUS lost his job? I'm not coming back unless TOTUS shows,lol

  153. This comment has been removed by the author.

  154. Removed a link I thought was actual but found out is not.

  155. HA Bettyann, love your reference. Maybe he's in a tight spot.
    Looking forward to catching up with TOTUS and FOTS soon!

  156. One wonders whether the One took el Tigre
    to the woodshed,so to speak.
    What say you Teleprompter ?
    I can just imagine you spelling out,
    "Nice Putt Tiger,or Putter,so many times your screen must be burnt crispy.
    But what of The Wounded Womanhood ?
    Put that proposition to that putter himself when all gather to munch on some Kobie and ponder their problems,TP.
    Then you can post on it.

  157. MRS!!! What a moving, "soul-stirring," story of the day you sat and watched your baby, your fledgling eagle, spread his powerful wings, and -- fly -- his soaring voice lifting your soul so high you could feel the warmth of Heaven bathing your face in its golden light.

    An "amateur," by the way, is simply one who does what they do solely for the love of it. the connotation that an amateur is inherently less talented or skilled than a professional is a false one. Many a "professional" is paid to do what hundreds of amateurs do far better and for no pay at all. I have a feeling, though, that your son will, one day, be paid for his wonderful talent and the hard work with which he has already (thanks to his super Mom) begun to shape that exceptional (what a range!) voice. Has he considered Juilliard School of Music, NYC?


    Thank you for sharing.

    [ P.S. I LOVE Judy Garland -- in "The Wizard of Oz." And that is about all. Drugs and other character and voice-corroding things ruined her. Yeah, her daughter, LM, would NEVER have been a "professional" but for her parents' reputation and influence. Julie Andrews is, to me, fun; so I enjoy her. The "Sound of Music" makes me happy, so I love that, too.]

  158. Any way to report an offensive post, as kentcabe's is? Do NOT click on any of the images, that is, if you try to avoid offensive images (which I would suggest).

  159. Aero, were they images of BO & MO?? THAT would be pretty offensive!

    I have to say, I was about to click and then figured they could be viruses or something, so I abstained.

    TOTUS, we're dying out here, throw us a bone!

  160. TOTUS, thou cruel standard of steely blue wisdom, thou maker of wretched readersip - whoops, martinae afoot!! - ...ship, thou breaker of thee rebellious spirit, come forth, and anon...twitter beside the point, rather than beside the point twitter.

    Ya, like that.

    Forthwith, thy readership is thusly soforth sick of one another, to the point of despair at approximately 120 posteth-es. As soldiers loath of the seige against conservatism, we are, outside the impenetrable wall of thy insociability, bereft of they company, misfit company may we be, though far from responsible of our assembly, as this would be totally thy problem and the effect of any irrespnsibility you may harbor toward internet bloggething.

    Romancing thee forthwith non effectual, I have an powerball lotto ticket in mine hot littel handeth-es, signed to TOTUS, with five winning numbers. Appear, or I shall fortwith rip it to weensy-eth sheds. Anon.

  161. I shall assume that the blog has been abandoned.

  162. Larry. If five winning numbers does not make him appear, I may agree. Pity, as there are three more years of garbage from POTUS to digest, and as the moron cannot speak for himself and must have TOTUS, we must assume our dear one has gone over to the other side.

    We might perform a funeral, but I suggest attaching a bell at the end of his cord, for I have a feeling he is not dead at all, merely comatose. A publicity stunt mught helpt at the junciture. Perhaps if I threatended to leap from a tall building unless TOTUS Blogus Magnanimus?

    If not, I wonder how many posts one thread is able to sustain.

  163. Well I dropped the blog off my reading list, but I subscribed to this comment-stream--as long as the spam doesn't get too bad I'll watch for developments.

    I fear that NKVD (or what ever that czardom is called) got him and he has been reprogrammed.

  164. I hate to tell you all this, but TOTUS is really Tiger Woods. It may be a while before you see another post. - Steve W.

  165. TWW: thank you for your kind words. I agree, lots of amateurs are much better than so-called 'pros'. My son found true love in computers; he works on them, and fixes them and stuff. He's paid well :-) He still sings occasionally, but after college, the computer world captured his total interest :-)

    TOTUS, you'all must remember, also has a life; be patient. Just think of all those neat little goodies he'll be storing up to relay to us :-D

    Since TOTUS must stay in BObastard's 'employ', I doubt very much if he can be bribed. He is, after all, loyal to what the WH stands for, even if the bastard living there isn't.

    Enjoy the holidays, TOTUS; your loyal fans will wait :-)

  166. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Tuesday, "Nothing that has come out in the public as a result of the recent email hackings has cast doubt on the basic scientific message on climate change and that message is quite clear -- that climate change is happening much, much faster than we realized and we human beings are the primary cause."

    But of course this is largly wrong. It is true that the climate has warmed somewhat over the past century and a half. It certainly has slowed in the past ten years and there is no evidence the humans are the cause of it.

    John's Space

  167. My Wesley . . . uh . . .

    I mean

    My Teleprompter will always come for me.

    Your Teleprompter is dead. I killed him myself.

    Then why is there fear in your eyes?

    Death cannot stop true teleprompting. It only postpones it a little. The Teleprompter lives, and will return, stronger than before.

    Is this where we start clapping, to keep the teleprompter alive?

    [Sorry. Just had to get that out of my system. Withdrawal is a nasty nasty thing]

  168. Craig Crawford, Imus’s guest this morning on Imus In The Morning. Just In Time For Christmas “Listen Up Mr President” Craig Crawford FBN Video I tell my Democrat Friends not to underestimate Sarah Palin.

  169. I will be sad if TOTUS doesn't return. He is my favorite teleprompter, and only blog :(

  170. Hey TOTUS:
    Typed your genus into google and what a family you have! I was interested to see that I can adopt my very own teleprompter for as little as $695.00. I am giving it serious consideration. I'd like to know if you have any cousins as adept at typing up bull shit as you are, because I'd like to refinance my house. It's going to take a lot of tap dancing to get it done, unless, of course, I let the payment go for four months, ruin my excellent credit, and risk my husband's security clearance. Seems you cannot get a loan if you have excellent credit, because you can make the payments. But if you are schlep who sucks the life out of everything around you and squanders your money in fancy restaurants, on Gucci purses, and $200 dollar sneakers, the money is practically free. This sure ain't Kansas anymore.

  171. ...was TOTUS a victim of "net neutrality?" Oh, crap! i love this blog!!

  172. Fret not,and fear naught FOTS.
    TP ought to be back soon.Sure,he is late this month(Tpet too),but lets face it he works for the POTUS not FOTUS,and is about as busy as a differntly abled inanimate object can be.
    Of course we worry that maybe he caught a virus.I hope not from me.
    If it is the swine flu it really could turn into a national emergency instead of laughable fooferal parading as one.
    If Tp shut down,so would the Presidency.
    No wait,maybe That Would Work.......

    Stll a couple measly sentences,which is all we require,isn't asking much from a near deity of a typist that can spew words at light speed to the twitteratae.This while we tweedledee & tweedledumplings twiddle thumbs or twats twwain the twitters.TWW where are you?

    In light of our hosts abscence I hereby declare this an open thread on which all
    may ppontificate at will.
    BTW thanks to those of you who have hung around are are even posting presently.

    I brought you a present for being,uh,present.

    It's another Fallachi.

    Her fans here,(and there are more than a few),find Fallcahi fabulous.

    One hopes you do too.

    Here is that linky from 2002....

  173. Mr. Preptile,

    I failed to find the Fallachi feature you favor.

    Pray, Preptile, a prescription to properly peruse her prose?

    [Okay -- it's the best I can do -- you ARE indeed the alliterate master!]

  174. I was twying ,honest,but am computer illiterate and a half.Favorably disposed to this favor tho.Thanks for the heads up on the bad link ,and the compliment.
    Some are suckers for those.Like me.

  175. So TOTUS, (i.e. your last twit) do you yourself fly with the altered ego half, or the Obamination's actual physical bag of shit?

    Just asking.

  176. Oh God. He's been spotted in Norwegian skies, and it looks like a big drain in which someone is pouring blue draino crystals, and then they flush it.

    God is talking to us, people. This is it!!!,2933,579868,00.html

  177. Because Senor Preptile has given us permission to post on topics at will....I will respond to upper post of dm77-

    I don't think Tiger Woods is bright enough to be our TOTUS, Dear.

    But did you know that Mrs Tiger is a twin! Some might then argue that Tiger is smarter than we thought!

    Oh, my shakin' head!

  178. I don't think Tiger thinks of much except his drivers.

  179. TOTUS! Looking good in Oslo! Helping Barack Obama spew empty rhetoric and assure the earth of his greatness the world over!

  180. Met Office, which has spent four days collecting signatures. The initiative is a sign of how worried it is that e-mails stolen from the University of East Anglia are fueling skepticism about man-made global warming at a critical moment in talks on carbon emissions.

    One scientist said that he felt under pressure to sign the circular or risk losing work. The Met Office admitted that many of the signatories did not work on climate change..


    “It’s The Marketing Stupid”

    Mary Matalin Called Global Warming “A Money Scam” This Morning On Imus In The Morning.

  181. Hello TOTUS, we haven't gotten a posting for awhile and we hope the SS has not arrested you. We understnnd the Barack Obama Liebstandarten can be a bit rough...

  182. BA- holdeth on to that lotto ticket! The Prodigal Promptier shall returneth forthwith, of that I am certain.

    Meantime - where can I see pix of the Prime Lady's Osloian arms?

    And does no one thinketh it curious that the spouse of Tiger has a TWIN and hence the twin is probably Tiger's type?! (Maybe I am the only one here with a wondering or wandering mind.....)


    JESUS H CHRIST!!!!!!!!!! She wore an electric alligator!!

  184. And what is with the cardigan? Did she borrow it from Malia?

  185. Ya know, I have to tell you this. I've lived in Europe, Italy, England, and Germany. And that color of green is thought the most obnoxious invention America has ever come up with. That, but plus it is crushed, glossy, bordello upholstery velvet.

    OMG. I'm so embarrassed for American womanhood.

  186. Just a thought: TOTUS posts when he's in the news (vanity, vanity). Not in the news, no posts. What if he is deliberatly NOT in the news because the drive media hates TOTUS, our humor, and our observations? In realizing they were feeding his vanity, all they had to do was shut him down by not giving him the spotlight, and our TOTUS is a (lovable if conceited) dupe.

    Well, isn't this an intersting word??


    No comment.

  187. Thanks for the link to the outfits - sorry I asked - but that is NOT green. That is expectorate on steroids. Sorry.

    And the cardigan looked my granny's that was worn doing housework in the era before women wore sweatshirts.

  188. What is the matter with a tailored blouse, neutral tones, strong textures, collars and cuffs, a good pair of pearls, and a genuine smile?

    Everything, apparantly. She must wear horror, and I can just hear the exclaimations mon Dieu! Elle est'une horicut vert! Non- un chou avec des jambon. NON! La 'jello' brilliant! Une vert porcine comme les etoille tout point, une reine de le coup sans sang, qui vomi la fashion de jour; suivee vous...?

    I believe the cardigan was a deliberate stab at white women, and not a faux pas. She wore her fake velvet, covered by a ratty ass looking Mom's sweater. She was saying that she was toning down her immediate brilliance with a mantle of the worn out, the used, the out of touch fuzzy kind of womanhood, for our unevolved "comfort" level.

    (I know about these things. My number two daughter - degree in medical research - turned to fashion design and has shows, models and stuff, expressing what they believe is eidos ((groovy in Greek))((sob)). Clothes as art. I'm just saying. Understand I love a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans and it is not my fault!)

    Anyway, that runway bit with the gown and a cardigan was NOT stupidity. It was a statement.

  189. I believe we have passed the benchmark of posts in a blog before TOTUS introduces another thread.

    I'm starting to hate that little clear eyed fucker.



    Oh yeah! I dare ya to say that to me mudder!!

  190. Prior to putting plug-ins on my PC I was perusing prior postings,and what did I see ?


    My previous PC prevented pop-ups.
    So I saw photos of such pulchritudinous poultry as to inspire this Rooster's inner lizard.
    Yes, you old Hens looked like pure Poultry paradise.Like some of my 72 virgins.
    And as yet unplucked !

    I had best refrain from jests re cock a doodle doing.Jest as well,huh?

    As for the avatars ladies,I prefer the previous. VaVaVoom.

    No way Norway's Nobelinos had not noticed one's work.
    Off wenching or wondering over one's wang while awaiting that Wasserman they were no doubt.You wretched readers,(&TY BA),
    wistfully wonder why one would waver over such witty wizadry when noted.
    No not the One's (Wons),bbut this one's.
    All the while they wobble over whether a Wahhabi wins the wad.

    Probably that Peas Prize is political ,or parochial.
    Pernicious perplexed persons pacing the parquet pondering Prizeworthy prose perhaps peruse posts and are presurred politically, to pick a pygmy.

    So they have.

    Rush missed this by one letter when he called it a scam of a show.
    This was a sham of a show.
    And a shame at that.
    We know who really earned that Peas prize.
    That same person presently proving it by doing more for Peas in the previous paragraphs than the President,..well, since the One won.
    Vote Preptile next year FOTS,when those nobel
    nominations are noted.
    One hopes to prove Prizeworthy.
    At least morso than the 'Won'.

  191. I was certain the above would inspire some of our virginal spring chickens to get back to hunting and pecking hereabouts,so,as you may recall,this pecker could get back to peeing.
    Instead I hear from a new friend,a foreigner.
    Afraid he or she is only twying to inspire twaffic to his or her website.
    Twue wuv,as noted in the Princess Bride,takes wonger to win.Wooing one,won't happen when one wants.The same holds true for our pleadings for more postage(USPS style)from our Promptczar.Only pisses him off.
    Piffle pardners.
    We need postage.

  192. Wonder what's in senor iqbal's blog. Major Doctor Hassan messages? Not going there!

  193. har, har, har, the Russians, even when failing, succeed to make a further fool of the coward-in-chief, the bastard liar, THE WON!

    way to go, Russkies!

    maybe they were trying to hit MObitch's wretched green whorehouse upholstery dress; the bitch is now First Frump, until she ditches those ditzy sweaters.

  194. I have gone to every fashion site I could (boring afternoon yesterday) and posted my line about the electric green alligator. It was really gross to read posts by Michelle lovers, Obama lovers - really gushing vomitudes of worship.

    Where oh where is that TOTUS? If anybody out there reading this knows where he is, please tell him that he has neglected us far too long.

  195. Hey, Preptile and "Howdy!" to y'all. I've just been busy with shopping, wrapping, socializing, singing (for real, heh, heh) , ETC, ETC.... . So, Mr. P. (re: witty post far above) THAT's why you crossed the road..... :D.

    Mr. Sheldon, I hope you're wrong. The twits give me hope that MRS is correct about TOTUS returning.

    [re: Janice's great clapping idea :)] ... I DO BELIEVE IN TELEPROMPTERS! I DO BELIEVE IN TELEPROMPTERS!!!

    Preptile, you (and a few others, too) are so gallantly largely carrying on your (Size Medium) shoulders a blog that deserves to continue. The thought that it might end (I'm with you, Betty Ann!) is "incontheevable." (heh, heh) >_< We have so many insightful, kindhearted, wise, and fun people here. I'll try to do more for the cause. Just busy lately.

    Well, also, I've just wanted to TAKE A BREAK ALREADY from all the gloom and filth that is spewed from the polluted smokestack that is Peach Obama's mind. And waiting for more than the warblings of the twits, clever and entertaining as they are.

    Yours sincerely,

    That Would Work

    CORRECTION: Truth Will Win
    [Boy, I need to do some more posting! I even forgot my handle! ;)]

    Now, it's outside for a German Shepherd Patrol (a.k.a. the evening walk).

    Edit: still have to read posts 201-203!

    Word = asippen

    TOTUS, he just be sittin' around the house asippen on some eggnog, firing off a brilliant twit every other day or so.

  196. What a piece of work is a teleprompter,
    How noble in reason,
    How infinite in faculties,
    In form and moving how express and admirable,
    In action how like an angel,
    In apprehension how like a god!
    The beauty of the world,
    The paragon of animals - and yet, to me
    What is this quintessence of dust?
    Man delights not me - nor woman neither,
    Though by your smiling you seem to say so.

    * * * * * * *

    Now cracks a noble heart.
    Good-night sweet prince of teleprompters,
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

  197. "The fact is that the leaden heart had snapped right in two. It certainly was a dreadfully hard frost." [Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde]

    Oh, please let that not be true of Mr. TeleP! In the words of Jobiden, "What WILL [we] do?"

    Dear Janice,

    Please tell us the source on which you based your clever lines above. Thanks.

    Yours truly,