Thursday, July 2, 2009

The O Experience

Want to know what it feels like to be Leader of the Free World? Then come join Big Guy's Teleprompter for a fascinating afternoon of insight into life behind the screens for POTUS.

Experience the thrill of turning your head slowly from right to left and left to right, and left, again and again and again, reading words others have written for you, with the most moving and literate phrases often lifted from speeches given by other world leaders from time gone by.

Feel the frisson of stumbling over difficult words, like "tax cuts," "free market", and "humility."

Be exhilarated by pauses, as you wait for the prompter operator to scroll the text at the proper speed.

But wait ... there's more: the opportunity to dine with Teleprompter and stare at the screens, since, as he is an inanimate object, he can not engage you in conversation like Washington Post publishers or unpaid lobbyists working at the White House might.

All of this, plus a Teleprompter bobblehead and a souvenir White House cigarette lighter, could be had for three easy payments of $19.95. That's $100,000 in stimulus dollars! Call now!


  1. What do you do when someone plants a question?

  2. Ooh! I want a Teleprompter bobblehead!!!

  3. If I order now, will I get a second for just shipping & handling?

  4. It's just not the same without Billy Mays hawking it.

  5. Sorry Bettyann, but I hope that the thrill you are feeling is a spider crawling up your leg. SERIOUSLY!

    Otherwise I fear that you might have lost your mind! I really don't believe you could stand to be in the same room with the type of people who attend those Wednesday night coctail parties. Creepy.


    But, if you should choose to accept the NOT drink the Koolaid, no matter what they tell you!

    By the way, that $19.95 represents MILLIONS, as in 19.95 million bucks. (Not nineteen dollars and 95 cents) They have to pay for the Health Care Plan somehow, you know!

  6. TOTUS,

    For the first time, this site needs a monitor! CrashX needs to back off the profanity.
    Regardless of his view towards anyone or his sick twisted fantasies about Helen Thomas and Gibbsy, this is not the forum for that behavior.
    The decorum here has always been clean if not tasteful. This thug like rancor is not appropriate.

    Come one crash don't be crass

  7. crashx --

    That's no way to talk to the people who are paying for your living. Get a job, then you'll have room to talk.

  8. Oh, before Mountain Momma freaks out on me again - I'm not serious. And I do apologize for the hate f--k comment. It was inappropriate, even if you get the reference.
    Also TOTUS, while you're cleaning up comments, I have bought probably $5 billion worth of stuff from Biden's Bunker with my stimulus cash - have not received a thing. Normally I'm all about the spam, but ya might toss those out with my comments.
    Sorry to hijack the thread or whatnot - goofing off way too much today.

  9. Crash,
    Boy you really got me. I wasn't asking that your comment be censored it is just your language. They don't even allow that kind of garbage on myspace, facebook,, foxsports and I am guessing Does your mama know you talk like that and kiss her goodnight?

  10. crashx:
    What an interestingly varied and colorful vocabulary. Glad to see you rooting out social evils such as racism, though you might consider moving misogyny up on your list a notch.

    My apologies if terms such as His Royal Blackness, The Magic Negro, or simply LIAR offend your tender sensibilities.

    Understand it isn't that we dislike his blackness, but that he seems so very fond of BEING black, and wagging it all over like a terribly spoiled child with a new baloon...and here we are eagerly pointing our evil pins.


  11. Crashx, you're right: some moderator might want to consider deleting the Biden's Bunker spam.

    Re. the rest: look, when writing sarcasm and irony, the point is to give teensy little clues in the very midst of the writing, just to make it crystal clear that it IS irony or sarcasm.

    Your writing, on the other hand, is unclear as to motives; we can't tell if you're serious, or if you believe the crap you've written. YA DIG!?

    So tell us: what DID you crash, x?

  12. "Oh, my aching head" quoth Satchel.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. hey now, it looks like Crashx has been dipping into the stimulus a little bit too much tonight

  15. Hey TOTUS, was that you in the background saying "The Audience" while BO was talking with "Exhibit A"?

    If so, I'd say you have truly reached bobblehead status.

  16. Who plucks Obama's nose hairs? With his haughty, uppity nose, someone must surely tend to that forest. He has way too much disdain for everyone to let that go untended.

  17. Good one, smooth. Only its the "stimulus koolaid".

    Speaking of Rev Wright -

    Obama: Wright is Reason I Haven't Picked Church


    Did you know that Obama gets daily prayers on his BlackBerry every morning?


    I guess the WH held another focus group and the results indicated that he needed to reassure the voters that even though he doesn't think this is a Christian country, he still believes in going to church and all that stuff.

  18. Sorry - you can't delete crap through openID or I would - sorry for the posts. Anyway - if you have to explain a joke, it's not funny. So my apologies - again I think.

  19. Hey, Jamie! Ya got one-a them thar CEE-MENT PONDS!? Hyuk hyuk.

    No, I wasn't being sweet, even accidentally. Really: I took crashx at his word, that he's just pulling our legs (so to speak; must make that joke clear, post Clinton), and he's actually poking fun at OBAMA for believing we conservatives are all hicks.

    (Right, crashx? That IS what you mean, RIGHT!?)

    Boy, you are not kidding, Jamieolepal: BO was definitely using Rev. Wright to make "actual black" contacts in Hyde Park. (BLEAH!) But then, the using was mutual; RW also needed the alliance for myriad funding purposes. No worries: RW has probably stayed overnight Lincoln's bedroom already, without having to pay for it, as the Clintons required of their "guests."

    The CHEEK of these politicians! It takes a real narcissistic-type sociopath to use people so blithely.

  20. No, I mean we're all stupid hicks. Particularly Jamie (Cuz it's likely to send her off like Earnest T on crack rock - POP!) Have fun y'all. Also, seriously sorry for the language - I was overloaded a bit on some natural stimuli, what with the blatant bias leaking out over the past couple of days. Bowing out to TOTUS - take care all.

  21. Well, crashx, I went to your blog and read some of it. Yeah, I think you like the f-word, but then, so does my son. I have to remind him constantly to clean up his language when he comes home from university for a visit. Same with my son-in-law. He is in the military and his language is pretty strong at times - goes with the territory, I guess.

    Anyway, it must be really hard for you to type stuff here that is tame enough not to offend us old fuddy-duddies (No offense to anyone here who isn't one. I know I'm old and a fuddy-duddy.) Just pretend you are typing an email to your mom, or your grandmother, or your priest/preacher/rabbi... whatever.

    Hey folks - Saturday is Tea Party day. Hope there are huge turnouts.

    We all need to email, fax, write and/or call our Congressmen and Senators and let them know what we think of them using taxpayer money to take their families on expensive trips while there are folks at home who are wondering how they are going to feed their families! I know, I know, they have been doing it for years. But that doesn't make it right! Especially now.

  22. There is a HUGE, previously unknown, untapped group for Obama to exploit for their votes. If Obama were to pull it off, he could rule the WORLD! -

  23. Jamie, I don't like the f word - it's just a term our generation uses to "relate". If you pick up a copy of Rolling Stone, or any other d-bag magazine, you'll find that they'll throw in the f-word a few times too - because it's cool and stuff.
    As for your problems with the Yankee bigots, I think you're safe here.

    I have it on good authority that this blog is a Jeff Foxworthy Joint.

    You might be a TOTUS if...

    Ya see? Do ya see what I'm saying? Just look for patterns in the writing and I think you'll see that Jeff is putting his keen sense of humor to good use here.

    I feel awkward coming over here and screwing around on Jeff's blog - so if you'd like to relate more on Yankee bigots, please leave a comment over at CrashX. I promise not to bite, or try to HF you.

    Actually I'm just very lonely and I'd like you to be you and Mountain Mama to be my internet friends - if that's not too much to ask. Ahhhhh... I feel so much better now that I just put it out there...

    Love ya, Jeff! Keep up the good work!

  24. Man, who TOLD you? Ha, you got me. But I've been wantin' to move this over to my official site anyway -

    You might be TOTUS if...

    I just want to thank all my fans out there for making this site so much fun.

    And on my official site, you'll find just about everything you could want - except maybe nekkid pictures of me. And remember, I said "maybe."

    Have fun and I hope to see you soon in a non-stalking kind of way!

    Jeff Foxworthy

  25. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Jeff Foxworthy!? WOW! I am totally thrilled, crashx! He is just wonderfully hilarious.

    I'm still delighted, though, if Michelle Maulkin writes this blogspot, btw. She is tremendously brilliant.

    Maybe it's the two of them, via some staff? Anyway, GOOD JOB, TOTUS writers!

    Crashx, what's your blogspot's URL?

  26. Yeah, he's a comic genius! I really wasn't sure he wrote this blog - I'm just such a huge fan of the Redneck Comedy Tour. I've been following TOTUS/Jeff for a while, and I just felt like I could feel that same crazy, off-the-wall rhythm.

    Wow, that is just bad ass. I'm not worthy, man - and I'm definitely not FOX worthy! Ha - I love it when he does that bit on the road!

    I don't have a blogspot URL - I run the Southern version of Facebook, which can be found here - Southern Annual. We're still waiting on folks to get online - so if you and Jamie could see fit to sign up and help us out, that'd be awful nice of you.

    And I mean - if Jeff wanted to sign up - I mean... that'd just be too crazy. I mean, that would mean SO much to the site. I think we'd really take off. I don't mean to beg or anything. I could give you admin rights or whatever - just ask. Anyway...

  27. Lord, crashx. Faking Jeff Foxworthy like that. Shame, shame.

  28. Dern Granny them corn squeezins is makin me dizzy. A double ott spy shouldn't get like this. I am glad to see while I was out "getting too drunk to fish" (one of my favorite Foxworhtyisms), the TOTUS blog cooled off. It looks like I touched a nerve earlier.

    crashx, no offense but I have never really considered my self a bigot. I guess most bigots don't. I may agree to disagree with people on differing opinions but I also agree not to hate. Crash, can you clarify why you didn't take issue with Chip Reid? It appears as though he actually was more of an instigator than Helen Thomas. I didn't catch the exchange with Gibbsy live. I went for the rewind on youtube.

    As others have posted, it is not the Big Guy's color with which I have issues. It is where he stands on the issues with which I have issues. Now, pass the tissues(Enter tissue Czar. "One ply only Whodat. Everyone with issues deserves the tissues." I digress).

    I am not nearly as angry with the "Progressives" who HF America as I am with the Republicans who took the "Contract with America" and broke it off on America. As a result, I have no political party affiliation. The 2 party system is broken. A viable 3rd party regardless of where it is aligned at this point would prove to be invaluable. The lunatics have run the asylum far too long.

    Thank you TOTUS for this blogspot. Now to date myself even more I will quote WAR "Why can't we be friends?"

    My son just explained the use of the f-word as a type of punktuation. And I thought it was just angst.

  29. Soooooo TOTUS, Dear, you and the BG NOT going to a nice Pacific Island (in N. Korea's sights) for a topless romp in the surf this Independence Day Weekend?

    We also want to see MO is a suit (NOT topless) to see how her dressers put a spin on that bod. Being a lady person, I like to see the fashions we taxpayers are purchasing.

  30. A big 'Thank You' to Helen Thomas for kicking that insufferable fool, Gibbsy, in the teeth. From stem to stern, the Obama administration is an inept and limp-wristed one. But to have as your primary spokesperson someone who just oozes 'limp' and 'inept' is pretty much the cherry on top for me. I'm glad the media is pushing back on this weasel.

  31. Do you honestly think the media will do anything against the Fraud?

    No likely. I think she just wanted attention; ie, if she complains enough the Fraud might look at her.

    The Media is his; don't be fooled by their games.

    rats, can't take advantage of TOTUS's cool offer until 2010-11 -- or whenever that money is supposed to kick in...

    I wonder if the Big Fraud, as gay and cowardly as he is, will have the nerve to vacation on our dime in Honolulu during the July 4th holiday -- I mean, with all those scarey NK missiles aimed at it -- kinda like thumbing one's nose at whoever runs NK.

    IS the World-Wide Apology Tour III still scheduled to kick off on July 7? Be great to get him and manmonster out of the country for a few weeks (years)

    ...actually, I'M really Jeff Foxworthy...:-0

  32. Here are some "might be a redneck" sayings that someone sent to me:

    You might be a redneck if: It never occurred to you to be offended by the
    phrase, 'One nation, under God.'

    You might be a redneck if: You've never protested about seeing the 10
    Commandments posted in public places.

    You might be a redneck if: You still say ' Christmas' instead of 'Winter

    You might be a redneck if: You stand and place your hand over your heart
    when they play the National Anthem.

    You might be a redneck if: You treat our armed forces veterans with great
    respect, and always have.

    You might be a redneck if: You've never burned an American flag, nor ever intend

    You might be a redneck if: You respect your elders and raised your kids to
    do the same.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Back to business now. BHO has decided to spend the weekend of the 4th at Camp David. Tomorrow is his eldest daughter's birthday (how ironic) and they have "big plans" for her birthday party.

    It may be that BHO is going to back off from traveling to exotic places for a while (maybe a whole week) to allow the stories about members of Congress traveling to places like Paris, the Galapagos Islands, Brazil, etc, on the taxpayer's dime. I'm sure that BHO and his planners think a week will be long enough for the public to forget all about it.

    He probably needs some time off from being in front of the cameras, to give his facial muscles some rest. Its really hard having to look serious all the time and suppress the grins, because deep down inside, you are really laughing your *ss off. Besides, he got caught too many times giving the "evil eye".

  33. Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and there are TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Parties scheduled in 1,446 cities across the country. Here is a map showing where the parties are going to be held:

    I hope there is a lot of turnout for these parties, but this is a major holiday weekend and a lot of people are out of town on vacation.

  34. Jamie, you are too cool. Thanks for all the information you constantly share with us. VOONderbar!

    Oh, and we're going to the local Tea Party, too! Can't wait.

  35. Since today is a work day for most (I'm off today), I guess I'm the only one posting right now. I apologize for posting so much, but I have a lot to talk about and no one to talk to!

    Have you heard about HR1207. This is the 'Audit the Federal Reserve Act', which seeks to find out where our money is going. This legislation has been introduced over and over through the years without any meaningful support in Congress. Today, over 240 representatives are co-sponsoring the bill.

    S604 is the Senate version of the bill.

    Please contact your Congressmen and Senators and encourage them to co-sponsor these important pieces of legislation (if they haven't already done so, that is).

  36. Oh, hey, MM! Glad to "see" you!

    Our tea party is scheduled to begin tomorrow night at 5:30 p.m. and will go until 9:00, with fireworks at the end. A true celebration of the meaning of Independence Day!

    Even if the msm doesn't cover these tea parties, I am hopeful that this movement keeps going and gaining momentum. Its a great thing for average, everyday Americans can get together over excessive taxation and the runaway spending of our government.

    Maybe this will lead to the start of a 3rd party called the 'TEA Party".

  37. Oh, KEE-YOOT: "The Tea Party!"

    Well.... I don't understand why completely, but I bet the usual reason is behind why third parties always tank: they never amass enough MONEY to build a workable national organization, which persuades people to join them and gets out their votes.

    TOTUS, I hope you get a break tomorrow. You need INDEPENDENCE as much, or more than other Americans do!

  38. Most likely, TOTUS will get a break. I doubt that BO and MO invited him to the birthday festivities. Poor TOTUS. Used and abused, just like the rest of us.

    Yeah, MM, money makes the political world go 'round. Its amazing, but there are so many rich, fatcats in Congress now. Millionaires all. And most of their money they got while in office.

    The fact that they are wealthy is one of the main reasons they pass such ridiculous legislation - they have no idea how regular people live.

  39. TOO TRUE! I think some brave soul in Congress (who probably will be sunk by the party and never reelected) should push legislation through that requires Congress to have the SAME health care insurance they're hoping to foist on all the rest of us.

    Chances that will happen: ZERO.

    (But I'm praying for a miracle!)

  40. The reason I'm still a republican is that dividing this still more conservative party gives little to no chance of winning an election, particularly for president.

    [That's likely why the less-expected-to-win American Idol will win over the other. Once the third-place contestant is gone, his / her supporters often back the one most like the him / her]

    I was VERY disappointed in Congress for the lack of getting conservative things done when Republicans had the majority in both the House and Senate, as well as a Republican president. Now to think of it, it REALLY makes me fume.

    What I think we really need to do is reform the party that has most chance of presenting our values, into the party that we want. Support the black republican organization (I can't remember the official name, but there is one); support the republican party as a whole, but MAKE SURE YOU MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS ACCOMPANIED BY EXPRESS POSITIONS ON THE ISSUES.

    I also think that a member of Congress should NOT be allowed to change parties (Jeffords -- Spector) after he or she has been elected. Often, I believe, people vote for the party platform they desire most, and an elected official switching to a different party while in office has violated that trust. As far as votes go, though, this might not make a difference, but it would make a difference in who is Speaker, majority leaders, committee make-up, etc.

    Work hard; pray often for our country; stand up during the national anthem.

  41. Good points, aero! I totally agree that politicians should be disallowed from switching parties midstream; it's ludicrous!

    I hate that only the rich get elected, too.

  42. Holy Crap....Palin resigns as Governor!

    What a huge blunder for her. What the hell is she going to campaign on when she decides to throw her lipstick in the ring for 2012? 12 months more experience as a third rate Governor since the time she ran for VP?

    Horrible, horrible move. She'll be out of the primary race before Super Tuesday.

  43. Big question of the day for me... Why no TOTUS in the Hall of Presidents?!?

  44. well, since you think it's a horrible move, it's probably an ingenious move on her part

  45. It is the National Black Republican Association - the NBRA. I first heard of them in a presentation by Angela McGlowen at the 2006 CPAC conference . (Angela is a Politcial News Analyst who is often seen on Fox News channel.)

    They have a great website:

    Here are some things that I learned on their website:
    -- Did you know that the Republican Party was once known as the "anti-slavery party"?
    -- Did you know that the Democrat Party was the party of the Klu Klux Klan?
    -- Did you know that the Democrat Party fought to keep blacks in slavery and in 1894 overturned the Civil Rights laws of the 1860's - laws that had been passed by Republicans?
    -- Did you know that it was the Republicans who pushed to pass the more recent civil rights legislation in 1957, 1960, 1964, 1965 and 1968?
    -- Did you know that the chief opponents
    of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act
    were Democrat Senators Sam Ervin,
    Albert Gore, Sr. and Robert Byrd, a
    former Klansman?

    The Democrats have not acted in the best interests of blacks, yet blacks vote for them anyway.

  46. BTW - two new breaking news stories:

    -- Sarah Palin is resigning as Alaska's governor, effective July 25th.

    -- Colin Powell is "airing doubts" about Obama's agenda.

    "I'm concerned at the number of programs that are being presented, the bills associated with these programs and the additional government that will be needed to execute them,"

  47. Oh, that's HUGE news re. Sarah Palin! I've been blogging nonstop over at conservatives4palin and we're all VERY excited.

    NO, craniac, as usual you are so off base!

    Over the next year, she ALONE can draw the crowds and pull in TONS of money TO HELP REELECT CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES!

    She's INDEPENDENT now (hint: announcement right before the Fourth!)!

    Now, she can govern her own schedule, go down to events in the Lower 48 when she wishes without feeling guilty about leaving Alaska, and she can be with her family and write her book, all while helping people who share HER ideals get reelected.

    As to why this announcement was made without a film crew there, etc.: it's BRILLIANT! People in marketing will tell ya: it got MORE news coverage this way!

    Sarah just has terrific, honest, and sweet instincts about politics. She's truly gifted.

  48. oops. craniac brought up the Sarah P thing while I was busy typing ...

    Here, craniac, is the official DNC talking point:

    “... her decision to abandon her post and the people of Alaska who elected her continues a pattern of bizarre behavior that more than anything else may explain the decision she made today.”

  49. Sarah Palin was the ONLY reason a lot of people held their noses and voted for McCain (myself included). If she had not joined the ticket there were a lot of folks who would not have voted AT ALL.

    Sorry, but I don't buy the "bizarre behavior" bit, nor do I agreed with craniac calling her a "third-rate governor" (can you back that up with some FACTS please?).

    BTW - Sarah Palin had vast more executive experience as a mayor and as a governor, than the "community organizer in chief" that we have as our President! So, don't even go there.

    Why should Sarah follow the standard political "rules" anyway? She is blowing the minds of all of the political pundits right now. They just don't know what to think. Her biggest mistake during the campaign was to listen to the advisors on the McCain staff.

  50. Craniac, glad to see you are still around. I was worried about you.

    I hope everyone has a good Fourth of July. Let us celebrate Freedom and Justice for all Americans. Eat too much, set off some sparklers and M-60's (prohibited in some locations), drink your favorite beverage, and stay up too late.

    God bless us, and keep us safe, along with all those in the world that treasure liberty.

  51. Well written, Janice! I agree, and would add:

    Especially this weekend, for the holiday, may God protect Hawaii, Alaska, and Seattle----or anywhere place in America that Kim-So-Sick, or any OTHER terrorist nut is considering hitting.

    God bless our soldiers, and the unseen thousands who guard our freedom here: the police officers, fire fighters, FBI and CIA agents here and throughout the world, and of course our wonderful US Marshals, like my brother. YOU HANG IN THERE and GOD BLESS YOU, everyone!

  52. Long live the new leader of America: Sarah Palin: 2009-2049!!!

    and a very Happy Fourth of July to all :-D

  53. I wanted to share what Mark Levin said on NRO's blog:

    "Palin is running for president, get used to it."

    Short and sweet.

  54. Here is some more information about Waxman-Markley / Cap & Trade legislation:

    A Garden of Piggish Delights
    Waxman-Markey is part power-grab, part enviro-fantasy. Here are 50 reasons to stop it.

    By Stephen Spruiell & Kevin Williamson

    link -

  55. I just read an interesting article on what the msm isn't reporting on what is happening in Honduras (or as BHO says, "Hondourrrazzz"). What caught my eye was a quote from a Honduran blog ( where they describe their ousted president:

    "... Former President Zelaya is sick for power, a true hypocrite, corrupt and the King of Misinformation. His plot to break the constitutional order and the rule of law in our country has led us into a profound social and political crisis, on which he has bet all of his success on the generation of hatred between classes."

    It sounds familiar. Sort of like what seems to be happening here, in this country, and where we are headed.

    link -

  56. Problem is, the majority of the people in Honduras (as well as the military and other gov't officials) recognized this fact right off; the majority of Americans refuse to recognize what is in front of their very eyes, and deny the evil of the Fraud.

    The Fraud is counting on this apathy; I fear he may win, and America will be no more.

  57. MelenaX:
    Take heart. Many are begining to speak up. Two years ago in a brilliant monologue Rush talked about speaking up. He said that if you ask yourself, Can I say (such and such) rather than, Should I say (such and such), your freedom of speech has been stolen. Liberals feel free always to speak their mind - we do not steal their right to speak freely, even though we disagree. Yet we often feel we must remain silent.

    If Sarah runs for president then we are going to have to help her out. Even my brother, an old biker who hates politics, says that if she runs he will volunteer and do whatever he can to help her get elected. That means something - there's a grass root reality out there, and liberals are terrified of Sarah because of it. And it is going to take your and I, informed and up to date, to battle the naysayers and silence the opposers and arm the mediocre with the realization that Sarah is what we need, right here right now.

    Get that posing liar out of the WH in 2012 and put a real American back in the office, back in the job of taking care of America.

    Buck Farack.

    Yes, he is rather fond of his muslim secret, isn't he? Not enough however to fear any higher Source. I turned six magazines on grocer's racks backward so as not to look at his grin this week. Where does everyone else stand?

  58. Have no fear. I'm trying to be optimistic about it all (I'm usually the biggest pessimist around.)

    There are many, many, many folks like us, who can see it and already know what is going on. We need to talk about it to whomever will listen. Most folks don't pay attention to the news. I try to work it into regular, everyday conversations whenever I can. I can usually get their attention when I tell them the reasons why I'm retiring at the end of the year - because I want to drop down into a lower tax bracket in anticipation of a huge tax increase; because I won't be able to afford to buy the gas to come to work after Cap&Trade are put into effect; etc.

    With the help of talk radio, there are folks all over the country who are opening their eyes and their brains.

    And those who won't listen and seem to sleep through it all will wake up when the effects of what BO and Congress are doing hits them where it hurts the most - their wallets.

    We need to forget about the Presidency - it is lost to us for the next four years and probably longer. What everyone needs to realize is that we need to work to get conservatives elected to local (city, county, parrish and state) office as well as to Congress. ESPECIALLY CONGRESS.

    If we can get back the check and balance between the Executive and Legislative branches it won't matter AS MUCH who is President! (I say 'as much' because we all know that we will always have to keep an eye on those in Congress).

    A lot may get damaged, but we can all pray that in 2010 we can get some folks OUT of office and others INTO office to work on putting things back in order!

    Yeah, we definetely need to pray - a lot.

  59. As for Sarah, I really think that she has taken herself out because all the negative attention that the msm was giving her was distracting people from what the Fraud and Congress are doing. She is tired of being used. I don't think she did it for herself, I think she did it for the rest of us. I truly do. Sounds hokey, I guess, but I don't care.

    Sarah is going to help our cause. She is a "rock star" in her own right and she can use her popularity to get this grass roots movement going, and keep it going. She inspires people. If she is going to be used, she wants to be used for GOOD reasons.

    I think she would make a great President and I will vote for her if she runs in 2012, but as young and vibrant as she is, I think her time will come in 2016. She might be wasting her time and effort if BHO continues to be popular despite what he is doing to the country. The man is a slippery snake, even more so than Slick Willie.

  60. 233 years ago today, America seperated from the Monach Rule of England.

    Our Declaration of Independence/Constitution, are the greatest Documents we have as a people/population.

    FOS & Seperation of Church & State where set in place to protect
    America from Kings Rule/tryanny...

    God bless you all...Happy 4th of July America.

  61. Happy Independence Day to all Friends of TOTUS!

    And does anyone know what caused Waxman to be hospitalized this past week? Was it his brain?

  62. WIth all the excitement about Sarah Palin, the thread about the Republican Party, switching parties, etc. was dropped. I would like to talk about it some more.

    I used to feel the same way about the two party system as aero did - that you can't get someone elected if you have a 3rd party. There is a LOT of truth to that.

    But I have sat and watched the Republican Party continue to throw all their money (OUR contributions) and support to RINOs like McCain, Specter, Snowe, Collins, Gordon Smith, etc. And they did it simply because those candidates had more of a chance of winning an election than the more conservative candidate running against them. Its the "power at any cost" mindset.

    What is the point of electing a RINO when that RINO will vote with the Democrats? Even if they only vote with them 50% of the time, it is usually on those major, major issues that concern Conservatives!

    So, I no longer believe in supporting the Republican party as a whole. I now send my contributions directly to the campaigns of conservative Republicans, no matter what state! (just in Congressional elections).

    As someone else here said - the candidates with the most money usually win (at least in the primaries).

    As to the "switching parties", you are absolutely right, aero, most people DO vote for the party platform they desire most, and switching to a different party while in office violates that trust. That definitely should NOT be allowed and should be considered an ethics violation (I know - they tend to ignore those in Congess).

    But I think there should also be investigations into these folks to see just how they benefited from the switch

    - Did they get money for doing it? In other words, were they bribed?

    - Did they get a plum committee seat or chair for doing it? Which in my mind is ALSO a bribe!

    And there should be a law enacted against changing parties in the midst of their term of office. It should only be allowed at the end of a term, and announced prior to running for re-election!

    Since none of that will ever happen (here goes my pessimism), I'll just continue to use my hard-earned money to support individual candidates during the primaries.

  63. Susan - I have never heard anything more about Waxman and what caused him to faint.

    He probably fainted out of exhaustion from sitting up all night to crank out the 300 pages of amendments that they dropped on the floor at 3:00 am on the day of the vote. Those 300 pages contained goodies for all those Reps who were going to vote "NO".

    As for his brain - I'm not sure he has one. If he does, its not functioning.

  64. Here is a link to the website for the Team America PAC -

    Their website has links to a lot of other great websites.

    Here is their "About Us":
    Illegal immigration is the most critical issue facing our nation today. Team America was founded by Congressman om Tancredo is to make this issue a significant part of the national political debate and to identify, recruit, and help elect to public office individuals who are committed to enforcing our laws and securing our borders.

  65. I have to second Susan's comment above and send a shout out to all FOTae celebrating the fourth,including our international readers.
    Commenteers assisting the Fighting Keyboardists of (Captain Ed's)101st division of the Phyjhamadeen have earned today's celebration. That definitely includes you veterans and 'first mates'.
    May I reccommend rounding out the fourth w gratuitous sex for your vet?
    He or she deserves to be shown that he or she is appreciated.
    As is their service.

    While listening to Elanor Rigby last week
    the line .."All the lonely people,where do they all come from", caught my ear.
    They must have come in the traditional fashion of course,from folks who at one time anyway,had no reason to complain about that.

    Let's all join together and make sure that
    no veteran feels lonely tonite.
    They earned the right to enjoy the fireworks.

  66. I can't figure out why the idiotic Democrats want to legalize illegal aliens; 90% of them are Hispanic -- they will just nominate and elect their own candidate and we'll have a Hispanic President taken from the ranks of illegal aliens.

    Is this what the Dims want?

    They'll all imbeciles; if we are to have a Hispanic Pres, then I want the candidate to become an American citizen the LEGAL way as it is now; not because some idiot law passed to accept all of them as citizens, regardless of their status, background, health, etc.

    I will definiately work for Sarah if she runs for President in 2012. The Fraud is an ignorant buffoon, she can easily surpass the Fraud by intellect alone.

  67. "she can easily surpass the Fraud by intellect alone."


  68. Hey folks, remember back last July 2, when Obama was advocating the creation of a "civilian national security force" in a speech in Colorado Springs:

    "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

    Have you been wondering if he ever took steps to do that? Well, Rep. Bob Filner, a California Democrat, introduced H.R. 675 back in January. (was it in the news then? If so, I missed it!) It was sent to the Armed Services Committee committee on Jan 29th.

    == Filner’s bill would amend the United States code with the following: “Sec. 1585b. Law enforcement officers of the Department of Defense: authority to execute warrants, make arrests, and carry firearms… for any offense against the United States.” ==

    Read about it here:

    Will this be Obama's version of Saddam Hussein and Achmadinijhad's Republican Guards? Or did BHO get the idea for this latest variation of his "civilian security forces" from Hugo Chavez? ( )

    == "the Chavez government is believed to have established "parallel" security forces inside the DIM, the Interior and Justice Ministry's political police (DISIP), the national guard and some civilian law enforcement agencies, including the Libertador Municipal Police in Caracas (PoliCaracas).
    " ==

    By the way, if there is a bill in Congress that you would like to keep tabs on, this is a great website to utilize for that purpose:

  69. Here is a better link for govtrack. This link takes you directly to the "Search bills by subject" where you don't have to know the bill's number:

  70. Bull Moose with Lipstick - The Prophetic Return of Sarah Palin and End of the MSM

    We're all on the same team :) In the future, I'll stick to enjoying TOTUS and stay out of the comments. My fiancée is a HUGE Palin fan. Personally, I'm not a fan of politicians - Reagan aside, they all tend to be HUGE disappointments. But my fiancée loves Palin, so I guess I'll just have to risk casting my lot in with her. If nothing else, I've learned that women are ALWAYS right. Take care all.

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