Friday, July 24, 2009

Pulling a Gates

So last night, while we were in Chicago at a Democrat fundraising event, Big Guy decided to drive by the old homestead, pick up the mail that has been making a big pile in the middle of the foyer for the past six months, and make sure he really had turned off the iron before he locked up last December. Our neighbor, Bill Ayers, is supposed to be keeping an eye on the place, but given his life-style back in the 1960s, and '70s, '80s, '90s, and '00s, let's just say he isn't the most reliable individual to be house-sitting unless you have a lot of junk food in your kitchen to keep him busy.

Problem was, Big O left the house keys in the candy dish back in the Oval. Given my slight build, Rahm suggested that I crawl through the basement window and open the place up. But after the whole Skip Gates fiasco, I wasn't breaking and entering anything. Big Guy suggested that Toes do it, because if he got shot we could plausibly say it was a hate crime since everyone hates Toes.

In the end, Big Guy had the Secret Service jimmy the lock, then had them wait outside just in case Ayres had started one of his "hydroponic projects" in the living room. Beyond the mail, the only other thing Big Guy needed to check on was a shoebox up in his bedroom where he keeps his personal papers, like the original copy of birth certificate, the license from his first marriage in California, and his William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library card. Given the relieved expression he had when we left, I can only assume that either everything's okay, or he really believed that crap he sputtered on national TV the other night without my guidance and was just glad he didn't run into some of Chicago's finest on the way out.


  1. Priceless. Just plain priceless.

  2. LMAO! Too funny, keep posting that teleprompter. And what else might lurk in that house is anyone's guess. You forgot to mention Larry Sinclair.

  3. TOTUS! NONE of us even APPROACHES your hilarious sense of humor! YOU DA MAN!

    (And SMART THINKIN,' too, avoiding the job of climbing in the window. You might have shattered another screen----and then BO would start whining again about how much COURAGE it takes for him just to STAND near it....)

  4. He should have broken a window to get in. It would have created jobs at least!

  5. I don't mind Toes and Barry breaking into Bill Ayers neighborhood, but I sure do mind them
    Jimmying themselves into the White House

  6. TOTUS, you must stick to proper principles while on duty to "the big guy." [I really have a hard time calling him that, can I call him "the chosen one" instead?)

    Someone in that administration has to have some morals. Best be you, my mechanical friend.

  7. I love you! LOL!!!!

    LMAO@ "Best be you, my mechanical friend."


  8. I imagine that Toes is going to be very busy doing a little "arm-twisting" to convince those Blue Dog Dems to stop holding out for mo money! Ol' Henry Waxman (ugh, can't stand to look at him) said he was "going to break them", but we all know he would have a hard time doing that - the man is a wuss.

    You know, scanning the magazines in the checkout line this afternoon a the grocery store, I only saw ONE magazine with BO and MO on the cover. It was GLOBE with the headline:

    "Obama's Gay Lover Works in the White House Revealed! Michelle's Fury".

    Couldn't help myself - had to look inside. The funniest thing is inside - a photo of BO when he threw out the first pitch. Kudos to the photog who got THAT picture ... makes him look like he is throwing overhanded just like a little girl. Not a flattering picture. Of course, there were pics of BO with the "other man", Michelle scowling (as usual))...

    Pretty "out there" stuff. How do they get away with printing stuff like that?

    This hasn't been a good week for "the chosen one" has it?

  9. Good thing you weren't caught "Jiggering" the lock...WHHEEEWWW!!!!!!

    Gald to see you back from your latest injuries TOTUS

  10. to good totus. but it sounds like you guys acted stupidly trying to get in...

  11. I found that funny pitch photo on the net -

  12. TOTUS, please do not put yourself in jeopardy by trying to cover the Fraud's floppy ass; not even your oversized screens can do the job, due to the unwanted transparency.

    That shoebox has always been well-guarded by being hidden under Me!Me!Me!cHelle's Size 32 Love Pats; that's why even when she sits down, she's still 5 inches taller than the Fraud.

    Okay, now the SOB bastard squatting in the WH doesn't 'like' to use the word "Victory" in regards to the war in Afganistan????????

    There are not enough fowl swear words to even begin to describe this Communist Cretin; tell ya what, Bucko Boobs, YOU have not, did not, and will not achieve VICTORY in anything you attempt.


    BTW, Hannity referred to your teleprompter as 'that stupid teleprompter"; fear not, TOTUS, I'm sure he meant Joe-Bob's second hand model that temporarily replaced you until you were recovered enough to retrun.

    After all, we all know who the REAL brains are in the WH: the dude with the big, shiny screens :-)

    ...back to the Canadian woods...:-)

  13. TOTUS I think next time he gives a speech have him give the line by line from the play "Hamlet" by Shakespeare. I think he will be more successful. Keep toes in the dungeon during that one.

  14. A friend of mine just sent me an email with a list of detailed items from one of the Obamacare bills (House or Senate, don't know which one). Its really long, so I posted it on a blog if you care to look at it (link below). Here are some of the items that I found particularly alarming:

    • Page 50: All non-US citizens, illegal or not, will be provided with free healthcare services.

    • Page 58: Every person will be issued a National ID Healthcard.

    • Page 59: The federal government will have direct, real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer.

    • Page 65: Taxpayers will subsidize all union retiree and community organizer health plans (read: SEIU, UAW and ACORN)

    • Page 95: The Government will pay ACORN and Americorps to sign up individuals for Government-run Health Care plan.

    • Page 167: Any individual who doesnt' have acceptable healthcare (according to the government) will be taxed 2.5% of income.

    • Page 170: Any NON-RESIDENT alien is exempt from individual taxes (Americans will pay for them).

    • Page 203: "The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax." Yes, it really says that.

    • Page 241: Doctors: no matter what speciality you have, you'll all be paid the same (thanks, AMA!)

    link to Warm 'n Fuzzy Conservapuppies blog to see the entire list:

  15. Hannity just doesn't know TOTUS like we do. Else he would have never called him stupid.

  16. Hey Jamie, you know what else makes BO look like he throws like a little girl? The video of him throwing like a little girl!

  17. FOTS, if you had told me a year ago what BO would put our nation through, I'd have thought you were crazy. I just feel sick. LOOK at the socialism we're dealing with, because of him!

    - Bail-outs and Stimuli, costing trillions,

    - Government take-over of corporations,

    - National health insurance (it sure ain't "health care"), including

    - Potential government access to all our health records and bank accounts!

    How do we initiate impeachment proceedings?

    I'm serious.


  18. MelenaX - glad you came out of the northern woods. You have been missed!

  19. POTUS, welcome back! And welcome back to our friend MelenaX, too!

    POTUS, besides scrolling for our dear leader, I think you're going to also have to help him dress. I don't care whether those were dad or mom-jeans. They were *jeans*. Okay for everyone else, but not someone who represents our country. Witness: Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush's dress code.

    Keep scrolling!

  20. We won't be that lucky. All we can hope for is to stop him from getting these radical changes thru Congress. He won't stop trying, you know. If we stop him one an issue, he will just turn around and repackage it and push it to the idiots in Congress again.

    Last fall, during the run up to the elections, I read (you know me, I read a lot) a ton of stuff about Obama. It scared the crap out of me.

    I read a lot of articles about:

    - his links to radicals like Ayers, Alinsky, etc;
    - his connections to ACORN;
    - his comments, old interviews, etc where he talked about changing the Constitution
    - his lack of any meaningful employment
    - the money backing him

    But even with all that out there, I knew that we were doomed because of all the idiots out there who were going to vote for him because he impressed them with his looks and his speeches or simply because he is a black man (sorta).

    I'm afraid that we are in for a rough ride folks. I only hope we can hold him off until the 2010 elections! Then maybe enough people will have realized how dire the situation is and will boot the Dems out of control. If the Republicans can get back control, it will take away a lot of his power.

  21. POTUS, let me make myself perfectly clear. The only thing clear and transparent about this administration is your screen. Keep scrolling!

  22. Any talk of who Big Guy will appoint as Tonsil Czar?

  23. TOTUS, if you had decided to break in, and if you had been arrested for disorderly conduct, would that have been racial profiling (seeing as how you're steel and chrome and plexiglass)? And would you have prompted Big Guy to say that the Chi police were also stupid? Or what tack would you have taken?
    Concerned minds in Minneapolis want to know.

  24. LOL Amy! Along with throwing Officer Crowley under the bus, he threw doctors under the bus as well. If there wasn't the rightful outcry about the incident in Boston, his defaming comments about doctors ordering unnecessary tonsillectomies would have been the big story.

    As TOTUS and the big guy always tells us, "Words matter."

  25. MELENA!!!! So glad you're back. :D "From Canada" - LOL. Oh, brother. Well, I am perpetually "north of I-10," so join the club.

    Your posts are refreshingly UNvarnished.

    And Sunflower, nice to see you, too. And Dewey and AV and Pat Jenkins and EVERYBODY.... say, haven't heard from John of his Space for quite some time. John!? And how about Shaun? On a trip to Ireland?


    I gotta stop "Halloooing" to people. I ALWAYS leave someone out. Someone like, Nona of Naples or Tennismom2 or ........

    Did somebody say..... "impeachment?" Fire up the impeachers! Where do I donate?

    'im Peach, man.
    'im Peach, the Dope.
    'im Peach and da fuzz is onto 'im.
    'im Peach the Con Man in Chief!

    [MM] "How do we initiate impeachment proceedings?" Well..... first you get ahold of a cassette tape, er, I mean an audio file or two....
    then, you simultaneously send an e mail to each of:

    1) TO: Milhouse (coined by Mark Levin BTW: "Uuuh, Mister.... you need to know this. Eric Holder has your Kenyan birth certificate, your passport, your school and medical records. And H. Rodham just made a LARGE deposit into his savings account; and

    2) TO: Eric Holder, "Guess who Barack Milhouse Obama is going to be replacing YOU with after the first of the year... Love, Georgie S."

    Then,...... sit back and..... watch it on TV.


    Jamie, thanks for that great info. re: the attempted takeover of our healthcare by GOVERNMENT. I heard some of that list of horrors... nice to have a convenient place to look them up (with page numbers, too).


    Yeah, yeah, yeah, sing it..... that ol' Barry, "He talks -- just like -- a woman..... . And you know he walks -- just like -- a woman....... And... he somethings -- just like -- a woman....... But, he throws like.... a little girl."

  26. King Abe Cedarius declared: "Concerned minds in Minneapolis want to know." Sorry to have to tell you this, King Cedarius, but, well, after the Franken "election," it has become clear that you are the ONLY concerned mind in Minneapolis.

    Hang in there, buddy.

  27. [FOTUS Forever]"*jeans*. Okay for everyone else, but not someone who represents our country... ."

    AMEN to that.

    The jeans, BTW, were baggy because, uuuuh, well.... you know... that's how you steal stuff out of the "stores" (taxpayers' pockets) and..... uh... that's how I make my.... uuuuh... deliveries. And that was NOT racial profiling. It was simply a description of the perp most likely to rob Americans: a Democrat.

  28. The "deliveries" are the numerous bribes Dope's gang is paying for votes.

  29. Barry Soetoro really believes he is magic. That's why he keeps trying and trying and trying to cast a magic spell to make himself invisible, so he can do his dirty work without scrutiny: "Now let me be clear.""Now let me be clear.""Now let me be clear.""Now let me be clear.""Now let me be clear.""Now let me be clear.""Now let me be clear.""Now let me be clear.""Now let me be clear."

  30. "adlib"!!! The word was "adlib!"

    "Now let me be clear.""Now let me be clear.""Now let me be clear.""Now let me be clear." -- is what happens when D'oh!bama tries to ad lib.

  31. A trip down memory lane with..... "Words. Just Words."

    not wearing a flag pin is patriotic
    clinging to their guns and their religion
    Crazy Uncle
    Tire gauge
    10,000 dead
    seas will lower
    no public campaign funds
    limp and dead
    burden the abortion decision
    was going to join the army
    pig in lipstick
    Cuatro de Cinco
    punch drunk
    not a Christian nation
    gallows humor
    photo op
    we'll investigate this
    Special Olympics
    above my pay grade
    I have a gift
    my Muslim faith
    five pillars of change
    enemy combatants
    we're here to talk about the economy
    we're not going to meddle
    justice is not blind
    ........ MORE TO COME. :$

  32. You can tell Obama has never worked a day in his life. Or owned a small business, or has had to rely on himself in order to succeed in life. You can tell he has never worked next ordinary people in his life. His entire life revolves around an Elitist Education, playing the Victim and pulling the race card on Justice.

    Has he ever had to Work a regular waged job to maintain a consistent living in life?

    Obama has mastered of the art of loopholing the Constitution and the Taxpayer.

    I'm not sure if Obama as ever actually taken work orders from a higher up in his life. That is for the exception of Rev. Is Not Wright.

    Obama's presidency is stalling out America and the engines of Capitalism. America has STOPPED building, banks have stopped lending, people have stopped risk taking, stopped innovating, stopped hiring, and most of all have begun to lay the average American off. What happens a year from now when Unemployment is nearing 20-25 percent through out America?

    The American Moral is Strong. We will never give up as a Free People, only become stronger...

    While Obama has his stealth Marxist Administration , set out, to crush and demoralize the American Tax Payer, what happens three years from now?

    Why does this man play dumb when confronted on WHY he doing what he is doing to America?

    Obama’s presidency is equal to a nest of Rattle Snake eggs being hatched into the population of America.

    Just an Observation...

  33. The one thing about Obama is this...

    God is working against this man's deception.

  34. [IGWTnm]"Obama’s presidency is ... a nest of Rattle Snake eggs... ."

    Hear, hear!

    [IGWTnm] "God is working against this man's deception."



    Psalm 37:1-10

    "Do not fret because of evil men ... like green plants they will soon die away.

    Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. ***

    Commit your way to the Lord; trust in her and he will do this:

    He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.

    Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for her; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carryout their wicked schemes. ***

    For evil people will be cut off, but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.

    A little while, and the wicked will be no more ... ."

    Sigh. Sometimes ("with the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day" II. Peter 3:8) the "little while" is many, long, years. But, in the end, Pharaoh and Napolean and Hitler and Stalin got theirs.

    God's truth is marching on.

    And God is working -- even now.

    Mountain Mama, I must tell you that your sharing one of your favorite verses ("For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of a sound mind." II. Timothy 1:7) has been encouraging me daily. Thanks!

  35. RE: "Page 203: 'The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax.'"

    Now isn't that special.

    Unlike a tax, this would be a flat fee. Even if your deductions took you into "tax owed: 0" land ... you would still have to pay.

    Even if you had a tax credit that would wipe out your "tax owed," tough -- you would still have to pay.

    And, if you didn't, on p. 167 it says that you must pay a penalty to opt out, for you "will be taxed 2.5% of income." And I can tell you, my friend, that I will save up to pay the price to seek quality healthcare elsewhere.

    Oh, yes, there would be decent healthcare. It just wouldn't be found under the "cost effective," wait in line until you are dead, public option. Instead of buying what luxuries we still do manage to afford, we would be spending every dime on black market healthcare. That would do a lot of good for small businesses (which create 80% of the jobs in the U.S.), eh?

    BUT, I am highly optimistic that the nightmare of BIG GOVERNMENT healthcare will NOT happen.

    That, not just in the end, but now, truth will win over propaganda and the megalomaniacal schemes of a stupid but cunning tyrant.

    [Thanks to Jamie for the great info..]

  36. Well Said TWW. Thank you.

    God's will is working, even right now...


  37. President Obama's answer about the arresting of Gates showed racism. He stated he did not know the situation and said the situation was handled stupidly. He should have never made a comment about the situation. He may rise racism to a higher level where I do not believe that we do not have that issue today.

  38. The bottom line is: Obama and his Harvard prof friend behaved stupidly, not the police officers.

    So what's new about that? It's Obama's chosen life script....

  39. Oh, and I'm glad you appreciate that encouraging scripture from Timothy, TWW.

    Here's a secular quote I love, too:

    "Whatever you are, be a good one."
    Abraham Lincoln

    IN NO WAY does Obama resemble that Truly-Great President!

  40. LOOK, let me be clear....LOOK, let me be clear...

    Is Uhbama's idea of "transparency"...

  41. TWW - Great list! I'd forgotten about a few of those classics. When I saw "seas will rise", it reminded me the one also said "the waters will part!"

  42. TWW, IGWT, MM, you guys are great. Thank you all for your words of inspiration. I retired early last night because my brain was at saturation point and I was mentally weary (I think the shrinks call it being "depressed") about all of this. I wish I had stayed up longer so that I could have read your words and been reminded that God is still watching over us.

    You know, that old saying "God works in mysterious ways" is so true. I have prayed to God at various times to please send people a sign so that they will see the truth. I think he does, but we sometimes don't see it for what it is.

  43. TWW - just reread the list. Turns out you said "seas will lower". (First part of "waters will part). BO *did* also say seas will rise (from "global warming, oops, I mean global climate change.")

  44. This morning on Fox 'n Friends, a lady doctor was being interviewed about her cancelling her membership in the AMA because they ar supporting Obama's health care reform. But what caught my attention was when she said that in the STIMULUS bill (not this new legislation), there are provisions for getting medical records computerized and that "by 2014 ALL DOCTORS will be required to send patient's medical records to the Health Czar in D.C.".

    How is THAT for stealth legislation? They were setting up for this new Government control in the stimulus bill!

    I don't want my medical records to be seen by anyone but my doctor.

  45. If BG was TRAINED in law school, and LECTURED in law school, how come he comes off sounding, well, like me!

    He said at the presser that Skippy was his friend and he did not know all the facts - yet, the cops acted stupidly.

    That is NOT how a Harvard trained lawyer would speak! When talking heads ON THE RIGHT comment on his "intelligence" I think they are saying that in order to make their criticism valid. Like give a compliment before you bring down the hammer.

    Sooooo, letmebeclearnow. I don't think he's smart at all.

  46. He only uses his Hahvad lawyer-speak when he is reading a prepared speech or prepared answers.

    BTW, one can be intelligent and ignorant at the same time. And by ignorant, I don't necessarily mean stupid. BG is the perfect example. He is a highly educated man. But that is all he knows. He is at a loss for words when he has to speak of normal, everyday things of which he is ignorant. He has not lived the life of an average American citizen. He likes to portray it like he has, but he hasn't. The man has NO common sense either.

    I know plenty of intelligent people. People who have earned Masters Degrees in all sorts of fields. Many of them don't have common sense. They can't figure out the simplist of things. For instance, my sister has a Masters in Math. She is a wiz at anything mathmatical. But when it comes to simple things, like how to fix a common household problem, she has to hire someone to take care of it. It never occurs to her that it might be something she can fix herself!

  47. Letmebeclearnow, I am not being argumentative with our resident researcher, Jamie, I just don't think he is even intelligent!

    He may have gone to "university" but many people skate through school with a smile and affimative action. I say his "education" is a a fraud.

  48. PS -Did anyone notice how he pronounced Sgt. Crowley's name? Add that to TWW's list above.

  49. Hannity read the entire police report on his radio show (last Wednes or Thurs -- I forget...); the Officer stated that Gate made a phone call to someone and told them to 'contact the Chirf' -- after that, Gates ranting continued with 'You don't know who you're messing with...!'

    So, just just who is 'the Chief'?

    Commander-in-Chief, maybe???

    The Police Report was filed July 6 (I think he said July - there was some static during that part, he might have June 6)

  50. Obama may wish to "recalibrate",when the correct word is retract.
    Words matter,as do elections.
    As we have seen.
    What follows below is not biblical except in the old testament sense.
    Sensitive readers,scroll on past.
    It is NSFW.
    You have been warned.
    "..Truth will win over propaganda and the megalomaniacal schemes of a stupid but cunning tyrant."The way you phrased that, TWW, reminds me of an endgame "trick" that Stormy was teaching Telepromptress.
    It was a cunning stunt but she is not really a stunning,er,nevermind.Such performance art is best left to professionals.
    Let's just say she lacked Stormy's unique technique.She must have been inspired by that Lincoln quote about being good.
    And yes,in case you were wondering those two are still harder to seperate
    than Fidotus's parents.I remain uncertain as to her movie star credentials
    and found out that version of 2 mules for sister sarah is only shown in Tijuana.

    TWW called these wordspiels that we play here and that translates acurately from the original Australian.His perversion of Dylan's 'Just like a Woman" dropped a killer line upon exit that I am still grinning over..
    'but he throws just like a little girl'.
    This acurately depicts the peculiar throwing motion favored by baby sisters.
    Not particularly effective,BOTH arms finish flailing forward at once,as in that photo.
    What a snapshot that was by TWW.
    Well chosen words are spilled by comenteers here everyday.MM's line about 'insufferable suffering ,or that crack about
    'do NOT run w that',have not gone unnoticed.
    "T" Will Wain was another.
    Did anyone notice that ethereal comment when a euphemistic aside became a eucharistic one?
    Well perhaps a few careful readers like Betty Ann and SMIA would have.

    BTW SMIA,(& warmest greetings to your group),you started this mess of calling
    me mister,or sir which now infests these festivities.
    As regrettably displayed above I am no gentleman,altho I would like to be one after,as my ex put it,I grow up.
    Do not hold your breath.
    Friends can call me PT,as we all go by initials here.
    Further formality is just too festive.

  51. Well, as Missy Boxer would say, "would you please call me" PT? Ok, I am thoroughly chastised.

  52. I'm all for being festive, PT.

    Nope! That just doesn't work for me. Preptile, you shall remain!

    Okay, so we know from his language that Preptile has had some exposure to High Church: "eucharistic." And he sometimes has a baudy sense of humor, too! Typically conflicted; a constant confessional church dilemma.

    (Btw, re. "blow:" I was referring, by writing "do NOT run with that," to BO's former (present?) use of cocaine ("blow'), but wooee: the line also works re. sex! Who knew, but thou, O Preptile!?)

    Being a true gentleman (or -woman) takes practice, probably lifelong. Probably God wants us to keep at it, to become gentle always.

    But here's the thing: BO is NO gentle man, not even close----so it's Gloves OFF with him, and no apologies needed to the Godhead, Who also tossed tables in the temple to fight evil.

    I'm TICKED at Bo and MO's upcoming expensive vacation, aren't you? How dare they flaunt OUR money, when so many Americans are hurting from foreclosures and unemployment? They are both insensitive boors....

    (Which is redundant, I realize: how could there possibly be SENSITIVE boors?)

  53. Susan I was frankly flattered,especially after googling the French salutation.
    I do take it as intended,a sign of respect.
    Possibly it was respect for the grey hairs which show in my posts just like the whiskey.
    Nevertheless no chastisement was intended,and my words were not well chosen at all.
    Typically trying to make my "T" time typing,eating Post Toasties while deciding between posting or toasting that entry...
    Well it all had that frog in a blender feel.
    Please accept my apology,and if you will allow it,my affection for you and every other Fotus
    fighting that good fight.
    We will win this war with wisdom.Of course a little more alliteration couldn't hurt either.
    Especially if one can keep all those pesky peas from protruding into one's produce.
    Positively piss poor at it,but persisting,
    Preptile (

  54. [MM] "'Whatever you are, be a good one.'
    Abraham Lincoln" LOL. D'oh!'s doin' the best he can, boy howdy. He's the best little con artist in town. Mmmmm, hm.


    [Jamie] " can be intelligent and ignorant at the same time... ."

    Yup, that's affirmative ["'education' is a fraud" - Susan]. Being identified as "ignorant" is not inherently insulting. [how was that, Prep T.? :D] I must LOUDLY agree with Susan, however. DOPE IS JUST PLAIN STUPID. See word list above. *_*

    Say, Jamie, glad you were encouraged by the above. Thanks for saying so. Sorry to hear you were depressed. That is happening more often these days to us non-Cult of Obama members who read and think about what's happening. That little Yorkie is the perfect antidote, huh?

    Boy, if it wasn't for my two "fuzzy kids with tails".....


    Re: our medical records becoming public property ("Oh, don't worry, we'll keep it a secret. We won't tell ANYBODY."). I agree!

    This is more than just an issue of it simply being no one's business or embarrassing. For instance, I know a pilot who does not take ANY medication, not even mild high blood pressure med. or an anti-depressant because every year he has to pass a basic work physical and if any "significant" meds are listed, they may yank his license (depending on which highly trained bureaucrat reviews his license renewal) or, if he were involved in a mechanical failure incident, it could make the difference between "pilot error" and a job. ******** And, speaking of anti-depressants, the anti-right to bear arms crowd is pushing for a reg. that would make it illegal for you to purchase (much less carry) a gun if you have [LONG list of req.s].... ever taken anti-depressants. ..... No doubt, they're hoping all of us bummed out gun clinging conservatives will just off ourselves [assuming we chose our gun over our med.s]. Such compassionate people.

    All that to say, you betcha, Jamie. Medical records should be "for me to know and you not to find out." Where are all the AIDS's advocacy lobbyists? They've always been big pushers off secrecy about medical conditions. Probably an exception for them. Ha! Just get "Diagnosis: AIDS" inserted into your records and you might be able to beat the system.

    I'm going to stay FAR AWAY from "the system." If I ever own a car with "On Star" or the like, I'll disable it.


    [Writer X] "teachable moment" -- Wasn't that the most stupidly arrogant bit of audacity? WHO NEEDS THE LESSON here?


    Preptile, you whiskey drinking, wordspieling, genius. Sure is cool that you've chosen to "socialize." Thanks, glad you got a kick out of the Dylan lyric thing. Glad you said something. I was wondering who recorded that and could not remember!

  55. BTW, Susan SMIA, you do not sound like D'oh! AT ALL.

    You: make a lot of sense and are obviously exceptionally bright.

    D'oh!: makes no sense and is obviously "challenged"

  56. Hey, FOTUS Forever.... thanks and (LOL) great observations. :)

    That just means I need to make........ ANOTHER LIST!


    I'll use the public campaign funds.
    I won't use any public campaign funds.

    My Muslim faith
    I'm a Christian

    We need to scrap NAFTA.
    Pay no attention, I had to say that to get elected.

    Saving the life of a newborn burdens the abortion decision.
    Above my pay grade.

    Using my middle name is unfairly inflammatory.
    I, Barack Hussein Obama, solemnly swear ... .

    Pastor Wright
    Crazy Uncle

    Everybody drive a "green" car.
    Okay, now, where did we park the [big] Buick?

    You can keep your current health insurance.
    Guess page 16 says what it says [only "public option only"].

    I don't look like those guys on the dollar bills.
    We need to move beyond race.

    I'll bring a fresh, bi-partisan, approach to D.C..
    Lousy Republicans keep messing up my plans.

    We may need to spend less, to do without.
    Here I come, New York City!

    Thanks so much for letting me have this party in your house, Bill.
    Bill Ayers? I barely know the man.

    And on and on and on........... AD NAUSEAM.

    Thanks for the inspiration, FF.

  57. I still can't believe BHO got voted in as our President. It stuns me to hear his lying, his unamerican attitude, his naive handling of foreign policy, and inability to carry a coherent thought. Thanks to all you here, TWW, MM, Jamie, Susan, MelenaX et al - you keep me sane. I wonder if MO and BO laugh to themselves before going to bed (Yeah, did we pull some stunts today to keep the masses in their place.)

    TOTUS, could you maybe slip in the bedroom and let us know just what shennanigans are going on in there. Just asking.

  58. First time here and I'm LMAO! Keep up the good work of keeping the "uhs" to a minimum!

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