Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Apple, Baby

Big Guy and I are here at the U.N. for his big global warming speech. This is very exciting, since he hasn't spoken before this many supporters in months. But I still really think his, opening where he greets his "fellow citizens" is going to confuse people.

Later today we have some free time, so he and I are going to head up to Harlem to hang out with some old friends from our Colombia days, when he was in school here and never thought he'd be elected to an office where it would matter what he did for a couple of aimless years in the Big Apple.

And no, that isnt' a typo.


  1. I thought he was in New York for another date night.

  2. TOTUS:
    Any chance he'll cut funding for the U.N., to pay off our national debt? Just kidding. Where would world politics and diplomacy be without international parasites in N.Y.? Wait, I'll answer that TOTUS - they would be back in their own countries.

    Geez that sounds nice.

  3. Is he having lunch with Hugo and Imadinnerjacket?

  4. TOTUS did you notice that David Letterman's tooth gap was wider this time? I am glad that you were able to help both BO and DL by scrolling the mindless chatter and small talk that Late Night is famous for! Go TOTUS!

    TOTUS 2012!

  5. Well, TOTUS, you're going to need a lot of Ipecac this week, dear.

    Look, BO is merely revving up for the Muslim Prayer Day in DC----so he's starting with the America-haters in NYC at the UN, and ending with the America-haters who will join the majority of kind Muslims in DC on Friday.

    I hope the kind Muslims speak up more and stand up to the radical-violent Islamists in their midst. I realize it takes guts, but surely Allah will provide!

    Check out this article, FOTs, in the Wall Street Journal: "Man vs. God," with two linked columns by Karen Armstrong and Richard Dawkins. What brilliant reasoning from these atheists! They just can't fathom that a living Being----God, the Creator of the universe----could exist apart from their (puny) logic, caring for God's creatures intimately and completely. Poor atheists----BLESS THEIR HEARTS!

  6. Jamie, I just heard the news. Are you anywhere near the horrid flooding? You okay? I'm praying for Georgia!

  7. It's time to shut down the UN, send all those American-hating, but dollar-loving, leeches back to the cesspool they crawled out of, and refurbish that solid black domino building into free housing for the poor, elderly, and disabled -- which would at least serve the interests and well-being of True Americans in true need.

    It certainly can't cost any more than supporting those racist, freedom-hating creeps from foreign countries, as well as the traitorous people living in the US (who are not Americans, they just call themselves that.)


    send BObastard Liar packing; I hope the UN laughs at him. Again

  8. Well, good morning, Mrs1953! Read my post for you in the earlier thread, okay?

    You're SO right about the UN. What is particularly disgusting is how its diplomats COMMIT CRIMES regularly in the USA, and of course aren't punished, because they have diplomatic immunity!

    I say, let's move the UN to a nation that loves it, such as France! Main reason France won't want it (though it loves the UN's declarations)? THE COST. Only in the USA do we PAY for creeps to slam us constantly....

  9. ColOMbia, not ColUMbia. GOT IT (finally), TOTUS! Yeah, ain't it the truth, though....

  10. Global Warming - the Earth gets closer to the sun. Eventually it will destroy the Earth. That's Global Warming.

  11. Big Guy is starting a new organization: Presidents Without Borders.

  12. MM, I don't know how you got through the DL/BO interview. I've had enough of both of them. I used to somewhat like Letterman until he made that crude joke about Sarah Palin's daughter.

    Word verification: Distab - Dope and that dirty old buffoon distab me.

  13. Sigh. What new outrage will be committed at the UN today, in front of his audience of his nearest & dearest?

    UN = UNneccessary. UNhealthy. UNbelievable.
    And we get to pay for it all...

  14. TOTUS,

    Do you ever get to see your family? You don't talk much about your childhood. Was it a good one or did your mom abandon you like BO's mom left him?

    You seem much more adjusted so your parents must have been in the picture

  15. Presidents Without Borders!!!! Very good! Ha ha! Oh, my aching head!

  16. TOTUS you must be tired! You NEVER have to worry about constipation with all the bull you have to process! I hope you got a chance to defrag but it looks like you won't get ANY down time in the near future.

    Hey, will you see if you can get Big Guy to make a decision about Afghanistan? I mean between T.V. shows and playing round ball with the peeps?

    Like CNN said, "It's time to man-UP." Real men and women are dying to exterminate and keep as many terrorists OVER there so we will not be attacked again. He needs to start acting like a Commander in Chief...this isn't a theoretical exercise at Columbia.

  17. I suspect the "Big Apple"that TP mentions above is like the one my beloved oldest brother has upon his chin.
    It rather mirrors the one he sits upon.
    Perhaps he also was asiding to my previous Volvo mispelling,which so acurately describes
    the average metroish wussified type typically
    driving one,or waiting for a jumpstart from those in more manly machines.
    This in no way is meant to demean our pal TWW
    who like TP,we know to be a 'stand'up guy w a backbone ,(and other appendages),made of that blue steel like in those marine dress swords.

    As for the fellow citizens crack,aren't we all citizens of the world,and all one big happy family?
    No,I didn't think so either.
    I am a citizen of the USA,thankfully.
    That the rest of the world resents my nation's superiority is their problem alone.
    I make no apologies for it.
    The wonderful one does that for us regularly.

    But hey,at least he is regular.

    BA,in my own aside you and MM have been rocking lately and have made this poor soul lol
    a lot lately.One misperception I must correct tho.My ex actually did like sex.Just not w me.
    Much like Howard Borden from the old Newhart show,after about 6 years or so ,all my exes just start dating.
    Trust me on this,it was for the best and I was
    eventually fond of the freedom.
    Missed Waldo the wonderpuppy much more than any of them.Still sure by the way that I inspired that serioes of children's books as I called his name for three days from my front porch.

    Now,aren't you pleased I resisted the opportunity to P all over this post?

  18. Preptile:
    What you need, is a motorcycle. Trust me on this. All boogie men deserve a poke in the eye, and a motorcycle is the way to go.

    The lessons are in the curves: you see it coming and doubt possess you. So you down shift. Then you must lean into it, accepting the road and the curve and the way the pavement is wheeling you into other directions. Then about half way through you relized that you are going to be a-okay! And let her blast!

    There is no sound like power surging through your pipes at yet another obstacle mastered. And the boogie man goes whimpering back to the hole he crawled out of.

    My word:
    Rupsubbi. Rumplestilskin's twin brother, a negative fellow who managed to turn all of Rumple's gold back into straw.

  19. I see why you posted the Momily re. motorcycles, Jamie: they are SEDUCTIVE! I do miss the free, powerful feeling, especially when doing wheelies. I did wear a helmet, but sadly not leather clothing.
    But nearly 22 years ago, I shattered my leg and foot. They still are swollen and I still limp a tidge whenever it's humid. Whole lotta pain goin' on inside those big casts....

    Preptile, I'm glad you're doing so well, but man you DID go through the wringer. I caught it correctly, then, re. the NOT-Volvo. I too resent the "just us folks" crap BO slings.

    Mrs1953, I agree that BO is a jerk for not sending in the troops and supplies his generals are requesting.
    Sure shows Rush is Right again: BO simply WANTS the USA to fail, fall apart, lose wars and its own identity, and to DUMP its own, beautiful, liberty-preserving Constitution----you know, that brilliant document HE SWORE TO UPHOLD, the lying con-artist.

    Rob Long of National Review thinks that "We the people" are going to start ignoring issues and Tea Party-like demonstrations, now that schools are back in session, and the holidays are coming.
    WHEN will Americans STOP being so shallow and self-serving!?
    WHY do we need tragedy like 9-11 before we FINALLY get our minds right and pull our act together!?
    WHO has the power to stand up to BO and his ridiculously radical administration and STOP them from ruining our nation----SOON!?

  20. [the MRS] "[B. Hussein] is a vile, EVIL, phony... ."

    PREcisely. That is why exposing the fact that he has NEVER met his burden of proof on the "natural born U.S. citizen" issue is of the utmost importance. Amazing how nearly the ENTIRE conservative journalistic community has bowed to advertising/political pressure and won't even mention this GLARING omission of Dope's. He has NEVER proven that he is a natural born U.S. citizen -- or even a naturalIZED!

    I like reading your fervent posts, Mrs.. Motivates me to keep on PRAYING with all my might that God rescues our country from Dope & Co. and all the socialists with their Environazi agenda.


    LOL, Preptile, ol' TWW is just sitting here fat, dumb, and happy, completely unaware how any of your above post could have caused offense. \('')/

    You don't think I drive a Volvo, DO YOU?!?!!! I drive either a Suburban or some other Chevy product. My joy in life is when I'm driving one of the muscle cars and, "That light is turning..... red! Oh, goody. Now, I'm first on the line -- a chance to go from 0 to 60 as fast as I can (the speed limit is 55 FYI!)!" I don't care about barrelling down the highway at 90 mph. I just like to ACCELERATE...... and watch that angry lib, white knuckles gripping the wheel of his Volvo, go barrelling past me (after he finally catches up about 20 seconds later), heh, heh. Off he roars, down the highway, 70.... 75......... HA, HA, HAAA! A cop just saw him, red and blue lights going, now. I just smile. [Yeah, FOTS, I know that RARELY happens.... just one of my little dreams.]

    So sorry (again) about your wonderful Waldo. I DETEST that woman. She should be taken to the vet and put down. Say.... wait-a-minute. I'm sure I SAW that creep last week! Sure, now I remember, as I was backing into a parallel parking spot (with my turn signal ON!), that hellion whipped into it in her holier-than-thou hybrid car (crooked, of course) and STOLE MY SPOT. There was a very sad looking dog in the back seat. Boy, did I want to rescue the poor thing.

    CONGRATULATIONS on being rid of that witch, PT. Glad your brain has reached sanity again -- isn't it just SO WEIRD how so many men actually don't think being married to one of these bossy, manipulative, selfish, goats is all that bad? Temporary insanity is the only way I can explain it.


    [Betty Ann] "Rupsubbi. Rumplestilskin's twin brother" :D LOL.

  21. totus after big guy's last trip to the big apple (the famous broadway date with lady m) i would of hoped he might of swept you off your feet with a date to the apollo theater!

  22. The reason Barack wants to hang at the U.N. is because that is his model society! The next step is eugenics.

    "If we all look alike uhhhhmmm then maybe everyone can all go along with my way of thinking aaannnddd then no one will remember my uhhhmmm youngest daughter's name. Aaaaannnddd I won't feel so alone."

    I too like the Rupsubbi comment...Although, I have a different theory. I think Rupsubbi is the Persian word for eunuch. Please let me illustrate.

    Imadinnerjacket (Member's Only) (LOL) speaking to mullahs: "I will go to America and deal with the Rupsubbi, Obama. He will be worshiping me as usual. While he is bowing unto me with his Rupsubbi ways, I will get him to agree that the holocaust never happened. Then he will capitulate as usual and I will have all of the power. Keep an eye on his evil woman. For it is of her that I am truly afraid. (Singing now)Has anybody here seen my old friend Hugo?"

  23. OT scenario, shovel ready, because yep, BO is indeed The Great Capitulator.

    The UN is full of just stupid-liberal "diplomats." But liberal Americans are TRULY not thinking: those who hate Israel also hate the USA. Read more at:


  24. Shovel that was sooooo funny! Members only, LOL. (:o)]

    "Rup Subbi," sort of a twisted version of "Reb Tevye," heh, heh.

    Keep writing more drama, Shovel. I love it.

    You're talented, clever, and .... INSPIRING!:

    Hugo [Chavez's] Response (to Tune of "La Cucaracha")

    [from Shovel's post: DinnerJacket: Has anybody here seen my old friend, Hugo? Can you tell me where he-ees gone?]

    (mariachi band strikes up La Cucaracha)

    Hugo: Oh! I am here, Akckhhh! Yes, I am here, Akckhhh! See my pretty little face?

    Akckhhh (winking and grinning): Ah, yes, I see you, my precious comrade, come over here and we'll embrace.

    Hugo (sidling over coyly, he and Akckhh do the same "bruthuh" hug/handshake H. and Dope did last spring): We two amigos, with that tool, Dope Boy, put the U.S. in its place.

    H. and Akckhhh (shout in unison): LAST! Ahhaa!

    H. (spying Dope, skulking about behind a bush AGAIN): Hey, Pobre Ignoramus! You finish that book I give you yet?

    Dope (hastily puts out his joint and emerges from bush with a GRIN): Uuuuuuuuuh, no. I've been helping Maya... er, MaLIA with her, uuuh, homework. (Hugo looks MAD) Chill, brother. I'll get to it. Just as soon as I get that letter of apology to the Special Olympics folksssss written, yeah..... that's the ticket.

    H.: And another thing, how about th---

    Dope: -- gotta go! [GRIN]... [WAVE] Time for evening prayers! (dashes off, running like a ballerina)

  25. You know, BO is just trying to pull another fast one. Krauthammer mentioned this just the other day. Back on March 29, 2009, O-bummer came out and announced his "new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan"

    === "Good morning. Today, I am announcing a comprehensive, new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    This marks the conclusion of a careful policy review that I ordered as soon as I took office. My Administration has heard from our military commanders and diplomats. We have consulted with the Afghan and Pakistani governments; with our partners and NATO allies; and with other donors and international organizations. And we have also worked closely with members of Congress here at home. Now, I’d like to speak clearly and candidly to the American people. ===

    === A campaign against extremism will not succeed with bullets or bombs alone. Al Qaeda offers the people of Pakistan nothing but destruction. We stand for something different. So today, I am calling upon Congress to pass a bipartisan bill co-sponsored by John Kerry and Richard Lugar that authorizes $1.5 billion in direct support to the Pakistani people every year over the next five years – resources that will build schools, roads, and hospitals, and strengthen Pakistan’s democracy. I’m also calling on Congress to pass a bipartisan bill co-sponsored by Maria Cantwell, Chris Van Hollen and Peter Hoekstra that creates opportunity zones in the border region to develop the economy and bring hope to places plagued by violence. And we will ask our friends and allies to do their part – including at the donors conference in Tokyo next month. ===

    link - http://www.cfr.org/publication/18952/

    But, he wouldn't be trying to do any "nation building" or anything like that.

    NOW, during his whirlwind tour of Sunday talk shows, he mentions that he needs to do a "careful review" and come up with the "right strategy" for Afghanistan. (I guess the first $1.5 billion payment to Pakistan hasn't worked yet .... ...

    === Before he commits any additional troops, Obama said he wants a new strategy in place. This will come as the administration weighs in the outcome of the Afghanistan election review, as well as a resource request expected from McChrystal in the next few weeks.

    “If by sending young men and women into harm’s way we are defeating al-Qaida, and that can be shown to a skeptical audience, namely me … then we do what is required to keep the American people safe,” the president said on ABC. “You don’t make decisions about resources before you have the strategy right.”

    Obama was questioned by a couple of the reporters about a possible timeline in the new strategy. The president said that the new strategy would need clear benchmarks of success. ===

    link - http://www.defenselink.mil/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=55909

    Krauthammer thinks that Obama is trying to wait until the elections in Afghanistan are cleared up because he doesn't want to appear to be in support of someone put in power via election fraud. (You would think that would not matter, considering that ACORN got him elected. He and the Afghan prez would have something in common!)

  26. I really think that "green house gases" are second order factor in the slow moving climate changes we have experienced. Solar activities is more like to be the "prime mover" in all of this. You might want check out my global warming page to read more.

    John's Space

  27. Hey, MM, I almost forgot to answer your question. I'm nowhere near the catastrophic flooding in Georgia (although Susan - ATL probably is). I live right outside of Birmingham, which is smack dab in the middle of Alabama.

    Although we've had torrential rains, which turned my back yard into a lake for a day or so, we haven't had 20 inches like they did in Georgia! The ground has already absorbed most of it. Some of our rivers and streams are close to flood stage and we've had some minor flooding.

    We actually got a break from the rain today and it was partly sunny/cloudy all day, with a nice breeze, but we have rain predicted every day for the rest of the week.

    We are now officially out of a drought cycle and into a wet cycle. 7 years on, 7 years off.

  28. I've heard that this year will be a "La Nina" year, cooler and wetter than normal. So much for the global warming myth...

    Of course, no one has bothered to tell O-bummer this and he is predicting an "Irreversible Catastrophe".

    Which makes me wonder. You know, NASA launched a rocket from Virginia on Saturday.

    === NASA launches rocket, dozens report strange lights
    (AP) – 2 days ago

    WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. — NASA says it successfully launched a rocket in Virginia as part of an experiment, and the blast may have caused dozens of people to report seeing strange lights in the sky. ===

    === The rocket is designed to create an artificial cloud. ===


    It wasn't too long ago that we were talking about John Holdren (Science Czar) suggesting that we launch tiny sulfer particles into the ozone to create an "artificial sunscreen" to block the sun and cool the Earth to battle global warming...

    === Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology, outlined the idea of shooting either sulphur dioxide particles, aluminium oxide dust or specially designed aerosols into the stratosphere - the upper level of the atmosphere between ten and 30 miles above the Earth's surface.
    It is hoped that this would cool the planet by artificially reflecting sunlight back into space before it can be absorbed.

    Naval guns, ROCKETS, high-flying aircraft and even hot air balloons have been put forward as possible ways of firing the agent into the air. ===

    Read more: http://tiny.cc/9XG7R

    You don't think .......

  29. Hola FOTS! Waiting for FEMA here in North Georgia!

    Seriously...my place OK...lots of rain and some damage but nothing in my 'hood like Shep showed on Fox at 7pm.

    The poor doggies had their legs x'd for 3 days...waiting to be just dogs and not have to do it on an order!..

    We had sun in the North ATL 'burbs since about 9:13am. (not ck'ing the time or anything...) Some cleanup but...not like some poor souls have to deal with...

    Cable VoIP Internet - out for a short time but missed none of the cr*p about the UN and The Uno. How we kept connected I dunno. Must be because of free enterprise, I would think.

  30. Good to hear from you Susan. I wasn't sure how close the flooding was to where you are in Atlanta.

    Obama might want to do something about ensuring continuous cable service in the event of natural disasters. Otherwise, he might not be able to appear on tv's nationwide to get his message across in a time of critical need!

    I guess that is just one more thing that the Federal Government needs to provide for all - FREE TV.

    We have the right to have FREE TV so we can view the Messiah.

  31. Hi, Jamie! Glad to hear (thanks to MM's concern) that you and little Yorkie and the birds are all safe. Whew! That's a LOT of rain. You know, I've been praying a storm would keep the Cult of Muhammed from holding its demonic demonstration in D.C. on the 25th. MAYBE IT'S ON ITS WAY!


    John! of your space -- good to hear from you. Your quiet, stolid, rock solid, commitment to the truth would be missed if you ever stopped posting altogether. I've been watching for you -- it's been awhile. Take care, John, and, drop us a line once in awhile. ;)


    A little private conversation between Malia and the snake she calls "Dad"

    M.: Daddy, Sasha says you forgot my name on TV.

    D.: Uuuh, yeah, Muh...

    M.: -- LIA! DAD!!! You forgot my name!?!

    D.: Now, don't feel bad, little girl. Daddy may have forgotten your name, but he will never forget you.

    M. (rolls eyes): Dad, you didn't even know how many STATES there are. You forget EVERYTHING. (head shake)

    D.: [GRIN] (shrug)

    M.: (brightens) Say, Daddy (coy and extra sweet), I have an idea.

    D.: Oh, I could use a few of those, lay it on me Mimi.

    M.: MALIA!!!! (pats his head, looks very sorry) Don't feel bad, Daddy. I'm going to HELP you. I'll just remind you of stuff you forget.... like........ .

    D.: (puffing on cigarette, blows smoke in her face) Like?

    M.: Liiiike.... my allowance! You uuuh, forgot to pay me last week aaaaaaaaand the week before that and the week before that, too.

    D.: (shrug -- his beady little eyes narrow) Okay. Go tell your mother. I don't have any money.

    M.: (crestfallen) Oh. I forgot. (heavy sigh) Oh, well. I guess I'll just have to go ask Mommy who that naked lady was I saw in your office last night was, too. (turns to go)

    D.: Uuuh, come back here.... I'll uh, get you some money.

    M.: When?

    D.: In one minute. Turn around. Now, how much was that allowance?

    M.: $5,000 dollars.

    D.: Here. (aside: sometimes had my doubts whether or not that one was mine, not anymore)

    M.: (skipping happily away, money in hand, singing) I'm a community orrrganizer! I'm a community orrrrrganizer!

  32. Susan! Glad you and your animals are okay. Thanks for letting us know. Take care.

  33. Say, would someone brighter than I please tell me what the "typo" was TOTUS is referring to above. Is it the comma after "his" in the third sentence? Is it "Colombia" instead of "
    Columbia?" [if so, what's so funny about that?] Is it "isnt'" in the last line? I'm tired of trying to figure it out. Thanks ever so much. TWW

  34. Funn-neee story, TWW!

    Now, don't you forget my two cats, 4 guinea pigs, 4 fish and two big "outside" dogs! LOL

    but the TOTO is the most spoiled.

  35. MM thinks its the Columbia/COLOMBIA spelling.

    Perhaps "Old friends from Colombia" is a reference to cocaine??

  36. Remember the nauseating "I Pledge" video that was shown to school children in Utah? Well, apparently there's another indoctrination video that has been shown in thousands of schools and churches. I couldn't find a reliable source for the statistic, though.

    It's narrated by a former employee of the radical activist group Greenpeace, who uses environmental scare tactics to make kids into good little globalist Marxists.

    This issue is close to my heart because I grew up in the 80s and 90s, brainwashed by Fern Gully and Captain Planet and probably more subtle programs as well. I was smart enough to figure out the truth eventually, but I hate that people are burdening children with worry about a fabricated catastrophe.

    Here's the link to the video with critique.


    And this is the original, which I'm not brave enough to watch. It's like a Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie: it's too painful to sit through without the commentary.


    Word verification: pughth - The sound I made when watching the video.

  37. OH, my, my, the Chief Budget Officer is acting out and Obummer isn't going to like it!

    === Congress' chief budget officer is contradicting President Barack Obama's oft-stated claim that seniors wouldn't see their Medicare benefits cut under a health care overhaul.

    The head of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, Douglas Elmendorf, told senators Tuesday that seniors in Medicare's managed care plans would see reduced benefits under a bill in the Finance Committee. ===

    link - http://tiny.cc/AJ6K9

    Is he going to have to call Elmendorf back up to the White House and have a talk with him, since he has apparently already forgotten what he was told on July 21St?

    Or will he just sic Rahmbo on him?

    Or WORSE - will he sic Man Monster Michelle on him?!!!!!!

    Write lots of good stuff for me to read tomorrow, I've gotta go "nite-nite". It's getting late and 4:15 comes awfully early!

  38. TOTUS:
    Are you okay? I mean, have a look at the company you are keeping:


    Looks like only one of them may have heard of the western novelty, "soap".

    My word:

    What I wish they'd do on my back after Obama's next speech.

  39. Hey, Rattler, it was really encouraging to hear that one of "those indoctrinated youth" found the truth IN SPITE of your lib teachers and all that pseudo-science propaganda. Pure speculation masquerading as "proof." Barf.

    LOL. Your "word" was perfect.

    One of the prayers I regularly pray is that God would "destroy the ability of the media, the politicians, and the school teachers to deceive." You are exceptionally bright, but, hopefully, there is hope (REAL hope!) for the duller students, too.

    Still praying about the job. Hang in there. Could take several months. Average time "between jobs" is about 6 months. Try to enjoy your free time and DON'T WORRY [per Jesus, that's an order!. Worry doesn't accomplish ANYTHING.

    And remember "FEAR is often: False Evidence Appearing Real."

    "'... do not worry about your life ... Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to her life? ... pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore, do not worry... ." Matthew 6:25-34. NIV

  40. TWW, hilarious sketch between I'm-a-Nut-Job and Huge-O Chahvezzz! They're Cah-REE-peh (as the guy in "The Mask" would say)!
    And what a caring guy, TWW, to consider how Malia felt when her busy (jerk) Dad forgot her NAME; that must have hurt.
    But hey, TWW, the Prepmeister complimented you for NOT being a metrosexual guy who'd drive a VUL-vo. (Eww!) Ah, that Preppie; he's so awesome----and esoteric! ;->
    And I'm totally guessing that TOTUS' "CoLOMbia"-(not-mis)spelling referred to BO's good ole HIGH days, and I DON'T mean H. School! (nyuk, nyuk)

    Jamie, I remembered sometime today that you live in AL, not GA; sorry! Glad you and Susan (who IS in GA) are both okay, because the floods are ghastly.
    Oh, and remember the "experiments" our government conducted on prison inmates? So, Jame, I bet they ARE rocketing particles into the stratosphere, the environmental whackos. What CHEEK, to think they KNOW how those chemicals would impact the earth on impact.

    Dear Rattlesnake, I just watched Part One of the MARXIST movie our kids are being forced to watch in most schools. MAD-DEN-ING!! I am sending your link out to EVERY teacher I know, and praying they'll show THIS version (wouldn't THAT be cool!?).

    Thanks, too, TWW, for reminding Rattle and me not to fear. Hubbie's PET scan is next week. Lord, I believe in Your love and healing power!

    Bettyann, let's think: why do we all get very suggestive verification words? Seriously, is there someone who puts them together?

    When our sons were small, we'd sing the Beatles' song, "No-ow it's ti-ime to sa-ay good ni-ight (goo-ood ni-ight, slee-eep ti-ight)." It would put them to sleep every time.
    So, "dream sweet dreams for you, dream sweet dreams for me," FOTs.
    Lord, bless us, our loved ones, and our nation, and keep us safe from harm. Calm our spirits, help us rest, and be present with us tomorrow in all we think, say, and do. AMEN.

  41. Thanks, Jamie. Glad it made you chuckle.

    And thanks for the theory about "Colombia." That makes sense. Just betcha one of those "Colombia" buddies got a job as an Amtrak engineer and he was "drivin' that train, high on cocaine... ." Pitiful. Guess that's when Dope learned to say Spanish phrases like "Cuatro de Cinco" and "Adios, mi amigo [to Chavez]," and "Castro is neat."


    Jamie, I hope you have a happy day tomorrow even if it does rain. I'm all out of creative steam, but.... to get your day off to a good start, here are some scrambled comments from this thread for breakfast:

    Stan: Big Guy is starting a new organization: Presidents Without Borders.

    Elektra: Wow.

    Jamie: You know, BO is just trying to pull another fast one.

    Elektra: Wow.

    TWW: Off he roars, down the highway, 70.... 75......... HA, HA, HAAA!

    Elektra: Wow.

    John: I really think that "green house gases" are second order factor in the slow moving climate changes we have experienced.

    Elektra: Wow.

    Mrs.: And, for the MILLIONTH time: THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING!

    Elektra: Wow.

    MM: Well, good morning, Mrs1953!

    Elektra: Wow.

    TWW: A cop just saw him, red and blue lights going, now.

    Elektra: Wow.

    Mrs.: BObastard is a vile, EVIL, phony; arrest him NOW for treason.

    Elektra: Wow.

    David: TOTUS did you notice that David Letterman's tooth gap was wider this time?

    Elektra: Wow.

    General: Eventually it will destroy the Earth.

    Elektra: Wow.

    BettyAnn: Trust me on this.

    Elektra: Wow.

    Disgusted: Is he having lunch with Hugo and Imadinnerjacket?

    BettyAnn: Looks like only one of them may have heard of the western novelty, "soap".

    Elektra: Wow.

    BettyAnn: TOTUS:
    Are you okay? I mean, have a look at the company you are keeping:

    Preptile: But hey, at least he is regular.

    Jamie: Which makes me wonder.

    Elektra: Wow.

    MM: WHO has the power to stand up to BO and his ridiculously radical administration and STOP them from ruining our nation----SOON!?

    Jamie: Now, don't you forget my two cats, 4 guinea pigs, 4 fish and two big "outside" dogs!

    Elektra: Wow.

    Preptile: Much like Howard Borden from the old Newhart show,after about 6 years or so ,all my exes just start dating.

    Rattler: I couldn't find a reliable source for the statistic, though.

    Elektra: Wow.

    Shovel: The next step is eugenics.

    Elektra: Wow.

    Shovel: Keep an eye on his evil woman.

    TWW: I'm sure I SAW that creep last week!

    Elektra: Wow.

    MM: WHEN will Americans STOP being so shallow and self-serving!?

    Prep: I make no apologies for it.

    Elektra: Wow.

    TWW: Temporary insanity is the only way I can explain it.

    Elektra: Wow.

    Jamie: We have the right to have FREE TV so we can view the Messiah.

    Rattler: pughth

    TWW: Barf.

    Elektra: Wow.

  42. Dear Mountain Mama, you are a bright light in this dark world. Especially you light up our little world of Totus. I really like your signing off for the night prayer, short and simple but it covers all that is important.

    I imagine all of us FOTs like twinkling stars in a dark sky, sometimes one twinkles brighter, then a different one takes over, but we all have that little beam of light, a very welcome and comforting sight in today's world.

  43. MM, thank you for all your kind, lovely, and helpful comments above. You take care, kid. God is near.


    MTVA, that was beautiful. And the darker the night of evil in our land gets, the brighter we will shine.

    Hope all is well with you.

    Good night!

  44. Good Night, TWW, and thanks for the many LOL moments in your delightful comments, I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the Grand Finale; pughth, barf, WOW!!!! And your earlier one about Dope forgetting Malia's anme and buying her off. You are a truly gifted writer and I look forward to your posts every day. Keep at it, we need more laughs (and more prayers) in these strange days!

  45. My turn to say "WOW!".

    Have a great day, guys and gals.

  46. Good Morning FOTI and FOTAE!

    NOT raining this am in The ATL. May be able to do laundry later today as one does not want to add to the water table when one is NOT on a sewer system! (Yes, we in the south pay lower taxes for the privilege of septic tanks and drainfields!)

    Gee, was that Ms V Jarrett in BG's office who little Miss Malia saw...or was it TOES minus the tutu?


  47. TWW, thanks for the words and verses of encouragement. Love the sketch with Dope and Malia, BTW. Also love your selected FOT quotes.

    MM, I know a few teachers too, I should send them a link to the critiqued indoctrination.

  48. Gotham City.

    Imus and Glenn Beck Connect the Dots.


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