Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Something Rotting in Denmark

So Big Guy is getting ready to head of to Denmark to secure the Olympics for our adopted hometown of Chicago. Let's be clear about this ... Big Guy already knows Chi-town has the Games. He'd have to show up drunk with a Copenhagen hooker wrapped around his waist when he meets with the Queen of Denmark ... and even then, we think we have this thing in the bag.

You don't deploy Big Guy to Europe with a hat in his hand unless you're going to put something in it. A year ago, a check would have sufficed. Today? You'd need a bit more. Can you say "gold medal"?

That's one of the reasons we're having trouble with Iranians, the Afghans, the eastern Europeans, the other Europeans, the Chinese, the Americans. None of them are giving Big O stuff any more. The Olympics? He gets stuff. Afghanistan? All he gets is a headache.

Speaking of headaches, Lady M got a little overexcited about her role in Copenhagen on Friday. She told the press that she and Big Guy were going over there and they "would take no prisoners," which is a good thing, since Denmark has already said they won't take any prisoners from Gitmo, and the Tea Party types Rahm had locked in the basement probably wouldn't go quietly.


  1. What would MO know about "taking no prisoners?"
    Oh, wait....

  2. Oh God, please make them stay in Denmark.

  3. Yeah, it's in the bag alright. He would not risk the discomfiture of NOT getting the Gangsta Games!

    TOTUS, please stay home. Tell 'em you have the pig flu.

  4. What gift will he present to the Queen? Another CD of his greatest hits? Note to Michelle: Leave the prom dress and pearls at home.

  5. totus i have to say you deserve a gold medal for being able to put up with big guy everyday!!

  6. "Tea Party types Rahm had locked in the basement" -- LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Michelle Malkin! THAT'S the name I couldn't recall in the last thread, Susan----and we FOTs have often wondered if she writes this blogspot. (Or is it Jeff Foxworthy, or, as you suggested, Mary Matalin?)
    I sometimes wonder if it's Karl Rove, Dick Morris, or Dick Cheney----for them, just for fun!

  8. P.S. Does any FOT remember the URL for the blogspot of MOTUS? I can't find it in the older threads, so it must be much older than I realize.

  9. try this:


  10. Those folks in Denmark don't fear or respect BHO.
    But, the threat(or opportunity) of Chicago business tactics will make them an offer they can't refuse.
    Sounds like that BHO favorite movie all over again.
    TOTUS, do you ever contemplate the day when you won't be needed?
    That's when He needs to speak no more...the order of things will have been set..
    Be afraid, be very afraid..

  11. Hmm.... Well, I'm part Dansk, and I've been rejoicing of late that it's been fighting radical Islam. Danmark had no choice, really, once said Islamists started killing politicians and cartoonists, etc.; it wants no more from the "religion of peace." (HA!)

    Hopefully the Danes will forego whatever "incentives" BO offers them re. the Olympics.

    However, BO might link Danmark with his blasted Obamacare bill. After all, it's easy there to whisper quietly to Grandma's doctor and help her wake up in heaven.
    "It was for the best; she was in pain (and using up the inheritance!)."
    EVIL customs!!

    And to think that this queen's Dad was SO brave vs. the Nazis....

    Thanks for the MOTUS URL, MRS1953. It's hilarious over there!

  12. It is interesting that BO is getting this close to Afghanistan, seeing as haow he hasn't paid it any attention but once in 70 days. Maybe he needs another vaca after all his hard work last Sunday.

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  14. Hey guys. I've missed a lot. I hope TWW knows that I'll be praying for her hubby, as I'm praying for your's, MM!


    I have something to tell related to BO's trip to Denmark, why he is going and it is so important that the windy-city gets the Olmpic bid. It has to do with his wife's bestest-ever, best friend forever, Val (Valerie Jarrett). It seems that Ms. Jarrett has connections to the company that owns property that "sits in the shadows of the proposed site of the city’s 2016 Olympics Stadium." SO, it seems that Ms. Jarrett has a stake in it will most likely benefit financially if they get the bid. (Who knows who else will benefit, perhaps the Obamas, friends of Obamas, relatives of Obamas, etc?)

    (And, IMHO, just you watch, the five million or so that it will cost be paid for by the nation's taxpayers and the folks getting the money to build the venues will go to all the corrupt people in Chicago with connections to BO, Rahmbo, etc.)

    It seems that Michelle Malkin has written about it in her book 'Culture of Corruption' (which I have GOT to get)....

    hat tip to Ms. Malkin for exposing it and for Glenn Beck for mentioning it today on his radio show.
    Glad to see you back, MRS1953....
    btw - this FOT is a granny. Actually, my grandkids call me 'MIMI'.


    word verification = skink

    BO is a skink

  15. I hope you can understand what I was saying, what with all the typos in that last post! LOL.

  16. Mark Levin talks all the time about Hillsdale College.

    === About Hillsdale College
    Hillsdale College is nationally known for its refusal to accept federal or state taxpayer support. We aim to raise up a new generation of leaders for America who share a passion for liberty, who believe in the free-enterprise system, and who want to restore the principles of limited government enshrined in the Constitution of the United States. ===

    Hillsdale prints a monthly "speech digest", Imprimis. Although they would appreciate a donation - Subscription to the digest is FREE -


  17. Healthcare gets heated up, O heads to Europe. Cap and Trade gets heated, he heads to Europe. Despite his inner voice, he is not King of the World.

  18. And there he goes again, to fiddle around in Copenhagen, just as if he does not have a job here in America. What actual work does the clown ever do, has he ever been caught warming the seat of his desk in the Oval Office? Does he ever even GO there?

    Remember how awestruck and admiring of China he was, the wonders of their infrastructure, etc...I think he wants to grab those olympic dollars to do the same for his beloved Chicago. A pretty new surface, while all the same old horrors continue to escalate there. And shortly all kinds of monuments to his greatness will appear, in thanks for the wondrous things he has wrought.

    Well, I have had thoughts that Dennis Miller may be Totus, something about the humor and phrasing seems similar. I wonder if we'll ever find out...

  19. I lived 4-1/2 blocks south of the Obama's house (they weren't living there yet) for four years, long ago. The rumor was that my school had to pay off the Chicago machine in order to get the neighborhood streets plowed at ALL. They also paid them off so their own crew could perform carpentry and other trade work (ACK!). I imagine BO's wanting the Olympics has MUCH more to do with helping the Chicago Machine financially, with real estate and building deals in the offing.

    Dennis Miller could be TOTUS!? 'WAY cool; he's terrific. I just wonder who TOTUS is, really.... OH, and its writer sounds a lot like the MOTUS writer.

  20. MM, what are you doing up so early?! Or late....Nice to have another Voice in the Wilderness out there at this hour. And what did your Hatrack remark mean? I hope all is well with you. And that you've not gone back to sleep yet...

  21. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm,
    Barack Hussein Obama

    Undocumented worker-in-chief

    What an embarassment.

  22. Hmmm...I remember Bush taking several days off to play golf during the Iraq invasion...

    Anyway...If BO didn't go to Copenhagen and Chicago lost the opportunity to host the olympics in 2016 he'd be blamed too wouldn't he...

  23. Madsenblog, now you've stepped in it.

  24. bettyann: Oh well...I'm ok with that.

    Anyway...Bush had a grand total vacation time of 1020 days during his two periods.

  25. I see we have been reinfested w a festive ,no doubt Vulvo driving,Obama apologist.
    He (or she)peddles the typical D meme when caught w the cookies,Rezko style.
    Republicans misbehaved too.
    Both parties did it.
    Or such is their rationalization.
    Of course if R's did so as often or as aggregiously they would be cruxified by the MSM.

    The side mission to Denmark here is probably to lecture the Danes on such
    daring drawing publications,that American media mostly disdained.
    They dare not offend the murderous.
    It would be politically incorrect.
    The Danes have had good reason to fight back after their "Peaceful" immigrants
    started starting fights and murdering their citizens after such affronts to their
    Van Gho had to go,as when one of their adherents stuck a treatise on islamic aposty to his chest w an 8 inch ceremonial daggar.
    One presumes that antique had dispatched infidels before.
    My argument will probably be answered by mentions of Jeffrey Dahmer,et al ,proving all culture have crazies.They just don't
    condone and support such lunacy as often.
    Yes Tim mcveigh misbehaved too,but our entire culture does not condone his madness as a version of "religous" freedom of expression.
    A 'few bad apples',can go an awfully long way w the tacit support of the other billion apples in their orchard.
    Speaking of that sort of thing I hereby declare that I qualify as heathen,first class.That said I am proud to live in Judeeo Christian society,and only wish I had the faith that was such comfort to my parents.
    This did not stop my prayer for assistance to friends of this site.I hope that God hears plaintive pleas from the unfaithful.
    In further full disclosure,I am a full blooded testosteronio.I was stunned to discover that TWW was not a fellow rooster in this henhouse.
    My best wishes to all FOTAE ,and their familys.
    You are beloved friends of mine.
    Kindly forgive my faithlessness.

  26. Preptile, it is a true commentary on our present state of having accepted the left's premise that we are on the defensive, when one of such wit and intelligence as yourself must pre-empt the equivocation before it begins.

    i.e., "My argument will probably be answered by mentions of Jeffrey Dahmer,et al ,proving all culture have crazies..."

    Human crazies exist, but none so insane as an Islamist terrorist, Mohammed being the prime example, and the wahabi standard. No equivocation is needed, as there is no crazy like the crazy validated by religion, assurance of heaven and reward for being crazy, in a culture where men teach boys to be "men" in the "knowing" sort of way, and every son knows his mother and sister may be traded, both, for one horse.

    Madsenblog, your Magic Negro is certainly entitled to his full time vacation at our expense. Particularly due to the fact that this nation owes his black half riches, reknown, and power. His white half, on the other hand, is in need of a sound ass whipping.

  27. Madsenblog: FYI: the LA Times dubbed BHO as the Magic Negro; so from now on, please do some research before you post idiocies like this...

    unless, of course, you are a 12 year old BOY or just an outright failure.

  28. Mad-blog:

    AHAHAHAHAHhahaha! Now you are slippig in it! Ooops! And it's all over your face!

    It is certain he is only 12, or he would appreciate the subtly of owning a vulvo.

    Preptile, I had missed that - thanks to our new troll for p-p-pointing it out.

  29. Well, I am so glad to have Prep state his you know what. I did not want another surprise! However, I smile when I think of TWW fooling us all!

    Mad-blog can not fathom a farthing of Prep's frases? Ha, ha, oh my aching head!

    Truth Will Win!
    Mmmm, mmmm, mmm.

  30. Susan:
    Re, Mad-blog - Fitting avatar, has he not?

  31. Hey Preptile - "Tee Hee", as MM would say.

    BTW, its good to have at least ONE rooster in this henhouse, lol.

    Now I'm wondering if TOTUS has been yanking our chain all this time. TOTUS, its revelation time!

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    I guess this mad-blog fella is the latest troll assigned to try and annoy us.

    Or maybe its just good ole "Joe", back again, under a new moniker?

  32. I would be funny is he didn't get the Olympics but I guess that is too much to ask!

    John's Space

  33. Here's to Denmark:


    A very good article about the cartoon that sparked muslim fury. Read down and you actually - no kidding - see a muslim call humor a hate crime.

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